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Incorrect comparison of kits for the sapper OVR-1 "Falcon" and ZKS "Dublon"

Incorrect comparison of kits for the sapper OVR-1 "Falcon" and ZKS "Dublon"In the media there was a message about the adoption by the Ministry of Defense of a new kit for the sapper OVR-1 "Falcon", in which there was a mass of inaccuracies and errors.

So, the OVR-1 “Falcon”, which protects only from fragments (and not from bullets!) With speeds NOT EXCEEDING 550 m / s, was compared by journalists with the Dublon in its maximum configuration. Yes, in the maximum configuration “Dublon” really weighs 40,5 kg, but at the same time it provides circular protection over the entire area from fragments with speeds of 550 m / s and has a reinforced area in 60 square meters protecting the vital organs, as well as AKM bullets with a heat-strengthened core and high-speed fragments. It should be noted that the purpose of these kits is different. OVR-1 "Falcon", in contrast to the "Dublon", is not intended for direct detection and disposal of explosive objects.

We offer readers a more correct comparative analysis.

OVR-1 "Falcon" is a modernized Grenadier suit developed by Fort Tekhnologiya, in which steel elements were replaced with polyethylene ones. The level of the main splinter protection in it V50 = 270 m / s, reinforced, including with the help of polyethylene armor panels, 550 m / s. The costume is completed with a splinterproof helmet with anti-shock polycarbonate visor and splinterproof glasses that have a splinterproof level of V50 not higher than 250-270 m / s. 8 kit weight kg.

“Dublon” in the minimum configuration “A” provides CIRCLE protection over the entire area, incl. and face shards with V50 NOT BELOW 550 m / s. At the same time, Dublon-A has no armor elements. Protection is provided only by aramid fabric structures. 17,5 kit weight kg. Yes, it is more than 8 kg, but also the protection, especially of the face and limbs, is significantly higher than that of Falcon.

In the following modifications (“B”, “C” and “G”), the Dublon is completed with armor elements, not steel, but TITAN. Titan, as it is known, is non-magnetic, therefore, in the "Dublons" you can not be afraid of mines with magnetic fuses. Moreover, the emphasis is on increasing the level of protection not only of vital organs, but also of the joints (elbows, knees). Modifications differ only in the area of ​​enhanced protection, as a result - and weight.

In the photo: OVR-1 “Falcon” (Photo by the press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation); Zaks Dublon (Photo by Andrei Sokolov).
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  1. Krapovy32
    Krapovy32 April 25 2013 05: 58 New
    Heavy chain mail, but no one heard the news about new means of armor protection? Is there anything new.
    1. Phantom Revolution
      Phantom Revolution April 25 2013 10: 38 New
      Is it strange that the boots are clearly not for hiking in the minefields, or does the sapper already need his legs?
      1. zanoza
        zanoza April 25 2013 12: 03 New
        Here is the complete set of Doubloon
        (Photo clickable)
        1. Metlik
          Metlik April 25 2013 17: 38 New
          body armor)
  2. Nicholas C.
    Nicholas C. April 25 2013 06: 02 New
    “A“ doubloon ”in the minimum configuration“ A ”provides CIRCULAR protection over the entire area, including the face from fragments with V50, NOT LOWER THAN 550 m / s."

    NOT LESS. Also allocated. Cool if so.
    1. Refund_SSSR
      Refund_SSSR April 25 2013 06: 30 New
      I look at the protection of the legs in the photo and I'm scared for the fighters.
      1. Bykov.
        Bykov. April 25 2013 07: 13 New
        Quote: We refund_SSSR
        I look at the protection of the legs in the photo and I'm scared for the fighters.

        In the second photo, what’s at the bottom, everything seems to be not so scary.
        Leg protection worked out too.
        1. Refund_SSSR
          Refund_SSSR April 25 2013 09: 15 New
          Pay attention to the legs.
          1. Canep
            Canep April 25 2013 10: 26 New
            Clowns. Under such boots, mines will explode in the same way. Only PMN will not tear off the whole leg, but half.
  3. Metlik
    Metlik April 25 2013 07: 18 New
    It's time to make an exoskeleton based on this costume.
    1. Phantom Revolution
      Phantom Revolution April 25 2013 21: 30 New
      Og, but where to get the micromanipulator and everything else?)
  4. Majorloms
    Majorloms April 25 2013 08: 04 New
    No matter how heavy and protected the sapper suit may be, in any case it will not save from a relatively powerful WU, and any sapper does not want to remain disabled for life. Brains are the main defense. Although, from casual antipersonnel, competent shoes with an absorbing coating and other gadgets are sure to protect. Circular protection can be provided at least for 6A class, but the mass of this kit ... Plus 6A can withstand a large fragment, but what about high-explosive action? ... Loads are not comic ...
    1. Canep
      Canep April 25 2013 10: 36 New
      The standard anti-personnel mine of PMN is equipped with 200 g. TNT, enough to break the steel rope, no shoes will save, tear off his leg to the very balls in the place with the boot. Some safety shoes can protect against PFM (40 grams of liquid explosives).
  5. Canep
    Canep April 25 2013 10: 40 New
    If a serious charge is undermined, no suit will save, this protection is more likely to have psychological significance for the sapper himself.
    1. ed1968
      ed1968 April 25 2013 15: 49 New
      such a suit is primarily likely to have a psychological impact on enemies with its design smile
    MEWTWO April 25 2013 10: 44 New
    +1 может быть, мы используем кошек?