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Evgeny Shirokov: The main problem of Russian education is the lack of a state’s goal

Evgeny Shirokov: The main problem of Russian education is the lack of a state’s goalRecent reforms in the field of education have undermined the very essence of the learning process and unbalanced the motivation to engage in scientific activities in Russia.

Yevgeny Vadimovich Shirokov, Associate Professor at the Physics Faculty of Moscow State University (Department of General Nuclear Physics) agreed to comment on the situation in the Russian education and science system for the Eurasia portal in connection with the anti-Lebanese campaign announced by the Eurasian Youth Union.

The conversation was about the current state of fundamental science in Russia, problems and prospects of school and university education. The scientist believes that the situation in the Russian educational system is close to catastrophic. This is especially true of school education, as well as peripheral universities, which have completely lost their potential. The teacher of the Faculty of Physics believes that the cause of the collapse of national education is not only and not so much poor funding, as the lack of government interest and the well thought-out policy in the field of national education and science that follows from it.

- What is the current state of school education? What are the prospects for a Russian high school?

- The biggest problem of modern school education is the lack of a unified system. If school education of a bygone era can be compared to a large island, now we see the sea, where many small islands are scattered, each of which survives in its own way. I repeat, this is not about providing knowledge, but about banal survival. Everyone thinks: “And in order for us to do something more innovative, in order to get additional financing?”

There are no prospects for such a formulation of the question in schools. At the same time, the main problem for parents is that education is not paid. In my opinion, the main problem is not this. The main problem is that in such a situation a question for a child “Who do you want to be?” Loses all meaning. The child ceases to understand, being in the school education system, and who he needs to be. The best answer that now walks on the Internet is “happy.” Often by this is meant some kind of abstract happiness, which can be expressed in lying on a sofa, watching television and eating food. That is, plant life. But this is not self-realization.

I must say that the school is partly to blame for such an imbalance. The teacher is simply not able to answer the question, why is all this necessary - all this study. The child is aware that the person may be completely uneducated, but in the material sense, life is beautiful. If the teacher has the only motive - salary, then he will never learn anything. Where money begins, education ends there. Often, graduates of prestigious paid schools have less knowledge than graduates of general education institutions. We need to return to a certain system in which we would answer the question of who you are, what you will do and why.

- What can you say about the state of Russian fundamental science, its problems and prospects?

- If we talk about the state of fundamental science, then here, first of all, it is customary to talk about the cessation of funding in 90. Indeed, at the end of 80, we had a number of large projects with accelerators. For example, the PM-100 split microtron should have become a unique installation that has no analogues in the world. Unfortunately, the termination of funding was due to the fact that this project was buried, like many others. A number of projects were closed in the Moscow region research institutes, such as Dubna, Protvino. Dubna survived due to the fact that it is a large international center where foreign countries, in particular Germany, contributed money.

In 90, a certain paralysis of fundamental science began. However, not least, he was associated with the same reasons that I mentioned when I spoke about the school. This is the elimination of the system of state interest in science. A scientist, like a school teacher, could not answer the question why he does it.

But a holy place is never empty, and in 90, many have received invitations to foreign research centers, ranging from well-known scientists to young professionals. The so-called “brain drain” began. You can, of course, discuss whether it was necessary to try to reanimate science here or to leave for free bread in the States and Europe. But the lack of goal-setting within the state led to the fact that it was very difficult to explain to a person why he needed to stay here, in an empty institution with unfinished non-working installations. It was even more difficult to explain why to attract some young people: it was implied that if a person goes to science, then he will not live a normal life.

At the same time there were people who remained to work here. They did not allow to destroy the system to the end. Now we can state that we have a scientific school. We can hope that tomorrow will be better. In this case, we have a base on which we will build anew. Part of the directions of particle physics were completely lost. In a number of positions, we are very far behind what is being done, for example, in the West.

The prospects for science will depend on the state goal setting. If we hear that global, state-supported projects are not “inflating blue elephants” in the Moscow suburbs, but specific tasks related to advanced directions in basic science, then we have something to work with and with the help of whom to work. It should be noted that now seniors and students have an interest in science and, which is especially nice to see, to work in Russia.

- Do we need the Academy of Sciences?

