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Russia is a different civilization

Russia is a different civilization

During the work of the Izborsk club in Yekaterinburg, I gave an interview to Rossiyskaya Gazeta, which I bring to your attention.

"Reconcile red and white

Nikolai Viktorovich, why was the regular meeting of the “Izbortsevs” held in the Urals?

Nikolai Starikov: The current meeting of the Izborsk club is devoted, in my opinion, to the most important problem - the reconciliation of the Reds and Whites. In the broad sense of the word: the Soviet and imperial beginnings in our stories and culture. It is necessary to stop the civil war, which ended many years ago in the hot phase, but still continues in the pages of books, newspapers, in the Internet space, and most importantly - in the heads. And in this sense, Yekaterinburg is the sign point at which the tragedy of the execution of the royal family took place, so it was he who was chosen to hold this meeting.

What is the essence of the tragedy of Russian history, which happened twice in one century - in 1917 and in 1991? The fact that Russia has become a lot. What alternative could a Russian have in 1812? Here is Russia, and here is the enemy. And in 1917, he could be for Russia “red” in the Bolshevik version or “pink” in the version of the Left Socialist Revolutionaries, for “green” Russia Makhno's fathers, for Russia “white”. And the patriots began to fight each other. The same thing happened in 1991. Under the slogan of national independence, a single people was divided into several parts. And now the most important thing is to make Russia once again become one.

Members of the club were still persona non grata for the authorities 15 years ago, the press called you “red-brown”. Today you are received in the House of Sevastyanova - the residence of the Russian president in Yekaterinburg. What does this mean? That the authorities in Russia and the regions began to listen to the patriots?

Nikolai Starikov: First, the world has changed. If 15 years ago we had been seriously discussing the collapse of the eurozone, the collapse of the dollar and the next global military conflicts, we would probably have been taken to an insane asylum. Today it is a reality, and it pushes the authorities towards the state-minded patriotic opposition. On the other hand, we must pay tribute to those people who, even in moments of general insanity, continued to say that white is white and black is black. I mean, first of all, Alexander Prokhanov. The combination of such people largely helped to reverse the situation: there is an enlightenment in the minds of others, and blinders are falling from their eyes. Well and the most important thing - after all, 15 years ago in Russia was another president. Therefore, the factor of change in the Russian elite also played a big role.
How do you feel about the president's initiative to create a single history textbook?

Nikolai Starikov: This is a major initiative, but the question arises: who will write this textbook? If Mlechin and Svanidze write it, then such a textbook is definitely not needed. Because slander and lies will suffice without it. If the textbook will be edited by Echo of Moscow, I think it is also not needed. It is very important to form a group of experts standing in patriotic positions who can impartially and truthfully tell schoolchildren the history of our country. At the same time, it is very important to achieve reconciliation of the red and white. Because in a single textbook should be given a true assessment of the October Revolution. It is necessary to tell that the external forces made every effort to ensure that it took place. And that revolutionaries acted as a destructive force that destroyed our statehood. But then the same revolutionaries by the will of fate became the statesmen. And you need to choose both from red and from white who are worthy of being called heroes: let them be on opposite sides of the barricades, but they honestly fought for the kind of Russia they wanted to see it.

Your books are actively read by the older generation, for whom the personality of Stalin is more connected with the positive, with the great achievements of the Soviet people. But for several generations of Russians brought up in denunciations of the Soviet regime. Are they ready, in your opinion, to reconsider their attitude to the history of the country?

Nikolai Starikov: Actually, only one of the 11 of my books is dedicated to Stalin. I do not write only about one person, but I try to give the reader an idea of ​​economic and political processes. It was just that at a certain stage a desire arose, and the readers asked to tell about the figure of Stalin as about a certain point where history, politics, and geopolitics broke. As for young readers, they are more actively seeking to learn something. And I must say thank you to the de-Stalinizers for this: they poured so much of every possible negativity that people inevitably have a desire to find out the truth - well, this can not be, because only they did not eat babies, did everything else! A negative attitude towards Stalin often results from ignorance - and then it changes when immersed in the material. Or there is a conscious unwillingness to change your perception of this period of history. That is, Stalin is a litmus test: tell me how you feel about Stalin, and I will tell you who you are according to political views.

By the way, the age of my readers is very different: once at a meeting I spoke with a 12 boy of years, and an 89-year-old woman gave me thanks for her book through her son. By the way, Ekaterinburg ranks fourth in the statistics of visits to my site - after Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kiev.

No purpose no movement

Many thinking, educated young people today are disappointed: they cannot find themselves in reality.

Nikolai Starikov: Disappointment in life is quite a frequent occurrence at this age. There were young people who felt that they did not realize themselves in Tsarist Russia. And they went to the nihilists, to the bombers, and someone just quietly sniffed cocaine or drunk off. Then there was the Soviet era, when there was a super goal, which is extremely important for Russian civilization. In that period, there was practically no lost generation, although there were those who didn’t like much in the Soviet Union, who felt their discrepancy with reality, but there were simply fewer of them. Then, under Khrushchev and Brezhnev, the super-goal slowly began to be replaced by small goals of consumption, which fundamentally does not correspond to our mentality. It was during these times that the wholesale drunkenness began - precisely because the super-goal disappeared and an emptiness formed in its place. Today, our people have no super-goals, so many people feel lost. Actually, the whole nation feels lost, because instinctively a man of Russian civilization understands: a new phone or a new blouse is not the goals for which he lives. He cannot feel the joy of having more fruits in yogurt. A man of the Russian civilization needs a super-goal, a national idea that is not formulated today.
In modern society, even completely prosaic personal goals — for example, to become rich — are unattainable for most. Because everything has long been captured and shared.

