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Aldo Moro in Washington sights. 9 May 1978 of the year, 35 years ago, the famous Italian politician was killed

When festive orchestras thundered on Red Square in Moscow on May 9, 1978, I was on duty at the office of the TASS office in Rome, where I worked as a correspondent for several years. The task was simple: to follow the teletype of the Italian agency News ANSA, so as not to miss an important event. I don’t know why, only that day I didn’t leave the teletype, as if I felt: something should happen ...

But everything was calm, the car was silent, and outside the window, in the overgrown with lush greenery courtyard of the TASS on Via Della Villa Ricotti, birds chirped carelessly. I was already beginning to doze in the chair opposite the apparatus, when suddenly the teletype came to life and rattled. A paper tape with text slowly crept from its bowels. The first message was short, but it immediately became clear that this was a world sensation. “Aldo Moro was killed ...” I immediately began to fill up the “Tassovka”, as they said then, with sensational news, and then immediately sent it to Moscow ...

Now, 35 years later, perhaps the name of this Italian politician says nothing to many. But at that time it was on everyone’s lips, about all the world media wrote about Moreau. 16 March 1978, the leader of the ruling Italian Christian Democratic Party, who previously held both the prime minister and foreign minister positions, was kidnapped by terrorists from the Red Brigades, which terrified the whole country.

Moreau left that day in a blue FIAT-130 accompanied by Alpha Romeo with three guards. He was going to an important meeting of the parliament, where he was going to propose his plan to create a government in Italy with the participation of the communists. During the years of the Cold War, this was an unprecedented step and went against US policy. On Via Fani, Moreau's car unexpectedly blocked a BMW with diplomatic numbers. Four men standing on the sidewalk in special clothes of “Alitalia” airline snatched up their guns and opened heavy fire. The driver and bodyguard policy were killed. They were shot and three in the car guard. The attackers dragged Moro and shoved him into another car, which roared with a motor and quickly disappeared.

Terrorists acted quickly, clearly and harmoniously. In the raid, as it turned out, about 60 people participated, all telephone lines in the area of ​​attack were blocked.

As a result, the police were able to start the search only almost an hour later, when the terrorists had already gone cold ...


Aldo Moro was known as one of the most influential politicians in Italy. The future leader of the CDA was born in the town of Malia, in the south of Italy, in a modest family. His father was a school inspector, his mother was a primary school teacher. Aldo had brilliant abilities. Already at the age of 24, he became a law professor at the University of Bari and quickly emerged as a promising young politician. He joined the Christian Democratic Party in the 1945 year, two years later he was elected a member of parliament. In the government of Christian Democrat De Gasperi, he received the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs. Many in the country were impressed by his flawless biography, the erudition of a law professor, a modest and delicate manner of behaving, and a deep and sincere belief in God.

However, the brilliant career of a young member of the government unexpectedly fails. The reason is his opposition to the participation of Italy in the then created North Atlantic Pact.

Aldo Moro defiantly did not appear at the meeting of the parliament during the vote on the entry of Italy into NATO, it was April 4 on 1949 of the year.
De Gasperi did not forgive him of this “self-righteousness,” and immediately removed Moreau from the cabinet. For a deputy from Bari, the reputation of "anti-American" is firmly established. His personal opponents are Outbridge Horsey and William Knight, who in the forties led the political section of the American Embassy in Rome, and later “led” Italy in the US State Department.

In the last years of his life, Moreau, being a sober-minded politician, helped establish the cooperation of Christian Democrats with the Italian Communist Party, which was gaining increasing influence in the political life of the country. The Italian Communists distinguished themselves by active participation in the guerrilla war against the Nazis and the Italian fascists during the Second World War, and then in the liberation of the country from the invaders. In 1978, the ICP provided parliamentary support to Christian Democrats, which made it possible to form a government in a difficult situation.

It became clear that the plans of the American conductors of the Italian domestic political life fail. The reactionary circles in Italy and overseas were alarmed when, thanks to Moreau, an agreement was reached on creating a parliamentary majority, in which the Communists were to join. “Moreau lets the Reds into the government,” they screamed in panic.

“In the end,” wrote the Epok weekly, “it’s not so difficult to understand the constant hostility towards him (Moro-V.M.) of the right: it was he who opened the way for the socialists in 1962 and began to do the same with respect to the 16 communists years later ... For the extremists, right and left, he was the most inconvenient of Italian political figures. ”

But Moreau was simply a realist and, rejecting the dictates of the United States, understood that Italy could pursue an independent policy only by relying on the cooperation of various political forces, including the Communists.
So he got in the way of the Italian right and hawks from Washington.

