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Mafionatsizm as a phenomenon of Ukrainian neo-fascism

The twenty-year period of “gangster capitalism” lawlessness, which threw Ukraine into the margins of civilization, clearly turned the essence of its “democratic” transformations inside out. The so-called “national idea” of the notorious Maidan, which has grown into “Orangism”, today, already in the brown uniform of fascist stormtroopers, is marching around cities and villages throughout Ukraine. Unfortunately, the fears of the left and patriotic forces that voted for V. Yanukovych came true. Ukrainian neo-fascism, which absorbed the dogmas of integral nationalism and its bloody traditions, in the fertile soil watered by the oligarchic mafia, revealed to the world a new kind of fascism - MAFIONATSISM.

Mafionatsizm as a phenomenon of Ukrainian neo-fascism

In some of his publications, the author has already spoken about this new formation of fascism, which, in fact, for the world is no less dangerous than Nazi Nazism. If not great. In the formation of fascism in Germany, as is known, the corruption of all branches of government was not as total as in Ukraine. As, however, and mass unpunished plunder of state property. There was no such influence of the criminal environment on the security forces and the judicial system, as in our country, where the interpretation of the laws is left to the “tillage” in power and thieves in the law. Another thing is obvious: the mimicry of Ukrainian fascism from the moment of the “Orange” coup is a fully formed symbiosis of nationalism, fascism, big business and the criminal mafia. Oligarchic clans with inveterate criminality and blood-thirsting Bandera would be able to outdo their Gestapo predecessors in a more extensive bloodshed that could start with civil war under the auspices of the “national idea”, conjoined as Siamese twins. And such conflicts as teaches история, Often they draw into this slaughter both their neighbors and distant neighbors.

To talk about political stability in Ukraine and respect for democracy (in its classical sense) is equivalent to the views and position of an ostrich hiding its head in the sand. Only a naive man in the street and a narrow-minded politician can believe that the decisive battle has been declared to the neanderism by the team of V. Yanukovych. In fact, and it becomes obvious, the add-on part of the “orange” regime, like its main component, the “national idea,” underwent only cosmetic marafet after Maidan. In the language of the military, this is regarded as a regrouping of forces and an exercise in the tactics of seizing power. Apparently, many politicians either underestimate it or consciously turn a blind eye to the impending disaster.

It is characteristic and more. Even the most radical "Orange" from the stream of accusations of all existing and imaginary sins of the new leadership "tactfully" avoid evaluating the actions of the regionals who, without taking into account the opinion of the Ukrainian people, started off sharply in the direction of EU integration. Of course, they will continue to keep their mouth shut, waiting for the unbroken Mustang to bite the bit, or throw the rider (Party of Regions) into the abyss, or flood his hoofs. If only it happened away from the borders with the "cursed Muscovites." In the current situation, the nationalists have no reason to criticize this leadership for its obsequious fawning on the West, which all its years closed its eyes to the Nazi obscurantism in Ukraine, presenting it to the world community as a triumph of "Western democratic standards."

They are even on hand (and in this regard, the nationalist opposition is loyal to the new government) the same hoaxes of V. Yanukovych’s team before the EU and the USA, Ukraine’s withdrawal from the SES and evading the Customs Union with Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, against which the West. For them, it is important that under the guise of compromises with Russia (and agents of influence so far coped well with this task) let her face get more dust in order to draw more benefits from “stupid Muscovites”, without which it is difficult to join the “European values”.

And at the same time, the Party of Regions regularly pours balm on the soul of radical nationalists, especially the foreign OUN, which is a significant figure on the “Z. Brzezinski chessboard”. How can they not hide their delight when, in tandem with the nationalists, the regionals, in spite of Russia, dragged laws in the parliament allowing the holding of exercises in Ukraine to NATO troops. Not to mention what field of activity opens up for their intelligence agencies and missionaries, who will supply the bones of anticommunism and hatred towards Russia in a stream that they will grind everything without rest with the teeth of omnivorous Bandera hyenas.

Such teamwork in the anti-communist and anti-Russian cacophony gives a kind of indulgence to the national elite to build the Ukrainian model of national fascism, through whose hands the US intelligence services still do not give up hopes to embody the geostrategic directives of the White House

Recently, Ukraine has literally been shaken by political shows, which are an avalanche of long-suffering people tired of politics. Home-grown and foreign recruits recruited by the public consciousness shamelessly and defiantly propagandize Ukrainian fascism, already grinning his teeth, without realizing that in the finale of such "performances" there always comes a tragic denouement.
The years of nationalistic bacchanalia in Ukraine did not remain without a trace. A long-lasting people will feel a painful moral and spiritual scar from the wound caused to them. People under the influence of the conformist intelligentsia and the media bought up on the vine have become unable to distinguish lies from truth, treachery and betrayal from true patriotism, spiritual values ​​from panel morality.

But the tragedy of the situation of the country and society as a whole lies elsewhere. Nazi ideologists operatively groped for the Achilles heel of Ukraine. We are talking about the younger generation, which is easily influenced by total propaganda, the fruits of which ripen in school and university audiences. The young growth that has not grown up ideologically and morally and has not acquired life experience has not yet matured to an understanding, for example, that the idealization and heroization of the traitors to the homeland is the traditionally tried method of laundering the vile little soul of its own betrayal.

The ethnopolitical split of Ukraine continues to deepen against the background of the degradation of Christian morality in the ranks of the ruling elite, which has brought treachery to the rank of idolatry. The canonization of executioners and political Judas looks so cynical and defiant, that many sympathizers of Ukraine are wary of the events taking place in the country. If the history of any state corresponds so brazenly and rudely, in favor of a temporary conjuncture, then there is no respect for such a country. Emblazoned on 10-hryvnia banknote anathema and zaedenny lice Hetman Mazepa minted coin in Hitler's agent and executioner Shukhevych, the forcible renaming of streets and squares, assign a name to the traitors and adventurers - all this every day reminds people who took the baton of political scoundrels.

The impunity of the fascist orgies shown in Ukraine is explained by the fact that a society split and zombied by nationalist propaganda is not able to assess its tragic and plight and, because of subconsciousness imposed at the level of subconsciousness, rejects any thought about any organized protest against the arbitrariness of the authorities. It was such an extremely lumpen and morally degraded electorate, coupled with apolitical shopkeepers that brought Hitler to power.

It is regrettable and what was mentioned above - that a large part of the public in present-day Ukraine continues to swallow the hook on which the “bait”, made in Galician kitchen according to the recipes of the foreign OUN, is mounted with the same recklessness. The Ukrainian mass media, however, cares that the “bodily truth” presented by the radical nationalists is plentifully poured with a spicy dressing of anti-communism and Russophobia.

Such is the tribute to the reckoning of a nation losing its face and allowing the Nazi Satan to distort his soul. Cowardice and indifference, as integral components of betrayal, became the face of the intelligentsia and the national elite, who embodied the mental line of the Ukrainian philistine “my hut on the edge” into the colorful image of Ukraine led by talentless and unpredictable leaders. It is hard to realize. But the reality of the fact that Ukrainian fascism has acquired real outlines from the virtual image, with the features and attributes inherent in this regime, is not to leave.

The theorists and followers of integral nationalism, the backbone of which consists of undecided nazi minions, well aware that the tragic events of World War II and a short historical period had not yet eradicated the bloody face of Nazism from the memory of nations, not only A new shell of the bible of fascism, but also to develop new methods for translating its postulates into life, in accordance with the new situation in the country and abroad. Having preserved a rational grain of national fascism, the Bandera revanchists not only cleverly managed to adapt themselves to the American geopolitical doctrine of “promoting democracy”, but also cynically arrogantly speculate and cite the “democratic standards” in the eyes of the “naive” West.

