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The most advanced anti-tank complex "Spike"

The most advanced anti-tank complex "Spike"
It is no secret that the Israel Military-Industrial Complex produces some of the most modern and technologically advanced weapons. The best confirmation of this is the Spike anti-tank missile system (ATGW), which is rightfully considered the best military expert in the military and in service in more than ten countries of the world.

The only drawback of the Spike ATGM is its high cost, since one shot costs an average of 250 thousand dollars, for the rest of the parameters it completely surpasses all other similar installations. "Spike" is able to break through any existing armor at the moment, and therefore it can destroy any, even the most modern tank, in one volley. Coupled with its excellent accuracy (95 percent of missiles hit the target), this makes Spike a real headache for developers of new types of armored vehicles.

"Spike" without loss of accuracy is capable of hitting objects, both during the day and at night, and in virtually all weather conditions. Moreover, the human factor in this anti-tank installation is minimized. The gunner only needs to select a target and click on the launch, and the rocket will do the rest automatically. It will independently monitor and control all movements of the target, and this is exactly what the “Spike” provides such high accuracy.

The great advantage of this anti-tank complex is that Spike has four modifications at once, which by the way cannot be said about the American Javelin and the Russian Kornet anti-tank systems.

Spike-sr. Portable installation of short range, at a distance from 200 to 800 meters. Used by infantry.
Spike-MR (better known as Gil). Again, a portable installation, but with a greater range of 200-2500 meters.
Spike-lr. Long-range anti-tank missile system, designed for installation on light combat vehicles. Maximum range to 4 km.
Spike-er. The most long-range version of the "Spike", the distance to 8 km. It is installed on combat vehicles, and there is also a special version of the complex for helicopters.

