Military Review

Admiral Gorshkov aircraft carriers


TAKR "Minsk" - replenishment of stocks from KKS "Berezina", 1978

TAKR pr.1143.5 Leonid Brezhnev - Tbilisi - Admiral Fleet Kuznetsov "

Admiral Gorshkov aircraft carriers

TAKR ave.1143 "Minsk"

TKR pr.1143.2 "Novorossiysk"

TAVKR "Baku" - "Admiral Gorshkov"

In the 1987 year, when I was 10 years old, my father took me to Sevastopol, where I spent the whole day with him at Baku Baku (impression for life) ... Sailors presented a large photo of 30 x 40, see, which is now hanging on my wall in memory of my father (now this photo is freely posted on the Internet, and by the standards of 1987, to have an image of a modern warship is something):

So, it would seem that this newest ship should become an ornament and the main event of the parade on the day of the Navy-1987 in Sevastopol, but it was there ... not there. The citizens of the USSR did not have the opportunity to see the latest military hardware and be proud of the achievements of their country. It was possible to buy a free book in the store, "NATO Surface Fleet", but it’s impossible to find out something about your weapons. The achievements of the war industry of the USSR were hiding from their citizens. Even S.G. The pots in the “Sea Power of the State” 1976 (!) Of the year of publication did not dare to mention the Soviet TAVKRs, but this was our national priority (the VTVP carrier ship). I am not a big fan of Kucherenko ("Kalashnikov"), but in some way he is right: in the postwar USSR people were deliberately denied any information about the armed forces. Since the achievements of science and technology in the late USSR were concentrated in the field of military production, their concealment objectively worked for the Americans, who were trying to convince the people that he was always drunk cattle, who could not do anything better than "Zhiguli" ...

Serbal Captain I rank (

TAKR "Kiev" project 1143

TAKR "Ulyanovsk", the ship project 1143.7

Chinese dream "Varyag"

Sold to China, TAKR ave.1143.6 "Varyag" are going through the Bosphorus. 01.11.2001

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  1. Canep
    Canep 13 May 2013 08: 21
    Great selection of photos! Thank.
    1. patline
      patline 13 May 2013 09: 33
      That was power, so power. Eh ...
      1. Kars
        Kars 13 May 2013 10: 19
        Just for some reason there is no photo of Kiev and Minsk after their sale

        Shenzhen China
    2. Vashestambid2
      Vashestambid2 13 May 2013 15: 23
      Quote: Canep
      Great selection of photos! Thank.

      Joke, yes here the whole good ENCYCLOPEDIA good , wikipedia is resting !! This article must be made national treasures !! smile
      The author went and stayed up all night and drank 15 cups of coffee !! laughing

    3. Col.
      Col. 13 May 2013 21: 01
      Quote: Canep
      Great selection of photos!

      There are a lot of photos. And where is the article that is invited to rate?
    4. Siberian German
      Siberian German 28 August 2013 02: 57
      yes - only thoughts after viewing them are not very joyful
  2. knyazDmitriy
    knyazDmitriy 13 May 2013 08: 32
    Photos are super !!! It's a pity only photos of "Ulyanovsk" are few
    1. Nayhas
      Nayhas 13 May 2013 12: 02
      And what is there to take pictures? Ship set?
  3. Argon
    Argon 13 May 2013 08: 38
    Certainly interesting photos, a toad smothers about a Varangian.
    1. White
      White 13 May 2013 09: 36
      The toad should press not only for the Varangian - Minsk and Kiev now stand in the PRC as entertainment venues, and besides, Minsk was sold with all the electronic stuffing.
  4. Reasonable, 2,3
    Reasonable, 2,3 13 May 2013 08: 54
    And SUCH-crap. Already the tears run.
  5. Kuzkin Batyan
    Kuzkin Batyan 13 May 2013 08: 54
    I wonder why the United States does not use the slide to take off planes. Why this crap with a catapult? Or is there not enough engine thrust to take off yourself?
    1. Rus86
      Rus86 13 May 2013 09: 19
      if you remember exactly, the catapult allows you to increase the number of departures per unit time.
      although xs
      1. old man54
        old man54 15 May 2013 14: 12
        Quote: Rus86
        if you remember exactly, the catapult allows you to increase the number of departures per unit time.
        although xs