Hitler did not even dream of such camouflage, since the very word “democracy” drove him to a hysterical state. The Fuhrer did not even think of giving his idea of ​​“living space”, like the American, “democratic” color with lyrical nuances: “orange”, “pink”, “tulip” and so forth. Revolutions. Integral nationalists from the cradle feeding on “strong and strong imperialists” promptly adjusted to US imperial ambitions, hoping at first to get political dividends, and most importantly - to enlist a reliable cover, because such an ally can also become a guarantor of the emergence of national fascism in Ukraine.

So, strictly speaking, it was during the reign of their corrupt protege Yushchenko, when the United States actually turned a blind eye to the Bandera sabbath in Ukraine, which as a puppet was a desirable player in their geopolitical field, ready to go into a bloody slaughter for a tasty morsel (of course, Russia), the contours of which are marked even in the current national anthem - “vid Xiang to Don”.

Ukrainian nationalism is “international” in its essence, since it has never been an autonomous ideology, locked in the interests of only its own nation. In the years preceding the Second World War, he closely ideologically merged with German and Italian fascism. Since the beginning of the war, the Ukrainian nationalists joined the ranks of the Wehrmacht, becoming active accomplices in the crimes of the Nazis, not yielding to them in atrocities, especially in relation to their people. Judging by how and by what methods their misanthropic ideas were put into practice, Ukrainian nationalism has the right to claim the highest level in the hierarchy of fascism. Therefore, it is understandable why the current falsifiers of history bypass and ignore the publications of the fascist press during the war years that even the Himmlerian executioners were horrified by the sophisticated cruelty of their Bandera henchmen.

Having gone deep into the underground, the Ukrainian Nazis for many years honed the point of blunted blood-stained axes in Ukraine and abroad, and especially in the USA, where the aspiring Bandera warriors of the OUN-UPA fled the nest.

In recent editions of some Ukrainian publications, articles and interviews with L. Kravchuk and L. Kuchma began to appear, where there is a tendency not only to smooth out the evil caused by two Leonids to Ukraine, but also an attempt to present them more visually against the odious personality of V. Yushchenko. Already no one doubts that it was the ex-ideologue of the CPSU L. Kravchuk, who joined the party for the sake of getting an apartment, laid the foundations for the birth of fascism in Galicia. Washing his hands like Pontius Pilate, and remaining in the shadows in Mefistopheles’s characteristic manner, he seduced Kuchma to release a fascist genie from a bottle of blood that was longing for blood. While Kravchuk made velvet revolutions in parliament and as a conductor, but from the orchestra pit, he led the nationalist chaos, Kuchma opened all the gateways for the Nazi contagion into Ukraine under this accompaniment. In this filthy stream, the OUN emissaries penetrated the country legally and illegally: the widow Ya. Stetsko - S. Stetsko, who immediately created the party “Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists”, the notorious terry nationalists R. Zvarych and Chumachenko, who soon became the first lady.

As you know, even before the start of the current torchlight processions in the United States, a number of radical nationalist organizations were created in the United States, which were generously funded by the government. A Ukrainian-American of American origin, the well-known Katherine Claire Chumachenko, the current wife of ex-President Yushchenko, has become a member of one of these organizations since 16. Unfortunately, the competent authorities of Ukraine have not bothered either to confirm or refute the rather convincing nature of the information that the First Lady is a CIA agent implanted in our country. As for her ideological convictions, this is eloquently illustrated by a photograph on the Internet, where she, in her youth, as a member of a fascist organization, is depicted in a posture of the Nazi salute — Heil.

And, apparently, it is no coincidence that Hillary Clinton, who visited our country after the “Orange Putsch”, gave praise to Ukrainians of American origin, of which America is proud of their “contribution” to the “promotion of democracy” in Ukraine.

For the same period, there was a massive migration, like the lemmings, of the Galician OUN in the power and legislative structures, not to mention the media and the humanitarian sphere. Having turned into a puppet in the hands of nationalists, Kuchma began systematically destroying the state mechanism and, first of all, the power structures - the state security organs, the army and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In the eyes of the Security Service of Ukraine, turned into a police appendage, Western intelligence agencies put up spy residency nests, united by a common goal - to turn Ukraine into a launching pad for subversive activities against Russia and the CIS countries. This was successfully completed by the overthrown Kuchma Yushchenko. And none other than the former shadow master of the military-industrial complex of the country, L. Kuchma, laid the tradition of shedding awards and honorary titles of the odious ideologues of national-fascism to the Nazi’s tune and gave the green light to the campaign of renaming the streets with the names of murderers and traitors.

In this capacity, the Ukrainian mutant of fascism appears before the world, changing only some external forms over the years of anabiosis, but not losing the essence of Nazism, which no disguise can alter, as well as erase the satanic Dontsov, Bandera, Mussolini and Hitler's Satanic brands.

The answer to this must be sought in the continuity traditional for Ukrainian nationalism, a characteristic feature of which is omnivorousness and absorption in the womb of reactionary currents and their dogmas. “Mein Kampf” of Hitler, like a sponge, absorbed, in addition to the treatises of Schopenhauer and Nietzsche, the experience of Italian black-shirts and the dogmas of Don integral Integral Nationalism.

On the other hand, the Ukrainian variety of fascism, although it professes the basic principles of Hitler's Nazism, is more insidious and dangerous. As you know, Hitler, with his party clique, “cooked” in his own ideological kitchen and did not accept recipes from the outside. The Ukrainian Nazis turned out to be more rational and illegible. Their integral nationalism has virtually disappeared into the American doctrine of "promoting democracy". At the same time, everything that corresponds to the charms of “democratic relations” and “European values” was squeezed into a bubble with a “democratic” shell (not without the help of the CIA). And now the ideological cuisine of the Ounovs was filled with all sorts of experts, advisors of all levels, deep penetration agents, and agents of influence. This made it possible for the CIA to keep the entire national elite on a short leash. It was precisely such Kholuy dependence, combined with their inquisitorial mentality and inferiority complex (they served only the “strong”, but did not play the main role in them), with the underworld of lackeys envy and anger always made the Ukrainian nationalists monstrously aggressive and unpredictable in their cruelty.

The economic crisis that has fallen on Ukraine, the sharp stratification of society, the split of the country as a result of domestic and foreign policies pursued by the national elite, created favorable conditions (as in Germany 20-30-s of the twentieth century) to promote the Nazi ideology, which deftly manipulating the moods of the masses, created the prerequisites for its complete domination.

How identical are the tactics and methods of attempting to seize power by the Ukrainian radical nationalists with fascist ones, it is enough to illustrate with some comparisons and references to Hitler's “Mein Kampf”. Then the reader will be convinced of the sources from which the OUN get their knowledge and experience in the formation of the aforementioned “national idea”.

In those troubled years for Germany, Hitler taught his supporters what advantage to his movement comes from the economic and political crisis. In particular, he writes: “Fragmentation and splitting, which, at first glance, give us the impression of something tragic, in fact often lead, in the end, not at all to such bad results.” And so on the whole continuation of the “rozbudovi” of the Ukrainian democracy, the identity of the approach and the views of the Fuhrer and the current functionaries of the OUN regarding the imposition of Nazi ideology in the country is visible: “Ukraine above all”, “purity of race and language”, “titular nation”, “spirit of the nation”, "Ukraine for Ukrainians", "I serve the Ukrainian people" and so forth. Nazi terms as a tumbleweed moved from Hitler's opus to the terminology of the Ukrainian power elite.

