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The history of Russia of the twentieth century must be written from scratch.

The history of Russia of the twentieth century must be written from scratch.The topic raised in his polemic article by priest Nikolai Bulgakov is actively discussed today in our society. Undoubtedly, it is very important for understanding those historical processes that took place in our recent past are taking place today and will continue to occur in the future.

There are very different points of view on this controversial issue, sometimes diametrically opposed. Publishing the article by Father Nikolai Bulgakov, we hope for further discussion of this important topic on the pages of our newspaper.
The editors of the newspaper "Rus Derzhavnaya"

One cannot disagree with this conclusion of the American historian, professor at Montclair University, Ph.D. Grover Ferr. In his research “Anti-Stalin's villainy” (M., “Algorithm”, 2007), he showed that of all the statements of the “closed report” N.S. Khrushchev's "On the cult of personality and its consequences", uttered by him in the 1956 year, "exposing" Stalin and Beria, there was not a single truthful. Meanwhile, this propaganda version continues to underlie the official concept of the history of Russia of the past century, and it still has fierce advocates in our country and abroad. Of course, not without reason.

Science or propaganda?

Indeed, in the history of our country, which still exists in Soviet times, there are so many displacements, delays, tensions, defaults, fragments of various ideological schemes, and direct falsifications that it would be best not to correct it, but to write again.

How many such “revisions” we have seen in our century, in all Soviet years, how many times some works were removed from libraries that had just been published in millions of copies, including the books of the leaders of the Communist Party. How many names have been completely forgotten! I remember that a page of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia was sent to us by mail with a proposal to cut a page with an article about L.P. Beria, his big portrait and paste a replacement - and forget forever, as if such a figure in our history has never been.

And this distortion did not end after the CPSU ceased to be the ruling party, and its ideology - the state. The new ideology, “post-Soviet”, “democratic”, turned out to be surprisingly loyal to its predecessor on the main historical question, although she tried to resolutely renounce it.

Why are there disputes about Stalin?
One of the reasons for these heated debates is that the Stalin period of our history has never been publicly told the truth. And not only here, but also abroad, in émigré literature.

During the life of Stalin, of course, it was not to objectivity. There was a solid policy and ideology, internal and external struggle. There are cases when his public statements in the press were censored. He did not give out his “military secrets” to anyone - neither enemies nor comrades. Abroad, too, many did not guess much and still have not guessed, even our compatriots.

And after the death of the Generalissimo, rampant propaganda again went, but in the opposite direction.

Then - silence, subtle ideological pharmaceuticals. True, at this time, memoirs of our military leaders began to appear, in which the truth was. But they were well edited. Memoirs of the Chief Marshal aviation A.E. Golovanov's “Long-Range Bomber ...”, which he did not want to rule according to the requirements of Brezhnev censorship (he cited too good facts about Stalin, under whose direct control he served the whole war), the world was released only nineteen years after the author’s death.

Finally, in the 1973, the “GULAG Archipelago” appeared in the West. Solzhenitsyn - it seems to be a complete, bare to the bone truth about this time, nowhere else. But no, for some reason everything is against “communism”, “communist ideology”, and what and who was behind these words in real history - again fog, and what kind. For this purpose, it was written and published, and now the schoolchildren are being imposed instead of Pushkin and Gogol?
The main historical lie of this book is that at that time there allegedly was a struggle between two forces: the communist and the whole nation. In fact, there were fiercely opposing each other two main state forces.

In Soviet times, historical science directly declared "party". There, not only about the twentieth century, about the entire Russian thousand-year history (it was called “History of the USSR”), it was necessary to think and write only from Marxist-Leninist, “class” positions, precisely following the latest attitudes of the official ideology.

And after the "abolition" of Marxism-Leninism in 1991, the ideological reins of government were immediately deftly intercepted by the Westerners-democrats.

However, they especially had nothing to intercept - basically they were the same people, with the same outlook in the most important thing - in relation to the Russian historical tradition. So they didn’t even stand up from the box - right there, sitting, grabbed new, strong, imported reins that were different from the old, used, worn and flabby, but with their appearance, but not the essence.

A striking example of such a touching continuity is the loyalty of the “personality cult” theory. In this anti-historical legend, everything was built on displacements and distortions. What is called, "exactly the opposite."

“As the opposite? - Ask a person who has studied the history of Russia of the twentieth century in this same twentieth century. - Hasn't there been repression? Was it 1937 of the year? Wasn’t Stalin at the head of the country at this time, isn’t he responsible for what was happening then? ”
Yes, a lot of energy is put on presenting the case in such a way that we are content with this primitive version, which does not explain anything to us in the essence of what was happening in the country, but in order and appeared to hide this essence.

The starting point of the Twentieth Congress was purely political: historical assessments were measured not from the interests of the entire Russian people, but from the interests of the top Bolsheviks, and a certain part of it, and now pay attention to this! “Stalin turned out to be“ bad ”because he went against this top.

Focus theory of the "cult of personality"

"Stalin is repression, repression is Stalin."
What it is?

This is a propaganda trick, an illusion of truth. It seems: the story is true, but in reality - only one appearance.

Stalin - repression? And the whole punitive system of Bolshevism, created in 1917, Lenin, Trotsky, Sverdlov, Voikov, Beloborodov, Dzerzhinsky, Tukhachevsky, Zemlyachka, Yagoda, Yezhov, Latsis, Peters, Boky, Frinovsky, Trilisser, Agranov, Berman, Kaganovich, Khrushchev, Khrushchev, Khrushchev, Khrushchev, Frinovsky, Trilisser, Agranov, Berman, Kaganovich, Khrushchev, Khrushchev, Khrushchev, Khrushchev, Khrushchev, Frinovskiy Ehe is not repression?

