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Trotsky and the October Revolution

Trotsky and the October Revolution The interim government failed to restore order in the country, to fulfill obligations to the allies, and to deliver a strong blow to the Central Powers. The situation with the revolutionary organizations was neglected, although the counterintelligence had all the data to liquidate the Bolshevik party. The last months of the existence of the liberal-democratic government sank into idle chatter. Russia was on the verge of a civilizational disaster. All concept of power and order was lost. Everything slipped into a simple argument - who has more rifles, he is the master of the situation. The peasants sacked and plundered the landowners' estates, divided the land without permission. Workers went into the taste of strikes (during the war!) And demanded wages that exceeded the profits of enterprises. The country's economy was falling apart. Soldiers and sailors refused to fight, the armed forces rapidly degraded. The intelligentsia arranged discussions about the fate of the Fatherland, there was endless chatter. There was a sharp increase in crime, it was time for distemper. A wave of separatism swept the outskirts and Cossack areas. Mutual massacre and robbery began in the Caucasus. "Friendship of Peoples" could exist only under the strict control of the imperial authorities. The Western powers almost openly made plans for carve-up of Russia.

Russian rich urgently transferred capital to the West. The outflow of capital acquired such a scale that it became not enough cash. Often, delays in salary payments to military, civil servants, and workers began to occur, which contributed to the growth of protest sentiments in society. The Provisional Government decided to overcome the financial crisis by printing money that was not secured in any way (“kerenok”). This only made the situation worse. The financial system of Russia began to crumble. Industrialists, entrepreneurs closed or frozen enterprises, many of which became unprofitable due to the constant strikes and economic collapse. By October, up to a thousand of only large plants and enterprises were closed. Thousands of people became unemployed, deprived, unnecessary to anyone. The degree of discontent was constantly rising.

The Bolsheviks at that time did not chat, but acted. Yes, and talkers they found better than the opponents. One Trotsky so "ignited" the crowd that the popularity of the party has seriously increased. Particularly strong impact of his speech had on people with an unstable psyche, women. Many went to the performances of Trotsky as a theater. In July, he was arrested, like other Bolshevik leaders, but after the failure of General Kornilov’s speech in September, Trotsky was released on bail. But in the bustle of events that a criminal case was brought against him, and the investigation should be conducted, was forgotten. Even during his imprisonment, Trotsky was elected to the Central Committee; at the VI Congress of the RSDLP (B), the “Mezhrayonts” (Trotsky was their leader) merged with the Bolsheviks. On September 20, Trotsky was elected chairman of the Petrograd Council of Workers 'and Soldiers' Deputies. At the same time, he joined the Pre-Parliament (advisory body to the Provisional Government), where he headed the Bolshevik faction. True, it cannot be said that Trotsky was the main organizer of the new revolution. While he was breaking up his applause at rallies, revolutionary practitioners Sverdlov, Stalin, Dzerzhinsky, Molotov, Ioffe and others worked modestly but much more effectively.

Preparation of the coup went confidently and without hindrance. Sverdlov, with only one skillful placement of personnel, achieved control over party organizations and main Soviets. Competently planned the actions of a few more forces, they had to capture key points in the capital. The operation was scheduled for October 25 (November 7). On this day, the II Congress of Soviets of Workers 'and Soldiers' Deputies should pass. The Council was supposed to legalize the coup, on its behalf preparing to form a government.

In October, Lenin returned, the course for an armed uprising was finally approved. A Military Revolutionary Committee (WRC) was formed. It must be said that the Provisional Government had both time and energy to liquidate the Bolshevik party and other supporters of the armed change of power, like the Left Social Revolutionaries and anarchists. The fact that a speech is being prepared was known to all and sundry. October 18 Zinoviev and Kamenev in the newspaper "New Life" expressed their disagreement with the course of an armed uprising. In fact, they merged the whole event. Trotsky at a meeting of the Petrograd Soviet openly declared his readiness to seize power. And Lenin 19 of October in the newspaper "Work Path" published a "Letter to the comrades," where he directly called for an uprising. As a result, the Bolsheviks themselves gave rise to arrest and the most severe punishment - they announced a desire to seize power. Their leaders could be arrested and shot.

Any government would have had time to prepare for resistance and decisively crushed the conspirators. But the Kerensky government was not only inactive, but also seemed to deliberately, in every way, worsen its position. In October, an order was issued to send units of the Petrograd garrison to the front. But this huge mass of soldiers was already completely decomposed and completely unwilling to fight. The government’s order was recognized as “counter-revolutionary” and the garrison declared that it was withdrawing from subordination to the Provisional Government.