It must be admitted that today the conditions for the fascization of Ukraine are more favorable than in the crisis Germany of 20-30. past century. By the time the Nazi party seized power, it was possible to create a powerful propaganda apparatus, which was also generously funded by big business, as in today's Ukraine. The latter is now in a clear gain, since it has a television set in its arsenal that allows it to regale the whole country with propaganda of fascist ideology around the clock. All this was taken into account by far-sighted and cheeky nationalists, who in a short time were able not only to get their hands on all the media, but also with their help to ideologically occupy the whole of Ukraine.

Unlike Hitler's ideologues, Ukrainian neo-fascists with particular cynicism play on the religious feelings of believers of all denominations, putting the main strategic task at the forefront - the eradication of Orthodoxy as a force uniting fraternal Slavic peoples. Over the years of “independence,” Ukraine has become a refuge for all sorts of religious charlatans, ranging from American Mormons to African-Asian sectarians, whose mission is usually reduced to banal fraud, the victim of which were thousands of credulous people. And, no matter how outrageous, the authorities still open wide the doors of radio and television channels to overseas rogues, who, speculating by God, are corrupting Christian morality.

It was the open “protection” of the US nationalist Yushchenko’s regime that allowed the latter, without looking back and fear, to implement the “Bandera breakthrough” program, which provided for not only the ideological reorientation of society, but also the creation of a repressive mechanism that, in relation to the “democratic standards of the West”, should have been no less effective than the repressive machine of the Hitler Reich.

To argue about the moral character of Yushchenko (president-beekeeper), at least, it is naive, because it was from his apiary and not out of negligence, but by direct intent one after another, swarms of bees affected by the national-fascism virus scattered across Ukraine. To return them to the bosom of a native apiary, as beekeepers know, is very problematic. It is also known that the departing swarm, doomed to death, is distinguished by unrestrained aggressiveness.

Unfortunately, the team of V. Yanukovich, who came to power, did not learn the sad experience of her defeat in 2004. Then, as you know, the Party of Regions ignored the calls of the advanced public to unite healthy forces and mobilize them for an uncompromising neo-fascist obscurantism. The leaders of this party remained deaf to the warnings of the Communist Party of Ukraine that rampant xenophobia, overt propaganda of fascism, accompanied by the torchlight processions of aspiring Bandera, are nothing but a forerunner of the fascist coup.

Adherents of Bandera’s retirement from the political Olympus are practically not put in the way by the authorities at all levels of any obstacles to their subversive activities. Lies, fictions, distorting historical events, and frank xenophobia are driven into the heads of the spectators, listeners with maniacal methodic. It seems that at the time of their speeches, “Mein Kampf” lies in front of them, in which italics says: “lie only stronger — something of your lies will remain.”

And this (again, notice!) Is taking place against the background of the current dialogues between the leaders of Ukraine and Russia, which they are assured of friendship and reliable partnership. And at the same time, the programs of leading television channels (whose owners are prominent PR functionaries) are given the opportunity for visiting provocateurs and intriguers Shuster and Kiselyov to organize on an open air propaganda of fascist ideology, Russophobia and the nationalists' compromise of the government’s attempts to establish good-neighborly relations with the fraternal people. And all this is happening on a completely legal basis and with a hypocritical reference to “democracy and freedom of speech”, which the above-mentioned leading libellers immediately forget when representatives of the left forces are trying to expose adherents of fascist ideology to live on air.

Unfortunately, the cunning and arrogance of the Galich extremists, who have captured key positions in the state machinery and the media, neither the Party of Regions nor the left forces can yet counter their tactics of influencing the masses, while the radical nationalists use the Hitler’s method “creatively” and quite successfully manipulating the minds and moods of the unorganized crowd. “The masses of the people,” explains Nazi No. 1, “do not consist of professors and diplomats.” The masses have only a small amount of abstract knowledge. For them decides the area of ​​feelings, .. the mass is susceptible, first of all, to the expression of force, .. the driving force of the most powerful upheavals on Earth has always been fanaticism of the masses, sometimes reaching hysterics. ”

The cited theses of the demon-possessed Fuhrer, like a commandment, formed the basis of the charter of the “field commanders” of Maidan in 2004. Fanatic, into a frenzy, drumming on metal barrels, the hysterical cries of stunned thugs showed the world community how creative the home-grown neo-Nazis put into practice Hitler, as is well known, saw the driving force of the fascist orgy of lumpen and shopkeepers.

Being a good psychologist and an extravagant speaker, Hitler was able to feel for the weakness and sensitive strings of the crowd and his knowledge of the psychology of the masses imposed on propagandists, stressing that "the susceptibility of the masses is very limited, the range of its understanding is narrow, but forgetfulness is very large." He also suggested using propaganda tactics, designed in such a way as to “distract maneuvers” to direct the attention of the crowd to the “main enemy”. “To tirelessly promote the idea that the blame lies entirely and exclusively on the enemy,” Hitler continues, focusing on Marxists and Jews. Are these coincidences coincident with our reality?

Unpunished violation of the Constitution, which has become an integral part of the Ukrainian neo-democracy, is also unique in the sense that lawlessness has grown together with the ideology of national-fascism, which, as a rule, denies all norms of morality and law. And this allowed a crowd of conformists and “theorists” of forgotten historical traditions to rend the scent of the fascist stench, which, as is well known, resulted in the rehabilitation and heroization of traitors and villains of all stripes and presented to society as the color and pride of the nation. Pseudo-patriotism, inspired by demagogy about democratic values, is still focused on the most base human evils, racial intolerance, borrowed from the tenets of highly reactionary currents abroad.

One wonders how similar the philosophical views of our Ukrainians, “nationally svidomikh”, are with the precepts of Hitler, especially in matters of upbringing and training the new generation of the nation (which Yushchenko worked tirelessly). In particular, speaking of the role of history in teaching schoolchildren, he (Hitler) writes: “One of the most important tasks of our state, therefore, is to ensure that such a course of history is written in which the racial problem takes the dominant position.” And further, developing his thoughts, he instructs: "From an early age we must educate in our youth respect for nationalism," including the "issue of blood purity," which "will benefit military affairs." And in the same place, complementing their views, the leader of the nation concludes: “The introduction of a national idea to the broad masses will succeed only if, alongside with a positive struggle for the soul of the people, we carry out the complete eradication of its international poisoners.”

So the emphasis is placed on the issues raised above. One can only imagine with what pleasure (if he was alive) the Fuhrer would have rubbed his hands, having learned that Ukrainian schoolchildren learned the basics of his commandments using history textbooks for a long time and that even Yushchenko’s children study in an elite school, where pupils exchange greetings at meetings with each other the Nazis. However, the Ukrainian army is not an exception, since there, for a long time, according to MO directives, army youth is brought up in the “heroic traditions” of the OUN-UPA gangsters. Not without reason, the leading military schools located in the eastern regions of Ukraine were transferred to Lviv, which became the generally accepted den of neo-Bandera and terry Russophobia.

I would especially like to dwell on the role of the Uniate Church in Ukraine and especially in the western regions, where clerics are making every effort so that the ideas of integral nationalism penetrate not only into the souls of the flock, but also become the dominant ideology throughout the country. Practically not a single Nazi Sabbath in Ukraine passes without the participation of the “servants of God”, which clearly demonstrates the union of Uniatism with radical nationalism, exposing the roots of the alliance of Catholicism with the fascism of the times of Metropolitan A. Sheptytsky.

The role of clerics in the activities of the OUN-UPA is given a lot of pages in the works of Lviv historian, professor V. Maslovsky and Canadian citizen V. Polishchuk - author of the book “Bitter Truth: OUN crimes-UPA (Ukrainian confession)”.