Nikolai Starikov: You know, the idea of ​​becoming rich has never been especially popular in Russia. This, by the way, is our fundamental difference from the people of the Protestant religion and even Catholics. Their wealth means that God favors you. In the Russian person, everything is measured by moral categories, and wealth is not an end in itself. Moreover, only in our country can a person even somehow be a little shy of his wealth. Not that it was a negative attitude - just wealth is not the only criterion that forms an opinion about a person. We are not enough, as in the West, just to have a large bank account to be respected. You still have to be worthy, set an example, help others.

One of the tasks of society is to make social elevators work more actively, so that every citizen has the opportunity to achieve his goal. In this regard, my colleagues and I categorically stand for free higher education. Because it is unfair to measure the volume of a person’s wallet, and not even his, but his parents. If we want to raise a new elite, we must open the doors of universities for all who want to learn.

Today we see an education reform that replicates the Western model, which leads to one result - the appearance of a large number of seemingly intelligent, and in fact very limited people, who are knowledgeable in a narrow sphere, but who possess a minimum of knowledge, even in related fields. They do not know history, literature, and therefore they are easy to manipulate. We sometimes laugh at Americans who believe any nonsense, but in fact they have not fallen from the moon. This is the fruit of a certain education system, and such a system is being imposed on us.

Inverted economy

Today, the Russian economy is also set to imposing Western values ​​on people in order to spur consumption of goods and services. A generation of consumers has grown. How to change their mentality, so that the person engaged in productive labor was honored, and not the one who can afford to buy the fruits of this labor?

Nikolai Starikov: One of the ancient Roman wise men, Caton the Elder, said: a city in which tasty fish costs more than a working bull is doomed. His words refer to the entire world economy. See which professions are the highest paid today? - those that have the least relation to real production: a banker, a broker, a lawyer ... And vice versa, the minimum wages in agriculture and industry are where foodstuffs or means of production are produced. The whole world is on its head. To infinity, he can not stand. Bankers put common sense upside down, and sooner or later this economy will inevitably fall. When this reality knocks at home, as it is already knocking at the homes of residents of Cyprus, it will become obvious: only work in agriculture or another manufacturing sector is important, necessary and able to feed a person.

Alas, people who are not very familiar with history, geopolitics, economics, do not see that this whole wonderful world hangs in the balance - the thinnest thread that can break at any time. But those who created such a world know this perfectly well. And therefore, they are trying to solve the problems facing the world economy, choosing methods for this that are not the most pleasant for all other countries - for example, war or economic crisis.
Can you think Russia can make a difference? If not on a global scale, then at least in its economy.

Nikolai Starikov: The problems of today's Russian economy are associated exclusively with the consequences of 1991 of the year. This is de-industrialization, deliberately carried out by our "reformers", and, as a result, the inclusion of Russia into the world economy. The current financially oriented economy, which is built on making money out of thin air, is clearly stalled. Today, this is noticeable not only to specialists, but also to ordinary citizens. The recent example of Cyprus is indicative, when the so-called democratic countries, which constantly insist on the inviolability of private property, unexpectedly passed a law that backdates money from depositors. Thus, I ask you to note, undermine the credibility of the entire banking system - not only Cyprus, but also the European Union and the whole world. That is, things are so bad that the system can no longer function normally, which means that sooner or later - in the foreseeable future - it will be dismantled.

We fit into this system, therefore, all its problems are translated into our economy. Moreover, since we are included in this system as subordinates, any ordinary citizen will understand: the chief, first of all, reduces wages and social benefits not to himself or his beloved, but begins with subordinates. Today we are in a situation where economic difficulties primarily affect us, and only the second - on those countries that have built this system. At the federal level, Russia is forced to provide assistance, and in fact pay tribute to the West in the form of buying unsecured bonds. There is a pumping of money from the domestic economy, therefore, its development is hampered in all regions of Russia, including here, in the Urals.

What to do? In my opinion, if the opinion of the majority of Russian citizens contradicts the documents of the Council of Europe, it means that Russia must withdraw from the Council of Europe and pursue the sovereign policy that it considers necessary on its territory. There is nothing terrible in this: Russia from Europe, as well as from Asia, is not going anywhere.

Usually your opponents in such cases recall the times of the Iron Curtain.

Nikolai Starikov: The Iron Curtain was dropped from the West, not from the Soviet Union. In those days, we had a permit procedure for going abroad, and the West said that he was ready to let everyone in, this evil Soviet Union would not allow. But as soon as the USSR ceased to exist, the West immediately introduced a visa system for citizens of the former Soviet Union. Because it is very convenient to be a democrat when someone else performs certain unpopular functions. Can someone remember that good things have come to us from the West? In addition to the Nazi army, drugs and gay parades - nothing. You do not need to be afraid of the West, but you do not need to build it on a pedestal either. It is just a different civilization than ours. It is necessary to cooperate with it, to search for points of contact. But at the same time understand: it is our competitor, who will always try to weaken us, fight for their interests, and not for ours.

