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The lawsuit of the Ministry of Defense to "Almaz-Antey" on 4 billion rubles

The lawsuit of the Ministry of Defense to "Almaz-Antey" on 4 billion rublesMOSCOW, May 6 - RAPS. The Moscow Arbitration Court decided to consider the claim of the Ministry of Defense of the JSC "Head System Design Bureau of the Almaz-Antey Air Defense Concern named after Academician AA Raspletin" for collecting 4,015 a billion rubles in a closed manner, conferring the case to the secret, reports the RAPSI correspondent from the courtroom.

Thus, the court on Monday granted the request of the defendant and made the appropriate determination. The claim will continue on June 4.

The plaintiff will charge a penalty for violation of the terms of delivery of military equipment by the company. The Almaz-Antey Air Defense Concern motivated the petition to consider the claim in closed session by the fact that the company submitted documents to the case file, in particular the technical conditions for the manufacture of products that are classified as secret. The need for the submission of this document, the defendant justified by the fact that it contains a description of the cycle and production time. In addition, a company spokesman said that the delivery time of products was violated due to the fault of the Ministry, which did not fulfill the obligations under the counter contract.

The representative of the Ministry of Defense, in turn, during the previous meeting, said that the respondent did not provide any explanation, and therefore it is not clear how these documents relate to the fact that the products were delivered with a violation of the deadline. In addition, the lawyer suggested that this could only delay the trial.

Almaz-Antey is one of the largest unions of the Russian defense industry that produce air defense and non-strategic anti-missile defense systems, in particular, the C-300 and C-400 (Triumph) anti-aircraft missile systems. The concern is a deeply integrated structure of related companies (about 60 enterprises, organizations, research institutes and design offices of the corresponding profile).
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  1. Refund_SSSR
    Refund_SSSR 8 May 2013 07: 03
    on the collection of 4,015 billion rubles behind closed doors, assigning the stamp "secret" to the case
    Looks like we have secrecy shitty, since we are reading this news ...
    1. Nayhas
      Nayhas 8 May 2013 07: 27
      On the arbitration court website, any claim can be viewed, secrecy does affect ...
      1. alex-defensor
        alex-defensor 8 May 2013 09: 33
        It’s interesting, it’s about disrupting the delivery time, which does not surprise me, the defense was literally pulled from the bottom (the years of the EBN’s reign were not in vain). The human factor also affects a lot - the lack of skilled workers in the workshops of factories. Low salary. However, the S-400 is still arriving, therefore everything is getting better.

        BUT!!!! Pay attention to the photo accompanying the article !!! What kind of disc is attached to the S-300 complex? Someone wants to create the feeling that it’s not a deadline, but in the quality of the product? Again the work of agents of influence? Impact on the subconscious?

        Do not succumb !!!
        1. Army1
          Army1 8 May 2013 13: 04

          Then specialists from kb arrived and looked at it themselves, it just happens that the deadline has passed, and with 300 the most reliable and best system in the world
    2. Genady1976
      Genady1976 8 May 2013 15: 50
      funny photo somewhere on the web there is a video of how a rocket fires and marching
      didn't work and slap
  2. svp67
    svp67 8 May 2013 07: 15
    The lawsuit of the Ministry of Defense to "Almaz-Antey" on 4 billion rubles
    The news is contradictory, on the one hand it’s good - the enterprise has not fulfilled the condition and bears punishment for it, an incentive to continue to work more efficiently and efficiently. But on the other hand, it would not be out of place to figure out why the enterprise could not do this, where did the money allocated for the defense order go?
    1. Vladimirets
      Vladimirets 8 May 2013 07: 34
      Quote: svp67
      Where did the money allocated for the defense order go?

      Where, where, Tolik.
      1. Genady1976
        Genady1976 8 May 2013 15: 58
        Tolik needs his summer house
    2. APASUS
      APASUS 8 May 2013 08: 15
      Quote: svp67
      But on the other hand, it would not be out of place to figure out why the enterprise could not do this, where did the money allocated for the defense order go?

