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A year and a half without Gaddafi, or what is the similarity of the new Libya and Russia of the 90 — s model of the beginning?

On May 20, Libya is preparing to celebrate the 1,5-year milestone of "gaining democracy." That’s how much time has passed since the raging crowd literally tore the head of Libya on the street of Colonel Gaddafi’s hometown (Sirte), and immediately after that, US Secretary of State Mrs. Clinton uttered her historical "Wow!", Learning about the death of Gaddafi from his assistants by phone. The bloodied corpse of the long-term leader of one of the most successful African states has long been “on display” in the refrigerator for storage of agricultural products of the Misurata shopping center for the purpose that the main followers of the “democratic” revolution in Libya take the opportunity to prove to their overseas sponsors how they they hated the living Muammar Gaddafi and how they continue to hate his dead. After such a "farewell" to the colonel, his body, as reported by the new Libyan authorities, along with the bodies of his son and one of the brigade generals, was buried somewhere in the vast expanses of the Libyan desert. Moreover, the word "buried", apparently, is not suitable here ...

What has changed is unexpectedly for itself, embarked on the path of the Western version of the democracy of Libya in the time that has passed since the death of Muammar Gaddafi. The main result of "democratization" today is that a country like Libya, in fact, does not exist, just as there are no centralized authorities in this fragmented state. If Gaddafi did his best to ensure that individual Libyan clans and tribes abandoned mutual claims and set up on relatively peaceful coexistence within a single state while simultaneously recognizing centralized authorities, now nothing like this can be repeated. Chairman and Prime Minister of the General National Congress of Libya, al-Maqrif and Zendan can somehow control the 30 percentage of Libyan territory, and even then during daylight hours. As soon as night falls on Libya, these percentages of territory turn into an arena of the confrontation between separate Libyan tribes and paramilitary groups that continue in the last 1,5-2 year.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that more and more Libyans today realize that in the 2011 year, the tragedy occurred with their once successful state, which was brought here from outside. And most are aware of the fact who exactly turned Libya into scattered territorial pieces, whose leaders are in constant confrontation with each other. Against this background, there are increasingly appeals to follow Gaddafi Jr. (we are talking about Gaddafi’s son Saadi), who allegedly is about to gather the necessary forces to try to restore that order in Libya that was here before the beginning of the bloody revolution fueled by West.

It must be recalled that a month before the death of his father, Saadi Gaddafi, he managed to escape from Libya, seized by the fighting, along with several other members of the large colonel’s family. At the same time, Saadi Gaddafi, who had by that time managed to command certain parts of the Libyan government forces, was put on the international wanted list. In 2011, Saadi found refuge in Niger, from where he tried to spread information that in some time counter-revolution could begin in Libya. It is noteworthy that for many Libyan citizens such information caused a certain positive. This confirms the enthusiasm with which in various Libyan cities pasted and continue to paste leaflets with texts of Saadi's speech about the need to fight with the appointees of the West, who managed to seriously settle in Libya.

Discussing information about the upcoming military action, which Gaddafi Jr. allegedly should lead, intensified in Libya after news came from Niger that Saadi had left this state. If the threats that were sent to the new authorities, Saadi Gaddafi, will begin to materialize, then these new authorities, who can hardly be called the authorities of Libya, will have a hard time. Understanding this, the leaders of the WNC (General National Congress) - the authority positioning itself as the centralized authority of Libya - decided to urgently enlist the support of those soldiers who once fought on the side of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. For this, the most prosaic move was taken, which can only be talked about in this situation. Former members of the Libyan army, who now serve in the new army of the country, simply raised the level of money allowances and even paid one-time bonuses for VNK support in the amount from 2 to 3 thousand dollars. All this, obviously, aims to ensure that the military ignored those appeals that Saadi has been advocating lately and did not side with him.