In search of healthy forces

Previously, we were taught that the mission of the proletariat is to return social justice. Is there a real power in society today that can put the world on its head?

Nikolai Starikov: Let's not be naive: Marxism and other left-wing movements created abroad, and then thrown into Russia through the revolutionary channels, in fact did not pursue the goal of building a fair state and a happy society in our country. Their true goal was the destruction of Russia - one of the competitors of our Anglo-Saxon "friends". That's all. Another thing is that in the end, those who destroyed the Russian empire turned out to be quite talented and purposeful people and were able to build a new state on the basis of new principles. If the leaders of the current Russian opposition were in their place, they would simply have pooled their gold reserves in their pockets and fled to their native London and Geneva. No one, despite the beautiful slogans, was ever going to build a kingdom of workers who governed the state.

I am now trying not to find historical justice, but only to understand: are there healthy forces in today's Russian society, and where are they?

Nikolai Starikov: There are always healthy forces in society. But nothing ever happens on its own. It does not happen like we are told: they say, in 1905, people themselves took to the streets and built a barricade. People are law-abiding, they will not just build a barricade: they do not know how, and scary. For this must come a few revolutionaries - gorlan-leaders who will begin to build this barricade and podzador others. Need leaders. A similar situation is not only with destructive forces. In a society, 90 percent power is always healthy. But someone must lead them in order for them to act. Unfortunately, a person is not always able to act even in a positive direction for himself, as a child is not able to restrict himself in eating sweets. As they said in Soviet times, there must always be a guiding and guiding force. And the main problem of today's Russian society is that there is no such force. There is no idea and no power to put forward this idea.

That is, in any case need some kind of elite?

Nikolai Starikov: Of course. The role of the elite in society is to lead the people and work for the good of the state. Today the elite is more like foam floating on the surface. They live in the West, hold money there, think in Western categories and sometimes do not feel their connection with Russia. Therefore, the first thing that should happen to change the situation in Russia is that the elite should change, new people come, who will start working for their people.

In your opinion, the main task now is not the enlightenment of the broad masses of the people, but the formation of a new elite?

Nikolai Starikov: One is inseparable from the other. Any idea, as Vladimir Ilyich said, only becomes a force when it masters the masses. Therefore, the promotion of ideas, bringing them to the masses - one of the most important tasks. But at the same time, it is also necessary to educate the elite, including searching among the people of those who can easily explain these ideas and lead people. After all, generations of politicians inevitably change. Therefore, if we do not look today for those who will come to rule the country tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, our geopolitical “friends” will do it for us. ”
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  1. Delink
    Delink 18 May 2013 06: 14
    True, everything is written in the article. We began to lose generations after 86 during the time of perestroika.
    As long as the backlog of Soviet times remains, the country will develop. And the fact that we have lost whole generations of young people, so it is necessary to "thank" to Gorbaty, EBN.
    1. Canep
      Canep 18 May 2013 06: 40
      In 86 he was younger, felt Gorbachev's Glasnost the hard way. The emphasis was on "how good it is in the West." Although before that on TV, they mainly talked about workers' strikes, about crime in the United States, etc. "Thanks" to Gorbachev is his idea, or his masters overseas.
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 18 May 2013 08: 19
        Quote: Canep
        "Thanks" to Gorbachev is his idea, or his masters overseas.

        Gorbachev was already thanked overseas and even awarded for victory in a cold warrior hi
        1. Babon
          Babon 18 May 2013 12: 27
          God forbid, this ghoul also think of putting a monument. I myself will go to vandalism on the very first day.
      2. Babon
        Babon 18 May 2013 12: 32
        I was still too young at 86, but as I asked my parents, their attitude was always like this: "It's better in the West? So what? We live here, we feel good here." And still not quite on the topic, relatives went to Finland in the 80s, too, to visit relatives. We bought them gifts, ordinary things and bed linen. So the "Finns" eyes widened, a real cotton. They were all very expensive, but we have a penny. But we loved the bolognese, which really should have cost a penny.
    2. GreatRussia
      GreatRussia 18 May 2013 07: 20
      To do this, several revolutionaries must come - the guttural leaders who will begin to build this barricade and amaze the rest.

      "History repeats itself twice: the first time as a tragedy, the second as a farce."

      What we now see in the example of the so-called. "swamp opposition" is nothing more than the most natural farce.

    3. domokl
      domokl 18 May 2013 08: 14
      Quote: Delink
      we have lost entire generations of youth,
      I wonder what generation beat Georgians in 08. What generation is now cleansing the Caucasus from bandits?
      We haven’t lost anything. It’s just that a lot of politicians like Lenin’s have appeared ... They are explaining the situation to stupid people .. Only the beginning of the 21st century is different from the beginning of the 20th century. People have become more literate (thanks in large part to the Soviet education system) and are not being talked about ...
      How long does the Izborsk club exist? And how much has this club become more popular now than 5 years ago? Not for how much ...
      1. djon3volta
        djon3volta 18 May 2013 09: 08
        Quote: domokl
        It’s just that now there are a lot of politicians like Lenin ... Explain the situation to stupid people.

