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Patriotism. The wall is thick, high, reliable. You can hide a lot behind it ...

Thieves, grabbers, lentyas, demagogues, bribe takers, something worse. Geeks in the people are born as a weed on the border - rich and strong. Do not mow, do not sleep - Khan shoots, and Khan's bread. The people feel with their gut, with all their “I,” where this “foulbrood” begins to choke him. And if war? Locust she flies on bread, but not on a weed, he will survive a weed, and it will be even more ... If it does not destroy ...

And with the "rot" in human souls from childhood to fight it is necessary, or MEMORY HISTORY - есть то, что связывает остаток народа, потомков тех, кто горел в tanks но вёл огонь по врагу, тех кто в атаке-добежал только полпути, кто в окружении не купился на посулы, кто умер от голода у станка, шел на таран в небе, СПАС ВСЕХ НАС...

1979 year. Old men are "dominoed" at the table. Uncle Gena, who was the first to attack, with two bayonet wounds and a bullet in his thigh, which as a souvenir there and now, was carried out by partisans from a German trench bombarded by an explosion. Uncle Yosya- "one-eyed pirate." He and three comrades of the Komsomolsk Fighter Battalion remained alive only near Moscow, and when the German infantry went after the tanks, they did not retreat. He has three years of German captivity, an escape and a partisan detachment, assembled by him personally. Uncle Baer-dashing equestrian. Liberated Serbia. Uncle Yura - "Black Death" captured a company of Germans. Gave in the face to the snickering staff of ours, fell under the tribunal, but was acquitted and "taken for bail", reached Berlin. My grandfather with four yellow and one red stripe under the Order of Lenin. Cossack. They left ... Gone to this orgy of aliens who are not we. For them, there are no Russian concepts about anything. And their only dream is that the MEMORY of the unsurpassed people, the greatest, invincible is left.

HISTORY LEARNS WHAT SHE DOESN'T LEARN ANYONE. And if you misquote it? More and more weeds ... a tighter noose around the neck ... Our children and grandchildren, our shoots, how to protect them from the stench? How to let see the TRUTH? "And if your right hand tempts you, cut it off and throw it from you, for it is better for you that one of your members perish, and not your whole body be thrown into hell." (Matf.5: 29-30) Our fault in front of our grandfathers. But they would have forgiven us, justified, if they were alive. BUT DO WE DO THIS?
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  1. avant-garde
    avant-garde 8 May 2013 06: 32 New
    Just thank you for winning for us. Eternal memory to all those who died in that war. And may God grant health to those who are still alive.
    1. vadimus
      vadimus 8 May 2013 07: 15 New
      Great memory to our grandfathers and great-grandfathers, and whoever forgets the damned, let them be our descendants!
      1. Ruslan67
        Ruslan67 8 May 2013 07: 35 New
        How do you want to look into the eyes of a bastard who sculpts minuses am
        1. Gari
          Gari 8 May 2013 10: 34 New
          Quote: Ruslan67
          How do you want to look into the eyes of a bastard who sculpts minuses

          A bitch is a bastard, it is clear that the article was not written by a journalist, but from the heart, it was boiling, like with all of our article ++++++
          All with the upcoming holiday!
    2. Beck
      Beck 8 May 2013 12: 28 New
      ALL HAPPY DAY Happy Victory Day.

      My father in 1941, at the age of 19, left as a volunteer. He was sent to the Ashgabat Artillery School (the school was evacuated from the Russian part of the USSR). Since 1942, a junior lieutenant, in the army. Since 1943, in the 39th army of the second formation of General Lyudnikov. He ended the war as a captain, commander of a battery of 76 mm guns (Zis-3), in Port Arthur.

