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PGF Smart Sniper Rifle

A well-trained sniper is a fighter who is very expensive, but the cost of his training pays for itself many times with a reasonable use of its capabilities. Since everything has always been around money, there is nothing surprising in the fact that training costs tend to reduce to a minimum, and ideally make it possible to use any soldier as a sniper. Half a century ago it seemed impossible, since it is impossible to simply take and improve a person’s skills without spending any time or money, the only option was to improve weapons, but here you can’t jump too far either, as a bunch of sniper rifle is determined by its effectiveness by the weakest parameter. So, the most beautiful and precise weapon in the hands of an unprepared person will not be able to show good results, just as the skills of a good sniper will be shackled by the low quality of weapons and ammunition.

In principle, in order to just shoot a lot of mind is not necessary, but in order to shoot and hit at extreme distances, and even with high accuracy, you need to know a lot more than where the trigger is. Everything is completely taken into account, from the distance to the target to the humidity of the air, and all this must be either counted or replaced by a very great experience. With the development of electronics, the task to hit the enemy at great distances has been simplified, it got to the point that the scope itself made all the necessary corrections, and it remained only to catch the enemy in the sight and pull the trigger. However, this did not give everyone the opportunity to become at least an accurate shooter, since the enemy very rarely stands still and often moves fast enough. Unfortunately, the bullet also has its own speed and hit the target not at the moment of pressing the trigger, but somewhat later, in other words, in order to hit the moving target, it is necessary to make an amendment to the speed of its movement, and this task is not the most simple.

That was until recently, now, according to TrackingPoint, absolutely anyone can become a sniper. Honestly, I personally can’t believe that anyone who has two hands and at least one “working” eye will be able to accurately hit the enemy at long distances, but some points make you think that if not now, then soon it will become a reality. At CES 2013, the company presented its computerized sniper complex, capable of partially independently firing at the enemy, but still in the presence of a man.

The main essence of the development of the company is not so much in the weapon, as in the sighting device, which independently takes into account all the amendments that had to be done by an arrow, including the speed of the target, and can significantly facilitate the use of weapons. In order to understand the basic essence of the development, it is necessary to disassemble how the process of aiming and firing will now take place. First, the shooter points the weapon at the target and marks the selected target. The sight remembers the shooter's choice and waits for further command. After the shooter is ready to fire, he switches the weapon to combat readiness, but the shot will not happen until the shooter again points the weapon at the target. The shot happens automatically as soon as the weapon is aimed at the target. It is noteworthy that no amendments need to be introduced; it is enough to simply combine the target with the crosshair, as in most computer games, the corrector makes all amendments independently.

Here is such a technical progress in the field of firearms. At the moment, the company is going to release three versions of such weapons: one option for the .338 LM cartridge and two for the .300 WM cartridge. They promise the possibility of remote control for the iPhone and iPad, why is it not clear, you cannot turn the weapon remotely, and so on and so forth.

In general, it seems to me, such a device is good for everyone, except that it shoots on its own, whatever one may say, but this opportunity still needed to be left to the person, not the computer. Still, a person is not a machine and is not always ready to shoot. But if this weapon had been supplemented by a machine that could turn a rifle in the right direction, then remote control from a smartphone or tablet and an automatic shot when aiming at the target would have been in demand. And most importantly, then anyone could really confidently hit the enemy, because for that he would only need the skill to poke a finger at the touch screen. Although now the shooter will be required a minimum, namely sober so that his hands do not shake, although this electronics may well compensate.

Summing up, it should be noted that any innovation is useful, even if it shows that it is impossible to do this as done. In this case, I think, such a system is more relevant for weapons that do not have direct contact with the shooter. However, it is unknown how the development of weapons will continue; perhaps it’s true, soon a person will be needed only as a machine for a weapon, and all the rest will be done by itself, as described in many literary works. Indeed, a lot of things that the science fiction writers have described are already quite realistic, and sometimes they visit the idea that the designers derive their ideas from fiction.

And finally, about the financial issue. It is worth all this happiness will be about 17 thousand dollars, I think that depending on what kind of ammunition will be used, the price will not diverge much. According to the characteristics of the weapon itself, apart from information on the ammunition used, there is no data yet. It is hard to say whether it is worth it, but I think that the company would have had much more, even though this market was already occupied by others, but the TrackingPoint specialists would know better by simply producing smart sights that could be installed on most rifles. .
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  1. neodymium
    neodymium 15 May 2013 08: 32
    How the controller operates in anticipation, the distance is clear.
    And where are wind corrections coming from?
    Is it possible to dunk rusty in a puddle?

