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MiG-31: Reality and Prospects

Resume production, upgrade or create a new fighter-interceptor

At the next meeting of the State Duma Committee on Defense, held in April, the fate of a unique interceptor fighter capable of hitting objects in near space was discussed. We offer to the readers excerpts from the speeches of the participants and the resolution of these parliamentary hearings (beginning in the XKUM number of the weekly MIC).

Aircraft characteristics are unique

In 1987, unique exercises were held in the north of the country. The reconnaissance and shock group consisted of A-50, a tanker plane and two experienced Su-27 and MiG-31, equipped with a system for in-flight refueling. They performed loitering in the Barents Sea right up to the North Pole and intercepting the planes of a potential enemy.

A-50 detected far-reaching targets, transmitted an indication over the radio link to the MiG-31, which carried out a supersonic throw and a supersonic interception of targets at long-range targets. After that, he left to refuel, and the Su-27 finished off a broken enemy.

MiG-31: Reality and ProspectsThe teachings showed that these two airplanes perfectly complement each other and one cannot say that one of them can perform the functions of the other. These two subjects must exist together.

The characteristics of the MiG-31 are truly unique. There were two aircraft in the world capable of intercepting in these modes: an altitude of up to twenty kilometers at speeds of up to three thousand kilometers per hour. This is the MiG-31 and its older comrade is the MiG-25.

President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly pointed out that when developing new weapons components it is necessary to look beyond the horizon. The future hub for the development of this subject is hypersound. And this is one of the signs of the sixth generation. The technologies that exist at RAC MiG and Sokol, complement each other. The preservation of production and the development of MiG-31 subjects will give us the opportunity to look into the future.

Roman Taskaev,
Deputy General Director - General Designer of OAO OKB im. A. S. Yakovleva "

The inevitability of punishment - protection from attack

At the beginning of my speech I want to emphasize that the Air Force needs a MiG-31, pilots love it and fly it with pleasure. His opportunities are enormous. But, unfortunately, everything in this world has a tendency to aging. Element base of the aircraft, created in 60 – 70-ies, morally and physically obsolete.

As an example, we can compare the situation with the Lockheed SR-71 - an airplane with characteristics that are even superior to the MiG-31. Nevertheless, the Americans decided that it was impossible to spend billions of dollars just to simply show how it flies.

According to preliminary data, for the resumption of production of the MiG-31 directly to the manufacturer requires 15 billion rubles, accessory companies - 10 billion. To bring the aircraft up to the modern level, it is also necessary to have at least 25 billions of rubles in OCD for the replacement of equipment, primarily navigation, weapons systems, radars. Total - about 50 billion rubles.

This money can be invested in the creation of a new, ultra-modern aircraft that will solve problems three times better than the MiG-31.

It must be understood that no country in the world can defend itself against the attack of an equal or superior enemy. However, the deterrent is the awareness of the inevitability of punishment for such an attack.

The north is open not because there is no MiG-31, but because there are no radio engineering troops there. Our army is only one million people, and to close it we must increase it to two million. Maybe 3,5 million will be required with the current equipment. Let's do it. But then, instead of 25, we will have only seven million workers, and the rest will eat up the rest of the money.

For the inevitability of punishment, we must go forward on the path of upgrading the existing fleet of aircraft and helicopters. We do it and we will do it. I don’t know who and where was spending the money before, the prosecutor’s office will figure it out, but the Air Force directs them to defense, to airplanes, helicopters and weapons.

About some numbers. Those 2,83 Mach, which previously issued this aircraft, are now unattainable. Today's limit - Mach 1,5 for one simple reason - does not stand glass. The best in Russia is not made. The second. The on-board digital computer and the 60-s elemental base on it. To change the program, to improve the characteristics is impossible - outdated. Another should be put only through OCD. All planes are stored in an open area, as a result - plating damage. And that's not all the problems.

Nevertheless, the aircraft is operated and will be upgraded in the version in which it is needed by the Air Force. From the fact that, in addition to destructive attacks, he will also be able to solve the tasks of defeating ground objects, it will not be worse for anyone. We must move forward. Only in this way can we adequately respond to anyone who tries to joke with us.

Victor Bondarev,
Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force, Lieutenant General

Need significant funds

Today, the Ministry of Defense has made the right decision to modernize these aircraft, and such a contract has been concluded with RAC MiG OJSC. In accordance with the agreement, work was completed with 50 MiG-31B, which were turned into MiG-31BM. This is seemingly the same, but in terms of functions and functions they are completely different planes. The next step is the implementation of the second stage of the conversion of the MiG-31BC to the MiG-31БМ. It is also roughly 40 aircraft.

What does upgrading give? These are new frontiers of interception at supersonic speeds, the use of modern weapons. The weapons control system allows you to detect air targets at a distance of 300 kilometers. The capabilities of the cockpit information control field are increasing, which makes it easier for the pilot to perform combat missions. The on-board digital computer system is being improved.

The corporation is working to increase the assigned service life of the aircraft from 20 to 28 years, and subsequently even over 30 years.

