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Contact!? There is a contact-3! Union of spirit and mind

The proposed article is the final in the trilogy “Contact !? There is a contact! In two previous publications, the hypothesis of the existence of parallel realities, formed as derivatives of our maternal reality, was considered. Special attention was paid to the description of possible contact between the modern Russian society and the society of developed “Stalinism” from parallel reality-1. This material is also devoted to the comparison of modern Russian realities, but this time with the society from parallel reality-2, where our compatriots managed to create an alliance of Spirit and Reason along the path foreseen by God.

Contact!? There is a contact-3! Union of spirit and mind

Let us begin with a small historical excursion into those Old Testament times, when Stalin had not yet become the father of all nations and realities, and there were no nations as such, but the reality was the same, the way the Creator created it. According to biblical traditions, the first Homo Sapiens that appeared on Earth were Adam and Eve - sinners, expelled by God from paradise for immoderate curiosity and disobedience. According to the latest anthropological finds, this is the first in stories humanity landing operation took place 40-50 thousands of years ago somewhere in south-southeast Africa. Compared with modern paratroopers, the autonomous two Adam and Eve had very poor equipment. God provided them with leather clothes (bodies), masking well under local inhabitants, gave sparks to the Soul and Mind, Freedom of choice, Love to the Creator Father, and also Faith and Hope that someday they will be exfiltered back to the heavenly hills from this earthly "cold". In fact, not so little - what else do real special forces need to survive and complete the task? The task set by God was formulated exclusively in general terms - to go through the path of atonement for original sin. Neither the route of motion, nor intermediate and final boundaries, nor the time of passage of the path were indicated. As well as the dislocation of the forces of Good and the forces of Evil. With all these details and the conditions for accomplishing the main task, Adam and Eve had to figure out on their own, relying on Soul, Mind and Freedom of choice.

Rightly judging that one couple in the field is not a warrior, Adam and Eve began their mission by increasing the population of Homo Sapiens. Pursuing a repetitive pace, the founders of the human race did not forget to share with their descendants both the virtues received from God and, alas, their fault before Him. The descendants multiplied, settled around the planet, forming ethnic groups and nations, each of which acquired spiritual identity and honed the mind to the best of their abilities and capabilities ... Only a couple of thousand years ago, God sent descendants of Adam and Eve their personal charge, who washed the original sin with his blood from the human race and handed them the order to continue the earthly journey, using all the same benefactors who were granted initially. In addition, people were given a divine "introductory" in the form of a series of commandments, according to which they had to live on. The commandments are, of course, not a battle statute, but already something ...

The fact of the visitation of the Earth by the Messiah was the impetus for the emergence of a number of world religions. To the previously existing Buddhism, which conquered, mainly, the minds of the peoples of Southeast Asia, added Christianity and Islam. Christianity, in turn, broke up into Orthodoxy, Catholicism, and Protestantism, which had split off from it, interpreting divine revelation and the circumstances connected with it in different ways. Religious dogmas, by definition, were supposed to refer to the spiritual beginning of man, but for a long time influenced not only the spiritual growth of the flock, but also dictated the way of life of whole nations. The same crusades of Catholics carried the good and eternal on the tips of swords to the Middle East and Eastern Europe. With the same determination, Catholicism invaded the diocese of Reason, its holy of holies - cognitive activity. Let us recall, for example, the fires of the holy inquisition, precedents with Nicolaus Copernicus and Galileo Galilei.

There have been in the history of mankind the reverse cases where the Mind took over the spiritual principle. And this, sadly, the history of our country. The atheistic USSR took up building a communist paradise on earth and, without relying on spirituality, lost the battle to the forces of evil, who found fertile ground in the pragmatic mind of the adherents of liberal Protestantism. Having erected the concept of Freedom granted to man by God to the absolute, these forces are pushing humankind closer and closer to the Armageddon line ... Continuing the historical tradition, in our maternal reality, the spiritual and rational principles coexist in man, but by the will of the bearer, rather competing rather than making friends ... And still, like thousands of years ago, the Spirit is drawn to the Mind, and the Mind is drawn to the Spirit.

And what about this case with our neighbors, "parallelists"? Let's take a look at parallel reality-2. Let me remind you that it was formed as a “second derivative” of our maternal reality even during the life of Stalin (see the first part of “Contact”).