        Quote: domokl
        and do not go to the talking room ..

        for sure. Stalin also said about this that there will be many pygmies who imagine themselves to be mini leaders. laughing on the Internet everyone is smart, everyone knows everything better than anyone, and most importantly, everyone thinks to himself that he is smarter than everyone laughing
        The 91st year happened because food, food, stupidly disappeared in grocery stores, what’s wrong? SO !!! that’s the whole secret of the population’s discontent. Artificially created a shortage of goods (Gorbach knew exactly what this would lead to), here people and rebelled, then eat every day hunting.
        and the fact that now all sorts of Latin and shitty people are trying to wash our brains with all sorts of corruption and thieves is an empty number, people already know and see what is happening, and without any screamers from the squares.
        the bulk of the country's population simply wants to live and they live. The army and the army will never be on a par with these talkers from the squares, they also have a memory of 20 years ago.
        1. yurta2013
          yurta2013 18 May 2013 11: 20
          Quote: djon3volta
          Stalin also talked about this, that there will be many pygmies who imagine themselves to be mini leaders.

          You, by chance, did not confuse Stalin with Christ, but his words with the Gospel?
          1. djon3volta
            djon3volta 18 May 2013 12: 09
            Quote: yurta2013
            You, by chance, did not confuse Stalin with Christ, but his words with the Gospel?

            No, I didn’t mix it up.
            “Many of the affairs of our party and people will be perverted and spat on, above all, abroad, and in our country too. Zionism, striving for world domination, will cruelly avenge us for our successes and achievements. He still sees Russia as a barbaric country, as raw appendage. And my name will also be slandered, slandered. Many atrocities will be attributed to me.

            World Zionism will by all means strive to destroy our Union so that Russia can never rise again. The strength of the USSR lies in the friendship of peoples. The aggravation of the struggle will be directed, first of all, at breaking this friendship, at breaking off the outskirts from Russia. Here, I must admit, we have not done everything yet. There is still a big field of work.

            Nationalism will raise its head with particular force. He will crush internationalism and patriotism for a while, only for a while. National groups within nations and conflicts will arise. Many pygmy leaders will appear, traitors within their nations.

            In general, in the future development will go more complex and even frantic ways, the turns will be extremely steep. The point is that the East will be particularly upset. There will be sharp contradictions with the West.

            And yet, no matter how the events develop, time will pass, and the eyes of new generations will be turned to the deeds and victories of our socialist Fatherland. Year after year, new generations will come. They will once again raise the banner of their fathers and grandfathers and give us their due. They will build their future on our past "

            I.V. Stalin. From a recording of a conversation with A. Kollontai
            1. Babon
              Babon 18 May 2013 12: 25
              Well, to be objective to the end, remember Lenin's quotes? About the peoples living in the Russian Empire?
          2. alexng
            alexng 18 May 2013 12: 39
            Quote: yurta2013
            Quote: djon3volta
            Stalin also talked about this, that there will be many pygmies who imagine themselves to be mini leaders.

            You, by chance, did not confuse Stalin with Christ, but his words with the Gospel?

            [b] The lawyer of the accused asks the plaintiff:
            “Are you absolutely sure that it was my client who stole your car?”
            - Yes, after your fiery speech, I’m not at all sure if I had a car [/ b
        2. washi
          washi 18 May 2013 12: 25
          Of course I respect you, for my firm point of view, but ...
          On some ignorantly written (spelling and punctuation), without a worthy justification (confirmation of your words by independent sources), you, unfortunately, look silly. Some emotions and EVERYTHING ... Yes, and those are not always sincere.
          Learn from older comrades. There is KAA - he has everything reasoned, there is Egoza, by the way, the heroine of some altistorical books. Everything is clear, reasoned. Even if emotions happen, then they are argued.
          I laughed. It was necessary in a personal, but laziness already. Although for other emotional comrades suitable.
      2. washi
        washi 18 May 2013 12: 13
        Do not dare to call people stupid. Among politicians there are pees .... people like Kerensky, and there are Lenins who not only speak but also do.
        Yes, they don’t know much about them, but at least they are trying to at least do something - at least explain and communicate to young people and people like YOU the mistakes of history and education.
        And in Georgia, Chechnya, Dagestan, etc. those who did not reach modern trends fought and are at war: sell the country - buy a BMW, my hut from the edge - I need to equip my house, the salvation of drowning people is the work of the drowning people themselves, who first sat down — this is the chair, etc. Fortunately, dependency and the principles of Protestantism did not manage to reach all Russian villages, villages and cities.
      3. aksakal
        aksakal 18 May 2013 19: 48
        Quote: domokl
        people have become more literate (thanks in large part to the Soviet education system) and are not being conducted in the talking room ...

        - dear, you and the Pensioner argue on this subject, he announced on the day before yesterday that all the reasons are in an EXTREMELY LOW GENERAL EDUCATION level of the population in Russia. I was taken aback and argued, didn't argue anything laughing picked up only cons. So I wonder so who is right? You with your
        Quote: domokl
        .People have become more literate (thanks in large part to the Soviet system of education) and are not being led to the talking room ...