    Actually, the future is with such weapons ..
    Judging by the reduction of defense programs in the west, it is distant.
    So let's be in time.
    1. Mikhado
      Mikhado 15 May 2013 09: 11
      Quote: neodim
      Is it possible to dunk rusty in a puddle?

      In my opinion, the answer is obvious, although it is possible to seal, but something tells me that after a puddle there will be a sickly popandos for money wink
      And so - everything is logical, it is VERY long and expensive to prepare a sniper, it can be an electronic device here more efficiently, it must be considered. Just a trained person is clearly more reliable.
  2. report4
    report4 15 May 2013 09: 15
    Another weapon of "trench warfare". Either heavy-duty large-caliber rifles, or rifles for repairs that will require not only a mechanic, but also an electronics engineer. Well, yes, for anti-Pope wars or World War I the perfect rifle lol
    1. max2188
      max2188 25 May 2013 19: 25
      They are doing everything right. In fact, this is a rifle with a smart sight and nothing prevents you from putting ordinary optics on it.
      Do you have any idea how much you need to train a sniper? And with this thing even a child can shoot perfectly. The future is in electronic systems.
      The idea is very good and it will find both scientists and money for its development, and life shows that good ideas are developing at a tremendous speed. Another 5 years and these sights will go into service with someone
  3. machine gunner
    machine gunner 15 May 2013 09: 18
    fortunately, while all of these systems are operating up to medium range. to the limit possible on a fixed target and in ideal tabular conditions.
    1. Alexey Prikazchikov
      Alexey Prikazchikov 15 May 2013 13: 57
      Yeah, so far it's all difficult to use in battle, but only for now ...
  4. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 15 May 2013 10: 24
    "Basically, you don't need a lot of intelligence to just shoot, but to shoot and hit at extreme distances, and even with high accuracy, you need to know a lot more than where the trigger is."

    Article +, but I would like to say that a sniper is not just a person who knows how to get to extreme distances in any conditions. A sniper is a philosophy, in addition to the shooting skill, the fighter's psychophysical state (the ability to stay motionless for hours and days in position, his type of nervous system, resistance to negative weather and climate factors), and tactical skills (camouflage, position selection, etc.) are extremely important. .) So, despite super-aiming systems, any soldier who knows how to shoot decently cannot become a sniper.
    1. neodymium
      neodymium 15 May 2013 11: 04
      Agree, the idea of ​​a ballistic computer built into the sighting system of a sniper rifle has been around for a long time.

      For example, a bullet flight time of 800 m is about a second.
      Calculate the speed of the target and take the lead, to move the target, and automatically, this is a song!

      Does a sniper need such an assistant?
      In my opinion the answer is yes.
      1. Vladimirets
        Vladimirets 15 May 2013 12: 26
        Quote: neodim
        Does a sniper need such an assistant?
        In my opinion the answer is yes.

        This is indisputable, it is the sniper who needs him, but he cannot make a sniper out of any fighter.
      2. the47th
        the47th 15 May 2013 16: 49
        Quote: neodim
        Agree, the idea of ​​a ballistic computer built into the sighting system of a sniper rifle has been around for a long time.

        FN has been releasing such a toy for a long time, this thing knows about all FN trunks.
  5. mogus
    mogus 15 May 2013 10: 49
    the acquaintance lives in fishing.
    The other day I "knocked down" a couple of wild goats from 700 meters. He does not use "oddities". Three-line.
    1. Mitzhel
      Mitzhel 15 May 2013 11: 25
      Really even without optics shot? Miracles ... It's a pity this is not recorded on the video. I have a familiar ensign so he, in his words, easily breaks a rail from Kalash, and along
      1. mogus
        mogus 15 May 2013 12: 15
        Well then, come to Siberia. We will take a walk in the taiga. You are with the instruments, but we are in the old fashioned way (rarely when you stay dry, there is no cellular communication in the taiga. There is no sense to carry a phone or a camera with you. Usually a week in the forest, on foot). Recently, a story about the Chukchi and General Rokhlin was posted on the site, so this hunter "knocked down" 362 militants and some important Arab sniper. I made my first shot when I was five years old, from a hunting IZH-18 20 caliber payday, from ten steps of an adult, into nine.
        And the rail, across, takes 12,7 mm.
  6. bazilio
    bazilio 15 May 2013 12: 13
    Thanks to the author. Here's an interesting option, the idea as a whole looks good, but:

    As the respected Vladimir Sniper case mentioned above, this is not only shooting, it is also tactics and other aspects. Electronics will not help here.

