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Great and mighty WALLSTRITDJORNEL language!

Great and mighty WALLSTRITDJORNEL language!Good day to you, colleagues! As always - evening, evening after work and viewing everything that has spilled the Internet onto the surface of the information ocean ...

The title of the publication contains the name of the American edition, which has never been seen in sympathy for Russia and, therefore, can be taken as an eloquent example of the discomfort of the Western media. Not in one “Wall Street ...” we have the daily happiness to see numerous attempts to call the black one white, blue or gray-brown-crimson ... Or, as the hero of the movie “Following Two Hares” said, “Pocky ...!”. What really blame on the media. They are only the conductors of the official policy of their political authorities to the masses. Much more entertaining than the verbal slander of the politicians of the West themselves! A very eloquent example of such mimicry lately, for me was the speech of the prime minister of England - Cameron after his meeting in Moscow with Putin. I almost had an "eye out" when I heard his passage saying that "Mr. Putin expressed his readiness to join the efforts of the United States and Britain in their efforts to solve the Syrian issue by peaceful means ...!" Ah! What a! Not Putin, who with enviable constancy speaks about the inadmissibility of resolving the conflict in Syria by force, not Mr. Lavrov, who tirelessly appears on various political platforms demanding to abandon the forceful solution of the Syrian problem, did not Churkin, who unambiguously gave the Qatari ambassador that in the defense of its allies, Russia is ready to go to the most extreme limits (and examples of the fact that Russia sacrificed even the lives of its soldiers in the name of fulfilling its allied obligations in the World War Stories - lots of. Just not everyone likes the memory of these efforts and sacrifices.), And Mr. Cameron with his “good friend and comrade, Nobel laureate and seasoned peacemaker, Mr. Obama, are the first and most immaculate peacemakers and guardians for the long-suffering Syrian people. Truly - the living embodiment of the beloved motto of neo-democratic politicians - “If you cannot resist the process, lead it!”

Well, what am I riding on dear gentlemen? The words that prompted me to sit down at the computer tonight were words that were streamlined to nausea from the above-mentioned edition, and especially those that are abundantly crammed in the article about the results of the Netanya's trip (namely, through “G”, as I saw in the book of Peter Lyukimson - “Jewish intelligence.” It’s probably better for a Jew to know how the name of the Israeli prime minister is spelled correctly! By the way, the book is brilliant, very informative and inspires respect for the Israeli special services and, in general, for some concepts of Israel’s special services) attempt I present these results to my reader in a “combed” form, in order not to put their embarrassed politicians in a bad light. Now about the particulars.

"... In the first lines ..." Wall Street says that Netanyahu (through "X". What do they want to say with such writing?) "... He said that if Assad turns out to have C-300 systems capable of intercepting fighters and cruise missiles, it is “likely to provoke our response and may contribute to the outbreak of war in the region.”

Oh, how! And before that, Putin didn’t know in his spirit that the C-300 was capable of hammering enemy fighters and cruise missiles! Thanks, enlightenment!
This is followed by revelations that the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry "In response to the accusations, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, evasively, said that Russia is not going to enter into new deals with Syria weapons, but only fulfills old contracts. He also said that the weapons that Russia supplies to Syria are necessary for Assad in order to fight the rebel forces. "

Here it is ... The entire world press (who gloatedly, who sympathetically) said that the Israeli Prime Minister urgently rushed to Moscow with pleas and requests, and it turns out - with the accusations ...! And after all, how correctly noticed something! Of course, without C-300, Assad, well, can’t stand up against the brave militants!

Then, the article was followed by revelations that "He was accompanied by national security adviser Yaakov Amidror and the head of military intelligence in the Israel Defense Forces, Major General Aviv Kohavi. The meeting was also attended by Deputy Foreign Minister Zeev Elkin, whose goal was to trace the accuracy of transfers ".

One can see that one-on-one meeting with Putin and boldly looking into his eyes after, in the way of the thieves, the raid on Syria is weak. And so - “it is easier to beat with her and the father”. Inventive guys, these Israeli premieres!

