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Letter to the editors

Letter to the editorsHello. I want to tell you my history, to know your opinion about about 100-150 thousands of the same as me.

I am Russian. Born in the USSR, on the southern outskirts of a great country. To more fully define the concept of "Russian", first briefly the story of my family, which is almost copied from similar stories of the same Russian:

In Turkmenistan, my great-grandfather and his family went to 1930. A native of the Tambov Province, the village of Rasskazovo, a hereditary peasant, with 9 children fell into the category of "fists", was expropriated and exiled to Ashkhabad. From 9 children and 5 uncle-weary, three children and two brothers got to Ashgabat - great-grandfather with great-grandmother, and 3 daughters - one of them is my grandmother. The rest settled in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, of which now there is only a connection with Uzbek relatives.

The grandfather, (the son of Tambov's great-grandfather), passed all the Great Patriotic War, was present at the meeting on the Elbe. He ended the war in 1946 in the Far East, returned home and 6 in August 1948 died in an earthquake. Grandfather returned badly - spent 10 months in Siberia for contacts with Americans. I wrote from there, my mother still keeps the letters and does not allow her to scan - she is afraid that they will spoil ...

Another grandfather, 1925, born in Orenburg, a descendant of the Cossacks (I still remember his words), got to Prague in 1945, after which he was also transferred to Far East, and got into Turkmenistan with a convoy of captured Japanese - he accompanied them. The most famous of what the captured Japanese in Turkmenistan built was the road in the rocks to Krasnovodsk airport, there is still a Japanese cemetery. And they were placed in Tahta Bazar. And the grandfather, an officer, met a granny at the Tekinsky bazaar in Ashkhabad.

Mother and father, both 1947 born, met late - I myself 1980 g. Engineers, decent positions for 1980-ies, but, of course, with a low salary.

A small digression about the life of Russians in Turkmenistan before the collapse. Russian lived in cities and large villages, practically without any contact with the local population. I remember in my childhood even the word was “turkish”. That is, the emergence of the indigenous population itself was accompanied by surprise. And those of the Turkmen who lived in the cities were in no way similar to the villagers. There is a small remark - they even still share between themselves “real Turkmen” and descendants of slaves. Tekins, of course, always ruled in the Ashgabat region. You can simply browse a couple of pages of the Internet to understand the difference between the tribes of the Turkmen - I will not focus on this. The only bloody page in this story is the Geoktepe battle.

1991 rang out - independence, etc. Everything collapsed, Russia simply refused all Russians abroad - well, of course, time is. In memory of my family, this was the third blow from Moscow (1 - dispossession of kulaks, 2 - internment of my great-grandfather at 1944). Russia left all those who lived here. Pressure has begun on Russians from local arrivals from the regions. I have the telephone directories of Ashgabat for almost all the years from 1966 to 1992 - there are 90% Russian surnames.

Turkmenistan is not Chechnya, of course, but not the Baltic. If in Chechnya, all 100% of Russians capitulated, and in the Baltics, 50 / 50 remains, then Turkmenistan is somewhere between them. Someone left, someone stayed. There was pressure, but those who withstood it remained.

Our family could not stand in 1993. We sold the apartment in the center, collected the container and left for the Tambov region. It was a scary moment. I remember everything in my 13 years. When we unloaded the container in front of the hut, which we were able to buy with the money from the sale of an apartment in Ashgabat, the whole village gathered. "Oh, the bourgeois arrived !! Yes, who needs you here, Asians! ... and so on ... Horror! In the container were: a Polish wall, which already cost nothing, a Siberia washing machine with a centrifuge, a Saratov refrigerator, a gas stove of the Ashgabat plant, and 2 hand-made beds with bolts that scratched the ankles every morning. And this bourgeois ???

Our house was burned by local Russians, the same Russians as we were, in a week. Mom was crying, father said - we returned home, do not cry, everything will be fine.

I remember the fear of going to school, they beat me only because I was “Turkmen”. In my Asian blood - zero, I am a fist, just a peasant, - no, you are a stranger ... So the realization of Russia's 4 th strike came. I beat everyone according to the Turkmen laws - there is not enough power - take a stone, a little stone - hit with reinforcement. Everything returned to normal, cattle lagged. I am still grateful to the fate that I did not become the same cattle ...