Speaking, in particular, about the contribution of clerics in the practical implementation of the ten commandments of Ukrainian nationalism (decalogue), V. Polishchuk emphasizes that “between Italian fascism and Ukrainian nationalism only the difference is that Italian fascism was not supported by the Catholic Church, while in Galicia there was an almost complete merging of the Uniate Church with the OUN, among famous figures of which many came from the families of priests (S. Bandera, J. Stetsko), and some were even priests (Fr. Ivan Grignoch). ” “From here the ceremony of the ounovtsy’s oath ceremony is not on the cross, not on the Bible, but on the revolver, which meant death for“ betraying an organization, ”writes V. Polishchuk.

As in the years of the fascist occupation in Galicia, the “sword and cross” symbolized the fascist-nationalist movement, and today, as V. Maslovsky warns, “a powerful alliance with the nationalists, the so-called“ phyletism ”(clerical nationalism), as a symbiosis of these two phenomena. Nicholas Conrad (1876-1941), priest, professor of philosophy and sociology, a prominent clerical nationalist, who idealized Dontsov’s ideas, best reveals the essence of the alliance of the church with fascism: “Chin to the order, want the church, fire, terrible judgment, want the church wines paid off with slogans and the blood of millions. "

Did not these exposures cause the mean murder of V. Maslovsky?

And here, sadly, it begs another reference to the guiding star of the Uniate clerics - Hitler's opus. “In the center of Europe, you need to create a Slavic state built on a strictly Catholic base so that it becomes a pillar against Orthodox Russia,” wrote Hitler at that time, not even foreseeing that one of the Slavic states, Ukraine, would adopt it Slavophobic ideas.

The Nazi expansion into the historical, religious and cultural foundations of Ukraine has become one of the dominant dogmas of the “national idea”. The artificially created split of the Orthodox Church, the dominant motive of which is Russophobia, in parallel with the expansion of Uniatism, accompanied by pogrom actions over the spiritual shrines of generations, deepen confrontation in society. Forcibly imposed policy of “Ukrainization” and a single “title language” add only oil to the fire of the growing ethnic conflict. And this indicates that the political compass in the search for a “national idea” has firmly increased to the neo-fascism pole.

The “Maidan Syndrome”, as a result of the fascization of Ukraine, continues to be managed today, the features (symptoms) of which are clearly shown in the troubles of the whole society. It would seem that the new team of President V. Yanukovich, which includes prominent politicians and analysts, will properly and objectively assess the reasons for its previous failures and defeats. In this case, as common sense and logic suggest, it is necessary to begin not only with self-purification, but also with a critical assessment of the business and political qualities of the staff, especially in the structures responsible for laying the foundations of the country's domestic and foreign policy. But underestimating and ignoring the fact that national agents, who have been introduced by national-fascists into all parts of the state mechanism, humanitarian sphere and media, will act are tantamount to sentencing the efforts of the new government to stabilize the situation in the country.

The public is alarmed by the deathly silence of the new top leadership of the country regarding the fate of those who directly betrayed the national interests of Ukraine and caused it irreparable harm in the field of defense and economy. What is it? Fear of being numbered among the direct or indirect accomplices of the “orange regime” crimes? Or the fear of being exposed by Western puppeteers, whose common "ropes" were tied to the main actors of the Ukrainian drama?

Was it not for the “trickle-down” of the listed questions? V. Yanukovych, who had not even changed his inaugural attire, hurried to Brussels to reassure the West about the “immutability of the European choice” of Ukraine ?.

However, the answers to these and other questions can be obtained from the same media, which are still part of the propaganda apparatus of the former regime, whose agents of influence occupy far from ordinary posts in the renewed team in the center and on the periphery. It is their views and attitudes voiced on television and in the press that inspire hopes and confidence to the nationalists that their work is not so bad after Yushchenko’s departure. A rather convincing confirmation of this is expressed in an interview with the closest ally of President Anna German to the weekly “Mirror of the Week” from 6 in April of 2011, where she presents her (? - Auth.) Way of unification of Ukraine:

“This should be ensured by the new (? - Avt.) Ideology of the Ukrainian state, based on the principles of broad cultural autonomy with the right to choose the language of communication that meets the needs of the majority of its inhabitants, to erect monuments to those heroes (Bandera, Shukhevych, warriors of SS“ Halychyna ”. - Auth.) The memory of which lives in their hearts. " That is, she concludes, “this will turn Ukraine into a modern European state in favor of European values ​​(?! - Auth.)”.

So: the same song by Yushchenko, but with new nuances in the new arrangement. If now Western Ukraine is recognized as an enclave of fascism by virtue of ideological delimitation, then, according to the estimates of A. Herman, this region should already receive the status of autonomy. It turns out that what the national radicals are dreaming about, for, according to the logic of things, this will legitimize the right to life of their fascist ideology and the legal attributes accompanying it. Thus, the focus of fascism in Ukraine gets the right to life. Whether the leaders of the new ruling elite of Ukraine and the EU are thinking about this, what “European values” Ukrainian national-fascism, which smacks of Munich-2, can present to the world, is highly doubtful.

But along the way there are other questions: how, for example, would you assess the position of V. Yanukovych, who brought A. Herman closer to power, probably having the information that the latter, who absorbed OUN-UPA songs from the mother’s mother with milk, and who maintained friendly relations with Shukhevych’s son , do not hide their nationalist beliefs?

The impression is so obvious that Mephistopheles (like A. Herman), crucified in loyalty, skillfully set up political traps for the guarantor, when they get into his image, like the Party of Regions, each time gets wounds more sensitive than the other. Almost all the media in Ukraine, except for the newspaper “2000”, were silenced by a sensational event that put a fat cross on V. Yanukovich’s reputation not only as President, but also as individuals. It will be a question of the Lvov trap, the hit of the guarantor in which, no doubt, was planned by the closest “associates” of the Presidential Administration. In order not to be unfounded, the author refers to the article by Academician Y. Pakhomov “If visibility and essence coincided, any science would be superfluous” (“2000”, No. 24, 18-24 June 2011). The author devotes several lines in this article to the stay of V. Yanukovich in Lviv. In particular, he writes:

“... Yanukovych talked sincerely in Lviv with admirers of Bandera and Shukhevych; including Yuri Shukhevych and his numerous supporters. Do not believe? Ask the President to acquaint you with the album, the photo depicted Y. Shukhevych and his wife and Viktor Fedorovich. Next are pictures of enthusiastic "Bandera", huddled around the crowd V. Yanukovych or walking with him through the streets of Lviv. Behind the scenes - since the evidence is only an album - there remained a conversation with supporters of Y. Shukhevych, during which V. Yanukovych urged them to lower the degree of radicalism and take the path of searching for a compromise ... ”.

That's it! .. "Finding a compromise" with those who have not dried blood on their hands and axes. What would he say (if he was alive) to him on this score twice Hero of the Soviet Union, veteran of the Second World War and cosmonaut G. Beregovoi, who gave young Yanukovych a start in life, tearing him from the criminal past?

The Party of Regions’s line of conduct also raises concerns on a number of other issues, when the regionals fail in the initiatives and proposals of the anti-fascist forces to curb Bandera lawlessness in the country, as well as the unprincipled position of the leaders of the party towards traitors and defectors, among whom, beyond doubt, is Ounovskaya agents. The departure from the fulfillment of the election promises of this party begins to have a systemic character, not to mention the facts cited above, indicating that some influential functionaries of the Party of Regions are slipping on the path of compromises with the pro-fascist opposition. And no matter how the regionals tried to justify the actions of their leader, his fraternization with Bandera was nothing more than a neo-Nazi carte blanche for the further spread of fascist ideology on Ukrainian soil.

Seduced and mesmerized by the candy wrapper of “European values”, which the nationalist devil is waving in front of her nose, the political elite of this party, as if hypnotized, follows the path of surrendering its principles to Satan one after another, essentially entering into a deal with him.

This is the phenomenon of the current Ukrainian democracy, the perverted and violated principles of which in Ukraine are turned into an all-forgiving indulgence for the fascist genie released.

