Military Review

Women of war

By the Great Victory Day, I invite you to read the interesting memories of women veterans who took part in the hostilities and were ready to go to battle along with the men. Eternal memory and glory!

"We drove for many days ... We went out with girls to a station with a bucket to get some water. Looked around and gasped: one by one the trains went, and there were some girls. They sing. They wave to us - who are scarves, who are pilots. It became clear : there are not enough men, they died in the ground, or in captivity. Now, instead of them ... Mom wrote me a prayer. I put her in the medallion. Maybe it helped, I returned home. I kissed the medallion before the fight ... "

Women of war

“Once a night, reconnaissance by our regiment was led by a whole company. By dawn, she retreated, and a moan was heard from the neutral zone. There was a wounded man.“ Do not go, they will be killed, - the soldiers did not let me in, ”you see, it is already shining. I crawled. I found the wounded man, dragged him for eight hours, tied my belt with my arm. I brought him alive. The commander recognized and announced five days in arrest for his unauthorized absent. And the deputy commander of the regiment reacted differently: "Deserves rewards." At nineteen was the medal "For courage." In nineteen years, gray hair la. At nineteen in the last battle both lungs were shot through, the second bullet passed between two vertebrae, paralyzed legs ... And I was considered killed ... At nineteen years old ... I have this granddaughter now. I look at her - and not Believe. Kid! "

"I had night duty ... I went into the ward of seriously wounded. The captain was lying ... The doctors warned me before the duty that he would die at night ... Not reach the morning ... I ask him:" Well, how? How can I help you? "I will never forget ... He suddenly smiled, such a bright smile on his exhausted face:" Unfasten a bathrobe ... Show me your chest ... I have not seen my wife for a long time ... "I felt ashamed, that Something there answered him. She left and returned an hour later. He lies dead. And that smile is on his face ... "

"And when he appeared the third time, this one instant - it will appear, then disappear, - I decided to shoot. I decided, and suddenly such a thought flashed: this is a man, even though he is an enemy, but a man, and I somehow started shaking hands, trembling, chills went all over my body ... Some kind of fear ... Sometimes this feeling comes to me in a dream and now this feeling returns ... After plywood targets, it was difficult to shoot a living person. I can see it in an optical sight, well I see. As if he is close ... And inside I have something against ... Something does not, I can not decide. But I pulled myself together, press la trigger ... Not once we have received not a woman's business -. Do not hate and kill our ... I had to convince myself persuade .... ".

"And the girls rushed to the front voluntarily, but the coward himself will not go to war. They were bold, extraordinary girls. There are statistics: losses among the front-line physicians ranked second after losses in rifle battalions. In the infantry. For example, pull out a wounded man with battlefields? I’ll tell you now ... We went up to the attack, and let us mow down with a machine gun. And the battalion was gone. All were lying. They were not all killed, many were wounded. The Germans are beating, the fire is not stopping. one girl jumps out of the trench, then a second oh, the third ... They began to dress and drag the wounded, even the Germans were numb for a while from amazement. By 10 o'clock in the evening all the girls were seriously injured, and each saved a maximum of two or three people. the awards were not scattered. It was necessary to pull out the wounded along with his personal weapons. The first question in the medical battalion: where are the weapons? At the beginning of the war it was not enough. A rifle, a machine gun, a machine gun — that too had to be dragged. In the forty-first order was issued number two hundred and eighty-one about the presentation of the award for saving the lives of soldiers: for fifteen seriously wounded, taken from the battlefield with personal weapons - the medal "For Military Merit", for the salvation of twenty-five people - the Order of the Red Star, for the salvation of forty - the Order of the Red Banner; for the salvation of eighty - the order of Lenin. And I described to you what it meant to save at least one battle ... From the bullets ... "

"What was going on in our souls, such people as we were then probably never will be again. Never! Such naive and so sincere. With such faith! When our regiment commander received the banner and gave the command:" Regiment, under the banner! On our knees! ", We all felt happy. We stand and cry, we have tears in our eyes. You won’t believe now, my whole body became tense from this shock, my illness, and I got sick with" night blindness ", it’s me from malnutrition, from nervous exhaustion happened, and so, my night blindness passed. You know, I was healthy the next day, I recovered, it was through such a shock of the whole soul ... "

"I was thrown to the brick wall by a hurricane wave. I lost consciousness ... When I came to myself, it was already evening. I looked up, tried to squeeze my fingers - they seemed to move, barely opened my left eye and went to the ward, all covered in blood. In the corridor I meet our older sister, she did not recognize me, asked: "Who are you? From where? ”She came closer, gasped and said:“ Where have you been for so long, Xenia? The wounded were hungry, but you were not. "They quickly bandaged my head, left arm above the elbow, and I went to get supper. My eyes were getting dark, sweat was pouring in hail. I began to distribute supper, I fell. They revived and only heard:" Quick! Hurry! "And again -" Hurry up! Hurry up! "A few days later they took blood from me for the seriously wounded."

“We're very young, we went to the front. Girls. I even grew up for the war. Mom measured the house ... I grew ten centimeters ...”

"They organized nursing courses, and my father took me and my sister there. I was fifteen years old, and my sister was fourteen. He said:" This is all I can give to win. My girls ... "There was no other thought then. A year later I went to the front ..."

"Our mother had no sons ... And when Stalingrad was besieged, they voluntarily went to the front. All together. The whole family: mother and five daughters, and the father had already fought by this time ..."