Thanks to A.S. The people of Pushkin were convinced that "it is impossible to harness a horse and a quivering doe in one cart." In parallel reality, 2 managed to “screw” both the spiritual and rational principle of man into the development of society. Many eminent scholars who have reached a certain limit in their studies came to understand the presence of God in the natural science picture of the world. Like them, Stalin, a mature public figure, also came to the conclusion that a just society can only be built by relying on spiritual values ​​coming from God.

The new paradigm of the development of society assumed that the state and the church would turn to face each other and carry out a series of mutual reforms. On the part of the state, it was, first of all, the rejection of an atheistic worldview, the recognition of the existence of God and, secondly, the admission of the church to state and public life. The church, for its part, has taken a more active position in worldly life, up to and including participation in public administration and basic scientific research. Within the church, there was the elimination of differences between various confessions that exist in the country, which led to the recognition of the one God. Thus, the union of the Spirit and Mind was born - the state recognized the power of the Spirit, placed spiritual values ​​at the core of the society, and the church recognized the power of the Mind as an instrument of human progress and knowledge of the surrounding reality created by God.

Much later, the growing union of Spirit and Mind received an unexpected and, one can say, dramatic confirmation of its legitimacy. During the first manned interplanetary expedition in the history of mankind, as the ship moved away from near-Earth space, several crew members lost their human appearance, moving, as we say, into a “vegetable” state. After the return of the expedition, the state commission found that the equipment, including life support systems, worked normally, and the ship itself was not subjected to any external influences that could selectively affect individual crew members. The “human factor” remained. Indicators of pre-flight tests indicated a high physical and psychological readiness of all crew members for a long flight. In addition, all astronauts already had experience of long-term orbital flights, and one of the victims had previously participated in the lunar program.

Meanwhile, a comparative analysis of individual data of the expedition participants showed statistically significant differences in the biofields of injured and non-injured crew members. The differences related to a certain energy-informational characteristics of the biofield - it was pronounced among the unaffected cosmonauts, whereas the victims were practically absent. This fact served as an impetus for the development of large-scale research - it turned out that a certain unknown "x" factor puts a barrier to the penetration of man into deep space. The research program had a complex interdisciplinary character and, among other things, included the study of the sociological data of various strata and groups of the population. And it was sociologists who presented the first surprise. They found that the desired energy-information characteristic of the biofield is clearly expressed in spiritual people, and is most often found among people who sincerely believe in God. Physicists, in turn, also obtained sensational results, finding with the help of specially designed and launched probes a previously unknown energy-information layer enveloping the Earth at a height of geostationary orbits 35-40 thousands of kilometers. In the spectrum of its radiation, there were components close to the selected characteristic of a human biofield.

The first hypotheses about the nature of the energy-informational layer were linked with the noosphere concept already known to science. Russian academician V.I. Vernadsky (1863-1945) wrote about the phenomenon of the noosphere: “... in the biosphere there is a great geological, perhaps cosmic force, the planetary action of which is usually not taken into account in ideas about space ... This power is the human mind, striving and organized his will as a social being. " In other words, the noosphere was defined as a product of the evolutionary development of the human mind. However, this hypothesis did not explain all the findings regarding the discovered properties of the human biofield, the energy-information layer of the Earth and their interaction. In particular, the prevailing spiritual nature of the connection between them did not fit into the “noospheric” hypothesis. And the very following registered facts turned out to be beyond understanding: the powerful radiation fluxes from the Earth in the direction of the energy-information layer came from the holy places during the gathering of believers there, while the reverse flows coming from the layer concentrated not only on the holy places, but and at maternity homes ...

And then at the junction of the Spirit and Mind, another hypothesis was born, insane enough to be true later. The energy-informational layer around the Earth is not a noosphere, a product of the activity of the evolving mind, but a divine essence, a part of God, brought by Him closer to its creations. Rather, one of the many particles, because in the boundless universe there are many stars around which the planets turn, shrouded in their divine essences ... Since the time of Adam and Eve bogosphere takes care of a person on Earth, isolating him from the animal world. It instills in the newborn the sparks of Soul and Reason, communicates with spiritually developed living people, accepts the Souls and Reason of the dead ... The fundamental discovery made turned the world view and signified the zone of the “nearest development” of a person. It consisted in the development of the spiritual beginning of a person to a level that ensures constant bilateral contact of the person with the energy-informational godsphere. In which century the development of the Spirit was justified by the arguments of Reason.