Only the new Libyan “authorities” need to take into account that not only the former soldiers of the Gaddafi army, but also large tribes, who are trying to push back from the ability to rule the country and make substantial profits, can bring substantial negative about them. They naturally take this into account, but they cannot afford to extend the preferences to all the major Libyan clans by definition. After all, the leaders of these very tribes are clearly not going to be content with 2 with thousands of American dollars, but they are interested in “steering” the country and its resources with their own hands. If Saadi Gaddafi uses exactly the "tribal" card in Libya and gives promise in the event of a victory of the counter-revolution, to give a place in power to the leaders of various tribes with all the consequences, then the current government in Libya is clearly shaky. But so far, apparently, all Saadi’s appeals for revolt remain appeals. Or is it a calm before the new Libyan storm? ..

At the time, while Saadi Gaddafi is trying to find the strength and means to overthrow the pro-Western henchmen in Libya, the second son of the colonel, Seif al-Islam, who was captured by troops supported by a foreign coalition, appeared in court 2011 a few days ago. city ​​of Zintan (northwest of Libya). It is noteworthy that those people in whose hands 1,5 of the year is Seif al-Islam are not going to extradite him to the “central” authorities of the country, nor are they going to hand him over to the International Tribunal. This once again proves the level of authority that VNK has today ...

The central government of Gaddafi Jr. is accused of corruption and war crimes. If he somehow suddenly finds himself in The Hague, then there is another trial awaiting him on charges of crimes against humanity. However, the Libyan authorities are not going to extradite Seyf al-Islam to The Hague, and the leaders of the insurgent group in whose hands he is not handing over the son of Colonel Gaddafi to the authorities themselves (in Tripoli). It is obvious that Gaddafi Jr. in Zintan has become a hostage, for the right to condemn which the same rebel leaders expect substantial rewards from Tripoli, and Tripoli is waiting for rewards from their main sponsors - the EU. In general, the big democratic game "who will give more for the right of the next execution".

Against this background, further unrest swept the revolutionary capital of Libya, the city of Benghazi. Apparently, on that city and revolutionary, so that the revolution in it never stopped. This time, a number of government buildings were blocked by supporters of the 2011 revolution of the year, who are expressing their displeasure at the fact that a number of government officials of the times of Colonel Gaddafi were again in power. Two ministries are blocked, their work is paralyzed.

After this blockade, the Libyan ministries of power (at least, that is what they call themselves) were quickly forced to concoct a law that would put a barrier to the so-called Gaddafists who want to be in power. How is it, however, democratic: if you want to become a Libyan official, do not even think about what you supported, and even more so, support the course that the state followed under the colonel. Well, this is really the Russian sample of the beginning of 90: you want to go to the highest echelons of power, you want to get friendly pats on the shoulder from the West - say that you hate communists with all the fibers of your soul ...

The sharpest political crisis in Libya leads to the fact that this country has not yet adopted a new constitution. Moreover, even its final draft still remains elusive, despite parliamentary elections held in the country. Difficulties with the adoption of the draft constitution again lie in the fact that Libya as a single state, in fact, ceased to exist in the 2011 year. And how to create a single one that suits all the main body of laws, if a country is torn into pieces, each of which is controlled by its own authorities, often preferring the votes of automata to negotiations with each other? So far, the only authority that is respected by all parties in Libya is weapon. This is a fact from which modern Libya cannot escape ...

If we talk about the Libyan economy, then it is in no less deplorable condition than the Libyan political system. The only sector that is starting to recover is the oil production sector. Only here there is an important nuance. Oil production is carried out mainly by foreign companies, which, enriched by themselves, are unlikely to make the lives of ordinary Libyans better, as was the case with Gaddafi. Revenues to the Libyan budget from the sale of oil abroad fell by several times compared with what was, for example, in the 2009 year. This suggests that today the same European Union, which at one time so advocated the democratization of Libya, in all likelihood, with the help of "de-democratized" Libya (more precisely, its oil) is simply trying to rectify its position during the next manifestation of the economic recession. At the same time, Libya itself receives crumbs from the master's table, not being able to restore the infrastructure destroyed during the years of the civil war and establish full-fledged trade relations with its regular economic partners on favorable terms.