Apparently, subsequently, the ingenuity of the Israeli Prime Minister clearly refused. Then came the familiar and magical stories for the western man in the form of tooth powder or, which is most terrible! Dust, in order to eradicate parasites on its territory. These words are very meaningful and murderously reasoned.

"The channel also reports that Netanyahu informed Putin about the results of Israeli intelligence research on the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime. In addition, Netanyahu conveyed to the president information about the transfer of weapons to Hezbollah by Syria."

Already in the final part of the meeting, Putin WELL spoke the words that were already boring to Western politicians: “At this sensitive moment, it is especially important to avoid any actions that could destabilize the situation,” Putin added.

To which Ntaniyahu very EXPERIENCE AND INNOVATIVE responded to him "Netanyahu, however, said that the unstable situation in the Middle East requires taking measures to improve security." Israel will do everything possible to protect its citizens. "In this sentence, I was especially moved by the word" HOWEVER "Ah! How he (Netanyahu) - his (Putin's) ...!" He's got me - r-time! And I am his - r-time, r-time! He's me - his chair ...! And I his - a newspaper, newspaper, newspaper, newspaper ...! Vusmert izmochilil ...!

Well, after all these friendly assurances, declarations on the protection of lives and other mandatory verbal “body kit”, follows the best traditions of a magician (when he unexpectedly decouples the public to delight to fall from his chair), a revelation We note that Russia continues to supply weapons to Syria, despite the civil war in this Middle Eastern country. However, so far, she has refrained from providing Damascus C-300 systems with a range of up to 200 kilometers, but, in addition, the system is able to determine from which point the blow was struck and automatically respond to several targets at the same time with high efficiency of destruction.

And here, in all its “criminal Russian” ugliness, especially, symbolically, there are words, but besides this the system is able to determine from which point the blow was struck and automatically respond to several goals simultaneously with the high efficiency of the defeat. Here, "where the dog rummaged ...!" Lyuley reluctant to get anyone in return! Whether it’s a matter of shooting across enemy territory without entering the enemy’s air defense zone and stroking home with your kids on the head, or — at the bed — caressing your wife. And then - and the kids and the wife can, after all, and not wait for the papanka from the "glorious hunt" ... scary, however.

Looking at all these verbal quirks of the Western press and other media, you regret to see how vividly in these morally degenerate politicians are the passion to follow the principle to impose your faults and blame on the uncomplicated with the words - “What is he not? Let it get dirty ...! ”So they are the most objective and unbiased Western media in their majority.

All the best, colleagues. Sincerely, ESAUL.

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  1. avant-garde
    avant-garde 17 May 2013 07: 33 New
    Someone expected something else from the Western press ??? Personally, I do not!
    1. taseka
      taseka 17 May 2013 09: 45 New
      Esaul - I read and rejoice from the bottom of my heart that there are PEOPLE THINKING!
      1. 755962
        755962 17 May 2013 11: 47 New
        He said that if Assad had S-300 systems,

        Russian military experts are already in Syria
        They train four C-300 divisions for combat

        Military-diplomatic sources confirmed to NG the report of the London-based Al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper that the Russian S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems (SAMs) are already in Syria with our military advisers. At the same time, it was noted that the supply of these types of air defense weapons to this country was carried out in the strictest confidence for the past two years. And currently, all four S-300 divisional complexes are located on Syrian territory, the supply agreement of which was signed in 2010.
        ZRS units are disguised and dispersed in areas where the Shiite population resides, loyal to the regime of Bashar al-Assad. It is possible that Russian President Vladimir Putin brought this information to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday.
        1. 755962
          755962 17 May 2013 11: 53 New
          This is not all !!!
          NYT: Russia sent advanced anti-ship missiles to Syria

          Russia has sent to Syria a batch of advanced anti-ship cruise missiles like the Yakhont, which were delivered to this country earlier, but with a more advanced radar that enhances their effectiveness. Thus, the Bashar al-Assad regime has been given a “wonderful” opportunity to repel any attempts by the international community to help opposition forces through the establishment of a sea blockade, no-fly zone or limited air strikes, suggests The New York Times.

