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An-225 and An-124: Air Heavyweights


An-225 transport aircraft has not flown into the sky since May 2012. The largest transport aircraft in the world was chained to the empty airfield of Gostomel Airport, northeast of Kiev. And when in the autumn of the same year, activity around the plane began to boil again, the real sky giant turned out to come from another era. The aircraft is equipped with six engines, its fuselage length and wingspan is longer than that of the Airbus A380, and it can carry a huge payload: up to 250 tons of cargo can be loaded into a giant transport compartment. For comparison: the newest Boeing 747-8F transport aircraft can lift only 140 tons. The maximum take-off weight of the Airbus A380 is 560 tons, and the An-225 - 630 tons.

An-225 was developed in 1980-ies. in the era of the Cold War for the transportation of the Soviet spacecraft "Buran". "Buran" never flew into space (as in the text - Periscope 2), but today it can be seen in the Museum of Technology Sinsheim (Germany). However, for An-225, a new role was prepared as a carrier for oversized cargo, and subsequently this behemoth among the aircraft was again lifted into the air.

According to the pilot Dmitry Antonov, about the last task, said during a visit to Air International Gostomel Airport, “we transported a working blade for a wind turbine to Dushanbe, and it can only be transported as a whole, and only on board the An-225!”. Despite his last name, Dmitry is not related to the general designer Oleg Antonov. However, he is the chief pilot and head of the fleet of transport aircraft of Antonov Airlines, which operates An-225 from the airfield of Gostomel.

The aircraft works in the interests of various customers who want to transport expensive cargo, and thus it rarely uses its full load capacity. “A few years ago we downloaded five tanks weighing 48 tons each in order to achieve maximum load, but it was only once, ”recalls Vitaliy Shost, who is responsible for the operational activities of Antonov Airlines. An-225 still retains several records. In 2004, he flew from Prague to Tashkent with a cargo mass of 247 tons for the pipeline. Then, in 2009, he moved the 190-ton generator, the largest in stories airborne solid object from Frankfurt to Armenia.

According to Konstantin Lushakov, executive director of Antonov Airlines, “our clients pay large sums for An-225 flights”. According to him, “in 2003-2004's. during the war in Afghanistan, the aircraft was constantly in business. " Today, An-225 flies less, once or twice a month, provided that things are going well. About a third of the work is related to military contracts. “With 2011, the global financial crisis has affected us,” says Lushakov, about a modest order book of his flagship aircraft. Although An-225 made its first flight in 1988, from a technical point of view, the “Mriya” is still a young aircraft. According to Lushakov, “we have slightly overstepped for 1000 take-off cycles, and the flight time is 5000 hours. And the aircraft's assigned resource is 24000 hours. ”

Somewhere on the territory of the huge plant of Antonov Design Bureau in Kiev there are parts stored for storage and packed in containers for the second unfinished copy of the An-225. However, Lushakov destroys any fantasies regarding expansion fleet transport aircraft: "it will never take off, we cannot fully use even one aircraft."

Demand for Ruslan

The commercial appeal of An-225 differs from that of its “younger brother” An-124 “Ruslan”, on the basis of which An-225 was created. The four-engine An-124 was designed as a strategic military transport aircraft for the Soviet Air Force, the first flight was made in 1982, after 10 years the aircraft was certified for the transport of commercial cargo. Thanks to the huge forward-up front ramp, as well as a massive tail ramp, the An-124 is the best option on the global market for oversized cargo. In this category, An-124 is a monopolist and performs various flights - from humanitarian missions after natural disasters to charter flights with large cargoes, for example, locomotives, to support military operations. Before 2003, approximately 50 An-124 was released. Some of them fly the flag of the Russian Air Force, and 26 belong to five civilian carriers, and the Antonov Airlines has seven such cars.

According to Vitaly Shost, only two of them are now in flying condition. Others undergo large-scale repairs and upgrades, which take about two months for each aircraft. “We are carrying out the modernization of the An-124, since the aircraft has been operated for 30 for years,” said Konstantin Lushakov. Both auxiliary power units on board each aircraft are replaced, as well as some structural elements that were damaged or weakened during the transport of heavy loads. “We, as a designer and manufacturer of the aircraft, first implement these improvements on our aircraft, and then recommend them to other carriers,” adds Lushakov.