They were all deceived and intimidated by the cunning, evil, cunning, all-powerful Stalin? They did not think that shooting thousands of people, gassing the peasants dying of hunger with gas in the forests was not good? If they knew, if he hadn’t forced them, they would never have done it?

But they did. By what jurisprudence, by what law of God are they not with it?
Khrushchev, with fear for just retribution, and above all, probably for the murder of Stalin and Beria, when he rushed to power, like an obsessive (or without “how”), rushed to blame everything on his victims: I am not guilty in reprisals, and they, if this murder opens, got what they deserved.

One can understand him, then with fear you can’t say anything (especially if you wink from the West: come on, they say, we are with you). No matter how wrong you are, even about the fact that Stalin fought around the globe. But why do we need all this nonsense? Believing slander, and even spreading it is a sin.

Khrushchev rushed to power - and seized. And he showed the whole world, history, what can happen to a person who is unworthy of power. Who, not believing in God, going against the edge, does not receive power from Above, but steals it from the other side.

Stalin in our history is not only repression. And not everyone who was "with him."
Stalin is no less - it is an independent country. This is morality, this is complete chastity in the media, at school, this is a complete ban on pornography, prostitution, homosexuality, drug addiction, corruption, Russophobia ...
This, of course, is the victory of 1945 of the year, which is not in history without him. This is patriotism. These are open churches. These are illegal abortions. This is the mother-heroine. These are innocent high school girls. This is the dignity of the officer and engineer. This is life and work according to conscience for the common cause.

Stalin is against bezhozyaystvennosti and irresponsibility, against bribery and drunkenness, against theft and betrayal, against godlessness and debauchery. Stalin - for Gogol (only with him in the Soviet era came his most complete works) and for Glinka (he kept the last scene in the renewed "Ivan Susanin"), for St. Basil's Cathedral on Red Square, he was saved. For the sovereign Russian people and "strong Orthodoxy."

Why were positive, creative phenomena at the same time accompanied by internal struggle in the country, repression against various sectors of society, to what extent this combination was controversial, and how legitimate - an objective history was designed to answer these questions.

It's time to open the archives

To write the scientific history of Russia of the twentieth century, will have to open the archives. Otherwise, where does it come from?

“Beginning with Khrushchev's“ thaw ”and the Gorbachev era with its“ publicity ”and“ openness, ”says G. Furr,“ when it was meant a freer access to the archives, and ending with our days, only a tiny portion of investigative materials on cases were declassified persons accused of the famous Moscow demonstration processes 1936, 1937 and 1938. ”

Why not open archives? Why are they still closed - about the events 75-year-old?

It is necessary to think that if there were facts confirming Stalin’s guilt, they would have been made public a long time ago with the goal of complete and final “de-Stalinization”. It means that it is easy to conclude that there are documents that will expose the Khrushchev-perestroika historical version.

Referring to the fact that, they say, if you open the archives, open facts, unpleasant for the relatives of some individuals.

Well, well, maybe, it will be unpleasant for someone to learn the truth about their relatives. And because all the people should live a lie about their history - let it be unpleasant? Let the name of the man who stood at the head of the country for thirty years remains slandered, including during the fiery test of the Great Patriotic War? Let our youth drink the poison of hatred for their Fatherland, for its immediate history? Let the whole world believe in slandering our people, our army, considers traitors to be heroes, and heroes to be traitors?

God's or human?

How do we understand the essence of the Stalin era? Historically approaching her tasks, entrusted to her, not without the will of God, not without the will of the Lady of our Theotokos, who covered the Russian Land with Her Protection for centuries and did not leave her in 1917, about which She announced to our people the appearance of Her Sovereign icon.

It was a creative, building era — and at the same time a military one, because the enemies did not want to strengthen our Fatherland in the terrible twentieth century. Having entered the era of scientific, technical, economic, informational, military "progress," they absolutely did not want Orthodox Russia to enjoy its fruits, keeping up with them, or even ahead, with God's help. It was necessary to slow down at any cost, and even better to conquer. This was organized by 1917.

But "man is so, and God is inac". Russia made another great sacrifice in those years. And yet (and because of this), by the mercy of God, did not perish. She began to gain strength - and this was happening with Stalin at the head. His tremendous desire to strengthen and unite the country as soon as possible, his enormous energy builder and organizer, his will to win - economic, organizational, cultural, moral, military - his Orthodox education, his education, his attitude to culture and morality more and more and more imprinted on our historical path in the twentieth century - although, of course, every person always had his own free will, which is given to us from God.

The Lord provided creative talent in him - and gave him power, which, as is well known, is from God. No cruelty and cunning, if the Lord does not allow, will not tear it out (which the atheists cannot perceive - that's why only “character traits” are to blame for everything). Not even the Imams of the authorities are united to Me, if not given above (John 19, 11), the Lord said to Pilate.

The country’s position was essentially military in this era, even in peaceful years — between the First World, immediately followed by the civil one, and soon (just two decades later) the Second World War, the most destructive in the world history, broke out, and then to her - the “cold war”, more than once, however, which was heated up before the “hot” clashes in different parts of the world (for example, in Korea) and all the time threatened the third world.

It is not surprising that we cannot imagine the one who was called the Master of the country, in a jacket, with a tie and wearing a hat - only in a cap, jacket, or uniform.