          Representatives of the American leadership familiar with secret intelligence reported the latest deliveries on Thursday, on condition of anonymity. Experts who commented on the newspaper called the missiles "real ship killers" and emphasized that such actions by Russia should be regarded as support for the Syrian regime and the desire to withdraw the Western naval forces from the country's coast.

    2. Joker
      Joker 17 May 2013 13: 50 New
      Esaul, forgive me for sure, but are you a masochist? wink Well, who in their right mind will climb on foreign news publications? It seems that every time you go there with the hope that there will be something good written. There will never be such a thing, so do not spoil our nervous system and we too wink The media always lies everywhere, we are no exception.
      1. seller trucks
        seller trucks 17 May 2013 15: 33 New
        for this there is "Inoforum", at worst, "Inosmi", the most delicious
        1. Joker
          Joker 17 May 2013 15: 35 New
          A sense of digging in the faeces?
          1. seller trucks
            seller trucks 17 May 2013 16: 27 New
            "If you feel bad and do not have the strength to live on, go to the cemetery. If you feel very good and euphoria is stuck in your mind, go to the cemetery"
            1. ivachum
              ivachum 17 May 2013 18: 37 New
              Quote: seller trucks
              "If you feel bad and do not have the strength to live on, go to the cemetery. If you feel very good and euphoria is stuck in your mind, go to the cemetery"

              And we ... th! drinks And we will go to the tavern!
  2. Scandinavian
    Scandinavian 17 May 2013 07: 46 New
    1. Pit
      Pit 17 May 2013 09: 26 New
      And in continuation)
      1. RUS
        RUS 17 May 2013 11: 14 New
        And there will be a continuation, I haven’t laughed so long !!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. horoh
    horoh 17 May 2013 07: 52 New
    What can be expected from "sick" Western politicians? In addition to schizoid delirium and cries of senility in my opinion or what.
    1. Tatar
      Tatar 17 May 2013 08: 21 New
      they’re not really sick, they just do everything in their favor and that will bring them large dividends at the end of which it would not be worth it
  4. Tatar
    Tatar 17 May 2013 08: 04 New
    it is interesting to Russia to bring any of its information in Western countries bypassing the official and whether it sees the so-called "subversive" activity in the den of a likely enemy. like the west, bulk and kasparovy and klebanovy there all sorts. why not buy a couple of reputable enough newspapers, and already paint there for your own pleasure, so to speak. let the western reader read something different from what he is always presented with.
  5. djon3volta
    djon3volta 17 May 2013 08: 24 New
    They are only agents of the official policies of their political authorities to the masses.

    What did you think? They are on their territory, and they print their own "truth" which is beneficial to them.
    from the last one:Russian air defense did not save Syria from Israeli raids Having made three air raids on Syria this year, Israel did not suffer any losses, despite the fact that Damascus, as is commonly believed, has modern Russian-made ground-to-air systems, writes Strategy Page. According to the author of the article, now Tel Aviv can share with NATO the secret of air defense breakthrough.

    Israeli intelligence agencies are well aware that 6 S-300 launchers and 144 missiles, the contract for the supply of which is estimated at $ 900 million, have long been completed.
    And there is only one difference: Syria paid for them or not.

    Most of all, Russian arms export marketers should be worried, and the Russian-speaking Israeli media are doing this.
    1. Joker
      Joker 17 May 2013 14: 23 New
      I also read a lot where that C-300 has long been in Syria. And not in the icy and pro-Western publications. Well, wait and see, maybe a lie (I hope that it is, because if not a lie, then we have serious problems)
      1. ivachum
        ivachum 17 May 2013 18: 47 New
        "Shine" position for the sake of two F-16s? crying These systems are designed to repel a MASS air missile strike ... Then they will "open up" ... And if the S-300 is such a ... oh, then what kind of hysteria, gentlemen? drinks
  6. fenix57
    fenix57 17 May 2013 08: 45 New
    It’s time to “shut up” all the Western media. Set the filter, although as they say: "you can’t put a handkerchief on each mouth", but you need to strive for this.
  7. sergo0000
    sergo0000 17 May 2013 09: 00 New
    Quote: djon3volta
    : Russian air defense did not save Syria from Israeli raids Having made three air raids on Syria this year, Israel did not suffer any casualties