Instead of restoring order in the country, Kerensky, on the advice of the American Red Cross missionary’s deputy head, Raymond Robins, began “to take the ground from under Lenin’s feet.” The government tried to intercept the slogan: "Peace, land and bread." In October, the government "temporarily", until a decision of the Constituent Assembly, transferred all the land to the peasants. This decision led to a new wave of anarchy in the village (then almost the whole of Russia was the “village”), and desertions from the army — the peasants ran to divide the land. The law on peace was also adopted, it was planned to start an “energetic peace policy”. In Paris, at the next inter-allied conference, the Entente, Tereshchenko and Skobelev made such proposals that they would honor the Bolsheviks. The proposed "world without annexations and indemnities", the abolition of "secret diplomacy", equal economic opportunities for all peoples. The fate of Lorraine and Alsace, which the French considered their own, was proposed to be solved by a plebiscite. Germany offered to leave all the colonies, which angered the British. Even more, the British "liked" the proposal to "neutralize the Suez Canal", which was the key point of England in the region. For the United States, a "neutralization of the Panama Canal" was proposed. The Provisional Government managed to insult all the allies on the Entente. Western countries responded by questioning the legitimacy of the Kerensky government. Although after the February Revolution, he was instantly recognized and willing to help. Thus, on the eve of the Bolshevik speech, the Provisional Government itself deprived itself of the support of the Western powers. And crossed the sympathy of the Western public.

An interesting fact is that the American Robins, after giving Kerensky a bunch of “helpful advice,” immediately washed his hands. He stated that "he does not believe in Kerensky and his government." According to him, it was ineffective, incompetent and "lost all value." Moreover, Robins began to argue that the Russian people need another power: "This people should have a whip over themselves."

The liberal-democratic wing of the “fifth column” in Russia did its job — the autocracy was overthrown, the empire was destroyed, and destructive processes quickly gained momentum. Moor did his job, moor can leave. Completely different people were to replace the liberals of the Provisional Government, with a “whip”.

Kerensky, a freemason and a protege of behind-the-scenes forces, did everything to intercept power without a hitch. The Russian public, the liberal parties demanded decisive action from him, and he was justified by the fact that the new regime was completely free from repression and cruelty. Headquarters Headquarters Duhonin was worried, offered to send reliable parts. In particular, there were shock volunteer battalions, Czechoslovak formations that could carry out the order, without a doubt. Kerensky said there was no threat. He even forbade sending troops. Like, everything is under control. Although even the Petrograd garrison had already left the submission. The coup showed that the garrison had decomposed so much that it didn’t support the Bolsheviks, waited - whose will it take.

In the evening of October 24, small groups of Bolsheviks (10-60 people) began to occupy important points - stations, bridges, banks, telegraph, telephone exchange, etc. But it turned out that there was no one to fight. Power itself fell into the hands of the Bolsheviks. The government, which itself did not want to defend itself, was not supported by anyone. Kerensky went to the meeting of the Pre-Parliament asking for permission to suppress the uprising. A long speech was made, another discussion began. On the morning of October 25, when the Bolsheviks had actually taken power in the city, Kerensky hid in the American embassy. Then he was taken from Petrograd by ambassadorial car.

At the Congress of Soviets, Trotsky read an appeal about the overthrow of the Provisional Government. Revolutionary socialists, anarchists and Bundists (the Bolsheviks had 300 mandates from 670) made a noise, shouted a plot and left the Congress. This was required by the Bolsheviks. Soldiers, sailors and other revolutionary publics gathered at the Congress and quickly adopted a resolution that the Congress takes power into its own hands. At the second meeting, the decrees on peace and land were adopted and the composition of the government was approved. Trotsky became foreign minister. Trotsky knew that he would be the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia before the coup, he told about this a week before the revolution in an interview with John Reed.

Trotsky, as Minister of Foreign Affairs, immediately declared himself: October 26 (November 8) sent out a note with the proposal "about a truce and a democratic world without annexations and indemnities." It was reported that if the Allies did not support this proposal, then Russia itself would begin negotiations on peace. In Germany and Austria-Hungary did not hide their joy. Considered the seizure of power by the Bolsheviks as their victory. Britain, France and Italy protested, stating that a unilateral search for peace violated allied agreements. It was decided not to recognize the Bolshevik government, not to establish official contacts with it. In the US, the news of the revolution was taken differently. Part of the public was delighted by the fact that “our Trotsky from the Bronx” seized power in Russia. President Wilson instructed not to interfere in the Bolshevik revolution. His representative House in Europe urged the British and French to be more restrained in assessing the Bolshevik government. The United States conducted its game, bypassing the European allies.

Trotsky's next step was in the interests of the United States. He published secret agreements from the archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It was a purely custom operation, undermining the authority of the traditional great powers, revealing their "dirty laundry." Until the beginning of the 20 century, the United States adhered to the traditional policy of isolationism, not participating in European clashes. Wilson and House were carrying out a plan for “actually revising the system of international relations”, under the slogans of “equal economic opportunities” and the abolition of “secret diplomacy.” At the same time, the economic power of the United States allowed them to subordinate other countries to American influence if they did not defend their economy. Wilson said: “The economic power of the Americans is so great that the allies will be forced to yield to American pressure and adopt the American peace program. Great Britain and France do not have the same views of the world, but we can make them think our way ”(Colonel House’s archive. Favorites. In 2 volumes.). And for the abolition of "secret diplomacy" it was necessary to destroy the entire old system. Earlier, Kerensky undertook the same step, it was not for nothing that the Americans saved him. The US itself could not initiate such a campaign. Trotsky solved the problem brilliantly.

