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How to stir up a civil war in Russia

How to stir up a civil war in Russia

As you know, there are no revolutions without blood. However, a society that has long lived in the world, participating only in the reflection of external threats, gets used to a peaceful life, it is very difficult to shake it with blood. This was the Russian society sample 1917 of the year. Therefore, in the days of the October Revolution, blood spilled relatively little, even less than in the February Revolution. Yes, and resistance in the country was minimal, no wonder this process was called "the triumphal procession of Soviet power." Nobody wanted to defend the talker liberals.

However, this result did not suit the “world community” and the so-called “world community” behind it. “World backstage” (“financial international”). They needed in Russia a lot of blood and a large-scale civil war, which was to lead to the final destruction of Russia and the solution of the "Russian question." The Russian people interfered with the builders of the New World Order and were subject to disintegration and destruction. Therefore, several steps were taken to incite the Civil War. First, through the wing of the “internationalist” Bolsheviks (they were the real agents of influence of various Western special services and financial-industrial groups), the personification of which was Trotsky-Bronstein, they began to artificially impose cruelty and terror. Red Guards and sailors consciously accustomed to blood, the physical elimination of counter-revolutionaries and simply people who were class-alien to the workers and peasants, became commonplace.

Even during the preparation of the October coup, Sverdlov, one of the most sinister figures of the Russian revolution, sent his emissaries to Sevastopol with instructions to set up a "Kronstadt of the South" there. And Kronstadt was marked not only by revolutionary sentiments, but also by the murders of officers. Sverdlov's instructions were carried out. In Sevastopol, Soviet power was established peacefully, during naval committees were already dominated by Bolshevik sentiments. But Sverdlov's envoys, led by commissars Solovieva and Nimich, put together detachments of "thugs" and washed Sevastopol, Yalta, Simferopol, Feodosia and Yevpatoria with the blood of hundreds of officers and "counter-revolutionaries". It should be noted that during the Civil War, many women revolutionaries were noted in simply demoniac cruelty, rare even for male executioners. This is to the question of the myth of the "primordial greater humanity and mercy of women" in human stories. Excessive cruelty and terror, which often touched innocent people, pushed many people away from the Bolsheviks, made them counter-revolutionaries.

One of the main ideologues of the revolutionary terror was Trotsky. He constantly called on rallies for a “revolutionary guillotine”, “merciless executions”. He promised to kill five counter-revolutionaries for every revolutionary killed. In December 1917 of the year, addressing the Cadets, Trotsky announced the beginning of mass terror against the enemies of the revolution: “... no later than a month later, terror will take on very strong forms following the example of the great French revolutionaries. Our guillotine will be waiting for our enemies, and not just a prison. ” It is clear that in troubled times such appeals do not pass by the attention of functionaries of the ruling party. Thus the flywheel of the "Red Terror" spun up.

The second step, which led to the incitement of the Civil War on the territory of the Russian Empire and the big slaughter on its outskirts, was the conscious support of various separatists, supporters of disintegration. Long before 1917, and especially this process intensified during the First World War, the West supported the nationalists and the separatists. In particular, Austria-Hungary and Germany supported the Ukrainian nationalists. Finnish and Baltic separatists were supported by both the Central Powers and the "allies" of Russia in the Entente. The Ottomans and the British worked in the Caucasus and Central Asia. The February and October revolutions shook the state and accelerated the disintegration of the country. National suburbs began to separate. Do not recognize the Soviet government and the Cossack region. The Cossacks during this period were by no means supporters of “united and indivisible Russia,” many lived on the principle of “my hut is on the edge.” Like, let them deal with the problems themselves, we will live ourselves, without a central authority.

Third, the Western powers and Japan provided assistance to both the red (Bolsheviks) and the white. It was an ancient strategy - divide and conquer. The Germans financed revolutionaries - the Bolsheviks, the Mensheviks and the Social Revolutionaries, and also helped the separatists. The intelligence services of the German General Staff sent several officers to Russia for intelligence and counterintelligence work in favor of the Bolshevik Council of People's Commissars. At the same time, the Germans were establishing contacts with Krasnov. The German Empire recognized the Don Republic and controlled the actions of the ataman Krasnov.