Yield for the agricultural sector in Libya fell by a third compared with 2010. The number of unemployed beats all historical records of recent times. According to the latest data, the unemployment rate in the country reaches 44%, while the unemployment benefit is reduced compared to the benefit of Gaddafi times by almost 9 times! Banking activity in Libya, according to the IMF, fell to the level of the mid-70-s, and to restore its values ​​acceptable for economic development will require fundamental reforms and full-fledged privatization of various sectors of the economy. With the phrase “full-fledged privatization is necessary,” the program for “taking Russia out of the crisis” of the sample of the first half of 90’s is recalled. If Libya, in addition to everything, is also waiting for the privatization scenarios that have been worked out in our country, then its people can once again sympathize ...

Obviously, both for their European and American “partners”, Libya as a state has lost all interest, but clearly it has not lost as an object for total capital gaining. The games in artificial democracy, as shown by historical and geopolitical practice, lead to one result: to run hands in the depths, to get state property in hands, to abandon the usual system of values, and then a new split and new feuds with “games for survival” under the banner parade of sovereignties. So far, we are working with Libya according to this scenario, which we have already experienced for ourselves ...
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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 7 May 2013 06: 45 New
    Those who supported this massacre in Libya will take their hands with its oil and other useful resources, and who will rule the ball is understandable.
    1. vadimus
      vadimus 7 May 2013 07: 36 New
      Another example of export democracy ....
      1. INTER
        INTER 7 May 2013 13: 06 New
        Yes, it’s not a matter of democracy. There, a front is created along the chain, which in the future is planned to direct like a growing tumor. Mostly the move will be made from the side of Russia. China is more like a disguise, proof of that by TNK cat. raised the economy of China. China is a highly dependent country, no matter who says it. Should the NATO member countries close their borders with MAID IN CHINA goods, the economy will collapse. Withdrawing the capital of the financial oligarchy is not difficult, they pressed a button and rushed candy wrappers through communication channels. Libya, as a country, quickly handed over the victim, but Syria is still holding on, and not without our help. If they break through Syria, they will take up Iran. Given the activation of Azerbaijan, a move can be made from the North, where Iran has a weak spot, because Azerbaijanis live there. Further, if they succeed in doing this, they will tackle Central Asia, rather Tajikistan, more ........ winked
        1. mertvoe_exo
          mertvoe_exo 7 May 2013 21: 45 New
          mmmm, I would say differently both the West and China are very dependent on each other, one will collapse, both will collapse, but the question is who will recover faster. and for me, China is better suited to quick recovery.
    2. Batman
      Batman 7 May 2013 16: 30 New
      Those who supported this massacre in Libya will take their hands, with its oil and other useful resources.

      they maintain chaos, and pump oil from Libya. They don’t have to get their hands on it ... they get what they wanted.

      Here is an example of Libya and can be used in democracy. When 10000 armed militants come to the square and say, “Down with power”, the USA shouts through all the channels “What a bad power, bring down the presidency. We must kill him, etc.”, and when in the whole country for some reason everything is quiet in media, they have democracy ...
    3. Bas luis
      Bas luis 7 May 2013 19: 52 New
      US evil empire for the entire planet EARTH
      USA for thieves of oligarchs, exploiters
      US empire of executioners they are the killers of KADAFI MELOSHEVICH and many people of the patriots of their country
      ,, Soviet power, socialism is the best that has happened in the history of mankind! ,, ,, The role of Stalin in the history of the USSR and the whole world is sharply positive! ,, COMMUNISM IS FOR THE WHOLE HUMANITY OF OUR PLANET ONLY POSITIVE !! But capitalism is slavery, violence is what they want to live at the expense of weak peoples, here you live in the United States at the expense of the peoples of Africa, they destroyed LIVIA SERBIA YUGOSLAVIA where these NATO instigators are criminals CAPITALISTS THERE WAR AND POVERTY !!!
  2. Blad_21617
    Blad_21617 7 May 2013 07: 01 New
    one to one situation in Russia. democracy really wanted sausages and vodka without coupons, ruined the superpower for colored candy wrappers. and now oil producing companies are only foreign, people live in poverty, a bunch of oligarchs with Jewish names rule the country, Russian people are discriminated against in favor of immigrants from the south ... READ OUT !!
    1. The comment was deleted.
  3. Renat
    Renat 7 May 2013 07: 07 New
    Yes, they spit on the population and democracy in the country. The main thing is to pump oil and use all the gifts of the region as in Iraq. At the same time, shout “wow” three times (apparently these are the words of the prayer of Satan). That would defend Syria and there you look and in Libya, changes will begin. The main thing is to properly organize counter-revolution. And support them.
  4. waisson
    waisson 7 May 2013 07: 22 New
    why were what they came to. fool
  5. fenix57
    fenix57 7 May 2013 07: 33 New
    “East is a delicate matter,” we all remember. And "American democracy" ...- for ALL this "joke". No matter what happens in the East, and "democracy" (American) - with such questions, turn to Eugene Primakov! HE CAN EXPLAIN .... !!!!! hi
    1. Kaa
      Kaa 7 May 2013 12: 15 New
      Quote: fenix57
      "East is a delicate matter," we all remember
      ... but they work with clumsy methods: "In Libya, members of the National Congress approved a bill on lustration, according to which all officials during the reign of Muammar Gaddafi will be prohibited from holding public office for five years.
      The new law will affect several leading members of the current government, including Prime Minister Ali Zeydan.