      Awards. Left combat. Order of the Red Star. Orders of the Patriotic War 1 and 11 degrees (The so-called officer set in the war). Anniversary Order of the Patriotic War of 11 degrees.
      Order of the Red Star behind; The junior lieutenant walked from the front to the headquarters. I came across an ambush of fascist scouts who came for the "language". With one TT fought with three Schmeissers. He killed one scout, wounded the second, captured the third. The prisoner who was dragging the wounded on himself brought to the headquarters.
      Order of the Patriotic War 11 degrees behind; Professional excellence. Successfully corrected the fire of our batteries on the offensive, a minimum of sighting shells.
      Order of the Patriotic War 1 degrees behind; The reflection of the German tank breakthrough battery, which was commanded by his father. In this case, 3 out of 4 guns were lost.
      Medals. “For the capture of Koenigsberg”, “For the Victory in Germany”, “For the Victory over Japan”, Jubilee Medal of Marshal Zhukov.
      Right labor awards. Order of the Badge of Honor. Medals "For the development of virgin lands" two medals "For Labor Valor", "Veteran of Labor".

      Below are anniversary medals. My father did not wear them, and did not endure all sorts of badges. At one time, the military commissariat confused. The jubilee order of the Patriotic War was to be of 1 degree, and not 11, since his father had military awards. 11 degrees were given to war veterans who did not have military awards.

      And this Memory of all participants of the VICTORY is in the most prominent place in my house.
  2. Ruslan67
    Ruslan67 8 May 2013 06: 35 New
    You can protect children from all rot only by raising a family and censorship at least on state channels. Since 91 years freedom and permissiveness have been confused. You want to watch Amerian guano-pay grandmother and in no other way Do you want to read Suvorov-learn English can in the end and Shakespeare in master the original
    1. domokl
      domokl 8 May 2013 07: 45 New
      Quote: Ruslan67
      It is possible to protect children from all rot only by raising them in the family and censorship at least on state channels

      Everything seems to be logical. Only how much is the child now listening to his great-grandfather or grandfather and how much is sitting on the Internet? We here quite often observe this very ... fruit of education. They come and will come ... But their grandfathers were killed on the battlefields ...
      We need a powerful, STATE policy to promote patriotism. For the earth to burn under the feet of counterfeiters and other scum ..
      1. Ruslan67
        Ruslan67 8 May 2013 07: 51 New
        Quote: domokl
        Just how much is the child listening to his great-grandfather or grandfather now and how much is sitting on the internet?

        My grandson sits a lot on the Internet and listens to his grandfather! He comes up to me, says Grandfather Bam! And together with him we watch videos and photos on our website for Grandson for two and a half years request hi
        1. domokl
          domokl 8 May 2013 07: 56 New
          Quote: Ruslan67
          Grandson two and a half years
          That is why he looks at the site with his grandfather ... Time will pass, the grandson will go to school and ... everything can change. That is our task, so that this does not happen ...
          1. Ruslan67
            Ruslan67 8 May 2013 08: 10 New
            Quote: domokl
            will go to school and ... everything can change.

            Well, I still hope, despite all the obstacles, to live to this point good and if I spend so much time with him now, maybe he won’t forget what his grandfather teaches him; Yes, and dad seems no worse good
            1. Armata
              Armata 8 May 2013 09: 20 New
              Quote: Ruslan67
              Well, I still hope, in spite of all the obstacles, to live up to this point, and if I spend so much time with him now, maybe he won’t forget what his grandfather teaches him. 7 Yes, and dad seems to be no worse
              Lucky you. My senior from the army recently returned and there are no questions for him, well done a real man, but I thought that I was educating me right up to 12, but now I see that as soon as I get to work, he is abruptly on the Internet. I was not allowed to give it to the cadet. In general, everything changed dramatically in his character, he used to go in for sports and was fond of physics, but everything changed as soon as they stopped controlling his access to the computer. I now said that the wife herself raised this girl, even if he kisses him in the ass, but even if she doesn’t even expect help from me.
              1. Gari
                Gari 8 May 2013 10: 37 New
                Quote: Mechanic
                In general, everything changed dramatically in his character, he used to go in for sports and was fond of physics, but everything changed as soon as they stopped controlling his access to the computer.