        - or senior citizen?
        1. The comment was deleted.
        2. domokl
          domokl 19 May 2013 13: 01
          Quote: aksakal
          So I wonder so who is right?
          If we take the beginning of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century, I am absolutely right ... But if we take the Soviet system of education and the Russian (not to mention the former republics), then a pensioner lol
    4. yurta2013
      yurta2013 18 May 2013 11: 15
      Soviet times are also not worth embellishing. We started losing generations back then. For example, is widespread drunkenness and a huge increase in alcoholism also an "achievement" of the Soviet era? Is it not possible to call the population covered by these vices a lost generation? And isn't it this "lost generation" that turned into clouds of homeless people after the restructuring? Drug addiction also dates back to the Soviet era. I entered the technical school in 1978, and even then, leaving for work in state farms, many of us were stocking up there with hemp, which we then consumed in the hostel for the entire academic year. Then a decline in public morality began, one of the consequences of which was a rapid increase in divorces and the number of inhabitants of orphanages, a drop in the birth rate, and an increase in the number of criminal offenses. Soviet society itself came to its natural disintegration and the culprit was not Gorbachev (he himself was the son of this society), but those who, for several decades, destroyed folk traditions and way of life, feeding the people with tales of an imminent communist paradise on earth, who deprived ordinary people of the opportunity to build their own well-being with their own hands, driving them into the Procrustean bed of the state economy, depriving them of any personal initiative and thus fostering a dependent attitude towards the state. It was this impossibility of getting out of the rigid framework of existence established by the Soviet system that pushed broad masses of people to drunkenness, giving rise to the problem of alcoholism on a national scale.
      1. djon3volta
        djon3volta 18 May 2013 12: 24
        Quote: yurta2013
        And isn't this "lost generation" turned into clouds of homeless people after the re-construction?

        homeless people appeared because there was an opportunity to buy and sell apartments. and here naturally a bunch of black realtors, all kinds of lawyers and lawyers. Laws and the constitution was no longer Soviet.
        Now about alcohol: Increased excise rates, we have to go further. The right way.
        "Excise receipts from Russian alcohol producers last year, according to the Federal Tax Service, amounted to a record 242,5 billion rubles, an increase of 27% compared to 2011. The most significant growth - 45% - was provided by strong alcohol. Treasury revenues from wine excise taxes fell by 5%, primarily due to a decrease in the production of the drink of the gods.
        The state managed to collect a record amount of excise tax from alcohol producers mainly by increasing the rate for all categories of alcohol. The excise tax for spirits last year increased by almost 30% (from 231 rubles per liter of alcohol in 2011 to 300 rubles from July 1, 2012), for sparkling wines - by 22% (from 18 to 22 rubles). , for natural wines - by 20% (from 5 to 6 rubles) .Thus, the pessimistic expectations of market participants, who predicted that an increase in the tax burden along with an increase in retail prices for alcohol, will lead to a decrease in legal production and an increase in shadow sector. Vodka production in 2012 increased by 13,2% to 97,7 million decaliters. At the same time, the peak of production fell on the first half of the year, which was due to the desire of companies to make stocks before the July increase in excise duty. As a result, receipts from the payment of excise tax by producers of vodka and other strong alcohol increased almost 1,5 times, to 118,4 billion rubles. "Http://
        .................................................. ..............................
        118 billion rubles: 300 rubles excise tax per liter: 143-5 million people = 2,74 liter of vodka per year per capita, according to my estimates.

        and your (not your personal) pictures, 18 liter demotivators you can put yourself in one place, change manuals.
        1. Babon
          Babon 18 May 2013 12: 35
          Not quite right, under the USSR there was article 209 of the Criminal Code. Now do what you want, so to speak, "free" from everything.
      2. washi
        washi 18 May 2013 12: 45
        You probably know that the Soviet economy was divided into several stages: War communism, NEP, Stalin's economy (organization of production, War, restoration and development), Khrushchev's leveling and the so-called "Stagnation"
        Under the last Stalin era, economic development was very high. At the same time, the development of industry did not interfere with the development of the private cooperative movement. And the collective farms had private farmsteads. It was this Stalinist model of the economy that the Trotskyist Khrushchev did. Look at the chronicle of the 50-60s. Ask your grandparents. A simple worker for a competent Ratsukha could become a millionaire, well, almost. And then .... The glory of the CPSU, which Stalin wanted to remove from real power as early as 36.
  2. sergaivenski
    sergaivenski 18 May 2013 06: 15
    I was born in the Soviet Union. There was a single country, ideology, culture. What do we see now? Quintessence, some kind of surrogate !!! The funny thing is: they call us again somewhere !!! And most important: who?
    Yesterday's members of the CPSU !!! Funny? And I do not at all !!!
  3. VadimSt
    VadimSt 18 May 2013 06: 20
    who will write this tutorial? If Mlechin and Svanidze write it, then such a textbook is definitely not needed. Because slander and lies are enough without him. If the textbook is edited by Echo of Moscow, I think it is not needed either.

    Oh, Lenka Gozman forgotten! However, the list goes on ...

    Probably the reconciliation of the parties to the Civil War is formal and necessary, but only how to bring the fair side into the denominator? After all, the ideological basis of the conflict is indispensable.
    1. Strezhevchanin
      Strezhevchanin 18 May 2013 09: 58
      Quote: VadimSt
      Gozman forgot!