It should be remembered that this aviation complex. An airplane alone cannot live without modernization of its components. A total of 118 enterprises that are part of the cooperation in the production of this aircraft.

We have compiled a detailed list of enterprises that have ceased production of various components. Among them are those on which production can be restored, but quite a lot of money is required, and those that are abroad: in Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

According to our estimates, a lot of money is needed to restore a full-fledged production of the MiG-31 - from 30 to 50 billions of rubles.

Sergey Korotkov,
General Director of OJSC RSK MiG

Huge modernization potential

The purpose of my speech is to report true information about the situation with the propulsion system of the MiG-31 for a possible decision to resume production or modernization of the fleet of these aircraft.

First of all it should be said about the uniqueness of its engine. He is almost one and a half times bigger than his brother on the Su-27 and in two - on the MiG-29. More powerful installations only on the Tu-160 strategic bomber. But the uniqueness is not in this, but in a combination of characteristics on which it is operated.

Although the aircraft has been in service for a very long time, nothing of the kind in the world has yet been created. Today it has an assigned 1800 hours resource. This is a key point in understanding what to do with the MiG-31 fleet and how to ensure its planned modernization.

In 1993, the serial production was discontinued, and in 1997, repairs were made in Perm. Full engine repair is focused on the 218-m Aviation Repair Plant in Gatchina, and its turbo-starter - on the 570-M plant in Yeisk. All these years Aviadvigatel OJSC provided maintenance support, and resolved maintenance issues. This system is preserved and fully functional.

Increasing the designated engine resource is not easy. This requires OCD, but in the foreseeable future they are not required. We, together with representatives of the Ministry of Defense and repair plants, analyzed the entire fleet of existing engines. Today in the 1231 remfond unit (from 1497 produced). The overwhelming majority of them are still in the first half of the resource development due to the fact that the aircraft has practically not flown for the last 20 years. And the enormous residual life of these engines allows them to be operated for 30 – 40 for years, using them for upgraded or new aircraft.

There is one technical problem, which today is close to a solution, connected with the element base of electronic units standing on the engine. For its management, for the first time in the Soviet Union, an electronic computer was used, which, of course, was outdated. We have already developed a new electronic controller together with the Star design office. In the near future, a contract will be signed with Aviaremont OJSC to conduct flight tests of this unit and introduce it into the series. It needs 188 million rubles.

Capacities of the plant in Gatchina - repair of 100 engines per year. To ensure these works, additional production of spare parts must be organized in Perm. To do this, you need about 600 million and for the plant - manufacturer of units - 220 million.

Thus, the 987 engines in the repair fund that are subject to major overhaul and have a designated output of the resource (42 percent) are sufficient for flights in the next 30 years.

And to restore the production of spare parts in Perm, 15 billions declared here will not be needed, for this we need about one billion rubles and the overhaul program will be fully secured. The D-30F6 engine has a huge modernization potential.

Alexander Inozemtsev,
General Designer of Aviadvigatel OJSC

Save unique glider and engine

On all the aircraft listed today - Su-27СМ3, Su-35, T-50 and MiG-31, the equipment developed at our institute is installed. The radar system "Barrier" fighter MiG-31 became the ancestor of the whole family. This is a weapon control system that includes electron beam scanning locators, 8-TK heat locator, aiming and flight indicator.

Unfortunately, it can be stated that the resumption of production of the weapon control system in the form that was laid is impossible. Why? For the element base there was a special production. But this technology is not even the previous, but the previous generation of the previous generation, which are unrecoverable. For components, for example, neither the developer nor the manufacturer of the heat finder and electromechanical aiming and flight indicator does not exist. So you can transfer for a long time.

If we talk about the resumption of production of the MiG-31, then, by analogy with the B-52, you should save the unique airframe and engine, but the whole electronic filling should be modernized. The old element base is lost, and to reproduce on a new one is OCD with all the resulting financial and temporary losses. At the same time, various options should be considered. But we must not return to the production of old, and change all the equipment to modern.

Yuri Bely,
General Director of the Institute of Instrument Engineering named after V. V. Tikhomirov

Threat from the north

Discussing the fate of the unique interceptor MiG-31 aircraft, we must proceed primarily from the tasks that it must solve.

The experience of NATO's interventions against Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya shows that the methods of warfare have changed in recent decades.

It is obvious that the main threat to the security of Russia in the wars of the XXI century will be represented by aerospace attack weapons using primarily cruise missiles. In this regard, a strong aerospace defense system (WKO) is required for reliable protection of the country.

Today, the Russian economy rests on oil and gas centers, which are the main sources of foreign exchange earnings in the country's budget. In this regard, our north will become one of the main objectives of the attack.

Previously, the main task of air defense was to protect industrial centers such as the Urals, the Volga region, the Central District, as well as the northern borders of our country, which are of strategic importance. Today, the domestic industry is actually destroyed. So the task of the enemy has been simplified, because there is practically nothing to bomb. The potential adversary will strike primarily at the infrastructure, at the energy facilities. A striking example is the war of NATO against Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

A group of American scientists has prepared a report that bombing the whole of Russia is not necessary: ​​there are 12 main objectives that need to be hit, and the state will be defeated. Among them Surgut GRES.

