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Azerbaijani partisan Ahmed Michel Jebrailov, Hero of France, Chevalier of the Order of the Legion of Honor

Cardo, Ahmad Michel, Armed Michel, Mathieu Michel, Curage Michel, Hargo, Fraji, Russe Ahmed. These names caused the fascists panic animal horror. And only one person inspired him - the guerrillas of the French Resistance squad Ahmed Jebrailov.

Ahmedia got to France as a prisoner of concentration camps under the number 4167 - a man without a name, without a future. But quite a bit of time passed, and the glory of his exploits thundered throughout the occupied south of France. His name, unusual for a foreign ear, in different interpretations did not leave the lips of numerous associates and enemies.

He was 16 years old when the war entered into their home with a heavy tread. Father and older brothers went to the front.

Azerbaijani partisan Ahmed Michel Jebrailov, Hero of France, Chevalier of the Order of the Legion of HonorSheki was in the distant rear, shells did not rumble over him, bombs did not explode, but from here the inhabitants of the region went to defend their great Motherland. Shekin's 14334 fought in the army, 12515 of them did not return home like that.

In 1942, the news of the death of the father and brothers of Ahmed came. It seemed to happen yesterday. The postman, who brought them infrequent news from the front, did not dare to enter the Jebrailovs' courtyard that day - he did not want to see the eyes of an orphaned mother and son at once. Illiterate neighbor boy agreed to pass the letter, thinking that will bring joy ...

Ahmed went to the front as a volunteer. Only one "triangle" received a mother from her son during the whole war: "Mom is alive and well, at war. Everything is going fine. Ahmedia."

Once surrounded, he was seriously wounded and was in a concentration camp. Fate has thrown Ahmedia in a small town in the south of France - Montauban. The ruthless fascist meat grinder broke human fates, leaving nothing, not even names. But fate had mercy on the Azerbaijani kid. "My dear Zhanna! Unforgettable Madame Zhanna! You have returned my life, it means you are my mother. Although they say that a person has one mother, I have two" (From the letter of A. Jebrailov to Madame Jeanne).

The camp cleaner, the kindest Madame Jeanne, arranged for Ahmedia to escape. (She dramatized his funeral, betrayed him for the dead). She led the Azerbaijani soldier to a partisan detachment. So, in the fall of 1942, Ahmedia Jabrailov became a fighter of the 4 squadron of the Corps of Front-Turners of the French Department of Garonne.

"In fulfilling my duty to the Soviet Motherland, I simultaneously pledge to honestly and faithfully serve the interests of the French people, on whose land I defend the interests of my Motherland. With all my strength I will support my French brothers in the fight against our common enemy - the German occupiers", - Ahmedia took the oath in the partisan detachment.

The name of Ahmed Michel became legendary among the French poppies - he, in the form of a German captain, led a partisan operation to save five hundred children of Resistance members taken out to Germany. The children were saved, and he, the wounded, was picked up by a German patrol in the field a day after a successful operation. Saved by the German form and documents of the officer, Ahmedia was sent for treatment to a German hospital. Discharged and for the heroism during the raid on the partisan train Ahmed was appointed ... commandant of the German garrison in the town of Albi, near Toulouse. The German commandant of the French city Ahmed Dzhabrailov, who graduated from the agricultural engineering school in Sheki in the fortieth year, stayed for eight months. He enjoyed authority among superiors and subordinates. The leadership of the French Resistance, led by General de Gaulle, closely monitored his activities as a German commandant. In his hands are dozens of threads leading to concentration camps and partisan underground. In large quantities, at the request of Commandant Albi, prisoners of war were taken out of concentration camps to repair urban roads, many of them fled to the forests. The commandant had to punish the careless guards and go to the concentration camp for a new party of prisoners of war. The merits of Ahmed Dzhabrailov before the French Resistance as commander of the German garrison of Albi were so high that they were admired by General de Gaulle. But it was impossible to test the patience of the Germans for so long, and by releasing another batch of captured Soviet soldiers, Ahmed fled to the partisans. The Germans for the capture of Dzhabrailov (Hargo) offered 10 000 marks!