Operators have a vested interest in maintaining the airworthiness of their aircraft. According to Lushakov, “there is a large market niche for this unique aircraft. Demand constantly exceeds cash capacity. The cause is globalization. ” While the annual growth rate of passenger traffic is 4-5%, the growth in freight traffic is 6-7%, the oversized cargo market served by An-124 is growing by 11-12%. A few An-124 civilians engaged in NATO operations are based at major airports like Leipzig / Halle in Germany.

Each An-124 raid reaches from 14000 to 24000 hours, Lushakov comments on these figures in the vein, that "nothing compares to the raid of passenger aircraft." The originally assigned An-124 resource was set at the 24000 clock level, but according to Lushakov, “we decided that the An-124 has the potential up to the 50000 clock and we are gradually increasing the resource in“ steps ”in the 4000 clock”.

Vitaly Shost shows a dimple in the huge An-124 fuselage undergoing maintenance. This space is located high and hides the fairings through which the plane enters the fuselage. The bridge points to the dark compartment behind it, from which you can see the center section, which passes through the main compartment. It divides the compartment into two halves, the front cabin rest of the crew (immediately behind the cockpit), which can take up to six people, and the rear passenger cabin, which can accommodate up to 20 accompanying cargo and other crew members. The most unexpected discovery was hidden in the tail section. Inside the keel there is an aluminum staircase in full dark leading to its very top. “There is an antenna that technicians can service without using additional equipment,” explains Shost. In the Soviet army, practical thinking was required, as evidenced by the emergency passage, which, if necessary, allows you to jump with a parachute from the pilot's cabin.

New production?

According to Konstantin Lushakov, “twenty-six civilian An-124 is not enough.” Talk about resuming the production of Ruslans has been going on for a long time, but Lushakov notes that "the decision has not yet been made." This will be a global project, both from a financial and technical point of view, since, for example, all the necessary equipment for the production of a center section from a solid aluminum billet has been destroyed. According to Lushakov, "in Kiev, we can only design a new An-124, and the production and assembly should lead the plant in Ulyanovsk." We are talking about the Aviastar-SP enterprise, which is part of the United Aircraft Building Corporation, and where in the future Ruslans will be produced in any form. However, demand is needed. According to Lushakov’s calculations, “the prerequisite should be the order of 20 airplanes by the Russian Ministry of Defense, and I expect an order from 20 to 80 vehicles from civilian operators”. Only one company, Volga-Dnepr, announced its interest in purchasing at least 40 aircraft. According to Lushakov, “the design and aerodynamics of the new An-124 will remain almost the same as on current machines, but 80% of the onboard systems will be new.” Chief pilot Dmitry Antonov already knows his dream. The wish list for the An-124 of the new generation includes a "fully digital" glass "cockpit, a crew of up to three or four people, more efficient engines and improved hydraulics."
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  1. Ragnarek
    Ragnarek 12 May 2013 15: 17 New
    in Ulyanovsk, in general, Ruslans have long been collecting demand. By the way, the Volga Dnepr company is also Ulyanovsk (at least it was). But in fact, even a little more and Ukraine will finally lose that few potential of high-tech industries which still remains
    1. Nicholas C.
      Nicholas C. 12 May 2013 15: 30 New
      Since the production of the much-needed aircraft was not restored again, there are still questions on which it is impossible to agree.
      1. MG42
        MG42 12 May 2013 16: 07 New
        AN 225 Mriya. In the top five best aircraft in the world.
        1. almost demobil
          almost demobil 12 May 2013 17: 12 New
          Remember the recent 2012 disaster movie? There is an episode where a group of people are going to escape on "Mriya". There, one Amer admired - "What a huge !!!", and our fat millionaire proudly replied: - "He's Russian!"
          Just remembered the topic good
          1. xetai9977
            xetai9977 12 May 2013 18: 02 New
            There is a mistake in the article. "Buran" has been in space. True, without a crew. in November 1988
            1. MG42
              MG42 12 May 2013 20: 50 New
              “Buran” completed its first and only space flight on November 15, 1988. The spacecraft was launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome using the Energia launch vehicle. The flight duration was 205 minutes, the ship made two orbits around the Earth, after which it landed at the specially equipped Yubileiny aerodrome in Baikonur. The flight took place without a crew in automatic mode using the on-board computer and on-board software, unlike the shuttle, which traditionally performs the last stage of landing on manual control (entering the atmosphere and braking to the speed of sound in both cases are completely computerized). This fact - the flight of a spacecraft into space and its descent to Earth in automatic mode under the control of an on-board computer - was included in the Guinness Book of Records.
              Here is a video, especially the music of the group "Earthlings"
              1. studentmati
                studentmati 13 May 2013 01: 40 New
                For the Strength and Power of Soviet designers, technologists and all project participants !!!
                drinks drinks drinks
            2. Edward72
              Edward72 13 May 2013 11: 22 New
              But there is also a link to the magazine Pereskop-2
          2. MilaPhone
            MilaPhone 13 May 2013 06: 24 New
            Quote: almost demobilized
            Remember the recent 2012 disaster movie? There is an episode where a group of people are going to escape on "Mriya". There, one Amer admired - "What a huge !!!", and our fat millionaire proudly replied: - "He's Russian!"