      Completely exclude the Jewish lobby in our country and it will become easier to breathe.
      The mayor of Odessa, Eduard Hurwitz alone, was enough, the very one that, due to the Odessa residents, had a whole quarter in Haifa, and had a legion, these names are unknown to me, I will not list everyone.
      1. washi
        washi 18 May 2013 12: 48
        Well these are trifles. In the 40s, they wanted to grab the whole Crimea, and the Western Caucasus in addition. Although the Khazars seemed to live there (judging by individual comments on the site) the ancestors of the Cossacks, and they were Jews.
    2. yurta2013
      yurta2013 18 May 2013 10: 43
      I agree. Anyway, a single history textbook will not suit anyone and this someone will announce the new textbook as another falsification of history.
  4. treskoed
    treskoed 18 May 2013 06: 37
    In my opinion, if the opinion of the majority of Russian citizens contradicts the documents of the Council of Europe, then Russia should leave the Council of Europe and sovereignly pursue the policy that it considers necessary.

    It is high time!!!
    1. domokl
      domokl 18 May 2013 08: 18
      Quote: treskoed
      It is high time!!!
      And then to build a new wall, as once the Chinese. This is no longer funny. You can’t isolate yourself from life. On the contrary, now many people who once fled for democracy and sausage to the West are striving back. And they are not just striving, but also explaining to our compatriots why ... And it costs a lot
      1. k220150
        k220150 18 May 2013 08: 42
        The wall was built From the Chinese, NOT the Chinese. Where are the loopholes on the wall directed?
        1. treskoed
          treskoed 18 May 2013 09: 31
          Quote: domokl And then build a new wall, as once the Chinese.

          To what extremes - Americans, for example, do not recognize the opinions of others, and even more so - they spit on him, but they are not closed after all!
      2. washi
        washi 18 May 2013 12: 53
        And let's forgive General Vlasov. At that time, many betrayed. For some reason, Karbyshev chose death. Adherents can be accepted, but let either cash or deed work out their betrayal of the Motherland.
  5. Canep
    Canep 18 May 2013 06: 44
    If 15 years ago we were seriously discussing the collapse of the eurozone, the collapse of the dollar and the next global military conflict, we would probably be taken to a madhouse.
    That's for sure, there is still talk (and not only) about the separation of some states (Texas, for example) from the United States.
  6. aszzz888
    aszzz888 18 May 2013 07: 18
    Therefore, if we don’t look today for those who come to rule the country tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, our geopolitical “friends” will do it for us. ”

    With the collapse of the country, during the reign of Gorb ... go, everything that was possible failed. Starting from GDP, the country's armed forces and ending with the last state farm in the outback of Russia.
    These are the "deeds" of "our geopolitical friends" in full measure and in all their glory. So to speak "classic" of the work of the Merikatos.
    1. k220150
      k220150 18 May 2013 08: 45
      I know one person who in the late 60s said that the twenty-first century is a century of colossal conflicts over resources. This is now an axiom.
  7. individual
    individual 18 May 2013 08: 04
    The article is relevant. Nikolai Starikov outlined Russia's problem of confrontation between statists and liberals. The discussion on the forum will determine who is who. For some reason, this watershed in society has been little discussed and leveled, driven into the shadows.
    At the same time the people of Russia live in a world of information understatement, falsification of history and outright lies about that sacred thing that the Soviet people were proud of, by the will of the engaged media, who turned into a "scoop."
    For what this label was hung - to instill Western "values".
    To be able to redistribute the economic potential of Russia in the direction they need, in your own pocket. That’s their whole ideology.
    Show once again that "red"crushed and revenge has come"white".
    The common sense of the people rejects this alien, introduced ideology.
    Russian Ivan wakes up and does everything as it should.
    1. ale-x
      ale-x 20 May 2013 11: 51
      What kind of "Whites" do you mean? In my understanding, they were also patriots of their homeland and believed that they were defending the interests of a large (maybe even a large) part of the people. What kind of revenge? Rob the country? So these are not Whites, but those who initiated the October Revolution.
      They (the liberals) so far have succeeded ...
  8. taseka
    taseka 18 May 2013 08: 18
    "Therefore, the first thing that must happen to change the situation in Russia is the elite must change, new people must come who will start working for their people." - HOW ONLY THEY APPEARED, ONE WAS GIVEN 13 YEARS, AND OTHER 4,5
    1. Captain45
      Captain45 18 May 2013 11: 04
      Quote: taseka

      And now read this: "I defined the political platform of Mikhail Khodorkovsky as national liberalism ... His conflict with the authorities, as far as I understood their relationship, is connected with Khodorkovsky's attempt to make economic relations transparent, to make the connection of society for society, politics and economics. " "Mikhail B. Khodorkovsky, in my opinion, lived with the illusion that today's Russian liberalism could become national, he himself became the first major national liberal, for which he paid ... Mikhail Borisovich, health and courage to you in the struggle." Who do you think is talking about whom? Well, about whom it is clear, about Khodor. But who is talking about this? Not the red-headed Chubais, not Benya Nemtsov or Kasparov. This writes about the swindler and the oligarch you hate V.V. Kvachkov in his book "The main special operation is ahead." That is how they can powder the brains of even such a patriot as Kvachkov, and where is the guarantee that when people like Hodor take power in the country such as Kvachkov will not defend him without sparing themselves, and most importantly others? So, in my opinion, they did the right thing that the authorities suppress such dangerous symbiosis at the root. No matter how the others shout that the true patriots, the salt of the earth, Kvachkov, Khabarov and others were hidden away. that 1917 will be a fairy tale for preschool children.
      1. djon3volta
        djon3volta 18 May 2013 11: 17
        Quote: Captain45
        This writes about the swindler and the oligarch you hate V.V. Kvachkov in his book "The Main Special Operation Ahead".

        honestly did not know that Kvachkov sympathized with Khodorkovsky belay and I think those who support Kvachkov do not know either. I am sure Putin has a dossier on all revolutionaries, because the KGB is not asleep!
        1. Captain45
          Captain45 18 May 2013 13: 12
          Quote: djon3volta
          honestly, I didn’t know that Kvachkov sympathized with belay to Khodorkovsky and I think those who hold Kvachkov do not know either.

