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Prevention of "color" disease

The key to success is an effective action strategy.

The main organizational force of the "color" protest is the group, actively supported by the West. To achieve their goals, its representatives can even sacrifice the integrity of the state. However, the Russian authorities are able to prevent the "color revolution" in the country and eliminate the conditions for its occurrence.

The reality of the threat of “color” changes in Russia is obvious. An analysis of the situation in the country suggests a significant increase in social contradictions and conflicts in society by the winter-spring period of 2013 – 2014.

This is due both to objective factors - the growing global crisis and the strengthening of negative trends in the Russian economy caused by world turmoil and Russia's accession to the WTO, and subjective - the intention of Western elites, primarily the United States, to solve the problems of their civilization at the expense of the peoples of other countries and the desire of the domestic liberal-Westernist oligarchic groupings to return power.

The current leadership has a wide range of methods and means of neutralizing a possible “color revolution” in Russia. At the same time, the key condition for victory is the choice of a more effective way of action than that of the opponent.

Therefore, in order to eliminate the “color” threat in the country, a consistent and clearly coordinated set of actions on a national scale is needed, aimed at eliminating the conditions for the occurrence of such a revolution and eliminating forces ready and able to carry it out from the political arena.

driving forces

Analysis of the social structure of the society and the political field of Russia shows that the main components of the “color revolution” are the liberal-Western group in the political and economic elite of the country, foreign support and part of the active protest groups of the population.

Prevention of "color" diseaseThe main organizing force here is the liberal-Westernist group. Its components are the ideological core, the raw and financial oligarchy, the lobby in the executive and legislative branches, and the liberal opposition.

Foreign forces supporting this group solve the tasks of intellectual, political, ideological, and in part material support for its activities. They are represented by state and non-state organizations that are deployed both in foreign territory and in Russia. These forces determine the strategy and tactics of preparing and conducting protest actions. In addition, they provide international support to revolutionaries politically and morally-psychologically. Foreign material assistance to the organizers of the revolution is also significant.

The basis of mass support for "color" changes is an active part of the population with a cosmopolitan and liberal-Western position, as well as having no clear ideological guidelines, as a rule, dissatisfied with material and social situation. Among them, it is advisable to single out organized groups (small parties of liberal nationalists, marginal organizations with a blurred ideology) and an unorganized, politically immature part, mostly young people.

The strengths of the “colored” forces in Russia are the presence of a good economic base, strong foreign support, tangible influence in the Russian economy and politics, control over a significant part of the electronic media, and good representation in the blogosphere.

The weaknesses of the adherents of such a revolution include:

  • the ideological isolation of Western liberals in Russian society, due to the rejection of liberal ideas by an absolute majority of the population, which is why they are forced to resort to ideological mimicry, hiding behind patriotic and socialist rhetoric;
  • personnel shortage, forcing to offer the protest layers as leaders of people with a negative image (Nemtsov or Sobchak);
  • the low intellectual and political-organizational potential of such leaders, which does not allow for the development of effective tactics of political struggle, resulting in the failure of the liberals in the last year’s winter-spring campaign;
  • pronounced self-interest, ambition, selfishness and individualism, dictated by liberal ideology, which leads to an inefficient use of available material, organizational, administrative and information resources;
  • general structural disunity, which creates favorable conditions for their neutralization in parts;
  • the lack of mass, ideologically conditioned support in the camp of the opposition, which forces it to seek supporters among ideologically neutral or even knowingly hostile layers that make the "colored" forces very vulnerable to informational influences;
  • negative image in the eyes of the majority of the population of the leaders of the liberal-Western group, whose political background is connected with responsibility for the 90's affairs.

    Prop power

    The main grouping in the political elite of Russia, actively opposing the “color revolution”, is the imperial one. For her, such changes, accompanied by the destruction of the system of power and the collapse of the country, are destructive.

    The opposition parties and movements of patriotic, socialist and communist orientation also act as objective opponents of the revolution. Their participation in such a revolution is possible either due to political myopia, or to seize the initiative from the liberals, with the obvious loss of power by the current leadership of the country.

    The strengths of the opponents of the “color” upheavals are dominance in the organs of all branches of government and in the federal media, the presence of a powerful economic base, control over the power structures of the state, the presence of relatively authoritative and charismatic leaders, the relative attractiveness of their ideological and conceptual foundations in the eyes of the active part of protest layers population.

    Their weaknesses are ideological disunity, the presence of a political confrontation between opposition parties and power structures, mutual distrust, and the lack of foreign support against the hostile attitude of a significant part of foreign elites.

