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French sniper rifle Mini-Hecate

In two previous articles it was told about sniper rifles of the PGM company under the cartridges of 7,62x51 and 12,7x99. These samples weapons allowed a small arms company to grow to a worthy competitor to world leaders in weapons development and PGM did not stop there, continuing to work on the creation of new sniper rifles. The next weapon model was already developed on an individual initiative and was supposed to fill the gap between the two previous sniper rifles using the .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge. This sample also has its own name - Mini-Hecate, which indicates its direct relationship with the company's previous development, the large-caliber Hecate II sniper rifle. Let's try to figure out what kind of weapon.

Just like the previous versions of sniper rifles, the Mini-Hecate is not self-loading and has a manual reload with a longitudinally-sliding bolt locking the barrel when turning into three lugs located in front of the bolt. In general, we must pay tribute to the company PGM, which squeezed the absolute maximum from one design of the weapon, adapting it to different ammunition. The Mini-Hecate rifle is built on the same base as the previous samples, of course, taking into account the new ammunition. Many of these weapons are not considered to belong to PGM, the fact is that ASMP developed this rifle, PGM is engaged in manufacturing, and the distribution of weapons is already the task of FN Herstal. Here is such an interesting symbiosis. Nevertheless, the weapon was created on the basis of previous developments of the company, which means that it is involved in its appearance, it is only interesting how this cooperation looks from the legal side.

French sniper rifle Mini-HecateThe Mini-Hecate sniper rifle has an appearance identical to its predecessors, but some details are still different. So, the weapon received a folding butt, as in the versions of the “Last argument” with short trunks. The very same butt has the ability to adjust its length, height of emphasis for the cheeks, as well as the third "leg" for a more comfortable exercise of long control over a certain area. The receiver has a picatinny-type mounting bracket for mounting an optical sight. In front of the forearm there are folding, height adjustable arms. The pistol grip of the weapon has a sufficiently comfortable slope for shooting prone and cutouts for the arrow fingers. It feeds weapons from the detachable box magazine with a capacity of 10 cartridges. The barrel of the weapon is free-hung, has a muzzle recoil compensator for ensuring more comfortable firing. For most of the length of the weapon there are longitudinal valleys that contribute to the cooling of the barrel, as well as add rigidity to it. On the back of the butt there is a rubber butt pad, softening the impact of recoil on the arrow. The weapon has no open aiming devices. In general, the Mini-Hecate rifle looks very cute, at least not worse than its counterparts.

The length of the barrel of the weapon is 700 millimeters, while the total length with the butt laid out is 1290 millimeters, with the folded 1010 millimeters. The rifle's weight is equal to 6,6 kilograms, which in my opinion is easier than necessary. I agree that carrying a multi-kilogram weapon is far from the most pleasant thing, but the greater weight of the rifle has a positive effect on its stability when shooting. Back, the manufacturer is modest, indicating the maximum distance for using 1200 meters, here you already begin to doubt that it is only we who have the problem of not having the best quality ammunition. The trigger mechanism of the weapon is fully adjustable. The accuracy claimed by the manufacturer when using the corresponding cartridges is less than 0,5 angular minutes.

This rifle is in service with the army and police of France, Slovenia, Poland, Singapore, Switzerland, which proves its right to life. The rifle showed itself as an unpretentious and accurate tool. Many do not like the huge amount of light aluminum alloys in the design of the weapon, but there are no complaints about the strength of the rifle, even during long-term operation. Thus, we can confidently say that the Mini-Hecate sniper rifle has taken its place not only in the market, but also in service with the armies of many countries, and it is unlikely that it will be abandoned in the near future.

In conclusion, a series of articles on PGM sniper rifles separately, I would like to note that this weapon allowed a small, little-known company not only to develop to the world-famous, but even to achieve that the designers of other companies take its weapon as a basis. The case is of course in stories not single, but rather rare.
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  1. bazilio
    bazilio 22 May 2013 08: 24 New
    If PGM managed to break into the arms market and gain a foothold there, we hope that the Orsis will manage to snatch a piece of the export market
  2. poizor
    poizor 22 May 2013 10: 32 New
    Quote: bazilio
    Orsis will be able to grab a piece of the export market

    are you talking about the UAE as an exporter?
    1. luiswoo
      luiswoo 22 May 2013 12: 45 New
      Quote: poizor
      are you talking about the UAE as an exporter?

      Uh, this “Tsar Cannon” moved to the UAE. ORSIS is still a Russian company.
      1. poizor
        poizor 22 May 2013 13: 03 New
        oops, beguiled! recourse
  3. scrabler
    22 May 2013 13: 06 New
    Comrades, how do you look at what to finish off French rifles by the end of the week? May wishes be for specific samples, not only French smile
    1. bazilio
      bazilio 22 May 2013 13: 16 New
      It would be nice.
      I propose such a playlist
      Lebel rifle
      Rifle bertier
      MAS 36 (MAS 49/56)
      FR-F1 / F2
      I don’t know anymore French rifles.
      1. scrabler
        22 May 2013 13: 40 New
        Accepted Yes, not only French ones, any, just there is so much of all that is delicious - your eyes are running up)
        1. bazilio
          bazilio 22 May 2013 17: 22 New
          Well, yes, a lot of goodies. Someone has not finished a series of reviews on PP with an increased capacity store / with armor-piercing ammunition))))

          Maybe you should alternate articles on the subject - one article about a rifle, which is about a machine gun, the next about a machine gun, then again about a rifle. What do you think?

          Z.Y. accept the application for the article repeat - AR-18 Widower
          1. scrabler
            22 May 2013 21: 19 New
            These articles by itself, just two sections, SV and the rest, in each section, one article per day, therefore it turns out that the rifles stand apart)
  4. alex-cn
    alex-cn 22 May 2013 15: 20 New
    the muzzle brake and the shock-absorbing butt will soften the recoil, the light rifle is more pleasant to carry, most likely they have found a reasonable compromise, as it is necessary to do in almost all weapons.
  5. Dimitr
    Dimitr 22 May 2013 18: 44 New
    Thank you, a very interesting article!, By the way a good offer from bazilio!