"I was mobilized, I was a doctor. I left with a sense of duty. And my dad was happy that his daughter was at the front. He was protecting the Motherland. Dad went to the draft board early in the morning. He went to get my certificate and went early in the morning on purpose so that everyone in the village saw that he had a daughter at the front ... "

“I remember, they let me go to the post. Before I went to my aunt, I went to the store. Before the war, I loved sweets terribly. I say:
- Give me some candy.
The saleswoman looks at me like I'm crazy. I did not understand: what are the cards, what is the blockade? All the people in the line turned to me, and I have a rifle more than me. When we were given them, I looked and thought: "When will I grow up to this rifle?" And all of a sudden they began to ask, the whole line:
- Give her some candy. Cut out our coupons.
And they gave me. "

"And for the first time in my life it happened ... Our ... Woman ... I saw blood in my face, like a shout:
- I was hurt ...
In intelligence with us was a paramedic, already an elderly man. He to me:
- Where did you hurt?
- I do not know where ... But the blood ...
Like his father, he told me everything ... I went on reconnaissance after the war of fifteen years. Every night. And such dreams: either my machine gun refused, then we were surrounded. You wake up - your teeth creak. Remember - where are you? There or here? "

"I went to the front as a materialist. Atheist. She left a good Soviet schoolgirl who was well taught. And there ... There I began to pray ... I always prayed before the battle, read my prayers. Words are simple ... My words ... There is one meaning for me to return to mom and dad. I did not know these prayers and did not read the Bible. Nobody saw how I prayed. I secretly. Furtively prayed. Be careful. Because ... We were different then Other people lived. Do you understand? "

"Forms we could not be hurt: always in blood. My first wounded was Senior Lieutenant Belov, my last wounded was Sergei Petrovich Trofimov, a mortar platoon sergeant. In the seventieth year he came to visit me, and I showed his daughters wounded head on which is still a big scar. In total, I carried out four hundred eighty-one wounded from under the fire. Some of the journalists counted: a whole rifle battalion ... They dragged men on themselves, two or three times heavier than us. And the wounded are even harder . You drag him himself and his weapon, and on him still tires Eh, boots. You pull in eighty kilograms and you drag. You drop ... You follow the next, and again seventy-eighty kilograms ... And so five or six times in one attack. And in you forty-eight kilograms is ballet weight. Now I can not believe ... "

"I later became the squad leader. The whole squad is made of young boys. We are on the boat all day. The boat is small, there are no brassies there. By necessity, you can go over the board, that's all. But how am I? I got to hear it a couple of times, that she jumped right overboard and was swimming. They shout: "Sergeant overboard!" They will pull it out. This is such an elementary trifle ... But what is this trifle? I was treated later ...

“I returned from the war gray. Twenty-one years old, and I’m all white. I had a severe wound, a concussion, I didn’t hear well in one ear. Mom greeted me with the words:“ I believed that you would come. I prayed for you day and night. "The brother died at the front. She cried:" Equally now - give birth to girls or boys. "

“And I’ll say something else ... The worst thing for me in a war is to wear men's pants. That was scary. And this is somehow to me ... I don’t express it ... Well, first of all, it’s very ugly ... You are in a war, you are going to die for the Motherland, and you are wearing underpants. In general, you look ridiculous. It is ridiculous. Underpants were then worn long. Wide. They were made from satin. Ten girls were in our dugout, and they were all in men's shorts. My God! In the winter and in the summer. Four years ... They crossed the Soviet border ... They finished off, as our political commissar said on political studies, the beast in his own lair. the Polish village howled we were dressed, gave out new uniforms and ... And! And! And! They brought for the first time women's underwear and bras. For the whole war for the first time. Ha-aa ... Well, I see ... We saw normal lingerie ... Why aren't you laughing? Crying ... Well, why? "

“At eighteen, on the Kursk Bulge, I was awarded the Military Merit medal and the Order of the Red Star; at nineteen, the Order of the Patriotic War of the second degree. When the new replenishment arrived, the guys were all young, of course, they were surprised. They were also eighteen- nineteen years old, and they mockingly asked: “Why did you get your medals?” or “Have you been in battle?” They pester with jokes: “But the bullets pierce the armor tank? "One of these I later tied up on the battlefield, under fire, and I remembered his last name - Shchegolevatykh. His leg was broken. I impose a tire on him, and he asks for forgiveness:" Sister, I'm sorry that I offended you then ... "

"We were disguised. We are sitting. We are waiting for the night to still try to break through. And Lieutenant Michael T., the battalion was injured, and he served as a battalion officer, he was twenty years old, began to remember how he loved to dance, play the guitar. Then asks:
- Have you ever tried?
- What? What have you tried? - I wanted to eat scary.
- Not what, but whom ... Babu!
And before the war, these cakes were. With that name.
- Nooo ...
- And I have not tried it either. You will die and you will not know what love is ... They will kill us at night ...
- Fuck you, you fool! - It dawned on me what he was talking about.
They died for life, not knowing what life is. Everything was just read in the books. I loved a movie about love ... "

"She shielded a loved one from a mine fragments. Splinters fly — these are some fractions of a second ... How did she manage? She saved Lieutenant Petya Boychevsky, she loved him. And he stayed to live. Thirty years later Petya Boychevsky came from Krasnodar and found I was told at our front-line meeting, and told me all this. We went with him to Borisov and found the glade where Tonya died. He took the earth from her grave ... Nes and kissed ... There were five of us, Konakov girls. And one I returned to my mother ... "

"A separate smoke-camouflage squad commanded by the former commander of the torpedo boat division, Lieutenant Commander Alexander Bogdanov, commanded. Girls, mostly with secondary technical education or after the first courses of the institute. Our task is to protect the ships, cover them with smoke. waiting: "Hurry girls smoke hung. He’s quieter with him. ”They drove away in vehicles with a special mixture, while everyone was hiding in an air-raid shelter. We, as they say, caused fire on ourselves. The Germans beat on this smoke screen ...”

"I am tied up with a tank driver ... The fight is coming, the roar. He asks:" Girl, what is your name? "Even a compliment of some kind. It was so strange to me to pronounce my name in this roar, in this horror, Olya."

