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Helicopter pilots Got naughty

Somehow we were seconded as part of the four sides of Baku to participate in large-scale district exercises. We were based at a military airfield, where there was a fighter regiment.

Our task was to take off from the airfield to the “waiting area” and from there at the appointed moment to enter the combat course with two pairs of helicopters, one after the other, and hit targets on the proving ground where the real “war” of the ground forces was.

Of course it was beautiful. A pair of Mi-24s flew over a dusty landfill covered with various ground military equipment, made a “slide”, first produced several series of two or four unguided missiles from each block, then fired from a two-barreled 30 two-millimeter cannon in long bursts and making a sharp lapel, at the command of the leader, went to the next circle, methodically shooting assoshka to the side (heat charges leading the missiles with a thermal guidance head). Immediately after this pair, a second pair of helicopters swept over the range on the “battle line” and did the same. Such a carousel lasted only 10 minutes, after which all targets were hit and the helicopters went to the airfield.

Helicopter pilots Got naughty

When returning to the airfield, the commander of my helicopter Valera Mishanin, specifically lagged behind the lead side and began to "misbehave." Almost parallel to the course of our flight, there was a large automobile highway, along which a large stream of cars was moving. We flew at a low altitude, about 25 meters, and Valera, having shifted the helicopter exactly over the track, began to make slides of meters to 50-tee and then swoop down on wagons moving in the opposite direction. One can only imagine the sensations of the drivers of those trucks on which the terrible Mi-24P “fell” from above at a huge speed and roared upwards in meters of 15 from the cab with a roar.

One of these dives ended up right in front of us suddenly there was a line of high-voltage wires that passed through the track. The distance and our speed did not allow us to turn away and the commander instinctively managed only to abruptly take the handle on himself, apparently to fly over the wires from above. At the same time, I saw a powerful flash on the cab windshield, the helicopter sharply lifted its nose up, almost perpendicular to the ground and, continuing to move forward, began to fall down its tail.

I remember from aerodynamics that there is such a thing as “pickup” when the blades of a helicopter do not flow around the air flow and do not create the necessary lifting force. I think that was exactly what happened to us at that moment.

I do not know why: God, luck, the experience of the pilot or something else, but we did not break. The helicopter, falling, tilted to the right, lowered its nose, the blades began to "rake" the air and the flight leveled off. In those long seconds, I managed to see with my side vision on the right in the porthole huge red tulips and the edges of the rotor blades, which mowed tall grass and shrubs.

Zarul to the airport parking, at the persistent request of the commander, I, without waiting for the screws to stop, took out the cassette from the black box and lit up the film of the flight data recording system. This sometimes happens.

When inspecting the helicopter, we found that we hooked two wires. The upper one scratched the cockpit of the pilot and was torn on the windshield of the command cabin. At the same time leaving an elegant metallic curl on the frame of the windshield. The bottom wire went along the bottom of the helicopter and cut all the antennas there. But thanks to the army fraternity, which should be discussed separately, we managed to find everything we needed from the fighter’s techies and we returned home in good order.

Of course, Valera then apologized to us with the navigator, we washed this thing and should we say that the incident was kept secret for many years.
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  1. Canep
    Canep 2 May 2013 10: 39
    Well what can I say? HOOLIGANS! Well, even alive and well and the car is only scratched.
    1. beech
      beech 2 May 2013 12: 31
      we can only say that because of such dumb ... s and there are state of emergency which can be avoided
      1. strenadk
        strenadk 3 May 2013 05: 30
        ... and due to comic intentions, at least one and a half thousand people and a dozen enterprises were left without electricity, my line would be broken, it would be easy to find witnesses to the emergency, the "black box" would not help, and the exposure would play an accusatory role .. ...
    2. Heccrbq
      Heccrbq 2 May 2013 13: 57
      they are full, not hooligans, they also worked on a combat approach, but they came in behind (I’m driving a Gazelle), I’m not touching anyone, suddenly something is wrong, the sound is not right, I look at the instruments, everything is fine, the sound grows, grows, I don’t know what to do and look at oncoming ones staring at me and a little higher, a sharp increase in the roar and MI-8 flies above me and with a left roll to the set, I thought they tore up my tent with wheels, admit pilots of the Syzransky VVU admit, Who?)))
  2. svp67
    svp67 2 May 2013 11: 00
    But I wonder how many people and how long they sat without light? repeat
    1. AK-47
      AK-47 2 May 2013 11: 12
      Quote: svp67
      But I wonder how many people and how long they sat without light?