Double game led and the Entente powers. Under the Soviet government, unofficial missions of the USA and France were created (with the help of the Red Cross), and the British also created such a mission. Trotsky played a key role in relations with the Americans. The leaders of the unofficial Western missions under the Soviet government favorably responded to the dissolution of the Constituent Assembly. Colonel Robins reported to the United States that now the Soviet government has significantly strengthened its position, and advised: "We need to support the Soviet government as long as possible." And the adviser to the American president, Colonel House, noted that the United States should seek rapprochement with the Soviet government in order to put the Russian situation under its control. American businessmen with might and main benefited from the current situation in Russia. Time of troubles allowed to extract super profits. From Russia there was a stream of antiques, jewels, gold, family silver, works of art, etc.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that the Bolsheviks were needed by the “world backstage” in order to inflame the revolution in Austria-Hungary and Germany. The destruction of the Russian Empire did not exhaust the goals of the First World War - the imperial-aristocratic powers had to become a thing of the past, give way to the "democratic" republics. It was necessary to destroy not only Russia, but also the German, Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires. For the Anglo-Saxons to ignite the flames of the revolution in the Central Powers was a very attractive event. It promised a lot of benefits, at a fairly low cost. Trotsky with his theory of "permanent revolution" was very helpful. From the spring of 1917, President Wilson headed for the support of the German Left, who had close ties with the Russian Social Democrats and encouraged discontent with the war and the government. In public speeches, the American president hinted at the possibility of peace if "democrats" win in Germany and Austria.

With the other hand, the Entente supported the nascent white movement. The Entente was addressed by Kornilov, Alekseev, Kaledin and representatives of the liberal-democratic parties that fled to the Don. In their circles, the Bolsheviks were considered "German agents", so the appeal to the allied Western powers looked quite natural. It is clear that England and France did not refuse to help. This is how many attractive opportunities opened in this situation! Support both camps and get dividends. London and Paris did not disappoint the white camp, encouraged, did not refuse to help, promised to provide assistance. From London, Ambassador George Buchanan was sent a statement stating that the policy of the British government is to support any solid organization in Russia that actively opposes the Bolsheviks. To organize such activities were allocated large sums of money. The American ambassador to Russia, David Rowland Francis, was involved in the same activity. What is interesting is that money for Kaledin was transferred by the same National City Bank, which also financed the revolutionary activities of the Bolsheviks.

True, often the Western powers were limited to promises of help, money. They realized their goals and objectives in Russia, they promised one thing to white, but did something completely different. At the same time they tried to regulate the policy of the White movement. Encouraged, inspired by the war, while trying to distance themselves from further events. Russian fiercely fought with the Russian, as required by the "world backstage."

At the same time, the West was actively in a hurry to take advantage of the collapse of Russia. Readiness was expressed to recognize the independence of Finland, the Baltic states, and Ukraine. Romania, with the support of the Entente, seized Moldavia. In December in Paris, the British and French signed an agreement on the division of spheres of influence in Russia. The English zone includes the Transcaucasus, the North Caucasus and the Don Region, the French - the Crimean peninsula, Ukraine and Bessarabia. Later, the United States and Japan joined the agreement. Plans were made for the division of the Russian North and Siberia. The Japanese laid claim to Primorye and Eastern Siberia.

An important role in stirring up the Civil War in Russia was played by the intervention. The Western powers and Japan had the opportunity to directly intervene in the course of events in Russia, to help one, to disturb others. The reason for the open intervention was the Brest peace. During the First World War, the Entente countries, through the three main open ports of Russia - Murmansk, Arkhangelsk and Vladivostok, supplied about 1 million tons of military cargo. Most were used and shipped inland, but some remained in warehouses. Under the pretext of protecting these goods from the Germans, interventionists appeared. In Murmansk, during the Provisional Government, a detachment of Admiral Kemp arrived. At the beginning of 1918, Japanese ships appeared in Vladivostok. This worried the United States and Britain, they set off their ships.