One of the practical steps in this direction was the joint initiative of the church and the state to locate maternity homes not in the urban landscape of technogenic cities, but in the bosom of holy places, where, by definition, a powerful stream of divine grace is poured onto the Earth. The sparks of Soul and Mind that infused in newborns initially received the best conditions for “rooting”. The very spiritual formation of the younger generation was also under constant care from both the church and the state. In particular, the institute of spiritual guidance was officially disseminated, in which every young man, in addition to his biological father, had a professional spiritual mentor who accompanied him through life until reaching mature age. Finally, key posts in public and state structures were entrusted only to spiritually developed individuals.

Thus, in a parallel reality-2, the union of Spirit and Mind was formed - the thread of Ariadne, leading Man along the path predestined by God. What is this path where it leads? So far, no man, in any of the three realities, is given the knowledge of the Providence of God. But we have been given holy messages saying that such a time will come: “... now we see, as it were, through a dim glass, divisively, then face to face; now I know partly, but then I perceive, like I am known. And now these three abide: faith, hope, love, but love is more of them. ” [1 Corin.12: 13].


Let's go back to our maternal reality. In the courtyard of the year 2013 from the birth of Christ. In Russian (and not only in Russian) society, a total rampant of pragmatic Mind, subordinate to one, but fiery passion - money. They say that money is money - strife. Some people need them to have their daily bread and feed their families; someone to pay a loan taken in a bank for housing, a car or the education of children; and to someone - to make other, even bigger money out of this money. Here is the scheme of "making" money, borrowed from Dmitry Bondar from the book "Another Way". Under the guise of "beneficence" of the Motherland, a state-owned company is taken and sold cheaply into the next wave of privatization. The former state-owned company is exploited by new “effective managers” at the tail and mane. They collect huge loans for it, transfer the profits and the same loans to their offshore companies, and here is a ready candidate for bankruptcy: there is no money, the workers write collective open letters to the president, he frowns with displeasure. How to solve the puzzle? How to save the country from the epidemic of bankruptcies? Our elite is ready for a recipe - nationalization! In other words, an enterprise that generates a profit is taken and given to a private trader. He safely conducts a funeral ceremony over the still-living asset and returns him back to the state in the form of a mummy. Loaded with debts like Ball fleas, the company is redeemed from the owner at public expense. Then the cycle repeats. The state is updating funds, a technological base, paying off debts, and ... a new wave of privatization!

According to the 2012 rating of the year, the 131 dollar billionaire lives in Russia. They in the back breathe several times more than non-billionaires. This is the modern elite. In the same year of 2012, after the presidential election, the government Olympus started talking about the second wave of privatization, which officially covered 36 state-owned enterprises. According to estimates of the Auction House of the Russian Federation, the auction operator, all enterprises are profitable. There are many hungry troughs, but the trough is not dimensionless, it is not enough for everyone. Elite is knocked down in clan groups, between which there is a conflict of interest. The President habitually takes up the levers of His Majesty the Hand Drive of the state administration and begins to "settle" the situation - someone will be saddened and brought closer to the trough, someone will be put in a stall behind bars, and someone, the most obstinate, will be sent to link to the Misty Albion, away from the Russian field of miracles. Involuntarily suggests an analogy from the practice of the criminal world. There, too, there are authorities called “thieves in law” who separate conflicts between separate organized criminal groups according to concepts. "Concepts" is the fruit of the perverted mind of the criminal community. What fruits of reason are state laws that allow to create manual lawlessness throughout the country? In response, we hear the profound statements of venerable political scientists: “Politics is the art of the possible!”. They say that it is possible to punish the infinite Boris Berezovsky with the hands of the right kid Roman Abramovich, but to eradicate corruption, or to pinch the beefy Taburetkin in tandem with the main Nanotechnologist - there is no way, because , on concepts - "in the law"!

And what about Spirituality? On the formal side, everything is in order. Elite individuals are seen more than once under the arches of temples - they listen to sermons, pray, donate, perhaps repent. The priests, as it should be, are absolving ... And go ahead, further hone the mind in inventing new ways of enrichment according to the money-power-money scheme! And informally, in life? An informal picture in the spirit of realism was painted by Yuri Shevchuk in his “Gypsy Girl”:

Oh, what a life on this new day!
Or, do you hear, take off the cross, or put on your underwear! ...
On the ruble, in the dark something screamed -
This poor soul ran away from the bloke.
Khmyr shouts: "Catch! Zillion will give to the one who grabs!
Bitch, I rot her - always drink, but crying! "

Life is crawling on fists - life is pressed to love,
Life flies from groin to dust and sings about pity ...
We Vysotsky once sang about the taverns and temples -
Sorry, did not have time to see the current shame!
I will hardly forget his gypsy ...
No, guys, everything is wrong, everything is wrong, I will be a reptile!

