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Easter near Gudermes

The wolf is a night animal. He is glorified by the ability to work in a flock and senseless cruelty. Wolves slaughter cattle as much as free time and the absence of a man with a gun allow. As soon as the wolves are taken by professionals, armed not only with experience, the wolf robbery comes to an end. The wolf is weak against hunt hunting, hunting with hounds and carrion hunting. Wolves have always had a hard time living in Russia, because this nocturnal predator loves to kill more than he can eat. That is why the path of people who elect a wolf as a symbol of their people is terrible and unpredictable.

In Chechnya today there are two masters: in the afternoon - the Russian military forces, in the night - Chechen militants. In Grozny, Chechen wolves are attacked by the commandant's office, headquarters, roadblocks, moving along the empty night streets of vehicles.

Dudayev fighters, whose state symbol is the wolf, are firing from houses inhabited by civilians, from those places where the soldiers of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs cannot afford to strike. The headquarters on Ladoga, 14, is regularly fired upon with grenade launchers because of a working bakery. Militants are hoping that someday the Russian soldiers will give up their nerves and they will crush the bread factory and other enterprises vital for the population by returning fire.

What is the fate of a Russian soldier to fight not in full force? In Chechnya, politicians have been deciding everything for a long time, that is, those who know how to present what is desired. And today it is safe to say that the plan of measures of the Government of the Russian Federation to resolve the crisis in the Chechen Republic is in danger of failure.

The first stage of measures, namely: the creation of zones of mutual non-use of force and the beginning of a gradual demilitarization of the territory of the Chechen Republic, the cessation of the activities of illegal armed groups, the removal of weapons among the population - proved to be insurmountable.

And foreign politicians, all there the OSCE, the IMF and other offices of influence, rush to the other frontiers, insist on completely peaceful events.

And the time of death becomes a constant. The time when wolves come out for nighttime robberies, and hunters are not allowed to use force, because the world community is vigilantly watching how hunters would not hurt wolves that are cutting all living things, because according to the plan of their activities, the wolves no longer it is hunters themselves from boredom shoot down each other.

The tragic country is Russia. She is being forced to treat her soldiers and officers only as combat patrons. Shot! And the sleeve to the side.

According to the plan of measures, a “transitional period” has begun in Chechnya today. But how to proceed to the second stage, when the first is not completed? When the militants are still strong and have embarked on the most dangerous course of life for the Russian troops and civilian specialists - the guerrilla war, in which only professionals will emerge victorious.

In Chechnya, you can not fight halfway, there is a Russian "maybe" will not work. Even militants despise the war in full swing, that same criminal steepness from Chechnya, which likes to summon for a fight with the words: “If there are men here, get out!”.

The Chechen army is not defeated, its Mujahideen are trained and are fighting professionally. In the course of tactics and techniques developed in Afghanistan and other warring countries.

Chechens are free in their war, the Russian units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, VV, and MO are fighting without using the force they are capable of. Because according to the plan with the national emblem of Russia, the war supposedly no longer exists, but in reality ... And isn’t the guerrilla war a war? And does not require superinteraction of all the arms and special services? Applications aviation?

But it is not our government that walks along mountain paths, skyscrapers, forest roads in Chechnya, sits in barriers on the Terek, stands at checkpoints, risking to fall at any time at the hands of a sniper.

Those soldiers who are on 18-19 years are at risk, officers of SOBR, VV, and MO 25-45 are at risk with whom I met in Chechnya, with whom I went on armor. Personally, I - without weapons, and in armored personnel carriers at the feet of soldiers, officers lay grenade launchers "Fly", flamethrowers "Bumblebee". Chechen fighters, as it was in Afghanistan, are fighting in Chechnya called "spirits."

I met with an SOBR (Special Rapid Response) officer from Ufa in Grozny at the General Directorate of the Joint Staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

With the permission of the senior chief, who himself asked me to meet with a subordinate, the officer of the Ufa SOBR, still not departing from his experiences, told me about two days from the life of his detachment. I was sitting across from a military officer from the Office for Combating Organized Crime. The paper I was recording on was beating to the officers and my heart, and I was burning with a feeling of guilt before those who died on the Easter days of 1995 of the year in Chechnya.