The invasion of foreigners was accompanied by clearly treacherous activity of Trotsky. When the Murmansk Council requested guidance on foreign presence, Trotsky sent a telegram saying: “You must accept any assistance from the Allied missions ...”. Not all members of the CPC liked such steps. Stalin was seriously concerned and inspired the head of the Murmansk Council that the British never help in vain, as the French do. Stalin demanded written assurances from the British and French "against a possible occupation." But he could not resist such a strong attack. Trotsky had already convinced Lenin that the presence of the Entente troops in the Russian North would be useful. March 6 from the battleship "Glory" on the Russian land landed the first British units. Then new landings were landed.

Trotsky was ready to go further. He offered the Americans to break the Brest Agreement if the Bolsheviks were guaranteed economic and military assistance from the Entente. In addition, this traitor offered the United States to establish control over the main transport artery of Russia - the Trans-Siberian Railway, along which military supplies were supposed to go. Trotsky arranged a meeting between Lenin and Robins. The Soviet leader also advocated the expansion of Soviet-American ties, but was more cautious in words, in no hurry to give out promises. He agreed to accept the help of the Entente, if the war with the Germans was resumed and to involve American entrepreneurs in the restoration of rail and water transport. But I did not forget to remind the Americans that the United States, although friendly to the Soviet government, has not yet recognized Soviet Russia.

In early April, Japanese troops landed in Vladivostok. Under the pretext that the Germans could seize the Siberian Railway and create bases in the Pacific, threatening Japanese interests. The Japanese went around without coordination with Moscow. True, the British and Americans somewhat slowed down the Japanese, did not allow them to build on their success. England and the USA had their own plans for the future of Siberia. However, in Tokyo, they were able to act with someone else's hands. Their creature became chieftain Semenov. And Chinese marshal Zhang Zholin, a protege of the Japanese, captured the strip belonging to Russia along the CER with Harbin, built with Russian money.

On the other hand, the Central Powers were introduced into Russia. Finnish nationalists initially flooded under the wing of the Germans. Germany has transferred the brigade of General von der Goltz to Finland. Detachments of the Finnish Red Guard suffered a defeat. According to a secret agreement, Germany recognized Karelia for the Finns, if they manage to capture. Under the Germans went and Balts. In April, the Joint Council of Courland, Livonia and Estland appealed to the German emperor with a request to take them under "permanent German care."

Under the pretext of assistance from the Central Rada, Austrian-German troops occupied Ukraine. Along the way, German troops captured the Donbass and the Crimea, which had no relation to Little Russia. Austria received Odessa and Mariupol. The “independent” state was under the complete control of Germany. Even the harvest took place under German control, mandatory deliveries of grain, meat and fat were introduced. The foreign trade, railways, factories and mines of the “state” came under German control. Soon the Germans Radu dispersed and put hetman Skoropadsky "at the head" of Ukraine. Turkey claimed the Crimea, but Berlin decided to turn the peninsula into a German colony.

In the Caucasus, Turks ruled. Azerbaijani Musavatists took their side. Armenians with Russians who joined them put up resistance, stopped the Turkish offensive, but the Dashnak government capitulated, giving the Ottomans part of the territory of Armenia and the railways. The Georgian Mensheviks pursued an anti-Russian policy: thousands of Russians were fired from their jobs, expelled from their homes, robbed, arrested and killed. When the Turkish troops approached, the Georgian Mensheviks asked the Germans for help. German troops landed in Poti, "rented" this port for 60 years and placed garrisons in Georgian cities. Georgia was supposed to be included in the German Empire, it was supposed to be a stronghold of the German presence in the Caucasus.

Thus, the “global community” played a decisive role in fueling the Civil War in Russia. Due to the fault of the masters of Western civilization, Russia lost millions of people, was thrown back in development, lost vast territories. In 1930-s, Russia had to strain all its forces to close the gap with the advanced powers of the West, which was created during the revolution and the Civil War.

The editorial board of Voenniy Obozreniye urgently needs a proofreader. Requirements: impeccable knowledge of the Russian language, diligence, discipline. Contact: [email protected]

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  1. Atlon
    Atlon 13 May 2013 08: 33 New
    Thus, the “world community” played a decisive role in fomenting the Civil War in Russia. Through the fault of the masters of Western civilization, Russia lost millions of people, was thrown back in development far back, and lost vast territories. In the 1930s, Russia had to exert all its efforts to close the gap with the advanced Western powers that was created during the Revolution and the Civil War.