            Yeah, only for some reason the flag of Azerbaijan was depicted on it and the landing was carried out through the tail cargo hatch! Although Mriya actually actually leans up the entire front of the aircraft, with the exception of the cockpit.
    2. Vashestambid2
      Vashestambid2 12 May 2013 16: 00 New
      The construction of the An-124 is based on the acquisitions of the BBC S.Sh. C-5 Galaxy. Competition has borne fruit !! drinks
    3. starshina78
      starshina78 12 May 2013 18: 00 New
      Why didn't Buran fly into space? He flew and flew very well! He performed a fully automatic flight, making an uncontrolled landing in automatic mode. By the way, the Americans made the shuttle landing only in manual mode. They do not have enough brains to do, as they did in the USSR on "Buran".
      1. avt
        avt 12 May 2013 18: 59 New
        Quote: starshina78
        making an uncontrolled landing in automatic mode.

        Well damn guys! request AUTOMATED LANDING CONTROLLED, amers repeated in the 2000s on their X-se, 47 it seems.
    4. Mujahiddin777
      Mujahiddin777 12 May 2013 22: 15 New
      I saw "MRIYA" somewhere in October in Dushanbe. Unloading turbines for hydroelectric power plants ...
    5. Reasonable, 2,3
      Reasonable, 2,3 13 May 2013 01: 49 New
      She's not Russian at all. The flag was held in cyprus-2. And the owner "Okulov" is the "family" -from there and Boeings with ebass rod.
    6. Reasonable, 2,3
      Reasonable, 2,3 13 May 2013 01: 51 New
      This "garbage" = urgently for our armament.
      1. studentmati
        studentmati 13 May 2013 01: 53 New
        Please choose expressions in relation to the ladies (Mriya).
        1. Reasonable, 2,3
          Reasonable, 2,3 13 May 2013 06: 01 New
          Well, next time I will not be rude to "Beauty".
    7. Hirsh
      Hirsh 13 May 2013 01: 54 New
      I work for Aviant. I can say that the plant is not intended for serial construction of large-capacity aircraft such as AN-124, the territory, the capacity of the workshops does not allow and never allowed. Construction of prototypes for design bureaus, modernization, passenger airplanes, short-haul cargo yes, such as AN-124-no. So your speculation about potential is nonsense. And in Ukraine there are copyrights to the AN-124, but in Russia do they have? Do you have any documentation? In the figure?
      1. studentmati
        studentmati 13 May 2013 02: 07 New
        It is possible to restore any production: at least by the plasma-template method, at least in digital terms. There would be the political will of the Sovereigns, and of course pennies.
    8. igor.borov775
      igor.borov775 13 May 2013 08: 45 New
      You yourself read that in Ukraine the equipment for the production of Ruslans was destroyed, but we cannot produce it without the permission of Ukraine, It so happened that we divided everything according to living,
      1. Algor73
        Algor73 13 May 2013 15: 49 New
        In Ukraine, there was no equipment for the production of Ruslans. The fuselage plant was in Uzbekistan. But alas, the rig was destroyed there.
  2. bezumnyiPIT
    bezumnyiPIT 12 May 2013 15: 27 New
    Buran flew into space, unmanned, he was flying!
    1. avt
      avt 12 May 2013 15: 59 New
      Quote: bezumnyiPIT
      Buran flew into space, unmanned, he was flying!