In painful weeks for Italy, when Moreau was interrogated in a secret dungeon of the “brigade men”, neo-fascists, members of the youth organization ISD-OPS “Youth Front”, pasted posters in Trieste: “Moreau, did you want to try communism? Try it now ... and then die! ”.

The kidnappers appeared only two days later. The phone call the police was sent to the underground passage Largo Argentina, where they found the anonymous “Communiqué number one” of the left-wing terrorist group “Red Brigades” along with a photograph of Moro. It was shot against the background of a five-pointed star - the emblem of the "brigadists". The leaflet said that Moreau was put in a “people's prison” - as the leader of the “regime that oppressed the Italian people.”

Then, Communique Number Two, which said that the leader of the CDA would be subjected to “proletarian justice,” was planted. Then the terrorists demanded to release their accomplices in exchange from prisons. Dramatic letters written in the torture chamber and Moreau himself also came to the press, where he asked to be rescued, to agree to an exchange. “My blood will fall on you, on the party, on the country,” the doomed prisoner called out to his CDP colleagues. However, Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti stated categorically that there would be no negotiations with the terrorists. For the search for a secret dungeon where Moreau languished, 35 of thousands of soldiers and carabinieri were involved, general searches were conducted, all suspicious buildings were inspected, checkpoints were placed all around, but all efforts were futile.

He was in no hurry to save

The end of the sixties and seventies in Italy was called the time "strategy of tension." The country was shaken by violent student unrest, mass demonstrations of workers, explosions of bombs planted by terrorists thundered, government officials, police officers, prominent lawyers and journalists were killed. At that time, according to the police, about 100 left-wing groups were operating in the Apennines: “Lost Opera” (“Workers Power”), “Lotta Continua” (“Fighting Continues”), NAP (“Armed Proletarian Cells”) and, finally, the most dangerous and active of them is the Red Brigades, which have chosen the P-38 as their emblem, the West German pistol that easily fits in your pocket. The “brigade men” declared their goal “to overthrow the state of exploiters” by means of violence and terror. “Tremble, dirty servants of the owners!” They warned ominously in the anonymous leaflets they left at the sites of their crimes.

How can you not remember Russia on the eve of 1917, when the "demons" killed the governors, police, grand dukes and other "servants of the royal regime." Of course, all this was also done with reference to the “struggle for freedom” and “in the interests of the exploited workers”. The bridge is easy to throw in our days, when in a number of countries “color revolutions” occurred under the same slogans.

All calls for terrorists to release Moreau had no result. In vain, on his knees, Pope Paul VI begged to spare the prisoner, offering himself as a hostage in return. In vain did the UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim address the Red Brigades. The terrorists announced that Moreau’s death sentence would be carried out.

And the police already had the address of their headquarters on the street Gradoli in Rome. One of them forgot to turn off the tap, and the water began to flow, arousing the residents from below. According to their complaint, the police opened the door of the “bad apartment” and found a typewriter on which anonymous communiqués of the “Red Brigades” were printed, weaponforged documents, fake car numbers ...

But instead of setting up an ambush and arresting the criminals, the house was surrounded by cars with sirens. This, as it turned out, was seen by one of the alleged terrorist, who arrived there on a motorcycle and immediately disappeared.

This episode, and a number of others, later prompted the suggestion that the authorities did not at all seek to save the politician who was “uncomfortable” for Washington.


... On this day, May 9, 1978, in Rome, it was quite warm. On the steps of the wide staircase in the Plaza of Spain there are tubs with blooming azaleas, a light breeze from the sea sways branches of blossoming trees in Villa Borghese. Everyone is thinking about the arrival of summer and long-awaited rest. However, completely different thoughts are occupied at this moment by an elderly man, exhausted by a long sitting and locked up, by an elderly man with gray hair. He is 55 days, stooping, sitting under lock and key in the closet of one of the houses on Montalcino Street in the suburbs of the Italian capital, in the so-called “people's prison” of the “Red Brigades”. The shutters of the windows are tightly closed, the walls are covered with sound-absorbing material. He does not see or hear anything that happens outside the room. The name of this man is Aldo Moro, who, on the eve of his jailers, was announced that he must die. He writes a farewell letter to his family.

The door swings open and a stocky, orangutan-like male enters. This is one of the leaders of the "Red Brigades" Prospero Gallinari. He is accompanied by some woman, in her hands a carefully ironed suit. The one who was captive on the day of the abduction. Moreau slowly rises to meet them. “But why was it necessary to iron a suit?” - probably, such a thought flashes in the mind of the doomed. Suddenly, Gallinari announces that for "humane considerations" the prisoner decided to save lives. The jailers offer him to go down to the garage. Moreau changes clothes and they slowly descend the stairs. Here is a red Renault car with an open trunk, which, as the prisoner thinks, must now deliver it to freedom.