"And here I am the commander of the gun. And it means that I am in one thousand three hundred and fifty-seventh anti-aircraft regiment. At first, there was blood from my nose and ears, my stomach was upset ... My throat was dry and vomiting ... At night it’s not so scary and it is very scary in the afternoon. It seems that the plane is flying straight at you, precisely at your weapon. It rams on you! This is one moment ... Now it turns everything, everything, into nothing. Everything is the end! "

"And while they found me, I froze my feet badly. Apparently I was thrown with snow, but I was breathing and a hole was formed in the snow ... Such a pipe ... Health dogs found me. They dug up the snow and my ear-hat. They brought me there. I had a death passport, each had such passports: what kind of relatives, where to report. I was dug up, put on a cape, I had a full blood jacket ... But no one paid attention to my legs ... For six months I was in hospital. We wanted to amputate the leg, amputate above the knee, because gangrene began. And here I am a little bit lose heart, do not want to be crippled to live. Why should I live? whom do I need? No father, no mother. a burden in my life. Well, I need someone, stump! strangled ... "

“We received a tank there. We both were senior driver mechanics, and there should be only one driver driver in the tank. The command decided to appoint me as commander of the EC-122 tank, and my husband as a senior driver mechanic. And so we got to Germany. Both wounded. We have awards. There were quite a few tank girls on medium tanks, but on the hard one - I'm alone. "

"We were told to wear all the military, and I was about fifty meters. I got into my pants, and the girls tied me upstairs with them."

"As long as he hears ... Until the last moment you tell him that no, no, how can you die. You kiss him, hug you: what are you, what are you? He is already dead, eyes on the ceiling, and I whisper something else to him. .. I calm down ... The surnames here are erased, gone from memory, but the faces remained ... "

"We got a nurse taken prisoner ... A day later, when we fought off that village, dead horses, motorcycles, armored personnel carriers were lying around. We found her: her eyes were pierced, her chest was cut off ... She was put on a stake ... Frost, and she white and white, and her hair is all gray. She was nineteen years old. In her backpack we found letters from the house and a rubber green bird. A children's toy ... "

"Under Sevsk, the Germans attacked us seven or eight times a day. And I also carried the wounded with their weapons that day. I crawled up to the last one, and his hand was completely slaughtered. Dangling on pieces ... On the veins ... In bloodline all ... He urgently needs to cut off his hand to bandage, otherwise there is no way, but I don’t have a knife or scissors. My bag telepal-telepalo on the side, and they fell out. What to do? And I gnawed this flesh with my teeth. ... Bandage, and wounded: "Hurry, sister. I will fight again. "In the heat ..."

“I was afraid of the whole war so that my legs would not be crippled. I had beautiful legs. A man - what? He is not so scared if he even loses his legs. Anyway - a hero. Groom! And a woman will be crippled, so this will be her fate. Female destiny ... "

“Men will lay out a fire at the bus stop, shake lice, dry. And where are we? We’ll run for some kind of shelter and undress there. I had knitted sweaters, so lice sat on every millimeter, in every buttonhole. head, clothes, pubic ... I had them all ... "

"Under Makiyivka, in the Donbass, I was wounded, I was wounded in the thigh. I climbed such a fragment, like a pebble, sits. I feel - blood, I folded the individual package and go there. And then I run, I bandage. - in the buttock. In the ass ... At sixteen, it is embarrassing to tell someone. It is inconvenient to admit. Well, and so I ran, tied up, until I lost consciousness from the loss of blood. Full boots leaked ... "

"A doctor came, made a cardiogram, and they ask me:
- When did you have a heart attack?
- What is a heart attack?
- You have all the heart in the scars.
And these scars, apparently, from the war. You go over the target, you all shakes. The whole body is covered with trembling, because the fire is below: fighters shoot, anti-aircraft guns shoot ... We flew mostly at night. For a while we were tried to be sent on assignments in the afternoon, but they immediately abandoned this idea. Our "On-2" shot from a machine gun ... We made up to twelve sorties per night. I saw the famous pilot-ace Pokryshkin, when he flew out of a combat flight. It was a strong man, he is not twenty years old and not twenty-three, like us: while the plane was being refueled, the technician managed to take off his shirt and unscrew it. From it flowed, as if he had been in the rain. Now you can easily imagine what was happening with us. You arrive and you cannot even get out of the cabin, they pull us out. Could not carry the tablet, pulled on the ground. "

"We sought ... We did not want to be told about us:" Ah, these women! "And we tried more than men, we still had to prove that we were not worse than men. And for a long time we had an arrogant, condescending attitude: "These women will marry ..."

"Three times wounded and three times contused. At war, who dreamed about: who would go home, who would go to Berlin, and I would think about one thing - live to my birthday so that I would be eighteen years old. For some reason, I was afraid to die before, I don’t even live to be eighteen. I walked in trousers, in foil cap, always ragged, because always crawling on my knees, and even under the weight of a wounded man. I couldn’t believe that someday you can stand up and walk on the ground rather than crawl It was a dream! Somehow the division commander arrived, he saw me and asked: “What about Do you have a teenager? What do you keep it? He would have to be sent to study. "

"We were happy when we took out a pot of water to wash our heads. If we walked for a long time, we were looking for soft grass. They tore her legs and legs ... Well, you see, they washed them with grass ... We had our own characteristics, girls ... The Army didn’t I thought ... We had green legs ... Well, if the foreman was an old man and understood everything, didn’t take out the excess laundry from the duffel bag, and if he was young, he would definitely throw away the extras. And what’s too much for girls who need to be twice on the day to change clothes. We pulled off the sleeves from the lower shirts, and there are only two of them. These are only four sleeves ... "