      Well, let's put an unmanned one, this is a flight of abandoned bricks, and Buran flew without a crew on an automatic machine. Two big differences.
      Quote: aviamed90
      An-225 is a piece aircraft and not cheap.

      And originally created for a specific transport program.
      1. jjj
        jjj 12 May 2013 17: 22 New
        Yes, and pressed the order from Myasishchev, who created a more economical system
        1. avt
          avt 12 May 2013 18: 46 New
          Quote: jjj
          Yes, and pressed the order from Myasishchev, who created a more economical system

          If you are talking about the alteration of "Hipsters" in "Atlant", I can be mistaken for the age of years, but there seems to be a spare temporary solution, "Mriya" did not have time to do it by the time of transportation. request But maybe I don’t know, can anyone specify?
  3. aviamed90
    aviamed90 12 May 2013 15: 35 New
    An-225 is a piece aircraft and not cheap. And against the backdrop of a decline in industry, which blades for a wind turbine will it transport? Unless to lease to foreigners.
    But with An-124 the story is different. Need unconditionally. Maybe, finally, we will put the Airborne Forces on the wings.
    1. Krasnoyarsk
      Krasnoyarsk 12 May 2013 15: 41 New
      An-124 paratroopers? 0_o
    2. Canep
      Canep 12 May 2013 15: 44 New
      IL-76 and AN-12 are imprisoned under the Airborne Forces, I have never heard of a landing from a Ruslan. AN-124 and AN-225 are purely transport aircraft.
      1. aviamed90
        aviamed90 12 May 2013 16: 42 New
        Landing can be carried out not only by parachute, but also by landing method (in this case, landing):

        An-124 - 400 paratroopers in full gear or
        880 soldiers or
        8-10 BMD-1 or
        6-8 BMP-1 or
        8-10 BRDM or
        6-8 BTR-60pb or
        4-5 ZSU-23-4m or
        4-5 PT-76 or
        4-6 SU-86 or
        2 T-62 or
        4-6 BM-21 or
        8-10 Gas-66-02 or
        6-8 ZIL-130 or
        3-4 Mi-8 or
        3-4 Mi-24

        The one that was vainly mined.
    3. Gari
      Gari 12 May 2013 22: 52 New
      The first flights were connected not with military tasks, but with the participation in the transportation of goods to those affected by the earthquake in Armenia in December 1988.

      Then 9 military "Ruslans" were transferred to the Zvartnots airport for 28 flights 2058 tons of food, medicine, emergency equipment, etc., having flown 377 hours.

      The flights continued the following year, during which the regiment transported another 7645 tons of cargo and equipment to Armenia, among which were objects weighing more than 100 tons.

      In 1990, the crews of D. Sitnikov and S. Belozerov brought to Armenia from the United States a set of equipment for the construction of a plant for reinforced concrete products. At the same time, the take-off weight of the machines reached 420 tons, which was 28 tons higher than the maximum permissible value.