    Goals, objectives and stages

    To eliminate the threat of a “color revolution” in Russia, it is necessary to solve the following main tasks:

  • ideologically and morally ethically discredit the liberal-Westernist core;
  • eliminate the mass support of the ideologues and organizers of the revolution from the politically active part of the protest population of the country;
  • disorganize the management of protest forces;
  • eliminate the material and information base of the activities of supporters of the revolution;
  • not to allow foreign support in the intellectual, material and informational relation adherents of “color” shocks.

    An effective strategy to prevent such a revolution should involve the maximum underlining and subsequent use of the weaknesses of the group of its supporters.

    Opponents of the “color” scenario in government and opposition are obliged, by eliminating their organizational problems, to place responsibility for the crisis phenomena in the Russian economy on the leaders of Western liberals and the whole liberal idea. After that, having paralyzed the political activities of pro-Western NPOs, to eliminate key figures in power structures and the most important spheres of the economy, to further liquidate the organizational, ideological and economic basis of such a revolution in Russia, thereby destroying the very possibility of it.

    Based on this, the strategy to prevent color shocks can involve five main steps.

    The first is “organizational”, suggesting the elimination of organizational problems and contradictions among the forces opposed to the revolution as the main goal. The priority tasks of this stage are the elimination of political confrontation and mutual distrust between patriotic opposition parties (movements) and representatives of the imperial group in power; attracting the most qualified specialists in the organization of political struggle from the expert community to the preparation of counter-revolutionary actions; creating in the most general conceptual form, without a detailed study, ideological foundations, consolidation of power and patriotic opposition; the formation of the core of the party (movement) capable of consolidating the most active part of the protest population. The duration of this stage can be from two to three to four to five months, depending on the intensity and organization of actions of the authorities. Specific conditions of the situation dictate the need to meet within two to three months, ensuring the solution of the main tasks by October-November of the current year.

    The second stage - “the appointment of the perpetrators. Its main goal is to discredit the leaders of the liberal-Western group, supporting their NGOs and the most liberal idea. The main task of this stage is to lay the blame for the collapse of the 90-ies, the subsequent unpopular measures and the current economic difficulties on specific individuals from among the leaders of the liberal-Western grouping and the very liberal ideology on which they rely. At the same time, the leaders of the imperial group in power must distance themselves from the liberal idea. Another important task of this stage is the discrediting of supporting liberal-Westerners of NKO as agents of foreign influence hostile to Russia. At the same time, the population needs to propose new ideological and conceptual bases for the development of the country, demonstrating a real departure from the destructive liberal course and a transition to a truly breakthrough development path of the country, involving a real revival of industry, science, education and national culture, ensuring a decent life for the majority of the population. The key content of this stage should be an information operation covering the entire territory of the country while concentrating efforts on large cities, primarily Moscow and St. Petersburg. In terms of duration, it should not exceed one to two months in order to prevent the adversary from organizing an effective opposition.

    During the third stage, the “top cleansing,” the most odious and influential figures of Western liberals from all levels of government and the leadership of leading state corporations should be eliminated. A very effective measure in this direction should be the adoption of a law prohibiting persons from abroad to hold positions in government bodies. During this stage, the ruling elite, in addition to eliminating outright supporters of the “color revolution” from it, should go to bringing to justice the most odious figures, for example, Serdyukov and Chubais. All these actions need to be provided with strong support as part of a special information operation. If successful, the liberals will lose the ability to exert significant influence on the activities of government bodies, and representatives of the imperial group will appear before the population as real "fighters against the destroyers of Russia" who are ready to really recreate its power. As a result, they will win the support of a significant part of the protest population. For the duration of this stage should not exceed two months.

    At the fourth stage - “disorganization” - the activity of the organizational centers of the adherents of the “color revolution” with their subsequent disintegration should be paralyzed. During this stage, it is necessary to discredit (and even better isolate) the surviving leaders of the liberal-Western group, disrupt the activities of the organizational centers of the “color revolution” supporters using agents of influence of special services, and prohibit the activities of their key political organizations (with the preliminary creation of the necessary legal and regulatory conditions) . At the same time, it is necessary to form legal and moral-psychological preconditions for the elimination of Western-supported liberals from the Russian business community. The duration of this stage may be about three months.

    During the last, fifth stage, it is advisable to eliminate the conditions for the emergence of a “color revolution” in Russia, including economic and ideological ones. Those who are highly dependent on foreign economic and political institutions should be removed from the Russian business community. At the same time, it seems quite acceptable to nationalize their assets with proper legal and moral-psychological support. An important task of this stage is the elimination of Western liberals from the Russian media space, primarily from television and radio broadcasting. The duration of this phase may be five to six months or more. However, after two or three months, the economic base of the “color revolution” in Russia will be largely eliminated.

    Thus, the Russian authorities will be able to prevent the “color revolution” in the country in the rather complicated winter-spring period of 2013 – 2014 and eliminate the conditions for its occurrence for the future.


