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“Europe lost the twentieth century to the United States of America”

“Europe lost the twentieth century to the United States of America”

The turning point in European development was the First World War. Its active participants were all European powers, as well as external forces, primarily the United States. First time in human stories she took a total and global nature. More than 60 of millions of soldiers from five continents participated in the bloody slaughter on the battlefields of Europe. The war claimed 6000 lives every day. In the meat grinder of Verdun and on the fields of death of Flanders, four times more French, three times more Belgians and twice more English than in World War II died. It was only in a grand battle on the Western Front in July 1916 that 60 000 English soldiers were killed.

The use of new slaughter species weapons Already acquired in the First World War unprecedented proportions. The German gun "Big Bertha" shot at Paris from a distance of 130 km. The American Maxim machine gun was capable of producing 600 rounds per minute. In just one attack on September 12, 1918, the Americans fired 1,1 million shells at German troops. For the first time on the battlefields Tanks and toxic substances.

The socio-political and economic upheavals, revolutions, the ill-fated Versailles Peace, the emergence of the revanchism of the vanquished, the establishment of totalitarian and dictatorial regimes in Germany, Italy and other European countries paved the way to the Second World War caused by the First World War. 31 interwar year after the conclusion of the Treaty of Versailles was actually marked by the theoretical, material, diplomatic and propaganda training of the great powers to a new world conflict. According to the definition of the German historian Wöhler, the First World War marked the beginning of the “second Thirty Years War” in Europe. His famous colleague Ernst Nolte called the period in the development of Europe from 1917 to 1945 the “civil war” between national socialism and Bolshevism. In fact, not only the conflict between the two socio-political systems was characteristic of this historical period, but also the geopolitical struggle for dominance between the European powers, including Germany on the one hand and England and France on the other. The European "civil strife" was very skillfully used by the USA to increase its geopolitical and economic weight in world affairs, especially in Europe.

The Second World War, in terms of scope, intensity and severity of hostilities, in terms of the number of people participating in it, in the number of used military equipment, the tremendous loss of life and material destruction, was unmatched for all the centuries-old history of mankind. The 61 state, with a population of a billion people in 1,7, was pulled into it. 110 of millions of people were put under the gun, fighting covered the territory of 40 states. The war swallowed up enormous production resources. Only Germany, the USA, England and the USSR produced in the war years around 653 000 aircraft, 287 000 tanks, 1,041 million guns. The total cost of the war, including direct military spending and damage from material destruction, reached an astronomical figure of 4 trillion dollars. The material losses of the Soviet Union amounted to a third of its national wealth. The war claimed 50 millions of human lives, of which almost 30 million people fell to the share of the Soviet people. Such is the terrible tribute that mankind and first of all Europe were forced to pay for the global military conflict.

The Second World War ushered in a qualitatively new stage in the development of international relations, of which Hiroshima and Nagasaki became ominous symbols. From now on, the war between the great powers ceased to be a rational means of achieving political goals. The lethal means at their disposal were so advanced that they reached the limit in their development: nuclear-missile weapons appeared, the massive use of which would inevitably lead to the death of human civilization. And, nevertheless, soon after the defeat of Germany and Japan in 1945, mankind again faced the face of world war, this time cold. It did not grow into a universal “hot” only due to the fact that the fragile world kept on a bipolar “equilibrium of nuclear fear” between the United States and the Soviet Union. For the United States, secret, indirect means of struggle to undermine the state structures, the economy and the spiritual condition of the Soviet people came to the fore in the geopolitical confrontation.

One of the main causes of the Cold War was messianic communist expansion, an attack on the West’s position, launched by the Stalinist leadership after the defeat of Germany and leading to the seizure of Eastern Europe by the Soviet Union and a sharp disruption of the global and European balance of power. The Western powers were forced to adopt a policy of deterrence, and then discarding the Soviet messianic expansion. On the part of the Soviet leadership, this was a fundamentally vicious and completely unnecessary policy, which brought the country an unbearable burden of fighting the united front of the Western powers led by the United States. The expansion of the Soviet-style socialism zone and the imposition of it by force on other countries was one of the important reasons for the weakening and falling of the USSR.