    Read: Zionist-British community. The pulling of Russia into the 1st World War, the murderous Stolypin, the support and cultivation of the 5th column, the escalation of revolutionary sentiments ... Russia is always a bone in the throat of universal people, they will calm down only when Russia does not become, or they do not. I would prefer the second ...
    1. Bigriver
      Bigriver 13 May 2013 12: 36 New
      Quote: Atlon

      Read: Zionist-British community. The pulling of Russia into the 1st World War, the murderous Stolypin, the support and cultivation of the 5th column, the escalation of revolutionary sentiment ....

      Yes, to hell, they would do something: ((...
      If in Russia a whole class of "unnecessary" people did not emerge - the raznochin intelligentsia ... If a part of the nobility, out of idleness, did not start playing at the Masons ... If the peasant had been made a master earlier, etc.
      Profukali Romanov country.
      1. vladimirZ
        vladimirZ 15 May 2013 16: 35 New
        "... The Romanovs profiled the country." BigRiver  13 May 2013 12:36

        But in the last article about Alexander the Third, the monarchists - commentators, broke away - minus those who opposed tsarism. No one has done more for the collapse of Russia than the monarchy itself.
    2. Sakhalininsk
      Sakhalininsk 13 May 2013 15: 04 New
      Quote: Atlon
      Read: Zionist-British community.

      You are absolutely right, the main goal of the impudent Saxons was and will be robbery, Russia has always been the only significant obstacle to this demonic offspring. As long as Russia is there, all this vile cube of parasites will be exclusively dissatisfied with the fact that there is something beyond their control.
  2. radio operator
    radio operator 13 May 2013 08: 40 New
    They needed big blood in Russia and a large-scale Civil War, which was supposed to lead to the final destruction of Russia and the solution of the "Russian question".

    Yes, this is exactly the issue that was put on the agenda of the Western "allies".
    They were very frightened by the report of the famous European economist Edmond Thierry, according to which, by the middle of the 20th century, Russia was to become the richest and most prosperous country in the world. After all, only under Nicholas II the population increased by 30 millions. And by 1945, the population of Russia was to reach half a billion people.
    1. soldat1945
      soldat1945 13 May 2013 19: 48 New
      What would happen to Russia in the idiot Nikolashka is not yet known; everything in Russia was laid down; foreign banks supplied a lot of low-quality product, both uniforms and weapons and food, to the troops; in agriculture, the grain they loved to shout about was not collibated and sold abroad at mizir prices due to its poor quality, according to the report of the mobilization commission, every fifth mobilized peasant was underweight and did not eat meat in his life, the industry was controlled by foreign holdings and the prices for all were sharply higher in connection with the war, mortality was several times higher than in in European countries, so it’s possible that if this one further ruled the country, Russia, even within the USSR, would not have managed to survive, and don’t forget about his mediocre command of troops during the war and the damn controversial appointments of commanders and commanders, plus personal weakness and abandonment Powers in such a difficult time for her! So many people would not go after the Bolsheviks if everything was so promising in Russia!
    2. Alex
      Alex 26 August 2013 12: 48 New
      Even D.I. Mendeleev wrote about such prospects in his diaries. When I read, I was once again amazed at the depth of mind and the breadth of views of the great Russian. That's really a genius, he is a genius in everything.
  3. avt
    avt 13 May 2013 10: 05 New
    request And the most piquant thing is how the hamsters of that time, reveling in Gorky's Petrel, waited for the revolution, rejoiced exactly before the creation of the Cheka laughing . And now their lasts stigmatize and yearn for tsarist times and crap on the past of the country. And to dig their ancestors - so every second, if not the first was a commissar in a dusty helmet, but now all the nobles and descendants of noble families.
  4. Uzoliv
    Uzoliv 13 May 2013 10: 12 New
    Author's quote: "However, a society that has lived in peace for a long time, participating only in repelling external threats, gets used to a peaceful life, it is very difficult to swing it for blood. Such was the Russian society of the 1917 model."
    Normal peaceful Russian society, you read and tears of tenderness heap on your eyes. In 1905-07, peasant unrest in the central provinces — manor estates were burning, unrest also in workers' villages — barricades were being built, and it came to armed clashes. Unrest in the army, in all three fleets the most real uprisings take place, a real naval battle on the Black Sea fleet between the rebel cruiser Ochakov and the ships faithful to the tsar.
    Apparently, for the author this is a normal peaceful Russian life.
  5. individual
    individual 13 May 2013 10: 12 New
    Alexander Samsonov, the author of the article, in my opinion, does not correctly emphasize the causes of the Civil War in Russia.
    Much is rightly called, but this is a consequence and not a cause.
    The proverb was blatant justice in society, no one needed the Imperialist, as they now write the First World War (although what is it the First?) To please the Anglo-Saxons. The collapse of faith in the tsar, the supreme power of Russia. The main thing is said by VI Lenin: "When the upper classes cannot govern in the old way, and the lower classes cannot live in the old way." The society is extremely divided, and this is true even today. Who is fueling the "civil war" in Russia today? Not fully clarified and resolved issues of the historical path of Russia, the confrontation between "red" and "white" continues. The supreme authority is above the problem. Thus, the unity of thoughts, the unity of the people of Russia and the very existence of society will be torn apart for an infinitely long time. The supreme power must decide with whom it is, with a handful of compradors about the Western bourgeoisie or with the people - a Trudovik carrying the entire burden of hardships, successes, triumphs, and sometimes failures in the arrangement of Russia. Until the government, the political leadership is unified, nationally oriented, there will be a confrontation between the sluggish civil war between "whites" and "reds", and "reds" with "whites".
    1. radio operator
      radio operator 13 May 2013 15: 52 New
      Quote: individ
      confrontation between "red" and "white"