      The system of kickbacks has penetrated into the production of armaments, why wonder? It means that they have not divided it, since it crawled out!
    3. andrejwz
      andrejwz 8 May 2013 09: 58
      Quote: svp67
      The news is controversial

      The news is unambiguous, but the feelings are contradictory. Failure to meet the delivery dates of military equipment is bad. The retraction of the Ministry of Defense and leading developers and suppliers of modern weapons for the Republic of Armenia in a wave of judicial squabble is also not good, this wave tends to grow to the size of a tsunami. The case will suffer, but those responsible to the president and the supreme commander-in-chief will poke fingers at each other, shifting responsibility for possible failure of rearmament.
      It would be more logical to introduce the institution of consideration of such disputes by a commission with audit rights (albeit from the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation).
      Arbitration finds out the guilty party and imposes sanctions. That's all.
      But it is necessary to find out specific reasons and, if any, specific officials with a determination of the degree of participation and degree of guilt.
  3. Ivan Tarasov
    Ivan Tarasov 8 May 2013 07: 21
    When defense enterprises were state-owned, there was no such mess.
    It is time to return strategic defense enterprises to the state.
  4. ole
    ole 8 May 2013 07: 27
    Well, the lawyers say they’re unnecessary, they’ll immediately start to build a reputation on this matter, the most interesting thing is that the lawyers will definitely benefit, and the rest will remain with their own, here it is cap. Reality
  5. waisson
    waisson 8 May 2013 07: 34
    I wonder why in the initial delivery dates production cycles and force majeure circumstances were not taken into account. Or the contracts were signed on the side of a vodka bottle
    1. Phantom Revolution
      Phantom Revolution 8 May 2013 07: 49
      Yes, everything is discussed there and the terms are usually made in reserve, but as I understand it, the money went 40% to you 60% to me.
  6. djon3volta
    djon3volta 8 May 2013 07: 41
    these are graters Korotchenko with Ashurbeyli. they come for a long time already.
    Ashurbeyli: American and British footprint
    Igor Ashurbeyli, the former Director General of Almaz-Antey GSK OJSC, who was dismissed from this position in February 2011 by a decision of the board of directors representing the interests of the state, recently made a number of statements regarding his plans to go to the military-political leadership of the Russian Federation space defense. He also announced the urgent need to form a "parallel" Concern EKR. Based on the logic of everything said by Mr. Ashurbeyli, it is implied that it is he who ultimately should lead the Aerospace Defense Concern.

    In addition, Igor Ashurbeyli reported on the non-availability of Moscow’s missile defense system and its inability to intercept the attacking ICBMs, thereby undermining Russia's negotiating positions on its participation in the European missile defense system. It is clear that the United States and NATO will not negotiate on equal terms with a country that cannot provide the missile defense of its own capital, and therefore in its sector of responsibility for European missile defense. Ashurbeyli's words were widely disseminated by the Western media.

    It should be noted that a number of sources claim that “in the period 1994-1998. I.R. Ashurbeyli created a number of private structures: SotsiumTorg LLC (originally the company was called Sotsium Trade Ltd LLP, later it was re-registered as SotsiumTorg LLC). In 1997, its founders with 89% stake included the American company Global Enterprises LLC (California, Palo Alto). As of 2009, the co-founder of SotsiumTorg LLC is Almazny Business Center LLC, owned by two companies from the UK - A + _Construction Co. Ltd. and Wold Villas River Estate Ltd (UK, London). This indicates commercial the interests of I.R. Ashurbeyli abroad and its relationship with a number of individuals who may be motivated by "Western intelligence services"

    continued in LJ Korotchenko
    1. kNow
      kNow 8 May 2013 21: 37
      Quote: djon3volta
      these are graters Korotchenko with Ashurbeyli. they come for a long time already.

      they’ve been dogging for a long time, but here it’s like a different case
  7. Asgard
    Asgard 8 May 2013 08: 14
    The fact that the state in the person of the Ministry of Defense begins a war with the defense industry enterprises, and with the most advanced and technological ....a bell that the "reformers" continue to spread rot on the industry ....
    Most recently, our president called for loans for the construction of defense equipment, and this UNSUFFICIENCED ADVANCE for the state, defense capability (when the budget is suffocating from money))) and by the way, it’s also a decrease in profit for the enterprise itself .....
    There is only BANK in chocolate ....and this is government policy (or treason))