- In this regard, naturally, the question arises, on the basis of which to carry out the rise of fundamental science. In 80 - 90 was fashionable to focus on foreign experience. If we start from foreign experience, then the structure of fundamental science in Russia is significantly different from the structure, say in the USA. In the States, the bulk of science is concentrated in universities. There is such a term as the “US Academy of Sciences”, and such a structure exists, but it does not have that weight, as in our country, the Russian Academy of Sciences, because it’s just a club of scientists where they can gather and discuss things of interest. In the States, there are other research centers, such as the Manhattan Laboratory, originally associated with nuclear research, and other national laboratories, but this is a smaller part of science compared to universities.

In Russia, the situation is diametrically opposite. The main part of fundamental science in the Russian Federation is concentrated in the Academy of Sciences. There are, of course, federal centers, such as Sarov (they are, as a rule, of a defensive nature) and university centers, the largest of which is Moscow State University. Therefore, the statements of Livanov, that our Academy of Sciences is ineffective, and something must be done with it, are tantamount to the statement “Is there anything left? Not all finished off? Let's finish it to the end! ”To say that we can switch to the American system, and only science and technology can transfer the whole science to it. The RAS institutes still conduct a significant part of research, both national and international. Therefore, to this day, the need for the Academy of Sciences is beyond doubt, despite the fact that, of course, you can criticize it for something, everywhere there are disadvantages.

- How do you see the strategy of secondary and higher education in Russia? What principles should guide the development of educational methods?

- Actually, I have already formulated the basic principles from which to proceed when forming an educational strategy. We need a balanced state policy in this area. It should be determined not by some private shops there, and not by short-term economic interest, and not by “effective management”, and not by finding out where you can save money, but by a completely clear idea that we have our own system that needs to be developed.

I would like to note one more thing. When they talk about modern fundamental science, it is usually postulated that it is international, and examples of effectively functioning international centers, such as CERN, are given. Indeed, this is a unique center, a huge scientific complex, where interesting research is conducted, but international science is the result of the efforts of national sciences. If there is no strong national science, there will be no international science. And Russia is not some small country that can flow into some kind of common pot and contribute there. It should also be remembered that research related to the country's defense capability is not a prerogative of the internationalization of science. In addition, the potential of our country is such that we can close at least one third of international science. Therefore, our specialists were so willingly accepted in the West. Of course, now this can not be said - the average score of modern Russian specialists is significantly lower than twenty-five years ago. The USE system has hit hard, first of all, on regional universities, but also on large universities. If earlier in our science, along with large centers, peripheral centers existed (not in terms of geography, but in terms of potential), now the periphery has been completely destroyed. Significantly decreased the level of training of students. Do not think that MSU is not afraid, MSU will still take the best: the "best" will simply be nowhere to take.

The system should be realistic, but let this realism be built on the basis of the traditional value system. Then the person will feel full.

Do not forget that now we have a strong competitor. This is China. A huge number of Chinese students study both in the West and in Russia. Yes, they have problems with the language, but they are amazingly assiduous and workable, and this helps them get a good education. Therefore, now the gradient of the Chinese fundamental science, despite the fact that its initial base is inferior to the Russian one, is significantly higher than ours, and we should not forget about this.

- Is the educational system connected with the political regime in the state, and if so, how?

- Probably, the situation with China is the answer to this question. Definitely connected. Because the situation that has developed in our educational system over the past two decades is observed now (despite the fact that some positive changes are taking place), which leads to the absence of the goal-setting already mentioned. Liberal ideology is aimed at an individual whose meaning of life is reduced to a plant existence. The apologists of this system, of course, say that an uneducated person, he will die of hunger, but this is ambiguous. We have already heard these conversations about this “wonderful market”, which will put everyone in its place, but in reality it does not arrange anybody. And the situation we got is just deplorable.

The state should not be guided by the ideology of "do what you want." It should tell a person that he is a citizen of a given state, a part of it, and besides the rights that the state provides (in particular, the rights to the same education), there are internal obligations (not something that made him) , understanding that it is implemented by itself, but within the framework of this system. Moreover, without this and no self-realization can not be. Of course, the system should not be utopian. We read the slogans “our goal is communism,” and then told jokes. The system should be realistic, but let this realism be built on the basis of the traditional value system. Then the person will feel full. A person will see that everything around him is built into a certain completeness, and then he will understand his place in the system, and will strive to develop the good that is in it, to improve his strengths.

- How do you assess the identity of the new Minister of Education? The educational community is demanding his resignation. Who would you like to see in his place?