But military psychology and civil are not the same thing. And they cannot be the same. A military man, the commander of any level is not from cruelty sends his men to death. He has no right to do otherwise, to show sentimentality, otherwise he will not defeat the enemy, but the enemy will defeat him, and his fighters will die, and he and his people.

The liberal world outlook is categorically rising against the military. It is for "freedom", for "humanism." It hates the warrior spirit, the spirit of self-sacrifice and discipline. “No deeds, no sacrifices, no dedication, no orders are needed - let everyone live as he wants, easily and comfortably. Leave us all alone. We do not want to build anything, we do not need any empires, we need “cafes of poets” in the basement, convenient service, access to all countries, libraries, films, shops, beaches and restaurants - like in Liechtenstein. All your empires are not worth one person with his ruined unhappy life (that is, mine). Nobody wants to attack us! Nobody needs us! ”
And never attacked? ..

Strange as it may seem, the military worldview no less loves an individual and wishes him happiness. Moreover, it is for his sake and makes the greatest sacrifices. Big sowing love no man, but who will lay down his soul for his friends (John 15, 13). And it loves freedom no less. But it understands that in the world, which, as the apostle said, lies in evil (1 John. 5, 19), in the world, where invisible battle goes on continuously, where the devil and the demonscheme of demons, who try to bring every person to evil , to sin and destroy forever, and something, alas, they succeed (otherwise there would be nothing to write to the “Moscow Komsomol”), in this world without struggle, without sacrifice, peace is unattainable, but complete peace, as Reverend Ambrose of Optina wrote , will be only in the Kingdom of Heaven, into which one can enter, according to Scripture, only many sorrows (Acts 14, 22).
Humanism is anti-Christian, that is, satanic teaching. When the Lord spoke of the coming sufferings of the cross, out of human love for Him, the apostle Peter said: “Lord! May this not be with you! ”To which the Lord replied:“ Get away from me, Satan! You are my temptation! because you think not of what is God, but what is human ”(Matt. 16, 22-23).

What is the price of winning?

When the holy Prince Alexander Nevsky, having prayed, went into battle with the invaders, having a much smaller army, he acted "not humanely" towards his soldiers: they could all perish. And the holy Prince Dimitri Donskoy, having prayed and asking for a blessing from St. Sergius of Radonezh, went to the Kulikovo battle, in which many of our soldiers fell. And the commander Suvorov dared to storm the impregnable fortresses and marched through the Alps, losing people, but bringing God's victory to the Fatherland.

Stalin became a generalissimo for good reason, as did Suvorov. They have the most important thing in common: a great will to win, striving only forward, without the slightest delay (only if tactical), pressure, pressure, throw - “not one step back!”

All of them could "pity the people" who were killed in a multitude on the battlefields. But then there would be no country. People would not rise in history. That is exactly what his haters blame Stalin for - the commitment to the whole of Russian history, to what created all its victories, what went through all its construction.

When Kutuzov gave Moscow painfully (as modern “culture zealots” and humanists who pity “every person” would condemn him), he did not do it from insensitivity, not from fleeing to the people, to his culture, to our shrines, even but choosing the lesser evil, preferring the main secondary, and the main thing was that it was necessary to save the army to defeat the enemy, even at such a price. That is, acting "Stalinist methods."

When it’s not God's will,
Not given b Moscow.

Yes, that's the thing! God's will, the will of a human-loving God, who loves each of His creation, each person immeasurably more than any humanist and liberal, is not limited only to his earthly well-being. Earthly eyes, the eyes of Western godless liberalism is impossible to understand. It is impossible to understand why the Lord allows all this sea of ​​sorrows, with the waves of which unhappy humanity is fighting. But only strong faith gives the answer that in all of this - the love of God, and above all it is that God loves taco peace, like he and his only begotten Son eat, yes, everyone who believes in On does not die, but have eternal belly ( John 3, 16).
It is clear that there are different dimensions, two completely different approaches to life.

“Fiery revolutionaries”, who declared the “Red Terror” in the country already in 1918, flooded the Russian land with the task of destroying historical Russia, to a large extent determined the brutality of this era, including a comparable response. The battle with them was serious, “either - or”, and, of course, it required determination.

They didn't fold weapons not for one day of the twentieth century.

And they are not going to fold it.

They killed Stalin.

Everything that he did, they will always be called "meaningless cruelty." Because it was against them, not against the people. Everything that the opponents of the Russian people did, the destroyers of Great Russia, even the monstrous in its cruelty shooting of the House of Soviets from tanks in Moscow in October 1993, all this will be justified by the “humanists."

Secrets of the Stalin era

In the XIX century, as we know, we had only two allies: our army and navy, according to the words of Emperor Alexander III. And even more so in the twentieth century, we were alone in the world, among many enemies. Stalin and his associates, who supported their people, set themselves the goal of creating an independent mighty power, pursuing their own course, not only independently managing the wealth of their native land, who never left foreigners indifferent, destroying entire nations for profit, but also deciding to have their own, independent worldview, its own, different from all, social order.

We decided to live by other laws, unprecedented for the history of the world. We opposed collectivism to the monstrous egoism of capitalism, the thirst for profit — sacrifice and the pursuit of justice, modernism — traditional culture, debauchery — morality and chastity. And all this had to be protected. And not only from the enemies of these goals, this course outside the country, but also inside it.