The Military Cross, the Cross for Voluntary Service, the Military Medal of France - not every Frenchman won these high awards during the war years. The Azerbaijani youth received them from the hands of the legendary Charles de Gaulle and Maurice Thorez. Ahmed has one more very special reward - the Supreme Order of the Legion of Honor, which gives him, the soldier, the right to go to all the military parades of France ahead of the most distinguished generals. None of the Soviet generals and marshals had a French order of such rank. Besides G.K. Zhukov.
Victory parade. The military convoy is headed by Ahmed Jabrailov - Hero of France.

The war ended. Armed Michel works in the office of the President of the French Republic of de Gaulle. He is married to a Frenchwoman, they have two sons, a beautiful apartment in Paris. Ahmed - Ahmed Michel is one of the most respected members of the Union of Veterans of the Resistance. This is the support of the president, his guard, the elect. Just like Ahmed, his fighting friends in solid positions. In fact, the ruling party of France. Life is beautiful, Ahmed is only twenty-seven years old, he is a legend of the Resistance, he is invested with the confidence of General de Gaulle, he is the elite of France. In Dijon, there is a state-owned auto enterprise, named after him. Suddenly, in 1951, Armed Michel decides to become Ahmediya Dzhabrailov again and return to his native village of Ohud, which is five kilometers from Sheki. Persuading friends and officials do not help. Americans offer work and citizenship of the United States - this “resistance” - a born intelligence officer. The French government offers him the same Dijon plant in possession - all is useless. At parting, General de Gaulle hands his comrade-in-arms an honorary ticket - a permit for free travel on all types of transport in France. It was a privilege that only one person enjoyed in France - the president of the republic. I did not dissuade, we live in a free country, but an unusual gift meant that you can return at any time.

"In France, I often dream of our land, it swells, it is alive and blooming." No generous promises could not keep him in a foreign land. Ahmedia returned to his homeland, where a fierce surprise awaited him - the Soviet homeland loved to present them to the best of her sons. A ten-year exile to Siberia - this "high government award" was awarded to Ahmedia Jebrailov in his own country, where he was eagerly torn from hospitable France. Ten years of camps for being unconscious captured (meaning a traitor!), For having passed the hell of concentration camps (enlisted!), For finally having bravely fought the enemy (conspiracy slyly!).

After the "release" he returned to Sheki, became an agronomist. 30 hasn’t seen Ahmedia from any of his battle friends - the former convict has become "restricted to leave". And only when the Soviet Union visited Charles de Gaulle did Ahmedia be allowed to accept the invitation of the general - to visit France, to meet with his friends.

The film "1000 Days of Struggle" was preserved in the State Film Archive of Azerbaijan, which captured Jabrailov's visit to France in 1975 year. It is impossible to watch touching scenes without tears.

"I really would like to know you right away. But I understand that appearance is not the same as it was. I can not imagine that your red curls turned white, that your heart is naughty. For me, you remained the same as then in the 1942 year. " (From a letter from friend Shampar Jabrailov).
"The liberation of the Bordeaux area is one of the hardest and dangerous battles. In my group I took only volunteers. Having bent over three deaths, waist-high in the swamp, we went to the enemy’s camp. Our sudden appearance caught the Germans by surprise and caused a wild panic. I I remember Paris in those days burning. What a pity that when we walked with a victory, you could not go with us, my friends, "- Ahmedia Jabrailov bowed to the ground tombstone, under which his comrades from the partisan detachment rested. Acacia bloomed nearby. Here was the meeting. He came long before the appointed hour, he was very worried: "Who else will come? Who of the battle friends has survived?"

Like thirty years ago, on Victory Day, they again drank champagne at this most memorable acacia.

General Charles de Gaulle gave a banquet in honor of the arrival of Hero of France Ahmed Dzhebrailov. And the first toast sounded in honor of the Azerbaijani: "The grateful France will never forget the great feat of the Soviet soldier."

Before leaving for France, Ahmedia took a handful of his native land with him. He scattered it on the graves of Azerbaijani partisans. Jeyran Khanum, Michael Huseynov, Veliy Veliyev, Feyzulla Kurbanov ... "My dear, accept a handful of native land." No one knows better the price of this land than he is - a plowman and a warrior Ahmedia Jabrailov.

In 1943, the anti-fascist movement in France was gaining momentum day by day. Azerbaijanis played a huge role in it. In March-April, 1944, an underground organization led by our compatriot Mirzahan Mammadov, released a large number of Azerbaijanis from captivity who immediately joined the partisan detachments.