      And what Matyuk was imposed on the hapless helicopter crew by truck drivers. angry
  3. Renat
    Renat 2 May 2013 11: 03
    The main thing is washed this matter. And techies did not disappoint. But did they treat them? I think yes.
  4. vladimirZ
    vladimirZ 2 May 2013 11: 05
    Pranksters japon mother! Where were your commander's brains? He had to be torn like a goat!
    1. Lavr75
      Lavr75 6 May 2013 13: 09
      And maybe it’s not necessary, it’s often annoying to fly along the route stupidly, although how many people died because of these power lines, and even the testers.
  5. FC SKIF
    FC SKIF 2 May 2013 11: 06
    The Polish pilots near Smolensk probably also liked to joke, and then again the Moscow conspiracy.
  6. AK-47
    AK-47 2 May 2013 11: 18
    ... thanks to the army fraternity ...

    The army brotherhood is a great force.
  7. VohaAhov
    VohaAhov 2 May 2013 12: 03
    Once we were driving from the training parade on a military bus. And we met about the same "rascal" on the Mi-24P. He worked on our bus for a couple of calls at a height of no more than 10 meters. Blocks with NURS hung under the wings. The impression was not pleasant; it is not known what was on the pilot's mind and whether he had ammunition. This "comrade" flew right over the bus all the time, preventing us from celebrating a successful training session for the parade.
    1. UPStoyan
      UPStoyan 2 May 2013 12: 20
      He just took a toad that you celebrate a successful training, but he did not)))
  8. sanya0974
    sanya0974 2 May 2013 12: 10
    it was lucky that then there were no DVRs, otherwise there would have been a Tryndec commander
  9. gladysheff2010
    gladysheff2010 2 May 2013 12: 23
    I want to believe that this Valera was no longer engaged in such a h..ey sitting at the controls of a combat vehicle!
    1. Lavr75
      Lavr75 6 May 2013 13: 11
      And the helicopter does not have a tamm handle wheel!
      1. belroni
        7 May 2013 09: 47
        Quote: Lavr75
        the helicopter does not have a tamm helm handle!

        Well, to be precise, there are two "knobs": a cyclic step knob and a step-gas lever, but this is not the point, the story is written for a wide audience, which does not need such details.
  10. a.hamster55
    a.hamster55 2 May 2013 12: 30
    I apologize to all the pilots. But in the 1943 year, the Father was not accepted into the flight school only because he has 10 classes and good grades. They said We need brave and not excellent students. And sent to the technical.
  11. Sirocco
    Sirocco 2 May 2013 12: 49
    Everyone is naughty, and not just pilots, and tankers, and artillerymen. And in the Navy such are present. There are pilots from God, for whom the command forgives a lot, just because they are so crazy, BUT, feeling the car, and the air situation. There are different types of pilots, there are those that fly by the RPE, these neither rain nor snow, will not fly out, and such haze as described above will go into fire and water.
    1. Lavr75
      Lavr75 6 May 2013 13: 13
      Ah well done, he said everything right! RPE is boring to fly!
  12. Bort radist
    Bort radist 2 May 2013 13: 56
    Quote: Sirocco
    There are different types of pilots, there are those that fly by the RPE, these neither rain nor snow, will not fly out, and such haze as described above will go into fire and water.

    Vladimir, there are two more options, they are not seen in gouging, but they fly like gods and crucifixes ... in everything, but, even that, into the fire, they will not even fly to a minimum.
    Major Yakovlev, the squadron commander, was with us. Any board landed with one touch (for "tankers" all planes look the same, but each has its own temper). Once we flew to feathered - a failure is simulated, the engine is forced off, the blades are put in the position of the weather vane so that they offer a minimum of resistance, if the propeller is left in the normal position, the plane starts to turn over. We are talking about the AN-12, the extreme left was feathering, we sit down on three. Yakovlev in the place of the right takes credit, so to speak. We sat down well. Our commander seemed to relax and decided to shine, and with kerosene then it was strained it was recommended to steer on 2 engines. Right on the runway, he commands "right turn off" everything on the machine, I dropped the 115 volt generators, the flight engineer turned off the engine and we began to fall on our side. We almost got caught on the wing, Major Yakovlev straightened out and managed to comment in a few words. Such a commander will carry out any order, relying on his experience, and when, without fear and on show-off, this is a roulette wheel.
    PS minus is not from me request
  13. Dimitr
    Dimitr 2 May 2013 14: 06
    This is all from idleness and self-confidence! Now, if you plowed for days, and not just in the exercises, maybe you would not have found the mood! It has always been so everywhere! But the main thing is that everything ended well and the right conclusions were made. Be healthy, men!
  14. shitovmg
    shitovmg 2 May 2013 14: 26
    This is not according to the charter. But in life sooner or later there is roulette. After it, either a genius is born, or ...
  15. viktor_ui
    viktor_ui 2 May 2013 14: 40
    I would die from boredom, if in life I was always right ... in order to polish certain skills, you just need to periodically let adrenaline flow into the bloodstream, and at the same time minimize the risk of closing it on your beloved and get it, if possible, favorable consent of the person sitting next to you drinks
  16. individual
    individual 2 May 2013 17: 01
    I read it and the first conclusion was - "FATS", and then I remembered my tricks and ... Thank God everything worked out.
  17. VohaAhov
    VohaAhov 2 May 2013 17: 53
    Quote: sanya0974
    it was lucky that then there were no DVRs, otherwise there would have been a Tryndec commander