    It was a reconnaissance in battle. In order to identify these very systems. And we must pay tribute to Assad - he didn’t buy it. Newspapers can say anything and whoever is comfortable, but both the Israeli and the US governments are actually aware of how things really are business. wink They understood that it’s not possible to take Assad or Putin “weakly”, from there the latest UN resolutions and that bile and lies in the newspapers to justify their failed policy.
    1. djon3volta
      djon3volta 17 May 2013 10: 18 New
      Quote: sergo0000
      Understood to see that neither Assad nor Putin could take "weakly"

      The Israeli attack made no impression on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. This was announced by Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi in an interview with the German magazine Spiegel. Salehi justified the lack of reaction to the Israeli bombing of Damascus. “This is not a manifestation of weakness. The president acted in a balanced manner. Next time Syria will answer he promised me. bully
  8. andrey777
    andrey777 17 May 2013 09: 38 New
    Well done !!!
  9. nokki
    nokki 17 May 2013 09: 55 New
    Israel clearly wanted to get Russia to agree not to get involved in the war in the Middle East. The plan of the West is simple: with the help of Israel, "dump" Assad, and then Iran. It seems that all these "trips" to Moscow had the goal of implementing the plan with "little blood." Failed. But the process cannot be stopped. Israel, feeling behind NATO, will climb into trouble. This is evidenced by the latest publication on the "soap":

    "Israel will continue to carry out air strikes on Syrian territory to prevent the regime of Bashar al-Assad from playing the role of a transmission link between Iran and the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah, which Tehran supplies arms.

    This was reported by The New York Times, citing a senior Israeli military. If the Syrian army responds to Israeli attacks, the regime in Damascus will be dealt a crushing blow, under which it will not withstand, the source warned. According to the military, the supply of Hezbollah Iranian missiles destabilizes the entire region, so Israel is forced to act actively, despite its commitment to neutrality in the Syrian conflict.

    Experts do not exclude that such a development of events could result in a full-fledged war between Syria and Israel. Recall that on May 5, Israeli aviation launched two attacks on warehouses with Iranian high-precision Fateh-110 ballistic missiles near Damascus. Syria's deputy foreign minister, Faisal al-Mikdad, said he regarded this as a declaration of war, and warned that the next time the Syrian army would not leave the attack unanswered. Most Sunni Arab countries perceive the Israeli-Syrian confrontation with tacit approval, seeing this as a way to eliminate the geopolitical adversary and key ally of Shiite Iran. The situation is warmed up by the Arab media: the other day, the largest Pan-Arab newspaper Al Hayat reported that the Iranian authorities persuaded Bashar al-Assad to allow the Hezbollah group to open an anti-Israeli front along the ceasefire line in the Golan Heights. "
    1. djon3volta
      djon3volta 17 May 2013 10: 23 New
      Quote: nokki
      Israel will continue to carry out air strikes on Syrian territory

      Russia delivered anti-ship missiles to Damascus
      According to the American New York Times, Russia has sent a new-style anti-ship missile to Syria.
      Referring to unnamed US officials with access to intelligence, the newspaper writes that Yakhont cruise missiles with an advanced guidance system were sent to Syria. Such missiles, according to American experts, will allow Damascus to more effectively counter the naval forces of Western countries if, for example, they try to establish a sea embargo.
      «This decision clearly shows how actively Moscow supports the regime led by Bashar Assad"- concludes the American edition.
    2. igor67
      igor67 17 May 2013 10: 29 New
      Israel failed to convince Putin to refuse supplies of S-300 Assad

      Photo: Reuters, pool. In the photo: illustration
      An attempt by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to convince the Russian leadership of the need to stop the supply of Syria’s S-300 air defense systems was unsuccessful, ITV Channel XNUMX reported.

      As it turned out after the negotiations, Russia does not plan to stop supplying Syria S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems under the 2009 contract, as this "does not contradict any international agreement."