        On the catapult, the take-off mode is more benign for the aircraft engine, which is not for shock, not overloaded with aircraft bombs, does not require 100% afterburner. And for the "slide" we need an aircraft with a thrust-to-weight ratio much more than 1, which the amers did not have until the beginning of the 90s in principle! In addition, in the west, they are shouting heart-rendingly that without a catapult, the resource of the aircraft engine flies away like "into the pipe", which is not indisputable in my opinion. And that the method of such a takeoff does not allow the maximum use of the potential of a combat aircraft in terms of bomb load, which seems to me not entirely true. There are no less pluses: easy to use and operate, which is a huge plus in real databases; catapults have a very small resource, which means unreliability and frequent repairs; the absence of a catapult greatly reduces the ship's displacement, which has a positive effect on many of its other characteristics.
    2. White
      White 13 May 2013 09: 30
      A DRL, and supply aircraft, and the payload during take-off, and the fuel consumption (i.e. stock) of fuel after take-off ....
    3. Nayhas
      Nayhas 13 May 2013 12: 03
      To take off with any permissible load, and not with empty pylons ...
      1. old man54
        old man54 15 May 2013 14: 16
        Quote: Nayhas
        To take off with any permissible load, and not with empty pylons ...

        the issue of aircraft thrust, i.e. creating a special light deck aircraft with powerful two-arms, and always business!
        1. ProkletyiPirat
          ProkletyiPirat 8 July 2017 14: 17
          the whole question is about engines and their efficiency, classic air taxiways are ineffective for VTOL
  6. smershspy
    smershspy 13 May 2013 09: 16
    Many thanks to the author! The pictures are very good! It’s only very disappointing that all this is in the photographs, but in fact, nothing and nothing ...! I hope that the fleet will soon become the best as under Peter I, and Russia will be respected throughout the world! Few people know that on the seas, oceans and today there is a big race among Western countries for control of the water area! I hope that Russia will show its strong teeth!
  7. Hirsh
    Hirsh 13 May 2013 10: 23
    Red is the color of rust
    1. El13
      El13 13 May 2013 16: 49
      I think - this is a shipworm, protects ... from such.
  8. pinecone
    pinecone 13 May 2013 10: 33
    Stunning aesthetics of silhouettes. Soviet ships were the most beautiful in the world.
    1. Comrade1945
      Comrade1945 13 May 2013 21: 37
      Stunning aesthetics of silhouettes. Soviet ships were the most beautiful in the world.

      That's exactly what they were ...
  9. Boomer
    Boomer 13 May 2013 10: 57
    just super !!!!
  10. JonnyT
    JonnyT 13 May 2013 11: 23
    What a power! Old photos simply give a feeling of pride and greatness, and new ones only sadness and despair ....... here they are the achievements of democracy, degradation, so to speak!
    It's a shame, very a shame!
  11. 4fedor1
    4fedor1 13 May 2013 11: 44
    Yes, it’s impossible to break. Although it’s probably even easier to do nothing. I sold it and drank money. My grandfathers built it and we drank it! It remains only to be proud of the past. and I want to cry.
  12. Arct
    Arct 13 May 2013 13: 16
    This is really a selection, systematized and thematic, and not a useless set of photos.
  13. not good
    not good 13 May 2013 14: 50
    A good selection, and when you first see it live, next to it, you generally hold your jaw so it doesn't fall off. And when I saw the dying Novorossiysk in Vladik, my heart ached and tears came to my eyes.
  14. Andrii
    Andrii 13 May 2013 17: 12
    It was a deal. Why not build further.
  15. bublic82009
    bublic82009 13 May 2013 20: 18
    oh where is all this power? all pissed off.
  16. albert
    albert 13 May 2013 21: 27
    Respect to the author! hi Great photos 100500 +++ !!
  17. Rustam009
    Rustam009 13 May 2013 22: 08
    So much smoke on deck, what is it working on?
  18. cobalt
    cobalt 13 May 2013 22: 08
    A magnificent selection of photographs, I have never seen so many of them at once about our aircraft carriers. It's a shame to snot that we have only 1 such ship left, they sold everything else and cut it to metal. When there will be new, it’s not even clear, the feeling is that our shipyards in a deep crisis and can’t build anything heavier than frigates.
    And there is even a song about TAKR Minsk. I found it from the video.