      Thanks to the creators of these wonderful machines and glorious pilots
  4. Kowalsky
    Kowalsky 12 May 2013 15: 38 New
    I saw "Mriya" last year in Donetsk. It is strange that the demand for her services is small. This is not the point, but the fact that the West cannot build anything of the kind and are afraid of a competitor.
    1. Skavron
      Skavron 13 May 2013 10: 45 New
      Quote: Kowalsky
      I saw "Mriya" last year in Donetsk

      Me too ... from the roof of the new airport
  5. 120352
    120352 12 May 2013 15: 40 New
    It seems to me that Ukraine without Russia will never become a full-fledged state
    1. Orik
      Orik 12 May 2013 16: 32 New
      Like Russia without Ukraine. We are a single people, and for a full-fledged economy where such beauties as AN-225 are in demand, 250 million people are needed.
      1. elmi
        elmi 12 May 2013 17: 04 New
        The NATO politician was right when he said that Russia would never be a superpower without unification with Ukraine
        1. crest 57
          crest 57 12 May 2013 17: 49 New
          Yes, brother, I completely agree with you.
        2. Larus
          Larus 12 May 2013 18: 19 New
          For this, they are trying to ensure that one people lives in three different state formations. There will always be those who sell their family for 30 coins, the example of Bandera is Galician in person.
        3. neri73-r
          neri73-r 12 May 2013 18: 27 New
          This is not a politician, but a Polish-born American Russophobe Brzezinski (with a small letter - not a mistake) !!! The rat is finished!
          1. cherkas.oe
            cherkas.oe 12 May 2013 20: 41 New
            Quote: neri73-r
            Russophobe Bzezhinsky (with a small letter - not a mistake) !!!

            And (h) after (b), also set a specialist ?, or an error?
  6. nemec55
    nemec55 12 May 2013 15: 47 New
    The plane is good, but in real life, it’s not enough work for it. It’s necessary to promote a brand of advertising so that other countries see an advantage in using this transport. The question rests on politics again, we need to crush our competitors and push our way so that the world depends on us not only on the oil needle but also here on such beautiful airplanes.
  7. djon3volta
    djon3volta 12 May 2013 15: 59 New
    An-225 was developed in the 1980s. during the Cold War era for the transport of the Soviet spacecraft Buran

    air show in Czechoslovakia, 198x some year.
    1. djon3volta
      djon3volta 12 May 2013 23: 49 New
      I wonder why they minusled me here? what belay laughing no, I don’t care of course, but just interesting ...
  8. Ruslan_F38
    Ruslan_F38 12 May 2013 16: 15 New
    Any new aircraft need the Russian Federation as air, both in the army and in civilian life, and even more so with such characteristics as the above.
    1. aviamed90
      aviamed90 12 May 2013 16: 54 New
      Yes, not any, but effective and safe in our conditions.
    2. wlad59
      wlad59 12 May 2013 17: 10 New
      The Russian Air Force has 24 AN-124 aircraft. Where else to buy new ones? It’s easier (and cheaper) to upgrade those that are. And private transport companies, in spite of enthusiastic AChs and OKhs, are in no hurry to order new planes.
      1. aviamed90
        aviamed90 12 May 2013 17: 32 New
        And how many of them are on the go?
        1. wlad59
          wlad59 12 May 2013 17: 49 New
          The question is wrong .. for how many of them have work? (In any case, to repair or upgrade is much easier and cheaper than building new ones.
        2. neri73-r
          neri73-r 12 May 2013 18: 33 New
          And how many of them are on the go?

          Most of the mothballs, it is wasteful to drive everything at once, fly constantly three or four, on them between commercial and military flights the crews learn. I flew (as a passenger) on these trainings. They drive in a circle takeoff and landing without stopping on the runway, in flight one pilot changes (the student changes the student, the "coach" is the same laughing ).
  9. Akim
    Akim 12 May 2013 16: 16 New
    An-225 transport aircraft has not been flying in the sky since May 2012.

    It is not true. At the Aviasvit-XXI exhibition at the end of September, he definitely rose and even set a new world record.
  10. Akim
    Akim 12 May 2013 16: 23 New
    The picture is old but beautiful.
    1. Rus86
      Rus86 13 May 2013 14: 21 New
      is it an AN-70, developed, but not put into series because of politie? not?
  11. NO HOPE
    NO HOPE 12 May 2013 16: 26 New
    The only problem is that Mriya did not have and does not have any tasks. And in reality "Mriya" was overturned - Buran was launched on Myasishchev planes. No wonder it doesn't fly.
    1. avt
      avt 12 May 2013 18: 49 New
      Quote: NO HOPE
      Buran was launched on Myasischevsky aircraft. It is not surprising that it does not fly.