- Indeed, in recent days and weeks there is a talk about the policy of the current Minister of Education, Mr. Livanov. And indeed, more and more people, and even politicians, believe that this person cannot be at his post. My view of him is very simple: all his actions, which he managed to accomplish in less than a year, show that this gentleman is indeed an “effective” manager, only the word “effective” I would, of course, put in quotes.

He is not a scientist or a teacher. I do not know what Livanov was doing while studying at the Institute of Steel and Alloys. In his biography there are “victorious” pages, perhaps, he really studied well, but now it is clear that he puts his most effective task at this very “effective management”. That is, conventionally, they gave me a thousand rubles, and I saved a hundred rubles. Well done I? And due to what I saved them, and whether it was necessary to save them, or maybe another five hundred rubles had to be asked - I don’t put these questions before me. He realized that there is a system in the state, and a lot of money is allocated for it, but it is necessary that less be allocated. Make it so that it stands out less. Everything. No more problems were solved.

Therefore, a completely healthy idea that there are too many universities in Russia (and this problem did not arise in 90, but earlier), has been reduced to the need to reduce state universities. For what? To reduce costs. Therefore, no one touched private shops that issue fake papers, called “diplomas”, weaken and discredit the state educational system. It can be concluded that the minister sees neither education, nor science, he does some other things, how correctly and effectively, this is a different conversation, but this has nothing to do with education or science. Therefore, the desire to see in this post another person really close to the problems of the educational and scientific system in Russia is completely natural.

- Do we need to focus on foreign models in developing our own model of education? And do we need our own model? Maybe enough "world experience"?

- In connection with the discussion of the prospects of our education, there is a lot of talk about various models. All such models are based on two principles. It went from the very beginning of perestroika. Or these models are simply copied from the West. For example, attempts to make of our school a kind of American. Primary education from a three-year-old was made a four-year-old, stretched the program, and significantly reduced the requirements. Unthinkable textbooks appeared where, instead of reasonable classical works, they began to offer completely incomprehensible poems and prose of modern “writers” and so on. The textbooks that destroy the educational system were aimed at making the school fun.
It is known that elementary school in the United States - it is irregular classes, no desks, something like an advanced kindergarten.

And the second part is innovative schools where some rash techniques were offered. For example, in 90-ies, techniques were actively promoted, suggested not by teachers, but by people who came from the street, they took and wrote books. He has four children, he worked with them, and he "thought" that it was necessary.

We have our own models of education, so do not reinvent the wheel. It is necessary to build a new school, naturally, on the basis of the principle that one river is not included twice. Therefore, if we have any technical means, for example, interactive whiteboards, projectors, computers, of course, does not mean that they should be thrown out and written in chalk on the blackboard. But writing with chalk on the blackboard is also necessary. It is known that what is written on the board is best fixed. The highest appreciation of the students of those lectures, where the lecturer is required to write part of the material with chalk. In order to interest a person in a popular lecture, you can show a slideshow. But classical methods can and should be used.
As for the experience of other countries, I hope that we have already run over, seen enough and ate, and will not faint after seeing the pavement, washed with shampoo, or some kind of showcase. This should be treated as a part of our big world, which you can try to use, but with the utmost care.

- At present, at various levels they are talking about a crisis in Russian education. What should be done to correct the situation?

- Nowadays, in general, they talk a lot about various crises, in particular, about the crisis of education and science. I can say the following: I would divide the two sides of the case. Firstly, there is a negative trend in world science in general. I heard such an expression as "the collapse of science." There is an opinion that a certain stagnation occurs in science, and almost its folding. I think that at present science is in a certain border point, when the problems in front of it are much greater than the ways to solve them. But this is not specifically our problem, but worldwide. If at Moscow University they cannot tell about the structure of the world, then it is not necessary to think that if we go to the California Institute of Technology, they will quickly tell us about it.

The peculiarity of our situation is that, in addition to this world situation, we ourselves are at the point where we have to make a choice. We will follow the path of effective management and copying Western models in order to merge into some kind of ephemeral international science or we will develop our own system, which will become part of world science. Of course, international contacts have always existed, and in the era of the Cold War, and will continue to exist, and this is normal. We need to decide on further goals, so as not to look sadly at a student, when he asks us a question what to do, but to say: “What, do you not see?”
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  1. svp67
    svp67 11 May 2013 07: 45
    In many ways, he is right. If the State has not decided what, and why, then how can it put things in order? But Russia really needs REALLY educated people. Since thanks to the "LIGHT" of teaching we will be able to get out of the "darkness" in which we find ourselves
    1. APASUS
      APASUS 11 May 2013 09: 57
      Quote: svp67
      In many ways, he is right. If the State has not decided what, but why, then how can it restore order?