The materials were prepared very quickly, and the publication of documents began on November 23. 25 November, they were reprinted by the New York Times. Somewhat later, in December, the British editions began to print. The scandal was a big deal. This was required by the Americans. Trotsky, commissioned by American friends, actually smashed the foundations of European diplomacy. The American president said that the former European diplomacy is no good, that it must be condemned and buried.

The Americans immediately thanked the Bolshevik government. The Bolsheviks had financial difficulties. At the end of November, the head of the Federal Reserve, William Thompson and Colonel Raymond Robins, visited Trotsky and after a secret conversation with him, December 2 Thompson sent a request to Morgan to transfer $ 1 million (E. Sutton. Wall Street and the Bolshevik revolution). Through the American Red Cross, the Americans had already concealed various secret missions and activities with the help of humanitarian organizations, and negotiations were underway to allocate 2 million dollars. The mission of the Red Cross served as the unofficial representation of the United States in Soviet Russia. By the way, when the Bolsheviks nationalized the banks (they were united with the State Bank), they made an exception for the two banks. These were the Lyon Credit and the National City Bank, through which the money was used for the revolution in Russia.

Trotsky during the onset of the Cossack detachment Krasnov on Petrograd for the first time tried to prove himself as a commander. But he did not succeed. He was late, the case did without him. Cossacks and sailors Dybenko have already made peace, no one wanted to fight. When Trotsky tried to give orders, nobody listened to him. For the first time, Trotsky's bloody hypostasis was revealed. Having spat on the abolition of the death penalty by the Soviet government, he began to agitate at rallies for "merciless executions," "revolutionary guillotine." He demanded to kill for every revolutionary five counter-revolutionaries. In December, referring to the Cadets, declared the beginning of mass terror against the enemies of the revolution: “... not later than a month later, terror will take on very strong forms following the example of the great French revolutionaries. Our guillotine will be waiting for our enemies, and not just a prison. ”

During this period, communication with the Bolsheviks-internationalists was maintained, as the special services of the Entente (mainly the United States and Britain), and Germany. Germany and Austria-Hungary simultaneously supported all kinds of separatists and nationalists, and the Bolsheviks. In November, the intelligence service of the German General Staff informed SNK about the dispatch, according to previous agreements, of several officers for intelligence and counterintelligence activities. The Americans continued to contact Trotsky, the British formed their unofficial mission. The same mission under the cover of the Red Cross was created by the French. At the same time, the Kornilov, Kaledin, Alekseev appealed to the Entente's camps for help. Representatives of the liberal parties. For them, it looked quite natural - once the Bolsheviks were officially considered “German agents”, then the allies should help in the fight against them. The Entente countries did not refuse, promised help. The war between Russians and Russians was an excellent strategy for the destruction of the “Russian danger”.

Official enemies and "allies" of Russia were in a hurry to take advantage of the processes of the collapse of the Russian state. Supported the Finnish, Baltic, Ukrainian and other separatists. Romanians, with the support of their patrons - the French, sent troops into Bessarabia (Moldova). Active supporters of unity with Russia, both red and white, were shot. Moldova "voluntarily" became part of Romania. On December 23, in Paris, British Secretary of War Milner and French Premier Clemenceau signed a secret agreement on the division of spheres of influence in Russia. The sphere of influence of France included: the Crimean peninsula, Ukraine and Bessarabia. England got the Don, North and South Caucasus. Later the United States and Japan joined this agreement. Considered projects for the development of the Russian North and Siberia.

At the same time, the Japanese government expressed its readiness to immediately send troops to overthrow the power of the Bolsheviks and restore the Eastern Front against the Central Powers on its own. Actually at that moment it was quite possible. The forces of the Bolsheviks were miserable and weakly capable. They could not resist the Japanese army. It is obvious that the Japanese, behind whom stood the great Western powers, were supported by diverse anti-Bolshevik forces. It was not at all difficult to land the landing army and move along Transsib. But Japan agreed to carry out such an operation only if the three conditions were fulfilled: 1) intervention in this direction will be carried out only by their own forces, without the intervention of other powers; 2) Western powers should recognize the predominance of Japanese interests in China; 3) Japan should have received the exclusive right to exploit the natural resources of Eastern Siberia. France as a whole was ready to accept the demands of Japan, but they were unacceptable for the United States and Great Britain. In their opinion, the Trans-Siberian Railway and Eastern Siberia were too large for Japan in Russia. In addition, the British and Americans were too strong in China to give it to the Japanese.
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  1. Rustiger
    Rustiger April 26 2013 08: 13 New
    The second day on the site we are talking about one of the most important haters of Russia. What is it for? Anyway. Then remember something. . .
    “Have you read Trotsky’s biography? Remember her first revolutionary period. He is still a very young man; after his flight from Siberia, he lived for some time among emigrants in London, Paris and Switzerland; Lenin, Plekhanov, Martov and other leaders look at him only as a promising convert. But he already dares to keep himself independent during the first split, trying to become an arbiter of the association. In 1905, he turned 25 years old, and he returned to Russia alone, without a party and without his own organization ... Trotsky was the first figure during the revolution in Petrograd. It really was. Only he comes out of it, gaining influence and popularity. Neither Lenin, nor Martov, nor Plekhanov gain popularity. They only keep it or even lose it a little. How and why does the unknown Trotsky rise, acquiring in one sweep a higher power than that which the oldest and most influential revolutionaries had? Very simple: he is getting married. Together with him, his wife Sedova arrives in Russia. Do you know who she is? She is the daughter of Zhivotovsky, united with bankers Warburgs, partners and relatives of Jacob Schiff, i.e. the financial group that, as I said, also financed the 1905 revolution. Here is the reason why Trotsky in one fell swoop becomes the head of the revolutionary list. And then you have the key to his true personality. Let's make a leap by 1914. Behind the backs of the people who were encroaching on the Archduke, there is Trotsky, and this attempt caused an European war. Do you really believe that the assassination attempt and war are just an accident ... "
    /Christian Rakovsky (Chaim Reikover), a former bloody dictator of Soviet Ukraine, a personal friend of Trotsky, one of the founders of the communist international, a member of the Illuminati box and former Soviet ambassador in Paris, during interrogation in 1938 /