Among these lofty goals there was no main thing - faith in God, although not everything then was contrary to Christianity. It happened historically. In the 1917 year, atheists came to power, whose leaders set as their main goal the destruction of Orthodoxy in Russia. They slandered the faith and the Church, saying that the people had no benefit from them, only harm. They did a lot of evil. But the Lord did not allow them to reach their goal. The people resisted these plans. Even among the Bolsheviks remained believing people. Russian communism, as it was understood by those who had a sincere thirst for justice and "popular truth", acquired its own features distinct from the Western worldview. Objected directly to Engels, Stalin proclaimed the non-contradiction of Bolshevism to Russian patriotism. This was manifested in many features of the Stalinist structure of Russian life. In particular, in strengthening the family, chastity, returning to the heritage of the great Russian culture, brought up by Orthodoxy.

How did it happen that ideologically godless state, gaining power, resisted world evil, served good? Is it possible?

Maybe. On the buckles of the Nazis was written "Gott mit uns", and their invasion served the devil. Our fighters had five-pointed Masonic stars in their caps and buckles, and they did the right thing, in fact, served God.

Russia was renamed the USSR, but remained Russia. The Russian people were renamed Soviet, but remained Russian. Faith was corroded from the whole way of life of the country: from state policy, the army, culture, science, education - and many people who made up the people still remained believers, and Russia remained the House of the Virgin, the Fourth Destiny, and by Her unspeakable mercy , ruled by the Mother of God, the Sovereign Icon of Which, manifested in Kolomna in 1917, the Providence of God from 1929, was in Red Square.

If you look at the names of the signs, you will not understand anything. The bottom line will be hidden. Life is mysterious. Parade, outside - everything is simple, but this is not the essence, but what hides it.

The Russian people also differ from the Western people in that they, like a child, live more with their heart, with feeling (for which the Hitlerites so despised him — and now they are not in history). And therefore he feels the essence, looks deeper than the sign, before which the mind stops and freezes.

“What a rr-revolutionism!”

In the twentieth century, we had to pay a high price: derogation of the Church, faith in Russia, the suffering of the new martyrs, of the whole people — perhaps in order for Russia not to die physically, to win wars, to stand and strengthen. She was faced with great trials ... Although at the same time it was a retribution for godlessness - for the sake of the return of the “prodigal son” to her father's house.

And the restoration of church life, and the strengthening of faith in people, this whole spiritual task began to be solved especially when our people made the greatest sacrifice during World War II — this is the real reason, and not fantastic: because, they say, “Stalin understood ... ... ”This is the“ cult of personality inside out ”: without God and Stalin nothing can; but God without sacrifice, without faith, without prayer, without repentance, without arbitrariness does not save people ...

Something similar happened more than once in our history. More than once we stood on the verge of death. For example, the holy noble Prince Alexander Nevsky had to endure the Tatar yoke for the sake of the country's spiritual independence: we couldn’t fight on “two fronts”. We had to make sacrifices at all critical, almost catastrophic moments in our history - both during the years of Ivan the Terrible, and during Peter the Great ... And also: we sacrifice many traditions, including the relatively independent position of the Church, with our traditions, but we grow stronger materially. relation to the same level with the West. So the essence of the Stalinist jerk, the Stalinist era was in the mainstream of Russian history.

At the same time, everything that the Lord permits to be accomplished always has a positive side. A blessing in disguise, as you know. The persecution of the Church gave in Heaven a host of new martyrs headed by the Royal Family, the sacrificial feat of which became the spiritual apex of the Russian autocracy that had matured for holiness in the person of His Monarch. The church was cleansed by suffering from its ailments, freed from traitors in cassocks - the Renovationists, strengthened in trials, reached a new spiritual height.

One of the prisoners of the time, the Orthodox poet A.A. Solodovnikov wrote:
Grate rusty, thank you ...

Schiarchimandrite Ignatius (Lebedev), imprisoned in Butyrskaya Prison in 1935, testified that "the Lord visited him with such a joy, like he had never experienced before."

Of course, all this is not “justification” for the persecution of the Church. It’s just that God has no uniqueness. All the time there is a struggle against good in this kind of adulterous and sinful (Mr. 8, 38), and how the struggle is going on, the way God leads us, is not so obvious to us, because His Providence is incomprehensible to us.

Collectivization was accomplished largely by military methods. But she was, in fact, preparation for war. If there were no collectivization, there would be no industrialization, the best in the world T-34 tank would not have been created and built, the material base for the Red Army would not have been created, there would have been no Great Victory. Europe and the world would not be liberated from Nazism.

Peter I also conducted his "collectivization" to build St. Petersburg. But this was the will of God, which was announced to him by St. Metrophanes of Voronezh. As for the construction fleet and the creation of a regular Russian Army, thanks to which Russia has become a full-fledged European state. Peter took the Kazan icon of the Mother of God (before which Stalin prayed) to the foundation of the new capital - and our people, making great sacrifices, created both the city on the Neva and the fleet, and defeated the Swedes, again after the Tsar's prayers in front of the Kazan icon.

As for the “excesses,” that is, cruelties during the conduct of collectivization, without which it could do, then an objective history has yet to be established what role the Bolsheviks-Trotskyists played in it, acting not in the vein of Stalin’s ideas, but pursuing their goals, including the struggle against the Orthodox faith and the Church, the preservation of their clan power in the country at any cost. It was about them that Stalin wrote in the famous article “Dizzy with Success” - “about those, if I may say so,“ revolutionaries ”who start organizing the artels with the removal of bells from churches. Remove the bells - think what a rr-revolutionism! ”(Pravda, March 2, 1930).