      Human rights organizations claim that the text of the lustration bill is poorly written and that it will affect too many people.
      Earlier, the Libyan General National Congress decided to suspend meetings in connection with the attempt on the assassination of Parliamentary President Mohammed al-Magarif.
      Al-Magarif's car was shot at by unknowns in the southern suburbs of Tripoli earlier this week. The incident occurred when a car drove away from the venue of the congress, near which dozens of demonstrators gathered. People demanded that parliament pass a law banning former functionaries of the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi ousted on February 17, 2011 from taking part in Libyan political life.
      Speaker al-Magarif himself said that the decision to suspend the work of the General National Congress was also due to the fact that he did not have a suitable room for meetings. He also urged Libyans to express their demands by legal means without resorting to violence. Http://
  6. djon3volta
    djon3volta 7 May 2013 08: 22 New
    and why didn’t the people live under Gaddafi? Now it’s asking? 42 years he was happy with everything, gave me free medicine and education, interest-free loans, cheap gas, and most importantly there was no war in the country! everyone lived peacefully and happily! man is such a creature that he is constantly something dissatisfied. Of course, Gaddafi could not like 100% everyone, and those who did not like him, they were taken by the Western intelligence services, first rallies, and then war.
    I’m interested, those who rallied against Gaddafi did they live better? I don’t understand the slogan Gaddafi, leave, what does it mean to leave? And who come then? After all, 100 pounds if you conduct a survey among the Libyan population, because the majority will say that WHY WE TESTED? fool WE!
    and here, too, here on the forum there are those who say I LIVED BETTER UNDER YELTSIN, AND UNDER THE PUTIN belay I personally read koment recently, maybe Nemtsov or Kasyanov is sitting here on the forum? Then yes, they lived better under Yeltsin, I agree, but the fact that 80% of the Russian population lived in poverty is something that such commentators are silent.
    1. Batman
      Batman 7 May 2013 16: 39 New
      It was not the people who protested, but the mercenaries, or tribes who wanted to come to power, and more money.
  7. individual
    individual 7 May 2013 08: 50 New
    Gaddafi Jr. (Seif al-Islam) in Zintan became a hostage, for the right to condemn that the same rebel leaders expect significant rewards from Tripoli, and Tripoli expects rewards from its main sponsors - the EU. In general, the big democratic game Gaddafi Jr. in Zintan became a hostage, for the right to condemn that the same rebel leaders expect a substantial reward from Tripoli, and Tripoli expects a reward from its main sponsors - the EU. In general, the big democratic game "who will give more for the right to another execution."

