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The pain of the motherland. The woman, whose image the whole country knows, is living out her life alone

The pain of the motherland. The woman, whose image the whole country knows, is living out her life aloneAbout 79-year-old Anastasia Antonovna Peshkova needs to be told only by high calm. Otherwise, there will be only a dry biography: “Artek”, two family dinners with Vuchetich, a hip fracture ... And she, Anastasia Antonovna, is also история. Ours is with you. Motherland.

She meets me without a coat. The top of the "peas" dressed, the bottom - no. In the hands of a thick magnifying glass and "crib": Motherland read out the decayed reports of the Information Bureau from the military fields - teacher! - thinking that I will ask about the war. And I ask about childhood. Grandpa partisan, beat Kolchak. Father died in the Great Patriotic.

Mother alone raised six children.

- What was here in those years! All Altai - barracks, zones, wilderness! But I studied well, and I was sent to Artek - it was like a flight into space. There I opened my eyes to our beautiful huge country.

So she began to dream of Moscow, and her dream came true. The Moscow Pedagogical Institute, after it worked in the Hudfund as a senior accountant, "kept in touch with sculptors and artists." “Bohema!” - inserts Tatyana, wife of nephew Anastasia Antonovna. They have a light blue room, in which there is only a bed, in recent years and the Motherland lives. "No TV, no phone, no mail!" Lives up ...

- Once my card got into an album that Vuchetich himself began to look at. "Where did you get this girl?" Send her to me! ”- said. I came. Twisted spit: "You will pose for me." And for two years I worked for him, starting with 1962. How did she work? Why, to raise your arms and legs, turn your head — a simple matter ... I posed in a bathing suit, and when I realized that he was looking at me as an artist, not as a man, and was exposed ... I was even twice invited to family dinners - Vuchetich lived in rooms above the workshop.

Nastya Peshkova, 28-year-old, saw that the sculptor sculpts a female figure - but for what, he did not divulge ...

- That Vuchetich asked me to take the flag into my hands, then I kept a very long line ... How did I goggle my eyes when the monument “Motherland Calls!” Was opened in Volgograd. "So I got to where!" - I thought.

After this work, she went to pedagogy, 3 taught Russian in Ulan Bator, and when she returned to Moscow and wanted to see the sculptor, to thank, he was already dead. In Volgograd, on the Mamayev Kurgan, she, by the way, never visited ...

"I will hold this sacred burden!"

She is modest, our Motherland.

“For my part, I have consigned this story to oblivion for many decades - because what does my merit mean compared to what the whole country has invested in defeating fascism!”

Childless ...

- I had fans, hobbies, suggestions. In Mongolia there was a Hungarian, in Moscow a Pole. But I was too passionate about work ...
“I loved myself,” Tatiana says.

Not beautiful, Motherland.

“My eyes are small, my hair is threefold ...”

Lonely ...

- There were, of course, blunders and omissions. I could be more indulgent to those men who were biased towards me and ready to change their lives ... A Pole, Laszlo Terek, was married ... He wrote letters of demand, but I left them at the Post Office ...

Poetic ... Writes poems in a checkered notebook, lying all day long (fracture of the femoral neck), about "beautiful eyes in cats." Anastasia Sibirskaya is her pseudonym.

And shocking rending prose: “Listen, listen, listen! I, the Motherland, keep the memory of those day and night who, with their ardent hearts, rose above the fear of death. Who, in spite of the power of treachery, cruelty and destruction, raised this heavy Sword of Courage to the pure heaven of Peace and the Shield of the boundless Faith in bright human ideals. In the hot summer, in the cold of winter, in hail and downpour, I will keep this sacred burden until the world stops shuddering at the word "war."

Her "gnawing pain", almost no sleep at night, the Motherland. The Red Cross gave a wheelchair - but it does not even get to sit down ...
I have to ask a little.

- Stalin? When I died, I was sad.

The God? I almost believe. I can not say that I doubt. I believe so - without worship. With the inner attitude that He may exist. And remembers me.

Naked, old, sick. My motherland.
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  1. Apollo
    3 May 2013 07: 54 New
    I have always been interested in the question of who, as Heroine of the Motherland, Mother is depicted on the monument. Now I know that for many years you have Anastasia Antonovna Peshkova.

    You are not alone, you are our grandmother !!! VO forum with you.
  2. Egoza
    Egoza 3 May 2013 08: 55 New
    Can I somehow find the address? I'd love to help. Yes, and attract the attention of local authorities. You can’t remember such people, as well as all veterans, only on May 9.
  3. Andrew 121
    Andrew 121 3 May 2013 09: 21 New
    Childless, defenseless, old ... insulting to tears just like about my homeland.
  4. Evgeniy46
    Evgeniy46 3 May 2013 11: 16 New
    You know, the motherland really needs to be done from her now. Old one, I need help - but she is a mother. And the sculpture on the Mamaev Kurgan does not fit too well with this image. Yes, homeland. But not a mother
  5. lilit.193
    lilit.193 3 May 2013 15: 51 New
    But Serdyukov’s shmonki don’t live in poverty!
  6. ia-ai00
    ia-ai00 3 May 2013 16: 29 New
    How can the state forget about such people? After all, a hip fracture is not a sentence. They do operations by inserting some kind of artificial elements instead of damaged ones! And the living conditions could be improved. Really, excuse the "beauty queens" who, at 23, do not know what revolves around what (the Sun around the Earth or vice versa), having 3 children, they do not know who Agnia Borto and Samuel Marshak are, what "Hiroshima and Nagasaki" are, deserve more attention, than this is a woman who is a symbol for the citizens of Russia, who lived an honest life, taught children the Russian language! And how is it that the local authorities do not know who lives near them. Probably their own worries - closer to the body ...
  7. Eric
    Eric 3 May 2013 17: 43 New
    Yes, you need Mother’s address!
    1. 101
      101 3 May 2013 18: 17 New
      What is the difference between this woman and millions of others? You don’t need to put up a pedestal and make an icon. We all need to be good, both old and small. Otherwise, we love to find someone and lick and be proud and poke everyone with noble people. We won’t sell the children to you suddenly they will feel bad for you. You say, prove that they will be well. Shamefares Found what we will now threaten them with
  8. aviamed90
    aviamed90 3 May 2013 18: 25 New
    So it turns out that this woman not only became a prototype of our Motherland, but also repeated her fate.
  9. ULxaw86
    ULxaw86 3 May 2013 21: 32 New
    Look into the eyes of those who are minus such articles! fool
  10. ULxaw86
    ULxaw86 3 May 2013 21: 33 New
    Look into the eyes of someone who minuses such articles! fool
  11. akm8226
    akm8226 4 May 2013 07: 24 New
    I never resent if people put a minus - this is his right. But what is this, excuse me, minus here, let me know?