What is this power plant protected by? Nothing, for there are no air defense units nearby. There is only one small company of radio engineering troops in Khanty-Mansiysk. It is able to track objects at low altitudes no further than 50 kilometers. That is, a cruise missile will be detected only on the way to the target. The maximum that can be done in this case is to transmit a danger signal.

Is the north of our country protected at all? Suppose that several American submarine strikes, on each of which are on the Tomahawk 154, will approach our shores and produce a volley. How can we resist? Spreading C-300 and C-400 complexes there is pointless, because with all the radius of their operation such large spaces cannot be blocked.

Now only the MiG-31 is capable of solving the defense of the northern strategic direction from the means of aerospace attack. Therefore, to cover the north of our country, there is a vital need for this car.

Representatives of the Air Force said that on the approach other aircraft - PAK FA and Su-35. But Su-35 has a different purpose. This is a multifunctional fighter, whose task is primarily to gain air supremacy. PAK FA - the fifth generation aircraft. But again, the problem rests on the engine. Another 10 – 15 years may pass until he becomes a real combat force and enters the troops in the required amount.

The 122 MiG-31 available is not enough to cover the colossal Russian space. We have more than 60 thousands of kilometers of border. Over this distance, holes in the radar field are calculated in thousands of kilometers.

We now do not have other aircraft and weapons capable of fending off a potential massive strike with air and sea-based cruise missiles. Therefore, to cover the north there is a vital need for this car. We must start from this first of all, talking about the fate of the MiG-31.

However, you need to save not only this aircraft, but also the military aircraft industry as a whole. It was kept for the time being due to export deliveries. But the world-famous design bureaus of Tupolev, Ilyushin, and Yakovlev have almost faded away. Now the political leadership sets the task to create a new strategic bomber. But who will conduct development work if life in the Tupolev Design Bureau is barely warm?

Therefore, the rescue of the Sokol plant and the preservation of RSK MiG by creating new combat aircraft based on the unique MiG-31 interceptor is a strategic task of national importance. We must not allow the loss of the most valuable scientific, technical and production potential of the MiG Corporation.

Now the situation is such that Sukhoi dominates the military aviation field. Nobody argues that this is a world famous enterprise. However, the competitive environment disappears, which is very necessary to create truly breakthrough and innovative technologies.

I agree with the need to develop a virtually new aircraft based on the unique design of the MiG-31. Indeed, we should not mechanically reproduce the current aircraft, but urgently set the task of conducting research and development work on creating a new, state-of-the-art machine on its basis and immediately get ready for its mass production based on the remaining capacities of the Sokol plant.

Unfortunately, we heard from the representatives of the defense science and industry only the wailing that there were no details, the cooperation was destroyed and it was impossible to create a new aircraft. In this regard, I would like to remind you that in the 1941 year, when the Germans captured the main industrial areas of the European part of the USSR, almost all cooperation in the production of military equipment was destroyed. However, it was recreated as soon as possible in the Urals, in the Volga region, and in Western Siberia.

It is also surprising to hear the reasoning of the leadership of the Air Force about the cost of reviving the MiG-31. But there is money in the country. In the framework of government programs for the development of the aviation industry are allocated huge funds. Given the ongoing investigations of corruption in the system of the Ministry of Defense, one can hope that the money will finally reach the manufacturers.

I emphasize once again that it is necessary to talk not only about the technical and military side of the matter, but also about the long-term political program to ensure the country's defense through salvation of the scientific, technical and production potential of military aircraft manufacturing. This is just as important, if not more important, than just creating a new aircraft.

Vyacheslav Tetekin,
Member of the State Duma Defense Committee

Excerpts from the recommendations of the parliamentary hearings

Having considered the issues related to the current state of the MiG-31 fighter-interceptor groups of the Russian Air Force, as well as their modernization and possible production upgrades, the participants in the parliamentary hearings note: the MiG-31 continues to be one of the unique aircraft in the world.

It is designed for use in the country's air defense system, is able to carry out long patrols and fight all classes of aerodynamic targets, including small cruise missiles, helicopters and high-altitude hypersonic aircraft, strategic bombers, low-orbit satellites and spacecraft at any time of the day, difficult weather conditions.

It is practically the only aircraft that is capable of intercepting and destroying cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles flying at extremely low altitudes. Target equipment allows the use of the MiG-31 autonomously, as part of a group of aircraft of the same type, or as a leading aircraft to control the actions of fighters with less sophisticated avionics — MiG-29, Su-27, Su-30 and Su-35. The greatest combat effectiveness is achieved by group actions of four MiG-31, interconnected by information interaction through an automated control system with automatic information exchange and targeting within the group. This option of combat use allows four aircraft to control the airspace up to a thousand kilometers wide.

Later release MiG-31 - MiG-31B and all subsequent modifications are equipped with in-flight refueling system from tanker aircraft.