    To parry the "color" scenario, you must use all possible methods of action. Their diversity and scale imply the need to involve all government structures and a significant part of non-governmental organizations for this purpose:

  • diplomatic missions solving their inherent tasks to prevent foreign support for the forces of the “color revolution” in Russia;
  • legislative and executive bodies of all levels capable of becoming the main instrument for implementing countermeasures of a regulatory and administrative nature;
  • government agencies and the media, which will be the main tool for conducting information confrontation;
  • academic institutions, organizations and societies designed to create a state ideology and help with its dissemination;
  • state-controlled economic entities that should become an instrument for the implementation of countermeasures in the economic sphere;
  • state security bodies, non-state militarized formations and Cossacks, who are obliged to become a power tool to combat the "color" contagion;
  • patriotic, including opposition political parties and movements, the Russian Orthodox Church and Islamic religious organizations, state and non-state organizations and cultural institutions and other structures that should become the consolidating force of the people inside Russia in confronting the "color" threat.

    All the listed forces and means differ significantly in terms of effects and results obtained, but the effectiveness of each of them is directly dependent. This determines the need for the closest coordination of the actions of various structures by a single plan and plan, as well as the operational management of them from a single center.
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    1. Sibiryak
      Sibiryak 15 May 2013 07: 12 New
      The basis of mass support for "color" changes is an active part of the population with a cosmopolitan and liberal-Western position, as well as having no clear ideological guidelines, as a rule, dissatisfied with material and social situation. Among them, it is advisable to single out organized groups (small parties of liberal nationalists, marginal organizations with a blurred ideology) and an unorganized, politically immature part, mostly young people.

      Therefore, it is necessary for the state to work out and present to the population a clear goal and its moral side, what are we going to strive for, otherwise people will continue to form an opinion that there is nothing more valuable in life besides money!
      1. aszzz888
        aszzz888 15 May 2013 07: 36 New
        And for what, if not for the grandmother "spinning" all this hr. All of these are Bolotnye, Georgian sponsors (and not only Georgian ones).
        The last gathering (and the last?) Of the opposition among the Baltic. Again, all those shiny, smug faces. And again there these Givi and other inflammatory scum.
        1. GreatRussia
          GreatRussia 15 May 2013 08: 23 New
          Quote: aszzz888
          And for what, if not for the grandmother "spinning" all this hr.

          Classics of the genre:

          How much is Dmitry Bykov (Zilbertrud)?
          The famous opposition leader Dmitry Bykov is campaigning for money for a nonexistent candidate.

      2. vadimus
        vadimus 15 May 2013 07: 56 New
        No one wants to rebel for free, which means the creatures are corrupt. And with such security forces should not stand on ceremony. Especially with the roots ...
    2. Deniska999
      Deniska999 15 May 2013 07: 26 New
      We do not need a revolution now. Yes, and no one to carry it out. But the opposition can hardly be called opposition.
    3. pahom54
      pahom54 15 May 2013 07: 57 New
      I agree that it is difficult to call the opposition an opposition. I apologize, their rallies and verbiage are like the nonsense of the garbage poo, but it gets on my nerves. But is it time for them to legally pinch their tail? Russia has always been a totalitarian country (what’s the difference - under princes, kings, communists, etc.), and there is nothing to pay attention to supposedly "protests on a global scale." States do not pay attention to anyone, so we must lead at home.
      Nobody needs a revolution, otherwise new hungry and crazy people will come to power again, as it was in 1917. And do not forget that, hiding behind the slogans about achieving and expanding various freedoms, increasing the people's well-being (HA !!!), they (the opposition) are simply eager for power, and political power is money and wealth, etc. .
      If you ruin the state - you need to approach this opposition from the point of view of the 37th year (I am not a Stalinist and not a former, and not a real gebist, believe me !!!), and to send them to undermine the state system, and, therefore, state security zone, let them work. Question: for what kind of grandmothers does the curly-haired Nemtsov live and others like him ??? Answer: for 33 pieces of silver.
      And if you "water" Russia and its people, then it’s not hell to live here. Deprive citizenship and send.
      1. pensioner
        pensioner 15 May 2013 08: 23 New
        Quote: pahom54
        Question: for what kind of grandmothers does the curly-haired Nemtsov live and others like him ??? Answer: for 33 pieces of silver.