          Have you carefully read where the above citations were taken from? From a book published by a publishing house and distributed not clandestinely as samizdat. So you need to read more, be interested, otherwise they like to hear somewhere, something, and even figure out how like it yourself, give it out as truth. It's not personal to you, but generally to the topic of discussion. It's just that when there were articles on the site here about the "patriots" Kvachkov, Khabarov, I did not enter into these discussions, but became interested in the topic, read various literature and made my point view, which I gave in the post above.
          1. djon3volta
            djon3volta 18 May 2013 14: 08
            Quote: Captain45
            Have you carefully read where the above quotations come from?

            of course carefully, I realized I understood that these quotes from the book! not from the Internet like LJ, but from the printed book, which once again confirms that Kvachkov is doing what he deserves. I do not exclude that if Kvachkov continued to be free, then when Khodor left after imprisonment, they would unite against the authorities.
            I’d become more likely against Kvachkov as soon as I knew what he was preparing for. For me, Kvachkov, Navalny, Khodorkovsky, Gozman of one field of berries — they are all against the current government, which means enemies of the country am
            1. Captain45
              Captain45 18 May 2013 15: 55
              And to the topic, ask yourself, where does the retired colonel, who recently got out of custody, have money to publish and distribute the book. Doesn’t it cause any associations? Well, for example, 1922 year, Landsberg prison, retired corporal, etc. etc. .P.
      2. rexby63
        rexby63 18 May 2013 11: 38
        And why are you so ennobling Kvachkova? I personally do not quite understand the performance of the attempt on the red-headed su.u. There are several questions:

        1) If you really planned, then why didn’t it work? Poorly planned or poorly imitated?
        2) If imitated, then why got it?
        3) If imitated in order to get caught, then it means people who V.V. Kvachkov is cute, they find themselves in a position of deceived, from which, I think, they would be unpleasant.
        And, finally, the last - if an imitation of an attempt on a certain person had a place to be and its goal was to gain popularity and create a political movement based on this popularity, then all this action is called provocation. Which does not particularly color the characters. Maybe I'm wrong, then VV Kvachkov studied poorly at the Mikhail Vasilyevich Frunze Academy, although his track record seems to indicate the opposite. If you can, make it clear
        1. ale-x
          ale-x 20 May 2013 11: 58
          Do you think they make a martyr out of him to delay the electorate, pah, patriots?
          And to divert the "necessary" slogans intoxicated by the slogans "For the Motherland"?

          But if such a professional as Kvachkov had conceived to "make" Red, he would have done it, and this is not taught in academies. This level is not even only of the RKPU. Many graduates of VOKU will be able to work out such an ambush on the five in the presence of a dozen ready fighters.
      3. washi
        washi 18 May 2013 12: 55
        Footnote please, otherwise many will not understand
      4. ale-x
        ale-x 20 May 2013 11: 55
        Pancake. And to you +. Information ocean, where is the truth, and where is not? Everything is so complicated......
    2. ale-x
      ale-x 20 May 2013 11: 52
      Yeah, your truth, once again showed that there are no patriots in power !!!
  9. k220150
    k220150 18 May 2013 08: 39
    Emperor Alexander arrived in Taganrog. During his speech, the commandant began to explain why there was no artillery salute: "Your Majesty! There are several reasons, the first is that there is no gunpowder .. Enough general! ..." This is a metaphor explaining our relations with the West, We reproach for them - and either they or We.
    1. washi
      washi 18 May 2013 12: 58
      Actually, it was not Alexander, but Napoleon. Moreover, not in Taganrog.
      What does modern education do and not the desire of people to read books?
  10. Curculum
    Curculum 18 May 2013 08: 59
    One of the ancient Roman sages, Cato the Elder, said: a city in which tasty fish costs more than a working bull is doomed. His words apply to the entire global economy. See which professions are most highly paid today? - those that have the least relation to real production: a banker, a broker, a lawyer ... And vice versa, the minimum wages in agriculture and industry are where they produce food or means of production. The whole world is on its head.

    The current financially-oriented economy, which is built on making money from the air, is clearly stalled. Today, this is noticeable not only to specialists, but also to ordinary citizens.