      Yes, there is no confrontation between "red" and "white". This ideological cliché has long been outdated and worn out.
      The confrontation between the liberal and Slavophil concepts came to the fore. The first stands for "universal" liberal values, the second for traditional ones.
      1. yurta2013
        yurta2013 13 May 2013 18: 32 New
        Quote: radio operator
        The confrontation between the liberal and Slavophil concepts came to the fore. The first stands for "universal" liberal values, the second for traditional ones.

        Judging by the majority of comments in this section of the site, the confrontation of outspoken Stalinists with supporters of all other directions of political thought in the country, whom they collectively call "liberals", came to the fore.
        To equate the Stalinists and Slavophiles is completely wrong. The former advocate not "traditional" values, but the values ​​of the Stalinist era. They consider the "golden age" of our country to be only a short period of its history from the late 20s to the early 50s. 20th century. They regard the rest of the history of Russia as only a not very successful prelude to the main action that began with Stalin's rise to power.
  6. afire
    afire 13 May 2013 10: 19 New
    and nothing has changed, and on this basis any "good" attempts and intentions of the "allies" are needed! subject to doubt and repeated verification, any agreement must be thoroughly analyzed and evaluated. They CANNOT be believed, any of their actions leads to our destruction and this aspiration is usually hidden in the most honest intentions and the kindest smiles, but I will say that they are ALREADY here and they ALREADY have fledged, and no military power will help to fight them inside the country , they cannot have the media, any uneven breathing must be nipped in the bud.
    I don’t feel like an extra war
  7. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 13 May 2013 10: 45 New
    Ha, Vladimir Ilyich did everything for the White Guard bastard, quarreled allies of the Entente and, finally, infected their troops with communist propaganda that they urgently had to get out of the way, threw the Germans with their Brest peace, Austria-Hungary thank God itself fell apart, Turkey deeply forgive me, the Japs really warmed up in China, but these are the problems of the Chinese themselves, they shot the bloody coward of the traitor and the rag of the holy great martyr Nicolaška, dispersed and shot liberal nits, well, they lost the Baltic states and Finland, but they returned the Baltic states and Finland. with her, they destroyed the churches? Well, apparently, the fat priests got everyone, destroyed their common people, they lost a lot of people? oh well lost his holy great martyr, did the russian intelligentsia die? I personally don't feel sorry for her, are you to blame, did you sell family jewelry of a great martyr? Well, excuse me the industry is ruined and you want to eat, but just because no one gives, you need to buy for GOLD. I think that Russia has chosen the best of all the alternatives and the only correct history has shown. It’s not for nothing that the monuments to this man stand on the main squares of Russian cities. And even before you insult this man, write at least one scientific work, otherwise we have a lot of critics, in their life they did not write anything larger and more intelligible than a dictation in Russian at school. And you still do not need to say about 177624476000000000000000000000000000 people who were personally shot by Lenin and Stalin, leave this a beacon for the radio or some kind of liberal bunker, a normal person does not have any feelings except compassion for those who have been silenced.
    1. Rainger
      Rainger 14 May 2013 06: 09 New
      He did not defeat anyone and did not quarrel .... If you really think that the intervention was against the Bolsheviks, please voice the allied contingents (combat strength and strength) and then voice how they were going to fight the Bolsheviks with such forces ... Yes, and if you consider it great a political prostitute who sells her motherland and shakes herself for her most precious skin, who, ironically, was elevated to the rank of god, I can only sympathize with you ...