In August 1944, the Azerbaijani underground fighters staged an uprising in the camp. It was supposed to coincide with the raid of the French partisans on the German garrison, but in the evening of August 15, the religious minister of the camp, the provocateur and agent of the fascist Gestapo, became aware of the upcoming uprising. All the ringleaders were arrested and after brutal torture sent in an open car to the place of execution. Several of them managed to untie their hands on the way. Having freed their comrades from the shackles, they engaged in an unequal battle with the fascists. Five of the underground: Mirzakhan Mamedov, Mirzali Mamedli, Hasan Aliyev, Kurban Mamedov and Pasha Jafarkhanli died. The rest managed to go to the partisans.

17 August 1944 was liberated by the French and Azerbaijani partisans from the Nazis in the city of Rodez.

On August 18, a group of Azerbaijani partisans commanded by Guseinrza Mamedov, together with the French, destroyed the German garrison in Pandezarl and liberated more than 2000 prisoners. The liberated prisoners of Azerbaijanis united in the Azerbaijani partisan regiment.

This regiment took an active part in the liberation of the cities of Larzakh, Courses, Maid, Nim and others.
Azerbaijani partisan detachments were in other countries occupied by the Germans!

1 Azerbaijani guerrilla unit in France,
commander Guseinrza Mamedov.
2 Azerbaijani partisan detachment "Ruska couple" in Italy
Commander Javad Hakimli
8 th Azerbaijani partisan detachment - "Red Partisan"
Commander Mamed Aliyev
Sabotage group of partisan detachment
"Truth" in Belarus

In 1952, the leader of the Italian Communists, Palmiro Tolyatti, arrived in Moscow at the XIX Congress of the CPSU. He told Stalin about the heroism of the Soviet soldier, manifested in the fight against fascism in the mountains of Italy and Yugoslavia - it was Azerbaijani Mehdi Huseynzade. Stalin instructed the special agencies to clarify his combat biography in order to perpetuate the memory of Mehdi Huseynzade. Despite such a high level of instruction, only by 1957 was all the information collected, and Mehdi Huseynzade was posthumously presented to the rank of Hero of the Soviet Union. History Mehdi Huseynzade requires a separate story and I will introduce you to her in the next article!

In far Italy there is such a city - Pistoia. Few people know that at one time Azerbaijanis also participated in his liberation from the Nazi invaders. Two of them - Mamed Bagirov and Mirza Shahverdiyev, fighters of the Soviet Army, who managed to escape from German captivity and join the anti-fascist resistance movement, were later awarded the highest Italian military award - the golden Garibaldi Star.
Bagirov was also awarded the Order * Glory * of Italy!

It should be noted that the son of Ahmed Dzhabrailov - the National Hero of Azerbaijan, Mikayil Dzhabrailov, died in Karabakh, defending the territorial integrity and independence of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Ahmedia Jabrailov died on 10 on October 1994 of the year in Sheki as a result of a car accident - a truck knocked down a telephone booth containing a Resistance hero!

Ridiculous death of a hero!

Often when asked, Why did he leave Paris, he replied with a smile: - La fortune est une franche courtisane ((Fortune is a real courtesan)

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  1. OTAKE
    OTAKE 25 May 2013 07: 28 New
    incredible respect and respect for such men
    1. Yarbay
      25 May 2013 08: 21 New
      Quote: OTAKE
      incredible respect and respect for such men

      I was especially struck by the fact that he was a German commandant for 8 months!
      A man without much preparation, without a trained * legend *!
      it is necessary to have iron nerves and incredible luck!
      Not every trained intelligence officer could do this!
      1. maxvet
        maxvet 25 May 2013 10: 34 New
        they would have shot about him, and films like him (series) and shown on May 9, so that they knew about such heroes
        1. hommer
          hommer 25 May 2013 11: 04 New
          There are no words to convey admiration for such a man!
          A deep bow to him and all veterans! Dear Yarbay, we look forward to the following publications!
          Quote: maxvet
          they would have shot about him, and a series of films like him (TV series)