      Never launched, transported to Thura on Atlanta.
  12. Professor
    Professor 12 May 2013 16: 36 New
    I saw Mriya once, a lifetime impression. We need more of these aircraft. good
  13. e-froloff
    e-froloff 12 May 2013 17: 02 New
    If they do, then Ruslana. Unfortunately Mriya is still a very expensive pleasure. However, the plane is amazingly beautiful !!!
    1. Dmitry 2246
      Dmitry 2246 12 May 2013 18: 38 New
      I agree felt the power and strength.
      After the implementation of the project, they will get to Ruslan with 476 silt. The army needs such an aircraft.
      1. wlad59
        wlad59 12 May 2013 19: 43 New
        The army does not need this plane. In the late 80s, airborne landing experiments were carried out .... all attempts were found to be unsuccessful. Of course, you can use the plane as a simple transporter, but this is not the main task of the Air Force.
  14. Bombowoz
    Bombowoz 12 May 2013 17: 30 New
    We have half of the country in white spots. We need to develop, build new infrastructure and housing. To develop the territory, and "Mriya" seems to me to be very useful for these purposes. And one more question, why Russia, being the legal successor of the legacy of the USSR, including the debts that it paid for all the former republics, will not take all the technology for the production of aircraft from the Antonov Design Bureau in the USSR. And what was done in the post-Soviet period can remain in Ukraine?
    1. Larus
      Larus 12 May 2013 19: 23 New
      The fact is that this power is not included in the plans of this country, therefore, they don’t need such airplanes, and indeed our airplanes, and we have the fact that it’s cheaper to fly to the geyropu than in Russia, simply because effective managers agreed and gasoline costs as much as a thread in a banana republic.
  15. Proud.
    Proud. 12 May 2013 17: 45 New
    MoshA !!! You just look at goosebumps like that, tood-syud, tud-syud!
    1. sergeschern
      sergeschern 12 May 2013 19: 43 New
      I was watching footage from VM-T Atlant and M-55 Geophysics (both Myasishchev) -Fine devices! Able to design and build!
  16. Rusal
    Rusal 12 May 2013 18: 28 New
    I saw before the parade how a plane with two keels flew with a turn not far from us from the capital.
    Mriya began to realize what such was.
    But I thought where did she come from and attributed it to an illusion.
    And it won that :) Then she flew at the parade.
    1. neri73-r
      neri73-r 12 May 2013 18: 36 New
      The bifurcated keel is not only in Mriya, he is also in Antei! It is necessary to look at what engines and how many of them!
      1. Rusal
        Rusal 12 May 2013 19: 36 New
        About Antei did not know, but certainly he was not.
    2. wlad59
      wlad59 12 May 2013 19: 47 New
      Most likely, the AN-22 (Antey) flew at the parade. AN-225 (Mriya) belongs to Ukraine and could not fly by definition by parade!
  17. AIR-ZNAK
    AIR-ZNAK 12 May 2013 18: 35 New