So, the three world wars shook Europe to its foundations. Millions of dead, wounded, poisoned, tortured, expelled, unfortunate widows, orphaned children, hundreds of thousands of cities and villages turned into ruins, the ruthless destruction of the industrial and scientific potential of Europe, the militarization of the consciousness and life of nations, enmity, hatred, spiritual and ideological savagery, which led to totalitarianism, dictatorships, concentration camps, disintegration of morality and ethics - all these fatal phenomena accompanied the development of Europe in the past century. The intervals between the wars were used to prepare new bloody conflicts. They were constantly accompanied by the division of Europe and the creation of more and more new dividing lines between nations. The cause of all these misfortunes was the syndrome of domination, which the rulers of the European great powers alternated with. From the wars and enmities between the European powers, the United States gained enormous geopolitical benefits. They were interested in inciting these wars, provoking them and financed their preparation. Moreover, the American territory throughout the twentieth century did not suffer at all, remaining outside the combat zone.

In addition to the use of European strife and wars, the American ruling elite resorted to global financial deception, which allowed the United States to become fabulously rich at the expense of other countries and take dominant positions in the global economy. Here is how it was. After entering 1971 from the Bretton Woods international agreement concluded in 1944, which set the gold standard for financial settlements on the world market, the Federal Reserve System (FRS-FED), which serves as the central bank of the United States and is in the hands of private corporations, at its discretion, print dollars uncontrollably and in enormous quantities. According to the calculations of the Director of the German Institute for the Study of Problems of the Middle Class Prof. Homer, in 30 years, from 1971 to the beginning of 2000, the mass of goods on the world market doubled and the money supply increased 40 times, mainly as a result of a huge increase in the dollar share .

Using the printing press, the United States began to pay for oil, gas and other goods, to buy abroad all they needed to attract prominent representatives of science, technology, culture and art to the country. Moreover, they got the opportunity to put many countries of Europe and other regions of the world in vassal dependence, influence their economic development and even provoke financial crises in them, if this was beneficial for the American ruling elite. Professor Hamer wrote in this connection: “The dollar privatized by the Federal Reserve System dominates the world in quantitative terms. It accounts for more than 75% of the entire world money supply. Large financial capital forced the commodity markets it controls to sell raw materials for dollars only. Whoever wants to sell his oil is not worthless dollars, but for euros, he is declared a terrorist (Saddam). Central banks of other countries are also forced to accept large amounts (Eurobank - more than 90%) to accept dollars as a reserve currency. The remaining currencies, like the euro, base their value on more than 90% on worthless dollar bills, supported by the power and will of large US financial capital ... Thus, the latter manages, through the Reserve Federal system, cash flows and currencies from around the world . The dollar is the privately owned currency of large US financial capital. No one but him can guarantee its value, abuse it as much as possible and increase its number. The dollar serves as a tool for its world domination and a means for plundering important types of raw materials and goods on the world market. ” Unfortunately, European countries, including the Soviet Union, and then Russia, could not oppose anything to this insidious policy of the US ruling elite.

One of the major evils for Europe of the twentieth century was the split of the German nation, committed at the insistence of the Western powers, although at the Potsdam Conference the Soviet Union objected to this and advocated the preservation of a united Germany. The US was interested in “settling down” in Europe and getting its occupation zone in West Germany and turning it into a protectorate over time. As a result, Americanization of Western Europe and Sovietization of Eastern Europe took place. After May 1945, the non-European world power of the USA turned into a factor of constant military-political presence and American hegemonic influence in Europe, alien to the interests of European nations.