                Yes, everyone probably has the same problem, there is so much garbage in this Internet, and everything is on the head of our children
                I’m trying to limit my access to the Internet, I make the elder read books, as I myself did, yes let the house run around even in the air and lively communication, well, to draw the younger one, yes, look at Masha with the Bear, and in summer in the country
                all day in the fresh air and no internet
              2. ughhh
                ughhh 8 May 2013 11: 21 New
                Quote: Mechanic
                I now said that the wife herself raised this girl, even if he kisses him in the ass, but even if she does not expect help from me.

                You can’t influence - negotiate. He wants a new comp - goes to the Thai boxing section, for example, and works there. Does not go to the section - the computer is thrown out the window. You invest, it works for the future. Will the wife bring up as a girl - you can regret it. So fagots around me ...
              3. Ruslan67
                Ruslan67 8 May 2013 16: 40 New
                Quote: Mechanic
                I now said that the wife herself brought up this girl,

                Zhenya! now everything can still be fixed But if you go aside then you will definitely have to regret hi
  3. SCS
    SCS 8 May 2013 06: 43 New
    "... Our children and grandchildren are our seedlings, how to protect them from the stench? ..."

    Real Family will protect our children and grandchildren! The authority, love and example of parents and grandfathers must be unshakable! when the child will be proud and respect the father and mother, then he will try to imitate them in everything! the main thing is not to lose sight of this!
    All with the upcoming Victory Day !!!
    1. domokl
      domokl 8 May 2013 07: 53 New
      Quote: SCS