You do not need to be a reptile to understand the main problem of Russian society - the gap and loss of spiritual connection between generations. In a short historical period, just within one twentieth century, the country was twice passed through a meat grinder of social cataclysms, in which, as Nikolai Rastorguev sings, “Russians chopped Russians”. And each time the spiritual guidelines of society changed to diametrically opposed. These are earthly affairs created by the spiritless mind.

But there, the collective spirit of the people has been formed in the bogosphere over millennia. It is like a pattern on a fabric formed from the souls of the dead generations. You probably had to see mass demonstrations, when hundreds or thousands of people simultaneously lift pieces of cardboard or plywood above themselves. On each of the pieces, separately, a meaningless fragment is applied, but when joined together they form a complete, complete picture. People-carriers can be different, but the overall picture does not suffer from this. Likewise, the individual souls who have passed away, leaving the Earth, are woven into a single spiritual fabric of the thin world, enriching the general drawing on it — the Spirit of the People. So he has a regulating effect on earthly affairs, forming new souls, going to Earth to meet with newborns.

Now, at the beginning of the XXI century, young souls of the next generation are forming in the energy-informational layer of the Earth. And this happens under the influence of the spiritual experience of our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers. Those who passed through the crucible of the 20th century. Moreover, the joint experience of all three realities - both Russia’s maternal reality, and the USSR from the reality of developed Stalinism, and the Union of Spirit and Mind from reality-2. This is so because we have with them a common bogosphere - one for all, and our ancestors have already paid their price for it ... And who knows, maybe right now, somewhere in the Russian province, in the bosom of not the capital’s church itself, A mother in labor is the light of an infant, called upon by the Popular Spirit to open a new page in the history of our common homeland.
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  1. GreatRussia
    GreatRussia 6 May 2013 06: 51
    And then at the junction of the Spirit and Mind, another hypothesis was born, insane enough to be true later. Energy Information Layer around the Earth is not a noosphere, a product of the activity of an evolving mind, but a divine essence, a particle of God brought by Him closer to his creations.

    The most famous destructive totalitarian sects possessing a significant number of signs of such, as well as occult centers and movements operating in the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Kazakhstan

    “DEIR” (“School of Further Energy information human development ")
    1. ziqzaq
      ziqzaq 6 May 2013 08: 32
      Quote: GreatRussia
      The most famous destructive totalitarian sects

      And do not say, were the most reading people, with the best education, and now? Obscurantism is one .......
      1. soldat1945
        soldat1945 6 May 2013 09: 43
        Che gives Zadornov lol
      2. elmi
        elmi 6 May 2013 16: 43
        As I understand it, the author calls for the exaltation of man’s spirituality. And I completely agree with this statement. A spiritual person will never do bad, will try to do more good. And you can’t buy such people, honestly, his reliable signature in the contract. The spirituality of Russia is the basis of rebirth.
    2. ministr
      ministr 6 May 2013 12: 38
      To be honest, I expected more from the article. But the author thanks for the work anyway !!. Of course +.
  2. Refund_SSSR
    Refund_SSSR 6 May 2013 06: 56
    Of course I understand that the May holidays, but at least have a snack laughing
    1. zart_arn
      zart_arn 6 May 2013 07: 47
      Yeah, the author started talking so much! laughing
    2. Explore
      Explore 6 May 2013 12: 02
      I also want this kind of grass! :) laughing
  3. Ram chandra
    Ram chandra 6 May 2013 08: 10
    What nonsense was I just trying to read ?! What kind of God, what kind of bosphere, what does it carry ?! Can you stop
    1. smile
      smile 6 May 2013 15: 46
      Frankly, I was just trying ... I repent, I didn’t master it ... like in a joke about Vovochka, my dad pager read yesterday .. I thought a lot! :))) But I put the article + ... it’s worth wrapping it .. :))))) I wonder what it does in VO?
  4. djon3volta
    djon3volta 6 May 2013 08: 53
    The first part about the time machine in Chernobyl and Stalin was more interesting. wassat
  5. dizelniy
    dizelniy 6 May 2013 09: 00
    The opinion of the author is respected, especially in terms of today. You need to read Vernadsky, the Public Security Chancery, and then another vision will open up for the content of the article.
  6. Nevsky
    Nevsky 6 May 2013 09: 12
    It’s just that Vasilich did a great creative work to not only show the inconsistency of the current socio-political model, but also alternative development paths based on, traditions and in the wake of Russian society. Today it’s fantastic, and tomorrow it’s reality. After all, 22 years of turmoil should already result in something?
  7. Igarr
    Igarr 6 May 2013 09: 40
    Thanks, just Vasilich.
    A statement of the theory of the Universe in an accessible form.
    And who does not understand - well, God be with them.
    1. baltika-18
      baltika-18 6 May 2013 09: 47
      Quote: Igarr

