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European Spring: Experience and Prospects

For the third year, Europe has been stirred up by protests. Recently, they caused the resignations of governments and early elections in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria ...

In the year of the 55 anniversary of the European spring 1968 of the year,
when mass demonstrations of workers swept across most of Europe and the West, and the East, revolutionary expectations are understandable. But the reasons for the new wave of protests one must look not in conspiracy theories. They are in the structure of the economies of the countries of Europe at the end of the twentieth century, only remotely similar to capitalism as Marx knew him. The "capitalism" of modern times is more like the economics of the distribution of the feudal type than it is like classical capitalism with its free enterprise, which is now possible only on the outskirts of the world economy.

It can be argued that the state had previously regulated economic activities, citing the issuance of trade patents by the kings and the like, but the number of “security” documents for business has now translated the situation into a different quality. Along with the state, oligarchs and TNCs now restrict the freedom of entrepreneurship: owning supermarket chains with the greed of feudal lords, they charge manufacturers for "entering the market", and the banks surpassed the usurers of the Middle Ages in sophistication of enslavement methods. It is in their interests that the state regulates the markets, namely TNCs - the main recipients of subsidies and government orders.

In this situation, the requirement of free enterprise would be more logical than the slogan of the abolition of capitalism, hovering over the protest movements of Europe. And if the protesters still do not understand, then the EU managers are clearly aware that they are dealing precisely with the crisis of the distribution economy, and not with poster capitalism, and are looking for a way out in the revival of an independent producer. It was an independent producer who became the main character of the program of the Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, and was called up to them in 2014-2015. to pull the country out of recession, at the same time freeing it from 26% unemployment.

Similar programs to stimulate small businesses in Europe are plenty, but there is ideological paradox: Why does the bourgeois state purposefully revive an independent producer, the very one that the Communists, who semi-presumably call it the petty bourgeois, should disappear without a trace with the development of capitalism? His return is such an obvious fact that even the Communist Party of Greece, which has a reputation as a Stalinist, has left an arrogance and in its documents calls these people self-employed, which is closer to the truth.

The "natural" boundaries of capitalism

This can be explained from the theory of Rosa Luxemburg on the existence of a limit to the development of capitalism. Classic capitalism, becoming global by the end of the twentieth century, simultaneously exhausted its growth opportunities. It turned out that without a neighborhood with the so-called traditional mode of production, capitalism turns into an economy of distribution and is doomed to stagnation. He may even die from a shortage of workers and carries them from the periphery. When the population of Europe and the world was divided as much as possible into hired workers and capitalists, this production model lost its perspective, and its growth limit began. Reaching this limit has caused not only the current systemic global crisis. and the desire to revive independent producers, but also posed the question: does production make sense at all?

It arises logically, if you look at the sectoral structure of the GDP of national economies. For Bulgaria (2011), the share of agriculture in the country's GDP is 5,2%, industry is 30,6%, and the service sector is 64,2%. For Greece (2011) - the share of agricultural enterprises is 3,3%, industry - 17,9%, services - 78,9%. In other countries, this difference is even higher. For example, in Germany (2011), the share of agricultural enterprises is 0,8%, industry - 28,6%, services - 70,6%; in France (2011 g.): agriculture - 1,8%, industry - 18,8%, services - 79,4%.

With all the sins of statistics and the CIA, from whose site these figures are taken, there is an obvious tendency to talk about the information economy, where the service sector is medicine, education, science, etc. has priority over basic industries - agriculture and industry.

But service people - only auxiliary workers, and their great predominance over "pure producers" is not rational for production, aiming to make a profit, as real profit disappears. Figuratively speaking, if 5% of the population are production owners, 25% is production workers, then the remaining 70% is a service sector for them and themselves, which does not create a real product and profit. From the point of view of managers, this is a ballast that must be eliminated.

Recommendations for "optimizing" the population were voiced in the 1990s, and soon they found "humane" ways to implement it: from propaganda of same-sex marriage to "shock therapy." "Shock therapy" was tested on Bulgaria and Poland. But for the former welfare states from Western Europe, where citizens, unlike the USSR, were guaranteed not only work, but also decent participation in consumption in the event of unemployment, they are only starting to try on, which causes protests.