The leader of the CDA is explained that you need to get into the trunk and close with a head blanket. It looks logical, the streets are full of police, the kidnappers are afraid that they will be noticed. But as soon as Moreau finds himself in the trunk, a shot booms booming under the arches of the garage. Moro is still alive and appealingly pulls his hands in front of him. Gallinari angrily throws the pistol away, snatches the machine gun out of the hands of an accomplice standing nearby and hastily discharges the clip into a defenseless person. Its end…

Aldo Moro's corpse, riddled with automatic bullets and wrapped in a plaid, was found in a red Renault right in the center of Rome in Via Caetani, just halfway between the headquarters of the Christian Democratic and Communist parties.

The tragic photo of a bullet-riddled elderly man crouching in the trunk of a car, then went around all the media in the world. It was a clear hint, which led him to attempt to change the political course of Italy.

Only years later the “Red Brigades” were defeated. In 1982, a trial was held, 32 arrested in the Moro case, "brigadists" were given life sentences, and another 63 terrorist went to jail for a long time. Gradually, drop by drop, information about who was standing behind them began to leak. And the fact that they did not come out by themselves from the "depths of the working people", for whose interests they allegedly "fought", it was clear even then.

"Brigadist textbook"

Italian historians believe that the Red Brigades owe their appearance to the sociology department of the University of Trento, where many of their future leaders studied in the late 1960s. Mario Kurcho, who is considered "historical founder of the Red Brigades. Referring to the works of Marx and Mao, he was the first to declare the need for "armed struggle" in Italy in order to "free himself from the power of capital." It was a time of student unrest in Western Europe, and it was precisely the sociological students who distinguished themselves in particularly turbulent antics. Things got to the point that in the advertisements for renting out the rooms, the owners of apartments in the city began to write: “Only not to sociologists!”

In Italy, one could “enroll” in a university, and then be a student for years without doing anything.

A whole stratum of young people was formed, often from well-to-do families, for whom the hangouts with drugs, endless discussions on political topics, demonstrations, during which they threw petrol bombs at the police, beat shop windows.
It was an excellent breeding ground for recruiters to terrorist groups. The goal of the underground workers was terror, intimidation, and then the “proletarian revolution”. In extremist gangs, strict discipline, rules of conduct and conspiracy were established. A brigadist’s textbook was even compiled. It stated that the apartment of a member of the "Red Brigades" should be "proletarian modest." It should not be anything superfluous, but at the same time it should be well furnished and decent: curtains, a sign with the name, a rug at the entrance. With the owners should maintain good relations with the neighbors - to be gracious. After a certain hour, you shouldn’t have to turn on the receivers and players, go home before midnight. It was not recommended to shop and visit a cafe in its own area. The activist had to be punctual in relation to the rent, to dress decently, to wear a short haircut, to be friendly, not to get involved in any quarrels ...

Schools and teachers

After Curcio was arrested and given him 25 years, the brutal and merciless Mario Moretti led the terrorists from the Red Brigades. He was a friend of a certain Corrado Simioni, the leader of the “superclacesti” group (“super-supporters”), who studied the “problems of art” in the Milan branch of the United States Information Agency USIS, close to the CIA. The newspaper of the leftists, “Lotta Continua,” then directly warned that Simioni was connected with American intelligence. Enriched first at the robberies, Moretti and Simioni settled in Paris, where they created the Hyperion language school, which had branches in all the capitals of Western Europe. The correspondent of the newspaper Repubblika, Villoresi, later found the following entry in the archives of the Italian police:

"They suspect that the Hyperion Paris School is the most important cover of the CIA in Western Europe." It was through this “school” that terrorists of all stripes were supplied with weapons, explosives, their actions were monitored.

Italian researchers of the problems of terrorism in the Apennines have repeatedly pointed out that it was the United States that was beneficial in creating tensions in Italy: bombings, assassination, and terror. This created a pretext to establish the right dictatorship in the Apennines. This has already been done in Greece, where the pro-fascist regime of “black colonels” came to power with backstage support from the CIA.

It turned out that the activists of the “proletarian revolution” and the “enemies of capital” were doing just what was beneficial to their speculative adversary. Therefore, suspicions that some members of the “Red Brigades” are cooperating with the CIA, appeared even before they were behind bars and “started talking”. The former agent of the American spy department, Gonzalez-Mata, in his book “The True Lords of the World,” published in 1979, Moretti himself was suspicious of this. The author of the book found out that on the eve of the “Moro's operation” Mario Moretti traveled to the USA, and despite the fact that he was wanted by the police throughout Europe, he had no difficulties on this trip. Moretti was also associated with the organization ETA, which, together with the CIA, organized the assassination of the Spanish premier Blanco, with the French ultra.