      The state has withdrawn from education!
      It’s this vacuum that all Fursenki filled !!! interpreting education in their own way .....
      1. sergo0000
        sergo0000 11 May 2013 10: 51
        [media = http: //]
        Maybe someone interested in members of the forum.
        Old Soviet textbooks (download)
        1. Egoza
          Egoza 11 May 2013 15: 41
          Quote: sergo0000
          Old Soviet textbooks (download)

          Thank you very much!!!!
          1. sergo0000
            sergo0000 11 May 2013 16: 42
            You're welcome! love I downloaded more than half myself.
      2. baltika-18
        baltika-18 11 May 2013 12: 46
        Quote: APASUS
        The state has withdrawn from education!
        This vacuum filled all sorts of Fursenki!

        Well, what kind of Fursenko is "everyone"?
        He has known Putin since 1991; he became Minister in 2004; he carried out all education reforms. Now he is in the presidential administration.
        So, what is happening in the field of education is state policy.
        1. APASUS
          APASUS 11 May 2013 13: 17
          Quote: baltika-18
          Well, what kind of Fursenko is "everyone"?

          I wrote all sorts of Fursenki referring to people shaping education policies.
          Or rather, they do not form anything, but simply roll along an incline into the abyss !!!
    2. T-100
      T-100 11 May 2013 15: 28
      AAAAA give me this freaking USE pass !!!))))
      1. aviamed90
        aviamed90 11 May 2013 15: 55

        Thanks for the tutorials!
        More useful for our grandchildren!
        1. sergo0000
          sergo0000 11 May 2013 16: 47
          Quote: aviamed90
          More useful for our grandchildren!

          Of course come in handy! hi
  2. treskoed
    treskoed 11 May 2013 08: 01
    We need not only educated people, but also patriots of their country! And what's the point - he will learn abroad, or muddy the swamp water at home! In schools, they study "the crimes of the Soviet period", but they do not read "The Story of a Real Man", schoolchildren do not know the heroes of the war, military traditions!
  3. aszzz888
    aszzz888 11 May 2013 08: 05
    It would also be nice to have an intelligent minister of education. The current seems not quite in place.
    1. does it
      does it 11 May 2013 08: 39
      Quote: aszzz888
      It would also be nice to have an intelligent minister of education. The current seems not quite in place.

      It's only the beginning!
    2. BARKAS
      BARKAS 11 May 2013 08: 41
      Quote: aszzz888
      The current seems not quite in place.