    According to Rakovsky, Kerensky was brought to power in order to provoke bloodshed and surrender the entire state to communism, which he did. Trotsky, therefore, gets the opportunity to occupy the entire state apparatus. I.e, the Bolsheviks took what was handed to them by the Khazar bankers. Kerensky, according to Rakovsky, who was initiated into some secrets of the Khazar kingpin, was Trotsky's accomplice.
    By the way, all the time, the yavrs blamed Stalin for the repressions.
    But here is what Rakovsky says: “Thus, after the death of Lenin, when Trotsky was left alone with Stalin, who began feverish activities, we already anticipated our defeat in the Central Committee. We had to think quickly in this situation, and we decided to pretend to be Stalin's allies, to become Stalinists, even bigger than himself, to start to go too far and thereby sabotage his policy. You know everything else. ”
    The Rothschilds-sponsored war called the “world revolution” of Trotsky continued in Hitler's world war. What turned out for the RUSSIAN AND OTHER PEOPLES OF RUSSIA the desire for a permanent "revolution" we know and REMEMBER!
    Berlazar, do you hear? Remember that too !!!!!!!!!!!!!! am
    1. strannik595
      strannik595 April 26 2013 12: 44 New
      Russia does not like and does not accept weak and weak-willed rulers ......... thank God that I was not born at the beginning of the twentieth century .......... koshshshmarrrrr
    2. GG2012
      GG2012 April 26 2013 14: 20 New
      Quote: Rustiger
      What turned out for the RUSSIAN AND OTHER PEOPLES OF RUSSIA the desire for a permanent "revolution" we know and REMEMBER!

      In addition to your post:
      "... The first document proving the Jewish nature of the" Soviet "government established in 1917 was the list of leading officials of the Soviet government, compiled in 1919 by the British journalist of the Morning Post newspaper Victor Marsden. Victor Emile Marsden (1866 - October 28, 1920) ... "
      1. Kostya pedestrian
        Kostya pedestrian April 26 2013 18: 31 New
        I wonder how much your family lives with us? You probably just moved from India to us, but our border guards made a mistake, you had to go to Europe, they will not see us Russians there. Everyone wants us to drag their crosses, or hang our smelly yellow labels on us (!).

        By the way, the poster is a heinous lie - that V.I. Lenin, that L.D. Trotsky was a great admirer of women, and enjoyed the favor of many persons of the weaker sex, but such personalities obsessed with the ideas of the ribs of hell as Nikolai - favored the favor of Lady Fortune, though they signed up as martyrs, but it is ideotism to follow the martyrs. All books say success - A leader is a person with a smile of satisfaction!

        So be careful. The same comrades do not wish you any harm, but only the development of your identity. Read, study, analyze. The essence of the USSR was that you had the right to study without an admixture of Greek theology.
    3. Kostya pedestrian
      Kostya pedestrian April 26 2013 18: 03 New
      Do not forget the young man that Comrade. Trotsky returned to Vladivostok, and the Black Sea ports. Along with other prominent commanders, I was able to repulse the German attack on Peter, which was almost a loss to our armies, defending the achievements of Peter the Great - the Baltic!

      His participation in the International, which is often cited by Leninists, incl. Stalin, to blame, like they wanted world domination, then this is not so - it just was a trend of that time. They wanted to give people knowledge, not by caste origin, but by mind.
      Also, do not forget that the church of the followers will pursue the same goals, only by instilling paradoxes and “this is not given to you to understand,” although the Bolshevik school has grown people who have traveled to outer space, the depths of the ocean, and conquered many deadly diseases.

      This is - esleb, you still used the video recorder instead of digital cameras. Everything flows, everything changes in time over time, especially such geniuses as Trotsky's Genius.