Because we, once Great Russia, then the USSR, and now poor Russia, so we are able to self-deceive, skip turns and go to the second stage of measures to resolve the crisis in the Chechen Republic, without completing the first. It is said in Daniel Ztodnik's Prayers: “After all, it’s not the sea that drowns ships, but the winds”.

“... Our Ufa Special Intelligence Unit arrived in Chechnya on the fifth of April. They seized weapons from the Chechens, met, agreed on something. The term of the trip was coming to an end, but the present case was not. The guys are experienced, everything from special forces: Russians, Tatars, Bashkirs - languished: “We want business”.

On April 22, military intelligence officer Leonov (call sign "Batman") asked for six people with him. A company of internal troops was to be advanced to the height of 13 in the area of ​​the settlement Alleroy. In the reconnaissance of the armored personnel carrier and the BMP, the Batman (from the explosives) left with nine guys 18-19 years old and six officers. Max was the seventh in a row to jump on his armor to his sobrovtsy, but Romka Sitdikov drove him: “Do not FIG. We are twenty minutes: there, back, just check the road. " So Max did not go with them. Stayed at the location. Ahead of the guys were woods and skyscrapers.

Forty minutes later, those remaining in the camp heard a distant firefight. Max rushed to the commander: "It is necessary to help out!". He replied: "This is not ours." But "Batman" no longer get in touch. An hour has passed. Max and Valentin again rushed to the commander: "Search is necessary!". Dali BTR, BMP. A friend of Sashka Leonov ("Batman") traveled with Ufimtsy - sobrovetsami on an armored personnel carrier. Checked KPVT (turret machine gun) - jammed, the link does not work. We are shouting to the mailsharers: "Do not come off!". Where exactly...

While we were driving, the second reconnaissance group (on the BMP) ran into the GAZ-53: a full body of people, all from the body to the side. Sorry for them, reptiles, they thought - civilians.

We on the armored personnel carrier met an action movie on a motorcycle with a cradle. That one, as we saw it, snatched the machine gun, and we were using it to armor. In the motorcycle cradle "Fly" (hand-held disposable grenade launcher) found.

Then they ran into the "beds" - something like a peaceful place: a pen for livestock, sheep, chickens. "Spirits" wallow and come here to rest, slaughter sheep. And back to Zelenka.

We fly on an armored carrier on a skyscraper, look around. Look, for us at the bottom of the BMP stalled. Waving their hands at us. Look, the BMP seems to be unfolding behind us. Scrolled and rushes back to the base. What? And faster from us, we do not have time for them. Zhenka - to the friend of "Batman" - thanks! Junior lieutenant, depth intelligence instructor, specialist with explosives. He leverage worked fine. While we were flying for the BMP, we ran into an ambush, two “Flies” slapped us, did not hit. We shot as best we could, walked through the forest at a speed of 80 km. Max between the hatches on the armor rode and sadd in all directions. He has a splinter under his knee now. Revenge from the "spirits".

We missed the first ambush. We take off on a hillock, from a hillock down a glade, on it BMP burns. Seven people are burning! And with such hope the boys looked at our BTR. After all, we are specialist officers, and they are on 18-19 years.

Only we are ahead, as they gave us from the "Fly" in the forehead. Our BTR is five meters back. Knocked down. Max spins the tower, and KPVT jammed. Zhenya for the helmet, ask for help, but there is no connection. We dragged out our Flies, took up Bumblebees, and Zhenya: “Don't, we can burn our own.”

Flur (name) - across the road is open. Before our eyes, three more "Flies" in the BMP fell. Flur shouted: "More hit! Once again hit! ". Zhenka and I jumped out from behind the armored personnel carrier, as we gave it from the Fly, we crashed it in their cluster, because they were silent there.

And the rest of the militants have spread to us. Me from "Fly" contused, scorched. BMP burns, no sign of life. Zhenka shouts: “We're leaving! We have two horns of cartridges! ” We left five. Went down the "Zelenka". They drove us for four hours, but they were especially afraid to stick out. Poking through the bushes. And we met them.

In my head: “We are leaving. Report necessary. Torn off. Near the road jumped out on the "Lada".