    Wait bailiffs come to the People and take away the latter, they want to pass the law "On Bankruptcy of Individuals", probably to HELP the latter))) end their life as a degradant ...
    This Ministry Suit is from the same series ... It will not help either the enterprise, the state, or the People ...
    Decaying the country Decisions of such courts and decisions of the authorities (including the president))

    it’s bitter to see and realize ..... an undegraded person with a brilliant education received back in the days of the USSR and on the eve of the Great Victory Day, when the whole country worked for one RESULT
    and did not fight with herself ... and only pursued traitors in the Courts ....
    and maybe traitors - presidents and prime ministers with appointed ministers))
    it’s bitter and insulting to look at me like a military man ...
    1. afire
      afire 8 May 2013 08: 51
      sorry, judging by your flag, you are talking to some other country, and the conclusions from your examples are very dubious, since there is an exhaust from the work of the military-industrial complex and it is constantly growing, so you are definitely not talking about Russia. And if in essence, on the one hand it’s good, at least some kind of motivation, and the rest of the enterprises will think about it. If there is a betrayal with an announced surname, then I think if you want to dig material and plant it, it will not be difficult.
      1. Asgard
        Asgard 8 May 2013 09: 44
        ALL enterprise cannot be a traitor
        ***other enterprises will think - this is really a dubious conclusion (how old are you?))
        The Ministry of Defense should not file lawsuits against collectives, but seek those responsible and punish (by the way)) and those who appointed them there in accordance with the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation on ascertaining the reasons and conditions for committing a crime ..... disruption of the defense order (state treason))
        1. igor.borov775
          igor.borov775 9 May 2013 09: 57
          Here you are not right MO can not punish anyone according to the laws of the Russian Federation, For this there is a court, And it’s done right,
      2. igor.borov775
        igor.borov775 9 May 2013 09: 53
        Gentlemen, you are not worried about the amount of claims itself, It’s not only about the exhaust as they say here Many regional centers cannot even boast of such an amount of the annual budget, Around such concerns there are crowds of all kinds of firms and companies, While orders went there over the hill everything was fine, For everything the buyer paid, you are not surprised that there were questions to the technological chains, One more you miss this new MO starts checking some production, No need to rush, Something guarded those who allocate money,
    2. nickname 1 and 2
      nickname 1 and 2 8 May 2013 10: 03
      Quote: Asgard
      it’s bitter and insulting to look at me like a military man ...

      Always, seeing your nickname - I read your comments. Your "dissenting opinion" is noticeable.
      I don’t understand what the question is: it should be understood - the rules of the game are assigned (established). These are the laws of the economy, take the money back, answer. In what
      Quote: Asgard
      The Ministry of Defense starts a war with defense industry enterprises,

      And what about the defense industry enterprises there is no crook? Yes, no less!
      Quote: Asgard

      Wait, the bailiffs come to the People and take the last,

      And in the USSR there were lovers to borrow and not return. So what is the question?
      Quote: Asgard
      is it government policy (or treason))

      Since the transfer of power by EBN to Putin, the country has risen from its knees and there has been a powerful increase in economic power in all directions. What are the claims?
      Quote: Asgard
      bitter and insulting

      And who is not bitter and not upset? It was necessary to support the Emergency Committee!
      Or go to the White House and kick the face of any Makarevich! Or throw Boriska off the tank!

      Or simply "do not thump" in the USSR but work diligently and listen CAREFULLY to the marshals about the intrigues of world capitalism! Or to be all sorts of cunning faces who tryndeli about what = HERE WITH THEM, IN THE WEST!

      PRO.S.R.A.L. USSR. Who is to blame? Themselves to blame!
      How much can you mourn?
      Need to live! We must get used to this "order"! We must find our place in this life.
      One must enjoy life. We must be glad that there is and thank God that the country still survived! From the ruins rises.

      Quote: Asgard
      like a military man ...

      A military man must be a model of courage!
      In schools, he is tempered so that he does not bend in battle!
      The main unacceptable trouble for a military man is the death of his homeland! Homeland survived! What is sadness about?
      And civil squabbles are consequences of WEAKNESS not of military people!
      In extreme situations, the whole rotten essence of a person, invisible in normal conditions, crawls out.
      And many people are "rotten" from birth. What kind of people - such is life! A military man should be higher than this,
      civil "disease"!
      I think that you, a real military man!
      Do not be fooled by any "civil weaknesses"!
      I WAS BORN ONE DURING THE WAR! MY FATHER LOST THE EASY AT WWII! I always remember that IM, our ancestors got a lot, much harder and harder! They survived! And no one gave us the right to break!

      drinks HAPPY VICTORY!
      1. Asgard
        Asgard 8 May 2013 10: 55
        Also my congratulations on the Great Holiday !!!
        About the knees of raising the country do not agree ...
        The last press conference clearly demonstrated this. Everywhere there are crooks and thieves, but this is not a reason to spread rot on ALL THE ENTERPRISE with a lawsuit from the Ministry of Defense. In such a suit, managers will avoid responsibility. You need to know this.
        As for the White House, yes, part of the blame lies with me. I feel this and I will make every effort to return ITS OWN, our lost, EBNatik alcoholic face was flooded with blue paint - you think this by accident. This is an image. This is the beginning of UNDERSTANDING))))

        We will all refund.
        1. nickname 1 and 2
          nickname 1 and 2 8 May 2013 11: 32
          Quote: Asgard
          In such a suit, managers will avoid responsibility.

