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Corvette "Boyky" transferred to the Russian Navy

Corvette "Boyky" transferred to the Russian Navy

Today in St. Petersburg, the Severnaya Verf Shipbuilding Plant OJSC signed an acceptance certificate and solemnly raised the Naval flag on the Boyky corvette of project 20380. The ship was laid down on July 27, 2005, becoming the third ship in the series, and on April 15, 2011 was launched. New warship transferred to Baltic the fleetreplenishing its ranks on the eve of the 310th anniversary of the formation of the oldest naval association of the Russian Navy!

1. "Guarding" (serial number 1001) laid 21.12.01 - lowered 16.05.06 - transferred to 14.11.07

2. "Savvy" (serial number 1002) laid 20.05.03 - lowered 31.03.10 - transferred to 14.10.11

3. "Lively" (serial number 1003) laid 27.07.05 - lowered 15.04.11 - transferred to 16.05.13

4. "Persistent" (serial number 1004) laid 10.11.06 - lowered 30.05.12

5. "Perfect" (serial number 2101) laid 30.06.06

6. "Loud" (serial number 2102) laid 20.04.12

Displacement: standard 1800 t, full 2100 t.
The main dimensions: length - 111.6 m, width - 13 m, draft - 3.7 m.
Maximum travel speed: 27 knots
Cruising range: 4000 miles
Autonomy: 15 days
Crew: 99 people
The ship has an airstrip and a helicopter hangar.
2х4 PU URCC PKR with SU “Monument-A”
3х4 PU “Redut” ZRK (12 ZUR 9М96)
one 100-mm gun mount А190-01 “Universal” with the control system “Puma”
Two 30-mm AK-630М guns
two 14,5-mm MTPU machine gun installations
2х4 330-mm PU PTZ "Package-NK"
2 grenade launcher DP-64
1 Ka-27 Helicopter
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  1. TRex
    TRex 17 May 2013 06: 22
    Glory to the Navy! With great satisfaction I saw that the glorious name returned to the ranks of the fleet "BOYKY"! A worthy name, worthy content. On board its predecessor, the Boikiy BOD of the Northern Fleet, was in the year 87-88, when it provided testing of new types of weapons at the Novaya Zemlya test site.
    Seven feet under the keel!
  2. genzik161
    genzik161 17 May 2013 06: 22
    The pace is good, the main thing is not to slow down. Well, ON GOOD WAY Seven feet under the keel.
    1. Rustam
      Rustam 17 May 2013 12: 38
      The pace is good !!!!!!!!!

      What is it good at mastering public defense? At this pace, they used to give a wolf ticket and removed from all posts

      a little criticism - to put it mildly

      the fact that they finally handed it over is + and that’s all (8 years -2000 tons, yes they planted it in the USSR as wrecking) that I can say positive, the management of the USC got the asshole right, it’s necessary to drive

      My friends and colleagues, if not to talk about these problems, but to shout that everything is fine, it means not to understand the problems of which the sea is frightened me by frigate 22350, with a deadline in 2009 !!!!!!!!!

      I repeat my post who like who do not, but it must be done

      Rustam  April 2, 2013 12:28 | Continuation of the construction of the head frigate of project 22350

      Both pay and work.

      Pay say? Did you just blurt out it unknowingly, or is it so pure to justify 8 year construction?

      have to reveal the secret then and pee the situation as I know it

      1- I have always been against monopolists especially in the military-industrial complex and have always advocated competition

      2- initially when laying this frigate, the deadline for its delivery was prescribed in the contract mid-2009 !!!! all this happened during the then defense min. comrade Ivanov - Sev Ferf (for some reason) then so many GOZ orders were poured that already knowing people said that they could not cope, and this was a series of corvettes 22380 and frigates 22350 and auxiliary vessels - with 100% financing

      2- moreover, the top managers of the Sev shipyard were beating in the chest that everything would be done exactly and on time (we already know a little how goz goes with money - on the example of the Kurganmashzavod they get money and instead of concluding agreements with subcontractors and starting work on such a new product, they simply scroll through them at the banks, earning income, but making the appearance of work for everyone
      what is interesting at that moment the Balt plant also struggled for state contracts, which was much more technologically advanced and more advanced, having recently handed over the first series of frigates 11356 to India, but it didn’t obey state structures, and it had to be strangled without giving orders, and then forced to bankrupt sell the owner to the OSK structure

