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"God of war" of the XXI century. Missile and artillery weapons should be developed under contactless wars.

Russia's asymmetric response to new challenges may be the development of tactical nuclear weapons. weapons rocket troops and artillery (PB and A) of low and ultra-low power ("MIC", № 15). In order to solve this and other tasks in order to create modern RVs and A, leading specialists of the military-industrial complex, military theorists, and state and military practice should be involved.

Among the organizational problems of the development of domestic rocket and artillery weapons (RAV) are the tasks of recruiting the Armed Forces, training personnel and the widely discussed definition of the future appearance of the army. In this regard, I would like to note that the names and structure of military formations (brigades — regiments — divisions, districts or strategic directions, etc.) are of greater importance in peacetime. When they are used in combat within the framework of the concept of network-centric warfare, that is, mainly in contactless operations, promising weapons will quickly be combined into temporary firing (shock) circuits, which can be entered as whole units (self-propelled howitzers equipped with standard control equipment and support), as well as individual firing means, which can be controlled remotely (prospective howitzer and launcher of a high-precision rocket launcher sa).

Speed ​​and self-synchronization

Network-centric warfare - the conduct of hostilities in a single information space, allows you to move from war to attrition to a more rapid and more efficient form, which is characterized by two basic principles: speed of control and self-synchronization.

The main advantages of conducting combat operations in a single information space:

  • increasing the effectiveness of controlling disparate forces and facilities in the absence of a continuous line of combat contact between the troops;
  • the ability to use armed forces as a single, flexible, spatially distributed reconnaissance-strike (fire) system (RUS);
  • conducting real-time reconnaissance and percussion (fire) actions with the formation of generic, intergeneric, interspecific, and mixed temporal reconnaissance-percussion (firing) contours, expanding the possibilities for targeting WTO of various types and basing;
  • creating a basis for use in the troops of robotic military equipment through its modular connection.

    Meeting the requirements of the concept of conducting combat operations in a single information space provides for the development and use of a set of technologies, including network technologies, ensuring the formation of the information management infrastructure of the system, as well as methods for creating WTO guidance schemes. They can be divided conditionally into the following groups of technologies:

  • communications and telecommunications as the basis for the creation of high-speed uninterrupted communications and data transmission, ensuring the delivery of intelligence (including species), cartographic and meteorological information, control information and targeting information at a speed corresponding to the scale of real or close to this time, according to a single protocol ;
  • preliminary processing, accumulation and distribution of data, information work and exploration management, topographic and geodetic and meteorological support, as well as unified information presentation formats. These tools form the software and technical basis of the information management infrastructure of the network-centric system of the RF Armed Forces;
  • complex processing of heterogeneous data coming from sources of various types of intelligence: analyzing, summarizing intelligence information and decision-making support in evaluating the enemy, predicting his actions and planning intelligence in the interests of effective use of the WTO and other means of destruction;
  • control of heterogeneous forces and means performing various functional tasks and belonging to the types and types of troops of the MoD and other security forces in the interests of achieving the main goals of the troop grouping;
  • ensuring information security in the context of informational confrontation, electronic warfare;
  • preparation of flight missions and reference information for high-precision weapons using relief guidance systems;
  • the formation of radio navigation fields, as well as navigation fields of a different physical nature;
  • targeting weapons, including those stabilized by rotation, moving with acceleration and promising hypersonic, according to various navigation systems;
  • creation of autonomous homing heads for WTO ammunition, including radar, infrared, optical, combined, etc .;
  • mathematical modeling of combat operations and the most important processes for the use of weapons, other supporting and supporting methods.

    Advanced Research and Development System

    The development of all the listed technologies should be carried out mainly within the framework of the Federal Target Program for the development of the Russian military-industrial complex, as well as other federal and integrated target programs, in close connection with the national technological platforms proposed by the Ministry of Economic Development, which are a new tool for the development of innovative technical projects, including defense-oriented ones.

    "God of war" of the XXI century. Missile and artillery weapons should be developed under contactless wars.