      Yesterday, the Russian Foreign Ministry reaffirmed its intentions to fulfill contractual obligations under contracts for the supply of air defense batteries, which will significantly change the strategic balance in the region.

      At the same time, a high-ranking source in the Netanyahu government said that Israel would not allow an imbalance in the region and intends to destroy the S-300 systems even before they are put on combat duty.

      Even before Netanyahu’s visit to Sochi, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow was not going to enter into new arms contracts with Syria. Earlier reports appeared in the American press that Russia was supplying S-300 air defense systems to Syria, which caused dissatisfaction between Israel and the United States.

      At the same time, according to Lavrov, Russia will complete deliveries on previously signed contracts, without specifying whether they concern the S-300. The Minister only emphasized that we are talking about air defense systems.

      “This is not prohibited by any international standards, it is a defensive weapon,” said the Russian Foreign Minister. With the help of air defense systems, Syria will be able to protect itself from air strikes, which "is not really a fantastic scenario," Lavrov emphasized.

      On Wednesday, May 8, reports appeared in the American press that Russia had received part of the money from Damascus and began to supply S-300 to Syria. At the same time, a number of publications indicated that the contract between the two countries was signed back in 2010.

      The supply information originally received by Israel provoked a sharp reaction both in Jerusalem and in Washington. US Secretary of State John Kerry urged Russia not to support the regime of Bashar al-Assad, notes The Washington Post.

      In the summer of 2012, the Russian press published information that Russia refused to supply S-300 to Syria, where the civil war was already underway, “as directed from above”. It was alleged that the Nizhny Novgorod Engineering Plant, which is part of the Almaz-Antey concern, indicated in its report for 2011 a contract for the supply of S-300 Damascus. Whether these deliveries were then restored or not, and whether the contract was terminated, was not reported. 17.05.2013/07/20 XNUMX:XNUMX

      Report an error

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      Netanyahu goes on a visit to Russia
      Israel asked Russia not to sell Syria S-300
      Russia is on the side of Assad: S-300 air defense batteries will be delivered to Syria
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      The ship of the Russian Navy will come to the port of Haifa
      Israeli ambassador to Moscow: island of stability in the Middle East
      1. igor67
        igor67 17 May 2013 11: 40 New
        The New York Times: Russia hands over modernized Yakhonts to Assad

        publication time: 07: 33
        last update: 07: 39

        The authoritative American publication The New York Times, citing officials in the US leadership, writes that Russia has sent a batch of Yakhont anti-ship missiles "equipped with a more modern radar" to Syria.

        In an article by Michael R. Gordon and Eric Schmitt, it is noted that Russia previously supplied data from Syria's missiles. Recall that back in December 2011, the Russian media reported on the supply of the Bastion missile systems with Yakhont cruise missiles to the Syrian armed forces. Then it was emphasized that the delivery of "Yakhont" was carried out under a contract signed in 2007. The number of Bastion mobile coastal systems received by the Syrians was not reported, but indicated that the Syrian army was counting on at least two Bastions (36 Yakhont missiles each). Published and unofficial data on the amount of the contract: 300 million dollars.

        According to the Jane's International Defense Review, quoted in the NY Times, in 2011, Syria received 72 Yahont missiles.

        What will be the volume of new deliveries of these missiles to Syria, the publication does not say.
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 17 May 2013 11: 48 New
          Quote: igor67
          The New York Times: Russia hands over modernized Yakhonts to Assad

          Hello, Igor! Where the pancake Karish, and I want him to ask a couple of questions am
          In early May, the Israeli Air Force launched rocket attacks on facilities related to the functioning of the Syrian military defense system, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

          “When we said that we want to understand all the circumstances of this case, we have already clarified a lot for ourselves. We wanted to understand what specific targets were impacted. According to our assessment, these goals still relate to the functioning of the Syrian state’s military defensive system, ”RIA Novosti reports.
          1. igor67
            igor67 17 May 2013 14: 35 New
            Hi Sanya, where did you go?
            1. Alexander Romanov
              Alexander Romanov 17 May 2013 15: 31 New
              Quote: igor67
              Hi Sanya, where have you been?