Today, there are no foreign analogues of the MiG-31. In their work, participants in the parliamentary hearings based on the fact that in modern conditions, despite the financial resources allocated for the rearmament of the army and fleet, our state will not be able to maintain military-strategic and military-technical parity with the leading world powers on a symmetrical basis, especially in the field of non-nuclear weapons.

An important point is the adoption of symmetric, non-standard, effective measures with minimal economic and financial costs to counter potential military threats to the security of the state and optimize military spending.

Particular attention is drawn to the recently marked trend of identifying aerospace weapons as the first and foremost both existing and prospective forms and methods of warfare.

Thanks to such a weapon, the probable adversary is able to deliver precision-coordinated high-precision strikes on virtually all targets in Russia. At the same time, it takes measures to eliminate the probable use of nuclear weapons and other types of weapons of mass destruction against it. At the same time, the difficulties in creating a continuous radiation field in the country’s territory confirm the need to counterpose the potential enemy system to an effective aerospace defense system of our state with an effective aviation component.

One of these elements, which allows you to fully take a worthy place in the aerospace defense system, may be the use of combat aircraft complexes based on deeply modernized MiG-31 aircraft. With a competently carried out modernization, according to its tactical and technical parameters, it will be at least 10 – 15 years old that will surpass modern domestic and foreign analogues.

This type of aircraft has no competition in the following areas of combat use: interception, reaching the line of attack in the shortest possible time and destroying airborne, ground and surface carriers of cruise missiles, long-range radar aircraft and aviation control of strategic reconnaissance aircraft, detection of low-flying targets, unmanned aerial vehicles vehicles, cruise missiles and others, the operational deployment of air defense in the open areas, the ability to control Airspace on a wide front with a small number of aircraft, efficiently equipping with ultra-modern antenna complexes without disturbing aerodynamics thanks to a square fuselage, tracking and covering the aviation component of nuclear forces, destroying enemy low-orbit satellites, and quickly launching satellites and satellite groups weighing up to 200 kilograms into 200 orbits 800 kilometers.

At the moment, the MiG-31 is the only combat aircraft capable of providing cover for the airspace of Russia in the Arctic zone, including objects of the oil and gas industry and energy transportation systems. The production technology of the MiG-31 is the basis for the release of the creation of the production technology of hypersonic aircraft.

In this regard, the participants in the parliamentary hearings express concern that, despite the absence in the Air Force of aircraft capable of solving the full range of tasks assigned to the MiG-31, the production of aircraft of this type is almost stopped under various pretexts. Since 1994, after the completion of serial production, cooperative ties with a significant number of enterprises - suppliers of components have been lost. The element base of weapons control systems is outdated. In addition, it is planned to eliminate the technological and other infrastructure necessary for the possible resumption of work. There are no grounds for making such a decision. At the same time, the data on the absence of engines for these aircraft do not correspond to reality. In stock 244 engine with afterburner and 695 engines requiring modification.

In connection with the material presented, the participants in the parliamentary hearings prepared a number of recommendations to the government, the Military Industrial Commission, the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Industry and Trade, including on the possibility of resuming production, upgrading and stopping the disposal of MiG-31, as well as the creation of aircraft based on hypersonic technologies.
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  1. svp67
    svp67 8 May 2013 06: 49
    Yes, each side has its own undeniable arguments. Although, personally, I think that money should be spent as follows:
    -the main part, the creation of a new aircraft, the modernization of production and training,
    -minimum, for a minimally reasonable upgrade of existing MIG31.
    1. Jurkovs
      Jurkovs 8 May 2013 07: 47
      I think Bondarev is right. The equipment on which the MIG-31 parts were produced has long been gone. Now all the machines with numerical software, such equipment already exists in Perm and it must be purchased for Sokol. The use of new equipment will require the "digitization" of all working documentation. This means that it is easier to design a new aircraft right away, making the most of the MIG-31 base. Now is not the 60s, and the new car will need both supersonic cruising speed, and hidden weapons and an integrated radar, like on the PAK. And if you use new avionics, it is better to immediately focus on the cooperation of Sukhoi enterprises, where all the chains have already been debugged. And there is no need to cry about the enterprises that have stopped remaining in Ukraine.
      1. APASUS
        APASUS 8 May 2013 08: 34
        Quote: Jurkovs
        I think that Bondarev is right. The equipment on which the MIG-31 parts were manufactured has long been gone. Now all the machines with numerical software,

        But in fact, the conversation is about creating a new aircraft. Will we pull it?
        Perestroika in vain did not go
        1. Nick
          Nick 8 May 2013 09: 29
          Quote: APASUS
          But in fact, the conversation is about creating a new aircraft. Will we pull it?