    It seems like after all the An-225 drove Buran after its flight into space. And for the transportation of snowstorm, a VM-T machine was created. Design Bureau V.M. Myasishchev. At the plant * EMZ * An-225 was still planned for the launch of the Spiral. But this project was stolen together with the USSR. And the Spiral_ developed and assembled at the Lightning Design Bureau (Lozino-Lozinsky) never flew into space. But the Shtatov analogue of our Spiral performs the second flight. The Bor apparatus was the Prehistory of the Spiral. The BORs were flying, though the landing technology at that time was not working out. As a result, one of the BORs was never found. (landing was planned in the Black Sea) And in the case of the implementation of the An-225 Spiral program, several more machines could be launched. But ... it happened. The Ukrainian leadership tried to sell after the completion of the second An-225 to Russia. But in Russia this topic is not yet in demand. And parts of the airframe lie in the open air on the territory of the Kiev aircraft plant.
  18. wolf1945
    wolf1945 12 May 2013 18: 53 New
    The USSR was needed Mri Ruslana new Russia does not need anything! soldier
  19. stranik72
    stranik72 12 May 2013 18: 55 New
    Regarding the military AN-124 and their condition, a board from the Volgo-Dnepr aircraft flew at the parade, with the latest modification they acquired, just in case. As far as true, I do not know, said one of the staff officers of the Air Force.
  20. AIR-ZNAK
    AIR-ZNAK 12 May 2013 19: 06 New
    The color of the car in the colors of the airline immediately notice. But the stories about renting the Volga-Dnepr Air Force cars seem real.
  21. Vladimir-89
    Vladimir-89 12 May 2013 19: 33 New
    Ruslan has tasks, Mriya doesn’t. They will not resume production of Mriy 100%, but whether the Ruslan need another question.
  22. Lecha57
    Lecha57 12 May 2013 19: 36 New
    Such machines are reinforced by a strong state. Ukraine clearly will not pull such a burden, however, aircraft of this class should be, even in pieces and, without Russia, they can not do without.
  23. Lone gunman
    Lone gunman 12 May 2013 20: 06 New
    Well, nothing, 10 years later when a new UNION appears, such aircraft, after not much refinement in terms of fuel economy, will be in demand. good
    1. Hirsh
      Hirsh 13 May 2013 01: 43 New
      1. Lone gunman
        Lone gunman 13 May 2013 16: 02 New
        I’m not minus you, because you have problems, you are very touchy, well, at least an economic union is possible, huh?
    2. shark
      shark 13 May 2013 12: 12 New
      We’ll send a Bender on the Ukrainian mriy to Siberia. Here is a mockery of fate)))
      1. Lone gunman
        Lone gunman 13 May 2013 15: 57 New
        I wouldn’t clarify the route a lot, but men to the Caucasus, so that our wild comrades would civilize their offspring ...
  24. SIBIR38RUS
    SIBIR38RUS 12 May 2013 20: 07 New
    Powerful Mriya machine. I dream that the country will unite again, the network of airfields will be restored, modernized, the runway will be extended, there will be a powerful power and, accordingly, the restoration of the country's former greatness. The grandiose allied construction projects will resume. And our airy beauties will get a lot of work and orders. I believe we will fly more often! :)
  25. SIBIR38RUS
    SIBIR38RUS 12 May 2013 20: 15 New
    Guys! Sorry that wasn’t the topic, I couldn’t write ..... Good news !!! :) :) :) :) The Israeli Air Force lost one of its most advanced unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) - “Shoval”. After a patrol flight, he fell into the Mediterranean Sea in the area between Tel Aviv and Netanya. According to the military, the fall of the drone into the sea was manageable. After the operators noticed a malfunction of his engine, it was decided to flood the Choval to avoid more serious consequences if he had not reached the base and fell in a densely populated area.