      But Trotsky cherished the soul for the Russian spirit. With all due respect to the greatness and genius of Pyotr Alekseevich, I am inclined to believe that our original flag is crimson - scarlet, by the way this is joined by Orthodoxy) And the Star is the sun, light, knowledge, honor and conscience. but the Greek Greek cross - is associated with an electric chair, a gas chamber, and shooting criminals for especially serious crimes.

      PieS: How can a person hate his homeland? Is this not a peasant? They unconsciously land is hell-suffering, and for us it is a New Era-Bright Future, a challenge to Fate!
  2. donchepano
    donchepano April 26 2013 08: 22 New
    Trotsky managed to get into all the holes with his Masonic brotherhood.
    And how many “friends” were immediately with Russia. Advisers, financiers, intelligence of different countries and again the Fed ...
    Isn't that so familiar from Gorbachev’s Yeltsin’s affairs and the times of the 90’s?
  3. krest.ros
    krest.ros April 26 2013 08: 38 New
    You bastard. This of course I am about Trotsky. On the last floors of hell, a place for him.
    1. Kostya pedestrian
      Kostya pedestrian April 26 2013 18: 37 New
      Well don't confuse him with Jesus, please.

      Lev Davydovich - a person, a man with a capital letter - fought to the last bullet, not like your idol - they spit on him, but he says thanks, they beat him - but he doesn't beat in response, hmm, an example for suicides, like Hitler with planned deviations.

      See the poster above, just replace L. And T. with Orthodox priests like Alexy 2 of the Estonian and Roman priests, and an unhappy woman with Jesus is more believable!

      ... and the rest, I wish Comrade Trotsky was with us in AD, and you. Gentlemen, roll in during the time of Christ, the road is there for you.
  4. Rusich
    Rusich April 26 2013 12: 33 New
    lines to the Russian people а The executioners of the Russian people are eternal flame.
    Your Russia ... Thinking of it,
    Watch out for temptations and deceptions:
    One prayer can be stronger
    Than a whole rally with a hundred gorlopans.
    "For Russia, to the battle!" - all the vanity of vanities
    And the vanity of the soul choked.
    One prayer! But prayers are not!
    "To the battle, for Russia!" - and again deceived.
    Your enemy is not there - not on a horse with a spear
    And not with a sword in an open field,
    He is invisible, he cannot be taken alive
    Neither by force nor by the cries of “How long!”
    Your enemy is a split, distant, centuries-old,
    And if there’s no unity in souls,
    He rejoices, and your feat is vain
    In the field of "Russian salvation."
    There is Faith, God, Fatherland and you!
    Only this makes Russian people!
    Make up your mind, leave the demonic fuss
    Even if they’re scared, they will say in passing.
    Go away! And pray yourself frantically
    So that God returns both Faith and unity.
    Neither tears nor repentance be ashamed
    In the name of the long-awaited salvation.
    From all the edges of the torn land
    Like threads of gold, prayers will flow up
    So that to the Lord, to all the Saints come,
    Begging for the blessings of a right battle!
    Then - the army itself will rise
    And there will be a leader - one, one - the road,
    Russia will be saved ... And let them not know
    What have you prayed for all this from God!
    1. Piran
      Piran April 26 2013 13: 15 New
  5. shpuntik
    shpuntik April 26 2013 13: 29 New

    Faith by that time among the people had weakened. Holy Russia has already ceased to be a saint. They easily abandoned the anointed of God, joyfully accepted atheism, not all - but very many. Therefore, John of Shanghai spoke of events in Russia as a harvest of human souls gathered by the Lord. Before that, in Russia there were reverends, blessed ones, but there were practically no martyrs. There were many martyrs for the faith, most of which we do not know.
    Here the civil war, repression, the Great Patriotic War. Russia has lost 100 million people. Before the revolution, there were 140 million people. and now, after a hundred years, the same amount. And there should be 250-300 million people.

    Saint John spoke a lot about the future of Russia. In the forced emigration of part of Russian society after the 1917 revolution, the saint saw a special Providence of God. He said that by punishing the Russian people, the Lord at the same time showed him the way of salvation, making him a preacher of Orthodoxy throughout the world.

    “A restored world is needed for the whole world, from which the spirit of life has departed, and it all hesitates in fear, as before an earthquake. Uncertainty, distrust and powerlessness are everywhere. They talk about peace, but there is no peace, and everyone is preparing for war. They strive to arrange life prosperity for everyone, and life is becoming more intense and harder. They are looking for new ways of life and will never find them, because they are not there. ”
    1. GG2012
      GG2012 April 26 2013 13: 57 New
      Quote: shpuntik
      Faith by that time among the people had weakened. Holy Russia has already ceased to be a saint.

      "If before the" baptism "in the territory of Kievan Rus there were 300 cities and 12 million inhabitants, then after the" baptism "there were only 30 cities and 3 million people! 270 cities were destroyed! 9 million people were killed!" (Diy Vladimir, “Orthodox Russia before the adoption of Christianity and after”)

      Conclusion: Christianity and Communism are Jewish projects for the conquest and subjugation of the Slavs.