          Well, if we pull the t-50, then we can conclude that the potential is not lost. Some technologies need to be renewed, the glass of the cabin to achieve hypersound, for example, but in general, IMHO we have everything ...
          1. Patton5
            Patton5 8 May 2013 10: 29
            Hypersound will not pull, even though a stainless steel brew a lantern
            1. foxhound
              foxhound 10 May 2013 17: 54
              how will it pull. take samples of the existing plexus and modify it with nano, otherwise the "redhead" spent money on nano, and then said that the investment did not justify itself. But it did not justify because there was no problem - this is an option! And the MiG's body is really made of stainless steel ...
      2. Andrey57
        Andrey57 8 May 2013 09: 56
        "Digitization" of all the documentation on the MiG-31 will take less than 1 year for sure, in addition, destroying the aircraft that are still available is simply a crime, considering that the engine resource has been exhausted by only 42%, the representatives of the defense industry clearly showed above that the costs are not at all the same, as the commander of the Air Force "sings", so it turns out that if we start all the reasoning with who benefits from the destruction of such an aviation complex, then it turns out that mattress mats should be cut for it the most, they are cut. Therefore, it is necessary to start with the modernization of all available MIG-31s ​​and, in parallel, restore the production of engines that can be used further, since there are no analogues and not very much foreseen. And on the example of the mattress F-35, it is generally necessary to fully resume the production of the airframe and engine and transfer the electronic filling to the modern level, then the mattress mats on the F-35 will not even sit in the cockpit while the MIG-31 is in the air, since there is no escape from it they can even theoretically.
      3. Rink
        Rink 8 May 2013 15: 59
        Quote: Jurkovs
        The use of new equipment will require the "digitization" of all working documentation. This means that it is easier to design a new aircraft straight away, making the most of the MIG-31 base.

        Not any easier.
        Digitizing old drawings is a month's work for a group of five draftsmen.

        And to draw a new little, it needs to be done and tested, then redone according to the test results and tested again. And so every block and every node. And then put them together on the plane, and again: to test, remake and try again.
        Only to a person far from design specifics can it seem that making a new airplane is as simple as drawing old drawings.

        PS "You know, Kolyan, I spied yesterday - it turns out that being a hacker is very easy! You just need to press the correct buttons in the correct order - AND EVERYTHING !!!"
  2. krasin
    krasin 8 May 2013 06: 53
    Who and where spent the money before, the prosecutor’s office will figure it out, you need to stab the traitor Serdyukov, but the Air Force directs them to defense, to planes, helicopters and weapons. The challenges are for the Armed Forces to modernize the entire armament park, but I think that ours scientists will cope. It is not in vain that Russian scientists are famous throughout the world! The brain works.
  3. Ivan Tarasov
    Ivan Tarasov 8 May 2013 06: 56
    It is necessary to resume production of the MiG-31.
    And the existing ones - to repair and modernize, because the maximum speed limit of 1600 km / h for the currently available aircraft nullifies all the advantages of the machine.
    The total number of MiG-31s ​​for the Russian Air Force (including upgraded ones) should be at least 350.
  4. Fox
    Fox 8 May 2013 07: 16
    money ... money ... one concealer of a joint venture of $ 39 billion ... return stolen-invest in production, what's the problem? If the state is profitable to steal money, then the funds will be stolen. Everything is interconnected.
  5. Strashila
    Strashila 8 May 2013 07: 23
    "This money can be invested in the creation of a new super-modern aircraft that will solve problems three times better than the MiG-31." ... stop laughing. The experience of recent decades has shown that nothing really will be done. Bulava ... Superjet. .. cost the state a lot of money, but the output is actually zilch. Only the schemes of modernization and development of developments of the Soviet period work, at least learn to do what you could do during the Soviet era, train personnel ... first of all, they are not.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Suhov
      Suhov 8 May 2013 09: 04
      Quote: Strashila
      prepare frames... first of all, they are not.

      Alas, it’s not the cadres who decide everything, but the one behind the scenes ...
    3. Nitup
      Nitup 8 May 2013 10: 52
      Quote: Strashila
      The mace ... Superjet ... cost the state crazy money, but actually zilch

      I don’t know about the Superjet - I won’t talk, but why doesn’t like the Mace?
    4. rolik
      rolik 8 May 2013 13: 17
      Quote: Strashila
      "This money can be invested in the creation of a new super-modern aircraft that will solve problems three times better than the MiG-31." ... stop laughing. The experience of recent decades has shown that nothing really will be done. Bulava ... Superjet. .. cost the state a lot of money, but the output is actually zilch. Only the schemes of modernization and development of developments of the Soviet period work, at least learn to do what you could do during the Soviet era, train personnel ... first of all, they are not.

      But the Mace did not please? Is the item ready? Done, now what other problems? In the Union, each new product has also been brought up for years, and not everything has been brought to completion. Remember the N-1 rocket. And about electronics for the 25th, it was a tube. Sludge and anachronism? There is only one big but. Lamps weren’t covered by EMR, that’s what the whole thing was. The mattresses, when they understood this, immediately stopped laughing at the backward technologies of the Russians. Each problem should be solved elegantly, and not by a blunt increase in dough and thoughtless copying of Western samples. This has always been our design school.
  6. Straus_zloy
    Straus_zloy 8 May 2013 07: 45
    Those 2,83 Machs that this plane previously issued are now unattainable. Today's limit - 1,5 Mach for one simple reason - does not stand glass. The best in Russia is not being produced.