The final part of the statement addressed to President V. Yanukovych and the media from public organizations in Kharkov, in particular, states: “Without leading a decisive and uncompromising struggle against Ukrainian national-fascism and without cutting its tentacles that enclose the spiritual and moral values ​​of the people, the Party regions as a political force can go into political oblivion. It would not be superfluous to remind the leaders of this party of the bitter tragic experience of the German Social Democrats. The flirting and compromise of this party with Hitlerism turned to concentration camps and gas chambers for thousands of its members. It was in Germany and, unfortunately, could be repeated in Ukraine, but with more disastrous consequences, given the cunning and the bloody mentality of Ukrainian integral nationalists. ”

I hope that the public in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine will not disregard the negative processes taking place in Ukraine, and will express solidarity with the Kharkov patriots.
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  1. fortunophile
    fortunophile 13 May 2013 15: 35
    I don't understand why the administration of the Russian site "VO" would post such articles? In Russia, there are also many idiots playing neo-Nazism, they even hold marches, why should we play off the citizens of Ukraine and Russia, than stirring up someone else's straw, can you get rid of your log first?
    I will immediately explain against neo-Nazism in all its manifestations and I believe that it should be punished in a criminal procedure even for the most "innocent" forms, but I am also against a large number of articles recently that "expose" Ukraine (Kazakhstan) in the worst tones. I live in Russia myself hi
    By the way, I would like to hear from members of the forum who live in (deliberately not "in") Ukraine: "Really the fascists have risen?"
    1. tarks
      tarks 13 May 2013 15: 53
      The answer to the question "why": then, that Russia is not a "spherical horse in a vacuum", but Ukraine is its closest neighbor. This is the most obvious answer, minimal.

      The answer to the question about the "fascists": they have really risen. They are in the Rada.
    2. anton107798
      anton107798 13 May 2013 16: 13
      Quote: fortuneophile
      Real fascists
      have risen?

      really. But the situation is not clear how something keeps them up. Well, the monuments as they demolish, and they demolish them from Kharkov, so imagine a monument and we have Natsik in our city! Small of course, in the form of a piece of granite in one of the parks. But recently, someone excavated it and skipped it at night.
      The fact is that while it’s calm ... But the fact that they are in the Parliament is not happy
    3. ed65b
      ed65b 13 May 2013 16: 31
      In Russia, too, many idiots playing neo-Nazism, even marches

      It is in Russia, but far from Ukraine. And it is not in Russia that monuments to fascists are erected and not in Russia terry nationalists are sitting in the parliament and not in Russia they are tearing orders from veterans. The author is right.
    4. domokl
      domokl 13 May 2013 17: 05
      Quote: fortuneophile
      In Russia, too, there are many idiots playing neo-Nazism, even marches are held,
      In Russia, Nazism is not only prohibited by law, but practically not supported by people. Ukraine is our neighbor, and therefore, everything that happens there can partially spread to us.
      1. Egoza
        13 May 2013 19: 50
        Quote: domokl
        Ukraine is our neighbor, and therefore, everything that happens there can partially spread to us.

        That is the point. Such articles about Ukraine appear in order to warn the Russian people and not to regard the emergence of neo-fascists as something frivolous. They are quiet, but they’ll try to break through. Here we have already broken through to talk about democracy and freedom.
    5. avt
      avt 13 May 2013 17: 45
      Quote: fortuneophile
      I don't understand why the administration of the Russian site "VO" would post such articles? In Russia, there are also many idiots playing neo-Nazism, they even hold marches, why should we play off the citizens of Ukraine and Russia, than stirring up someone else's straw, can you get rid of your log first?

      Well, if you do not see the difference between the Nazis from Ukraine and our local spill .... request so this is bad.
      Quote: anton107798
      But the fact that they are in Parliament is not happy

      Well, that’s nothing, you’re any Rada, I’m not glad that she’s Rada, this is a belated reaction, our Dumaks have already beaten, dignitaries - the boyars laughing But here is what you are absolutely right about - the arrival of the Natsiks in the representative power, yes, the symptom is not very pleasant. request Well, in the conditions of Ukraine - alarming in the light of the current situation in the complex.
    6. Scythian 35
      Scythian 35 13 May 2013 19: 09
      I have written more than once, the more such articles in the press, the more nationalism moves eastward. And what does this article have to do with the military review is a mystery !!!
      1. Hudo
        Hudo 13 May 2013 19: 47
        Quote: Scythian 35
        the more such articles in the press, the wider nationalism moves east.

        Wide strides - tear pants.

        Quote: Scythian 35
        And what does this article have to do with the military review is a mystery !!!

        The same as the war in Syria, only this one is closer and has not yet entered the active phase. The guns are not firing yet, but the war is already underway.
      2. domokl
        domokl 14 May 2013 05: 33
        Quote: Scythian 35
        the more such articles in the press the wider nationalism moves east
        You propose to hush up? Impunity and indifference will give rise to even greater rampant nationalism. All our comments and our interest are dictated primarily by the fact that Ukraine, whatever the politicians say, is perceived as part of the Russian lands ... Just like Belarus. Not Russian, but Russian. Another, but Russian state.
        Personally, I am against the reunification of countries, but the soul about Ukraine hurts anyway.
    7. aspirin02
      aspirin02 13 May 2013 22: 02
      I will fully hold it, I was in Moscow on May 9, I personally saw how Soviet flags and St. George's ribbons were torn from passers-by under a ridge. By the way, in Ukraine and in Russia, this is done mainly by Ultras football fans, especially their relationship in our countries and to residents of the Caucasus ...

      Here for example, a photo from Russia, otherwise it always seems that the ultra-right are only in Ukraine ...
    8. valokordin
      valokordin 14 May 2013 03: 18
      Quote: fortuneophile
      Ukraine (Kazakhstan) in the worst colors. I live in Russia myself hi
      By the way, I would like to hear from members of the forum who live in (deliberately not "in") Ukraine: "Really the fascists have risen?"

      Let's face it. We have lost Ukraine. Nato will not let her out of his clutches. Yanukovych turned out to be pro-Russian no more than Tymoshenko. Undead Bandera were elected to the Rada. What's next? And then the confusion and the collapse of the state, if the eastern lands do not fall under Tyagnibok. They will recall I.V. Stalin, who defended the country from the Nazis, is now not very energetic. And then again begin to howl repression, repression.
    9. reserve
      reserve 14 May 2013 10: 55
      Unfortunately, there are really fascists in Ukraine. Communists in the Rada are elected less and less from election to election, and in the Party of Regions, many remember the USSR with longing. One long-term clown Kolesnichenko is worth something. By the way, if someone does not like the link "USSR-fascism" - take an interest in the classical definition of fascism and remember (without hysteria) the history of the USSR with its famines, repressions, deportations of peoples, etc.
    10. Reasonable, 2,3
      Reasonable, 2,3 15 May 2013 03: 16
      Well, the photo is pure Aryan. Hee hee. Rather, pr ........ to.
  2. The comment was deleted.
    1. tarks
      tarks 13 May 2013 16: 13
      usually written in this case not assimilated
    2. nevopros
      nevopros 13 May 2013 16: 16
      Do not get into the politics of the state, where half (or even more) speaks Russian? Do not go where the long-standing project to destroy Russia has been successful?