              In jail term shook laughing
              Quote: igor67
              I’ll definitely give Karish

              I mean, twice in the belly give wassat
              1. igor67
                igor67 17 May 2013 15: 37 New
                [quote = Alexander Romanov] [quote = igor67] Hi Sanya, where did you go? [/ quote]
                In jail term shook laughing [quote = igor67]
                Tipun to your tongue laughing what's up with skype wassat
                1. Alexander Romanov
                  Alexander Romanov 17 May 2013 16: 08 New
                  Quote: igor67
                  Tipun to your tongue

                  It was you who told me, yes, go to her, well, I went damn it and I didn’t want to come laughing
                  Quote: igor67
                  what's up with skype

                  Well, on the same festive evening in the skype bar I dropped the computer wassat
                  1. igor67
                    igor67 17 May 2013 16: 21 New
                    Quote: Alexander Romanov
                    Quote: igor67
                    Tipun to your tongue

                    It was you who told me, yes, go to her, well, I went damn it and I didn’t want to come laughing
                    Quote: igor67
                    what's up with skype

                    Well, on the same festive evening in the skype bar I dropped the computer wassat

                    So I've been waiting a week how it all ended wassat you even missed my birthday drinks
                    1. Alexander Romanov
                      Alexander Romanov 17 May 2013 16: 27 New
                      Quote: igor67
                      So I've been waiting a week how it all ended

                      So call Sveta, she will swear at me laughing And it ended up taking my rights, you're to blame recourse
                      Quote: igor67
                      you even missed my birthday

                      I met your birthday in the cell wassat
                      1. igor67
                        igor67 17 May 2013 16: 42 New
                        Damn, you said you would order a taxi, well, e ........
                      2. Alexander Romanov
                        Alexander Romanov 17 May 2013 16: 46 New
                        Quote: igor67
                        Damn you said you will order a taxi

                        so I ordered, but they said they would give me the car in 30 minutes, I called in another office, there I can wait 40 minutes. I go to her about 20 minutes fast. The time then was already one in the morning and that I had to fill up with a taxi to her at 2 in the night. I went down to the parking lot and ...... and that's it laughing
                        And you are to blame, if I were sober, you fucking persuaded me to go drunk at one in the morning laughing
                      3. Ruslan67
                        Ruslan67 18 May 2013 04: 15 New
                        Quote: Alexander Romanov
                        I would be sober, fuck you would persuade me

                        Damn, how smart Masha was hammering my son-in-law at midnight so that he would set up Skype for me, but as a result? one ancient Greek responded at 2 o'clock the next day and another drunk with the imperial name on the bunks soared fool Here's how to work in such conditions request wassat
  • Ezhaak
    Ezhaak 17 May 2013 10: 32 New
    ... evening after work and watching everything that the Internet has splashed onto the surface of the information ocean ...

    For me, it would be more correct to mention floating and not drowning in water, not even more so on the Internet.
  • Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 17 May 2013 11: 04 New
    The media is primarily a means of propaganda, the world at the moment consists of several, if you may say so, “Power Centers.” The first and most powerful kind of Rome in all respects is the United States, but they are already starting to give slack but do not have any illusions yet on this occasion they are much stronger than the rest of the world, the next center is the European Union, a kind of ancient Greece with mighty Rome with its liberal ideas and lovers of boys, although in principle it is an independent center very cowardly and afraid to get out of the shadow of Rome (USA), the third the center is rapidly gaining strength - this is China, well, China is China, they follow the precepts of the great Confucius and sit on the river bank waiting for the corpses of their enemies to swim by the way, an interesting position and the last weakest and most controversial center is, unfortunately, Russia a kind of Carthage himself once surrendered to the Romans (USA) all his political influence, army, navy only they say do not touch us, and insight came when the Romans ordered the Carthaginians I’m tearing down my city and pouring into a “civilized community” in short, experts in ancient history will understand what I mean. And do you really think that in mass media I’ll praise each other, when the Carthage will burn the fleet of Rome will praise it, but as soon as he begins to build it, accusations of undemocracy and a bloody anti-people regime will be rained. There is no need for illusions in this world, wolves rule, and lambs quickly eat.
  • GBG_Belarus
    GBG_Belarus 17 May 2013 11: 23 New
    Common Jewish behavior is to replace white with black and vice versa. If you put them weapons for self-defense there will be war and you will be to blame. Yeah, it’s better if they themselves, together with their overseas allies, stop supplying weapons to terrorists and bombing a sovereign state, you look and the world will recover faster in Syria.
  • igor67
    igor67 17 May 2013 11: 45 New
    publication time: 09: 49
    last update: 10: 33