      PS Comrade Stalin still needs to bow to the waist and thank him for having reduced the population of parasitic priests in the territory of the Soviet Union.
      1. smile
        smile April 26 2013 18: 45 New
        You’ll forgive me ... but you’re bullshitting ... what 90% of the cities destroyed? What are 9 lemons innocently killed? And all this was done by evil Orthodox priests? It’s funny to even comment ... don’t eat psilocybin mushrooms anymore ... they’re not good ... and LSD isn’t doing good, however .... :)))
      2. Kostya pedestrian
        Kostya pedestrian April 26 2013 18: 56 New
        Holy - in the Christian understanding - this is no-no, i.e. wait until the holy spirit comes to our girls, such as from the Pechenegs or the Romans, and dry the oars themselves.

        Here you are right - Sport is Sport!
        1. Black
          Black April 26 2013 21: 12 New
          Quote: Kostya pedestrian
          Here you are right - Sport is Sport!

          Listen, move on! You either go or smoke. It feels like you have it all at once. You are talking ravings.
    2. smile
      smile April 26 2013 17: 17 New
      If you are not too lazy and dig deeper in church politics, then make sure that our church has not done anything to preserve our state, destroyed by Nikolasha, and then all sorts of temporary ... as for repressions, for example, you are not surprised. that bearded imams, hanging around in the green with Kalash, or exciting parishioners to massacre are sometimes held accountable? Well, so part of the clergy of the Republic of Ingushetia also quite supported the diverse forces that tear Russia to pieces and prevented the Bolsheviks (who are also not, of course, saints) from fighting for the preservation of Russia as an independent strong state, justifiably got a hat ... clear business is not always the case. .but nonetheless-basically justified.
      I have a good attitude towards the Orthodox Church, I consider it one of the pillars of our statehood .. but I don’t have to go too far ... and about the repressions, I am more impressed by the point of view of our current church hierarchs, which they regularly voice .... they are very close to mine ... and you, despite your ostentatious religiosity, apparently do not bother to be interested in the opinion of the Church ... it clearly reduces the value of your statements on a religious topic ...
      1. shpuntik
        shpuntik April 26 2013 22: 42 New
        ... do not bother to be interested in the opinion of the Church ... it clearly reduces the value of your statements on a religious topic ...

        The opinion of the church? Please: "In the Council of New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia of the 2010th Century, at the end of 1776, XNUMX people were canonized by name."
        1. smile
          smile April 27 2013 01: 39 New
          Look for Chaplin’s answers to questions from interior viewers about the attitude of the Russian Orthodox Church to Stalin ... in general, the attitude is very balanced and positive. No cries about repressions against the clergy, which, incidentally, are greatly exaggerated .... it surprised me very much ... and these great martyrs ... well, remember that the insignificant nicholas was also canonized ... this is politics ....
          Chaplin’s opinion is more significant for me than anybody’s research ... there were “researchers” in the Russian Orthodox Church who were bawling about reckoning Vlasov .... there are everywhere ... but, of course, the position of the Russian Orthodox Church is different from such creators if not to say more ... :) And thank God.
          1. Rustiger
            Rustiger April 27 2013 22: 21 New
            Hello to you, Vladimir!
            I’ll say right away that I’ve read many of your comments through my profile. ALMOST I am ready to agree with everyone, therefore I appeal.
            I must also warn that I myself am Orthodox. Although not fulfilling all the canons, he was born and raised in an Orthodox family, he is familiar with church services (cousins ​​sing in clergy). . . Well, etc. . . .
            Based on the foregoing, I can not stand any attacks on its church!
            Quote: smile
            an insignificant nicholas was also canonized ...

            Again, one cannot but agree. But again, a lot of "BUT". Weak person, absolutely incapable of managing SUCH A HUGE STATE STATE, who has been influenced (doesn’t it remind you of any of these times?). And such a cruel, savage, aimed at RUSSIAN murder. . . Yes you get it. . .

            Quote: smile
            Chaplin’s opinion is more significant for me than anyone’s research ... in the Russian Orthodox Church

            This raises questions. My opinion is twofold, often positive. I can justify it. Maybe in a "personal"? In order not to “arouse” excessive interest among the contingent, which “disappeared” for the week when the “flags” were entered on the site, but there was still no neutral red, sickle-and-hammer. . .
      2. [comment-show]
        shpuntik April 27 2013 00: 26 New
        smile (4) Today, 17: 17 ↑
        If you are not too lazy and dig deeper in church politics, then make sure that our church has not done anything to preserve our state, destroyed by Nikolai

        John of Shanghai interprets spiritual causes, and you speak of external, bodily:
        The soul and spirit are primary, the body is secondary and perishable. That is the point.
        And you imams with Kalash-in the argument lead. Talk about Christianity from the perspective that you treat him well without studying the issue from the inside. In your opinion, it turns out this way: if the emperor or president comes to the priest (confessor) for confession, then prays at the divine service, takes Communion of the Holy Sacraments of Christ, then this priest has influence on the affairs of the state. This is not his job.