"Let's go ... Man is two hundred girls, and behind man is two hundred men. The heat is high. Hot summer. March is thirty kilometers. The heat is wild ... And after us there are red spots on the sand ... Traces are red ... Well, things these ... Ours ... How can you hide it? The soldiers follow and pretend not to notice anything ... They don’t look at their feet ... The trousers dried on us as they became of glass. They cut. There were wounds , and the smell of blood was heard all the time. But they didn’t give us anything ... We were guarding: when the soldiers hang their shirts on the bushes. meyalis: "Sergeant, give us more laundry. Our girls were taken away. "There wasn’t enough cotton and bandages for the wounded ... And not that ... Lingerie, perhaps, only two years later appeared. In men's shorts we went and T-shirts ... Well, let's go ... We’ve got our boots on our feet too ... We're going ... To the ferry, there are ferries waiting. We got to the ferry, and then they started bombing us. The most terrible bombing, the men — where to hide. We are not called, but we don’t before the bombing, we would rather be in the river. To the water ... Water! Water! And they sat there until they were soaked ... Under the fragments ... Here it is ... Shame was worse than death. And some girls in the water n around ... "

"Finally, they were assigned. They brought me to my platoon ... The soldiers look: someone with a sneer, someone with evil even, and the other will shake his shoulders - everything is immediately clear. When the battalion commander imagined that you were supposedly a new platoon commander, they all howled at once: “Oooh ...” One even spat: “Ugh!” And a year later, when I was awarded the Order of the Red Star, these same guys, who survived, were holding me in my dugout carried. They were proud of me. "

"Accelerated march went on a mission. The weather was warm, they walked lightly. When they began to pass the position of long-range truck gunners, suddenly one jumped out of the trench and shouted:" Air! Rama! "I looked up and looking for a" frame "in the sky. I don’t find any aircraft. Quietly, not a sound around. Where is that frame? One of my sappers asked for permission to fail. I’m looking for him to go to that artillery man and weighs him in the face. I didn’t have time to figure out how the gunner shouted: “Boys, beat us!” From the trench, other artillerymen jumped up and surrounded our engineer. him to the rescue. A fight ensued. I could not understand what had happened? did the platoon get into a fight? Every minute counts, and then there is such a mess. I give the command: “Platoon, become operational!” No one pays any attention to me. Then I pulled out a pistol and fired into the air. Officers jumped out of the dugout they calmed down, a considerable time passed. The captain approached my platoon and asked: "Who is the oldest here?" I reported. His eyes widened, he was even confused. Then he asked: "What happened here?" I could not answer, because I did not know the reason. Then my commander-in-chief came out and told how everything was. So I learned what a “frame” is, what an offensive word it was for a woman. Something like a whore. Front curse ... "

"You ask about love? I'm not afraid to tell the truth ... I was pepezhe, something that stands for" marching field wife. Wife in the war. The second. Illegal The first battalion commander ... I did not love him. He was a good man, but I did not love him. And I went to his dugout in a few months. Where to go? Some men are around, it's better to live with one than to be afraid of everyone. In battle, it was not as scary as it was after the battle, especially when the rest is over, we will retire to re-form. How do they shoot, fire, they call: "Sister! Sis!", And after the battle, everyone will guard you ... You can't get out of the dugout at night ... Did the other girls tell you this or not admit it? Shame, I think ... Keep silent. Proud! And it was all ... But they are silent about it ... It is not accepted ... No ... For example, I, in the battalion, had one woman, lived in a common dwelling. Together with men. They separated me a place, but what is it separate, the whole dugout six meters. I woke up at night from the fact that she waved her hands, then I would give one to the cheeks, hands, then to the other. I was wounded, I went to the hospital and waved my hands there. A nanny wakes up at night: "What are you doing?" Who will you tell? "

"We buried him ... He was lying on a cape, he had just been killed. The Germans were shelling us. We need to bury us quickly ... Right now ... We found old birch trees, chose the one that was some distance away from the old oak tree. large. Near it ... I tried to remember, to return and find this place later. Here the village ends, then the fork ... But how to remember? How to remember if one birch is already burning before our eyes ... How? We began to say goodbye ... They say to me: "You are the first!" My heart jumped, I understood ... What ... Everyone, it turns out, is aware of my love. Everyone knows ... The thought struck: maybe he knew? Here ... He lies ... Now they will lower him into the ground ... They'll put him on the sand ... But I was terribly happy with this thought that maybe he also knew. and he liked me? As if he was alive and something would answer me now ... I remembered how he gave me a German chocolate for the New Year. I did not eat her month, I wore it in my pocket. Now it doesn't get to me, I I remember life ... This moment ... Bombs fly ... He ... Lies on the cloak-tent ... This moment ... And I rejoice ... I stand and smile to myself. Abnormal. I am glad that he, perhaps, knew about my love ... She came up and kissed him. I have never kissed a man before ... It was the first ... "

"How did the Motherland meet us? I can’t cry without sobs ... Forty years have passed, and my cheeks are still burning. The men were silent, and the women ... They shouted to us:" We know what you did there! Lured young n ... our men. Front-line b ... Military bitches ... "They insulted everyone ... A rich Russian dictionary ... A guy with a dance accompanies me, I feel bad, my heart pauses. I go and sit in a snowdrift." you? "-" Oh, nothing. I danced. "And these are my two wounds ... This is war ... But you have to learn to be tender. To be weak and fragile, and your legs in boots have spread - the fortieth size. Unusually, for someone to hug me. I'm used to answering myself for myself. I waited for tender words, but I didn’t understand them. They are like children’s me. A strong Russian mother was at the front among men. I got used to it. My friend taught me, she worked in the library: "Read poems. Yesenin read. "

"The legs were gone ... The legs were cut off ... They saved me there, in the forest ... The operation was in the most primitive conditions. They put it on the table to operate, and even iodine was not, legs were sawed with a simple saw, both legs ... They put on the table, and there is no iodine. For six kilometers to another partisan detachment went for iodine, and I lay on the table. Without anesthesia. Without ... Instead of anesthesia - a bottle of moonshine. There was nothing except the usual saw ... Joiner's .. We had a surgeon, he himself also had no legs, he talked about me, it was other doctors who said: "I bow to her. I have operated so many men, but I have not seen such people. Do not cry out. "I held on ... I used to be strong in public ..."