      Do you know ethnic cleansing in Austria-Hungary? 1912 year? And grafting newspeak?
  3. Manager
    Manager 13 May 2013 15: 43
    We ourselves in Russia have such a der ... ma whole bunch. Who is not there. Let’s solve the issue with them first.
    1. tarks
      tarks 13 May 2013 16: 04
      You see, this, on the one hand, interacts, on the other, ready-made militants for war with each other.
      For the seed.
    2. Manager
      Manager 13 May 2013 16: 27
      Who puts a minus, stop in Moscow for a start and see how many of them are here. Not by hearsay I know that in the regions there are almost none. So the minuses Your gentlemen are undeserved because you are not aware like me.
    3. domokl
      domokl 13 May 2013 17: 09
      Quote: Manager
      We ourselves have such a der ... ma bunch in Russia
      Tell me a place in Russia where the Natsiks at least walk openly .. Why carry nonsense? Skins have long been outlawed both legally and practically ... They beat their faces, so they don’t protrude. And in Ukraine they’re sitting in Parliament
      1. Manager
        Manager 14 May 2013 07: 57
        Quote: domokl
        Why carry nonsense?

        Well, they’re not in the Duma, but there are thousands of them on the streets of Moscow. Believe me, it would be as before, I would not write. but there are really a lot of frightening them.
    4. nevopros
      nevopros 14 May 2013 09: 19
      Everything is as usual. As a rule, revolutions take place in the capitals (St. Petersburg and Moscow, respectively). Finding extras is not a problem. Football fans (the main "character") + a few organized interest groups to throw in the right information. Football - I agree with M. Shevchenko - is the old "bread and show".

      The rest of the "trifle", such as going to wave your hands (no matter what), is routed in the interests of all the same groups.
  4. seller trucks
    seller trucks 13 May 2013 15: 44
    a lot of letters, and the phrase "the public of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine will not disregard negative processes" amused the author, let me know how?
    1. Hudo
      Hudo 13 May 2013 19: 49
      Quote: seller trucks
      a lot of letters, and the phrase "the public of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine will not disregard negative processes" amused the author, let me know how?

      Does it really cause bouts of unbridled fun?
  5. tarks
    tarks 13 May 2013 15: 58
    Do you know what the main idea of ​​creating Ukraine is?
    The dismemberment of Russia.
    It turned out, as you see. More recently, by historical standards, Ukraine was considered Russian.
    1. djon3volta
      djon3volta 13 May 2013 21: 22
      Quote: tarks
      The dismemberment of Russia.

      and these Natsiks from Ukraine are against whom they are opposing? against Russians? against Christians? yes? these are not Natsiks but fascists like ours. He didn’t succeed in pitting Russians with Caucasians, on the instructions of Hilary Clinton. Now he went on to fight corruption, he decided to us blind to open our eyes, they say LOOK THERE ARE THIENDS AND SCAMS, DOLL THEM. I would have personally scored a bulk pipe with a piece of tubing, and until it was completely turned off.
      1. YuDDP
        YuDDP 14 May 2013 00: 32
        Quote: djon3volta
        Now he has gone over to the fight against corruption, he decided to open our eyes blind, saying SEE THESE THE THIERS AND SCAMS, DO IT. I would have scored this bulk in person with a piece of tubing, moreover, to a complete shutdown.

        Did you understand what you wrote?
        "Someone" fights corruption (by the way, like our President), tells the entire Internet about the facts of corruption, offers non-violent measures of influence.
        And for this, our John is ready to hammer him to death with a piece of pipe.
        What is so vital that our John is losing because of this "Someone" that he is even ready to kill a person?
  6. Army1
    Army1 13 May 2013 16: 01
    I’ll say right away against nationalism, sometimes I understand that it’s provocatively from different North Caucasian and Asian republics, and decent guys fall into the hands of neo-Nazis.
    Conclusion: The correct migration policy, not to let all the trash out of the countries of the former USSR, they were not found by criminals and stuff .... A competent person arrived, please, do not need trash. As for the North Caucasus, the same thing, only here are these republics more complex as part of the Russian Federation. It is necessary to create programs so that there is control from a young age to adulthood; many young people, under the influence of fanatics, go to the mountains. In general, this is a separate issue. Prostitutes, bullies, etc. do not have a nation.
    Dear site administration, I propose not to post more articles of this kind, and from the category of world of tanks.
    1. Manager
      Manager 13 May 2013 16: 31
      Quote: Army1
      a regular migration policy, not to let all the trash out of the countries of the former USSR, they were not found by criminals and so on ..

      I agree that those who did not find themselves go here. Those who do not have a stupid school education. The whole village (aul) and crime! So only tight control and department. Why is it the same in Canada if you are not a promising young family with a higher education, you’ll go to hell to live and work all the more. And they arranged a nursery on a straight line. And here skinheads and haters are poked out who suffered in some way from these bandits from auls.
    2. feanor
      feanor 13 May 2013 17: 24
      Quote: Army1

      Dear site administration, I propose not to post more articles of this kind, and from the category of world of tanks.

      It is sometimes necessary to upload such articles, but we do not live in a spherical vacuum, it’s another matter that we began to write about this too often. Well, about World of Tanks, this is the sponsor of the site, maybe you want to maintain the site, then this advertisement will not be there.
    3. bezumnyiPIT
      bezumnyiPIT 13 May 2013 20: 18
      If you don’t like sir, don’t read
  7. treskoed
    treskoed 13 May 2013 16: 06
    Where does this evil come from? I remember fellow Ukrainians in the Soviet Army - officers, warrant officers, soldiers! Most of them are great guys, respected in the team and loving the Motherland! How are they now - have they rebuilt or are they suffering from their "fellow countrymen"?
    1. tarks
      tarks 13 May 2013 16: 39
      Methodical, systematic work on the cultivation and selection of "Ukrainians" has been going on for about a hundred years.
  8. tarks
    tarks 13 May 2013 16: 10
    Indeed, the article is not from the category of pieces of iron.
    It’s actually about how, when and why your wonderful fifth generation jellyfish suddenly starts shooting at her own.
    Or where do the Gorbachevs who wholesale the Country come from for the right to advertise pizza in England.
    She about another war and another weapon.
  9. sscha
    sscha 13 May 2013 16: 12
    Quote: Hirsh
    I did not overpower this nonsense. First deal with your skinheads, and then ... and then nevertheless, fuck

    You need to read carefully - this "nonsense" was written by a Ukrainian and a citizen of Ukraine! hi
    1. seller trucks
      seller trucks 13 May 2013 16: 22
      well, for me it's better Sergey Lunev or Andrey Vajra, by the way, they are also Ukrainians, not so florid and almost everything is on the case. "The Way of Evil. The West: The Matrix of Global Hegemony" is generally a bestseller.
    2. Kaa
      Kaa 13 May 2013 16: 34
      Quote: sscha
      this "nonsense" was written by a Ukrainian and a citizen of Ukraine!
      Let's digress for a minute from the opinions of Ukrainians and Russians and listen to Europe, so beloved by some (by the way, the Ukrainian media practically did not cover this issue). "December 13, 2012 will be the second day for European parliamentarism, when he devoted some time to Ukrainian nationalism. This happened for the first time on February 25, 2010, when one of the points of its resolution the European Parliament assessed the posthumous awarding of Stepan Bandera with the title of, as it was said, the "national hero of Ukraine": "The European Parliament deeply regrets the decision of the outgoing President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko to posthumously assign Stepan Bandera, the leader of the Organization Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), who collaborated with Nazi Germany, the title of "National Hero of Ukraine" and hopes that the new leadership of Ukraine will reconsider such decisions and will remain committed to European values. "
      Now the European Parliament has adopted a resolution which called on the "pro-democratic" forces of Ukraine not to cooperate with the "Freedom" party.