Someone from the local Chechen administration was resting with the women. They shook them out of the car. We didn’t touch anyone. Two guys were left with them, so that there would be no slander. And in a Chechen car to the brigade, rather, to the motorized infantry. They saw us as they are! .. One web player flies in with a card, shouting: “For you two tank ready and three full-fledged infantry fighting vehicles. " We: “Forward!” And the command: “Set aside!”.

The next day our Sobrovsky armored carrier, Keshka, came from Gudermes. He took the three of us to his base, charged up. And 23 th on Easter again at the high-rise, where the brothers remained. Let's go from nine in the morning. Sobrovtsy: Max, Dima and the captain. We thought it would be fine. With them thirty more special forces of internal troops. And once again an ambush! One BTR, one BMP burned. The commander of the special forces killed, the commander of the intelligence wounded. Max tied them up.

We dug trenches. "Spirits", coming out on our frequency, shouted:

- Russian, if men, get up!

We answer them:

- Ready! Come here, jackals!

Veveshniki - boys for eighteen years, but what a cool fighters! Each of us had and has his own signed grenade. No one in captivity would have surrendered.

They climb, and we their e ** m!

We are our own radio: "Just guys, do not go poke! Take care of people! You are surrounded. For you desantura can not get through. Mined approaches. Motorized infantry also can not. Hold on! ” And ammunition zero. On the BMP one ammunition. Here, thanks to them, turntables are suitable. Four sides. We have identified themselves with smoke. How are they on top of n ... Then we learned how many Chechens stood against us. The whole forest saluted, as if exploded!

The "spirits" also let the smoke and huddle to our trenches in order to get away from the turntables. Escaping climb, and we meet them. How they, our dear spinners, worked! They supported us. Under such a dense fire ...

Here and the paratroopers from the Pskov division to our rescue broke. The first to get through was a colonel from Bashkiria: either he was born in our place, or he received education in Ufa. Thanks to him!

The team came: "Roll up and leave on the armor." Olezhka - sobrovets - shouts: “Where are the guys? Cover the explosive! ” We: Max, Dima, Olezhka, left the last APC. Broke through. We arrive on armor in Gudermes, and there the "spirits" attacked the commandant's office. Well, we all answered them together.

On the twenty-second of April, under Alleroi, being ambushed, in the first reconnaissance with “Batman” officers from the Ufa SOBR were killed: Lieutenant Sitdikov Robert, Lieutenant Sergey Churin, Junior Lieutenant Schekaturov Andrei, Senior Lieutenant Dementov Dmitry, Captain Anatoly Sokolov, Lieutenant Veredenko Stanis. Stas and today, 26 April, we still could not get it. We allow the "spirits" to take away their corpses, but they are not ...

"Odonovtsy" (BB) for our guys put their fifteen. All our dead families. Stas' wife is about to give birth. Robert has three children, others have two, three.

We, sobrovtsev, were twenty, to date, fourteen alive. Available eleven. Three went to accompany the dead in Ufa. To the lost sobrovtsa - to everyone without fail - the “spirits” smashed their heads.

Max from two environments left, has behind shoulders the city fight. Of the fourteen survivors of the three is now the largest combat experience. None of us swore from here, from Chechnya, now will not go away. We will work beyond the limits.

We put the "spirits" for 22-e and 23-e to vigorous mother. When we found our armored personnel carrier, shot down on the twenty-second of April, there were ten spiritual corpses in it, we beat them. "Spirits" threw the body into our armored personnel carrier, so that the beast does not devour. And we had nothing at all.

On the number of more specific. Supported by a team of explosives. And in it on staff and the battalion will not be typed. We, sobrovtsev and special forces from the explosives, it was nothing at all - a consolidated connection. But we Dudayev "spirits" broke. These are our Easter holidays.

Chechens intensified. They are shouting that from 1 to 9 in May, civilians would sit at home throughout Chechnya and not lean out. And yet ... General one came from St. Petersburg, he drank for four days with a local Chechen prefect, and then, closer to the 22, the prefect with personal security showed up at our location, we set him up. Then the prefect ran to the general with a complaint: they say, Ufa SOBR - louts!

This general came to excel. He distinguished himself. He ordered to remove the roadblocks, canceled the access control mode. In Gudermes the bandits entered without weapons, one by one, their weapons were safe in the city. The general drank for four days. Thus, he participated in some kind of peace-loving process, and the windows in the place where he spent the night were covered with body armor, which he took from the Odonotsevs.