      1. Standard Oil
        Standard Oil 14 May 2013 11: 14 New
        Well, if he didn’t defeat anyone, then it means he lost to someone, tell someone? I don’t say that the intervention was against the Bolsheviks and indeed the interventionists constantly threw whites licking them one place, poor people! Their forces were worthless agree, but it’s their problems. For a political prostitute, it’s more difficult here, I won’t say that you repeat the white propaganda of the civil era, and Ilyich pursued YOUR goals and used anyone else for this, but didn’t White use others for his purposes? I don’t do it because God is one and Muhammad is his prophet! I don’t need sympathy thanks, sympathize with the starving children of Germany. Alas nowadays, there are less and less sensible people who think without emotions.
        1. Rainger
          Rainger 14 May 2013 11: 59 New
          Was it necessary to put a minus?
          And why should I not repeat when you repeat another propaganda?
          About the fact that whites licked someone’s ass, it’s the impudent cowardly lie of the Bolsheviks who themselves licked everybody’s ass and didn’t put Russian people in penny ... Ilyich didn’t pursue any goals, call them at least ... You know, there’s no border crossing Ilyich’s worth it now the mustache didn’t wash him off and yes and there is nothing so outstanding in the list of his merits that his ITT about public relations in the future is the tenth thing ... And at the expense of victory, you know for some again a question in price and means .. But you brought up in the spirit of imitation of terrorists to murderers and traitors to this by and large do not care ...
          1. Standard Oil
            Standard Oil 14 May 2013 12: 35 New
            Advocacy for this is created so as not to hear the opponent and if we repeat propaganda to each other, this is pointless. Well, white apparently had such fighters for national happiness as on their posters, probably they were like that, they loved and captivated Russian people well and obviously they paternally kissed every newcomer and gave him flowers. Lenin initially pursued the goal of exporting the revolution to developed industrial countries, he needed Russia as a bridgehead, suppose it was also his goal to establish communism on a global scale, but as they say it didn’t did the communists have to pull the country out of the outhouse where the last tsar and the interim government drove it anyway or not? I won’t talk about the identities of the white generals like the traitor, drug addict and executioner Kolchak, you still won’t believe me. I think of any scientific work it makes no sense to you, you have not read them and will not read because there is a terrible PROPAGANDA. Everything that does not correspond to your opinion it’s propaganda. The winner is the one who is willing to pay more, but you can’t help but pay and go home to mommy. White had the opportunity to win, they missed it and this is a fact, oh yes it’s insidious Bolsheviks deceived naive generals. Well, if two they fight and one suddenly pulls out a sledgehammer, the problem of the second is that he did not foresee this. Well, my education is normal, I don’t turn to personality, which by the way is a hallmark of the end of the arguments, although you haven’t brought them up. do not imitate terrorists and murderers, you correctly noticed it.
            1. yurta2013
              yurta2013 15 May 2013 16: 43 New
              Quote: Standard Oil
              Lenin initially pursued the goal of exporting the revolution to developed industrial countries, he needed Russia as a bridgehead, for example, it was also his goal to establish communism on a global scale, but as they say it did not succeed and the Communists had to pull the country out of the toilet where the last tsar and drove it is the interim government right or wrong?