      This was done on the initiative of the Bulgarian MP Christian Vigenin, from the group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament.
      Ukraine’s Air Force correspondent in Brussels said that 348 European deputies voted for the Vigenin amendment at a meeting of the European Parliament, 93 against, 139 abstained. "Svoboda" has not yet declared all 348 MEPs who voted "for" the MEP as communists or homosexuals, which indicates either the latent ideological reserves of Tyagnybok's party or the principles of common sense.
      On December 13, 2012, another statement appeared - MEP, member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, Pavel Zalewski, representing the Civil Platform there - the Polish Peasant Party. A quote from this statement: “We are watching with great concern the growth of nationalist and xenophobic sentiments in Western Ukraine. We understand that the Svoboda party, which has been cultivating Bandera traditions for several years, is largely responsible for this. This is especially painful for us on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the Volyn tragedy. "Http://
  10. Mhpv
    Mhpv 13 May 2013 16: 23
    Another big bunch on the Ukrainian theme for the day. Everything is good when moderately gentlemen.
    1. Heron
      Heron 13 May 2013 23: 06
      That's right
  11. seller trucks
    seller trucks 13 May 2013 16: 35
    Quote: anton107798
    I am from Kharkov, so imagine a monument and we have Natsik in our city!

    the main monument to the Natsik stands on the bypass M2 Moscow-Kharkov

    now he’d be picked up, this squalor, which is characteristic, this abomination is facing Russia

    recognition of the USSR as the culprit in the famine of 1932-1933. here is one of the fundamental in fomenting Ukrainian separatism

    1. shark
      shark 13 May 2013 17: 33
      why bawdy)))) This is not a distant future for Ukraine. It is called so- give the bread to the Russians. I want to eat)))
  12. knn54
    knn54 13 May 2013 17: 00
    A bit of history - the exodus of the Jews from Egypt. It was thanks to the "agitation" of the descendants of Abraham that the mood of the Egyptians changed completely in relation to the Jews over the course of several years. The Jews did everything to provoke the Russians to pogroms against the Jews. The Social Revolutionary provocateurs especially distinguished themselves. The genetic Jew Joseph Goebbels also called on the Germans to fight against the Jewish Bolsheviks. Thanks to the 2nd World War, Israel arose. The Rothschilds, Rockefellers got rich ...
    Stalin brutally suppressed all manifestations of "anti-Semitism" in Soviet society, giving him such a definition. “National and racial chauvinism is a relic of the misanthropic mores characteristic of the period of cannibalism. Anti-Semitism, as an extreme form of racial chauvinism, is the most dangerous remnant of cannibalism ... Active anti-Semites are punished by death under the laws of the USSR. " (Newspaper "Pravda" No. 329, November 30, 1936)
    On the other hand, Stalin considered the Jews, whose brains were curtailed by the teachings of Zionism, the most sworn enemies of the USSR and the working people. Stalin considered Zionism an even more terrible phenomenon than Nazi fascism.
    "... World Zionism will strive with all its might to destroy our Union so that Russia can never rise again. The strength of the USSR lies in the friendship of peoples. The edge of the struggle will be directed, first of all, to rupture this friendship, to tear the outskirts from Russia. Here, I must admit , we are not done yet. There is still a lot of work to do. "
    Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Co. were Jewish herself, moreover, they were Jewish, they hung stuffed animals in the hypermarket, one of which was a "Jew."
    The Fuhrer "Svoboda" Tyagnibok has a Polish Jewish grandfather, Tsesielski, and his maternal grandmother is an Austrian Jewish woman, Frotman, in whose apartment he, by the way, lives and is registered in Lviv! Klitschko's grandmother is a Jewess Etizon! The descendant Vitaly hides in every possible way that he is an "honorary citizen of Israel"! And Yatsenyuk's grandfather Bakai was the most famous interpreter of the Talmud in Israel!
    Kolesnikov. Pinchuk, Kolomoisky Feldman Surkis, Yaroslavsky are the richest people in Ukraine and all as one “Ukrainians”.
    Here are the TRUE Puppeteers. Such people like to catch water in troubled waters. They will ALWAYS benefit.
    PS Christ's coming to the Jews ended in accusing the latter of devil worship: “Your father is the devil, and you want to fulfill the lusts of your father” (John 8, 44).
    To ordinary Jews, the Savior then said other words: “Not healthy people need a doctor, but sick people; I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance ”(Luke 5: 31-32).
    1. bezumnyiPIT
      bezumnyiPIT 13 May 2013 20: 29
      And if there is no water in the tap -
      Jews drank water.
      If there is water in the tap -
      So the Jew pissed there.

      Anti-Semitism is one of the guises of Nazism
      1. knn54
        knn54 13 May 2013 21: 16
        bezumnyiPIT: Anti-Semitism is one of the guises of Nazism.
        Not Nazism, but Nationalism. These are two different things.
        But ZIONISM and NAZISM, as extremist currents, suggesting the primacy of ONE nation over the rest, twin brothers, only different symbols.
    2. ded_73
      ded_73 14 May 2013 09: 42
      "The ancient Slavs did not know about the existence of the Jews, so they attributed all their troubles to the dark forces of nature ..."
  13. mamba
    mamba 13 May 2013 17: 09
    “In the center of Europe, it is necessary to create a Slavic state built on a strictly Catholic base so that it becomes a support against Orthodox Russia,” Hitler wrote in those days, not even anticipating that it was one of the Slavic states - Ukraine - that would take it into service Slavophobic ideas.
    Was Hitler short of Poland? Before World War II, she was only engaged in this, which was a support against the atheist USSR, whose people had not yet lost the traditions and values ​​of Orthodoxy. Why did you need to tear the faithful lackey in order to create a new one for yourself, but on the basis of the formally Independent, but really completely controlled occupation administration?
  14. annenkov242
    annenkov242 13 May 2013 17: 13
    Western Ukraine and the entire south of the USSR, with our help, slipped the evolutionary stage — from feudalism to socialism, and they should not interfere with the return to where we pulled them from !!!
    1. tarks
      tarks 13 May 2013 17: 21
      "WE", Russians, as we lived here, we live here.
      And by "them" we are being pulled to where "they" never left.
  15. Forget
    Forget 13 May 2013 17: 22
    The twenty-year period of lawlessness of “gangster capitalism”, which threw Ukraine into the margins of civilization, clearly turned the essence of the stages of its “democratic” transformations inside out

    But what a powerful state Ukraine was ....
    1. tarks
      tarks 13 May 2013 17: 26
      The EU does not need a powerful Ukraine. And we have "European aspiration" spelled out in the constitution.
  16. fatty
    fatty 13 May 2013 17: 22
    all right, the trouble also lies in the fact that the current apologists for these Svidomo are often just clinical fools.
    one valera baby-professor-imbecile is worth it!
  17. shark
    shark 13 May 2013 17: 42
    I don’t like such articles. Like picking a knotty stick in a wound when I read them. Moreover, many sincerely believe that in ten fifteen years we will reunite in one country. And I do not believe. Because I visit Ukraine and see with my own eyes how it is it will not be easy. And now let's ask ourselves, does anyone really do something to unite with Ukraine? Can we sell cheap gas to the eastern regions at the level of contracts of local authorities? Yes, we can certainly. And we can give out grants against the background of the Russian-Ukrainian friendship, we can, and rivet pro-Russian youth movements, like pies, and we can easily unite the Don and Zaporizhzhya Cossack troops. No one is doing anything. Only tears are pouring. And time is running out.
    If our government needed this alliance, even though there was no movement. In the meantime, we also dismiss Belarus. This is our old man pulling our ears and not letting go. But unfortunately, he will not become president of Russia
    1. fatty
      fatty 13 May 2013 17: 55
      uv.shark go to the political review website and read today's article - ten steps of russia towards ukraine. here is the answer to your question.
  18. galiullinrasim
    galiullinrasim 13 May 2013 19: 32
    the unification does not threaten our generation, I think. one I don’t understand why the victims of fascism are pulling in there. Poles Ukraine have heard from the Baltic states and didn’t hear Siberia in the Urals. Why can anyone think
  19. individual
    individual 13 May 2013 19: 32
    Many can and should be agreed.
    But, the question is, where is the role of Odessa in public life independent?
    The role of Donetsk, Kharkov, Crimea with Sevastopol and their counterparts of Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Chernivtsi, their confrontation of the regions indicate the policy of Kiev. The role of a separate factor of the Crimean Tatars?
    And until the stake will continue.
  20. Mr. Truth
    Mr. Truth 13 May 2013 19: 33
    Ugh Khazar horde ...
    1. YuDDP
      YuDDP 14 May 2013 00: 44
      I don’t know who they are in the photo,
      but the right one is not a fool, and the left one too, kmk
      1. Mr. Truth
        Mr. Truth 14 May 2013 10: 42
        This is one of the ukro-nazi / ukro-turks, real Aryans.
        An Ugro-Mongol like me bowed to kiss their clean Slavic legs.
  21. awg75
    awg75 13 May 2013 20: 30
    I think every nation is worthy of the power that waving a whip over it ... and I don’t feel sorry at all
  22. Semurg
    Semurg 13 May 2013 20: 39
    It’s bad when young people begin to greet each other with the characteristic gesture that is shown in the photo at the beginning of the article. If this gesture and ideology is accepted by a large number of young people, it can lead to internal disassembly at first, and then to external ones. I hope Ukraine will not follow this path.
    1. Hudo
      Hudo 13 May 2013 20: 49
      Quote: Semurg
      It is bad when young people begin to greet each other with the characteristic gesture that is shown in the photo at the beginning of the article. If this gesture and ideology is accepted by a large number of young people, it can lead first to internal disassemblies, and then to external ones.I hope Ukraine will not go this way.

