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Engineering ammunition with a cluster warhead for defeating manpower and light-armored vehicles M-225

Fundamentally new model of anti-personnel / anti-vehicle guided mine. Due to the fact that this mine is not in service with the Russian Army, its name is given according to the factory nomenclature.

At its core, this is both an anti-personnel and anti-vehicle guided mine. This is largely anti-tank mine, because the defeat by a cumulative blast jet is applied to the roof of the car, and the armor penetration rate is 30mm.

The use of mines is advisable for group targets (infantry coming with the support of armored vehicles, artillery units on the march and when deployed in positions, infantry columns and vehicles on the march, in places of halts).

The mine is set manually with the use of mechanization under the ground to a depth of 60, see the mine cover. The mines are controlled by the operator from the wired control panel PU-404P or the radio control PU-404Р. One remote control can operate up to 100 min. The control range of the radio remote control is up to 10 km, wired to 4 km.

Engineering ammunition with a cluster warhead for defeating manpower and light-armored vehicles M-225

The mine is equipped with a combined target sensor, which includes a seismic sensor with a selection of targets for cars and a person (while invading the detection zone of people and machines, errors in selection can reach 15-18%), a magnetic sensor with a selection of targets for the mass of metal, thermal sensor with a selection of targets for the amount of heat generated. If the mine is in alert mode (only two modes - passive standby mode, alert mode), then if the target (s) enter the detection zone (zone radius - 150-250 meters), the target sensors inform the control panel of the nature of the target (person , machine), number of targets, speed and direction of motion, distance to the affected area.

The control panel processes the incoming signals and issues recommendations to the operator about the advisability of mines, which mines from the combat duty watch should be exploded, how many and which mines that are in the passive mode, it is advisable to transfer to the combat duty mode. If the targets are at the same time in the affected areas of several mines, then recommendations are issued on which of the mines to be optimally exploded.

When issuing a command from the control panel to an explosion, first the trigger is triggered, dropping the cover of the mine and the masking layer of the soil. Then the rocket engine of the cluster warhead is launched, which takes off to the height of 45-60 meters. Upon reaching this height, the cassette scatters striking elements in the 85-95 radius of meters, which are in the 40 cassette.

The picture on the left of the cluster warhead in the section. In the upper part, a block of target sensors is highlighted in red, striking elements are visible inside, one of which lies near the cassette, in the upper part the nozzles of the cassette rocket engine are clearly visible.

Striking elements have the form of metal cylinders. The length of the element is 16cm, the diameter of 6.5 cm. In the tail section there are four fabric stabilizing tapes, which ensure that the striking element is dropped head down. When the fuse touches the surface of the earth or the car an explosion occurs. Damage to people is inflicted by shrapnel from the damaging element (17 damage radius). Damage to cars is applied in a cumulative jet, since The front part of the warhead has a cumulative funnel with penetration up to 30 mm. armor. The plant may customize the nature of the damaging elements. By thinning the hull and increasing the depth of the funnel, armor penetration can be increased to 60-80 mm., And if the cumulative funnel is removed and the attack element is filled with a large amount of explosives placed on the walls of steel balls, then the radius of damage to people can be brought to 20-30 meters.

Tactical and technical characteristics of mines:

Type of mine - anti-personnel / anti-vehicle fragmentation-cumulative guided altitude circular damage
Body - metal
Weight 100 kg.
Diameter 60 see
100 chassis height see
The sensitivity of the sensor target 150-200.
Radius of continuous defeat 85-95 m.
The number of damaging elements 40 pcs.
Penetration striking email. - up to 30 mm. armor
The radius of damage by shrapnel. email - up to 17 m.
The reduced area of ​​damage 25000 square. meters
The time of combat duty 30 day.
Passive waiting time depends on cf. work elem. power supply
Temperature range of application -40 - + 50 deg.

The mine is transferred to the modes of combat duty or passive waiting from the control panel. From him the command is issued for self-destruction immediately or after the expiration of the established period of combat work. When attempting to remove a mine, if the integrity of the wired control line is violated or the radio line interferes, the console informs the operator that the mine cannot be controlled. At the same time, depending on the preliminary settings, the mine can go into safe mode or self-destruct. Lack of communication with the control panel for a predetermined period of time leads to self-destruction of the mine.

It is possible to equip mines with devices that suppress the work of metal detectors (mine detectors), radio frequency mine detectors, and odorant mine detectors. It is possible to produce a simplified version of a mine without target sensors. In this case, the operator observes the battlefield and visually determines the presence of targets in the affected area, and then issues a command to blow up the mines. The cost of the simplified version is three times lower.

To install mines on the ground, the plant has developed a mine installer, which is a ZIL-131 or KAMAZ-4310 vehicle. Possible conversion to the miner installer of any other truck or tracked vehicle. The installer houses drilling equipment that allows drilling wells for mines in soils of categories I-IV, crane equipment for setting mines and equipment for testing mines, as well as a wired remote control and radio control. The installer ZIL-131 carries up to 12 min.