          That's right, I support! Here are some examples to educate young people!
          And then the whole television broadcast is full of films about bandits, bankers, glamorous idiots.
        2. domokl
          domokl 27 May 2013 06: 30 New
          Quote: maxvet
          they would have shot about him, and a series of films like him
          I fully support it. The Government of Azerbaijan and local filmmakers get such material into their hands, and they chew snot ... We need to make films, we need to put monuments. Such stories have a huge impact on young people. They bring up pride for their people ...
      2. 416sd
        416sd 25 May 2013 11: 37 New
        Please note - on the tunic of NO SOVIET BATTLE REWARD ....
        1. Karlsonn
          Karlsonn 25 May 2013 20: 22 New

          Quote: 416sd
          Please note - on the tunic of NO SOVIET BATTLE REWARD ..

          it's only in your head no .
          If you don’t know, ask!
          Ahmed Michel Jabrailov was awarded several Soviet awards, the highest of which is the Order of the October Revolution! hi

          PS: if you are such a specialist and can determine from a black and white, low resolution photograph that there are no Soviet awards on the tunic, can you do me a favor and list the names of all the awards that can be seen in the photograph?
          Thanks in advance.
          Regards Karlsonn. hi

          1. Yarbay
            25 May 2013 21: 00 New
            Quote: Karlsonn
            Ahmed Michel Jabrailov was awarded several Soviet awards, the highest of which is the Order of the October Revolution!

            Dear Carlson, Heydar is right, the orders you named are labor, not military!
            I want to bring to your confession that Heydar is busy with the search, revealing the heroism of our soldiers in the Second World War! Believe me, his work is very hard !!
            Thanks to him, I became interested in these questions and began to search!
            Believe me, many did not even know these heroes in Soviet times, and Heydar finds them and publishes articles about their heroism!
            Check out his website,, and I’m sure you will change your attitude towards this person whose work I deeply respect!
            1. Karlsonn
              Karlsonn 25 May 2013 23: 36 New

              Well, since the list of Hero's awards cannot be found, I bring the comrade 416sd my apologies, as I admit that Ahmed Michel Dzhebrailov really did not receive military awards.

              Although I can give my version on this score.
              I admit that Akhmed Michel Jabrailov on the Soviet-German front did not have time, before his capture, to take the Act - he was quickly taken prisoner and he committed all the cases entailing awards in France, where he was until 1951.
              We did not have a medal for the liberation of France, so the respected Hero of the article could receive only anniversary awards.

              Nevertheless, despite the fact that the Soviet Government carried out repressive actions against Akhmed Michel Dzhebrailov, later he was honored to be awarded the Order of the October Revolution, the second largest (after the Order of Lenin) Order of the USSR.

              and I still do not mind getting an answer to:

              Quote: Karlsonn
              PS: if you are such a specialist and can determine from a black and white, low resolution photograph that there are no Soviet awards on the tunic, can you do me a favor and list the names of all the awards that can be seen in the photograph?
              Thanks in advance.
              Regards Karlsonn.
            2. Our
              Our 19 December 2013 20: 36 New
              I also read murazhki on the skin.
      3. Karlsonn
        Karlsonn 25 May 2013 20: 16 New
        Yarbay hi

        Thank you so much for the article! good
        This man is a true Hero and Defender of the Motherland!
        I join the opinion of comrades:
        Quote: maxvet
        they would have shot about him, and films like him (series) and shown on May 9, so that they knew about such heroes

        Quote: hommer
        Here are some examples to educate young people!
        And then the whole television broadcast is full of films about bandits, bankers, glamorous idiots.
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 25 May 2013 07: 39 New
    Was the car accident accidental? Specialist. services never sleep.
    Earth rest in peace Hero!
    1. Yarbay
      25 May 2013 08: 10 New
      Quote: aszzz888
      Was the car accident accidental? Specialist. services never sleep.

      it was really an accident!
      1. 416sd
        416sd 25 May 2013 11: 38 New
        It was an accident. Besides, who could need this old man with two dozen medals in his old age? Everlasting memory! Glory to the heroes!
    2. GG2012
      GG2012 25 May 2013 17: 50 New
      Quote: aszzz888
      Was the car accident accidental? Specialist. services never sleep.