      Real Family will protect our children and grandchildren! The authority, love and example of parents and grandfathers should be
      Everything is lies. Only, if you think about it, the new generation has grown up not in the family anymore ... Bullshit and liberals have inspired other values ​​for our children ... Look at what they want to become.
      And now, the most popular topic on the websites is not about the exploits of Soviet soldiers, but about how some veterans of the government gave gifts not very ...
      I often hear a scary phrase: “It would be better if we surrendered to the Nazis and lived like Germans now ... This can’t be worse. Just because the answer to the question is“ Why? ”The answer is: Look at the old veterans
  4. fenix57
    fenix57 8 May 2013 06: 49 New
    1. Captain Vrungel
      Captain Vrungel 8 May 2013 07: 35 New
      All the same, OUR VICTORY DAY! They survived, defeated fascism and WIN for the bright future of their generations. We made mistakes. We let the bastard destroy the state. We allowed rot to power, and thieves to the property of the state. But history will correct and restore justice. The first step must be taken, as the “Afghans” did in Kiev. Ignore theatrical pretense and self-PR, especially the mystery power. JUST TURN THE BACK TO THEM.
      How can one respect the people where they are twice “not convicted”, three times “not tried”, not serving, the son of the exiled accomplice policeman, will haughtily lay a wreath on the WARRIORS. I am sure of one thing, I will not correct the ribbon. The wreath of this sacrilege does not stand up and falls on his head.
      ALL HAPPY VICTORY DAY! WITH A HOLIDAY, WITH Tears IN THE EYES! There is no such family in which they did not lose their native in that brutal WAR.
      We must return the sacred that they have protected and preserved.
  5. JIaIIoTb
    JIaIIoTb 8 May 2013 07: 08 New
    Often I meet in a network of subhuman avatars of which depict fascist symbolism. Moreover, these are the descendants of the very people who broke the ridge of this very fascist reptile. As a rule, these are children brought up in the 90s. They are fully confident that fascism is good, fascism will free our country from non-Russians. That they are heroes fighting for the country, and those who try to reason with them they simply call amateurs (forgive me moderators) black-asses. And all this with the full connivance of the school, parents, etc. etc., and including resource holders where these, so to speak, "patriots" hang out. My grandfather died at the front, eradicating this infection. The whole problem of the appearance of these "patriots" lies in one thing in the absence of systemic patriotic education in the country. There seems to be a law, but there is practically no funding at the state level, everything has been left to the regions. Somewhere work is underway, but in overwhelming cases, it all comes down to preparing for the celebration of Victory Day and that’s all.
    All this contributes to the fact that subhuman already live among us and feel at ease. There are plenty of examples, remember at least frying kebabs on an eternal flame or relieving the need for monuments to our soldiers, or Polovtsian dances on graves. A country that is cool about the education of generations can and will get a lot of problems from such "patriots".
  6. v53993
    v53993 8 May 2013 07: 11 New
    The GREAT VICTORY Day that we meet is the key to our future victories. Happy holiday to all of you!
  7. waisson
    waisson 8 May 2013 07: 13 New
    patriotism with mother’s milk can’t be instilled because they missed a number of generations who grew up on western deshikov and our gangster series weaned how to work and think sensibly I certainly don’t equate everyone but it’s the majority with whom I’ve talked that mother’s suits protect my sons from armies are broadcasting television shows about our valiant police and cheap soap operas respect for the old people has disappeared. To raise patriotism, you must first raise it in your parents.
  8. sergo0000
    sergo0000 8 May 2013 07: 32 New
    I turn to the author. On his question “Are we worth it!” I will answer, we’re standing Andrei!
    Yes. In the recent history of Russia, there have been many traitors, renegades and simply weak, deceived, silver-loving citizens who merged the USSR. But there were, after all, other examples of the heroic deed of our children, which even in these difficult conditions for Russia, in conditions of continuous information -ideological warfare against our country-showed miracles of heroism and courage. For me personally, this is a feat of the Great Victory over the feat of the entire Russian people over any aggressor and bad people who came uncontrollably to Russia! First of all, of course, our Great Patriotic War veterans who were and became an example for the others of our young guys who have accomplished feats in Afghanistan, Chechnya, a company collective feat of the 6th company, the battalion commander Solnechnikov, but how many of them are in the modern history of Russia !!! Not everyone is looking for adventures in their nightly glamorous clubs on their ass, there is also another Russia -Where the guys read the right books, work for the defense industry and in the field. And then they go and serve like their grandfathers and great-grandfathers once! Honor and glory to them! Happy Victory Day!