Running up to the car, I opened the door and began to report:
- Comrade General, at your command ...
I heard:
- To leave ...
Stretched on the stand "quietly." The general did not even turn to me, but through the glass of the car he was looking at the road. Nervous and often glances at his watch. I am standing. He speaks to his orderly:
“Where is that sappers commander?”
I tried again to report:
- Comrade general ...
He finally turned to me with annoyance:
- To hell with you I need!
I understood everything and almost burst out laughing. Then his orderly first guessed:
- Comrade general, and maybe she is the commander of the sappers?
The general stared at me.
- Who are you?
- The commander of the sapper platoon, comrade general.
- Are you a platoon commander? - he was indignant.
- Yes, Comrade General!
- Do your sappers work?
- Yes, Comrade General!
- Zaladila: General, General ...
He got out of the car, walked a few steps forward, then came back to me. He stood, measured his eyes. And to your orderly:
- Have you seen?

“My husband was a senior machinist, and I was a machinist. They drove to the wagon for four years, and my son went with us. He didn’t even see a cat in my war. When I caught a cat near Kiev, our team was bombed terribly, five aircraft flew, hugged her: "Kisanka dear, I'm glad I saw you. I do not see anyone, well, sit with me. Let me kiss you. "Child ... A child should have everything baby ... He fell asleep with the words:" Mom, we have a cat. We now have a real home. "

"Anya Kaburova is lying on the grass ... Our signler. She dies - a bullet hit the heart. At this time a wedge of cranes flies over us. Everyone raised their heads to the sky, and she opened her eyes. Looked:" What a pity, girls. "Then paused and smiled at us: “Girls, shall I die?” At this time our postman, our Klava, is running, she shouts: “Do not die! Do not die! You have a letter from home ... "Anya does not close her eyes, she is waiting ... Our Klava sat down next to her, opened an envelope. A letter from her mother:" My dear, beloved daughter ... "There is a doctor beside me, he says:" This is a miracle. Miracle!! She lives contrary to all the laws of medicine ... "They finished reading the letter ... And only then Anya closed her eyes ..."

"I stayed with him one day, the second and decide:" Go to headquarters and report. I will stay here with you. "He went to the authorities, but I do not breathe: well, as they would say that at twenty-four o'clock her legs would not be? This is the front, this is understandable. And suddenly I see that the authorities are going to the dugout: major, Colonel. Everybody shook hands. Then, of course, we sat in a dugout, drank, and everyone said his word that his wife found a husband in a trench, this is a real wife, there are documents. It's such a woman! Let me see this woman! They said such words, they all cried. I remember that whole life ... What do I have left? They were enrolled as a nurse. Ho Dila with him in reconnaissance. Mortar beats, I see - fell. I think: killed or wounded? I go there, but the mortar beats, and the commander shouts: "Where are you going, damn woman!" I’m crawling - alive ... Alive! "

"Two years ago, our chief of staff, Ivan Mikhailovich Grinko, visited me. He was retired a long time ago. He sat at the same table. I baked pies too. They talk with my husband, they remember ... Our girls started talking ... the glow: "Honor, say respect. And the girls are almost all lonely. Unmarried They live in communal apartments. Who pity them? Protected? Where did you all go after the war? Traitors !! "In a word, I spoiled the festive mood for them ... The chief of staff was sitting in your place." Show me, - he pounded his fist on the table, - who offended you. You only show him to me! ”He asked for forgiveness:“ Valya, I can’t tell you anything except tears ”.

“I came to Berlin with an army ... I returned to my village with two orders of Glory and medals. I lived for three days, and on the fourth my mother lifts me out of bed and says:“ Daughter, I collected a bundle for you. Go away ... Go away ... You still have two younger sisters growing up. Who will marry them? Everyone knows that you were at the front for four years, with men ... "Do not touch my soul. Write, like others, about my rewards ..."

"At Stalingrad ... I drag two wounded. I drag one, leave, then the other. And so I pull them one by one, because there are very heavy wounded, they cannot be left, both of them, as it is easier to explain, are highly beaten off the legs, they bleed. There is a minute of the road, every minute. And suddenly, when I crawled away from the battle, there was less smoke, I suddenly find that I am dragging one of our tankers and one German ... I was terrified: our people are dying there, and I I save the Germans. I was in a panic ... There, in the smoke, I did not understand ... I see: a man dies, a man shouts ... Aaa ... They are both about burned, black. Same. And then I saw: someone else's medallion, someone else's watch, everything else's. This form is damned. And what now? I pull our wounded man and think: “Come back for German or not?” I understood that if I left him then he will soon die. From the loss of blood ... And I crawled after him. I continued to drag them both ... It's Stalingrad ... The most terrible battles. Most-most. My diamond you ... There can not be one the heart is for hate, and the second is for love. In humans, it is one. "

"The war ended, they were terribly unprotected. Here is my wife. She is an intelligent woman, and she treats military girls badly. Believes that they went to war for the suitors, that everyone rotated novels there. Although in fact, we sincere conversation, it was often honest girls. Clean. But after the war ... After the mud, after the lice, after the deaths ... I wanted something beautiful. Bright. Beautiful women ... I had a friend, he was at the front she loved one beautiful girl, as I understand now, a nurse. But he did not marry her, demobilized and found Fuck the other, sharper. And he is unhappy with his wife. Now he remembers that, his military love, she would be his friend. And after the front, he did not want to marry her, because for four years he saw her only in worn-out boots and a men's quilted jacket. We tried to forget the war. And our girls forgot too ... "

"My girlfriend ... I will not give her last name, suddenly offended ... Voenfeldsher ... Three times wounded. The war ended, she entered a medical school. She did not find any of her relatives, everyone died. She was in dire need of soap, to feed themselves. But she didn’t admit to anyone that she is a war invalid and has benefits, broke all her documents. I ask: “Why did you break?” She cries: “And who would marry me?” - “Well, what,” I say, “I did it right.” Crying even louder: “These papers would be useful to me now. Sick hard. "Imagine? Cries."