      Although I expected a little different. But here everyone has their own view ....
      Article plus. The main thing is not to think stereotyped and the truth can be found.
      Among the many options for sure there is a corresponding real picture of the world.
  8. erased
    erased 6 May 2013 09: 41
    And why does this author not take his creation to the publishing house? It's about time. And you will also be pleased with us. The fact that it will no longer print here ...
  9. The cat
    The cat 6 May 2013 10: 18
    The author’s heavy drugs are not running low. wassat
  10. Parabelum
    Parabelum 6 May 2013 10: 22
    Hmm .... so there won't be winter, or will it be? I was really stunned, I didn't expect such an article on Topvar ..
  11. UFO
    UFO 6 May 2013 10: 36
    I almost broke my brain! "The Matrix Reload" on our account ??? belay
    1. Begemot
      Begemot 6 May 2013 12: 30
      and for whose else?
  12. does it
    does it 6 May 2013 10: 48
    the godosphere, the author calls the chronicles of Akash (memory of the planet earth in Buddhism). What people call God is an information-cosmic field that is invisibly connected with all living beings and planets in the universe. That is, God is pure energy that is not similar to anyone else. priests of almost all confessions are forced to sell, as well as the constant development of science on earth makes one think about who this "god", "gods" was. the representative of which planet he was. Or he was just a king like the deified commander ZEVSU, once ruling one of many nations on the ground.
  13. GOGY
    GOGY 6 May 2013 11: 26
    In short - we are waiting for a new Stalin. I would rather ...
  14. Marine One
    Marine One 6 May 2013 12: 09
    Ernest Muldashev drove. The program "Third Eye" is on the air. VO turns into some kind of bad parody of both "military" and "review".
  15. Begemot
    Begemot 6 May 2013 12: 26
    The countries of old Europe experienced something similar 200-300 years ago, these are the French revolutions, and Cromwell, and Garibaldi, etc., etc. (I quote the names as symbols of phenomena). Only they had little imagination, and the territory was not our example, it was easier to manage. Yes, and mores were then bloodthirsty, well, the Huguenots did not like the French - they cut it out overnight. In Russia, the community system of building a society is being demolished. They managed to break everything a hundred-odd years ago, but to find an equivalent, or any acceptable replacement, no. That's why throwing and shy from side to side. Stalin tried to unite the country into one large community, and for some time he succeeded, but the community soon died with his death, because it was already ineffective. Capitalism has already come to Russia once, it ended badly, now we are stepping on the same rake again. It will not end in good. The most unpleasant thing is that a positive way out of the situation is not visible. There is not even a theoretical plan for overcoming the Russian, Slavic social rift. Reading the comments on this site, you understand that the crisis of the Slavic and Russian Orthodox ideas excites many, but no one finds a generalized solution. And no wonder: the church (at least the top) was mired in luxury, the people of the state in embezzlement and money-grubbing, the people, with rare exceptions, in lawlessness and poverty. And the question is very tough, if in the coming decades we do not find a unifying idea and build on its basis the Russian State with a capital letter, it is likely ,,,, I don’t even want to think about it.
    1. does it
      does it 6 May 2013 12: 50
      Quote: Begemot
      Russia is scrapping the community system of building a society

      what is true is true ...
  16. Tolik. 975
    Tolik. 975 6 May 2013 13: 14
    Vasilich (and the author) plus. I was pleased with the news about a higher level of existence of my I-1 and I-2. The humor is understood. All with the coming Day of the Great Victory !!!
  17. Petrix
    Petrix 6 May 2013 17: 01
    But. People read and their energy-informational state changes. The author noted well: the matter is moving towards the unification of the spiritual and rational components. This is the law of development. It is not enough to pray to God in case of fire, it is necessary to extinguish, but wisely. Spiritual "business, nothing personal" is also a dead end. And development crushes and requires direction, otherwise it can burst into disaster. You have to choose the third way, to combine foreboding and logic. Here it is only necessary, when the pendulum goes from pragmatism to spirituality, not to accelerate it, but to stop it in the middle.
  18. Just Vasilich
    6 May 2013 19: 41
    Hello, I wish all visitors to the site!
    For my natural reasons, I can’t stay away from discussing my own article.