    Lebanese newspaper Al-Mustakbal claims on Friday, May 17, that Iran’s spiritual leader, Ayatollah Ali Khameneni, ordered the Quds elite unit of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, General Kassem Soleimani, to “tackle Israel” and instructed him to monitor the situation in Syria in order to support the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

    Citing senior sources in Baghdad, the publication claims that Khamenei actually set Soleimani to launch armed operations against Israel from Syria.

    For this purpose, the general command of all Shiite groupings in the region, including the Lebanese Hezbollah and Iraqi a-Sa'ib Ahl al-Haq, as well as pro-Syrian Palestinian organizations, was transferred under his command.

    "Tehran sees in the blow inflicted by Israel on targets in Syria, a chance to increase chaos in the Middle East, play a map of the occupied Golan Heights and, thus, gain popularity in the Arab world," the source quoted the Lebanese publication.

    Note that the topic of intensifying the intervention of Iran and Hezbollah in the situation in Syria and the possible outbreak of war with Israel in recent days has been actively raised by the Arab Sunni media.

    So, on Thursday, May 16, the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai reported with reference to a senior Arab source that Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei demanded that the Lebanese Shiite terrorist organization Hezbollah send all the militants to Syria and help President Bashar al-Assad cope with the opposition.

    On May 15, Al-Hayat reported that the Iranian leadership was able to persuade the Syrian president not to prevent Hezbollah from opening a "front against Israel in the Golan Heights." In addition, the Iranian allies convinced Assad not to interfere with all Arab and Muslim militants who want to take part in the war against Israel and arrive for this purpose in the Golan Heights.

    From the fall of last year to the present, more than 20 shellings of Israeli territory from Syria have been recorded. As a result of these attacks, most of which the Israeli military classified as accidental, there were no casualties, although minor damage was caused. Several times, the IDF retaliated against military targets in Syria.
    1. Corsair5912
      Corsair5912 17 May 2013 22: 05 New
      The Jews, as always, whimper that they are allegedly constantly fired upon, but they do not have losses and damage. What are they pooping at?
      I am sure that no one is shelling the Jews, but they are whimpering in order to at least somehow justify arrogant aggression.
      If Uncle Sam’s bestial mug had not squinted behind Abramchik’s back, Yobosrail would have been wiped off the world map long ago.
  • sscha
    sscha 17 May 2013 11: 58 New
    Quote: taseka
    Esaul - I read and rejoice from the bottom of my heart that there are PEOPLE THINKING!

    I will add: and those who know how to backstage the intrigues of certain politicians into an understandable, printed syllable of the GREAT and POWERFUL Russian language! drinks
  • Dymkovsky
    Dymkovsky 17 May 2013 13: 40 New
    Collages are gorgeous! Laughed to tears!
  • Best novel
    Best novel 17 May 2013 15: 23 New
    And do they pay anything for articles on the site? Some verbiage is calculated on a fee. How many beer I didn’t drink, I don’t understand the fuck. Either I- (which is most likely), or the author is an eccentric. Write more slowly, please. And more clearly . The only thing that Putin understood is our president.
    1. gigiperfetto
      gigiperfetto 17 May 2013 18: 44 New
  • Corsair5912
    Corsair5912 17 May 2013 21: 57 New
    S-300 is a convincing argument in the peaceful resolution of conflicts for Western dermocratizers.
    Timely delivered complexes and the word of the USSR would preserve from the aggressors the sovereignty of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya. It is a pity that in the USSR the rule was a louse egg with a map of America on a rotten head.
  • The comment was deleted.