"We went to Kineshma, this is the Ivanovo region, to his parents. I was traveling as a heroine, I never thought that you could meet a front-line girl. We passed so much, saved mothers, children, husbands so much. And suddenly ... I recognized insult, I heard insulting words. Until then, except for: "dear sister," "dear sister," I did not hear anything else ... We sat down in the evening to drink tea, the mother took her son to the kitchen and cried: "Who did you marry? At the front ... You have two younger sisters. Who will marry them now? "And now, when I remember this, I want to cry. Imagine: I brought a plate, I loved her very much. There were such words: and you should just walk in the most fashionable shoes ... It's about the front girl I set it up, the elder sister came up and smashed before my eyes, they say, you have no rights. They destroyed all my front photos ... Enough for us, front girls. And after the war we got it, after the war we had another war Also terrible. Somehow, the men left us. They didn’t cover us. I was there. "

"Then they began to honor us, in thirty years ... To invite to meetings ... And at first we were lurking, we didn’t even wear any awards. Men did, and women didn’t. Men were winners, heroes, grooms, they had a war, but they looked at us with completely different eyes. With completely different ... We, I will tell you, took the victory ... They did not share the victory with us. And it was a shame ... It was unclear ... "

"The first medal" For courage "... The battle began. Squally fire. The soldiers lay down. Team:" Forward! For the Motherland! ", And they are lying. Again, the team is lying again. I took off my hat to see: the girl rose ... And they all got up, and we went into battle ..."
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  1. Apollo
    Apollo 9 May 2013 08: 20 New
    I bow to you.

  2. family
    family tree 9 May 2013 08: 24 New

    I still don’t quite understand
    How am I, and Huda, and small,
    Through the fires to victory May
    In kirzach stopudovyh reached.

    And where did so much power come from
    Even the weakest of us? ..
    What to guess! - Russia has been and is
    Eternal strength is an eternal supply.

    This is Julia Drunina. Slaughter poems of the participants of the Great Patriotic War. Who cares, here: http: //
    Happy Victory Day!
  3. sichevik
    sichevik 9 May 2013 09: 03 New
    Well, in what other country of the world, what people have such Women?
  4. George
    George 9 May 2013 09: 09 New
    Thank you grandmother !!!
    1. bask
      bask 9 May 2013 09: 51 New
      Pull it out on their fragile shoulders ... only YOU could do this in the world.
      Millions of saved lives, SOVIET SOLDIERS !!!
      Hundreds of thousands of destroyed Fritz.
      And how many tanks, planes were built with your hands, the land was plowed !!!
      Born of children during the Second World War, my mother since 1942. This is also a maternal feat !!!!
  5. Black
    Black 9 May 2013 10: 25 New
    For me it will always remain a mystery how a girl can drag a wounded warrior from the battlefield ....
    Happy Holidays to our strong WOMEN !!!
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. aviator46
      aviator46 10 May 2013 12: 56 New
      And it was necessary to send women to medical orderlies, to the front line, ??? !!
      The Germans were engaged in this by men, so their sanitary losses were many times less ..

      Due to Stalin's fault, there were such gigantic losses that, by the year 43, 17-year-old boys and women were called up for war.
      Glory to the female warriors, and it’s a shame for our state that this allowed.
      1. Navy7981
        Navy7981 11 May 2013 20: 20 New
        My father, from the spring of 1944 three times tried to get to the front and got adding a year (I don’t know how, and I’m sure that he is far from the only one). Probably the military enlistment office did not know that they were already urging 17-year-olds.
        1. The comment was deleted.
      2. AntonR7
        AntonR7 11 May 2013 22: 17 New
        you know a song like "there is a people's war," everyone was at his job helping as he could. and women including
      3. Kazanok
        Kazanok 9 June 2013 16: 48 New
        the absolute truth .. the Red-bellied fought so mediocre that the mob resources began to end and began to call for 17-year-olds .. moreover, notice at the same time as Germany, which was at war with the whole world ...
  6. irka_65. irina
    irka_65. irina 9 May 2013 10: 25 New
    Eternal glory, low bow, many human thanks for your feat!
  7. Yarbay
    Yarbay 9 May 2013 11: 26 New
    The first and only combat pilot-Azerbaijani woman during the war was the navigator of aviation Zuleikh Seidmamedov.
    So, in May 1941, Zulya, having graduated from the Military Academy, did not even suspect that a terrible war would begin in less than a month.

    From the very beginning of the war Zuleikha served in the regiment, which very soon will be re-trained in the fighter. Later, on the orders of Stalin, the creation of a women's 586 Fighter Regiment began, headed by Major Marina Raskova (in the future - a hero of the Soviet Union). Zuleikha was invited to join the regiment. She will fight the entire war in this regiment in the position of deputy commander.

    There was not a single night so that the female regiment flew into the dangerous sky, the war hero Z. Seidmamedova tells in the film. Zulia, as they would gently call her in the regiment, will fly with Marusya Kuznetsova: one will be in the attack, the other - to cover. The pilots of the regiment on fighters designed by Yakovlev covered large industrial centers and railway junctions from attacks by German scorers, guarding bridges across the Volga, Don, Voronezh, Dnieper, and Dniester.

    Not a single object guarded by the regiment was harmed by enemy attacks, although the Germans practically bombed cities around the clock. Engineer-navigator Zuleikha Seidmamedova made more 500 sorties, participated in more than 40 air battles.