        Well, so part of the clergy of the Republic of Ingushetia also quite supported the diverse forces that tear Russia to pieces and interfere with the Bolsheviks

        The Church had a difficult, Synodal period, but Peter 1 approved it, according to the Western model. That is why the cathedral was convened in 1917, and the Church became collegiate, as it should be. The church is as much a living organism as the army or other organizations, therefore pop Gapon and renovationists and heretics, etc., may appear. But there are canons, and therefore she is still alive. There is a gospel: "My kingdom is not of this world; if my kingdom were of this world, my servants would labor for me, so that I would not be betrayed to the Jews; but now my kingdom is not from here (John 18:36)."
        “He was asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God came, he answered them: the kingdom of God will not come in a noticeable way, and they will not say: here it is, or: here, there. For behold, the kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17: 20-21).
        What else to say?
        [/ comment-show] [comment-deleted]
        The comment was deleted.
        [/ comment-deleted]
  • Kostya pedestrian
    Kostya pedestrian April 26 2013 18: 47 New
    So, I didn’t understand, but where is the Lord’s army? Where are the angels of God? And where are the Guardians? ...... Yes, probably with Lenin left, to free the Russian people from fetters!

    But godfathers with ryahs, they can be proud of as the first female soldiers, its political dissidents. Not for nothing the example of Jesus. Yes, Mother Motherland did not intercede, and flocks dispersed as soon as the whips were taken away from the godfathers!
  • Kostya pedestrian
    Kostya pedestrian April 26 2013 18: 51 New
    Only children will buy it, but not mine! Better let the men listen, with whom both wives are happy, and children are full, and lovers are provided!
  • Rusich
    Rusich April 26 2013 18: 58 New
    good shpuntik Awakening Faith in the People is Very Pleasing God grant that the Country wakes up from the Satanic Captivity of the Bolsheviks and all honor For Holy Russia and Orthodox Faith ......
  • Kostya pedestrian
    Kostya pedestrian April 26 2013 19: 08 New
    You just do not refuse MAZ, please, as from the Volga, otherwise you and your sanctity are already Nissans and Toyota, in short, all of them, as the scripture says: “I’ll take you away, and they’ll take away my newly made slaves”. Not God - but radiusas for especially devotees. The Mensheviks, in a word, you are believers, although you are occupied by the Bolsheviks and occupied by the Bolsheviks, you create very easily and without a fight. A shame!
  • smile
    smile April 26 2013 14: 02 New
    The article is affected. but, in my opinion, due emphasis has not been made. I will add - the liberal democrats, having thrown off and taken into custody of the king, did not calm down on this. They frenziedly began to destroy the empire. The army was decomposed, the election of command was introduced (I have never seen such idiocy anywhere), the ritual of military greetings was canceled, the Soviets of soldiers and all kinds of deputies were planted in the army. It was precisely with them that the reprisals against the Russian officers began (and the Bolsheviks had absolutely nothing to do with it - they had to deal with the same democratically-minded sailors during the Kronstadt rebellion). It was during these temporary periods that economic activity in Russia was destroyed in the shortest possible time, the military industry went downhill ... Under the leading role of Minister Prince George Lvov, the police were disbanded, the entire local administration and Zemstvo power .... he boasted that we would not appoint new ones - let them choose on the ground (whatever they please) that they are proud of these achievements of the Russian people ... a civil war started in the country ... the Entente did not support, but organized the emergence of quasi-states and their exclusion from Russia, nourished, created an army in Poland and set against Russia, was preparing to generally divide among themselves all the significant pieces of Russian territory and turn them into their colonies ... - well. as in the 90s ... the Bolsheviks. who had nothing to do with the collapse of the empire, at least in view of their small size at that time, they could come to power not because they had the most guttural gorlopans, but because, unlike the others, they could find the way to preserve the state and put it into life ... of course, they also had a lot of riffraff, like the maniac Trotsky - well, what do you want - after the storm always brings all sorts of rubbish to the shore .... the Bolsheviks somehow managed to make the military industry work, which empire and so was wretched, and the democrats completely ... believed ... they were able to win the whole civil war (already burning with might and main when they came to power) not only with old supplies. but also with what they themselves were able to produce ... and as for their bloodyness ... let's not forget that the Red Terror was declared in response to the long-running terror, which is now commonly called white ... although they are white-sulfur-boromaline their mother’s children ... it’s not for nothing that decent people, like Denikin, having understood where the mottled Entente-financed groups, in exchange for concessions to the sovereignty of the group, lead the country, refused to participate in a civil war .. only scum like Krasnov, Mamontov, the possessed Ungern, Markov, etc. remained .d., some of the happy ones swore an oath to Old Man Hitler ....
    No wonder the Bolsheviks in the Red Army served at least half of the General Staff of the Republic of Ingushetia and almost a third of all Russian officers .... I doubt it. that these people bought the Bolshevik boltology .. they just saw. what exactly the Bolsheviks can give Russia a chance for survival ....
  • Krasnoyarsk
    Krasnoyarsk April 26 2013 14: 59 New
    Trotsky is the same Jewish scum as all the Bolsheviks.
    1. Aaron Zawi
      Aaron Zawi April 26 2013 15: 48 New
      Quote: Krasnoyarets
      Trotsky is the same Jewish scum as all the Bolsheviks.
      That's right. good Here's a couple more of them.
      In anticipation of the celebration of the 68th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany on 5 in May in Ashdod, the grand opening of the obelisk to the Heroes of the Soviet Union, the tank brothers Eusei and Matvey Vainrubam will take place. The monument to tank lieutenant general Matvey Vainrub and tank colonel Yevsey Vainrub will be unveiled on Seifan Street.
      Both brothers participated in battles since June 1941. In the position of commander of armored units, first 62-yA, and then 8gv.A. Matvey Vainrub particularly distinguished himself during the defense of Stalingrad and during the Wisla-Oder offensive operation. The commander of the tank brigade, Colonel Yevsey Vainrub, showed heroism in the battles for the liberation of Poland, in the Vistula-Oder operation and in the battles for the capture of Berlin. The tank brigade, led by Colonel Vainrub, was given the honorary name "Berlin". On 6 of April 1945 of the year, both brothers were awarded the title Heroes of the Soviet Union - a unique case in the history of World War II.
      Yevsei Vainrub lived in Ashdod for the last years of his life, a stand at the Ashdod Museum of Jewish Heroism and the Holocaust is dedicated to his life and feat of arms. The initiative to install the obelisk belongs to the associations of veterans and the vice-mayor of the city Boris Giterman. Relatives of Yevsey Vainruba’s relatives, Knesset Speaker Julius Edelstein, Deputy Foreign Minister Zeev Elkin, representatives of veteran organizations, embassies of post-Soviet countries, schoolchildren, representatives of youth movements and city residents will be guests of the ceremony.
      1. smile
        smile April 26 2013 17: 05 New
        Aaron Zawi
        You don’t understand anything - it’s the blame for the beasts who the Krasnoyarets respects as a superethnos that sets the planet and cancer and sideways, in general, as they please ... he seems like a latent Zionist praising Israel :)))
        In short - "beat the slaves, save Ithaca!" This is Odysseus invented ... :)))
      2. knn54
        knn54 April 26 2013 18: 15 New
        Aron Zaavia. Do not pay attention. Well ... there is in EVERY nation.
        Some go to Calvary, while others carry the cross there.
      3. Kostya pedestrian
        Kostya pedestrian April 26 2013 19: 02 New
        Interestingly, and why do you not like us Russians so much, sex / nat minorities?