"Spirit breathes where it wants"

Critics of Stalin constantly blame him for losses, declaring even the main Victory in world history almost as soon as our defeat (this is what a trend can do!) But what we know is not the only scenario, it could be that our people would simply cease to exist in the twentieth century in history. What happened, is not just the best option of the possible - most likely the impossible option has happened, a new miracle of Russian history has happened.

In the twentieth century, apparently, an offensive against Russia was being prepared with the satanic dream of destroying it, destroying its faith, and destroying the Russian Church. And the Lord allowed Satan to act - within certain limits. This framework implored the Lord to narrow the Mother of God, revealing Her sovereign image, which meant Her Protection over Russia and protection to all who would turn to her in this hard times. And besides, since She took control of Russia, left without a king, She took the earthly power (through prayers and our saints, in heaven and on earth) from Trotsky with the legion and gave the Orthodox on baptism, education and education for man, faith who remained secret, at some time, maybe even for himself, as if she were under a bushel. In many ways, it remains to this day the mystery of God. As, however, and the faith of each person.

When you see how his political opponents, one by one, having just had enormous power in the country, suddenly, like autumn flies, without much struggle, let it out of their hands and leave the political arena, and for some reason fight each other and take turns they win a friend, and the “cunning and evil” almost stands aside, barely participating in this fight - then you realize that it was a miracle that happened, that the Lord decided everything.

“The spirit breathes where it wants” (John 3, 8), said the Supreme Commander General P.A. Rotmistrov in 1944, when he entered Bulgaria and offered him “to make a gift to believers”: take Constantinople, the path to which was open. And he added to the general: "Moscow and so long ago the Third Rome." He evidently did not forget about that or the other for a minute ... And he made it clear to Pavel Alekseevich that he too would have been happy to take Constantinople as an Orthodox person (hear brothers and sisters: “The Spirit breathes where it wants”, - he is about himself). But not all we can do what we want ... And above all - the one who bears the burden of responsibility for the people, for the country.

So God, who, as you know, “has a lot of things,” could have this simple plan: in response to the Reigning Lady's plea to place an Orthodox person at the head of the country, and he will lead the country's turn to the traditional imperial autocratic course, ... And it depended on a lot! .. (The question for us today is the most urgent). From all Russian people, from their faith, from their prayers, from their sacrifice and repentance, the suffering of an understanding of the truth of our sovereign path after everything was lost ... From every prayer of all the saints, in the Russian land, they shed their light - glorified and unhealthy. But not only from the will of the first person in the state - although his will, and his faith, his prayers, his sacrifices, and the prayers of his mother, Catherine Georgievna, participated in this, of course (so she also has a special role in our history; the mother’s prayer is known to raise from the bottom of the sea).

There is no desire to whitewash, to justify evil, to consider it as good, to give a distorted assessment of the activity of any historical figure. There is no desire to remove that responsibility from JV Stalin, which he bears in history for what he has done. But no one will relieve us of responsibility if we deny anything in our history. Responsibility for not giving young people the truth about her homeland, prevented her from loving her motherland, respecting her past, and at least to some extent poisoned her with contempt for her people. One should be afraid of this no less, and even more, than too positive attitude towards any historical figures. Batyushka Nikolai Guryanov spoke when he was reproached with a kind word about one of them, also slandered:

- Do we say something bad about him?

But, restoring the true coordinate system, we need to avoid distortions in the other direction. One can understand the emotional impulse of those talking about “Stalin’s canonization” as a reaction to blasphemy and slander, but this emotionality does not help restore the real historical picture.

The overwhelming majority of our people have one simple desire: to know the truth about our history of the twentieth century, whatever it was, whatever “idea” it served or contradicted, no matter what estimations, conclusions came, but simply was true.

The devaluation of heroism?

The post-Stalin Communist Party began to abandon heroism, from sacrifice. The desire not to “win by any means”, but “to rest”, “to engage in ourselves” became more popular, and this flourished in the Brezhnev time, which ended the history of the USSR. The idea of ​​sacrifice, on which the empire of Stalin rose and gained strength, was undermined. Why sacrifice your well-being, even your life? For the sake of a false nomenclature that says beautiful words (as much as it can, as far as its language is turned over), and at the same time seizes all the benefits that it does not give to the people?

Yes, indeed, the lofty words no longer sounded, they diverged from the way of life of those in power. It was with Stalin, during his ascetic life, when he himself and his like-minded people did not need anything other than a strong country, as if imperial ideas were secured with a gold reserve of this asceticism. And after him, when people came to power with a different worldview, when real national-economic goals began to be replaced by ideological rattling (which was clearly relegated to Stalin's background), all these ideas began to devalue. The gap between word and deed became apparent. And the country collapsed.

Today, creative ideas, too, will not be able to find reinforcement in anything, as soon as in a person, in a way of life, in moral character, in relation to the truth and the height of the Russian historical tradition, in its loyalty and responsibility for its continuation in the 21st century of the new leader of the country and his like-minded people. If they want to devote their lives to sincere service to God and Russia, they will be given tremendous resistance. But if their cause is right, the Lord will help them, and the victory will be ours.
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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 9 May 2013 06: 47
    History should not be forgotten, not rewritten from scratch, and the more we talk about it, the better.