      Maybe Arm .. the neighbors have worked?
      Such people just do not leave!
      1. TUMAN
        TUMAN 25 May 2013 19: 54 New
        Quote: GG2012
        Maybe Arm .. the neighbors have worked? Such people just don’t leave!

        It is possible, by meanness, they are second after the Jews.
        1. GG2012
          GG2012 25 May 2013 20: 12 New
          Quote: TUMAN
          It is possible, by meanness, they are second after the Jews.

          Ara ... yes!
        2. Karlsonn
          Karlsonn 25 May 2013 20: 40 New
          Quote: TUMAN
          It is possible, by meanness, they are second after the Jews.

          on fig here incite ethnic hatred? request
          especially in the thread of such a release?
  3. xetai9977
    xetai9977 25 May 2013 08: 51 New
    The real man was. And he raised a hero son, which he himself was. Glory to the heroes. ALLAH rəhmət eləsin!
  4. kotdavin4i
    kotdavin4i 25 May 2013 09: 22 New
    Good morning everyone, Thank you Yarbay for the article!
  5. kNow
    kNow 25 May 2013 10: 12 New
    Yarbay, thanks for the article.
  6. laurbalaur
    laurbalaur 25 May 2013 10: 31 New
    Thank ! Another unknown page of that terrible war was opened!
  7. Kaetani
    Kaetani 25 May 2013 11: 27 New
  8. smersh70
    smersh70 25 May 2013 14: 53 New
    Mikail Ahmed oglu Dzhebrailov (azerb. Mikayıl Əhmədiyə oğlu Cəbrayılov) - Azerbaijani police officer, National Hero of Azerbaijan.
    Born on April 27, 1952 in the village of Ohud, Sheki district, in the family of the legendary partisan of France from the Second World War, Ahmed Dzhebrailov. After graduating from high school, he entered the police school, graduating from which in 1978 he became a district police officer.
    In 1990, he was sent to Karabakh with four police officers. Their task was to guard the Azerbaijani village of Jamilli. After some time, he went for grain for the residents of Jamilli to the neighboring village of Kosalar. On the Jamilli-Kosalar road, the detachment of Jebrailov was ambushed by the Armenians. One of the officers fell at the hands of a sniper. Michael himself was injured in the shoulder. Continuing to resist, he died.
    By the decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Jabrailov Mikail Ahmed oglu was awarded the title of National Hero of Azerbaijan (posthumous).
    1. Yarbay
      25 May 2013 14: 59 New
      Quote: smersh70
      Mikail Ahmedia oglu Dzhebrailov

      Now I’m interested to know what happened to his French family!
      He had two sons there, how their fate turned out!
      1. smersh70
        smersh70 25 May 2013 15: 21 New
        by the way ...... after the link ....... he worked as a shepherd ....... and didn’t tell anyone about his heroism ...... and when the head of the KGB and police rose up to him in the mountains district, to give an invitation to Moscow, he thought that they had come again for him .. merchants from the authorities ... and again got ready to partisan)))
  9. Rioter
    Rioter 25 May 2013 15: 17 New
    Thank you for the article!
  10. smersh70
    smersh70 25 May 2013 15: 18 New
    ......... about the family ... in Paris .... the first time you read ....... just in the film ..... about him ... it was not about family .........
  11. Yeraz
    Yeraz 25 May 2013 16: 25 New
    Saqol Yarbay, I had not heard about him before. I feel proud of such sons of the homeland. I look forward to the next article, although I watched a film about Mehti as a child, he was my hero.
  12. Kasym
    Kasym 25 May 2013 19: 50 New
    Dear Alibek, many thanks for the interesting article! I heard from our veteran about this man. By the way, he also guerrilla, was captured two times and both times fled, wrote the book "Black Ivan", the surname Kyshekbaev. And so it turned out that his partisan detachment met with the regular army and precisely with the part where he began to fight the gunner. The father of my childhood childhood.
    But he didn’t know a surname and such details. He knew that there was such an Azerbaijani in the French Resistance, a personal drag de Gaulle, was awarded the Order of the Legion of Honor. That's all .
    Brother, it’s great for you - write more often, we are waiting for new stories!
    With great respect, your friend Dayren.
    1. Kasym
      Kasym 25 May 2013 20: 16 New
      I apologize. I made a mistake. Kyshekbaev Namethali. Wrote some books. One of them is Front Road. And the nickname that the fascists gave him was "Black Ivan". Just called up with a friend and clarified. I apologize again.
    2. Yarbay
      25 May 2013 21: 09 New
      Quote: Kasym
      Dear Alibek, many thanks for the interesting article!