    And where did the ideals, Islamic prayers, spells and appeals " In the name of Allah the Great and Just "?
    All just buy-sell-betray-buy-sell .........
  8. ia-ai00
    ia-ai00 7 May 2013 09: 03 New
    why were what they came to. fool

    This applies to Libya and Russia, unfortunately. Dermocrats "bake" naturally not about the people, but about their pockets. And for those who "steers" these Dermocrats, their goals are much "higher": to turn the people into moral UGLY FREEDOM, into an ASZELESS HERD. All of their REFORMS lead people to the goal set by the "Great". If during the Soviet Union young people were ROMANTICIANS, CREATORS, DREAMERS, now: - for girls - it is GOOD to get married, for guys - quickly stuff Pockets with money, and sometimes, unfortunately, at ANY price, even criminal.
    1. Batman
      Batman 7 May 2013 16: 43 New
      The USSR was generally ideal for the world ... In a multinational country, everyone lived well and in peace. In the villages, a stranger could knock on the house, and he would be fed, allowed to spend the night ... eh ... capitalism and democracy ... changed all our values.
  9. Grbear
    Grbear 7 May 2013 10: 14 New
    Continuing the analogies, it should be noted that the privatization scenario has been worked out in Russia (how it turned out in such a situation is a separate issue), but the methods for rocking a fairly economically stable society, bringing it to a state of loss of self-consciousness, have been worked out in Libya. They are now being introduced in Russia. The line, especially the legal one, between freedom, democracy and permissiveness is blurred by money, moreover, “green”.

    And, whatever they say, the officials - confiscation of property and a “wolf ticket”, immigrants - a visa, “blue” and others - a rubber “democratizer”, and the throats one question: “What did you do to make it better?”
  10. SHOCK.
    SHOCK. 7 May 2013 10: 27 New
    << and immediately after, US Secretary of State Mrs. Clinton uttered her historic “wow!” >>
    Why do Americans have such disgusting women in power, to put it mildly?
    1. bezumnyiPIT
      bezumnyiPIT 7 May 2013 11: 53 New
      In time, under someone lay down
      1. omsbon
        omsbon 7 May 2013 14: 40 New
        Quote: bezumnyiPIT
        In time, under someone lay down

        Friends, I will tell you a secret. I know who Hilary fell under, this is BILL CLINTON - saxophonist. lol
    2. Day 11
      Day 11 7 May 2013 15: 56 New
      Klimaks. Such is the nature of an aging woman. The same is seen in Condy
  11. stroporez
    stroporez 7 May 2013 11: 31 New
    countries directly or indirectly involved in the aggression are OBLIGED to feed and treat the Libyan people at the expense of their budgets. but this will never happen ---- cattle, s ..........
  12. Egen
    Egen 7 May 2013 11: 37 New
    I didn’t understand the heading of the article about the similarity with Russia of 90's - in what sense, that after the number of years in Libya it will be as good as it is now in Russia? :)
    1. bezumnyiPIT
      bezumnyiPIT 7 May 2013 11: 53 New
      Are you okay?
  13. Semyon Albertovich
    Semyon Albertovich 7 May 2013 12: 30 New
    Libya in chaos after the US bombing, as well as Somalia - armed gangs rule the country. But most importantly, the United States has taken control of the sale of Libyan oil. The oil market in the person of Gaddafi has lost an independent player, which is what the States sought.
  14. DEfindER
    DEfindER 7 May 2013 12: 41 New
    From the very beginning of the Libyan events, it was not clear to me how a revolution could begin in Africa’s richest country, what didn’t suit them that they were the richest, I wanted to become poor, well, well, the wish came true, enjoy ..

    1. wax
      wax 8 May 2013 01: 59 New
      There was no revolution (popular), there was aggression, unfortunately supported by the UN Security Council.
  15. Aleks tv
    Aleks tv 7 May 2013 13: 16 New
    Libya consists of Tripolitania, Cyrenaica and Fezania with the Berber peoples.
    For centuries, clans and tribes of these nationalities have been bickering among themselves. In general, as such, it became Libya under Gaddafi.