  19. NickitaDembelnulsa
    NickitaDembelnulsa 14 May 2013 03: 37
    Extensive article. Eyes are tired.
  20. papik09
    papik09 14 May 2013 04: 55
    The photo gallery is just super! Thank you for the memory of Soviet power. I hope that this power, now of Russia, will be restored. So that the various overseas hawks there are afraid. And to be afraid means to RESPECT, and not to meddle with your "crap"
  21. Trevis
    Trevis 14 May 2013 11: 56
    Selling "Varyag" to the Chinese is simply a crime!
    1. NickitaDembelnulsa
      NickitaDembelnulsa 14 May 2013 12: 43
      There was simply nothing to eat. So they sold all that is possible. The theme of the 90s is extensive, and not very pleasant in most cases.
    2. old man54
      old man54 15 May 2013 14: 21
      so are yours, and they sold them! do you think the Ukrainian and Russian admirals did not understand why these narrow-eyed ships are really buying up? Understood perfectly, but ... I'm sure that if the Chinese build their own, on their own, completely, an aircraft carrier, even if the copy is "Varyag", then it will be funny, even in general. It's like the Indian navy according to its designs, oh let's laugh then. :))
  22. old man54
    old man54 15 May 2013 14: 34
    I was expecting an interesting article, and here ... a photo gallery, pressing on a sore spot and tearing apart a heart! Many thanks to the author for the selection of photos, I was impressed! Plus, although there was no analysis at all, which depresses. :) It’s a pity it’s really not possible to hold anyone accountable for this squandering of the fleet in the 90’s, not the bureaucrats of 100% corrupt, nor the admirals, who were then mainly dreaming of summer cottages and well-being of their children, and not about the fatherland and defense of their country!
    In my opinion, if only there were smart enough then not to sell TAKRs "for scrap", but at least competently put them in the RESERVE, while maintaining the operability of the main systems and mechanisms, and not to close the Yak-141 project ourselves, but to bring it to the series and develop further SVP, then today there would be no such problem than to cover the NK in the sea with the beam of the DB at sea away from its shores! The ships were simple and reliable, no match for the De Gaulle described in a recent article here! They regularly went to the ocean on alert duty, so what else is needed? This was our asymmetric response to NATO, in vain they are now rinsed everywhere in the media where they do not get!
  23. Matt eversmann
    Matt eversmann 9 June 2013 17: 08
    Whisper! Handsome men! Many thanks to the author for the presented photos! And to be honest, it's a shame that all the ships, except for the Kuznetsov, have been pissed off ... They would not have bothered us at all!
  24. caretaker
    caretaker 19 July 2013 11: 00
    I looked too much!
  25. aitch
    aitch 25 August 2013 01: 39
    It's a shame for the Power !!!!
  26. aitch
    aitch 25 August 2013 01: 40
    And when they respected us !!!
  27. aitch
    aitch 25 August 2013 01: 43
    And for some reason no one answered for these crimes! But for a stolen piece of bread for a hungry child they would have been planted for 5 years.
  28. aitch
    aitch 25 August 2013 01: 48
    Prosral Yeltsin and Co. Power !!!
  29. bulvas
    bulvas 25 August 2013 10: 09
    I did not even imagine how powerful the USSR fleet was. In the 79th, there was a colleague from Nikolaev in the army, worked at the shipyard, told that they mainly build aircraft carriers, it was a revelation.

    It is imperative that today's youth show what happened, they don’t even know what Russia was like.
  30. KGDU10
    KGDU10 6 September 2013 18: 02
    A good article and a good monument to the great Russian sailor and man!