      Dear brother Dauren, the trouble is that I also heard many years ago that there was such a man in the French resistance on the estate of Ahmedia that he was born in Sheki!
      No more details!
      It was here that thanks to Heydar Mirze, I began to find out some details about our heroes in the Second World War, and began to search!
      Most of the material I took from the Internet, from forums and Azerbaijani sites, alas, I did not find the authors and signed them with my name!
      From the text, only 30 percent of the strength is my work !!
      1. Kasym
        Kasym 25 May 2013 21: 52 New
        Alibek, but you were looking, digging, wasting time. But in the end the whole site knows. In all the corners of our country, now you will know about this, tell children. But how can children explain what patriotism, the horror of war, what hardships and sorrows our people suffered, how they resisted, not sparing themselves and their lives even on a chzhbin? And they know that shoulder to shoulder stood Russian and Azerbaijani, Ukrainian and Kyrgyz, and there was no difference what nationality you are.
        No brother, you did a good job! And for us there is no difference of 30% or 100% of your work there - the main thing is to know what it was.
        You know, in the "Soldier of Fortune" or "Brother" in the early 2000s I read an article about the successful uprising of our soldiers in a concentration camp. I do not remember the name of this concentration camp, but it is famous. Released his "allies." So that's when amer. the general arrived there, then two emaciated men came out to meet him. The general said that he would ask for owls. command to submit them to the awards. To which one of them replied: "No, y already exist." And he spat out the Stars of the Hero of the USSR on the palm of his hand, and as a friend, I don’t remember which battle order (both hid their awards in their mouths). The general and his adjutant drug looked at the druga and saluted them. And with the words: "Only the Russians could do this!" So, I would certainly have posted this article here. Such facts of our history must be reminded, and better quality films should be shot so that forever and so that our mother and their “partners” will know by heart what will happen if we are waged to fight with us.
        1. Kasym
          Kasym 25 May 2013 22: 08 New
          I would very much like to ask the organizers of this site or advanced site colleagues to find this article and post it. I remember that then I went to Issyk-Kul and took this magazine with me. So then the whole boarding house asked me to read it, the line was lined up. Yes, that "strong" story was. And then when he moved, along with old things, he gave some goods to his mother-neighbor and all the binder of these magazines (gathered around two large boxes), there were also automobile magazines.
        2. Karlsonn
          Karlsonn 25 May 2013 22: 38 New
          Quote: Kasym
          You know, in the "Soldier of Fortune" or "Brother" in the early 2000s I read an article about the successful uprising of our soldiers in a concentration camp. I do not remember the name of this concentration camp, but it is famous.

          The ingenuity of our fugitives was limitless. The escape of the Soviet pilot Mikhail Devyatayev, along with 9 other prisoners aboard the captured Heinkel 111 bomber, is considered classic. No less known is the uprising of the prisoners of the Nazi death camp Sobibor. Then, in the fall of 1943, the Soviet prisoner of war Alexander Pechersky was able to prepare and lead the uprising. The beginning was laid by the seizure of weapons from the guard, who had pecked at the bait in the form of a leather coat. Of the nearly seven hundred people who escaped, more than half managed to escape.

          The largest escape for the entire Second World War was made by Soviet prisoners of war, who were collected in the camp of Suzhezheby (Poland). In August 1941, thousands of prisoners of war rushed to barbed wire fences at a signal, broke through them and broke free. Most of them were mowed down by machine gun bursts, but many people were able to leave. According to the same scheme, an escape was arranged from the camps near the Polish town of Torun (340 Soviet prisoners of war) and Slavuta (Ukraine). Escapes were also made from Auschwitz. Only in May - June 1944, according to official data from the commandant’s office, 25 Soviet prisoners of war and 2 Poles fled. According to German data, in July 1943 more than 40 Soviet prisoners of war fled from Dachau.

