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Croatian MiG-21bis will carry out Montenegrin air defense?

According to the well-known Serbian military expert Svetozar Yokanovic, at present Montenegro has sent an application for participation in the NATO Air Data Exchange (ASDE) program. Responsibility for the integration of the armed forces of Montenegro into ASDE will be Croatia, and Croatian MiG-21bis fighters may be able to patrol Montenegrin airspace. On the one hand, this decision was long overdue, since the current government of Montenegro actively supports integration with NATO despite the fact that according to public opinion polls, a large part of the population is against it). However, it is surprising that the choice of Croatia as the airspace officer, given its problems with the MiG-21bis fleet.

Currently, the Montenegrin Air Force has four combat training jet planes Super Galeb G-4, which are in non-flying condition and offered for sale. Their tail numbers: 23690, 23647, 23729 and 23692.

Combat training aircraft Super Galeb G-4 Air Force Montenegro

Previously, a couple of these aircraft were handed over to the Nasha Krill flying club, and it was assumed that they would be used to carry out paid tourist flights. However, the cost of their demilitarization and the generally high cost of maintenance forced the flying club to return the aircraft to the Air Force. At the same time, and for the same purpose, the Russian company Monterra Montenegro with its own L-39C aircraft under its own name Golden Dragon (registration number RA-1039K) tried to develop business in Montenegro, but the same fate befell it, and the plane is located in the airport Podgorica waiting for new owners.
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  1. Fox
    Fox April 29 2013 12: 38 New
    they need to give a kite ... the same clowns as the Baltic states.
    1. Dmitriy69
      Dmitriy69 April 29 2013 12: 42 New
      No, of course the good plane ... was once.
      I wonder who they were going to defend against?
      1. Vladimirets
        Vladimirets April 29 2013 12: 53 New
        Quote: Dmitriy69
        No, of course the good plane ... was once.

        And the Yak-3 plane is good. wink
        Quote: Dmitriy69
        I wonder who they were going to defend against?

        Yes, from no one, so at least airships can be recorded in air defense.
      2. svp67
        svp67 April 29 2013 13: 03 New
        Quote: Dmitriy69
        No, of course the good plane ... was once.
        I wonder who they were going to defend against?

        Yes, from Serbia the same ...
        1. RDS-1
          RDS-1 April 29 2013 14: 51 New
          According to spy data from Wikipedia, the Serbian Air Force (among other things) consists of: MiG-21bis-K - 19 units, MiG-21UM -12 units, MiG-29 - 3 units, MiG-29UB - 1 unit. Well, and on small things, - pieces of 20 J-22 attack aircraft of local production and about a hundred general-purpose helicopters. In this alignment of forces, one can defend oneself from Serbia only by painting the Pepelians under the ladybugs - all of a sudden Serbian pilots will be touched, and they will not torment defenseless animals.
      3. eagle11
        eagle11 April 29 2013 15: 10 New
        The tasks of air defense, in other words, are simpler, basically the duty forces, these are air traffic cops, stop violations. And the MiG-21bis is very good. I remember 159 giap, in Klyuchevoe, I was retrained just with the MiG-21, the old pilots spoke with great warmth about this car. At 0,9 mach, he does the Su-27 in close combat.
  2. RDS-1
    RDS-1 April 29 2013 14: 16 New
    A classic suitcase without a handle: it’s hard to carry, and tossing it out is a toad strangling.
  3. pinecone
    pinecone April 29 2013 19: 15 New
    There is no doubt that Montenegro’s request to “carry out air defense” (!) Of its territory that is more than three times smaller than the area of ​​the Moscow Region was concocted at NATO headquarters with the aim of further distancing this country from Serbia, with which it was very closely connected throughout throughout its history.
  4. waisson
    waisson April 29 2013 20: 58 New