              Not this way. Where is the logic? The Communists had to pull the country out of the outhouse into which they had driven it.
  8. pinecone
    pinecone 13 May 2013 10: 53 New
    Lenin's formula in action: "Turn the imperialist war into a civil war."
  9. optimist
    optimist 13 May 2013 11: 24 New
    The article is an open "order". The civil beginning began when the nationalization of "factories, factories, newspapers, ships" began. I strongly doubt that if now revolutionary sailors come to Abramovich with Deripaska and demand to "give back the loot", they will do so. Of course, the actions of the world female Ido-Masonic behind-the-scenes also took place and in every possible way supported the turmoil, but the Russians did not want to fight (three years of the First World War got everyone).
  10. report4
    report4 13 May 2013 11: 43 New
    It was a terrible time.
    But Trotsky reminds me of something like Udaltsov. True, for all its shortcomings, Trotsky had steel eggs, but Udaltsov had only plush bells.
  11. avt
    avt 13 May 2013 11: 52 New
    Quote: report4
    But Trotsky reminds me of something like Udaltsov.

    request Well, you give a pancake! Yes, do not stand next. The sykun of the swamp, even if you really want to not inflate to such a level. And he didn’t go out with his mind and tongue-tied, wherever he was before that demon, he didn’t even need an ice ax. He just got Ampilov’s second edition, that money was bribed by the people on television - this Georgian was for revolution, but in the end both were pocketed.
  12. dmb
    dmb 13 May 2013 14: 08 New
    One gets the impression that the article was written like a fantastic story. For serious historical research implies references to primary sources. Not on the delights of another "researcher" published in 2003, but on primary sources. Of these, Samsonov apparently used only a textbook on the history of the USSR, for with regard to the intervention, he reports what was written in it, only more succinctly. The fact that Trotsky was against the Brest Peace in the same textbook, and this fact has never been disputed by anyone. But about Trotsky's "joy" over the northern intervention and Stalin's struggle with this "joy." The author is modestly silent about the sources. I'd like the author to explain on whose side these invaders fought. I don’t remember the episodes when they beat whites with units of the Red Army. At the same time, it would be nice to find out what the Reds are, having taken power, peacefully (which the author does not deny) began to fight with those who did not offer them any resistance. Just some kind of masochism, to blow up their own factories, houses, hospitals and schools, then to spend resources on their restoration. For what, you cannot blame the Bolsheviks for stupidity. And finally, is it really not tired of opposing Lenin and Stalin. Can someone give examples that Stalin was not the successor of his cause. Maybe he wrote somewhere or said that power and property should be returned to the capitalists, or there he helped one of his friends to privatize something. Or maybe the wives of Stalin's entourage were effective managers and earned thousands of times more than their husbands. Something like that.
    1. Rainger
      Rainger 14 May 2013 06: 21 New
      Well, with the interventionists, serious fights were only in the Baltic; everything else is basically small things ... Another question is that the Allied contingents regularly threw the white movement both with supplies and frankly inserting sticks into the wheels, it’s just a war is not always with a sword on the trench forehead the enemy is also an elegant setup, seemingly like allies ... The Bolsheviks' scum policy is also far from ice in my purely subjective opinion SUCH price of victory is categorically not acceptable ...
  13. stolbovsn
    stolbovsn 13 May 2013 14: 30 New
    It seems that the author is stargazing.
    In general, the correct thesis about the artificial nature of the outbreak of the Civil War turned into a strange compote of facts, half-facts and direct lies.
  14. Marat
    Marat 13 May 2013 16: 39 New
    I believe that this whole house could have been avoided, if a more decisive and tough monarch was in power in Russia. Actually, the Civil War began after the February Revolution, it was then that the army and the navy split, soldiers and sailors against the officers raised their heads separatists throughout the former empire, it was then that Western countries began to allow themselves to brazenly climb into Russian politics.
    Suppress Nikolai2, all the speeches in Petrograd, which in fact were not difficult to do (yes, at the cost of blood, but in a different way), you would have looked at the year 17 and the war, and the empire would have clearly existed more.
  15. yurta2013
    yurta2013 13 May 2013 18: 42 New
    Typical Stalinist article. If it had been printed somewhere in the newspaper Pravda in 1937, it would have organically fit into the stream of publications of that time. So the author of the article, if desired, can easily be blamed for plagiarism. It is only a pity that those with whom he ripped off the text have long been buried in the graves, and some even in the Kremlin wall. Unless the author wrote the last paragraph himself, as they say, in the spirit of the times.
  16. Black
    Black 13 May 2013 20: 46 New
    The civil war unleashed by the Bolsheviks, the years of the reign of the Bolsheviks echoed in the fate of the people. No one has done more harm to the Russian people than the Bolsheviks.