Mom gave up through 2 year - well, how to live in troubled times with such an attitude to such a salary?

In 1995 returned to Ashgabat. My father stayed there, a road engineer, a major who spent 7 years in Afghanistan - from 1980 to 1987 of the year ... I was drunk now, looks at 90 for years and barely moves, but still proves that his decision to return was the only correct one ...

The younger brother, 1982 of the year, passed 2 Chechen, he himself went, volunteered, served a year, the second year he served Khabarovsk. Shot, kill, was cruel. He regrets nothing, loves Russia, hates all non-Russians. It happens to be my guest, happy, but does not see the difference.

I served in Turkmenistan, on the border with Afghanistan. It is difficult to call it a service - they shot a lot, but no preparation. I can shoot, I can and I love, I will sort it out with my eyes closed, I will collect a lot from the USSR’s arsenal of the collapse period. Mostly worked out caravans with heroin. I graduated from an engineering university in absentia in Russia, and I work in a technical position - local people like to trade, and on X, Y, and (God forbid) my - they have a sharply negative reaction.

2003 year. Putin arrives in Ashgabat. Almost 200 of thousands of Russians and about 200 of Russian-speaking 000 (Armenians, Persians, Ukrainians, sssrovtsev, in general) look into his mouth - well, well, how?

And Putin says - everyone who wanted left ... And annuls the citizenship of Russia .. Later, of course, he disown his words ... But if he knew how, in one sentence, he destroyed a quarter of a million Russians, according to approximate calculations ... Against the background of his words, the Russian ambassador to Turkmenistan throws the phrase “Everything left, only trash left”. The Gaz-People Agreement - Google to help ...

It was the 5 th strike on my family personally by the leadership of Russia, the RSFSR ... my homeland ...

We were given the 2 month to move to Russia. We, against the background of a general wave, against the background of collapsed real estate prices, sold everything and left. This time we were smarter - no containers, just money. We moved to where our financial capabilities allowed - in Ivanovo. A small apartment, from where I immediately moved to Moscow, having received a good position in one of the large offices.

But at the household level, we could not stand this test - this scuffle on the street, the attacks of all unfamiliar people, the attitude to ourselves as well as to the Tajik, despite the obviously Slavic appearance, passport and registration ... I grew up in an intelligent family, in an atmosphere of respect , recognition of your knowledge and your personality. I will not describe all my misadventures - they were not much different from those that we experienced in Tambov Gubernia ... And I gave up - well, what kind of country are you, a representative of a state-forming nation, cost less than in a country where you seem to be an occupier on the newest history, but you there appreciate. I do not want to develop the theme of negativity that I received from Russia, maybe for some it is the norm ...

We moved to Kaliningrad, Boos promised the development of the region ... Well, what can I say - it must be experienced. I could not live where everything except the Russians live well. Where everything except Russians have everything. Where at the slightest accident (Chechen hit me from behind in the bumper), the traffic police takes the side of non-Russians, stupidly throwing me to reconciliation, and when I refused, alcohol measurements (you are Russian - you drink !!!!!!), threats, calls and the visits of the "squatted" representatives of the Caucasus ... YES, I saw you, I lived in your environment, I know your psychology, I spat on your arguments, well, why are you, the Russian representative of the LAW, afraid and do not support me ??? You know that I'm right ???? And I have the same money, and the car is not worse, well, according to the European Championship ???? I decided everything myself, according to mountain-desert concepts, I don’t have to take experience, but you, nameless captain of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kaliningrad, are a schmuck. I stood the court, which ignored my race, and it was only the place of birth - Ashgabat. I paid in court almost 40 000 dollars by buying a broken car of a Chechen who drove me in the ass ... A Chechen as a man gave me the money with the phrase - go, brother, where you lived ...

In 2005, we returned to Ashgabat, without earning anything .. But we are fists, descendants of those fists who know the price of a penny. We are engineers with real technical knowledge, independent of the ruble exchange rate to the dollar, or the cost of a barrel of oil ..