The development of capitalism: an attempt to "walk in a circle"

The reason is still in the same distribution economy, assuming that all benefits are distributed among citizens depending on social status and place in the service-production hierarchies. Ideological and other features left their imprint on the distribution system and on the sources of state budget filling, but the principle of functioning of the economies of both Western and Eastern Europe was the same, up to many years of planning.

At first, such socially oriented states pleased almost everyone, while they themselves competed among themselves in the volumes of goods distributed among citizens and the number of students. But after 50 years it was found that such economies are so much organized that there is no place for them, especially decent ones for new generations. The service sector, including the bureaucracy, has grown in harmony with Parkinson’s law to a level where “there are three foremen for one slave” and science, although it has become a productive force according to Marx, but its organization is far from rationality. So began to postpone the "thrombus" of the unemployed youth, the services sector and retirees of rapidly aging nations.

The budgets of individual countries somehow coped with this, but the construction of the EU as an empire of distribution unbalanced them. The European Union was the name of everyone, seducing a high standard of living, but this required the merging of national economies into a single distribution economy, which cannot be done mechanically. Therefore, questions have arisen, such as how much to leave the Greeks and Bulgarians, who in the EU economy are based on the role of service workers resorts and farmers.

There were "nation-workers" and "nation loafers," as the German media in the Greeks called in 2011, for which they painted Angela Merkel in the form of SS. In addition, the "idlers" suddenly overgrown with huge debts.

But such a termination of the Greeks had the opposite effect. Their disparate protests against 2012 merged into a national movement, the mouthpiece of which was the left-wing party of SYRIZA, which threatened to abandon debts and review relations with the EU. The ghost of the revolution in Greece, which could blow up the EU, was so real that its managers stopped treating the Greeks and even gave loans. Remembering this lesson, EU managers have already discussed options for postponing debts of Ireland and Portugal, but this does not mean giving up the policy of getting rid of "extra people."

Increasing the retirement age, the commercialization of education and health, rising prices for transport and housing, the freezing of wages and benefits, lengthening the working week, job cuts, etc. - this policy will continue further - smoothly or in spurts - will depend on situations in different countries. The goal is to get rid of the "extra people" as much as possible and to reduce the "ration" remaining. This means that local and national protests will continue to occur in Europe.

Many will rebel. There will be new parliamentary revolutions with the resignations of governments and special elections. Everything it reminds of riots and rebellions of the middle ageswith the difference that then the producers rebelled, and now the consumers requiring only to maintain the usual level of consumption and loyal to the economy distribution, in which they often perform meaningless functions. Hence the theatricality of the protests.

The economy of distribution suits many, and the majority in it does not suit only decreasing “rations”, but not their status.
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  1. fortunophile
    fortunophile 16 May 2013 18: 57 New
    And in Moscow, a game parade was banned tongue In addition to Europe, people in Israel rebelled against raising taxes. For me, one could use these performances for Russian purposes, but wisely. The Americans are not shy about pouring money into our opponents, well, little by little with the spread of experience in fighting the police and organizing provocations ... repeat
    1. Lech from ZATULINKI
      Lech from ZATULINKI 16 May 2013 19: 09 New
      Of course in such a Muzzle I want to drop in a brick without hesitation.
        GELEZNII_KAPUT 16 May 2013 19: 19 New
        What can I say, Europe slowly comes kirdyk, we are waiting for the dark centuries to come! And a good executioner will come out of this mug, there’s no need to think much!
        1. Prokop
          Prokop 16 May 2013 19: 42 New
          Quote: GELEZNII_KAPUT
          What can I say, Europe slowly comes kirdyk, we are waiting for the dark centuries to come! And a good executioner will come out of this mug, there’s no need to think much!

          It seems to me that any business requires knowledge and practice, and even the executioner’s work, and this demon in the photo knows and can only get in the ass, so that it can only be used as a scarecrow, chasing a collar against a chain and in the field.
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. SlavakharitonoV
        SlavakharitonoV 16 May 2013 20: 13 New
        Do not get your hands dirty, let them live as they please. Let them not be imposed on us.
        1. HAIFISCH
          HAIFISCH 16 May 2013 21: 10 New
          That’s the whole problem, for geyrops and amers today it’s a trend, so to speak, and they teach everyone and everyone about the game democracy, either pretending to really roll the remnants of their society into the abyss.
        2. Atlon
          Atlon 16 May 2013 23: 24 New
          Quote: SlavakharitonoV
          Do not get your hands dirty, let them live as they please. Let them not be imposed on us.

