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Washington and Moscow have agreed to be friends special services

Washington and Moscow have agreed to be friends special services

The telephone conversation was initiated by the American side. According to the Kremlin press service, during the conversation, among other things, "the problems of enhancing cooperation among special services were discussed."

This topic has acquired particular relevance in the light of the terrorist attack in Boston. Recall earlier it became known that in the 2011 year, Russia warned the FBI about the inclination of one of the two executors of explosions - Tamerlan Tsarnaev - to extremism. The American special services interrogated the future terrorist, but they came to the conclusion that he does not represent an “active threat” to US security.

According to a diplomatic source, “Kommersant”, the Russian authorities were not going to make public the information that Washington had been warned in advance about the potential danger of Tamerlan Tsarnaev - the American media first reported about it. However, after the terrorist attack, Moscow concluded that it was necessary to establish more trusting relations between the special services of the two countries. Barack Obama agreed with this thesis. Chance to test the effectiveness of the interaction will be presented in 2014 year: according to the Kremlin press service, Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama during the conversation "stressed the importance of working together to ensure the security of the Olympics in Sochi."

In addition, the presidents of Russia and the United States discussed the situation in Syria, as well as the issue of missile defense. It is reported that they talked about the letter of Barack Obama to Vladimir Putin, which was transmitted to the addressee by White House emissary Tom Donilon 15 of April. In it, as the Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation, Yury Ushakov, said, the subject of missile defense was one of the key issues. Washington’s position on this issue is well known: Mr. Obama’s administration is inviting the Russian authorities to sign an executive agreement that would indicate the parties ’desire to cooperate on missile defense and not use their potentials against each other. It also plans to record specific confidence-building measures: mechanisms for mutual notification and information sharing, joint exercises and threat assessments.

At the same time, Moscow is not satisfied with the fact that such agreements, in fact, are binding only for the administration that signed them - the successor of Barack Obama has every right to refuse to implement them. It is expected that in the near future, Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Nikolai Patrushev, will deliver to Vladimir Putin’s response to Vladimir Putin’s letter to the American president.

The leaders of the two states themselves are expected to meet twice this year at the G-8 summit in mid-June and during Barack Obama’s visit to the Russian Federation before the G-20 summit in St. Petersburg.
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  1. T-100
    T-100 3 May 2013 09: 16 New
    Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama during the conversation "stressed the importance of working together to ensure the safety of the Olympics in Sochi"

    What? what a joint security, they won’t do anything, because of them, something might happen. Better hen sit on the hill over the hill)))
    1. patline
      patline 3 May 2013 09: 25 New
      At the same time, Moscow is not satisfied that such agreements, in fact, are binding only for the administration that signed them - the successor to Barack Obama has every right to refuse to fulfill them.

      And so they have it all. For some reason, only anti-Russian laws are not repealed by other administrations.
      1. Reasonable, 2,3
        Reasonable, 2,3 3 May 2013 11: 24 New
        They will not help us, but spoil as much as possible. We will hear the statement of the State Department before the Olympics that it is unsafe in Sochi.
        1. evgenm55
          evgenm55 3 May 2013 11: 56 New
          They will never help, that's for sure. But Boston is just the beginning ... They will have to go through Chechnya more and more - they will recognize democracy in action ... How did they break their throats for bondagers ... and now, when it’s before them has come to howl on another steel, ki.
        2. Vovka levka
          Vovka levka 3 May 2013 11: 57 New
          Quote: Reasonable, 2,3
          They will not help us, but spoil as much as possible. We will hear the statement of the State Department before the Olympics that it is unsafe in Sochi.

          Intelligence agencies have always exchanged certain information, even during the Cold War.
        3. VOLCHOXURAL
          VOLCHOXURAL 3 May 2013 17: 52 New
          Yes, they only do their entire history that they crap around the world !!! repeat
    2. elmi
      elmi 3 May 2013 12: 04 New
      Once again, I am convinced that our authorities are assholes of the USA, no pride, and they forgot about Bout. In the USSR, the landing of such a person was immediately followed by the landing of an American man of no lesser size, so to speak, an otvetka. After all, in which case you can exchange, there have been cases of exchange. And in our country, Western spies are simply expelled, they now have no fear.
    3. Shawnee
      Shawnee 3 May 2013 17: 23 New
    4. Joker
      Joker 3 May 2013 18: 42 New
      Do not escalate the situation, no one will work closely.
  2. domokl
    domokl 3 May 2013 09: 20 New
    It's funny ... Cooperation was and will be, but on certain issues .. About the same bombers in Boston, our specialists informed the Americans without any agreement ... But no one will open all the info .. Then the meaning of this talk? A piece, supposedly leaks to reassure the American and Russian public?
    1. Kaa
      Kaa 3 May 2013 10: 40 New
      Quote: domokl
      . Collaboration has been and will be, but in certain matters