    One day Zuleikha summons leadership. Going into the office, she saw in front of her a rather respectable-looking German prisoner, as it turned out, a general.

    Pointing at Zul, they explained to him that this girl had shot down his plane. The German has long been at a loss ...

    There was a case when she was instructed, along with several other pilots, to cover the plane flying to the southern part of the country, on board of which there was a high-ranking official. As it turned out later, it was Joseph Stalin himself.

    Seidmamedova was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War of the 2 degree, the Order of Lenin, two Orders of the Red Banner of Labor, two Orders of the Combat Red Banner and other awards.
  8. Yarbay
    Yarbay 9 May 2013 12: 41 New
    Born in 1923 in the city of Shemakha, Azerbaijan SSR. Member of the Komsomol.

    In the Red Army since October 16, 1941, she went to the front as a volunteer. She mastered the specialty of a sniper. As part of the 3rd Moscow Communist Rifle Division, she participated in the famous parade on Red Square on November 7, 1941. Fought on the Leningrad and North-Western fronts. Being a radio operator 16 times as part of reconnaissance groups, she crossed the front line. It was considered one of the best snipers of the division.

    In January 1942, the 3th Rifle Division (second formation) was formed on the basis of the 130rd Moscow Communist Rifle Division. Zib Ganiev, a sniper scout of the 151st separate motorized infantry reconnaissance battalion of this division, operating in the area of ​​the villages of Chernoye, Ozhescy, Lunevo and Diaghilevo of the Leningrad Region from April 12 to May 23, 1942, killed 20 Germans, including two officers.

    May 23, 1942 Ziba Ganieva particularly distinguished herself in the battle for the village of Bolshoi Vragovo, Molvotitsky District, Leningrad Region. Having the task of conducting sniper fire at the garrison of the village of Bolshoi Vragovo, Ganieva advanced to a height east of the village. When the enemy began to retreat from the village as a result of the tank platoon attack, Ziba Ganieva organized a group of nine fighters to conduct sniper fire on the retreating enemy. Itself moved forward and firing from a knee shot six Germans. At this time, in the village itself, a group was already fighting, under the command of Junior Lieutenant Marchenko. A contact from Marchenko arrived to Ganieva with a request to provide support. Having received six more soldiers from the commander of the 528th Infantry Regiment of the 130th Infantry Division, Major Pavlov, Ziba Ganieva led a group of 15 soldiers to help Marchenko’s detachment. On the way to the village, the group was fired upon by a machine gunner, who was seated in the ruins of the building. Not bewildered, Ziba, along with one of the fighters, circumvented the position of the machine gunner from the rear and shot him from the machine gun. At this time, heavy mortar shelling began and Ganiev was wounded in the side by a fragment, but the group had already joined with Marchenko’s detachment. Together, the enemy was finally driven out of the village. After the dressing, Ganieva arrived at the report to the regiment commander.

    For courage and heroism shown in the battles with the invaders, Order No. 0869 on the troops of the North-Western Front of July 16, 1942, sniper reconnaissance Ziba Ganieva was awarded the Order of the Red Banner ( = 6015092). She was also awarded the Order of the Red Star, the medal "For the Defense of Moscow".

    After the wound, she was demobilized and did not take part in the hostilities.

    In the post-war period, she was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War of the 1st degree (in 1985, in honor of the 40th anniversary of the Victory).
    1. Hleb
      Hleb 9 May 2013 13: 00 New
      all right alibek. need to talk and remember people
      1. Yarbay
        Yarbay 9 May 2013 13: 09 New
        Quote: Gleb
        all right alibek. need to talk and remember people

        I lost two grandfather's brothers in Kerch!
        1. Gad
          Gad 9 May 2013 18: 11 New
          "When I saw Stalingrad, he did not shake my imagination, for I had seen Kerch before him" writer Pyotr Pavlenko
  9. politruk419
    politruk419 9 May 2013 12: 41 New
    Lord, don’t bring, that once again, one day like this, our most beautiful and kind women in the world would have to fight and kill like this, endure all this horror, fear and shame, and then they will also be shy, worse - ashamed , your heroism.
    A strange feeling after this article. There is nothing for us men to be proud of against their background. Sadly as it were, from our bestiality and hardheartedness.
    All with the GREAT VICTORY HOLIDAY! Which was mined and at such a price ......
  10. nnz226
    nnz226 9 May 2013 12: 51 New
    Women in war - it's scary !!! They must not fight! The country was famously, since men could not cope !!! A low bow to the women of our country, both fought and to the rear working !!!
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. vladimirZ
      vladimirZ 9 May 2013 15: 55 New
      Women not only fought alongside men, but, unfortunately, were captured by the Germans. One of the photos in the article is a photo of our women in German captivity. This photo I saw before. Look at their eyes. Fearfully. A low bow and eternal memory to girls, women who have gone through the front.
  11. snow779
    snow779 9 May 2013 12: 55 New
    There is such a good book. War is not a woman's face. Strong I recommend it to everyone. As far as I understand, excerpts from it. I read and cried.
    1. schastlivaya
      schastlivaya 19 October 2013 19: 04 New

      Book - Svetlana Aleksievich - At the war - not a female face

      (sorry without pictures like here)
  12. wax
    wax 9 May 2013 14: 23 New
    There are no words. One can only be surprised that the Soviet soldiers did not clean up all of Germany. And now they are making films about their mothers and fathers, which were nice guys, girls and soldiers.
    In fact, here they are:
    “We had a nurse captured ... A day later, when we recaptured that village, dead horses, motorcycles, armored personnel carriers were lying around. We found her: her eyes were gouged out, her chest was cut off ... She was put on a stake ... Frost, and she white and white, and her hair is all gray. She was nineteen years old. In her backpack we found letters from home and a rubber green bird. A children's toy ... "

    Hey Solzhenitsyn, why haven’t you seen this? Hey, historian Boris Sokolov, look at the intelligent gentlemen of the Nazi soldiers. Do not be ashamed to live in Russia, to cherish our history and glorify the invading soldier?