By the way, the Russian Kornet ATGM is inferior to Spike not only in the absence of modifications, but also directly in combat characteristics, which was especially noticeable during the fighting in Israel and the Hezbollah group in 2006. Hezbollah’s Cornet proved far from the best: out of 46 tanks, armor was pierced only in 24 and only three of them received critical damage. All this suggests that our army may soon proceed to purchase anti-tank systems abroad, as is the case with the purchase of unmanned reconnaissance aircraft (from the same Israel) and Mistral helicopter carriers (from France).
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  1. Krylovets2000 (HVVKU)
    Krylovets2000 (HVVKU) 29 July 2011 11: 07
    ... there isn’t enough information about working in an environment with opposition and how the enemy’s REP works, in ideal conditions everyone is good (for example, in real combat conditions, praised Abrams were beaten from old RPGs !!)
    1. Superduck
      Superduck 29 July 2011 11: 31
      In real combat conditions, several abrams themselves probably burned out. Beats are not statistics, the greatest losses from landmines from them and not from RPGs.
  2. Superduck
    Superduck 29 July 2011 11: 27
    how does this correspond to this (about the cornet)?
    However, given the cost of a spike shot, you shouldn’t be afraid of it much, this is not a massive weapon, just as an ordinary infantryman should not come up with a bronik against heavy 0,50 caliber sniper rifles.
  3. Superduck
    Superduck 29 July 2011 11: 48
    Apparently he has an infrared homing head (otherwise it is unlikely to succeed - I forgot) and the picture indicates this. Then the question of Krylovets2000 (HVVKU) about interference is absolutely correct. Plus, what are the chances of this rocket overcoming the Arena defense and its more advanced counterparts. It turns out that a fully equipped tank (T90 or T84 class), equipped with analogues of the Arena and Shtora, is not a very easy target for this missile, against such tanks in general, beam control on the line of sight is the best option. Of course, she will click the Arab T-55 like nuts, but at the same time the cost of a shot will approach the cost of the tank and may exceed it. Plus, missiles with such guidance usually fall into the MTO, which means that the crew has a lot of chances to survive, because you can stick a lot of explosives for normal detonation into such a missile, it’s 100% cumulative.
  4. DEfindER
    DEfindER 18 October 2011 15: 21
    It seems to me pure PR, nothing is said how this missile will overcome, the simplest defense is like a smoke screen, if it works through a visual image of the tank .. not to mention the Arena active defense complexes ..
  5. LESHA pancake
    LESHA pancake 20 October 2011 15: 15
    1. WADIM
      WADIM 24 January 2012 07: 09
      250000 bucks? Jewelin seems to be worth $ 80000 ... now, how much does a new tank cost? Even the same T-80 or T-90? seems more expensive ... + 3 crew souls in which the country is dumped for training $? So calculate which is more profitable ... I found something to compare ... And now imagine that this T-90 or T 80 tank simply may not reach the direct shot zone before the same hummer armed with such complexes ... Huh? Which is cheaper? Mobile hummer with spike (Jewelin)? or T-90? .. Do you think about wars of the past .... Western military thought is now aimed at getting out of the zone of direct contact, using "spikes", Apache-longbows ..., precision weapons, and you are talking about adding additional armor .. .. Wake up! The specialization of the tank and every year it gets narrower .... And the prepared combat unit-soldier is more and more dangerous (for the same tanks) ... The war goes into space, becoming a network-centric show ..
        FREGATENKAPITAN 24 January 2012 07: 57
        The cheapest tanks are from $ 1.2-1.5 million, and the "Abrams" are about $ 6 million
      2. Mairos
        Mairos April 11 2016 11: 21
        Have you forgotten about active tank protection systems? About EW? About air defense and the airborne forces, which will also work on the enemy?
  6. patrianostra
    patrianostra 21 November 2011 20: 51
    the rocket was adopted 30 years ago, the speed of subsonic television guidance. for this reason, the operator can shoot from closed positions out of sight of the target after starting guidance can be carried out by a drone in the process of guidance, the operator can choose another target more priority cost of one product from 50000 to 300000 green rubles, depending on version
  7. dred
    dred 1 December 2011 17: 32
    250000 dollars worth of sales for a javelin rocket costs less than some 80 green ones and we have 000 green ones.
  8. Artemka
    Artemka 1 December 2011 17: 36
    Yes, the capitalists go broke on missiles for this complex.
  9. 750
    750 29 January 2012 19: 11
    Sha pots, tremble, yet the spike will show you Kuzkin’s mother! True, not a word about armor penetration, overcoming of remote sensing, and other obstacles, but 0,95, as it’s a major part, falls into the target. Imagine how to bite paisley nachfin-4 lemon shots.
  10. Sehiru san
    Sehiru san 31 May 2012 12: 01
    Cornet also exists in several versions. The penetration is higher, the maximum range, too. In addition, it can be used as MANPADS, and also has thermobaric ammunition ...
  11. Mairos
    Mairos April 11 2016 11: 19
    The article is correct, with the exception of the last phrase - "All this suggests that our army may soon switch to buying anti-tank systems abroad." The new ATGM system of its own design will soon be adopted. The second price - for small-scale b / d - is tolerable, but for a major mess it can turn out like with "Tigers" and "Panthers". There were very high-tech tanks, but they did not justify themselves with their high cost. I read somewhere that the "Tiger" cost in production as four or five modernized T-IV. Well, in general, a good ATGM, especially with old tanks, is even deadly. Against the new ones, with reactive armor and countermeasures, at least as on the T-90 - the question is open.
  12. merkava-2bet
    merkava-2bet 3 July 2017 13: 13
    Here the heresies have written, and everyone will skip. U ATGM Spike, aka Gil-thermal imaging guidance with a matrix of 128X128 elements and this is a sample already in 2002 that I managed to see at a special course. In the Gil rocket which I studied, so to speak, the maximum range of 2500 meters, weight missiles in a 13 kg container, and three firing modes: manual, for short ranges, a semiautomatic device with path correction when firing at long distances and an automatic machine for hitting moving targets. Due to the fact that infrared guidance systems fall only in the MTO of a tank or infantry fighting vehicle, again nonsense, I personally saw people at a distance of 1500 meters through the GOS missiles at Gil’s sight, and not through the sight of the launching machine on which there is also a thermal imager with a matrix of 256X256, and this is 2002 and the rocket at that time was already almost two years in service. During the war of 2009, I saw Gil missiles with GOS with a 360X360 matrix and a range of 4 kilometers, an excellent sniper rifle. Regarding the price, the 2002 missiles cost about 130000 shekels, we divide by four -32500 dollars apiece, but this is the price with NOIKR and tests, and the best ATGM in the world, and I say this without pathos and sarcasm.