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Airborne enlarged unit drones


Creating a new unit will be completed in three to five years. This was stated by the commander of the airborne troops, Vladimir Shamanov. It is also known that the Airborne Forces should get all the UAVs they need before the 2015 year.

Drones have proven to be an effective means of reconnaissance and combat. They are also used to detect enemy anti-aircraft installations and deliver cargo.

“On an emergency basis, such units are available to our gunners, sappers, and air defense. In the future, the calculations of small-sized portable unmanned aerial vehicles will appear both in parachute and assault airborne units, ”General Shamanov said.

A representative of the Defense Ministry for the Airborne Forces, Major Irina Kruglova, told reporters that the first batch of UAVs of short range had already arrived to equip reconnaissance units of the Airborne Forces. The servicemen began to master the new technology. Updating the UAV fleet, she said, will continue until the 2015 year.

The new devices will replace the outdated short-range reconnaissance aircraft Stroy-P and Pchela-1T, which were used in two Chechen campaigns.
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  1. April 25 2013 11: 36
    do the right thing
    1. elmi
      elmi April 25 2013 17: 28
      With our open spaces, we are simply obliged to have drones, both military and civilian. I recall a video report how in one of the foreign countries they saved a drowning person using a helicopter with a thermal imager, they really showed a person live on the background of the river with a bright spot, and rescuers running to help him saw more bright spots. that is, a person in a river has already begun to cool down to cool, without a thermal imager they would vryatly find it. Different equipment can also be attached to drones that helps in a variety of areas: in the forestry sector - to identify poachers, illegal logging, fires; in oil - oil leaks, illegal taps to the pipeline; geology and much more.
      1. astra
        astra April 25 2013 18: 10
        Quote: elmi
        With our open spaces, we are simply obliged to have drones, both military and civilian.

        I agree. UAVs are even more economical than helicopters, although their tasks are the same and different.
    2. Army1
      Army1 April 25 2013 18: 18
      I think in the future our defense will be, if not half or a quarter automated, there will be more unmanned aerial vehicles, be it a robot, drones, or strike complexes. The principle of a long arm, I hope we will not see the second Stalingrad.
    MEWTWO April 25 2013 11: 38
  3. cyclist
    cyclist April 25 2013 11: 59
    it’s high time, Shamanov well done! Maybe thanks to the Russian Airborne Forces, they will pay attention to the domestic development of UAVs and their share in the rest of the troops will increase, but first I think the equipment priority should be given to the Airborne Forces, since in case of military operations break through the enemy’s air defense system with the least loss and greatest efficiency is needed with the help of UAVs
    1. Die-hard
      Die-hard April 25 2013 19: 47
      Quote: cyclist
      to break through the enemy’s air defense system with the least losses and greatest efficiency is necessary with the help of UAVs

      The new UAV for these purposes is somehow a pity. It is better to get any maintainable trash from the storage bases and make UAVs from them. Armed with VZ missiles and crush air defense with them. By the way, the Americans did just that with their F-4 Phantom - QF-4 and the old F-16 - QF-16. Cheap and efficient.
      1. cyclist
        cyclist April 25 2013 19: 58
        the fact of the matter is that "maintainable trash", as you say, in this case will serve as a "target" for air defense systems and enemy aircraft, after all, high visibility for enemy radars, I would put the question not much differently - how much the state and Are the military interested in R&D in this area, in the fastest possible implementation and development of new tactics and strategies, taking into account the use of modern UAVs?
  4. olegff68
    olegff68 April 25 2013 12: 04
    Oh, I would have drunk them!
    1. Alikovo
      Alikovo April 25 2013 13: 17
      percussion is already developing okb dry and instant.
  5. Atrix
    Atrix April 25 2013 13: 15
    And where are those people who scream that drones are rubbish that are needed only for the war with the poits. That they will be drowned out in the first minutes of the war or brought down by electro-magnetic guns laughing
    1. Retx
      Retx April 25 2013 13: 18
      We have our popouas in Central Asia.
  6. borisjdin1957
    borisjdin1957 April 25 2013 13: 15
    Catch up again !? Whoever missed or ignored the breakthrough in the development of UAVs? Where are the landings?
    1. elmir15
      elmir15 April 26 2013 00: 56
      Surely the achievements were already just bureaucrats, as always ruined projects, and then, as always, you have to catch
  7. Circle
    Circle April 25 2013 13: 55
    Amerikos-drone helicopter (made by Norwegians) is placed in the palm of your hand I am sure that they can do no worse for us if they just don’t interfere. And if you help ..
  8. Canep
    Canep April 25 2013 18: 46
    For the acquisition of pilots, it would be nice to revive aircraft modeling circles throughout the country with the state. financing. Schoolchildren will glue them themselves, and with modern electronics their crafts can be even better than industrial designs.
  9. Ak 12
    Ak 12 April 25 2013 18: 48
    That's right! It's time for us to buy UAVs in the military
      APOCALIPTIC April 25 2013 23: 03
      Quote: Ak 12
      That's right! It's time for us to buy UAVs in the military

      ... It's the budget cut, you followed in the footsteps of America, how it can be so ... It’s even not funny. When Americans launch drones, it’s totally an unnecessary gravitap to disperse the poets, and when Russia is really yes the right thing turns out
  10. waisson
    waisson April 25 2013 19: 35
    Shamanov said that meaning is correct ideas there is a way into the life of the Airborne Forces should keep up with the changing technology
  11. darksoul
    darksoul April 25 2013 19: 40
    The main advantage of drones is the lives of our pilots
  12. qx56v8
    qx56v8 April 25 2013 20: 17
    What is this strange modification ??? Mi-8 PP chtoli? or PPP ... or which one ... their millions of modifications ...
    1. atesterev
      atesterev April 25 2013 22: 17
      A helicopter flies and carries a nuclear bomb ...
    2. Die-hard
      Die-hard April 25 2013 22: 20
      Mi-8 / 17PPA.
  13. crambol
    crambol April 25 2013 22: 54
    Colleagues! Sorry, not the topic. The great man died - Shipunov.
    1. Praetorian
      Praetorian April 26 2013 00: 02
      Off topic yes