      Unfortunately, I have already gone, and the recitation of mantras can no longer be cured.
  23. 120352
    120352 13 May 2013 20: 59
    Their head fell to death. Complete loss of self-identification!
  24. Aeneas
    Aeneas 13 May 2013 21: 16
    the contours of which are indicated even in the current national anthem - "see Syanu to Don."
    the author is not familiar with the text of the Ukrainian anthem, there are no such words there.
    It’s not without reason that the leading military universities deployed in the eastern regions of Ukraine are transferred to Lviv, which has become the generally recognized den of neo-Bandera and terry Russophobia.
    The Air Force Institute is located in Kharkov, the Navy Academy in Sevastopol, part of the Land Forces Academy in Odessa, part in Lvov. There were military schools in Lvov and under the Soviet Union, trained personnel for Bandera? ... In general, the author is on fire. So many metaphors and epithets! At the expense of Russophobia in Lviv, I was there over the weekend. Half of the tourists are Russians. Some Lviv residents exploit the image of "Bendera" already as folk in the Kryiyvka restaurant, and at the same time the same restaurant maintains a colorful Jewish restaurant near the synagogue, earning money from the flavor of Jewry ... Although the Galicians are nationalists, yes. And the situevina on this issue is as follows: nationalism is popular in Europe and its ghost wanders with Lepen and his daughter in France, with a relative of Mussolini in Italy (they all sit in parliament), in the Basque Country and Scotland, Austria, Hungary (where they are in the majority in parliament) in Flanders, Holland, Greece (where their positions have strengthened a lot. But what can I say, even Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin says that he and Dmitry Anatolyevich are Russian nationalists, in a good sense of the word (and who in a bad way?). The popularity of nationalist parties is characteristic and for Ukraine. Previously, these were light national democrats from Rukh and Our Ukraine. These nationalists (their leaders) very quickly sold out to the oligarchy, and people became disillusioned with them. Now it’s the turn of Svoboda and Tyagnibok, for Ukrainians are ready to give a chance to nationalists. Yanukovych catches this trend also makes some complimentary speeches to the idols of nationalists like Ivan Franko or Taras Shevchenko (who were not nationalists at one time). , yeah, opponents of the nationalists. At the same time, they merged in the ecstasy of unity in the pro-power majority with the regionals of Yanukovych, behind whom stands the oligarchy. In general, it would be interesting to see the leftists with a national bias in Ukraine, I think they would have great chances.
  25. individual
    individual 13 May 2013 21: 50
    The people of Ukraine fled at a run from her "devouring" their property - fat and vodka.
    Russia is also good, about "has shown independence. The question is from whom?
    How it was necessary to afford to fool the brains to bring the discord 90-91gg. to the theater of the absurd.
    I recall the words of Otto Von Bismarck:
    "The Russians cannot be defeated, but ..."
    And we follow this prediction of the enemy.
    1. tarks
      tarks 13 May 2013 22: 57
      The people of Ukraine, if they "fled," were from the Yeltsins and Chubais.
      I also remember the so-called "referendum" on independence, and what preceded it. And you?
      And by the way - remember how Putin came to power?
  26. Prosto vovochka
    Prosto vovochka 13 May 2013 23: 13
    Scary, already horror! No irony. The farther from the USSR, the dumber the younger generation. The level of education is the primer smoked in the first grade. And there are more and more of them every year. Higher education is a diploma bought in a subway passage. Those who truly "learned" their diploma, as a rule, "dump" over the "hillock". The population is getting dumber. Now in Ukraine it is no problem to meet a 10-12 year old child with a bottle of beer in hand. People drink themselves from childhood. And this does not apply to the West or the East, this is the case throughout Ukraine. In VO, as a rule, people with a "tower" from the USSR, do you think, it is difficult to instill in such a population the ideas of fascism and pointing the finger at the "guilty" to wait for the consequences, but they will not have to wait long. Such a Ukraine will have only two problems - "railways" and "moscow". But if the former simply poke around at these Nazis and the Nazis are assuming, then the latter don't give a damn about Russia.
  27. orek
    orek 13 May 2013 23: 18
    Quote: knn54
    Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Co. were Jewish herself, moreover, they were Jewish, they hung stuffed animals in the hypermarket, one of which was a "Jew."

    everything is not new in this world. A snake biting its tail.
  28. Grieg
    Grieg 14 May 2013 00: 06
    The article is very relevant. Unfortunately, many commentators do not understand that the heart of modern Ukrainian fascism is pathological Russophobia reaching hysteria. And the first victims of neo-fascism, if he comes to power, will certainly be millions of Russian people living in Ukraine. They have already become victims of repression in this rapidly fascizing country. There are plenty of facts, but you cannot write everything in a short commentary. In addition, the Russophobic-Nazi Ukraine will undoubtedly become the forefront for aggressive actions against Russia. It will become an ideal platform not only for deploying the notorious missile defense system, but also for active intelligence and subversive activities against Russia and the countries of the customs union. We must also remember that fascism, like crime in general, has no boundaries. Therefore, in my opinion, Russia should not indifferently observe how a fascist monster is growing at its side, but should influence such processes in the interests of the world by diplomatic, economic, humanitarian and other means accepted in international practice. Some suggestions on this score are set out in Prose. ru on the author's page of Grigory Shchavelev in the essay "The Gallery of Cannibals or the Truth about the" OUN-UPA Heroes ".
  29. Avenger711
    Avenger711 14 May 2013 02: 22
    Ukraine = Nazism. This is pretty obvious. X_o_kh_o_l, Little Russia, but not Ukrainian.
  30. Goldkonstantin
    Goldkonstantin 14 May 2013 11: 31
    The roots of this brown stuff go back to Western Ukraine, where these ideas have been "cooked" for centuries. But if the Poles at one time perfectly stuck the Nazis there, then the further to the east, the more insolent they became. I apologize to those who are from Ukraine, but this compost is already slowly appearing in Crimea. I was there the summer before last, the impressions were depressing.
    1. shark
      shark 15 May 2013 18: 16
      yes the Poles even subscribe to jihad, if only against the Russians