      The current place has the same place as the former Minister of Defense, but they don’t seem to get there, but it's a pity.
  4. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 11 May 2013 08: 10
    My neighbor is a 12-year-old boy, so he once said in a conversation: "Why study well when no one needs it, the main thing is to be able to turn around, to know how to make money, education is not the main thing in this process" This is certainly not literal, but in fact. And this is not the opinion of one student, this is the opinion of the majority. It's not for nothing that almost all girls still dream of a modeling career, where education is certainly useless. Boys are increasingly thinking about trade or crime. Where, in their opinion, education also does not play a major role. Today, the school has generally been removed from education, only the issuance of information, and no more, industrial technology, but who will eliminate the marriage. Probably further work of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
  5. My address
    My address 11 May 2013 08: 27
    As a production manager with hundreds of subordinates I declare that a good school principal is more important to the country than I am. A good teacher is more important than my best master. Industrial production and even agricultural production is secondary, superstructure in relation to education. Mistakes of a bad teacher, even mistakes in upbringing, not in knowledge, are hard on both production and everyday life.
  6. djon3volta
    djon3volta 11 May 2013 08: 32
    Now it’s like studying fashionably, poking institutes in every town and stamping it unclear who and why with a higher education. Sometimes you ask one - what is the speed of light? or what radius of the earth? they answer - himself fool .here and all their education wassat and after all, some study to get a second higher education! and I know why some study until the age of 25-30, so that I don’t have to work longer, but to tell everyone I WILL LEARN, WHEN I WILL LEARN WHEN I WILL WORK AT A PRESTIGIOUS HIGH PAYABLE WORK laughing and many people specifically want to go to another city to study, I also know why, but I won’t write about it, guess for yourself. before, those who, as they say, have been unlearned, will be smarter in life than those who now have 3-1 higher ones, because it is visible not with the naked eye!
    in general, if you take that into account, it is quite enough for the bulk of the population to be able to read, write, count, and know that currants are black, red and white, and a dog can bite. All of 100 people with VO 3-10 will settle down by profession, the rest they’ll go to sellers, carriers, or to print pieces of paper in offices and organizations, or to put up sleepers. I know a lot of these, if I don't have any acquaintances, I’ll have little chance of a good job.
  7. dizelniy
    dizelniy 11 May 2013 09: 17
    Some of the groups actually governing the state have set themselves the goal of reducing the interests of young people to beer and TV. Everything is still going according to the conclusions set out in the "Limits to Growth", "Club of Rome".
  8. pensioner
    pensioner 11 May 2013 09: 30
    I fully agree with the Author. Maybe somewhere new scientific centers are being built, but the old, "well-deserved" ones are fading away. I don't have to go far. URO RAS is at hand. Some impressive projects (such as Arctic expeditions) are exceptions to the rule. In higher education in general, an orgy is going on. Of the 2 respected universities of Ural State University named after Gorky and UPI them. Kirov made 1 uncontrollable monster of the Ural Federal University. (bitter drunkard) Yeltsin. Rave. Inside the buildings of respected institutions (for example, IPM), time has stopped. Along with dilapidated plaster and creaking floors. The average age of the scientific staff is such that it is better not to calculate ... And the fact that many have fled over the hill. So it's not all that bad. How many of them have already been awarded (through intelligence)? You know? So no one knows. In America, they have been hysterical about this for a long time. There are already a lot of Russians everywhere, both at NASA and on Boeing, etc.
  9. pensioner
    pensioner 11 May 2013 09: 31
    But there are shifts, that is. The truth so far is similar to moving.
  10. Egoza
    Egoza 11 May 2013 10: 07
    And all you need is RETURN THE SOVIET EDUCATION SYSTEM! Even if one more year is added in elementary school, then due to this, strengthen patriotic education, introduce the lessons of courage, and much can be done! Parenting begins in early childhood. Literally from kindergarten, this work can and should be carried out, if parents have no time!
    Well, this is some kind of nonsense. In Japan, the best Soviet methods are used, in Germany, there is a center of A.S. Makarenko, England has already announced that they will adopt and implement the Soviet education system. And we all throw up our hands: "What to do?" ACT!!!!
    1. Net
      Net 11 May 2013 16: 14
      The upbringing of the state by man - in the wake of the struggle against this dogma, the USSR fell. They wanted freedom - so get it! The majority of the people were poisoned to her utterly, maybe we ourselves also took a sip. Recently I made a remark on the street to the boy - he finished the plastic bottle and threw it directly onto the road. So this bastard, with such surprise and contempt, looked at me, like what am I supposed to owe everything here !? Certainly made me throw it into the urn, but I think I would send this bastard to three letters. Parenting is like that.
  11. Jeka
    Jeka 11 May 2013 10: 23
    Previously, there was a clear ideology (albeit unattainable, but very good and bright): bright future of communism and progress. And the entire planned economy was lined up under the ideology, which is why the USSR achieved such high heights, and the rest of the Western countries were equal to the "savages" of the communists. If not for the USSR, then in fact there would not have been such a scientific progress of the last century!
    What is the ideology of modern "democratic" Russia? Something I have not heard what the president would say what is the ultimate goal of the state - the Russian Federation. and the goal is simple - steal, deceive! Without a partial return to the planned economy and a specific goal of the state, the Russian Federation has no future.