Washington's number one enemy

For the United States and for the CIA, in particular, Aldo Moro was the most dangerous politician in Italy. The then leaders of Washington’s foreign policy, Brzezinski and Kissinger, were extremely hostile to him. The wife of the leader of the Democratic Party of Russia, Eleonora Moreau, later told the court that after the trip to the USA her husband told her about the threats he had received there. He was bluntly told: “You will have to abandon the further pursuit of your political course, aimed at achieving direct cooperation of all left-wing political parties in Italy. Either you stop such a course, or you pay dearly for it. ” And on March 3, just a few days before the abduction, the US ambassador to Rome, R. Gardner, directly called Moreau “the most dangerous politician in Italy”.

Giuseppe La Maddalena, a professor at the University of Bari, stated:

“Aldo Moro began to fear for himself and for his family since the Kennedy brothers were killed in the United States. He saw some analogy between the role played by Kennedy in the United States and the role of himself in Italy. "

The political secretary of the CDP, Piccoli, and the former Deputy Minister of the Interior, Zamberletti, concluded that “Moreau paid with his life for an attempt to free Italy from the bonds of“ supervised freedom ”in the US orbit”.

Known expert on the problems of international terrorism L. Zamoysky, author of the book “Freemasonry and globalism. Invisible Empire, “carefully analyzing this problem, came to the conclusion that the secret organizer of the assassination, Aldo Moro, was the secret Masonic Lodge of P-2, and the“ Red Brigades ”turned out to be merely performers. The scandal around P-2 flared up later when it became clear that this lodge, which included ministers, bankers, generals, as well as the leaders of the Italian special services, was preparing a right-wing coup in the Apennines. The Italian government resigned, and many participants in the box were brought to justice. It became known that the head of the P-2 Lico Jelly was closely associated with American colleagues. The plan was to rule the country from above with the help of the dictatorship of technocrats, using politicians as servants, and it does not matter to which parties they belong. The idea of ​​a bloc of Christian Democrats with the Communists was especially hateful for the oligarchs, the owners of the box P-2. That is why they were so disturbed by Aldo Moro.

And if you consider that Jelly was an adviser on the “Moro case” under the head of the Italian intelligence agency SISMI, General Santovito, and the head of the SICDE, the secret service of the Interior Ministry, Grassini, you can understand what the hellish trap was the abducted political figure. After all, it is well known that the Italian secret services were at that time under complete control of the United States.

Moreau, according to the testimony of the members of the Red Brigades who were caught later, undoubtedly guessed this. He bluntly asked his captors: “Didn't the Americans instruct you to remove me?”

“The action against Moreau,” notes L. Zamoysky, “matured at a critical moment. NATO brought to readiness the “pre-armament” scheme, which included the deployment of American nuclear missiles on the territory of the allies, including in Comiso, in Sicily. The coming to power of the coalition, which would take into account the opinion of the communists, could disrupt the agreement of the Italians to these actions, slow down the plans for NATO rearmament. Despite the fact that Moreau did not hold any public office at the time, his authority in the country was indisputable. ” “It remains to add,” he writes further, “that Rossellini’s“ ultra-left ”millionaire, incomprehensibly informed, announced on his Chitta Futura radio about the possible abduction of Moreau 45 minutes before it happened. A couple of years later, Rossellini was seen in the company of the French “new philosophers”, illegally crossing the Afghan border. Their task was to install illegal transmitters with inflammatory records in Russian. Does an analogy appear with the subsequent penetration of similar personalities into the territory of Chechnya? ”

CIA Open List

Already in those years it became known that the CIA systematically practiced political assassinations, even kept a special department specializing in the elimination of the "undesirable." Among the victims of such a policy can be called not only Moro, but also Salvador Allende in Chile, Congo’s Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba, Che Guevara and a number of other well-known politicians. Many times they tried to kill Fidel Castro. One of the last victims - Slobodan Milosevic, tortured in the dungeons of the Hague Tribunal.

Now they are saying that the unexpected death of the objectionable US national leader of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, was also probably not accidental. And how terrible Saddam Hussein was killed in Iraq and Muammar Gaddafi in Libya!