Now 2013, my family lives well, I am surprised to read news and I consider another miserable salary increase in Russia, in my homeland. I am shocked by the Russian utilities, shocked by your veiled "scammers", shocked by the blats of Caucasians on the streets ... I, and all Russian-speaking, have satellite TV, I know all the news, Russia24 is on duty channel ...

In June, 2013 is preparing another, in the memory of my family, 6-betrayal. Russia simply wants to abandon all Russians living in Turkmenistan. Around 50 000 Russians with dual Russian-Turkmen citizenship lose their 10 June 2013 years.

Do you want me to stop being Russian? No, I will not stop. Russians live here apart, just like 100 years ago. They marry Russians, they are friends with Russians, Russians are hired. This is your 5 column, Mr. Putin. We live and rave about the Russian Empire, the USSR, we are your front on the southern borders.

The measure was justified by the Turkmen authorities - what if Russia invades here under the pretext of protecting its citizens?

Lavrov came, a man about whom I was of opinion - "man" .. But no .. Opinion has changed .. I will not write, information is full ..

In addition to Russians, several hundred thousand Armenians, Iranian Persians, Azeris, Tatars, Caucasians live in all their colorful diversity, Ukrainians, Bashkirs, and other representatives of the USSR, both with and without a Russian passport, living here ... These are the heirs of the great Empire, people still for Russia!

Why are you throwing us again ???

Our projects are looking for authors in the news and analytical departments. Requirements for applicants: literacy, responsibility, efficiency, inexhaustible creative energy, experience in copywriting or journalism, the ability to quickly analyze text and check facts, write concisely and interestingly on political and economic topics. The work is paid. Contact: [email protected]

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  1. Fox
    Fox April 25 2013 05: 54 New
    almost everything is so, except that the refugees came to us-no one said a bad word. on the contrary, the village council gave plots and some houses. the villagers helped. now the grandchildren who arrived in the 90s are nursing. Samara region. They settled in Togliatti into apartments. only in my quarter 50 families from Central Asia settled. served with guys from the republics ... now we are all retired. the author was just unlucky.
    1. Nicholas C.
      Nicholas C. April 25 2013 06: 35 New
      Something does not add up with my account. Man born in 1980 And then he served. And he graduated from a Russian engineering university, and this is 5 years. But already in 2003 he moved from Turkmenistan to Ivanovo and from Ivanovo to Moscow to "a good position in a large office." I don’t even know what a "good position" is for a young specialist.

      I live in Moscow more than the author in general, but I don’t remember the times: “scuffle on the street, attacks of all unfamiliar people, attitude to myself as well as to Tajiks, despite the obviously Slavic appearance, passport and residence permit”. The author generally about what?

      How can you lose in court when your car was hit in the ass? The back is ALWAYS wrong, the distance must be kept.

      Something wrong.
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov April 25 2013 06: 59 New
        Quote: Nikolay S.
        How can you lose in court when your car was hit in the ass?

        It’s even more difficult for me to imagine a Chechen who is going to sue you, they decide everything on the spot without leaving the cash register.
        1. Nicholas C.
          Nicholas C. April 25 2013 07: 54 New
          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          It’s even more difficult for me to imagine a Chechen who is going to sue you. They decide everything on the spot without leaving the cash register.

          This is just easy to imagine. The proud Chechens, when jackalism does not pass, not only write letters, but also denunciations.

          It’s hard to imagine that a one-to-one deal with great practice — many fight this way — can be lost. Whatever judge bought was not in the first instance, there is a cassation, etc. I myself had to bring the judge to distrust in the regional college. And what a navel of the earth he considered himself.

          The main thing here is different. At home, I had to see all kinds of refugees. And I know the attitude towards them from the inside. What the author wrote, with all the best you can’t call a typical fate.