    In the modern world economy, the equivalent of a commodity prevails over a real commodity, and "near-commodity" turnover (securities, liabilities, derrivatives, etc.) prevails over the turnover of real commodity production by several orders of magnitude. It is not necessary to have an economy-fin. education to understand what this leads to.
  11. krpmlws
    krpmlws 18 May 2013 09: 08
    I agree,
    Quote: taseka
    "Therefore, the first thing that must happen to change the situation in Russia is the elite must change, new people must come who will start working for their people." - HOW ONLY THEY APPEARED, ONE WAS GIVEN 13 YEARS, AND OTHER 4,5
    , - "procrastination is like death," patriotic forces should organize themselves and more actively declare themselves, defend national interests, then it will be more difficult for them to shut their mouths and the authorities will have to reckon with them.
  12. yurta2013
    yurta2013 18 May 2013 10: 35
    This article is another reasoning in a series: about everything and about nothing. No matter how the meticulous journalist tried to find out from the main character how we can save Russia, he, "spreading his thoughts along the tree," reported only one "news" - it is necessary to educate the people and the elite. What exactly to bring up remains a mystery for the reader, sealed with seven seals. Moreover, most likely, this remains a mystery for the author of the article himself.
  13. Karabin
    Karabin 18 May 2013 11: 09
    In my opinion, it is devoted to the most important problem - the reconciliation of the reds and whites.

    The problem, I think, is far-fetched. The confrontation between separate “conditionally red” and “conditionally white” marginal groups is clearly not drawn to a civil war, even in the cold phase. The society has long been equal to both reds and whites, in our regional center the grave of red partisans is located next to the grave of priests who were shot by the reds. What to one, what to another pilgrimage is not observed.
    Members of the club about 15 years ago were persons non grata for the authorities, the press called you “red-brown”.

    But what does Starikov have to do with it?
    Well and the most important thing - after all 15 years ago there was another president in Russia. Therefore, the factor of change in the Russian elite also played a large role.

    Well, what is the main signatory to the WTO, the guarantor of moneybags and guest workers, different from another president? Patriotic rhetoric, behind the screen of which globalization processes have been launched, which are worse for Russia than the supposedly still ongoing confrontation between white and red.
    Izborsk club, and Starikov in particular, speak correctly and beautifully, but do little specifically. Their patriotic actions end in zilch, like a company against the WTO. One cannot count on widespread support when ideas are only voiced. We need actions that really affect the interests of real people from the comprador elite. Is it dangerous. And almost all the fighters, wealthy people, and they have something to lose. Including the loyalty of the authorities.
    1. baltika-18
      baltika-18 18 May 2013 12: 53
      Quote: Karabin
      Izborsk club, and Starikov in particular, speak correctly and beautifully

      I will support you, Karabin. I think Starikov, Fedorov and the company are a project, one of the goals of which is simply to simply redistribute property under patriotic slogans.
      It is enough to see what they mean by nationalization. Nationalization according to Starikov, Fedorov is the transfer of property to private patriotic hands, that is, they were taken from Vekselberg and Abramovich and given to Ivanov and Sidorov. There is a substitution of concepts, and ultimately no social justice.
      They advocate capitalism, hiding behind beautiful words and replacing concepts.
      Quote: Karabin
      Patriotic rhetoric, behind the screen of which globalization processes have been launched, which are worse for Russia than the supposedly still ongoing confrontation between white and red.

      Here you are in the top ten carabiners, speaking arrow terminology.
      Unfortunately, they are really just a screen. Populist actions leading to nothing aimed at fooling people and earning cheap authority.
    2. washi
      washi 18 May 2013 13: 13
      And let's choose the King. With unlimited authority. Given the modern means of communication, are you sure that your neighbor will not knock you? Behave Yourself ALWAYS HONEST, for starters. Follow even the commandments of Christ, even the Moral Code of the builders of communism.
      And for the election of the king, it is necessary to elect the Zemsky Sobor. In proportions from workers, peasants, merchants, nobles. In appropriate proportions. In modern conditions, we add more scientists. The so-called creative intelligentsia (service personnel) were not considered people under the tsar.
      You will find additional quotes about the intelligentsia yourself.
      1. washi
        washi 18 May 2013 16: 37
        They didn’t want the tsar - they minus them. But I did not see the rationale. What do you want HUMAN?
  14. rexby63
    rexby63 18 May 2013 11: 59
    An intelligent person is always interesting to listen to and read. You may not agree with him, but his methods of discussion, expression of thoughts are impressive. Take, for example, his opponents - Navalny, Nemtsov, Kasparov. They seem to be smart people, but you listen to them and you don't want to. They do not know how to express clearly, but, as Arthur Genrikhovich used to say: "He who thinks clearly, expounds clearly." Although he may not, but it is said correctly
  15. Asgard
    Asgard 18 May 2013 13: 57
    Nikolai Starikov, of course, well done, he as a popularizer of the authorities of the new course of patriotism with a thieves face)))
    Those Thieves who from the beginning of 2000 began to lead the Russian civilization, acquired a "new course" after black mark mccainWhen VVP did not go to the G8 in Chicago (where, as analysts assumed, there would have been an assassination attempt on the Russian president)) and at the 20th in Mexico he spoke to Obama "through clenched teeth" (no smiles))) Remember how the Omerekans made a mistake with Lavrov's button))) Peregruzka - it was written on the symbolic button ...... This I explain that in the Elite-troeshniki (for them overload-overload-single-root words)))) Well, the shuffle EXPLAINS THE SAME -sto)))))
    These are the "smart girls"))) lead our civilization))))
    1. washi
      washi 18 May 2013 16: 35
      Sorry, but I'm probably dumb. I did not understand what you wanted to say.