    Happy Holidays to all WWII Participants! Health and happiness!
    1. Shawnee
      Shawnee 9 May 2013 17: 29
      17 th
      Happy Victory Day !.
      But the Great War is not over until at least one soldier of the M_ organization is alive NKVDthat ruined the Russian people.
      1. yak69
        yak69 9 May 2013 20: 33
        Quote: Shawnee
        The Great War is not over

        The great war is in full swing, you rightly said that, BUT ... The NKVD, at one time, accumulated in its ranks the most intelligent, disciplined and talented people. Another question is that in any organization before the age of 37 there were many Trotskyists and all kinds of people who clung to power and just ALL NKVD workers to call the Masons, this is just the same reception from the arsenal of Masonry - a substitution. You are not one of them, by any chance?)))
        As for the processes of the 30s and the opening of archives. There is a well-known fact - on behalf of Stalin, not only all interested correspondents of Western publications were allowed to participate in the processes, moreover, they were invited to these processes. They carefully covered the debates of lawyers and prosecutors, the evidence provided, and the statements of the accused. Their reports can be found in the American and European press of those years. And then they wouldn’t fail to pour a bucket of slop on us if all these processes were a farce, about which liberal-shit-democrats blow us today.
        And we must remember that with the coming of the liberals to power, the archives were "cleaned up" and many documents are still falsified. The Katyn process alone is worth something, with this pathetic DAM, who so badly wanted to please the gamerope that he was ready to mix the whole history of the country with mud. The whole thing turned inside out and licked it like that, it was already choking with saliva!
        And imagine how MUCH interesting things can be revealed about the past of those who are in power today. The same Svinidze - there are some Jewish roots that are worth it! After all, he has all the ancestors of the red commanders, among them there are Trotskyists.
        How many strains and inconsistencies in the "works" of all these brothers Medvedev, Volkogonovs, Arbatovs, Afanasyevs will be immediately discovered.
        Then it will be possible to look at the novels by Y. Dombrovsky "The Keeper of Time" and "The Faculty of Unnecessary Things" in a new way. To understand why at the beginning of perestroika the quite sensible ideas of the economist N. Shmelev, which he outlined in the article "Advances and Debts" (Novy Mir, No. 6, 1987), were rejected.
        (By the way, he then proposed to "tie up" the "extra" money in the "stockings" of citizens through the sale of land to property and listen to his hunchback, there would be no need to rob people through the exchange of banknotes, and hyperinflation could have been avoided and people would have received real goods instead of candy wrappers redhead!).
        And will today's publications allow the truth to be published? This is another question.
        In the meantime, one must carefully preserve the memories of those honest leaders who lived and worked at that time, was a participant in the events. After all, they are living witnesses, bearers of history.
        1. nickname 1 and 2
          nickname 1 and 2 12 May 2013 09: 16
          Quote: yak69
          .NKVD, at one time, accumulated in its ranks the most intelligent, disciplined and talented people.

          Maybe so in something BUT - executioners!
          Quote: yak69
          with this miserable fellow DAM, who wanted to please the geyrope so much that he was ready to mix the whole history of the country with mud. All turned inside out and already licked, already choked with saliva!

          you need to know that all the actions of the first persons of the state are prepared by their subordinates! information is provided on the issue and options are proposed with justifications for the consequences.
          Quote: yak69
          And imagine how MUCH interesting things can be revealed about the past of those who are in power today. The same Svinidze - there are some Jewish roots that are worth it! After all, he has all the ancestors of the red commanders, among them there are Trotskyists.
          How many strains and inconsistencies in the "works" of all these brothers Medvedev, Volkogonovs, Arbatovs, Afanasyevs will be immediately discovered.

          And, imagine, they also have a skull not everything is in order!
          Quote: yak69
          To understand why at the beginning of perestroika the quite sensible ideas of the economist N. Shmelev, which he outlined in the article "Advances and Debts" (Novy Mir, No. 6, 1987), were rejected.

          If yes? Heh heh! If the car in which they were transporting Lenin got off the rail? If V. Ulyanov died of smallpox in childhood? If Stalin was eaten by wolves?
          Quote: yak69
          and listen to him hunchback

          and listen to the hunchbacked GKChP? this is perhaps the best option.
          Quote: yak69
          And will today's publications allow the truth to be published?

          Duc - allow all sorts of lies and truth. ALL allow. Even .lefins can be read.
          democracy and her ...

          Quote: yak69
          it is necessary to carefully preserve the memories of those honest leaders who lived and worked at that time, was a participant in the events. After all, they are living witnesses, bearers of history.

          Are you talking about me? I’ve been living for a long time .... and at that time I also found Stalin, so .... in the know
          One cannot disagree with this conclusion of the American historian, professor at Montclair University, Ph.D. Grover Ferr. In his research “Anti-Stalin's villainy” (M., “Algorithm”, 2007), he showed that of all the statements of the “closed report” N.S. Khrushchev's "On the cult of personality and its consequences", uttered by him in 1956, "exposing" Stalin and Beria, there was not a single truthful

          But THESE let them correct their falsehood.
          And our history does not need to be rewritten.
          Then there were such communists that you will not get sick.
      2. Avenger711
        Avenger711 9 May 2013 23: 51
        This is not your victory.
      3. komsomolets
        komsomolets 10 May 2013 00: 55
        GOOD should be with fists, always.
    2. nickname 1 and 2
      nickname 1 and 2 12 May 2013 11: 14
      Quote: aszzz888
      History must not be forgotten, not rewritten from scratch,

      This is an ordinary church sermon!