  9. domokl
    domokl 8 May 2013 08: 02 New
    Quote: sergo0000
    ! Not everyone, after all, at nightly glamorous clubs seek adventures on their ass, there is another Russia, where the guys read the right books, work for the defense industry and in the field
    That is precisely why they were not able to overthrow our country either, as it turned out to be a discovery for the West, Russia is not a bunch of glamorous undergrowing party-goers, but those who plow in the field or at the factory, who catch and destroy the militants, who helped to repel Georgian aggression to Abkhazians and Ossetians ...
  10. Asgard
    Asgard 8 May 2013 08: 40 New
    A portrait of my grandfather Semen Konstantinovich Turchenkov is hanging at my place. Hung with awards (combat)) my portraits in military uniform are in our family album. The youngest child has a map with red flags hanging, his father served there ... When they were at school, we read the History textbook together and I took apart the military battles during the war with them and that the Fascists would win then ...
    They have mockups on the shelves. "Katyusha" and "Grad", the tank "T-34" and the layout of the battleship. They know that Generalisimus Stalin acted correctly and we won, that he inherited a pair of tunic jackets and a pipe and Great country.
    The family should educate People, but not state institutions, the more We see that TRAITORS have dug in there. And the Children believe me, and not only my own.
    Because I believe that there are no other children .....
    1. stroporez
      stroporez 8 May 2013 09: 56 New
      Quote: Asgard
      Strangers Children do not exist .....
      ------- 100%
  11. Karabin
    Karabin 8 May 2013 09: 08 New
    But are we worth it?
    Good question.
  12. Reserve buildbat
    Reserve buildbat 8 May 2013 09: 33 New
    To the question "Are we worth it?" I want to say that we stand. But the WAYS of our grandfathers will become only when we revive the country. And here it is necessary to begin with education and education. Contrary to the school, in which the history of the Anglo-amerskih attacks in 2, MV signs long and colorfully, while one paragraph is given a glance to the struggle of the SOVIET people. Until we stifle traitors, we are not worthy of the memory of true WINNERS. We must do this, and not allow any filth to defile the MEMORY of the PEOPLE.
  13. Yura
    Yura 8 May 2013 09: 37 New
    Eternal glory and memory to the war veterans who defeated death!
    And it just got sick ...
    To prohibit all abomination on the body and on the radio. Remove Sky films from rental. Our brainwashing has been going on purposefully for a long time. Of us and our children make "Ivan - not remembering." Censorship should be! Permissiveness will not bring to good! Why our state does not see this!
  14. Vtel
    Vtel 8 May 2013 09: 52 New
    Patriotic work is now in the big minus. Our youth are pumped up with all kinds of Western liberal crap. The new war films were made according to the script written by pseudo-patriots, where the Russians are represented by womanizer and drunkards and how then they were able to win such a terrible war.
    I bow to the feat of our ancestors, who brought the victory of the Russian Spirit to the whole world. Eternal Memory to Heroes! Happy Victory Day!
  15. stroporez
    stroporez 8 May 2013 09: 53 New
    low bow, and eternal HONOR, and ........ forgive us, grandfathers ..........
  16. pawlo77
    pawlo77 8 May 2013 10: 14 New
    it is unfortunate that so few of our valiant Veterans are left, unfortunately they will soon not even be left at all. who will tell our children about those harsh times? And today's youth can not understand how hard it was at that time, all hunger brings death with everything around it. and they live without any concept. if only we could stand up to them all and pour us all out so that all of us get dust!
  17. Proud.
    Proud. 8 May 2013 10: 47 New
    In Vologda, all the symbols of the Soviet period were banned at the ceremonial procession of the civil column and separately banned from using the Victory Banner in the procession, even in the form of a smaller copy of it. If you want to go with the Banner of Victory, organize your column on May 9th. ”Here is the link
  18. Genur
    Genur 8 May 2013 11: 05 New