      An interesting thought has ripened! In the framework of cooperation between the special services, to exchange subversive elements - we take away the leaders of the Chechen opposition from them, they - the leaders of NGOs, Belolentochnikov and others and other ... Each of the parties acts at its discretion ... laughing (WE, AT LEAST, WITHIN THE EXISTING CC AND CCP)
  3. Petrovich-2
    Petrovich-2 3 May 2013 09: 31 New
    Several associations at once:
    1. Fresh tradition, but hard to believe (they were warned, but they did not heed).
    2. They will be friends with us at our expense and against us. It has always been and will be.
    Therefore, you should always be careful with them. As Comrade Reagan told his colleague Gorbi: Trust, but verify.
  4. Ragnarek
    Ragnarek 3 May 2013 09: 46 New
    and before that, there was cooperation in the area of ​​terrorism, so nothing new.
    1. Retx
      Retx 3 May 2013 10: 47 New
      One joint operation in Afghanistan for a thousand years. We fight terror, and these are just ko ko ko. Although ... if only ours above them in front of the eyes of the whole world will jiving, then I, as a taxpayer and a citizen of Russia FOR! laughing
  5. individual
    individual 3 May 2013 10: 03 New
    The Anglo-Saxons have no concept of friendship - there is a concept of national interests. Therefore, under these concepts hides their specific interest in the knowledge and development of Russian special services.
  6. shinobi
    shinobi 3 May 2013 10: 39 New
    Well, the game starts playing cat and mouse. I hope our services will be able to replay them.
  7. Canep
    Canep 3 May 2013 10: 43 New
    The Americans need terrorist attacks in order for their brains to start working, in 2001 they also filled up as friends, and then somehow cooled, and then Osama was flunked and everyone decided that they had no more enemies. But Putin needs to set a tough condition so that they finally choose whether they will fight the terrorists or finance them (I mean Syria).
  8. SEM
    SEM 3 May 2013 10: 51 New
    This is another trick of the United States, they will figure out what they need and terminate all communication))))) A proven and logical fact)))
  9. Sirocco
    Sirocco 3 May 2013 10: 51 New
    We will remind, earlier it became known that in 2011 Russia warned the FBI about the tendency of one of the two bombers - Tamerlan Tsarnaev - to extremism.
    Most likely, the US prepared the role of a sheep for the slaughter of these democracy advocates in the United States. But it didn’t work out, something went wrong. Russia does not get dirty as planned.
    In addition, the presidents of Russia and the United States discussed the situation in Syria.
    The situation is clearly stalemate, and certainly not a partnership. The United States adds fuel to the fire, near the border of the Russian Federation.
    as well as the missile defense problem.
    Well, this problem, by no means condones partnerships. Obviously an attempt to cheat on a neighbor. Well, what kind of cooperation and partnership can we talk about? How can you play with a sharpie who has five aces in his sleeve? And who says ONE, but does - TOTALLY OTHER. So there can be no talk of close cooperation. So the exchange of "courtesies." For the United States, these statements are more needed after the case of the Tsarnaevs. It did not work to defame Russia, now we need to launder ourselves. So to speak, pee against the wind, not calculated. laughing
  10. knn54
    knn54 3 May 2013 11: 49 New
    US intelligence agencies (including PMCs) do not fight terrorism, but cultivate it - train and sponsor militants around the world. And the CIA will begin to gently and officially seep into the North Caucasus, starting with the security measures for the Sochi Olympics.
  11. APASUS
    APASUS 3 May 2013 13: 30 New
    The telephone conversation was initiated by the American side.

    When Americans need to forget about Magnitsky, they can think quite logically.
  12. Vtel
    Vtel 3 May 2013 15: 05 New
    Washington and Moscow have agreed to be friends special services

    This is a joke or they have not been friends yet. Just some kind of Santa Barbara. You can’t laugh so much.
  13. redwar6
    redwar6 3 May 2013 15: 44 New
    It sounds like "The Gestapo and the NKVD found a common way of torture" (Just as an example, do not throw a feces).
  14. harrymur
    harrymur 3 May 2013 16: 16 New
    yes it’s time already, it’s time to get the bearded men out of politics and soak them in the toilets, then there’s another trouble, a real union of the two empires, it’s a terrible dream for the whole world, it’s necessary to think up a policy somewhere, so that everyone would believe, that the war is between russia and usa, without it there will be a complete mess and reeling in the jambs of an obese baby
  15. kush62
    kush62 3 May 2013 16: 34 New
    The word "make friends" the author clearly went too far. It’s possible to exchange some information. One more such friends and enemies is not necessary.
  16. d_t_p
    d_t_p 3 May 2013 17: 08 New
    At the moment, the priority of the foreign policy of the Russian Federation should be accelerated economic growth and an increase in state military GDP.
    And this can only be done by drawing closer to the West (since the center of the world economy is located there).
    And then when Russia becomes economically powerful and stable it will be possible to give heat.
    Indeed, now the Russian economy is largely dependent on the West, and so it is necessary to grow to such an extent that our economy is not dependent, but can develop even during economic isolation!
  17. sichevik
    sichevik 3 May 2013 17: 23 New
    Amers (especially their special services) to believe --- deceive themselves. Their words about friendship and cooperation are somehow alarming. No one can be trusted. especially the CIA, the FBI and their whole company ...
  18. Garrin
    Garrin 3 May 2013 18: 55 New

    It was already not so long ago. laughing
    But seriously, such friends, for x .. and the museum.
  19. horoh
    horoh 3 May 2013 18: 58 New
    But to be honest, the bottom "friendship" is something annoying. It will not be again, we please them, but they are like guys, excuse me, but not your dog thing?
  20. family
    family tree 3 May 2013 19: 07 New
    Oh well them. God forbid us from such friends, but we will deal with enemies ourselves.
  21. snik57
    snik57 3 May 2013 19: 31 New
    It’s good that they stopped looking in America’s mouth and believing their empty promises.