  12. knn54
    knn54 11 May 2013 10: 56
    - Do we need to focus on foreign models in developing our own model of education? And do we need our own model? Maybe enough "world experience"?
    Here is what the famous American physicist Michio Kaku (a descendant of Japanese immigrants) says about education in the United States: “The United States has the worst education system of all that I know. The knowledge of our graduates is lower than in the third world countries. How can the scientific elite of the United States still We are producing a generation of idiots - watch our TV and reality shows And I'll tell you: America has a secret weapon called the H-1B Foreign Scientist Visa. Forget Google, Forget Silicon Valley - everyone did it not Americans, but migrants. The US sucks the brains out better from all over the world - India, China, Russia. And we ourselves breed idiots. "
    The reaction of John F. Kennedy to the flight of Gagarin:
    “The Soviet education won. “Guys, we need to learn physics, otherwise we will have to learn Russian.”
    The Great Patriotic War was won by the Soviet tenth grader!
    The West (and its accomplices) DO NOT NEED us a FULL education. If the brains made their way, they will be picked up and taken away.
    -lack of purpose for the state.
    The goal (the current pseudo-secondary supposedly education) is to create wordless, low-functional robots that are easy to manipulate ...
    It is necessary, first of all, to return CLASSICAL education. As for the higher education, it was only before Brezhnev, when the institutes began to take en masse "for pulling", "the rate on national cadres", when any "sheep breeder" was gladly accepted to universities on the basis of the order. And there were orders for "sportsmen", in particular , EBN.
    And then such "specialists and reformers" of the USSR and ditched.
    Until everything is done with money-loving, popularity, voluptuousness and verbiage, everything will remain on its own. And no reforms will help!
    1. d.gksueyjd
      d.gksueyjd 11 May 2013 13: 06
      You see, the current and future "elite of the Russian Federation" do not need educated people, they do not need, but they need a managed herd to work. Cattle are easier to manage and their requests are simple - "bread and circuses"
  13. family tree
    family tree 11 May 2013 11: 11
    There was such a guy: Otto Eduard Leopold Karl-Wilhelm-Ferdinand Duke von Lauenburg Prince von Bismarck und Schonhausen, they say that he seriously claimed that any weapon and a school teacher would win any war. He was a wise man, sorry not Russian request
  14. UFO
    UFO 11 May 2013 11: 51
    Education reformers on trial! (without the right to correspond.) I would like to wait for the times when Putin HAS to answer questions on this topic !!! am
    1. bubla5
      bubla5 11 May 2013 18: 31
      Did the hunchback answer?
  15. runway
    runway 11 May 2013 12: 06
    No purpose? And what does Putin broadcast from high stands every year? Yes, we have goals - a whole cart and another small cart! The main reason for the failure of the current regime is that people do not believe this power. After all, their words disagree with the deed, and people see it. The second reason is that current leaders feel that they are temporary workers. For the time remaining, feeling impunity, they seek to loot as much as possible. Therefore, do not try again to hang noodles on our ears - there are no goals stop
  16. DeerIvanovich
    DeerIvanovich 11 May 2013 12: 57
    only a mechanism can be reformed
  17. lars
    lars 11 May 2013 13: 33
    "... lack of state interest and the resulting well-thought-out policy in the field of national education and science"
    It really looks like she is, but what ...
  18. Diviz
    Diviz 11 May 2013 14: 48
    and why a person is needed if everything is "known". to make grandmas on it. the era of the oil pyramid for the benefit of those above it.
  19. bubla5
    bubla5 11 May 2013 18: 28
    The biggest mistake is the widespread and forced propaganda of higher education, they wanted everyone to be smart, but it turned out as always, destroyed by vocational schools, technical secondary schools, now all are * smart with a diploma of higher education * and there is nobody to work or as they say young * zapadlo *
  20. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro 11 May 2013 19: 18
    <<< We have already heard this talk about this "wonderful market", which will put everyone in their place, but in fact, it does not arrange anyone. And the situation we got is just deplorable. >>>
    Oh, those "effective managers" with their "wonderful market", which will regulate everything itself. One effective manager, Per ... yukov, may be enough, who has regulated so much that the very object (Army) itself, which has undergone "market regulation", is almost left! Is it really necessary to wait for other "effective managers" to achieve similar "successful results" in other areas: education, science, economic modernization, healthcare ..? If you "harness" for so long, then you can not "go" ANYWHERE!
  21. aleksandr.k
    aleksandr.k 11 May 2013 19: 34
    It’s up to the small thing to remove these freaks that Putin puts in the government, and then (or first) himself.
  22. Ivanovich47
    Ivanovich47 11 May 2013 20: 17
    The great discoveries of Russian scientists (Lomonosov, Mendeleev, Popov, Pavlov ...) in the history of world science were made without the help of the state. In the 20th century, our state supported mainly defense science. I am sure that all states, first of all, support science, which determines the strength and power of a country. On education: I studied at a secondary technical military school (HVATU) in the sixties. There was little theory, but when we arrived at the troops, we knew how to repair the radio station, knew the basic diagram of the device, and were on "YOU" with the equipment. Now specialists from "higher" schools, "theoreticians" come to the regiment, who cannot operate communication systems, cannot teach soldiers anything (and sometimes soldiers teach them). Everyone knows about it. But nobody stops the vicious practice of using "higher" schools. And the Army needs secondary technical schools, which have made and should make professionals.