After the unification of Germany, which put an end to the Cold War, the era of Europeans' insight came for a short time. They suddenly realized that it was impossible to live in the old way and it was dangerous, that Europe needed a new concept of peaceful development, without dictatorship and violence from the great powers, without dividing lines and hostility. Otherwise, the final decline of Europe threatened, as Oswald Spengler predicted. The new concept of European development was embodied in the Charter of Paris, signed by representatives of the supreme power of all European countries, the USA and Canada 21 November 1990. It solemnly proclaimed: "We, the heads of state and government of the countries - participants of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe, gathered in Paris during deep changes and historical expectations. The era of confrontation and division in Europe is over. We declare that our relationship in the future will be based on respect and cooperation. Europe is freed from the past. Thanks to the courage of men and women, the will of the people and the strength of the ideas of the Helsinki Final Act in Europe, a new era of democracy, peace and unity is approaching ... The time has come when the cherished hopes and expectations of our peoples come true for centuries. It is an unshakable commitment to democracy based on human rights and fundamental freedoms, a welfare achieved through economic freedom and social justice, and equal security for all our peoples. ”

What wonderful words! It seemed that before the European nations that had survived two “hot” and one “cold” war in the twentieth century, with their unimaginable horrors and losses, there were opened up bright prospects for creating a completely new Europe of peace, stability and cooperation. In fact, for the first time in the history of Europe, a pan-European consensus was reached, meeting the national interests of all European nations. But, alas, this project did not come true.

Great hopes for the pacification of Europe were associated with its economic and political integration. Shortly after World War II, the European Economic Community was formed in Western Europe, which later grew into the European Union. In the East, another integration community emerged - the CMEA. They personified two opposing economic sides in the East-West confrontation. Cooperation between them up to the 1980-s could not be considered. Very large political and economic differences lay between the two systems.

Still, the idea of ​​European integration, due to its attractiveness, occupied the minds of many politicians and public figures. In 1970's, the concept of “Change through rapprochement” appeared in Germany. It envisaged the mitigation of the East-West confrontation and the deepening of pan-European cooperation, as a result of which democratic changes would take place in the countries of Eastern Europe. In the 1980-ies, especially with the beginning of perestroika in the USSR, a new concept, “Rapprochement through change”, aimed at the successful implementation of profound reforms in the Soviet Union and other Eastern European countries and creating favorable conditions for European integration, began to be put on the agenda. Both concepts were based on the theory of convergence, that is, the evolutionary convergence of the political and socio-economic structures of the two systems. They played a positive role in defusing tensions in Europe. In the Soviet Union, a counter-concept of a common European home arose, which was conceived to be realized during the successful restructuring. But all these good intentions did not fit into the plans of the United States.

The destruction of the Soviet Union created a completely new geopolitical situation on the European continent. The Warsaw Pact and the CMEA ceased to exist, while NATO and the EU not only survived, but also expanded at the expense of Eastern European countries. Russia, which emerged on the ruins of the Soviet Union, lost its status of a great power due to a sharp weakening of its economic potential and decline in all vital areas in the Yeltsin hard times and in the subsequent Putin-Medvedev reign. For the West, the threat from the East has disappeared. The structural differences between the two systems also began to disappear, since the new ruling regime of Russia turned the country into a capitalist path of development.

In a radically changed environment, the European Union could be the driving force of European integration. In December 2012, he was awarded the Nobel Prize. For the first time, this award was awarded not to an individual outstanding person, but to an international organization, including for its assistance to the peaceful development of Europe. The lobbyist of this award, T. Jagland, wrote in connection with this event: “What our continent has achieved is truly fantastic. From the continent of war, he became the continent of peace. "

However, such a statement was made prematurely. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, a unique opportunity arose for the American ruling elite to fulfill its dream of establishing global US domination. The principles of the Charter of Paris contradicted this, so the White House did everything so that it was thrown overboard. The United States returned to the old triad of its European policy, voiced at the beginning of 1950's by NATO Secretary General Lord Ismay: "keep Americans in Europe, keep Germans in check, keep Russians outside Europe" ("to keep Americans in, to keep Germans dawn, to keep Russians out ").

This triad continued to play a leading role in US European policy and was significantly modified. It began to look like this in practice: “To preserve and strengthen the domination of the United States in Europe, to put European countries at the service of the global interests of the United States, to weaken Russia as much as possible and to keep it away from Europe.”