      A sermon in the Temple!
      atheist rights are being violated.
      how there .... freedom of speech and religion ...

      reprint from ancient Russia = this is a newspaper of Orthodox believers. But what about the others ...
  2. mnbv199
    mnbv199 9 May 2013 06: 56
    Below is a presentation by I.V. Stalin in which he thanks the Russian people. We Russians differ from other nations in their spirit and energy, and therefore a Russian can be a person of different nationalities. The main thing in a Russian person is the Russian Soul! At a reception in the Kremlin, I.V. Stalin once said:
    - I am not Georgian - I am Russian of Georgian origin!
    I.V. Stalin was a Russian man, as in him was the Russian Soul.
    Therefore, these words are dedicated to us Russians of different backgrounds, as descendants of our glorious grandfathers and grandmothers!

    24 May 1945
    Comrades, let me raise another last toast.
    I would like to raise a toast to the health of our Soviet people and, above all, the Russian people. I drink, first of all, for the health of the Russian people because they are the most outstanding nation of all the nations that make up the Soviet Union.
    I am making a toast to the health of the Russian people because he deserved general recognition in this war as the leading force of the Soviet Union among all the peoples of our country.
    I raise a toast to the health of the Russian people, not only because they are the leading people, but also because they have a clear mind, a strong character and patience.
    Our government had many mistakes, we had moments of desperate situation in 1941-1942, when our army retreated, left our native villages and cities of Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, the Leningrad Region, the Baltic States, the Karelian-Finnish Republic, and therefore left that there was no other way. Other people could tell the Government: you did not live up to our expectations, go away, we will set up another government that will conclude peace with Germany and provide us with peace. But the Russian people did not go for it, for they believed in the correctness of the policies of their Government and made sacrifices to ensure the defeat of Germany. And this confidence of the Russian people in the Soviet Government turned out to be the decisive force that ensured a historic victory over the enemy of mankind - over fascism.
    Thanks to him, the Russian people, for this trust!
    For the health of the Russian people!
    1. starshina78
      starshina78 9 May 2013 11: 57
      Correct words (Stalin)! I congratulate everyone on our Victory Day! Victories over the fierce enemy, who was not going to conquer, but to destroy. Hitler wanted to erase from the face of the Earth everything that would mention Russia, the USSR. People, history, culture, buildings, factories and factories. The fate of the slaves for the German masters was foretold to us, but as it happened in Russia, the people stood up to defend their homeland! He stood under the banners on which it was written: "Workers of all countries, unite!" And portraits of Stalin and Lenin were embroidered. Let the bawlers from the shitcoats and Memorial say what they want, but all the people are not a bunch of renegades, and we know that it was under the leadership of Stalin and with his name that soldiers went into battle, that it was during the war that the reception of the Communists into the party increased. All as one stood up to defend the Fatherland, both young and old. Fathers and brothers fought at the fronts, and their wives and children replaced them in factories and factories.There is still a mystery to the whole world how we were able to dismantle factories under the bombing, transport them to the Urals, and start producing military equipment under the open sky. , how already in the second year of the war to increase production and first achieve parity, and then increase the production of equipment, which made it possible to crush the fascist evil. All this thanks to the courage and staunchness of our Red Army soldiers and home front workers! Now there are voices calling not to celebrate Victory Day. In no way should this be allowed! The memory of this Victory of ours should be passed from one generation to the next, so that the feeling of gratitude to those who forged Victory at the front, to the rear would always be in the hearts of subsequent generations. Happy Victory Day !!!
  3. domokl
    domokl 9 May 2013 06: 57
    It’s cunning. Everything seems to be right. Only this priest has so much Soviet that he’s throwing him into the heat. Maybe it’s time to stop living according to the Soviet song - The whole world ... we will destroy to the ground ... and then? How much can we destroy?
    Stalin is a great man. But do not attach him to Orthodoxy now. He is a communist. In that very good understanding. Maybe a little idealist, he wanted the children to leave the state of equal opportunities and happiness for everyone. It could be fierce, but the struggle was not for life but for death ... Stalin is the man who returned the ruined Russia to greatness and pride. He made us the Winners. And do not save him. You just need to study, you need to reveal secrets.
    In one I agree with the author, it's time to open the archives. At least for scientists. Caring for relatives is just a cover for concealing the truth.
  4. individual
    individual 9 May 2013 07: 13
    About the story:
    Somewhere in the 85-88-ies I was conducting political information with a group of workers at the enterprise, and the demand was to make a note of the report. I see one at that time already an elderly listener listening to me, not writing. During the break, I ask him: "Why aren't you taking notes?" The answer discouraged me, he says: "You know, when Comrade Stalin died, Beria wrote a lengthy letter on the occasion of the death of the leader - we were forced to learn his text by heart. And when we learned it, it turned out that Begiya is an enemy of the people."
    So that in our history there were a lot of things. But we lived our life together with the country of the USSR, and now Russia is history for us too.
  5. VadimSt
    VadimSt 9 May 2013 07: 19
    Again in pieces and add-ons. The history of Russia, of course, needs to be written from a "blank slate", but you need to start from pre-Petrine times. How many were "deleted" and "turned over" from the history of that period by the nemchur? Probably, M. Lomonosov knew about the falsification of the history of the Russian state better than anyone in those days. And the consequences of that falsification are felt even today.
  6. DPN
    DPN 9 May 2013 08: 05
    For me, religion, as they used to say, is opium for the people. They beat on the left, turn right, so she got it. But with this priest I almost completely agree. A country cannot exist without a strong LEADER, such as STALIN, the history of the USSR proved it. They came down, decrepit old people, then they labeled Nobel laurels, an offended drunk followed him, and the country was gone.