    The host of the First Channel program, Berman, “standing in a dead traffic jam on the occasion of the parade rehearsal”, also suddenly (or maybe not all of a sudden) hated the Parade and ... called it “a thundering false act”.
    Creative people, as you know, are very worried about ordinary citizens in public - they have such a hobby. But in their usual lives, not on camera, they do not hide their animal hatred of ordinary Russian people, calling us anchovies, Orthodox Christians and cattle.

    On the eve of May 9, surely someone else from the handshake will be noted in the same spirit. And this is not surprising, even already familiar. They hate our great holiday, and each time they traditionally celebrate it with a portion of hatred for the winners.

    The Great Victory for us is a terrible tragedy for them. And here everything is so obvious and frank that I don’t even want to discuss it. For this you just have to punish. I heard something similar on the street from anyone else - I gave it to my turnip. No other way. (And don't ask me if there is any anti-Semitism here. Ask Berman for this.)

    Victory is really that little, almost the only thing that unites us and magnifies that restores our faith in ourselves. Yes, the celebration of Victory Day is necessary not so much for a few veterans, but for young and humiliated Russian people who are offended by the defeat in the Cold War and who seek not a revenge-seeking, but a healthy, constructive way out of the defeatism imposed on us by the comprador elite.
    1. adg76
      adg76 8 May 2013 12: 44 New
      He will not fire his own. For such statements, Mr. Berman should be forced to write a statement of his own free will. If it still works, then the leadership of the first channel through through false with respect to the Great Victory
  19. bilgesez
    bilgesez 8 May 2013 11: 42 New
    What is the current Russia that Putin built is a paradise for the Jews and hell for the Russians.
    1. adg76
      adg76 8 May 2013 12: 54 New
      And who is Russian for you? Stamp in the passport? Eye incision or skin color? For me, Tatar or Ukrainian is also Russian. We live in one state, we have shed blood proved that we are one nation. Nation of winners. There is a concept of a small Homeland and there is a concept of a Great Power. We have been together for centuries. They shared both good and bad. It is not necessary to kindle the fire of war among us, and to blame for all one nationality.
      1. bilgesez
        bilgesez 8 May 2013 15: 19 New
        Use a favorite trick: take the conversation aside, switch to personalities and hang up labels.
  20. adg76
    adg76 8 May 2013 12: 39 New
    Yesterday I watched the film "Legend No. 17". I would like to emphasize one point of patriotic education. The film was watched over the Internet online and he was a pirate. The film itself is beyond praise. But it's not about the movie. In the cinema there was a very large number of children aged 8-10. Until the middle of the film, he was of little interest to them. We played, screamed, ran. We looked at the unit. But by the end of the film, the hall was changed. Already young boys screamed a goal, shouted the puck. We were rooting for the team, and most importantly for the country. They woke up patriotism. So, if this patriotism is picked up, supported, developed, then REAL CITIZENS OF THE GREAT POWER will grow out of them, fighters who are patriots who love their homeland.
  21. arlisha
    arlisha 8 May 2013 12: 45 New
    Dear victorious veterans! Your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren are equal to you. The feat of the Russian soldier will forever remain in the hearts of many millions of people.
    On the significant anniversary of the Great Victory, accept sincere congratulations from the grateful descendants and wishes for good health. S.Mironov prepared a special gift for you. He sang and recorded the unforgettable song "Dark Night" and dedicated it to his front-line father:
    78 A very emotional and touching song. Happy holiday!
  22. Break chance
    Break chance 8 May 2013 15: 53 New
    Quote: Ruslan67
    It is possible to protect children from all rot only by raising them in the family and censorship at least on state channels

    Censorship should not be. Parents should ensure that the child does not watch what they think is wrong / unethical.
    Since 91, freedom and permissiveness have been confused with us.

    They didn’t confuse anything.
    If you want to watch Amerian guano, pay grandmas and not otherwise

    And why should I pay extra for my preferences? You like Soviet / Russian films - watch. But I have other preferences, so why should I pay, and you should not?
    Want to read Suvorov-learn English can in the end and Shakespeare in the original master

    What kind of nonsense?
  23. knn54
    knn54 8 May 2013 17: 22 New
    In early August, with a defense of 174,5 heights in the Tiraspol fortification region, Semyon Konstantinovich Hitler destroyed more than a hundred Wehrmacht troops with machine gun fire over 8 days.
    Having spent ammunition, injured and surrounded, the Red Army soldier did not drop his arms and climbed out to his own.
    For this feat Hitler was awarded the medal "For Courage".
    The comrades also showed themselves well in the war:
    Borman Alexander Vladimirovich, Major General
    Goering Shopshil Matveevich, Red Army man
    Hess Evgeny Pavlovich, Guards senior engineer-lieutenant
    Got Nikolay Vyacheslavovich, team doctor
    Manstein Yuri Sergeevich, captain
    At that time, to fight and live, with such names was hard, but they coped. Honor and glory to eternal times.
    Eternal memory and low bow to those who forged Victory at the front and in the rear.
  24. i12345
    i12345 8 May 2013 22: 15 New
    Memory is born in the family and passes from generation to generation ....
  25. Stalinets
    Stalinets 9 May 2013 01: 02 New
    Happy Victory Day !!!!! I congratulate everyone on the great holiday of victory !!! This is our common holiday! Let those who fought, who worked in the rear live dogo. Without the rear, victories do not exist. But who worked, and did not sit out in Tashkent. And eternal glory and our memory to those who gave their lives for US !!! And, of course, the eternal memory of the Leader !!!!!!!! Happy holiday !!!!!!!
    1. Apollo
      Apollo 9 May 2013 01: 07 New
      Quote: Stalinist
      Happy Victory Day !!!!! I congratulate everyone on the great holiday of victory !!! This is our common holiday!

      Mutually drinks and plus good
      1. Stalinets
        Stalinets 9 May 2013 06: 52 New
        drinks While we are together, we cannot be defeated! drinks