          All escapes from Nazi concentration camps and prisons deserve respect, but the escape of legless and armless Soviet prisoners of war, committed at the time of their execution, can be considered unique in history. The execution itself took place on December 24, 1942 near Berdichev. At a time when everything seemed already over, the invalids attacked the firing squad, took the weapons from the punishers and shot two. Then 22 out of 50 disabled people managed to escape.

          In August 1943, 13 Soviet goner prisoners of war fled from the harvest fled from Majdanek. They managed to kill four armed, well-fed SS men with braids.

          More than seven hundred emaciated prisoners who were in the 20th isolated block of death row of the Mauthausen concentration camp, decided to escape in February 1945. They blocked up wire fences with prisoners' mattresses, and sentinels on watch towers drove away from machine guns ... with cobblestones! Of all those who escaped, 19 remained alive.

          Thoughts of freedom did not leave the prisoners of Nazi concentration camps for a minute. Everyone used the slightest chance to break free. Captain Kuznetsov managed to leave Majdanek in broad daylight in full view of the guard. He, along with another prisoner, asked to bring coal for heating officer bunkers. The SS escorted them with a gun. On the way to the bunker, Kuznetsov strangled the escort, changed into German uniforms, pointed the machine gun at a friend and "escorted" him out of the territory.

          The Buchenwald uprising on April 11, 1945 is celebrated as International Day for the Release of Prisoners of Nazi Concentration Camps. True, no one freed Buchenwald. His prisoners freed themselves. 220 Germans were captured, even more destroyed in battle. US troops only approached the camp on April 13th.

          Less well known is the uprising in August 1944 in a camp for Soviet prisoners of war near the Romanian city of Slobozia, during which the prisoners not only freed themselves, but also disarmed the German garrison of the city. Former prisoners of war occupied Slobozia (Romanian soldiers went over to their side) and held the city for a week before the approach of the Soviet army.

          Oleg GERCHIKOV
          1. Kasym
            Kasym 25 May 2013 23: 11 New
            Carloson (Oleg). Thank . Buchenwald fits. There, prisoners worked at defense enterprises, and they quietly assembled several assault rifles from the stolen parts, and when the cannonade was heard they raised an uprising. They killed the guards, the main problem was the towers with machine guns. The initiators of the uprising were Soviet prisoners, unfortunately I do not remember the names and titles. And when the allies approached, the camp was already liberated.
            1. Karlsonn
              Karlsonn 26 May 2013 00: 40 New
              Quote: Kasym
              Carloson (Oleg)
              belay I am not Oleg.

              I think to you, the comrade will be interested, a couple of books that left an indelible mark on my worldview.
              - “Jackson Stays in Russia”;
              (Jackson (Jackson), Sydney Lvovich (1886-1968) - Honored Trainer of the USSR (1957), Tashkent, Spartak Sports Society.
              Born into a Jewish family in New York. He lived in the Bronx on Brooke Avenue. His father, who worked at a local chemical plant, died of tuberculosis when Sydney was 6 years old. Jackson began boxing at age 12 at the local boxing club Bronx Ridgeon Club. He turned into a professional at the age of 18. He was a professional boxer in the USA. Preparing for the match for the world lightweight champion. Having arrived in Russia at the beginning of the First World War, he remained in it. He worked as a boxing trainer in Tashkent. He did a lot for the development of boxing in Central Asia.
              The story “Jackson Stays in Russia” was written about the fate and life of S. Jackson (author G. Sviridov). Having formed a sports asset, Jackson conducted a large educational and methodological work with trainers, and social work in the Boxing Federation of Uzbekistan.
              Many of his pupils subsequently became famous boxers and trainers: ZT USSR B. Granatkin and Yu. Bukhman, champion of Uzbekistan and Central Asia Vladimir Karpov, who became during the war years a Hero of the Soviet Union, and later a famous Soviet writer, publicist and public figure, champion of Uzbekistan and writer G. Sviridov, champion of the Republic of Uzbekistan Andrei Borzenko, who passed through the German concentration camp Buchenwald during the war years - the hero of G. Sviridov’s novel “Ring behind the barbed wire”.
              Interesting Facts :

              For some reason, in some Tashkent circles, there is an opinion that Sydney Jackson was black, however, this is not so. Sydney Jackson was white, Caucasian with Jewish roots. He rests at the Botkin cemetery in Tashkent.);

              “The ring behind the barbed wire.”