          There is an opinion (not mine) from conspiracy theory. Briefly convey its essence:
          The seizure of the world by the richest surnames (clans) has entered its final stage. The world is plunged into chaos, Europe and the United States are degrading (population). All thoughts are subordinated to the golden calf. The Middle East is on fire. Further actions of the world "elite":
          1. The British crown moves to Australia.
          2. There, all elected from the Committee of 300 move.
          3. From there, protected by the ocean, world clans control the world, and the army of slaves extracting fossils for the golden billion, and producing goods. Dissatisfied will be destroyed by military punitive squads, probably without physical contact (drones, missiles, high-precision weapons).
          However, for the final implementation of this plan, there are two obstacles: China and Russia. So, it is necessary to push them together.
          Here, in short, something like this ...
          1. gladysheff2010
            gladysheff2010 17 May 2013 00: 31 New
            If you think a little bit about it with your brains, it’s very similar to the truth. There is something to think about, plus definitely thinking, you’ll draw conclusions. However, the trade in minerals without the development of processing, as we have noticeably reduced the country's surplus in the world market, i.e. . Communist Party leaders (I was also a member of it) were clumsily doing business, we lacked competent managers, but now there is an overabundance, which is also not good. Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that we, the people, the country did not stop in our development, we I made my own mistakes, got our own bumps (instead of taking advantage of other people's experience), and I want to hope that we have become both smarter and stronger. Yes, and without the advice of Western goodwill, having experience in communication, we’ll probably get along.
    2. Prokop
      Prokop 16 May 2013 19: 33 New
      Quote: fortuneophile
      And in Moscow, the tongue geypara was banned. In addition to Europe, people in Israel rebelled against raising taxes. For me, one could use these performances for Russian purposes, but wisely. The Americans are not shy about pouring money into our opponents, well, little by little with the spread of experience in fighting the police and organizing provocations

      I would like to add that it wouldn’t hurt to use the Anglo-Saxon know-how with placing snipers around the demonstrations that scam on both sides of the opposition, and then inflate the atrocities of Euro-MODE in the media.
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. artist-mamluk
    artist-mamluk 16 May 2013 19: 41 New
    Damn, how much shit in the world. But there is a plus, it is a good fertilizer for the future. It is only necessary to bury all this in the ground, that would rot.
  4. djon3volta
    djon3volta 16 May 2013 21: 00 New
    the transfer of Belarusian TV, although it came out a year ago, but about Europe everything fits!
    au Belarusians, if you are here, love this program?

    1. Irtysh
      Irtysh 16 May 2013 23: 25 New
      Honestly, I’m trying not to watch the zombie man, whether it’s BT or Russian TV. So, I will refrain from commenting.

      And with Europe it’s clear where it’s going. It is clearly visible, and then what should refined Europeans do?
  5. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 16 May 2013 21: 11 New
    The impression is .... Remember, the film was such, "Independence Day"? Here my modern planet reminds me of its main idea. No, not that the Linux Jew will defeat everyone. And the one that our Earth is a raw planet. What is growing biomass, the main purpose of which is to make the bubble thicker and move less. And after some time, the pickers will fly in and collect all the accumulated biomass for canned food.
    70% of servants, vacation as the goal of life, the energy allowed to rest is higher than that which goes to work, the brains are rapidly fading ... to say that earthlings are degrading means to flatter us ..
  6. individual
    individual 16 May 2013 21: 20 New
    Europe in its globalization has lost its civilization.
    1. GreatRussia
      GreatRussia 16 May 2013 21: 26 New
      Quote: individ
      Europe in its globalization lost her civilization.

      First I read "blueing" lol
    2. Yura
      Yura 16 May 2013 22: 00 New
      Quote: individ
      Europe in its globalization has lost its civilization.

      But was Europe a civilization, does anyone on our earth know about it besides them? Once one of them said this, and they unanimously believed in it. The East was already enlightened when they ran through the forests in animal skins. Now their clothes are different but the essence is the same.
  7. Black
    Black 16 May 2013 21: 36 New
    Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems to me that stagnation processes, the growth of "consumerism, the distribution economy became possible as a result of the fall of the USSR and the camp. There is nothing to fear, nothing to strive for. The society that set the goal - PLEASURE - is doomed to degradation.
    1. Yura
      Yura 16 May 2013 22: 06 New
      Quote: Chen
      Maybe I’m not right, but it seems to me that stagnation processes,

      Right! And if you think about it further, here it is the price and scale of the betrayal of the Tagged and EBN, not only we, humanity are under the threat of destruction, degradation, extinction.
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. djon3volta
        djon3volta 16 May 2013 22: 29 New
        Quote: Jura
        not only we, humanity are at risk of destruction, degradation, extinction.

        stop not so bad!