We made fun of him. They showed the box from under the gas mask, saying: "Comrade General, mine." He shot her from five meters away. Then he explained to the drinking companion: “Askhad! This is a fuse. ” Coal in gas mask general called an explosive.

Chechens and mercenaries are working against us in Zelenka, all with combat experience. They know how to fight, equipped - so we would. Today, the places of special accumulation of bandits are the settlements of Tsentoroy, Alleroy, Novogroznensky village.

When we left Novogroznensky, the "spirits" who had just emerged from the battle stood and smiled. And we have an order: "Do not shoot!".

At the Russian Easter they had a simple idea. Cut off the internal troops in a skyscraper, surround, destroy. Then hit the Gudermes commandant's office. Why not? There is no curfew for the Chechens, it is us, the hares, from seven in the evening we do not appear on the street.

At Easter, Chechens were active everywhere. In Gudermes, their sniper, before he was discovered, put in half a day from the window, then they dumped him from the BMP, and he hung around the rest of the afternoon, his head and arms out.

They are active everywhere. There is the introduction of bandit groups in Grozny, Shali, Gudermes, Argun.

Buy us, officers SOBR, you can not. We, the officers, do not sell. But sell us already sold. There is a war to our destruction. And we, due to any reasons, negotiation processes, are bound hand and foot - and do not respond to the enemy in full force.

We, sobrovtsy, do not intend to leave from here. Is that wives and children for a short time show. Let us learn to fight in the mountains. We are ready to go. We rush into business.

In general, it is necessary to fight as expected. If you comb, clean the "Zelenka", then be sensible to put on a fighter every ten meters. Before the operation, it is necessary to handle the places of accumulation of "spirits" by aviation, artillery, mortars. The beds of Dudayev’s gangsters are undermined, all undermined, where the “wolves” step foot, placing the mines on maps, so that later, after the end of the war, they are taken.

The "spirits" work specialists from Afgan, there are Muslim instructors from Serbia, from the Baltic states. There are Russians, they all fight for dollars.

And we knit hands everywhere. They are tough against us, specialists who can fight, and against them are mostly eighteen-year-olds from the federal and internal troops of Russia. You might say kittens, but they bite painfully. About what "spirits" know very well.

What is going on here? Where is the logic of war and life? Only our fighter will learn how to fight, how they change him in forty-five days — they send him home. How to call it? And why?

Our children died - sobrovtsy from the elite units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, specialists from internal troops were killed. They prevented the massive loss of life. If it were not for the first intelligence, which led the "Batman", "spirits" would have destroyed all those who went to the main work. Our crew of the armored personnel carrier escaped, because, by coincidence, the BMP of the internal forces had gone far ahead.

We spent the whole of Easter on combat. Granny, who comes to our location, we fed her, as our own, promised us to bake Easter. But this is not a religious war. The old Chechens tell us: “Gazavat was declared by Dudayev not according to the law. Gazavat - when they oppress the faith. ” None of the Russian army and other parts of the Chechen faith is not oppressed. We, sobrovtsy, fighting with bandits. In our squad are Russians, Tatars, Bashkirs. We walked out of the environment with Fluor. He, like me, mowed "spirits" from a machine gun. Shot at them, thugs. But the Qur'an also reads. He just knows, like we all, that there is a criminal war.

Then the conversation continued near the armored personnel carrier, where the rest of the officers of the Ufa special security forces arrived at the Main Directorate of the joint headquarters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in Grozny.

The guys in black kerchiefs, with weapons. Here are the scraps of what was heard:

- On 9 May they promise to cut us (with a chuckle).

- “Spirits” have a strong radio communication, we would like that.

- Chechens take almost all humanitarian aid from Russians.

- Granny, who came to us, we called her mom Iraida, killed 23 on the day. Caused out of the house and shot. She baked us Easter cake and died like a saint. We buried her under guard. The Chechens said to the driver that he was taking her to the cemetery: “You cannot live. Slaughter how the troops will be removed. "

- Where is FGC? Gru? What do they do? 6 April Raduev was spotted near the Gudermes commandant's office. Before 22 April, Maskhadov held a meeting around the city. They were waiting for "Zelenka". And they waited. This is a war. And we must work against gangs, as required by military experience.