          Mb Russia, including in the person of Putin and Lavrov, whom the author blamed, but for some reason didn’t want to show anything, “betrayed” and “threw”, so one must write in evidence. And if you write at the level of emotions, rumors and clumsy, I’ll assume that the author from his article will receive not what he expected.
          Although, judging by the text, he always has it.
      2. esaul
        esaul April 25 2013 07: 17 New
        Greetings, colleagues.
        Quote: Fox
        refugees came to us-no one said a bad word. on the contrary, the village council gave plots and some houses. the villagers helped. now who have arrived at 90x are already nursing grandchildren

        It is also possible that the author of this letter was deceived in his expectations and upon arrival in Russia did not receive EVERYTHING AND IMMEDIATELY. Indeed, in Europe and the states, many people leave for a better life and unimaginable benefits, which they are obliged to immediately provide in a new place and are very offended when it turns out that this is not so. The delicate mental organization of Mr. Dolmatov did not stand the pressure of reality at all and decided to leave this world ...
        In general, the author’s inconsistencies pour like letters from a bucket. Either a satellite dish with a zp which lacks a decent life, then a machine that is no worse than a Chechen’s, then ... "Shpak’s apartment ... I am tormented by vague doubts ..." It seems that this is frankly pro-liberal delirium came from the pen of some swamp inhabitant and comes under the guise of a teardrop telling us about unwashed and unintelligent Russia. As I still walk the streets with my Slavic appearance, and if I had to fend off a gopota, I would only "ask" for something that wanted to. And the author was literally beaten in a mortal battle in a day ... Maybe he just begged for it?
        In general, I do not understand the advantages of this frankly anti-Russian nonsense. MINUS.
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov April 25 2013 07: 23 New
          Quote: esaul

          It is possible that the author of this letter was deceived in his expectations and did not receive EVERYTHING upon arrival in Russia

          Well, yes, but I found 40 bucks for a Chechen laughing
      3. hrych
        hrych April 25 2013 21: 52 New
        Quote: Nikolay S.
        "scuffle on the street, the attacks of all unfamiliar people, the attitude to oneself as well as to the Tajiks, despite the obviously Slavic appearance, passport and registration"

        Apparently the guy forgot to remove the skullcap and the Turkmen quilted robe, I have no other explanation.
    2. Kazakh number 1
      Kazakh number 1 April 25 2013 17: 33 New
      I have a friend Vanya, went to Voronezh. Mother-in-law and his wife dragged him. A couple of years ago he said the same thing. Gnobli him in black, otherwise they did not call him Kazakh. Before his departure, I offered him to apply for a refugee, they offended in Russia like, but he refused, says what refugee I am, if there’s nothing to run from. Now he moved to the city, it’s easier there. Meanwhile, the second friend Roman, who was also dragged by his wife, who stated that “my child will not learn Kazakh,” got a good job, they live in Dolgoprudny, in a hostel. He had a choice, either to live with his mother-in-law in Bashkiria, or separately but in a hostel))). Now he works in a real estate office in Moscow. Everything seems to be normal, except for what he drinks in black. But this disease is in most former operas.
    3. PRO-Metey
      PRO-Metey April 27 2013 23: 05 New
      Nonsense and provocateur author is who ...
  2. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov April 25 2013 06: 08 New

    Now 2013, my family lives well, I am surprised to read the news and consider the next miserable increase in salaries in Russia, in my homeland. I am shocked by the Russian housing and communal services, shocked by your veiled scammers, shocked by the blatotism of Caucasians on the streets ... I, and all Russian-speaking people, have satellite TV, I am in the know about all the news, Russia24 on-duty channel ...

    What a meager increase, the author sees Russia at the 2000 level. Instead of a satellite dish, you should connect the Internet. What is housing and communal services, and what is in chocolate all in Turkmenistan? Maybe in Turkmenistan much better. Than in Russia? such stories told by the author were not few throughout Russia, so I was not surprised.

    I withstood the trial, in which my race was ignored, and only the place of birth, Ashgabat, was featured. I paid almost $ 40 in court, having bought a wrecked car of a Chechen who drove into my ass ... A Chechen man returned this money to me with the phrase - go, brother, to where you lived ...
    What a damn noble Chechen. As there according to Stanislavsky - I do not believe.