        2014 - Most people will suffer from ulcers, skin cancer, and other skin diseases (a consequence of chemical warfare).
        2016 - Europe is almost deserted.
        2018 - China is becoming a new world power. Developing countries are being transformed from exploited to exploiters.
        2023 - The Earth's orbit will change slightly.
        2025 - Europe is still sparsely populated.
        2028 - Creating a new energy source (probably this is a controlled thermonuclear reaction). Hunger is gradually being overcome. A manned spacecraft starts to Venus.
        2033 - The polar ice is melting. Rising levels of the oceans.
        2043 - The world economy is booming. In Europe, Muslims rule. laughing
        2046 - Grown any organs. Replacing organs is becoming one of the best treatments.
        2066 - During the attack on Muslim Rome, the United States used a new type of weapon - the climate. Cold snap.
        2076 - Classless society (communism).
        2084 - Restoration of nature.
        2088 - A new disease - aging in a few seconds !!! laughing
        2097 - Fast aging defeated. laughing
        2100 - Artificial Sun illuminates the dark side of the Earth.
        2111 - People become cyborgs (living robots).
        2123 - Wars between small states. Powers do not interfere.
        2125 - In Hungary, they will receive signals from space (again, everyone will remember Wang).
        2130 - Colonies under water (with the help of alien advice).
        2164 - Animals turn into demi-humans.
        2167 - New religion.
        2170 - Great drought.
        2183 - A colony on Mars becomes a nuclear power and demands independence from the Earth (as the USA used to be from England).
        2187 - Will be able to stop the eruption of large volcanoes 2.
        2195 - Sea colonies are fully supplied with energy and food.
        2196 - A complete mix of Asians and Europeans.
        2201 - Thermonuclear processes slow down in the sun. It's getting cold.
        2221 - In search of extraterrestrial life, humanity comes into contact with something terrible.
        1. Apollo
          Apollo 16 May 2013 22: 31 New
          Quote: djon3volta
          2221 - In search of extraterrestrial life, humanity comes into contact with something terrible.