    Helicopters and Navy ships joined the search for its wreckage. This is not the first loss in the Israeli UAV fleet this month. Ten days ago, near the Gaza Strip, due to a technical malfunction, the Heavenly Rider mini-UAV crashed, ITAR-TASS reports. PS SO HOLD! PUSH ON MORE !!! :)
    1. crambol
      crambol 12 May 2013 20: 21 New
      Good, unfortunately, not very. This is an escalation. And we need it in FIG.
  26. nickname 1 and 2
    nickname 1 and 2 12 May 2013 21: 07 New
    Such a force!

    It’s the same as if nature gave wings to the ELEPHANT!
    And an elephant would sit on an elephant! Phew! BEAUTY!

    Now it seems to me that these planes made us believe in our perfection, and someone made us demand an extra deserved attitude to ourselves! That led to the fall of the state.

    And now there are a lot of those who consider: WHAT IT IS AFRAID OF, IT IS NECESSARY AND STILL CHANGE THE POWER! Now, if - the hunger strike had struck! After it, there would be fewer willing people in the literal and in the other sense!
  27. ilya63
    ilya63 12 May 2013 21: 10 New
    some kind of messy article, and the snowstorm didn’t fly into space, such giants as the tank mouse-useless weed, cargoes can be transferred much cheaper and faster by other systems, for the transfer of troops an ekranoplane with a carrying capacity of 2500-3000 tons is much more suitable (and such were planned in the Soviet Union and the NVA created, and there were not far from disks)
  28. individual
    individual 12 May 2013 21: 26 New
    According to "Mriya" in my opinion, the train left.
    At one time, a worthy aircraft, an apparatus in terms of carrying capacity, a hero of that time. Now the requirements for decibels, energy consumption and electronic support are completely different. And belonging to a sovereign Ukraine poses unsolvable issues of its construction and sales logistics. For occupying the niche of heavy aircraft Russia, the AN-124 Ruslan variant is quite reasonable, and Lyudmila will be created by a new genius of Russian aircraft manufacturing.
    1. wlad59
      wlad59 12 May 2013 21: 30 New
      And the surname of a genius: Poghosyan.
  29. Akim
    Akim 12 May 2013 21: 37 New
    On the basis of the An-124, it was planned to create a passenger glider (like a low-wing aircraft). And if you create a hectare base "Mriya" - then a good competitor could be the A380.
    1. crambol
      crambol 12 May 2013 21: 52 New
      Quote: Akim
      if you create a hectare base "Mriya" - then a good competitor could be A380

      Well, he will fly once a month, and even then if it is built. Even in Soviet times, this idea did not sound particularly.
      Quote: Akim
      On the basis of the An-124, it was planned to create a passenger glider (like low wing).

      Where does the data come from?
      1. xtur
        xtur 13 May 2013 03: 12 New
        > Well, it will fly once a month, and even then if it is built. Even in Soviet times, this idea was not particularly sounded.

        why is it that the A380 will fly regularly, and this plane once a month?
    2. avt
      avt 13 May 2013 21: 17 New
      Quote: Akim
      On the basis of the An-124, it was planned to create a passenger glider (like a low-wing aircraft). And if you create a hectare base "Mriya" - then a good competitor could be the A380.

      Not the fact that the path to victory. There was already such an An-12 transport and An-10A passenger, but did not last long in Aeroflot. And the passenger version of the An-22 did not go beyond the outline design. request
      1. studentmati
        studentmati 13 May 2013 21: 31 New
        In the modern world, remodeling and adapting will always be more expensive. The design of the aircraft and the technology of its production always lay their own characteristics. You can of course carry cement in the Zhiguli, and in the on-board Gazelle, your beloved mother-in-law and the whole family. Mriya was originally created as a platform for a space launch (Buran transportation is a skillful cover for Lozino-Lozinsky). The project to launch spacecraft from the back of Mriya did not take place (let's hope so far).
  30. queen
    queen 12 May 2013 21: 57 New
    Mriya RUSSIAN created in Ukraine
    1. MG42
      MG42 12 May 2013 22: 09 New
      Mriya Soviet the plane was built in Ukraine in the 80s, here is an excellent illustration of Mriya + Buran and the USSR 2,0. As Buran was built by one country. Now such a project alone is interesting who will pull?
      1. Hirsh
        Hirsh 13 May 2013 01: 45 New
        Because nobody needs useless Americans catching up, learn history
        1. shark
          shark 13 May 2013 12: 16 New
          I agree. The catch-up of the Americans is not needed. But the destroyers are even very popular)
  31. Akim
    Akim 12 May 2013 22: 03 New
    Quote: crambol
    and even if it is built

    I'm not saying it was now. A similar idea sounded in the first half of the 90s. Ukraine on its own cannot stretch either An-180 or An-218, and the projects have already been in metal. Simply "Mriya" can land on the runway of the 1st category, and Busmk only of the highest. Although such giants do not fly to provincial cities ...
  32. Shaitan
    Shaitan 12 May 2013 22: 57 New
    I can’t understand one thing, if already in those years we launched the aircraft in automatic mode, consider UAVs and what scale and how far, then why is the problem with the creation of miniature and strike UAVs in Russia. Is it all about financing? Can anyone explain?
  33. valokordin
    valokordin 13 May 2013 00: 23 New
    It remains for Yanukovych to write a statement on joining the customs union, and Mriya is a super plane.
    1. Hirsh
      Hirsh 13 May 2013 01: 46 New
      Inadequate, is nonsense, please ban