    Why are you throwing us again ??? Why do you need the author of Russian citizenship? you are terrified of our housing and communal services, of misery salaries. You are doing well there, well, God bless you. 50 thousand Russians, hundreds of thousands of Armenians, do you have no desire to get out there? Or will you wait for Putin to come and save. Soon the borders will be closed and Turkmenbashi will turn the clock.
    1. Kaa
      Kaa April 25 2013 07: 44 New
      Quote: Alexander Romanov
      Or will you wait for Putin to come and save

      Good morning, Alexander! I agree with many things, but about going out into the streets or waiting for Putin - this is a little overkill. Somewhere I understand this guy. In Ukraine, of course, there is no such criticality, but I have so many relatives in Russia, from Moscow to Ulan-Ude, with whom I often meet and who also say, re-say that you are there in Kh. .khl.ya.n.d.i.i. forgot? I have friends in Germany, relatives of the “second half” in Poland who say the same thing. And I, an unreasonable person from their point of view, live in my city in the South-East of Ukraine, which my grandfather was building a former "fist" from Don, who in 1928 threw everything there with his family, not waiting for him to be remembered, as mobilization was with the Mammoths, then with the Conarmia went to Warsaw. He built this city where I live, and in 1938, in spite of the past, he received his first order - and immediately Lenin (and not repression, as liberoids cry). Both Russians, Ukrainians, and Jews live in friendly city, they speak Russian, the central avenue (one of the longest in Europe) - the name of Lenin, with one of the largest monument to Lenin in the former Soviet Union - well, the names of Ukrainian "heroes" do not take root here. over the bust of Stalin - law enforcement agencies soldered REAL terms to them. We still have demonstrations and rallies on May 9th (mass) and on May 1st, November 7th (smaller and more communist). I write books and documents on "mov" (order from Kiev), and I teach people on Russian Our city, like many similar ones, is part of Russia. If I and other Russians "prudently" leave here (as it says, whoever wanted to leave everything), then nature does not tolerate emptiness - here, "Svidomites and Galitsai" will pour in on the ready ( in my opinion, these are still different categories) - and this will no longer be part of Russia. Does Russia need it? Putin doesn’t have to travel to different countries - with his authority, it’s enough to poke on the bais and hetmans — this is part of the Russian world, which is talked about a lot, but nothing is done, and de-Russification will come to naught. And something to do to people specifically in their countries themselves against the current TEMPORARY authorities - is Brzezinski’s blue dream with Kissinger, Yugoslavia everyone remembers where it all started? And with the self-organization of the Serbs in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. If we get such a booze, my mother will not cry! There are many retirees who moved to Ukraine from all over the Union, and they raised the right children, and in other parts of Ukraine people with experience b / d in Chechnya, only on the side of the "bearded man." We are here, in this "patchwork state", the heir to the Russian, Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman empires - the outpost of Russia on the "outskirts", like 300 years ago, the only thing we need is to know that we are in real life, and not in the virtual - part of Russia, and it needs to be heard from “high stands”, to be understood in Russia, and not to look at me when I come to Russia or my relatives, policemen when checking the documents, they nodded dismissively "A, hohhh ..." Which of us is hu - this is a baaalsh question. There is only one recipe - "Come back in USSR", and who should organize this, if not Russia, the successor to the USSR? And we will help, with everything we can wink
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov April 25 2013 07: 56 New
        Quote: Kaa
        I agree with many things, but about going out into the streets or waiting for Putin - this is a little overkill.

        Hi Kaa! In fact, there are too many inconsistencies, too much! I do not believe him request
        Quote: Kaa
        In Ukraine, of course, there is no such criticality,