    Yes, the colonel was unpredictable, he could fly to Moscow, sit in the cabin and, without saying a word, fly back to Tripoli. He was quick-tempered and harsh. He clearly sympathized with his clan. He was not poor.
    But, I was able to REALLY unite these clans and nationalities into one country, ending civil strife and building a peaceful life. He did the almost impossible (knowing the history of this land).
    I was able to raise the standard of living and material wealth of the very bottom to such a height that NEVER was in these lands. People began to live better. It is a fact.
    Money went into the country's economy. From scratch (!!!), the infrastructure of medicine and education was created. Built houses and roads were more than in the entire history of Libya.

    Gaddafi did not drown the country in blood, this is his minus and this is his ... respect.
    Ungrateful - they are also ungrateful in Africa. After they destroyed their breadwinner, they bumped and a new one (amer. After) ... These people are NOT SIMPLE to keep in check. Colonel MTF.

    The future of the country is unenviable. Or they will break up into separate principalities and they will be devoured one by one, or one clan will seize power over all, drowning the country in blood.
    Dermocrats, as usual, stuck their dung snout where it should not. Mindlessly flattering for the sake of momentary satisfaction, the Pandora’s box of North Africa, without thinking about the consequences ...
    Just as they did not think that they were giving birth to terrorism, creating the USSR’s dushan opposition in Afghanistan.
    How, after all, money and greed stupid people ... But in higher spheres it is called "democratic international politics" ...

    In any case, those who come to power in Libya will not squander finances like Gaddafi for the welfare of the country and people (they are not stupid), but will, as usual, simply fill their own pockets, as it should be true democrats .

    There are almost no such nuts as a colonel (in chorus sense) in politics ...
  16. Klibanophoros
    Klibanophoros 7 May 2013 13: 24 New
    Ultimately, radical Islamists will take power in Libya and oil production in Libya may stop altogether, due to the expulsion of oil companies in the West and the destruction of oil production infrastructure. This scenario is more than possible in connection with the growing "somalization" of Libya.
  17. knn54
    knn54 7 May 2013 14: 28 New
    That's what hugging with the Romanian-French JEWS Sarkozy and indeed friendship with the West leads to. Shevarnadze still got off easily ...
    1. valokordin
      valokordin 7 May 2013 20: 49 New
      Quote: knn54
      from what the embrace with the Romanian-French JEWS Sarkozy and indeed friendship with the West leads. Shevarnadze still got off easily ...

      Sarkozy is not a Romanian-treasured French, but a Magyar-treasured French. And Proshvyrnadze is a Georgian Jew. If the first appropriated the money to Gaddafi, and whose money appropriated the ersatz of the Georgians.
  18. Snoop
    Snoop 7 May 2013 15: 55 New
    It turns out that in a rich country you can find those who are dissatisfied :) All the same, the control of the masses and the people is strong, or rather manipulation. After all, they overthrew the colonel, riots. But wait, ask them ... probably they will not be able to explain clearly, I'm talking about ordinary people, not mercenaries and who want to steer by themselves.
    Libya really was with a state with a socially oriented policy, I don’t know ... I always have one question on this subject - and what did they not live?
    1. djon3volta
      djon3volta 7 May 2013 20: 31 New
      Quote: Snoop
      I always have one question on this subject - and what did they not live?

      and you ask the swamp hamsters - what do they lack? If you ask everyone separately, they will not be able to clearly for myself personally answer. they will begin to advocate for the people, for freedom, for politics.
      Gudkov said yesterday at the rally - “the people need to be told that they live poorly.” The marsh will cling to everything, if only to drive into the Kremlin. They all are eager for the budget, but they are not allowed in, that’s the whole truth. smile
      1. valokordin
        valokordin 7 May 2013 20: 55 New
        Quote: djon3volta
        and you ask the swamp hamsters - what do they lack? if each separately

        Hamsters do not live in the swamp, there are snakes, snakes, frogs and noble herons in the swamp. Judging by the mood of John 3 volts (not to be confused with Travolta), he hates US white-collar agents, then he has cards in his hands. I hope that with all his ardent soul he will fall upon our class enemies and brand the shame on Zionists, Islamists and white-wingers.
  19. cool.ya-nikola
    cool.ya-nikola 7 May 2013 16: 38 New
    Quote: knn54
    This is what hugging with the Romanian-French HEB Sarkozy and indeed friendship with the West leads to.