    It sounds like a shitty thing. Again "fucked up by polymers"?
    1. Andrey57
      Andrey57 8 May 2013 10: 07
      They did not "screw up the polymers", it was just good for mattress covers, purely for "objective reasons", they considered that it is better not to invest in this business, then, if initially the caps kept the required speed, then you just need to restore the production of these caps, and do not believe those who "sings" about the fact that technologies are lost, those who worked in the defense industry know perfectly well how the technology documentation was kept. And in chemistry it is impossible to lose what one race has already done and worked out, in chemical technologies the human factor is less critical due to the fact that all reactor equipment units work as a rule in an automatic machine, you just need to monitor deviations. At the same time, I do not mean that qualified personnel are not needed there.
    2. USNik
      USNik 8 May 2013 11: 13
      Itself has seen from such statements, 100% pro-polymer, most likely because of a competing design bureau:
      Roman Taskaev,
      Deputy General Director - General Designer of OAO OKB im. A. S. Yakovleva "

      Here you have a mention of the unbeatable Blackbird (yeah, but what about comparing a purebred scout with a combatant interceptor is not comme il faut, comrade?) And about crystal glass (how then do 2 Dryers fly ??) and about the element base of the 60s (nooment, facespalm ) ...
      In general, here is his message briefly:
      This money can be invested in the creation of a new, ultra-modern aircraft that will solve problems three times better than the MiG-31.
      1. viktorR
        viktorR 8 May 2013 12: 16
        Actually, Taskaev is a cool man, as he watched the video from the "DVR" from the cockpit of the MiG-AT, when he planted it without a tail unit ... Man, flint! And here he really goes overboard, after all, nothing human is alien))

        PS here is the video by the way:
  7. radio operator
    radio operator 8 May 2013 08: 03
    Yes, this aircraft was created with great potential for modernization. It will be relevant for a long time to come.
    Although, it would be nice to draw up technical specifications for his follower. While the point is yes, in 10 years a prototype "in hardware" would appear.
  8. horoh
    horoh 8 May 2013 08: 22
    We are changing the government, led by DAM, and we are getting the defense development that is normal and necessary for the country. Only in this way, but no more !!!!
    1. smart ass
      smart ass 8 May 2013 12: 13
      For whom are we exchanging?
      1. rolik
        rolik 8 May 2013 13: 30
        Quote: Clever man
        For whom are we exchanging?

        But this place is the main question. But the fact that these pro-Westernized liberals must be threaded in three necks from the government is clear to everyone.
  9. bavariya32
    bavariya32 8 May 2013 08: 25
    Today is the best interceptor. In order not to turn into a banana republic, it is finally necessary to establish the release of the modernized 31st. Money to be returned from abroad at the thief, they do not need a homeland, high run there naked. Maybe during the release of this beauty, the hands will remember how the useful and the beautiful are made.
    1. Rink
      Rink 8 May 2013 15: 51
      Quote: bavariya32
      Today is the best interceptor. In order not to turn into a banana republic, it is finally necessary to establish the release of the modernized 31st. Money to be returned from abroad at the thief, they do not need a homeland, high run there naked. Maybe during the release of this beauty, the hands will remember how the useful and the beautiful are made.

      Golden words!
  10. Svarog
    Svarog 8 May 2013 08: 50
    In the next 10-15 years, even analogs are not expected, then analogs will appear (???) and for another 20 years nothing will be better anyway. We need to restore. How are you going to develop something new if you haven't mastered even the previous technologists? What, we don't need hyper sound proof glass already? That tomorrow there will be only UAVs and a person will not sit at the helm? Even they will need the same glass. Etc. including the elementary base (further I greatly exaggerate, of course we need to develop something new). Does it bother you that our "tube" technologies, which are 30 years old or more, are still no less effective than modern ones? Look how many goals they could handle, how many they could work on. So what if the channel width is 16 Kb / s if that's enough, because the software, logic, etc. were so effective that it was enough for them? Maybe we don't need to transmit hundreds of megabits of information, just because there is a possibility? Resting on an imperfect elementary base forced our designers, programmers and other specialists to make real masterpieces. It needs to be revived, but with new possibilities.
    PS Recently there was a small conference on the used modern technologies in construction. One speaker cited such an example. For gas holders (I don’t remember what it was stored there, but some unique liquids) special metal was used (super complex alloys), there were no analogues in the world. Now they have to grind. So, these alloys cannot be made even in our country now - all the documentation has been saved, but they still cannot restore production. The biggest problem in our country is a whole lost generation - 30 years. There was no transfer of knowledge from the older generation to the young. We will have to catch up for a long time. Only one thing calms me down - having lost its competitors, the West has slowed down so that their losses are comparable to ours, and it is even more difficult for them to recover - they already have different thinking ..
    1. Suhov
      Suhov 8 May 2013 09: 08
      Quote: Svarog
      How are you going to develop something new if not even mastered by previous technologists?