Although in essence this ammunition is an anti-personnel / anti-vehicle mine, it does not fall under the jurisdiction of either the Ottawa Convention (see the article “Ottawa Convention”) or the Protocol of the Second Geneva Convention, since firstly, it is not called "mine", but "engineering ammunition", secondly, in the Ottawa Convention is specified in Art.2: "1." Anti-personnel mine "means a mine that is intended to explode from the presence, proximity or direct impact a person and at the same time incapacitates, cripples or kills one or several people.Mines intended for detonation from the presence, proximity or direct impact of a moving vehicle, not a person, and equipped with an element of non-recoverability cannot be classified as and anti-personnel mines only on the grounds that they are so equipped. 2. “Mina” means ammunition intended to be installed underground, on the ground or near the surface of the ground or other surface and to explode from the presence, proximity or direct impact of a person or vehicle. ., but this mine does not explode from presence, or from proximity, or from direct impact, but explodes from the operator’s command, i.e. it can be considered an artillery gun.

Here the military, technical and legal illiteracy of those who composed the text of the Ottawa Convention is very clearly traced. After all, a mine, unprecedented in its destructive possibilities, has been created, and no convention concerns it. And this is just the beginning.

By the way, this mine is very easy and simple to make uncontrollable, i.e. abandon the control panel, the operator. It is enough to attach the “Hunting” anti-personnel mine control unit to it or even the simplest fuse MUV with tension wire, and have a bite to eat a couple of wires in the sensor unit. And any sapper sergeant can handle it.
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  1. demon ada
    demon ada 8 May 2013 08: 38 New
    to Syria for a test
    to the border with Israel and Turkey.
    in automatic mode.
    1. Canep
      Canep 8 May 2013 10: 10 New
      And in my opinion it is better to send for recycling. For a mine, this is too complicated a product, and therefore too expensive, and combat effectiveness and reliability have not been tested.
      1. 4fedor1
        4fedor1 13 May 2013 16: 20 New
        + here it is necessary to check
  2. Reserve buildbat
    Reserve buildbat 8 May 2013 13: 26 New
    Such ammunition really 500 pieces to Syria send and see what will happen.
  3. shpuntik
    shpuntik 8 May 2013 14: 00 New
    In the place of Assad, another would not have bought more than 500 pieces, but mined the entire border with Turkey.
    Surely, billions of Syrian dollars are dead weight in Western banks. Instead of procuring weapons and preparing, Assad was waiting for something. Did he really think that everything would resolve itself?
    Is the example of Colonel Gaddafi not obvious?
    I’m sure: for money it’s possible to buy any weapon, the same S-300, the whole point is in price.
  4. antiaircrafter
    antiaircrafter 8 May 2013 14: 50 New
    Here is a means to close the southern border about migrant workers, refugees and drug dealers.
  5. e-froloff
    e-froloff 8 May 2013 15: 17 New
    It is worth a run on the Syrian front!
  6. ibn117
    ibn117 8 May 2013 16: 41 New
    good article, good mine !!! it would be interesting to read about the anti-helicopter mine.
  7. gych
    gych 8 May 2013 19: 00 New
    Quote: Canep
    And in my opinion it is better to send for recycling. For a mine, this is too complicated a product, and therefore too expensive, and combat effectiveness and reliability have not been tested.
    I don’t agree on everything! The reliability of the weapon is proved by time (a joke about a peaceful combine), and it’s silly to dispose of it you can use it in extreme areas to sell it! It’s worth it
    1. Canep
      Canep 9 May 2013 07: 32 New
      To use this you need to start producing IT, now there are only prototypes and this advertising article. It is the size of a nuclear mine, and the car is used to set up nuclear mines, but after a nuclear explosion no one will go there in their right mind, and after using the reserve of mines, the bookmark needs to be repeated, I won’t tell you how to make it empty, before that the students think up.
      Teachers when they talked about this mine openly neighing.
      1. Kadetk8
        Kadetk8 April 8 2014 17: 47 New
        Comrade Sapper, you must have been taught by amateurs! If so spoke about this mine!
  8. kudwar68
    kudwar68 8 May 2013 21: 03 New
    The mine is cool, it has long been necessary to use, especially on the southern borders, and will come in handy in the Far East.
  9. old rats
    old rats 10 May 2013 14: 31 New
    sapper, but it is difficult only when fully equipped with all sensors. and if you use it as a guided land mine, that is, lay it in the place of the possible appearance of enemy units, and in case of their appearance undermine it with an ordinary explosive device. the device of such ambushes can be assigned to sabotage units. won't it be effective?
    1. jumpmaster
      jumpmaster 15 May 2013 16: 00 New
      And who will carry it in the diversion unit before installation?
  10. Starover_Z
    Starover_Z 12 May 2013 15: 13 New
    To her border guards, to the southern borders, to break in on caravan tracks - to block narcotropes, an infantry option!
  11. Bongo
    Bongo 16 May 2013 08: 28 New
    Too bulky system. For the first time, I read about her in the "Military Parade", so 15 years ago.
  12. The comment was deleted.
  13. Severok
    Severok 26 May 2013 15: 38 New
    The system is cumbersome, yes. But for this reason, giving up on such a weapon is simply stupid. Extremely interesting development. Places of use: 1. Protection of the sea coast from landing from the sea 2. Protection of land communications from attacks 3. Covering operational areas in view of the threats of armed invasion