      3- I remind you that the deadline (first launch) of Gorshkov is specified in the contract as 2009 - in the west this Northern shipyard was simply forced to pay such penalties for the failure of such a contract that they would gasp and someone would even crouch

      You can have a different attitude towards Mr. Serdyukov and his deputies, especially Sukhorukov, but in 2009 they looked that for 3 years the result was zero, they simply threatened the Sev shipyard with problems and courts, after which some movements began, and when the curator of the military-industrial complex could not stand it ( at that time) S. Ivanov held a meeting at the North Shipyard and handed out gingerbread cookies, things finally went

      that's all, and you say (hard workers get pennies and someone gets rich enormously)

      PS- it’s just that some people from our military-industrial complex are beating in the chest, shouting that give us the order for the state defense order, we will do everything on time and chocolate, and then when the problems begin with fulfillment and especially with quality, they make a sweet smile - and then dissipate the Russian Ministry of Defense (though everyone understands that the same Sev shipyard received these orders for a reason, the Navy has its own people
      1. dmitreach
        dmitreach 17 May 2013 12: 42
        Greetings! Add nothing. In essence, all is accurate. request
      2. Rustam
        Rustam 17 May 2013 12: 55
        photos and videos to my previous post - for example, DAMEN built a series of SIGMA corvettes and frigates for the Navy of Morocco, built by the Dutch in just 4 years (the whole series)!
        1. dmitreach
          dmitreach 17 May 2013 13: 07
          Yes, I saw this video. Great shot. Professional work. recourse It remains only to envy the pace of construction. And someone to plant, so that the scent is not lost ... Oh, ball-balls ...
      3. PLO
        PLO 17 May 2013 13: 24
        I can not completely agree with you
        you contradict yourself
        MoD also does not hesitate today to sue and sue contractors, there are many examples, only a few cases won.
        and MO is silent in a rag because if he sues the North Shipyard, he will lose it with a bang.

        and Serdyukov su.ka, and not because he was stealing, but because he wanted to create an army of the third world or a banana republic, (not by force, but by essence)
        1. dmitreach
          dmitreach 17 May 2013 13: 33
          I can not completely agree with you
          you contradict yourself
          MoD also does not hesitate today to sue and sue contractors, there are many examples, only a few cases won.
          and MO is silent in a rag because if he sues the North Shipyard, he will lose it with a bang.

          Such a tendency is only just emerging ... Even though years have passed ... Very slowly. From that and criticism. No sweeping criticism of the Defense Ministry never comes from Rustam, only in the case, only with facts.
  3. Lech from ZATULINKI
    Lech from ZATULINKI 17 May 2013 06: 25
    The news is good - I would like to know what tasks these ships perform and their combat capabilities.
    DOCTOR VIT 17 May 2013 06: 46
    Ships are needed as the air pleases!
  5. DmitryMSK
    DmitryMSK 17 May 2013 07: 24
    The latest “Boyky” corvette entered the combat fleet of the Baltic Fleet

    The latest Boyky corvette became part of the Baltic Fleet warships. In terms of its technical characteristics and combat properties, it is an order of magnitude superior to similar ships of its class. In addition, the Boyky was built using Stealth technology, which makes it virtually invisible to enemy radars.

    + video
  6. 77bor1973
    77bor1973 17 May 2013 07: 34
    For a ship with a displacement of 2000 tons, the construction time is rather long; they must be built in three years.
  7. Dmitry 2246
    Dmitry 2246 17 May 2013 07: 38
    A particle of Russia in the Baltic. Good luck.
  8. dmitreach
    dmitreach 17 May 2013 12: 38
    Well ... well, we are gradually approaching a series of Frigates of the Talwar type (project 1135.6) .... There were 6 of them handed over, another half are preparing for launching and two on slipways ... (project 11356P / M) And it seems to be Indians ready to order another 3. Or redeem and build a project in their shipyards?
    A couple more years and it will be possible to say that over the past "decade" (theoretical), the SECOND series noticeable ships at the domestic shipyards. (In the Recent History of Russia)
  9. cocktail46
    cocktail46 17 May 2013 18: 17
    22350 Admiral Gorshkov (16.05.2013)