Victims are not only politicians, but also prominent entrepreneurs who are trying to act contrary to American interests. Thus, in Italy, under unclear circumstances, the president of the state oil company Enrico Mattei, who was trying to free the country from the dictates of US monopolies, died. The famous “golden Greek”, shipowner Aristotle Onassis, in a mysterious plane crash crashed his son Alexandros. Onassis was convinced that it was set up by the CIA - as revenge for his active ties with Arab countries, to the detriment of the American oil concerns.

And now - “color revolutions”

The operation of the CIA and the P-2 lodge to eliminate the disagreeable policy with the hands of the Red Brigades in Italy in 1978 was a success. The formation of the coalition of the CDA and the Communists was blocked, nuclear missiles in Sicily deployed. At the same time, the investigation of the “Moro case” made it possible to identify the mechanism for the creation of the CIA abroad by organizations that then influence the internal political life of sovereign states. It is curious that even then, allegedly “humanitarian” organizations were used for this purpose, such as the Hyperion language “school” in Paris and its branches in Europe, the analogues of which are now and in our country under the guise of some NGOs funded from abroad.

Later, when the CIA changed its strategy of interfering in the internal affairs of other countries, the same “schools”, “institutions”, “courses” under harmless signs were created in all other countries, where then suddenly color revolutions began to run amok. It was not at all necessary to detonate bombs or kill politicians in order to achieve the changes necessary for Washington or to eliminate objectionable politicians — although, in the case of “extreme necessity,” they continue to do so. More effective is some kind of "revolution of roses."

The system, in general, is quite simple: first, to create a seemingly harmless legal organization that can be used for financial injections. Under her "roof" to start preparing obedient "frames" for future actions, earlier for the attempts, and now for mass paid demonstrations, or provocative dances in the temples, and then ...

Another 1981, the Italian weekly Panorama, published an article by the former CIA director William Colby. Quite cynically this ober spy talked about how his department was operating in the Apennines, as well as how it recruits agents of influence. “The main thing for all activities,” he said, “was secrecy; no one should have known that the support was provided by the US government. Therefore, the money, materials, or just the advice in which it was expressed, were passed on to those to whom it was intended, through intermediaries who at first glance did not have any connections with the CIA and even with the US Embassy. These mediators, of course, were the so-called “external agents” of the CIA, who came to Rome and other cities of the country allegedly for the affairs of their companies ... Often, the Italian leaders themselves, who were intended to help us, did not know well who they received it from. Some believed that they were in contact with private American organizations interested in their activities. And those who guessed that they were keeping in touch with the US government were smart enough not to ask questions. ”

But isn't that what the CIA is doing today? Do they know who pro-Western NGOs have spawned in Russia, and for what purposes do they actually receive such generous help from overseas?

And for those who continue not to believe in it, let us say: look at at least the famous photo of the provocative dance of the Pussy Riot group on Red Square in Moscow. What is on the flag waving the girls? Emblem: clenched fist.

The one under which the color revolutions inspired by the CIA took place in Georgia, Serbia and Ukraine.
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  1. Egoza
    Egoza 14 May 2013 08: 10
    The article is a huge plus! Everything is clearly and correctly described! Moro had every chance of becoming the leader of Italy, so removing him was beneficial to everyone. What about the role of the Red Brigades? Were they really "red"? Were you real fighters? NGOs - cheerfully supporting "democratic protests" - from the same company, only in a "softer" package. Will this truth only reach modern youth minds? Do you really want to be "Parsley" on the hand of puppeteers? And those who work for money, let it be better to think about the fact that "there is money, but there is none" (almost according to Winnie the Pooh), but the payback will be much harsher. And no west will help!
    1. Begemot
      Begemot 14 May 2013 09: 22
      All grantees from non-profit organizations must remember that in history for more than 2000 years there is a world-famous character who received 33 silverfish for his deeds.
  2. pensioner
    pensioner 14 May 2013 13: 48
    And for those who continue not to believe in it, let us say: look at at least the famous photo of the provocative dance of the Pussy Riot group on Red Square in Moscow. What is on the flag waving the girls? Emblem: clenched fist.

    Who would doubt it ...
  3. gizz
    gizz 14 May 2013 14: 41
    Moreau is far from the first and not the last victim of the Americans (and the Saxons in general). They, especially not bothering, always immediately kill those who interfere with their interests and who cannot be bought. Tactics, of course, is not good to say the least, but it has proven its effectiveness. So maybe we can start to deal with the enemies of Russia as well. All the deadly sins of the western dermocracy have already been attributed to us so long ago, so it won’t be any worse.
  4. Kazanok
    Kazanok 9 June 2013 16: 11
    communism is the greatest evil .... it must be destroyed and forgotten ... damn the red ...