    Reliability of the system - how much this device is resistant to mechanical stress and climatic conditions

    Standby mode - all this miracle is powered by a battery, as I understand it. How long will this battery last? A sniper in the "prone" can lie more than one day, and without a battery, the surf will become useless.

    According to the conclusions, I agree with the author - this unit is good for an "unmanned" platform with remote control and an operator, the main thing is that the ice-cold be smart
  7. Pablo_K
    Pablo_K 15 May 2013 13: 29
    In one old film there was a phrase: "The main part of any weapon is the head of its owner"
  8. alex-cn
    alex-cn 15 May 2013 16: 44
    ballistic computer in connection with the sight - that's for sure, very useful ... And for the rest - even fill up the ears with minuses, I do not believe in cybercrime without a specialist
  9. Ch0sen1
    Ch0sen1 15 May 2013 16: 54
    Such a sniper is lying in position and his sight is - "the program has performed an illegal operation and will be closed, contact the developer" wink
    Yes, and such a stray should eat batteries with terrible force, replacing the battery is the time to reboot all this smart electronics, which is not acceptable for a sniper in combat. A ballistic computer is better for the second number, all the same, no electronics of a trained sniper can replace it, it can only help in the work.
  10. wasjasibirjac
    wasjasibirjac 15 May 2013 17: 17
    if a series with such a self-propelled gun and remote control goes into the series, this is the ideal weapon of terror and killer.
  11. Mister X
    Mister X 15 May 2013 17: 25
    Bruce Ullis in The Jackal.
    When the movie was shot, iPads and iPhones weren’t.

    Perhaps this device is a prototype not only of TrackingPoint’s PGF XactSystem,
    and all remotely controlled combat modules.
    1. Mister X
      Mister X 15 May 2013 17: 30
      Screening of PGF XactSystem from TrackingPoint

      1. Argon
        Argon 15 May 2013 22: 53
        Unfortunately, the device, so to speak, in the "neutral" would like to see the "calculated" point well to understand the implementation of the idea.
    2. Raphael_83
      Raphael_83 15 May 2013 19: 19
      Why are you ahead of me in all discussions today ?! good
      But seriously - only today I thought: what kind of unit did old McClain use: is it really KPVT?
      1. Peacemaker
        Peacemaker 16 May 2013 06: 02
        It seems that the Czech clone of the KPVT in the film was.
      2. The comment was deleted.
  12. alex-cn
    alex-cn 15 May 2013 19: 33
    just not kpvt. breech is completely different and, in my opinion there is a vent pipe. a bit like a bofors, but not sure
    1. Containers
      Containers 15 May 2013 20: 28
      "Polish ZSU-33 14.5mm", which is in reality a Browning M2HB mocked up as a KPV heavy machine gun in 14.5mm.
      here more in English:,_The#.22Polish_ZSU-33_14.5mm.22_.28Browning_M2H
      1. HAIFISCH
        HAIFISCH 15 May 2013 22: 25
        it’s a pity I don’t remember the source, it was alleged that the Finnish cuckoos did not use optics for the most part during the Soviet-Finnish war, they say the sight profile, glare, etc., but these cuckoos knew their job, they were the most productive, one had more than 500, though then they got it , the bullet jaw crushed.
        1. Argon
          Argon 15 May 2013 22: 58
          Well, the Yakuts also do not use optics, since they have been learning from their father and grandfather all their lives (like Korelles), but you can’t force them to shoot people, the sun god can turn away.
        2. Containers
          Containers 18 May 2013 13: 17
          In the three months that Simo Hyayuha fought before he was seriously wounded, he killed about 500 enemy soldiers with fire from a sniper rifle. The number of those killed was counted both from his words and from the words of his comrades. And only those killed were considered for sure. The soldiers killed during the attack, when several snipers fired on the chain, were not taken into account. On the day of December 21, as his colleague Robert Brantberg testifies, 25 soldiers were killed by Simo Häühä. And before that, in the first three days of the war, he killed 51 soldiers. However, it is difficult to give final results, since all the corpses remained on the Soviet side. Do not neglect the myth of the superhero, which was fanned by Finnish propaganda.
          On March 6, 1940, Simo Hyayuha was seriously injured. The explosive bullet of a Soviet sniper hit his face and crushed his jaw. In a forgotten state, he was evacuated to the rear hospital, where he woke up only on March 13.
          The wound received required long-term care and many operations. To the honor of Finnish doctors, it should be recognized that they were able to restore his jaw by taking the bone of his thigh for replacement. The wound received did not allow Simo Hyayuha to participate in the subsequent war of 1941 - 1944, despite numerous petitions.
          In his sorties, Simo Hyayuha used the Pystykorva M / 28-30 sniper rifle intended for protection. Unlike the enemy, he always shot from an open sight. It was believed that it was easier and faster for them to catch a target than through an optical sight. In addition, the glass of the latter in conditions of severe frost was immediately covered with hoarfrost. Often the shine of the optics lenses betrayed the location of the sniper.
          Hyayuhya developed sniper tactics for winter conditions. In order to avoid the appearance of steam from his mouth, he constantly chewed snow. A small stature - 152 cm, also helped him.
        3. Containers
          Containers 18 May 2013 13: 18
          after injury:
        4. Containers
          Containers 18 May 2013 13: 45
          By the way, the reliability of these 500 "without taking into account the reflection of attacks" is very often called into question in the sense that it is unrealistic to put such an amount from the beds during free hunting. Only if when repelling an offensive, when there are more than enough goals.
          "... The certification of Häyhä from Colonel A. Svensson dated 17.02.40 is given, which mentions the figure of 219 confirmed enemy losses."
  13. bublic82009
    bublic82009 15 May 2013 23: 28
    you need to develop a weapon capable of deciding who to kill and when
    1. JIaIIoTb
      JIaIIoTb 15 May 2013 23: 49
      Sorry, but not the weapon should make a decision, but the person managing this weapon.
      But in principle, you can look at such weapons ..... download the Terminator on a torrent there your dream shoots, it walks and even speaks.)))))
  14. N. Sarychev
    N. Sarychev 16 May 2013 09: 14
    Quote: Author Karasik Kirill