    Of course, archives must be opened, those that do not have military secrets and, of course, intelligence.
    Professionals like Svanidze, an offended distant relative of Stalin, Pivovarov should not be allowed to get close to the media.
  7. DPN
    DPN 9 May 2013 08: 13
    You don’t need to rewrite history, you just need to supplement and try to write the truth about the country. To have less Solzhenitsyn and Rezunov-Suvorov (traitor from the GRU), who wrote and are writing history.
  8. The comment was deleted.
  9. rexby63
    rexby63 9 May 2013 11: 25
    Let's just remember
  10. Cossack_grater
    Cossack_grater 9 May 2013 12: 01
    As long as the memory of our victories is alive, we will be a strong people and a strong state!
    Eternal Glory to the Fallen!
    Rewriting history is not necessary. And then history will rewrite us.
  11. Galina
    Galina 9 May 2013 14: 20
    Today in all Orthodox churches liturgies and memorial services were served in memory of the fallen soldiers on the battlefields and the veterans of the Great Patriotic War who had gone into the world. Eternal memory to the warrior heroes and all those who contributed to the victory.
    Years will pass. Who knows what times await us. But the prayer offered in the church for the defenders of the Fatherland makes their feat immortal and their memory eternal. This is not a history textbook that can be rewritten, added, or destroyed.
    I am grateful to the author of the article for a reasonable assessment of Stalin's role. The phrase that "The history of Russia of the twentieth century needs to be written from scratch", of course, I perceive, rather as a rhetorical device, since even now a lot of truth is open. But how to present this truth systematically, in the form of a large historical work and, moreover, a textbook is a question for honest historians and writers. And, if we do not have unity in matters of worldview (for example, Orthodoxy - atheism, etc.), and an article by an Orthodox believer (even more so a priest) causes heartburn in many commentators only because it is written by an Orthodox person, then, of course, talk about a historical unanimity is still early, the people are not ripe. So we will hang out in different dimensions.
    And the author of the article very correctly noted that it is necessary to open the archives. This is done somehow timidly. Therefore, a lot of speculation. There are few professional works on the history of the 20th century in general (or are they not published and remain for a narrow circle of specialists?) And a lot of amateurism. Therefore, every small nation now writes its "history" according to its own understanding. For example, yesterday I learned from an acquaintance of a Ukrainian Bulgarian (an elderly and intelligent person with education) that not a single Soviet soldier was killed freeing Bulgaria from the Nazis, the Bulgarians themselves coped. Laugh or what? Well, the Ukrainian version of modern history is generally a song!
    Therefore, I believe that God is not in power, but in TRUTH.
    Happy Victory Day for all of you!
  12. Cynic
    Cynic 9 May 2013 16: 25
    Unfortunately, not only the history of Russia of the XX century, in fact, the entire history of Russia is falsified, but only Russia.
    Happy Victory Day!
  13. knn54
    knn54 9 May 2013 16: 46
    Something needs to be rewritten, something just to add / fix. It is important that she as close as possible to the truth. At present, the official history of our people is far from the truth, and the history of the communist times of the USSR is generally perverted. There was a substitution of values, not revaluation.
    But compiling a textbook is the lot of talented people, not rogues and especially close ones.
    Without the past, there is no present, and without the past and present there is no future!
    We will be worthy of our great ancestors. MAY 9 is our story, which we have no right to forget!
  14. fatty
    fatty 9 May 2013 18: 23
    Father Nikolai is right. I read and remembered Dostoevsky — if there is no God, then everything is possible.
  15. Rrv
    Rrv 9 May 2013 19: 10
    1. Rrv
      Rrv 9 May 2013 19: 11
      1. Rrv
        Rrv 9 May 2013 19: 12
  16. Avenger711
    Avenger711 9 May 2013 19: 19
    this is a complete ban on pornography, prostitution, homosexuality

    The feeling is that everyone is obsessed with this homosexuality and pornography, which in the USSR as a result was simply searched wherever possible, well, the men like to watch what can be done about naked women.

    There are more real problems and they were solved, and whoever drinks a glass or two of vodka for the holiday, or has 5 mistresses, they looked at this relatively through their fingers.
    1. YuDDP
      YuDDP 11 May 2013 00: 47
      Quote: Avenger711
      or 5 lovers has

      well, this is optional :)

  17. leonardo_1971
    leonardo_1971 10 May 2013 00: 03
  18. Lexagun
    Lexagun 10 May 2013 00: 39
    Yes Yes.
    Again, we will begin to rewrite, and the main thing, of course, is to admit the church to this, both as an author and as a censor. (The ultimate clerics belay ) Moreover, the author is frankly interested not in establishing the truth, but in establishing the actual opinion.

    History is not science, and not when it was not and never will be. History is ideology.

    And history is not written by historians, History is written by politicians, as the "historians" command so and will write.

    Will it write wrong? cease to be a historian, or even cease to be.
    1. Cynic
      Cynic 10 May 2013 16: 22
      Quote: Lexagun
      Again, we will begin to rewrite, and most importantly, of course, let the church

      Does it mean to do nothing? Indulge in idleness?
      But, idleness itself does not happen, it must be skillfully invented and justified so as not to do anything, when there is plenty to do !
      do not wake, I will die young
    2. nickname 1 and 2
      nickname 1 and 2 12 May 2013 10: 10
      Alas! It is not possible to make a person not a biased historian!
      One and the same fact of history is perceived from the angle of personal worldview.
      So for example: one seems to be Putin’s right behavior to the other, no!
      The same is with SJ, M, MI. and etc.
      And now, in a period of unbridled information and misinformation, in a period of lies, etc. of the delights of permissiveness, REVISING a story or correcting it is criminal.