          Where, who is responsible for objective reasons?
          It seems from the side. And give you the right to run the same enterprise, you will find a bunch of problems that cannot be solved (if only by the pike command)! So what ?
          And give you a chair in the Ministry of Defense and you say = what am I .... to substitute my head? And there aren't any ...
          Quote: Asgard
          I’ll make the maximum effort to return ITS, our lost,

          Make every effort to return to the military environment, forget everything and live a normal life!
          Quote: Asgard
          We will all refund.

          And to us (I think this is the opinion of the majority) - we do not need to return anything. CPSU - no need! Socialism is not necessary! That rotten life (like that rotten potato, cabbage, onion, blue chickens) = not necessary!
          What are you going to return? Sound it!
          Worst of all is when something is "presented" to the people that they do not need!
          And socialism is a system where it lives very well! We don’t need that either. That all groan = Stalin we need! then = no lawsuits against enterprises. And that is not so, and it is not that way! You will not please you.
          You know, I remember the time when the MILITARY lived their military problems, that’s why they always would have lived them.
          Army - army, civilian - civilian. Engaged in politics - political scientists. To each his own.

          But that "emptiness" of anarchy and bandits instead of power is not necessary!
        2. Armata
          Armata 8 May 2013 14: 02
          Quote: Asgard
          EBNatik alcoholic face flooded with blue paint - is this you think by chance
          But then they mastered several lemons for rubbing this paint. Now they think how to close the crack that the monument gave in the first days after the opening.
  8. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 8 May 2013 08: 20
    They survived, the state is suing the military-industrial complex, if it goes on like this, then the military-industrial complex will simply collapse.
    1. svp67
      svp67 8 May 2013 10: 59
      Quote: vladsolo56
      They survived, the state is suing the military-industrial complex, if it goes on like this, then the military-industrial complex will simply collapse.

      Or maybe vice versa - AT THE END, they guessed that it was time to do everything, so to speak "civilized". The court will prove the legality of the claims of the Ministry of Defense, the next step is the trial of those who allowed it ...
  9. Dwarfik
    Dwarfik 8 May 2013 08: 26
    Kind! The state is dealing with the leadership of the concern about which many things of not the best nature are already known! Preparing, apparently, a replacement! I don’t think that selling the S-400 and preparing the S-500 the leadership has commercial interests in foreign structures, it didn’t work, that’s where it starts!
  10. Vrungel78
    Vrungel78 8 May 2013 08: 54
    The story is not surprising for today's Russia, unfortunately. Theft, sloppiness, and so on. WELL LET'S SHOOT THOUGH WOULD BE FURNITURE, the order is unlikely to appear, but it will become pleasant in the soul.
  11. Tuzik
    Tuzik 8 May 2013 09: 28
    In the USSR they would conduct an investigation and put them on trial for sabotage without trial. and here snot for 10 years.
  12. The comment was deleted.
    1. nickname 1 and 2
      nickname 1 and 2 8 May 2013 18: 45
      Quote: tttttt
      I think it’s about sabotage, Almaz-Antey has been raked to such an extent that it physically cannot handle orders

      Or maybe it’s not blown up but untwisted?

      those. not on Senka hat?
      1. PSih2097
        PSih2097 8 May 2013 22: 41
        Or maybe it’s not blown up but untwisted?

        rather, the first than the second, during the USSR they gave out to the mountain, why for some reason they can not ...
  13. fenix57
    fenix57 8 May 2013 11: 39
    "... about the collection of 4,015 billion rubles behind closed doors, giving the case the stamp" secret .. " - oh, this "secrecy" about which ... both the goose ... and the matchmaker ...
    Quote: vladsolo56
    They survived, the state is suing the military-industrial complex, if this goes on, the military-industrial complex will simply collapse

    Duc Russia DAM and his assistant (yards oh ... h) will soon start suing pensioners ...
  14. Krasnoyarsk
    Krasnoyarsk 8 May 2013 12: 05
    The Ministry of Defense is doing everything right, only lawsuits can force the defense industry to work normally, arms purchases abroad have forced the military-industrial complex to move.