The global goals of US policy were set forth in the official “New Years Project for the New American Century” (PNAC), developed by the administration of President Bush Jr. and presented with cynical frankness to the general public 3 June 1997. to ensure “America’s global leadership”, “transform the new century in the spirit of American principles and interests”, “suppress regimes that intend to harm our interests and reject our values”. To achieve these goals, it was proposed to create a military power superior to all in the spirit of "Reagan power politics." Such a policy, it was noted in the “Project”, “may be unpopular, but it is necessary if the United States wants to achieve a leading role in the world.”

The American leadership has again begun to look for benefits in splitting the European continent and maintaining a certain level of confrontation between Russia and the rest of Europe. Washington moved the inertia of the fight against the USSR to Russia. This time this struggle took on the character of a “secret war” based on the pro-American fifth column, the personification of which was Yeltsin and his entourage.

The main instrument of US domination in Europe continues to be NATO, but with new “global functions”: instead of “restraining” and “discarding” Soviet messianic communist expansion, turning NATO into an organization serving American global interests.

The constant US presence in Europe is symbolized by the deployment of large contingents of American troops and military equipment in Germany and other European countries. The question is: why is this necessary in peacetime, when no one threatens Europe? Germany remains virtually an occupied country. On its territory there are about 40 000 American soldiers. NATO continues to be a convenient tool to keep the Germans in check and force them to sail in the wake of American politics. And after the unification, Germany remains virtually a protectorate of the United States. The White House influences personnel appointments in the highest echelons of the country's power, the activities of its media. Not without his participation, nationally minded German politicians, journalists and public figures are ostracized under the pretext of non-observance of "political correctness."

Under US pressure, the government of the Federal Republic of Germany grossly violated the treaties concluded in 1990 and international law, leaving the Bundeswehr troops in the American war against Yugoslavia. This same “plot” includes a kind of task set by the Minister of Defense of Germany Struchs to the Bundeswehr: to defend Germany’s national interests in the Hindu Kush (?!). So the German troops were in Afghanistan. In fact, this action was carried out under pressure from the United States and corresponded exclusively to American interests. And this is despite the fact that the Charter of Paris, including the representative of the Federal Republic of Germany, said: “Never again the threat of war must come from Europe”.

Only during the military invasion of Iraq, the Bush administration failed to impose its will on the German government of Schröder and force him to send Bundeswehr troops to that country. Too obvious there was a strong protest movement in Europe, especially in Germany, against this adventure of the Bush administration. The government of Germany could not ignore the public opinion, 84% of which, according to polls by the Allenbach Demoscopic Institute, condemned the US aggression against Iraq.
But many other European countries, primarily Eastern European countries, in which the helpful appointees of the United States came to the government, sent their military contingents to Iraq. The White House even forced Kuchma’s Ukraine to join this action. In all this, the American plans of “military globalization” of European countries were clearly manifested, that is, their submission to the interests of American global expansion.

Along with NATO, Washington managed to bring the OSCE under its control. And the European Union continues to pursue the American line in its policy towards Russia and other CIS countries. The events in Ukraine during the presidential election of 2004 showed this most clearly. Massive and arrogant EU intervention took place in the person of its chairman Solana in support of Yushchenko.

Thus, in the twentieth century, the United States achieved the Americanization of Europe. She remains split. It does not create a pan-European security and cooperation system. The interests of the ruling elite of the United States are met by the presence of international tension, conflict and crisis situations, including in the financial and economic sphere. This is vividly illustrated by the unprecedented banking crisis in Cyprus. It arose not without the influence of American financial capital and adopted an anti-Russian orientation. It cost Russia the expropriation of large offshore funds, dictated by the EU commission, placed without any opposition from the Kremlin in Cyprus by Russian oligarchs and unscrupulous entrepreneurs. Huge sums of money were lost for the development of Russian industry. The West has made a “robbery of the loot”, that is, the alienation of a part of the stolen riches of the Russian people, hidden by financial crooks in Cyprus.

The United States is clearly trying to transfer the experience of European development in the twentieth century to the twenty-first century and to maintain its dominant position on the European continent. But, as history shows irrefutably, the policy of domination inevitably ended in collapse and a national catastrophe for all its carriers. The American ruling elite did not draw the right conclusions from this obvious fact. She will not be able to avoid the same fate that befell European lovers dominate. Signs of "imperial overstrain" and a weakening of the US global role are already evident, and this trend will increase.