    So, actually, the operation itself, in French, is "elegant." First, borrow "grandmother" from Gaddafi, and then "dunk" the lender, and all "Oh, Kay!" And I would be glad to give, but no one! ...
    Well, and, at the same time, they had to destroy, a couple - another thousand people, and the whole country as a whole, so is it worth talking about such "trifles"! Here, "democracy" strides the planet, and for the sake of such a "great goal" nothing is sorry! Like, the Jesuits “brothers” were there: - “The end justifies the means” !? So she "justifies"! ...
    Now, now, this kind of "democracy" and "freedom" are struggling to carry to Syria, which, for some reason, is still resisting. People do not understand their happiness! Have to bomb! ...
  20. Ruslan_F38
    Ruslan_F38 7 May 2013 17: 48 New
    Libya is now not a country, it was a country under Gaddafi, with it there was order and stability, but what now? What did these western arbiters of fate bring to the Libyan people besides chaos and suffering? Western pseudo-values ​​for Muslim countries are like death and lead to degradation and chaos. Which is to be expected. And the main thing is that no one has answered and will not answer for these crimes.
  21. rexby63
    rexby63 7 May 2013 18: 43 New
    who exactly turned Libya into disparate territorial pieces,

    Themselves, only yourself. And the fact that a year and a half but nothing changes, proves once again that these dogs like to live in guano.
    1. Bas luis
      Bas luis 7 May 2013 19: 33 New
      The USA is the enemy of all mankind on our planet EARTH From them all evil, warriors, destruction. from their false imposed democracy, where it does not exist in any state ...
      1. rexby63
        rexby63 7 May 2013 19: 50 New
        With them, everything is clear and understandable. Unlike the Libyans
  22. Bosk
    Bosk 7 May 2013 19: 06 New
    Bismarck (like) has long said, "Smart people learn from the mistakes of others, and fools from their own," a lot of time has passed since then, and people have been trampled on a rake still marking to this day ..., sadly.
  23. Bas luis
    Bas luis 7 May 2013 19: 29 New
    Cuba Belarus Korea Libya Syria Yugoslavia, etc. Western criminals of global importance are blocking the US-EU with the help of the criminal organization NATO. The capitalists are afraid of losing power over the world and owning the resources of the entire planet of the world, that’s who seized power over the world and Bandera’s Vlasov’s shifters Kravchukists, Yeltsen’s participate in this dirty bloody game they are used as prostitutes, Bandera’s annihilators of Ukraine lead the country to the Libyan version of the US and the EU need those that they are destroying their country, as happened with Libya and the assassination of Kadafi Milosevic, the United States with the help of werewolves like Kravchuk Yusch in our country and their loyal shifters are evil for our peoples.

    A Gaddafi is a patriot of his country, like Stalin loved his people and planted those who did not know how to live honestly, here the Amerikosi, the evil empire, destroyed our homeland of the USSR with the help of Yeltsenists, Kravchukists, and for these "sins" that the Americans killed Kadaffi for their Kadafi people:
    1. Gasoline is cheaper than water. 1 liter of gasoline - 0,14
    2. The newlyweds are given 64 to purchase an apartment.
    3. Education and medicine are completely free.
    4. For each member of the family, the state pays 1 subsidies per year.
    5. Unemployment benefits - 730.
    6. He closed the military bases of NATO.
    7. The salary of a nurse is 1.
    8. For each newborn, 7 is paid.
    9. For the opening of a personal business, one-time financial assistance is 20.
    10. Large taxes and requisitions are prohibited.
    11. GDP per capita - 14 192
    12. Education and internship abroad - at the expense of the state.
    13. A chain of stores for large families with symbolic prices for basic foodstuffs.
    14. For the sale of products with an expired shelf life - heavy fines and detention by special police units.
    15. Part of pharmacies has a free supply of medicines.
    16. For counterfeiting drugs - the death penalty.
    17. The rent is absent.
    18. There is no electricity charge for the population.
    19. The sale and consumption of alcohol is prohibited - “dry law”.
    20. Loans for the purchase of a car and an apartment are interest-free.
    21. Realtor services are prohibited.
    22. The state pays for the purchase of a car up to 50%, and for the militia fighters - 65%.
    23. Having come to power, he expelled int. corporations.
    Only under Muammar did the negroes of southern Libya gain human rights. Over the forty years of his reign, the population of Libya has tripled. Child mortality decreased by 9 times. Life expectancy in the country increased from 51,5 to 74,5 years. Gaddafi decided to withdraw Libya from the global banking system and another 12 Arab countries wanted to follow suit. But now all this will come to an end ...