- We know that the sniper girl trades on the market. Tanned "perfume" with white cheeks, shaving beards, roam the market. They whisper to us on the radio: “Ivan, you will feed and feed us, and feed you, and put us next to your Russian woman. You and we will build everything you need for life, and we will kill you. "

- When we were surrounded in the mountains, in Gudermes before the attack on the commandant's office, ten minutes before the attack, the children and women went home.

- This is a true sign. When we enter the village, if there are women and children on the street, there will be no shooting, if the streets are empty, expect trouble.

- Togo general, who removed the roadblocks and drank his entire stay, was guarded by three armored personnel carriers.

- We are shouted on the radio: "Russian, here is your grave."

“In Gudermes, the Chelyabinsk SOBR was well supported by its BTR and assault forces, they closed the turntables, which carried the wounded away.

- Now, instead of a rosary, the “ghosts” have identifying tokens of Russian soldiers and officers.

- This is a criminal war.

- The war is not against the people, but against the wolves of Dudayev.

SOBry, among which many hunters, know all about wolves. They know that wolf beds are found by the prints of the beast on fresh grass.

It is more convenient to watch the wolves in quiet, lunar, not frosty, and better in hazy nights, when fine snow falls, but the animals are clearly visible.

In the ancient commandments of the Plastun (Cossack Special Forces) it is said: "To live among wolves, you need to become a wolf." The Russian Sobrians, the special forces of the GRU, the Airborne Forces, the FSB, who are not yet allowed to work in full force, now, in the 1995 year, are not wolves in their hearts. The principle of Chechen special forces is alien to them: “Make everything work for you.” But this is why Dudayev's wolves have better optics on rifles, amazing radio communication - everything that helps to kill.

Sobrovtsy are wolf hunters. In practice, it has been verified that it is best to shoot at wolves at a time when they will come running to a lot of carrion and bickering will begin between them. In this case, the hunter can carefully heal the beast and, despite the darkness, correctly throw the charge of the canister.
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  2. Maks111
    Maks111 13 May 2013 09: 53 New
    The "spirits" work specialists from Afgan, there are Muslim instructors from Serbia, from the Baltic states. There are Russians, they all fight for dollars.
    Oh, and what these fag *** were doing in Serbia so there was PPC in general. Chicotilo nervously smokes on the sidelines. And "our" authorities clatter with them.

    By the way, here is an article by one of the special forces where one Mujahideen was "soaked in the toilet"
    1. Ghenxnumx
      Ghenxnumx 13 May 2013 10: 50 New
      Quote: Max111
      Oh, and what these fag *** were doing in Serbia so there was PPC in general. Chicotilo nervously smokes on the sidelines. And "our" authorities clatter with them.

      By the way, here is an article by one of the special forces where one Mujahideen was "soaked in the toilet"

      And the case of the sale of human organs, Carla del Ponte covered up - there is little evidence for her, ss ... ke am
      A link is broken sad
      1. Maks111
        Maks111 14 May 2013 13: 03 New
        A link is broken
        It works for me. You need to copy and paste into the address bar.
  3. leonardo_1971
    leonardo_1971 13 May 2013 10: 09 New
    author plus. greetings from SOBR KAZAN.
    1. cosmos111
      cosmos111 13 May 2013 10: 59 New
      Interesting article +.
      It is a pity that it was not in the 1th and not in the 2th war that the special forces were not allowed to do shooting rabid wolves.
  4. Prapor Afonya
    Prapor Afonya 13 May 2013 12: 21 New
    By the way about the war of religions, one GRU special forces battalion commander, a Tatar by nationality, when he went to the military, said: "I’ll go, I’ll teach the Muslim brothers to fight !!!"
  5. bublic82009
    bublic82009 13 May 2013 20: 48 New
    Yeah. Yeltsin’s power is the most democratic.
  6. George
    George 13 May 2013 21: 44 New
    Buy us, officers SOBR, you can not. We, the officers, do not sell. But sell us already sold. There is a war to our destruction. And we, due to any reasons, negotiation processes, are bound hand and foot - and do not respond to the enemy in full force.

    I read and gritted my teeth with anger.
    Thank you for the article.
    Sobrovtsy are wolf hunters.

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