The time is not far off when European politicians will have to think about how to Europeanize Europe in the 21st century. Various projects are already being put forward. October 17 2012 was held in Vienna a conference on the theme “Is Europe Fatherland or Fatherland Europe?” This topic is inspired by serious structural difficulties and crisis phenomena in the development of a bureaucratized European Union, which has not yet come out of the US influence, and the search for more fruitful ways of development Of Europe. The issue of the place and role of Russia in the European concert of forces is increasingly being put on the agenda.

One of the central issues that should be resolved when creating a united and peaceful Europe was put by the most experienced European politician Hans-Dietrich Genscher, who headed the German Foreign Ministry for 18 for years and saw his task in helping to overcome the division of Germany and Europe and end the Cold War . In his speech in Berlin in the House to them. Willy Brandt 10 in November 2012 on the topic “Responsibility of the Germans to Europe”, he stressed that the most important condition for creating a new Europe is to permanently end the domination policy. Earlier, 18 in May 2012, he published in the Federal Republic of Germany an article “Not confrontation, but cooperation with Russia”. In it, he wrote: “Today it is about America, Europe and Russia to jointly define their common interests. They coincide much more than other bureaucrats from security in Brussels and the like think in Washington offices ... It is also about the attitude towards our great neighbor in the East and about using the chances of East-West cooperation. In the current situation, state wisdom is required, which means stopping confrontation and preventing the threat of a new confrontation ... And it is important that Europe fulfills the great outlines of the 1990 European Charter. All this and the solution of the big problems of our time are possible together with Russia, but in no way case not contrary to her. ”

This, in fact, is the main conclusion from the history of Europe in the twentieth century. In the 21st century, in order to survive, it needs a new philosophy of peace and cooperation, which outlaws the politics of domination and confrontation.
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  1. GreatRussia
    GreatRussia April 27 2013 06: 18 New
    This, in fact, is the main conclusion from the history of Europe in the twentieth century. In the 21st century, in order to survive, it needs a new philosophy of peace and cooperation, which outlaws the politics of domination and confrontation.

    An aging and dying Europe does not need a new philosophy, but traditional values, which it replaced:
    1. Russian
      Russian April 27 2013 09: 09 New
      Well, our losses in the Great Patriotic War, as always, are overstated. How many disputes have already been, well, we could not lose 30 million! Such figures began to appear after the collapse of the USSR, to denigrate our victory, we flunked them with corpses, of course.
      And the United States is the main evil on the planet, nothing can be added to this.
      1. smile
        smile April 27 2013 15: 17 New
        Exactly. I still didn’t like the statement that we “captured” Eastern Europe, but didn’t liberate ... the discussion of Stalin’s messianic communist expansion, strangely forgetting to add that such expansion is the only possible behavior, a method of survival of us as a state in an absolutely hostile environment. ... fortunately, the author does not speak directly about this. but such phrases look bad ... well, what’s wrong here is that we didn’t want to die?
        In general, the article is not bad.
    2. Genady1976
      Genady1976 April 27 2013 22: 16 New
      Yes, these homosexuals themselves do not breed, but every year there are more
      and more A NIGHTMARE
  2. fenix57
    fenix57 April 27 2013 06: 31 New
    , The fact that in the 20th century the United States achieved the Americanization of Europe somehow does not bother. But the fact that soon kirdyk will come to the geyrope is evident with the naked eye.
    Therefore, all these pro-Western post-Yeltsin supporters (fifth column) - to the fingernail and so as not to blather ... And the remaining "perestroika-patriots" - there too.
    Cooperation between Europe and Russia with the participation of amers seems to me to be simply impossible .... hi
    1. Beck
      Beck April 28 2013 10: 56 New
      Europe itself is a small continent. Moreover, divided into many relatively small and small states.

      Until 2MB, the economies of these small countries were still somehow competitive, using the former colonial potential. After WWII, the colonial era of mankind went into oblivion. And here the raw material, human insufficiency and limited economies of small countries were exposed. The United States possessed all this.

