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The People's Republic of China will lift the sword

China's air force intensified percussion drone made by stealth technology. About it reports the Global Times. It is reported that in this way China became the fourth country in the world to master this method.

The Chinese-made stealth drone was named Sword (from the English "sword"). The device is already ready to perform its first flight. Previously, such devices created the United States (X-47В, 2011), France (nEUROn, 2012) and the United Kingdom (Thor, according to rumors, is preparing to perform its first flight in Australia). The development of shock stealth drones also lead India, Iran, Israel, Italy, Sweden and Russia.

Sword is designed according to the “flying wing” scheme with a three-post chassis; the device is equipped with one jet engine. This scheme is best suited stealth technology. It is believed that the main difficulty in creating such UAVs lies in the production of a combat load management system. Such a device requires an advanced digital control system with powerful software.
The model of the Chinese stealth was first presented at the exhibition in Zhuhai five years ago.
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  1. Roll
    Roll 14 May 2013 09: 57
    wink We need to catch up with the Chinese, otherwise we are used to screaming that they are decades behind. The Chinese are hard workers, and the one who walks will take the road.
    1. fortunophile
      fortunophile 14 May 2013 09: 59
      These are the consequences of the "landing" of an American drone in Iran. The copier works fast.
      Everything is not so smooth there (quote from here:
      . This device is already ready for its first flight. However, it is still unknown when it will happen.
    2. Vadivak
      Vadivak 14 May 2013 20: 19
      Quote: Rolm
      We need to catch up with the Chinese,