    But there is also God's judgment, confidants of debauchery!
    There is a terrible trial: he is waiting;
    It is not accessible to the ringing of gold,
    And he knows thoughts and deeds in advance.
  13. The comment was deleted.
  14. igordok
    igordok 9 May 2013 14: 51 New
    All a Happy Holiday!
    This series of photos takes to the core.
  15. Rusik.S
    Rusik.S 9 May 2013 15: 16 New
    Yesterday I wanted to lay out these memories with photos ... I did not have time. All on the occasion of the GREAT VICTORY! Congratulate the veterans, I unfortunately can not do this = (
  16. igordok
    igordok 9 May 2013 15: 21 New
    You say that the war is not a woman’s face.
    In my opinion it is face face will conquer the whole world.
    Glory to the soldiers, and women soldiers a double glory and a low bow.
  17. Centaurus
    Centaurus 9 May 2013 15: 52 New
    “We had a nurse captured ... A day later, when we recaptured that village, dead horses, motorcycles, armored personnel carriers were lying around. We found her: her eyes were gouged out, her chest was cut off ... She was put on a stake ... Frost, and she white and white, and her hair is all gray. She was nineteen years old. In her backpack we found letters from home and a rubber green bird. A children's toy ... "

    Oh, how I sometimes wish that we were too restrained in relation to the population of Germany!



    Time passes and everything changes ... unfortunately, fewer and fewer people remain who could tell their descendants about those terrible times ...
    but most importantly: "... WE REMEMBER! WE ARE Proud! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!"
  18. svp67
    svp67 9 May 2013 16: 04 New
    Everything is not bad, only with this photo the author got into trouble, as this is a photo of the "Hungarian events" of 1956 of the year. All Western newspapers published this photo titled Freedom Fighter
  19. Odin_ne_voin
    Odin_ne_voin 9 May 2013 16: 16 New
    Unfortunately, in life not all men are not always ready to risk themselves for the sake of the woman who gave everything to the man. Currently, this is even more pronounced. I am sincerely sorry that women who risked their lives after the war did not find understanding and support both from the state and from the civilian population.
  20. bublic82009
    bublic82009 9 May 2013 22: 55 New
    our Russian women always pulled out their homeland
  21. datur
    datur 10 May 2013 09: 25 New
    THERE ARE OUR RUSSIAN WOMEN- not these modern personages killed by the botex !!!!
  22. elenagromova
    elenagromova 10 May 2013 16: 30 New
    How I want to be worthy of the ancestors! But what scorn cause such mothers, who after that also reproach!
  23. deman73
    deman73 10 May 2013 16: 47 New
    I am very grateful to my Grandmothers - a big bow to all Women !!!!
  24. xomaNN
    xomaNN 10 May 2013 19: 44 New
    From the age of 16, my mother came from Leningrad to Germany as part of auxiliary troops, a battalion bath-laundry, and then a nurse. In the war they were a hundred times harder than the peasants.
  25. revnagan
    revnagan 11 May 2013 21: 57 New
    When I was 5 years old, walking in the yard with my grandmother, I authoritatively declared, “Women didn’t fight.” On the bench next to me sat a neighbor who lived a floor below with her husband, everyone called him Semyonovich. Our house was small, everyone knew everyone, they knew that Semyonovich fought, was wounded and had a lot of rewards. This woman says to me, “Come, come with me.” We went up to their apartment, she took out orders and medals, put them on the sofa and said- “ This is mine. Do you believe? "I could only shake my head ... But what was her name, I can’t remember. There are no survivors of Semenovich and they didn’t have children. But I remember this episode as if everything was yesterday ... I bow to you, women veterans, thank you for everything, for your sacrifices for the future. And still, women should not fight and die. Well, they should not, and that’s it.
  26. AntonR7
    AntonR7 11 May 2013 22: 22 New
    I read a book written by a German historian based on the recollections of German soldiers, there was a mention of it. soldiers as they were delighted and surprised that in Russia even women fight them. Who cares (Paul Karel’s book "The Eastern Front")
  27. unclevad
    unclevad 12 May 2013 18: 14 New
    Girls, very young girls. How much they carried on their shoulders. Now it’s not for every peasant to raise. Thank. Eternal glory to you!
  28. smershspy
    smershspy 13 May 2013 09: 00 New
    Quote: svp67
    Everything is not bad, only with this photo the author got into trouble, as this is a photo of the "Hungarian events" of 1956 of the year. All Western newspapers published this photo titled Freedom Fighter

    Absolutely agree! There is an article on Hungarian events with this photo!
  29. smershspy
    smershspy 13 May 2013 09: 03 New
    A woman in a war is always doubly painful! Glory to you women - wars! Low bow! We hope that we will never see you in the war! Thanks you! Glory!
    1. agrindler
      agrindler 4 June 2013 17: 23 New
      I agree! A woman is first of all a mother!
  30. klavyr
    klavyr 30 May 2013 23: 10 New
    Bright memory! Living good health!
  31. agrindler
    agrindler 4 June 2013 17: 22 New
    Glory to the women of war! I bow to them!
  32. schastlivaya
    schastlivaya 19 October 2013 14: 22 New
    My first comment on this site

    1. Garrin
      Garrin 19 October 2013 14: 25 New
      Quote: schastlivaya
      My first comment on this site

      Good luck and good luck!
      1. schastlivaya
        schastlivaya 19 October 2013 14: 43 New
        Thank. Special thanks for this article!

        .. tell me the easiest way! - I see that this page is not working properly - I want to help you - and everyone who comes to read this article ...
  33. schastlivaya
    schastlivaya 19 October 2013 19: 20 New
    Book: The female face of intelligence, Vitaly Pavlov