      Historically united territories remained Russia, China, India with huge potentials. Politicians in Europe took this into account, they understood that neither England, nor France, nor Germany alone could resist. And they gradually united Western Europe into a single economic territory - the European Union, which has both territory and human resources.

      And this is called globalization. Who likes it, who doesn't like it, but development follows this path. Examples other than the European Union are ASEAN and this is the construction of the Eurasian Economic Community.

      Alone, even Russia will find it difficult in the near future to economically confront Europe, the United States, China, ASEAN, India, the emerging economic union of Latin America.

      Times are like that. One will not be happy - it is necessary to unite.
  3. barbiturate
    barbiturate April 27 2013 06: 36 New
    if the German soldiers knew what awaits their homeland, then you already need to unite and fight together, already in the kindergartens they read fairy tales, according to the world program they literally "fell in love with the prince of the prince", they are preparing
  4. GreatRussia
    GreatRussia April 27 2013 06: 45 New
    Quote: fenix57
    Therefore, all these pro-Western post-Yeltsin supporters (fifth column) - to the nail and so as not to blather ...
    1. omsbon
      omsbon April 27 2013 13: 19 New
      A very large number of our citizens are ready to subscribe to these words, but even more will actually support the process of pressing to the nail!
  5. taseka
    taseka April 27 2013 06: 55 New
    Sometimes I regret that bonfires for queers are excluded from justice! Mental illness is worse than flu!
  6. shurup
    shurup April 27 2013 07: 31 New
    A piece of the globe lost to a larger piece, located on the opposite side, but in the last century.
    Therefore, in this century it is necessary to recoup with the help of an even larger piece located on this side of the globe.
    If the conversation was about football, then, not knowing that the American version is slightly different from the European one, you might think that without Russia, winning in football is impossible, because China and India are not doing well in this sport.
    The article is very informative, summarizing that we need a new philosophy of the game of ... football. And not a single coach is offended.
  7. SPACE
    SPACE April 27 2013 07: 48 New
    America and Europe are one and the same. But we need to live with our brains and for ourselves, we have our own world and our future. It is necessary to watch, learn and adopt their knowledge and experience, but only what we need. For the rest, let them butt themselves, the main thing is that our Strategic Missile Forces and East Kazakhstan region would be in full combat readiness.
  8. Belogor
    Belogor April 27 2013 08: 41 New
    That Europe, that the USA is practically the same. Anglo-Saxons in harness with the Zionists. All the rest (Western countries) play either a secondary role, or none.
  9. GreatRussia
    GreatRussia April 27 2013 10: 59 New
    Quote: taseka
    Sometimes I regret that bonfires for queers are excluded from justice! Mental illness is worse than flu!

    A little encouraging news:

    Moscow, April 27. The Duma committee on family, women and children has developed amendments to the bill on the "propaganda" of homosexuality. As Kommersant writes, now MPs offer to fine for allegations of "social equivalence" of gays and lesbians.

    The developed amendments also administrative punishment for “public justification of homosexuality” introduced. At the moment, Russian legislation provides for the responsibility to justify only one type of activity - terrorism.

    Also, the bill in this form introduces liability for the justification of bisexuality and transgender. According to Elena Mizulina, head of the family committee, “it’s impossible not to pass such a law”