    It looks like the commander was at the helm. It painfully painfully flew and jumped over power lines.
  18. Die-hard
    Die-hard 2 May 2013 19: 06
    Typical scoops. Instead of completing the task and calmly returning, they began to disorderly. Not surprising.
    1. Shturmovik
      Shturmovik 2 May 2013 21: 32
      Quote: Inflexible
      Typical scoops. Instead of completing the task and calmly returning, they began to disorderly. Not surprising.

      What would you understand about sausage scraps !!!! When the nerves after the exercises are at their limit, a shake is needed in order to somehow lose the weight of the load from the preparation on the ground of the endless "walking-by-flight" simulations, and after the flight itself, when not only one's own honor but also the regiment's honor is at stake. If there were no such hooligans there would be neither Chkalov nor Kozhedub who did not fly according to the rules !!!!
      1. imrek_ua
        imrek_ua 3 May 2013 16: 22
        If you worked all the way, then no nerves remain. Only extreme fatigue with the desire to quickly take a horizontal position.
        Was Kozhedub a hooligan? On Tytruba I watched a film about him, it seems, "Two Wars of Ivan Kozhedub", so on the contrary, he made the impression of a responsible, thinking pilot.
  19. ochakow703
    ochakow703 2 May 2013 19: 43
    Normal guys. By the way, Chkalov was also a big fan of "fooling around", so he got there ... I also have a lot of all sorts of pranks, but Thank God, everyone is alive.
  20. dima-fesko
    dima-fesko 2 May 2013 20: 30
    According to the story of my friend, one also dived to the beach with "girls", only on the An-2, hooked the landing gear to the water and drowned ......., jumped.
  21. dredge
    dredge 2 May 2013 21: 30
    Something is not right. How did he not see the high voltage? It seems that he was under the kumar.
  22. The comment was deleted.
  23. Vovka levka
    Vovka levka 2 May 2013 23: 09
    "Of course, Valera later apologized to us with the navigator, we have discussed this case and needless to say that the incident was kept secret for many years."

    Naive people left a secret? To whom he knew, there are no questions. The time is coming and they are having a cultural conversation with such hollowers, with all the facts and details and with all the ensuing consequences. And they get another source of information.
  24. TekhnarMAF
    TekhnarMAF 5 May 2013 15: 31
    The whole "series" is a big plus! A person writes that he has experienced, felt, well, we can embellish a little, and who without ... Almost everyone was fooling around, becoming a guru (according to their ideas), it is probably in this way that PERSONALITIES are formed capable of a desperate act (feat) According to the charter and instructions, you can live , Only an extraordinary act is not provided for by the charter!
    1. belroni
      6 May 2013 06: 37
      Quote: TehnarMAF
      The whole "series" is a big plus!

      Thank you!
  25. bodka_3
    bodka_3 8 May 2013 17: 17
    Interesting story
    1. Uruska
      Uruska 13 July 2013 10: 59
      The story is very interesting. But, because this is air hooliganism ...
  26. Uruska
    Uruska 13 July 2013 10: 55
    Risky guys. No wonder two years defend ...
  27. kotdavin4i
    kotdavin4i 13 July 2013 12: 56
    Roman, as I understand it, you flew to the training ground not far from Baku, the Nasosny airfield (although there were MIG-25s there), the PUR-1 training ground, another part of the airborne assault was still nearby in your times. so about your fooling around, there was another case not far from the city of Ganja, like a colonel, a fighter was driving along the highway, a traffic policeman stops him (it was right after the collapse of the USSR and then some of the Russian officers remained to serve under a contract) - an officer without documents, a traffic policeman is arrogant, - demands money and that's all, the officer proves to him that I am a military man, I serve you - the traffic cop does not care - in short, tore off the money, the angry officer leaves, on one of the flight days the officer slightly bows out of the route and on a low level passes over the glass booth of the traffic police post and as if by accident turns on the afterburner and leaves with a climb - there is not a single whole glass in the booth.
  28. belroni
    4 December 2013 12: 35
    Quote: kotdavin4i
    Roman, as I understand it, you flew to the training ground not far from Baku, the Nasosny airfield (although there were MIG-25s there), the PUR-1 training ground, another part of the airborne assault was still nearby in your times.