    here we discuss the reasons for the Civil. And today, they criticized Krasnov ... Who were the Reds who came to power in Russia, what should he do after what the Reds did in the Cossack lands? Put a bullet in your forehead?
  17. bublic82009
    bublic82009 13 May 2013 20: 54 New
    all common words. officers and White Guards were not distinguished by humanity. and in the revolution there were enough scumbags everywhere.
  18. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro 13 May 2013 22: 02 New
    <<< Back in the period of preparation for the October Revolution, Sverdlov, one of the most sinister figures of the Russian revolution, sent his emissaries to Sevastopol with instructions to set up a "Kronstadt of the South" there.
    Trotsky was one of the main ideologues of revolutionary terror. He constantly called for a "revolutionary guillotine", "merciless shootings" at rallies >>>
    Considering the October coup and the subsequent events of the Civil War, even without being an antisemite, it is impossible not to pay attention to, literally, the dominance in the leading structures of the Bolsheviks of persons of a "certain" nationality, the number of which did not correspond to their percentage among the population of Russia. The full impression is that this is a Jewish October coup, and arranged with the money of world Zionism - bankers Shifs, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc. These revolutionary internationalists, as well as their sponsors, who hated the Russian people, who considered it the main support of the power of Russia, which needed to be destroyed - these Leibs Bronstein, Yankel Sverdlov, Rosalia Zalkindy, Uritsky and other steins and tskys ... under the guise of Bolshevik demagogy, they arranged genocide of the Russian people, they staged a bloodbath for him, which world history has not yet known. Moreover, the elite of the Russian people was destroyed first of all: the intelligentsia, scientists, educators, culture ... So the Russian people paid for their complacency, kindness, trustfulness, their internationalism, which allowed numerous small peoples to live peacefully in the multiethnic Russian Empire. And when today again modern Leibs, Yankeli, Lions ... are calling Russia to revolution, and behind them again the ears of the same world Zionism stick out, then, naturally, the thought comes, is not it time, perhaps, even to legislate in Russia a barrier to national protectionism, egoism, clannishness, allowing the creation of a kind of national autonomy in state and power structures, where the vast majority of persons of one nationality from among national minorities work and govern (in their own interests), according to the number of posts held, they clearly do not correspond to their percentage in population of Russia!
  19. reichsmarshal
    reichsmarshal 13 May 2013 22: 29 New
    author zhzhot! The massacre of some Russian people by others (not Jews) in the Russian Empire has not stopped since the days of Emelyan Pugachev. The civil war differed only in that the rebels (i.e. the Reds) defeated it. It is from this that the white d-mo is contorted! Monarchism, the nobility, Orthodoxy is like a zombie virus: no matter how much an undead corpse staggers, sooner or later there will be a silver bullet or an aspen stake on it. And there will be in Mother Russia that power that the people need, and not parasitize on it!
  20. fedot.uncle
    fedot.uncle 18 May 2013 00: 17 New
    Russians are a strange nation. How to explain that in Chelyabinsk a monument was erected to Czech legionaries, who actually unleashed hostilities in the country, having organized a mutiny. Then they betrayed Admiral Kolchak, betraying him in red. And they stole part of the gold stock of the empire. Bravo, Chelyabinsk. You and external enemies do not need.