    The amendments introduce fines of five thousand rubles for citizens and up to 500 thousand rubles for legal entities.
    1. Kaa
      Kaa April 27 2013 11: 45 New
      Quote: GreatRussia
      The Duma Committee on Family, Women and Children Developed Amendments to the Bill on the “Propaganda” of Homosexuality
      Have Ukraine written off? wink Well, for a good cause, I’m not sorry! - "On December 24, the People’s Deputy of Ukraine Vadim Kolesnichenko registered the draft Law "On the Prohibition of the Promotion of Same-Sex Sexual Relations directed at children" (register. No. 1155). The purpose of the bill is to protect children from propaganda of same-sex sexual relations as a factor that negatively affects their physical, mental, spiritual, moral and intellectual development.
      The draft law prohibits in all spheres of public life, including education, culture, television, broadcasting, the media, propaganda of same-sex sexual relations aimed at children, and may negatively affect their physical and mental health, moral and spiritual development. Moreover, statistics show that among all born children on the planet, only 1% of babies are born with congenital disorders at the hormonal level, which leads to the further development of homosexuality. The manifestation of same-sex sexual relations in the rest of the population is a consequence of the impact of the social environment in which they are located. The draft law defines forms of manifestation aimed at children, propaganda of same-sex sexual relations, namely:
      - rallies, parades, rallies, pickets, demonstrations and other mass gatherings, the purpose of which is to disseminate any positive information about same-sex sexual relationships, which can negatively affect the physical and mental health, moral and spiritual development of the child;
      - Conducting training lessons, thematic conversations, interactive games, educational hours, electives, other educational, educational and developmental events on the topic of same-sex sexual relations or reporting to a child as part of educational events, informational messages about same-sex sexual relations;
      - dissemination in the media of positive information about the positive nature of same-sex sexual relations or any kind of appeals to the lifestyle of people who have same-sex sexual relations, which can negatively affect the physical and mental health, moral and spiritual development of the child;
      - the dissemination in any form in pre-school and general educational institutions of information about same-sex sexual relations or lifestyle calls for people who have same-sex relationships, which can negatively affect the physical and mental health, moral and spiritual development of the child.
      The draft law also determines that, aimed at children, propaganda of same-sex sexual relations entails administrative and criminal liability. Increased punishment is offered to government officials and officials. It is also important to note that studies were presented that showed that 82% of Ukrainian people are categorically against same-sex relationships. Http://
      But IN GENERAL, IT IS NECESSARY HOW AS THE OLD SOVIET SERIES SAYED: “I WILL TAKE THE SCISSORS OF THE SCISSORS-AND CUT OFF” -the truth, until I figured out what to do with lesbians, should I send them to the male zone for re-education, or what? request
      1. smile
        smile April 27 2013 15: 24 New
        And now the main thing is that these laws should be adopted. And it’s not a shame to write off good things from each other :)))), take more good things and we will write you off. Maybe that we find interesting ... in children, giving each other to write off, friendships are usually established and marks for control are noticeably improved :))))). I hope this will happen between our countries too.
        1. Bashkaus
          Bashkaus April 27 2013 16: 10 New
          Better not to say))
  10. Rus2012
    Rus2012 April 27 2013 11: 57 New
    One of the main causes of the Cold War was messianic communist expansion, an attack on the West’s position, launched by the Stalinist leadership after the defeat of Germany and leading to the seizure of Eastern Europe by the Soviet Union and a sharp disruption of the global and European balance of power. The Western powers were forced to adopt a policy of deterrence, and then discarding the Soviet messianic expansion. On the part of the Soviet leadership, this was a fundamentally vicious and completely unnecessary policy, which brought the country an unbearable burden of fighting the united front of the Western powers led by the United States. The expansion of the Soviet-style socialism zone and the imposition of it by force on other countries was one of the important reasons for the weakening and falling of the USSR.

    ... IMHO, not everything is so clear in black tones.
    Imagine what would happen if the USSR did not create an association of the countries of the socialist community and the Warsaw Treaty, would they give us peace of mind? I doubt it ...
    Yes, and WarsawDogovor - was created as a response to NATO.

    Now let's see - are the peoples of Eastern Europe happy, where did we leave? As if not - they lost everything that has been achieved - national industry, sovereignty. Manpower has moved further to the West as a service ...

