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Extremist Trademark Base to Appear in Russia


The Ministry of Justice and Rospatent have created a register of designations that cannot be used in NPO logos and trademarks. It will be formed on the basis of already closed organizations. Without it, the court can not always accurately determine whether the symbolism carries a negative and dangerous meaning.

The Justice Ministry has proposed amendments to the law "On countering extremist activity," the newspaper Izvestia reported today. The description of symbols, used by organizations already closed by court decision, is proposed to be placed on the websites of the executive authorities.

A similar list is created by the Federal Institute of Industrial Property, this organization deals with the registration of trademarks and is subordinate to Rospatent.

The wording of the 1483 article is now widely used: “no state registration as trademarks is permitted for signs contrary to public interests, principles of humanity and morality”, while the verdict is left to the discretion of the judge, who is guided solely by his own ethical considerations. It is easy to assume that many characters allow ambiguous interpretation.

With the advent of the approved list, the court will be able to focus on precedents when passing a sentence. It will probably be text descriptions or even images that the authorities considered illegal.

The issue of NPO logos arose due to the need to affirm the symbolism of such organizations, and the subtleties associated with this are not reflected in the relevant law. According to the Ministry of Justice, when creating a graphic design, one should not repeat the symbolism of Russian political parties and banned organizations, insult national and religious feelings, and also not defame flags, emblems and anthems of Russia and its subjects.

However, it is not yet known which authorities will be responsible for these lists. According to Izvestia, the analysis of a single application takes about a week, which means that such work is likely to be automated or at least simplified using an electronic database accessible to the entrepreneurs themselves.

Interestingly, in the USSR, a similar system also functioned, but these bases were printed on cards and transferred to other states.
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  1. fenix57
    fenix57 8 May 2013 12: 53
    Of course THANKS for the article. ! "Ministry of Justice and Rospatent"- THANKS to the ministries ... Wow, I will not, I WANT TO SOCIALISM, I HAVE TIRED SOMETHING SPEAKERS ........
  2. Corsair
    Corsair 8 May 2013 13: 13
    It is high time for government agencies to streamline the distribution and advertising of various logos. The departments responsible for monitoring this area must protect society from propaganda of vulgarity and extremism.
  3. Vtel
    Vtel 8 May 2013 14: 11
    It’s high time, otherwise the Natsiks roam quietly around the country, which gave millions of pure souls for the Great Victory, so that these vile people quietly live and rave about the crash of the graves of our real hero warriors. And if we forget their feat, then there is no forgiveness to us either in this or in the hereafter. Glory to the Heroes of the Great Victory! Death to kazlah and other scumbags!
    1. elmir15
      elmir15 8 May 2013 15: 50
      Quote: Vtel
      It’s time, or Natsik wander quietly around the country,

      It is necessary to create such conditions for the Natsiks so that they would not feel calm themselves anywhere not in Russia, nor in the Baltic states, as well as be ranked Benders in Western Ukraine as Natsiks. There Israel punishes enemies all over the world and if they fail to bring to trial then they themselves are judged in a quiet one.
  4. Shveik
    Shveik 8 May 2013 14: 44
    How much is 14/88?
  5. ed1968
    ed1968 8 May 2013 15: 12
    first of all, the Muslims of Kolovrat will also be banned, although it goes deeply into the history of Russia, denoting the symbol of the sun of life and prosperity, many will say that this swastika on the Kolovrad itself lived centuries before the 3rd Reich
  6. darksoul
    darksoul 8 May 2013 19: 07
    This is what Wikipedia writes. Kolovrat (from St. Slav. Kolo - wheel, circle, and gate - gate, that is, the letters. "Wheel rotation", "cycle") - a symbol used by part of modern Russian nationalists, such as the movement "Russian National Unity" , and neopagans. According to their claims, is the original Russian name .....

    But the Kolovrat is really a symbol that our ancestors revered before embracing the Orthodox faith .... when we were not God's slaves but stood on the same level with the gods ... in other matters, it is not for me to judge this, my Orthodox faith ... but not we must stipulate our symbols of the former faith
  7. jagdpanzer
    jagdpanzer 8 May 2013 20: 06
    nationalism began to flourish out of the blue, but because the state spat on everything, and now they realized it was only too late
  8. AK-47
    AK-47 8 May 2013 20: 52
    ... when creating a graphic design, one cannot repeat the symbols of Russian political parties and forbidden organizations, insult national and religious feelings, and also cannot defame flags, emblems and hymns ...

    The task for the Ministry of Justice and Rospatent.
    Does the symbolism of this obscene facial expression carry a negative or dangerous meaning? fool negative