    But first of all - Christ is risen, Orthodox! Non-Orthodox, this message may not cause any response. But try to rejoice for us - your faith or atheism will not lose it.

    Now to the point. Initially, he was sure that among visitors to the site, as in any society, there will be people who can understand the meaning of the trilogy as a whole and, in particular, its last part. I am very grateful and grateful to them..

    But immeasurably more, I am grateful and grateful to those who speak out here in an ironic or negative way. For it is easy to understand the hidden meaning of the prepared mind, and, conversely, you need to perform a true feat in order to master unusual material and, moreover, leave some kind of comment under it. So the trilogy hooked on something, took the thought off the beaten track, left a mark in consciousness, prompted to speak. Here for this feat and thanks to all my critics. To strengthen them in the thought that the victim was not in vain, I will give in brief form the main provisions of the article:

    1) Man, the creation of God, has rational and spiritual principles.
    2) Until now, Spirit and Mind have evolved in parallel ways, not intersecting, Spirit in religious traditions, Mind in worldly life.
    3) Scientific and technological progress and the development of society based mainly on Reason reaches its limit. Ahead of us are barriers that are insurmountable solely by the power of Reason.
    4) For priority spiritual development, the state and the church must rethink their purpose and take steps towards each other.
    5) At the forefront of the development of society (especially in the post-Soviet space), spiritual values ​​should be put.
    6) The spiritual experience of previous generations does not disappear anywhere, but accumulates in the Spirit of the People, which has a corrective effect on earthly affairs.
    7) The existing state power is not able to withdraw Russian society from the impasse of the Western development model, until it actually recognizes the priority of spiritual values. Otherwise, she is destined to play the role of mere locum tenens for future leaders who have absorbed the Spirit of the People.
    1. saturn.mmm
      saturn.mmm 7 May 2013 00: 52
      A very long time ago, ancient philosophers raised questions of the harmonious development of man, but it is still possible there that we cannot develop spiritually in large numbers, but the fact that in modern times mankind has reached a dead end in its development does not raise any doubt. There is no spirituality, and soon cars will think for us.
      The "triad" of Plato is "one", "mind", "soul".
      Plato also puts forward the philosophical doctrine of the triad, according to which all that exists consists of three substances:
      is the basis of all being;
      It has no signs (no beginning, no end, no parts, no integrity, no form, no content, etc.);
      there is nothing;
      above all being, above all thinking, above all sensation;
      the beginning of everything - all ideas, all things, all phenomena, all properties (both all good things from the point of view of man and all bad things).
      comes from the "one";
      divided with the "one";
      opposite to the "one";
      is the essence of all things;
      there is a generalization of all life on earth.
      mobile substance, which unites and binds "the one - nothing" and "the mind - all living things", and also binds together all things and all phenomena;
      also according to Plato, the soul can be the world and the soul of an individual; with a hylozoic (animated) approach, things and inanimate nature can also have a soul;
      the human soul (things) is part of the world soul;
      the soul is immortal;
      when a person dies, only the body dies, but the soul, having answered in the underworld for its earthly acts, acquires a new bodily membrane;
      the constancy of the soul, the change of body forms is the natural law of the Cosmos.

      Thanks for the article, I hope to continue.
    2. urganov
      urganov 7 May 2013 01: 49
      And what does any church have to do with it? The church is an organizational structure parasitic on fear of individuals unsure of their internal qualities. It has nothing to do with religion at all in its essence. And so to the human faith in something, all the more uninvolved.
  19. zevs379
    zevs379 6 May 2013 23: 07
    The path to the thousand leagues begins with the first step. Vasilich YOU are not alone! So go ahead and do not be afraid of ridicule.
    1. Just Vasilich
      7 May 2013 06: 46
      For this I am writing so that we have more. As Petrix correctly noted:
      People read and their energy-informational state changes