    Unfortunately, national technology platforms are focused mainly on business projects, private-state partnerships and without close cooperation with research organizations of the Ministry of Defense and direct state funding of high-risk defense projects will not even allow achieving the current level of military technologies, not to mention leadership in this area.

    The situation is aggravated by the fact that until recently there was no body coordinating military research, fundamental research, and applied research in this area. The new leadership of the Ministry of Defense and the military industrial complex has decided to establish a Fund for Advanced Studies under the Military Industrial Commission and the General Directorate for Innovative Developments of the Ministry of Defense, within which it is planned to organize the development of breakthrough technologies of warfare, the creation of a long-term concept for the development of RAB and its implementation programs, national technology platforms and other tools.

    At the same time, the level of development of the domestic economy and the objective state of the domestic Armed Forces make it difficult for all the HPV-2020 plans to be implemented in due time to switch to the new principles of building the Armed Forces according to the concept of conducting combat operations in a single information space. At the same time, there is the possibility of a phased construction of the perspective structure of the modern army. At present, Russian, including military scientists have conducted enough studies confirming the possibility of a phased transition of the main strike force of the Armed Forces of the RF Armed Forces - the rocket forces and artillery to create a control system to achieve superiority over the enemy in fire fighting.

    Therefore, at the first stage, it is proposed to slightly formulate and offer in the GOZ supply armament sets to equip artillery formations of all control links that meet the requirements for real-time combat systems. The task of creating integrated combat missile and artillery systems will be implemented.

    With regard to the existing organizational and staff structure, artillery, reactive, anti-tank divisions, with minor modifications to the VVST, can be converted into reconnaissance and fire-fighting modules of the intended purpose, which should reflect the main content of the combat mission of the artillery of the army: counter-battery combat, destruction of advanced reserves (columns), destruction of electronic weapons, destruction of advancing and breaking through tanks, including the possibility of using tactical nuclear weapons.

    In RARAN there are detailed proposals for the construction of similar reconnaissance-strike and reconnaissance-fire complexes of the SV and Air Force. Among them, reconnaissance-strike complex (RUK) operational purpose with aviation by means of RTR and long-range ground-based weapons of destruction, operational-tactical RUK based on high-altitude radar reconnaissance equipment, tactical RUK using a helicopter radar reconnaissance complex, which has proven itself during the Kavkaz 2012 exercises. The implementation of these proposals, subject to the parallel solution of the above technological and other problems under a single direction, will allow us to move on to the real construction of the network-centric structure of the explosive and A from the bottom — from individual promising samples through their integration into reconnaissance-strike (fire) complexes (modules) to conduct reconnaissance-strike actions in a single information space by all types of armed forces and the Armed Forces as a whole.

    Joint efforts

    The development trends of rocket and artillery weapons are fairly obvious: reducing the role of barreled weapons with increasing missile values, reducing mass and size characteristics, automating all combat use processes, up to creating remotely controlled, robotic and fully autonomous systems, replacing conventional ammunition with high-precision (i.e. controlled means of destruction and above all with elements of artificial intelligence), the emergence of PAB on new physical principles.

    It is possible to predict an increase in the number of local armed conflicts, counter-terrorist operations and other coercive actions involving RAVs on their territory or in the areas where civilians live, where the role of selective defeat weapons or having limited defeat zones (the so-called minimally invasive) is increasing. A similar problem is the development of safe-to-handle ammunition (increased resistance to shocks, heat, aggressive media, etc.).

    In the general case, this task of defeating any dangerous "elementary" enemy object is reduced to the destruction (damage) of the material part (technical means) and / or disabling (permanently or for a certain time) the personnel carrying out the use of this tool. The proposed transition to a systematic, integrated application of a promising high-precision RAV in the framework of the network-centric concept of warfare will require clarification and specification of requirements for the degree and order of destruction of typical targets.

    In conclusion, it should be noted that the creation of modern rocket forces and artillery, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation as a whole, in accordance with the principles of conducting reconnaissance-strike (fire) combat operations in a single information space, will require solving a multifactorial, interspecific and military-political problem (especially considering the proposed concept of tactical nuclear deterrence with the forces and means of radioactive substances and A), to which the leading specialists of the military-industrial complex, military theorists, state and military practice should be involved.