    VO-Freedom Fatherland and other gangs of charlatans is not democracy and not freedom is freedom for the destruction of Ukraine and the people !! It is free to destroy Ukraine and its culture that Bandera did in 40 and continue to do their geeks who brought to power Kravchuk the whole gang of thieves DESTROYERS OF UKRAINE 25 years, one lie, Bandera killed honest actists and their children continue to harm Ukraine
  24. Bas luis
    Bas luis 7 May 2013 19: 43 New
    For the United States, for capitalist criminals, this process is the most effective, under the guise of lying words of democracy and freedom, to destroy nations against each other, to kill patriots of their country like Milosevic and Gaddafi, and to nominate those who will do more harm to their country as in our country the West requires the release of timoshenikha those from whom the people are suffering and destitute. Proponents of democracy YOU can talk as much disgusting as you like. but it was the USSR that made us a great nation, although now we would not be a great shameful nation (alcoholics, alcoholics, thieves and criminals in law, 90% of the population are poor, etc.)
    And all this is a consequence of the policy of a modern supposedly democratic state, which is needed only by the blind and deaf, AND THE USA CAPITALISTS FAT THROUGH THE FOREIGN PEOPLE !!
  25. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro 7 May 2013 20: 17 New
    <<< If Libya, on top of everything else, is waiting for privatization scenarios that have been worked out in our country, then its people can once again sympathize with ... >>>
    Undoubtedly, Western compassionate shit-democrats are already looking for Libyan El-Gaidar and Al-Chubais, with a team of marketers of privatizers, so that with their help and, naturally, on the governing councils of Western advisers,
    the Libyan people finally parted with hopes to get something from the considerable wealth of their country, which until recently had one of the highest living standards in Africa, which can now only be dreamed of! But so many of these colorful revolutionaries-shit-democrats promised! Good science to other nations who want to play a shitty democratic revolution!
    1. valokordin
      valokordin 7 May 2013 21: 03 New
      Quote: Goldmitro
      Undoubtedly western compassionate shit-democrats are already looking for Libyan El-Gaidar and Al-Chubais, with a team of marketers of privatizers,

      The expression is congenial, you need Al-Chubais (but this is Saint Chubais). It's like in the Farsi “Pentistas Utsse” Pyaterny in the face.
  26. APASUS
    APASUS 7 May 2013 20: 34 New
    Now everything is in place.
    Spread freedom on bread, but you can pay in the market!
  27. iulai
    iulai 7 May 2013 21: 00 New
    What can I say, even the president of Russia patronizes Chubais. So the fifth column is still operating in Russia! And in order for us to turn into Libya, we need a little - Drop the price of oil and gas and all the kirdyk to us. The Americans and the Saudis already did this at the premiere of Kirilenko, when oil was worth $ 5 per barrel.
  28. valton
    valton 7 May 2013 21: 16 New
    Every nation deserves what it has.
  29. REZMovec
    REZMovec 8 May 2013 22: 10 New
    People! let me read this article Becky - to our lover of star-striped democracy. He so fiercely hates dictators, and Gaddafi in particular. In his opinion, Libya is now a paradise !!!
  30. REZMovec
    REZMovec 8 May 2013 22: 22 New
    People! let me read this article Becky - to our lover of star-striped democracy. He so fiercely hates dictators, and Gaddafi in particular. In his opinion - Libya is now a paradise !!!