      How? Normally:
      Once, Comrade Stalin called aircraft designer Yakovlev and set the task: to create a new, best fighter in the world.
      The term is three months.
      Yakovlev objected that the Americans spend a year and a half on such a development.
      Stalin was completely sincerely surprised: "Is it really an American?"
      The plane was created in three months.
      1. Svarog
        Svarog 8 May 2013 09: 23
        It’s impossible to create technology in three months, have you ever designed it? This time is enough only for the development of drawings - purely drawing ready-made ideas. So everything was already invented and ready, and in 3 months it was all drawn up. And do not compare the dawn of aviation and modern aircraft .. for the 5th generation.
    2. Andrey57
      Andrey57 8 May 2013 10: 20
      These "tube" technologies are generally not at all susceptible to the consequences of high-altitude nuclear explosions, after which all semiconductor electronics instantly die, for this reason they were installed and developed in those days when, in 1973, one ugl * d stole the MiG-25 in Japan, the mattress toppers made fun of these "lamp" technologies for a long time until their specialists compared the results of their high-altitude explosions of nuclear charges, after which they became not funny, after that they took up the "fight to reduce nuclear weapons" For this reason, mattress mats strive to minimize the number of strategic nuclear forces in our country. Because without them, they will have complete superiority in precision weapons and cruise missiles. By the way, the one that stole the MiG-25 to Japan died by accident in a car accident on one of the roads in California.
      1. Suhov
        Suhov 8 May 2013 10: 38
        Quote: Andrey57
        mattress makers made fun of these "lamp" technologies for a long time until their specialists compared the results of their high-altitude explosions of nuclear charges, after that they were not funnyafter that they

        they say they began to buy bulbs from us in large quantities,
        because they did not save their lamp production.
    3. viktorR
      viktorR 8 May 2013 12: 28
      So what if the channel width is 16 Kb / s if that’s enough, because the software, logic, etc. were so effective that they needed it

      The problem with modern machine code is that it is too dirty with a higher-level compiler. For example, earlier, for the microcircuits, the program code was written in assembler, and now they are written in C, since it is more understandable, and then compiled into machine code, as a result, memory overrun and logic that does not always work correctly (in terms of performance). This speeds up the software development process, but is very dirty. In fact, for 10 years you can write in assembler some Windows 9 smile but by then it’s just getting out of date laughing

      I don’t know how things are with the writing of code for military equipment, all the same, I think that they don’t use any kind of bulky json or other serialized data for data exchange, although there should be a custom data format with the possibility of improvement and backward compatibility, but it needs to be quickly encrypted / decrypt. And because of this, I think the channels are clogged with all sorts of garbage.
  11. saruman
    saruman 8 May 2013 09: 10
    Urgently throw forces and resources on an existing BM program. Drive all available MIG31 aircraft through this modernization program. On the basis of this aircraft to create a NEW modification, on a new elemental and technological base. That is, to create the same aircraft, only on the basis of modern technology. It is necessary to abandon the creation of a fundamentally different aircraft, since in modern realities there will not be unambiguous success, even the experience of the Americans shows that this path will be very costly and very long.
    1. Andrey57
      Andrey57 8 May 2013 10: 31
      This is why the Air Force commander "sings" about the costs, he is just an ordinary lobbyist for Mr. Poghosyan and the entire Sukhoi corporation, their own momentary interests are closer to them than the "notorious" defense capability of the Motherland, despite the fact that no other aviation complex today the next 10-15 years there is nothing to cover the northern direction, no one even argues with this.
      1. AlNick
        AlNick 8 May 2013 11: 01
        I absolutely agree 100%. They see nothing but Poghosyan and his company and do not want to slash.
        1. Syrdon
          Syrdon 8 May 2013 12: 30
          probably because he alone managed to maintain the potential of his plant. the rest somehow screwed up.
  12. Reserve buildbat
    Reserve buildbat 8 May 2013 09: 17
    Ideally, it would be worth modernizing the aircraft and restoring production and repair of engines. Considering that the plane will be the best in the world for another 10-15 years, this time should be enough to create a successor. Although, of course, the implementation of this task must begin with an "emergency landing" of thieves and the return of money stolen by the stool company. Even by forceful methods.
  13. Vtel
    Vtel 8 May 2013 09: 38
    In what super-technology did the USSR do, and now it’s not easy to restore it.
  14. ZhuDkiyDrugg
    ZhuDkiyDrugg 8 May 2013 09: 42
    Good article to the author - Offset good
  15. Hey
    Hey 8 May 2013 09: 45
    Why did the question of resuming production of the MIG-31 arise?
    From all the available information available, I saw the following advantages of recreating production.
    1 - the presence of 1000 engines for a given aircraft (which makes it possible to produce about 250-300 aircraft) while the cost of these engines tends to 0 (already paid for these engines), there is no engine for a new aircraft and it is not known when it will be. Again they will develop it from scratch or use it as on the T-50 and just do it for the interceptor?
    2 - there is an enterprise producing this aircraft. This enterprise will receive an order, start working, money will appear and which will be able to bring to mind its developments, including the MIG-35, and take part in the development of a new interceptor.
    3 - there are those documentation for the aircraft, which also reduces its cost.
    4 - there are achievements on the modernization of this aircraft, which also leads to a reduction in the cost of R&D
    5 - and most importantly - time. A new interceptor is needed - this is indisputable. But it takes time to create it, and it is not known how this work will go. And the holes in the air defense need to be plugged right now. Use a T-50? But it is being developed for other tasks.
    Arguments in the form of an unstable lantern of the plane - I consider it babble.
    There are institutions, the main thing is to set the task correctly. In extreme cases, use the operating time with the T-50, even if not gilded.
    In general, there are more pluses to restoring MIG-31 production than minuses.
    The greed in money for defense has never brought to good.