      Yeah, we’ll steal and copy in Skolkovo, as much as it’s sick how much is recognized
    3. Reasonable, 2,3
      Reasonable, 2,3 15 May 2013 04: 01
      What sword? They don’t have a shield.
  2. orff
    orff 14 May 2013 10: 06
    Again, the Chinese with a ruler were allowed into the bins of their homeland! this device reminds me of a project Russian drone SKAT
  3. Vtel
    Vtel 14 May 2013 10: 06
    With Russia's "friends" Chubsites, Vekselsbergs, Marmots and Mullers, we will create such cool microelectronics that only toy military equipment can be controlled. It's time to learn from the Chinese - he stole - against the wall in a rack, then we will smack the case, stop the hell.
    1. individual
      individual 14 May 2013 16: 40
      Yes. This is an extreme but necessary way to overcome the collapse and collapse of Russia.
  4. waisson
    waisson 14 May 2013 10: 13
    however, the Chinese learn quickly and quickly saddle but we quickly learn but saddle for a long time
  5. Canep
    Canep 14 May 2013 10: 14
    Yes, the Chinese love to draw, and even more like to redraw.
    1. xetai9977
      xetai9977 14 May 2013 14: 01
      Do not underestimate the Chinese. A very hardworking people and they do everything quickly.
  6. Withoutdream
    Withoutdream 14 May 2013 10: 19
    Gee!)))) Another Chinese clone?
    The device is already ready for its first flight.
    That is, he has not even taken off for the first time, but already
    The Chinese air force was strengthened by an unmanned aerial vehicle made using stealth technology.
    It's too early to talk about "intensified".
  7. yanus
    yanus 14 May 2013 10: 26
    In the photo above the air intake does he have an "antenna"? At what speed will it fall off? In general, this "antenna" itself is a good illustration of the technological level. And what is he sticking out over the "ass"? "Antenko 2 - retaliation"?
    1. Roll
      Roll 14 May 2013 10: 31
      fellow This is a prototype, very well made safe, even sticking antenna is more reliable. Or maybe it's a backup system.
      1. Black Colonel
        Black Colonel 14 May 2013 15: 42
        No, this is a model on cords on a bend hung.
  8. mogus
    mogus 14 May 2013 11: 11
    hee hee haha there was a situation: a tracking station, a passenger plane. Approach. With a decrease, the target on the radar bifurcated and the smaller one went towards the border (China). Apparently, a drone. About five years ago.
  9. UFO
    UFO 14 May 2013 14: 01
    While we giggle and steal, the Chinese move forward. It acquires territories, re-equips at the rates that we dream about, presents its own developments (even stolen ones), and we all argue with Ukraine - who has a crooked face. So we will slam the next round of development of technical thought. Tired of being "always catching up", especially in advanced areas. what
  10. 120352
    120352 14 May 2013 14: 31
    And all that remains for us is what was done in the USSR. But much more has been lost. Tanks were all born there: T-72; T-80 and even T-90. Aircraft, that military, that civilian, all come from there, except for the T-50, which still will not enter the series, the SU 100 which is something completely different from what was supposed. And at our distances, an airplane with such a flight distance is not much different from a corn carrier, not to mention the carrying capacity. Thank God, we returned to the production of IL-76, and there were no more landing airplanes, but the production itself, i.e. there are no skilled workers, technicians, engineers left. Here, it seems, the fleet is engaged. So it only seems. We are molded by boats - a little more powerful than boats, with one gun, albeit a good one. Maximum - with two. Where are the aircraft carriers that have not lost their relevance? Normal submarines, project level 661 (the beginning of design 1967, access to sea trials - 1961), which flew 44 knots under water (who does not know, this is about 80 km / h). So it’s necessary to laugh at the state in which our Armed Forces, our Armed Forces have remained, and how larceny is flourishing everywhere! Only this laugh - through tears !!!
  11. serpentine fist
    serpentine fist 14 May 2013 17: 52
    Well, all the Chinese have launched a "sword" -bead, now we need to keep up and come up with a more perfect version of the UAV and call it a "spear" -samotyk ...
  12. Lecha57
    Lecha57 14 May 2013 18: 24
    I do not think that the Chinese will aggravate relations with Russia (Trust should not be too). - their interests are much more.
  13. DuraLexSedLex.
    DuraLexSedLex. 14 May 2013 18: 35
    Once we have already seen their drone, which as a result turned out to be an ordinary toy for kids (a real toy), then it was the pranks of the yellow press, both Putin from Mars and the Queen of England are not a queen but a king. But from this photo we can say that it's just a radio-controlled model, no more, no less, you can call it "Full-size mass-sized flying model for studying aerodynamics", but the essence cannot be changed otherwise how to explain the antennas on the fuselage)))). China will not come up with anything new ... but these narrow-eyed guys rivet such that Uncle Sam's point will shrink from fear, not by quality so by quantity. They will achieve their goal sooner or later.
    We shouldn’t lag behind them, but already lagged behind, instead of working on projects our sawing-stealing-pushing and cutting them to hell ... and live happily with a clear conscience and without fear, so we won’t have that, we will buy from China)
  14. APASUS
    APASUS 14 May 2013 19: 27
    I agree that China has a fairly strong industry ........ BUT I DO NOT BELIEVE !!
    They buy airplanes, engines, etc. from us, and they themselves can make 5th generation aircraft, shock UAVs.
    Why buy from us .....
  15. ed1968
    ed1968 14 May 2013 19: 36
    again, I guess they took from each foreign development a little tweaked the design and calmly smiling with a Hollywood smile declared our pier
  16. suharev-52
    suharev-52 14 May 2013 21: 49
    China, at least is doing something. And we have only one words: they are up to xp ... on, but things are not visible. And the worst thing is that the whole elite is busy with verbiage and self-praise, and not with specific work. No, it won’t end well. It’s time to dry the crackers and store the cartridges. Sincerely.
    1. Delink
      Delink 14 May 2013 22: 51
      Correctly! First, we cram a pill with our rulers, then the rest of the world.
  17. darksoul
    darksoul 14 May 2013 21: 51
    Quote: Rolm
    We need to catch up with the Chinese, otherwise we are used to screaming that they are decades behind. The Chinese are hard workers, and the one who walks will take the road.

    Such hard workers that are copying our bourgeois’s weapons are tearing ... they themselves didn’t come up with anything ..... copyists are good no doubt ..... they feel like they’re showing a military unit so they’ll clear it
  18. Delink
    Delink 14 May 2013 22: 44
    I like the Chinese. They are set on a wide foot. Is it necessary? copy (steal, buy for a lot of money), slightly modify and release under your number. We have everything the other way around, the drawings of all the best developments created on the knee lie and gather dust. And nobody needs it. And developments overtake everyone.
    It is necessary to change the attitude of our MO to such developments. Yes, TTX is needed better, but this does not mean that you need to put an end to development. It is necessary to get rid of stupidity in the Moscow Region and the government.
  19. spirit
    spirit 14 May 2013 22: 57
    to the Chinese +! nothing, we have already done a tablet under the leadership of a redhead (well, it’s not working, think of trouble laughing ) he would have a couple of billion more and we would create UNAWNING ANALOGUES IN THE WORLD)) with the BIOS of the same black and white tablet)