    In general, it seems to me that such a device is good for everyone, except that it shoots independently, whatever one may say, but this opportunity still had to be left to a person, not to a computer

    The idea is good, and it is not even clear why such a self-timer was not implemented before. I’ll try to explain why: The main problem with firing a shot is that the human brain has a problem with multitasking, namely we cannot focus on more than two things at a time. And when shooting, we 1. control the muscles, holding the weapon in the aiming area 2. actually visually control the sights and pointing the weapon at the target. 3. click on the trigger, while observing 1 and 2 points. This is where the problem of multitasking arises, when a person presses the trigger, he takes control of the muscles, less often from aiming (experienced shooters can get around this problem, there are techniques). Therefore, a slip can occur. And the connection with the iPad is needed for the 2nd number of the sniper, since after all 2 brains are better than 1, at least to put a mark on the target. By the way, leaving a comment is not just clever, but as a person involved in shooting sports, I just know the theory, somehow.
  15. bunta
    bunta 16 May 2013 09: 45
    Of course not a child prodigy. But there is a rational grain in this device!
    1. Used reliable OSes Linux. I have been working with her since her birth
    and I can say one thing - this thing is more reliable than iron.
    2. Microelectronics in shockproof and climatic
    performance is able to work very reliably (in space flies for 10 years and nothing).

    Now about the essence of the device. At extremely long distances, it is very difficult to keep the mark of the sight on the target.
    No amount of breath holding and training can completely exclude the scope leaving. The video shows "bounce"
    aiming. In addition, from the moment the brain sends a signal to the finger until the striker hits the capsule,
    considerable time for which the target can leave the line of sight (or vice versa). Do not forget - SMOOTHING DOWN!
    And one more factor - there is no 100 confidence that this goal is the one that the shooter needs.

    Solution - the shooter "marks" the target, that is, in theory, he fires the same shot but without defeat,
    if the mark remained on the target, it means that in the event of a combat shot the target would be hit. If not -
    target marking is done again.
    After the mark of the target, you can already hold your breath and pull the trigger to point the crosshairs to the mark.
    As soon as the crosshairs are combined with the mark, the manager will give out the creation of Linus Torvalds
    trigger trigger. This time is significantly less than the passage of a signal from the brain into the hand on the finger.
    and through a SMOOTH descent into the capsule.

    The disadvantage as usual follows from the merits. Extra time is required between the mark and the shot.
    This is from about 1,5 sec. For shooting at short-term targets, this is far from ice.

    PS Uv. N. Sarychev! I wrote my post without seeing yours. Accept mental respect!
  16. bunta
    bunta 20 May 2013 11: 19
    Dear Moscow forum participants! Tomorrow, on May 21, Izhmash workers picket on Gogolevsky Boulevard from 13-00 to 15-00. I ask you to come and support the desperate workers and designers. There you can get the latest information on the condition of the plant from the union leader and designer.