    Many with nostalgia recall the past - the same East Germans ...
  11. fenix57
    fenix57 April 27 2013 11: 58 New
    Quote: GreatRussia
    In addition, the bill in this form introduces liability for the justification of bisexuality and transgender. According to Elena Mizulina, head of the family committee, “it’s impossible not to pass such a law”

    Apparently, this is about: "On ratification of the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography". All information: http: // (Spravka)? OpenAgent & RN = 2
    59818-6 & 02
  12. wax
    wax April 27 2013 13: 31 New
    The victory of the USSR over fascism in Europe led to its political and financial occupation by America. Russia is driven back to the East. But this is America’s Pyrrhic victory.
  13. varov14
    varov14 April 27 2013 13: 44 New
    Hitler was a maniac and a fool, but Stalin was no better in this regard either - at that time it was necessary to create a community of two states. But even now it’s not too late, in spite of the amers and the Chinese, only nations must be healed, each in its own way and Europe will remain Europe, our Europe and without any war. The second option is China - there is no alternative.
    1. smile
      smile April 27 2013 15: 33 New
      There was no question of any commonwealth of our country with Nazi Germany. We are too different. Western countries with their European values ​​of that time were much closer to Hitler Germany ...
      The active defense position used by Goering at the Nuremberg Tribunal is very indicative ... he proved quite reasonably that Germany did NOTHING that Britain, France, the USA would not do in their colonies or with the local population - for example, with Indians and blacks ... .so that the Nazis were closer to them than to us.
      The pathetic attempts of Western warriors of psychological warfare and our home-grown idiots and scum, like Svinidze, to prove that socialism and National Socialism are at least somewhat alike absolutely untenable. This is how to compare a dental technician and an automotive technician ... both technicians, but is there at least something in common between them?
  14. varov14
    varov14 April 27 2013 13: 45 New
    Hitler was a maniac and a blockhead — it was necessary at the time to create a community of two states. But even now it’s not too late, in spite of the amers and the Chinese, only nations must be healed, each in its own way and Europe will remain Europe, our Europe and without any war. The second option is China - there is no alternative.
  15. AntonR7
    AntonR7 April 27 2013 13: 53 New
    Do not be so afraid of America, he has already set up so many against himself that they are still suffering because of economic considerations, but nothing lasts forever and America's hegemony too.
    1. Kaa
      Kaa April 27 2013 16: 36 New
      Quote: AntonR7
      they are still suffering because of economic considerations, but nothing lasts forever and the hegemony of America too.

      That's exactly what is for now. "Just as the euro crisis pushed Europe to modernize and adapt its economic and financial management to the challenges of the XNUMXst century, the terrible US dollar crisis will force the world to completely transform global governance structures, starting, of course, with the international monetary system to calm the storm, ready to strike currencies. Remarkably characterizes the long, dangerous transitional period in which we currently live, the statement of Antonio Gramsci: "The old world is dying, and the new world is fighting for its birth - the time is coming for monsters." In the end, this period will end, but the monsters still can not calm down. From the last month, powerful trends and indices converging in one line, announcing a disaster from March to June 2013, have become even stronger. First of all, these are “currency wars”, which acquire a political dimension and destroy the belief in mutually beneficial relations between countries. Below we will go into more detail on this issue. But it is also a multitude of internal indices that should be perceived as an alarm against the United States. And, apparently, the insiders of world finances are not asleep either: huge bets have been made for a decrease with an expiration date in late April; two Swiss banks are changing the legal form so that their co-owners no longer bear personal responsibility for their losses; Eric Schmidt sold Google shares for $ 2,5 billion, etc. But the markets are not the only ones preparing for the worst. It seems that the US government itself is waiting for chaos and a lot of violence: first of all, it equips its Department of Homeland Security with 7 assault rifles, then Obama signs a law allowing the direct and open execution of Americans, representing a vague “imminent threat” - to the great displeasure of a certain part of the American society. According to our team, made in the face of this shock, most countries, including the United States, will practice crisis management in the "Icelandic style", i.e. without helping out the cans and letting them sink. Countries actually no longer have the means to pay for new bailouts; and in the end, it cannot be denied that the ability to get rid of part of the debts and “toxic assets” burdening the economy with a spectacular gesture should be a great temptation for leaders. But whatever the management policy was during this period, as we predicted in GEAB No. 62 (“Year 2013: end to the dominance of the US dollar in world trade calculations)), this new blow will accelerate the loss of the US influence and, in particular, its absolute weapon - the dollar...
  16. Megatron
    Megatron April 27 2013 14: 38 New
    The author is a moron, accused the USSR of starting the Cold War, and presented the West as innocent lambs.