          one comrade was right when he wrote that instead of a circus you need to subscribe to your news. laughing
        2. djon3volta
          djon3volta 16 May 2013 22: 34 New
          2256 - A spacecraft has brought a new terrible disease to Earth.
          2262 - The orbits of the planets gradually change. Mars is threatened by a comet.
          2271 - The newly changed physical constants are recalculated.
          2273 - Blending yellow, white and black races. New races. laughing
          2279 - Energy from nothing (probably from a vacuum or from black holes).
          2288 - Time Travel. New contacts with aliens.
          2291 - The sun is cooling. Attempts are being made to light it again.
          2296 - Powerful flares on the sun. The force of attraction changes. Old space stations and satellites begin to fall.
          2299 - In France - the partisan movement against Islam.
          2302 - New important laws and secrets of the Universe discovered.
          2304 - The mystery of the moon is revealed.
          2341 - Something terrible is approaching Earth from space.
          2354 - An accident on one of the artificial suns leads to drought.
          2371 - Great Hunger.
          2378 - New fast growing race.
          2480 - Face off 2 artificial sun. Earth at dusk.
          3005 - War on Mars. Violated the trajectory of the planets. laughing
          3010 - Comet will ram the Moon. A belt of stones and dust around the earth.
          3797 - By this time, all life on Earth will perish, but humanity will be able to lay the foundations for a new life in another star system.
          3803 - The new planet is little populated. Few contacts between people. The climate of a new planet affects people's organisms - they mutate.
          3805 - War between people for resources. More than half of people die.
          3815 - The war is over.
          3854 - The development of civilization practically stops. People live in packs, like animals. laughing
          3871 - The new prophet tells people about moral values, religion.
          3874 - The new prophet receives the support of all segments of the population. A new church is being organized.
          3878 - Aliens, together with the new Church, re-teach people forgotten sciences.
          4302 - New cities are growing on the planet. The leadership of the new Church stimulates the development of technology and science.
          4302 - The development of science. Scientists discover common mechanisms in the influence of all diseases on the human body.
          4304 - Found a way to defeat any disease.
          4308 - Due to the mutation, people are finally starting to use their brains more than 34%. The concept of evil and hatred is completely disappearing.
          4509 - Getting to know God. Man finally reaches a level of development that can communicate with God.
          4599 - People acquire immortality.
          4674 - The development of civilization reaches its peak. The number of people living on different planets is about 340 billion. Assimilation with aliens begins. laughing
          5076 - The boundary of the universe is found. That no one knows.
          5078 - It's decided to leave the boundaries of the universe. Although about 40 percent of the population is against.
          5079 - The End of the World.
          1. SergBrNord
            SergBrNord 16 May 2013 23: 36 New
            Nonsense. Appeared in RuNet somewhere in 2001. Wang did not have this.
    2. gladysheff2010
      gladysheff2010 17 May 2013 00: 39 New
      Seriously, and how can one not recall KE Tsiolkovsky, who dreamed of directing humanity to the stars, and it, humanity, is cunningly climbing to the feeding troughs.
    3. Eugen
      Eugen 17 May 2013 01: 18 New
      Simply put, the costs of a unipolar world.
  8. Grbear
    Grbear 16 May 2013 22: 19 New
    The processes of development of society are subject to the same laws, be it a socialist or capitalist economy. Socialism “cracked” earlier because it turned out to be less flexible and stuck in the distribution system. Capitalism, using the elements of socialist planning, is still pulling. But to consume, and not to produce, is not allowed to anyone with impunity. Someone has to pay. Therefore, in the world there is a mess with "terrorism", same-sex, and other mura. Obviously, the only real object for the "procreation" of capitalism is Russia. Hence all these waving and bubbling. But begins to bake.
  9. SPACE
    SPACE 16 May 2013 23: 25 New
    Everything is correct and in accordance with the teachings of Karl Marx on Capitalism, conclusions about its end. Capitalism has reached its peak, some are getting richer, others are getting poorer and no longer needed. For the further development of capitalism, for further enrichment, it is necessary to solve two problems, in a controlled way ... firstly, to reduce the unnecessary population that is not able to bring benefits, not to spend money on them and secondly to expand the scope of capitalism i.e. capture, peaceful or not, of the remaining markets and resources, at the expense of competitors, but not only of strangers, but also of their own. Or everything will collapse, but no longer in control .... In any case, it will be hot.
  10. The comment was deleted.
  11. Nordwest
    Nordwest 17 May 2013 00: 18 New
    All the same color, all the same propaganda about decaying capitalism and everything about the past continues to develop, gardens are blooming and wheels are spinning.
    1. Eugen
      Eugen 17 May 2013 01: 29 New
      Why propaganda? Capitalism has really outlived itself. To you, the Russians (or rather, parts of your nation), it seems blooming and smelling for the simple reason that you did not have time to eat it. However, Europeans are already beginning to feel the gagging of this taste. You have never seen this system in your heyday, so the miserable remnants of its former greatness seem beautiful to you. You are talking about prosperous Europe, but in the south of this region half of the youth without work, every third debt is darkness due to the capitalist system. This is not propaganda, it is an obvious fact that Europeans themselves recognize. Westerners in Russia are so blind that they do not see what the adherents of their adoration themselves see. And besides, what is considered to be material well-being loses its price in view of the disgusting ideology imposed on people.
      I love Europe. Not to Geyrop, namely, old Europe, the legacy of its civilizations, its history, old culture and art. I hope that more and more Europeans will begin to understand how terrible they are now. I really want to see the countries of Europe independent of the EU, NATO and with a new ideology, in which there is no place for tolerance and other perversions.
      1. Nordwest
        Nordwest 18 May 2013 14: 54 New
        Unfortunately, Eugene, humanity must go a certain way before opening a new path of its development. Various difficulties always occur along the way, and in order to overcome them, time and effort are needed. And no matter how Europeans feel sick from capitalism, they catch that there is no better system yet. Regarding piderasts, it can be noted that they were always, not only in Europe, in Russia there were always plenty of them. Everyone has long understood who benefits from keeping all minorities in advantageous positions. Minorities, sex minorities, human rights defenders, and many others, are the nerve endings of the Zion organization, and together they stand for false "democracy" and against the nation state.