    2 -
  16. Metlik
    Metlik 8 May 2013 09: 53
    There are engines, the Glonass system is working, unmanned software for the interceptor does not have to be very complicated (move to the right point and launch a rocket in the right direction). Why not make an unmanned interceptor out of Mig 31? Moreover, money for the development of drones has already been allocated.
    1. mark1
      mark1 8 May 2013 10: 22
      Good idea. If we begin a serious and widespread introduction of UAVs, then in this direction (EKO) we would be able to achieve good results for relatively little money.
      And with a lantern excuse will not pass
  17. d.gksueyjd
    d.gksueyjd 8 May 2013 10: 19
    "About some numbers. Those Mach 2,83 that this aircraft produced earlier are now unattainable. Today's limit - Mach 1,5 for one simple reason - does not withstand glass. The best is not produced in Russia."
    Here she is a concrete assessment of WHAT has achieved "democracy" in the Russian Federation for 20 years of plundering the country!
    If we compare the growth of industrial development and the welfare of the people of the USSR after the terrible Great Patriotic War from 1945 to 1965 and the development of the Russian Federation from 1991 to 2011, there is an obvious regression in all respects (industry, education, the armed forces, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, healthcare, etc.), except for the number of millionaires.
    SO WHY AND WHO DOES IT NEED? Why continue the collapse and plunder of the country? Why continue the development course of a country that has already discredited itself?
  18. Roll
    Roll 8 May 2013 11: 09
    drinks Here is a great topic to unite with the Chinese. Most likely, China also needs such an interceptor, and it certainly has the technology. (all of a sudden the tube production is left) If we create a joint program with him and the dough will cost less, and more sense, but we’ll lie alone. Time will tell.
  19. arnulla
    arnulla 8 May 2013 11: 30
    50 billion rubles nationwide is not such a big amount, in my opinion.
  20. Dimka off
    Dimka off 8 May 2013 11: 42
    the plane is wonderful. With the right and smart approach, he will serve for a long time and he will have no equal in the world.
  21. Lapotnik
    Lapotnik 8 May 2013 12: 06
    T-50 Officially began to develop in 1999, already having some developments on this topic. He was supposed to replace the 31st and 27th in one bottle. Before entering the troops, I think 6 more years to wait. And in order to produce at least another 5-7 years in the BEST case. We look in the article what figure on the planes (31st) is indicated there to perform the interception tasks and what we have ...

    In this regard, the question is - how long does it take to create another replacement for the 31st, and with which basin will Russia cover the northern point all this time?

    It should be noted that the war may not be as far away as it seems.

    So what about the new developments of the 31st replacement - verbiage, the T-50 then why the heck? And talk about material, technical and other studies is also crap - all this is recoverable, they forgot what responsibility is. There is money, understanding in principle, too - we set the task and carry out, for non-fulfillment, and other things - to the wall.

    Tired of verbiage.
  22. EDA2000
    EDA2000 8 May 2013 14: 02
    Beautiful plane, brutal.
    When it was less, I liked to get into the engine nozzle. It was scary and interesting
  23. 9k72
    9k72 8 May 2013 15: 32
    The MiG-31 and 1.44 are actually similar. Maybe this is a continuation of the legend?
  24. gregor6549
    gregor6549 8 May 2013 18: 40
    I have repeatedly spoken out on this issue, therefore I will be brief: extend the life of existing MIG 31 (as much as possible and economically feasible) and create a new 2x local interceptor based on experience in the development and application of MIG31, a new component base and production technologies, as well as taking into account new threats from potential adversaries with which this interceptor will have to deal, in which case.
    And not to "hang" on it tasks unusual for an interceptor, for example, to bomb ground targets as puzzled at the time. MIG time 25. He will have enough of his tasks above the roof.
  25. Lone gunman
    Lone gunman 8 May 2013 21: 09
    Like it or not, the glider is already outdated, you need a new plane, you need to develop, and not always deal with modernization, the Wright brothers' plane can also be upgraded ...
  26. Tektor
    Tektor 8 May 2013 23: 23
    Engines. Very good, but I would like to improve the "Speed ​​(thrust) / fuel consumption".
    The filling must be equipped with the most modern systems, including electronic warfare.
    The most interesting thing is the ability to add technology "invisibility for radars" from Kometa ...
  27. s1н7т
    s1н7т 9 May 2013 13: 37
    Sadly, in general. If in the 70s they could do this, then after 40 years, it would seem, miracles should work, but in reality - only patching patches. Stability, however! laughing