    By joint efforts of all interested parties, it is necessary to develop a program for the gradual transition of the RAV system to new principles of building, developing and equipping all branches of the Armed Forces with promising weapon systems, complementing and, if necessary, correcting the existing national, federal, integrated target programs and LG. When implementing such a program, the coordination of activities of federal executive and military authorities, the defense industry, research organizations of the Ministry of Defense, the Academy of Sciences and higher education is important. The role of the scientific coordinator of such works could be assumed by the Russian Academy of Rocket and Artillery Sciences.
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    1. Krapovy32
      Krapovy32 April 25 2013 09: 35
      That's right, we need to protect people. A "magic pendel" for NATO needs to be invented such that it would be written and shit at the very mention of it.
    2. Lopatov
      Lopatov April 25 2013 10: 08
      Basically, sound things are written. But the reality is that we are before the implementation of these tasks as before Beijing is cancer. However, this must be done.

      100% of artillery pieces, installations and mortars should be equipped with positioning tools and high-speed reliable systems for receiving and transmitting data.
      Artillery intelligence must be brought to the modern level. In addition to improving indicators for detecting targets, they have the same requirements as for art. tools - positioning and reliable high-speed data transfer. Well, its range must be increased
      ASU- here, I hope everything is clear.
      UAVs with stabilized platforms that provide not only detection, but also illumination of targets.

      What will it give?
      1. Reduced reaction time. Here artillery can leave aviation far behind. And take upon yourself the full direct support of the troops. Aviation will have the opportunity to switch to targets in depth.
      2. Artillery will become much less vulnerable.
      3. Continuity of fire support. There will be no more statements "I can not, because the division is moving".
      4. The accuracy of fire support. The possibility of hitting targets in the immediate vicinity of our units will be increased.
      5. Improved cost-effectiveness indicators - reducing the consumption of ammunition on the target and reducing the time of fire raid.
      6. Faster detection-decision-defeat-detection cycle will be executed, which means more targets can be “served” in the same time.

      In short, there are many tasks, but they must be completed. So that the artillery finally crawled out of the twentieth century, in which it was stuck.
      1. borisst_64
        borisst_64 April 25 2013 22: 57
        Quote: Spade
        100% of artillery pieces, installations and mortars should be equipped with positioning tools and high-speed reliable systems for receiving and transmitting data.

        In Russia, a law has been introduced on the availability of the GLONASS system on buses for intercity, but there is NO equipment for this. We have 100 buses at the enterprise, we have money, but nowhere to buy. What are the "network-centric" ones.
        1. Lopatov
          Lopatov April 25 2013 23: 03
          Samples with positioning means have already gone to the troops. 2S19M, "Tornado-G". You just need to accelerate.
      2. Klementev_Sergey
        Klementev_Sergey April 26 2013 12: 07
        Not a specialist, but I can assume that the implementation of these tasks is not something very difficult and difficult to implement. Separately, all the necessary technologies and tools exist and are used. Collecting them into one complex, forcing them to work together, is still a little less than "cancer before Beijing". :)
        Another thing is that with the existing bureaucracy, theft of budgetary funds, impunity, the development of the complex will come out unreasonably expensive and will drag on for a very long time.
    3. Bongo
      Bongo April 25 2013 10: 45
      By and large, today, our country, apart from tactical nuclear weapons, can counterbalance little to repel external aggression by NATO and especially China.
    4. Volkhov
      Volkhov April 25 2013 12: 00
      That's right, but ...
      Small and very small nuclear weapons is a new technique and it must be done in conditions of degradation of industry, science, the transfer of plutonium from the USA and tritium shortage due to the abolition of tests - that is, it is not very likely to repeat the American release.
      How specifically to deliver these ammunition to each battery without selling or hijacking it on the road — you need the most reliable suppliers, but half the elite abroad, the Chekists serve anyone — it is likely that the issue will be regulated by the market.
      It’s more realistic to use American bombing services and your infantry, which is where everything goes, or use old ammunition, which is no longer small.