        Apparently you can’t persuade you to have to correspond with each other?

        I am Belarus, both in passport and in spirit. Although I doubt that my ancestors did not notice the beauty of the Jewish girls, whom the Pharaohs admired.
    2. smile
      smile April 26 2013 16: 38 New
      if it weren’t for the Bolsheviks, there wasn’t a country of the USSR, there would be rags controlled by different owners, with colonial status and colonial administration ... and the remnants of the degenerate nobility, along with the liberals, would cherish the memories of Russia that they lost .... if you think that all the Bolsheviks are Jews, you need to pray for Israel ... you are inconsistent, adnaka ...:
    3. Kostya pedestrian
      Kostya pedestrian April 27 2013 04: 22 New
      If you consider that you are a Bolshevik in this forum, is it possible to use your logic?
  • Kostya pedestrian
    Kostya pedestrian April 26 2013 19: 13 New
    But seriously. All of this is ours - our wheel, our lives, and the spirit is one like the Motherland. And all these ideas are not Jews, they are the enemies of the world trying to oppose us to each other. And they don’t need winners, it’s just easier to weaken us.

    Imagine the situation in the army during the defense of Moscow, if the Russians, Jews, Belarusians, Uzbeks, Ukrainians, Tatars, up to the Chukchi, the Abwehr quarreled. Someone else would talk and argue about completely different topics!
  • Kostya pedestrian
    Kostya pedestrian April 27 2013 04: 20 New
    This is an attack !!! Yes, now I will know in which army I will never serve. Unhappy white officers - they, like you - ate religious candy wrappers without brains!

    I was so proud of my officer salary, and here are some fanatics who can only elevate the guys who really love their homeland to be great martyrs like Nicholas 2 abandoned by them, the guys who were abandoned in Chechnya or those teenagers who instead of self-education and NVP dogmas for stupid, unprincipled creatures, so that probably there were fewer Aborigines on the Ark.

    And I’m sure that if there was a Red Corner on the Kursk, they would still walk and put fear on the enemies, or else these Greek spying eyes would hang everywhere, and then they themselves would sprinkle with foam at the mouth, to the incapacity of our products.

    These are the ones that start civil wars, not to mention the fact that your educational work is lame, like your idols.
  • Zomanus
    Zomanus April 28 2013 12: 42 New
    Damn, but how we were breathed with breath about the October Revolution. Heroic Lenin, heroic soldiers and sailors ...))) But essentially the seizure and collapse of the country by the mercenaries of Europe and the USA. And what would happen if Stalin continued to pursue the Leninist course?