        He lives curly on his own. Man is far from poor. But he wants to make a revolution for strangers. Apparently afraid to invest in this enterprise. Of these strangers, of course, there is little to spend ... Plus fame in certain circles, vanity, narcissism, unfulfilled ambitions. Well, what are the prospects if successful! Plus, being in the opposition now is fashionable (in the sense of glamorous). For the rest I do not know much. But it is also clear that it is not from the plow.
        1. yustas
          yustas 15 May 2013 08: 47 New
          Quote: retired
          Man is far from poor

          And then we came to the dense question of where such "their" money came from ??? to earn honestly is unrealistic, which means the BOP, the looter and the traitor to the same. Please emphasize the necessary.
          1. pensioner
            pensioner 15 May 2013 09: 50 New
            Quote: yustas
            it means a BOR, a robber and a traitor. Please emphasize the necessary.

            Yes that's right. But OWN (albeit stolen) they are in no hurry to invest in this unreliable business. And further. He does not betray. God forbid. He just makes money selling his homeland. Business. And no sentiment. About pegs like you yesterday? I answered there ...
    4. djon3volta
      djon3volta 15 May 2013 08: 08 New
      the author of the article Sivkov correctly stated everything, no one argues. Well, if you ask yourself a question - does Putin really want to be ousted, deposed, removed from power, since he supposedly does nothing to improve the country and people's lives? Putin is not so a stupid person, to prevent and lose the swamp, well, besides the swamp, there’s no other, well, you yourself see who organizes protests and sows discontent.
      I'm just sure that all these dissatisfied come to the rally just for the sake of curiosity, comes to the point that there are more journalists than dissatisfied laughing
      there are countries where people are worse than living in Russia, but why are there no color revolutions? why in the DPRK or Angola for example there are no hamsters? laughing in these countries what, the standard of living in the UAE? laughing how do hamsters like to use the words we are honest and decent citizens..and the rest of the citizens then what? 99% is NOT HONEST and NOT ORDER?
      listen to the hamster, no one believes you, even if you turn the wrong side, the population will never go to your side! out in Syria yesterday one hamster took a heart and gobbled up the liver belay and yours, Kabanov, what’s better? I chopped my wife up with an ax and packaged it, stole another forest and Vaseline, the third Sadagamov pedophile, stole another hat in the 90s, you can list endlessly !!! Well, who will follow you if the population knows WHO YOU ARE .
      shut up with pseudo-patriotism? and nothing happens here, about May 9, we also know that traffic jams interfere when tanks are preparing for the parade, it’s a pity there was no frostbitten tanker who would crush you unhappy am
      êàî whole tusnya kalabrodit only in Moscow, in regions You can count on your fingers, no rezanansa you dobotes three The doctor and the chairman of the collective farm for which Navalny great guy weather you do not do as you would not expect them.

      ps - remember how dissatisfaction began in 1991? from empty store shelves, when apart from sea kale and bread there wasn’t much, people just didn’t have anything to eat, so they weren’t happy with the power. But this scenario did not stir hamsters up this time , Gorbachev consciously went to this, but Putin did not fool to starve people.
      In general, hamsters give up better, everything is useless, no millions of money will help you to balamute people.
    5. yustas
      yustas 15 May 2013 08: 42 New
      To the north of all of them, and to do work there, let them cut down the forest in the tundra or collect snow in the south in summer, but they like to solve impossible tasks ... How they got the blue-orange belolentochniki and all this "society elite", though it’s not clear what ... Stalin was right in this, oh how right
      1. pensioner
        pensioner 15 May 2013 09: 57 New
        Quote: yustas
        To the north of all of them, and to do work there, let them cut down the forest in the tundra or collect snow in the south in summer, but they like to solve impossible tasks ... How they got the blue-orange belolentochniki and all this "society elite", though it’s not clear what ... Stalin was right in this, oh how right

        Yes, 1000 times right. And further. I recalled here: there was a film in perestroika times about Soviet rock. Including shevchuk was there. How I was indignant then, how the KGB hated: SUCH A MAN is offended. TALENT!. And right now I think that far from ... idiots the KGB worked. Apparently already then they assumed what everything would turn out to be. As once again I see Shevchuk on TV, I hear what nonsense he carries, I think: "If you had lived better in a fool".
    6. avt
      avt 15 May 2013 10: 03 New
      Quote: Deniska999
      We do not need a revolution now

      request What amers will ask? They paid money and are forced to work out.
    7. Geisenberg
      Geisenberg 15 May 2013 13: 07 New
      Thank you friend enlightened ... now I will walk forward with my back so that they do not creep up behind.
    8. Reserve buildbat
      Reserve buildbat 15 May 2013 13: 09 New
      In principle, the majority of this "opposition" simply fulfills the loot. They do not care against whom or for whom. They are paid for the fee against Putin - please. Gathered, drank beer, waved posters, then the same posters in the waste paper passed. They will be paid for speaking out in support of some Vasya Pupkin - they will also come out and wave. Salvage does not smell, but I want bread with caviar. And even if the bread is white, and the caviar is black. That they are willing to suffer. Country hard after all. smile