              In the latter you can learn about the fate of the champion of the Republic of Uzbekistan Andrei Borzenko (the legendary feat was made by the repeated champion of Uzbekistan Andrei Borzenko. He was captured by the Nazis and sent to the Buchenwald concentration camp. When they found out that he was the champion of Uzbekistan before the war, they decided to organize a match in which Borzenko would meet with a German champion. Awakened by hunger, wounded A. Borzenko, thanks to the cares of his comrades who fed him, gave him strength. Having gone to battle, Borzenko showed his stamina love for the motherland and won the battle, knocked out the fascist.), the fate of Telman and the liberation of Buchenwald. hi

              By the way, Comrade Jackson did not fight with the Basmachis.
      2. Piran
        Piran 26 May 2013 21: 33 New
        It is a pity that he is no longer with us.
  13. galiullinrasim
    galiullinrasim 25 May 2013 19: 56 New
    I heard that the partisan was a commandant in France but didn’t believe it. Thank you now I know. Our special services always know how to amuse the article, not realizing that they are denigrating themselves.
  14. Hudo
    Hudo 25 May 2013 20: 50 New
    I will read my article to my children.

    PS What kind of low uterine mug put the article "minus"?
    1. Yeraz
      Yeraz 26 May 2013 00: 30 New
      Quote: Hudo
      PS What kind of low uterine mug put the article "minus"?

      Well, the stump is clear Armenian, well, or the descendants of the Nazis who miss Hitler))
    2. Karlsonn
      Karlsonn 26 May 2013 02: 58 New
      Quote: Hudo
      PS What kind of low uterine mug put the article "minus"?

      the right term is mug! am
  15. baku1999
    baku1999 25 May 2013 21: 38 New
    ETERNAL MEMORY AND GLORY TO ALL HEROES OF THE WAR, WHO WERE THEY WERE NOT BY NATIONALITY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! And on the grave, Mehdi Huseyn-zade, the Heroes of the deceased in Italy, the grateful Italians wrote the following words: "Sleep, Mehdi, the Glorious Son, the Azerbaijani people .......... I AM Proud THAT I HAVE SUCH DARKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Marek Rozny
    Marek Rozny 26 May 2013 00: 24 New
    The most interesting article I've read lately! By the way, I was always amazed, collecting information on the Turkestan legion, why Soviet prisoners of war fled to the French partisans so often and relatively easily, and now having learned that for some time the Azerbaijani hero was a commandant, I realized why this was done.

    Dzhebrailov - respect and blessed memory, Yarbai - rakhmet for this page of our history.
  17. GEO
    GEO 28 May 2013 15: 31 New
    I saw this Hero. In the mid-70s, he came to our pioneer camp in Primorsk (Karadag). I remember his story.
  18. Mikearttist
    Mikearttist 6 July 2015 20: 08 New
    I think this person is a great and real hero, and a patriot of his small homeland and the USSR, he learned 2 (French and German) languages, and probably spoke Russian without difficulty ... and all this has NO relation to his nationality i.e. of course he, with his feat, inspires respect for his people. my father also fought (volunteered for 17 years and fought in Poland, Bulgaria and then in big Khingan (Mongolia). It is an indisputable fact for me that among Azerbaijanis and Armenians there were many war heroes who side by side with each other, etc. . European nations defeated fascism. Believe me, among Armenians and among Azerbaijanis there are worthy people and outright antiheroes))) (Ramil Safarov, for example ... and among Armenians I’m sure too) it never spread to the whole nation. so you should not switch to national)) thank you all!
  19. Lechik2000
    Lechik2000 2 November 2015 11: 29 New
    Why did he have a typically Slavic face, and even was red - just don’t need tales that are real Caucasian red.
    He served in the CA with Azerbaijanis (and with Georgians, Dargins, Balkars, Kabardins, Armenians) - all typical brunette Caucasian highlanders ...
  20. aba
    aba 19 November 2015 19: 43 New
    And only when the Soviet Union paid a visit to Charles de Gaulle, did Ahmedia accept the invitation of the general to visit France and meet his friends.

    Yes! Hero!
    This fact is described here in great detail:
    elnaya-istoriya /
  21. Lechik2000
    Lechik2000 2 May 2016 22: 14 New
    here you are a hero of resistance ....