        What criticality? Judging by what he wrote, he lives well in Turkmenistan. All the bad things that fell on him were in Russia, and there he could be realized. If so, then I do not understand the essence of what was written, what he wanted to say with his article. Russia stands its ground with all the republics of the former USSR and doesn’t lose, it temporarily recedes somewhere, but ultimately wins. I could write to this author a lot, but I just do not want to. He lived well in Turkmenistan and did not think of returning to Russia in which the Evil Chechen first divorced him by 40, and then returned the loot to him. I threw too much dirt into Russia, I don’t even want to talk about rubbish salary.
        1. Kaa
          Kaa April 25 2013 08: 10 New
          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          I threw too much dirt into Russia, I don’t even want to talk about rubbish salary.
          Wow, he would have to squeeze him, not write articles, but there is an element of truthfulness. And about money - and here I can sit on the fifth point and cry (on average, we have lower wages than in Russia), but I can work 12-14 hours a day, manage a normal small team, go on business trips - to live like a man and not get paid in earnest, but to earn money and still have time to sit here on the forum (this forum is the only exception for me, I’m a foodie) good
  3. Belogor
    Belogor April 25 2013 06: 28 New
    Russian officials, of course, are still those, and there are many problems from them. But presented by the author of the ordeal, they simply raise some questions. Either the fatal bad luck of this person, or the character is very complex.
    1. sergey32
      sergey32 April 25 2013 07: 35 New
      Maybe I live in another Russia? I also moved more than once, though within my country, I had never seen anything like it. I also have Russian acquaintances who moved from Central Asia, everyone settled down, took root.
  4. smel
    smel April 25 2013 06: 30 New
    It’s hard to give advice. And even more so to comment on something. It’s just to do it only to Romanov-Marshal ... One thing that only spins on the mind is that the history of our country knew many rejections of compatriots. But still - this is Russia, the homeland. If you are Russian, be patient, fight, achieve the goal, live the problems of your country and its successes. If I don’t, I don’t cry for her hard fate. Those who are here will figure it out themselves. And for the service of the Russian ancestors - thank them, but not you
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov April 25 2013 06: 54 New
      Quote: smel
      It’s hard to give advice. And even more so to comment on something. Just do it only to Romanov-Marshal ...

      Does someone bother you?
      1. Ruslan67
        Ruslan67 April 26 2013 03: 46 New
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Does someone bother you?

        The absence of the Marshall star crying wassat
  5. Humpty
    Humpty April 25 2013 06: 32 New
    You write everything right, brother. Betrayed us. We live and work the same way. Those who were forced to leave in the early 90s mostly found themselves in even more unbearable conditions in Russia. If for a good apartment in Asia, you could buy a rotten room with a wash basin somewhere beyond Volgograd in the steppe where you need to go for water. The attitude of local "Russians" is a classic. We saw a refrigerator, so we need to burn the house. In a blizzard on the road, the neighbor with the car will not pick up to bring to the farm. Those who were able to travel to Moscow, Kaliningrad, Peter and Lipetsk settled well. There are positive cases when groups of ten or two families moved to the village together. The degraded local drunk was afraid to get in touch as she received a worthy rebuff. The current resettlement program is aimed at further extinction. It involves the relocation of an individual family to an endangered village, where only the elderly remained.
    We will never forgive the power of the liberal bastard, the fact that the Russian land in Asia was given for reproach to the Bayan rabble.
    1. PRO-Metey
      PRO-Metey April 27 2013 23: 11 New
      Quote: Humpty
      the fact that the Russian land in Asia was given for reproach to the Bayan rabble

      Your land is with you there ... our land is here and you are guests and do not forget this ... don’t wake up as they say ... and sit quietly.
  6. artemiy
    artemiy April 25 2013 06: 50 New
    What is being prepared ??? I finally do not understand! The duck is thrown!
  7. ULxaw86
    ULxaw86 April 25 2013 08: 20 New
    Not only you, dear, the state has thrown! The authorities pushed the entire Russian people to the edge of the abyss !!! It is clear that the people are angry!
    I live in the Volga region, namely in Ulyanovsk. Our region is multinational. I have a friend, a Russian refugee from Baku. His family moved to us back in '91. He, too, is amazed at the “savagery” of the natives. This is how he described this feeling: “as a guest”! If your offenders are Chechens, then the offenders of my friend are Chuvashs, Mordovians and Tatars. He, in fact, calls names in our (I-Chuvash) address: ChuMoTarin.
    I will answer you with a well-known saying:
    It’s not a place that colors a person, but a person-place !!!
  8. darksoul
    darksoul April 25 2013 08: 52 New
    Everything is written correctly in the article .... it’s just that it’s not customary to raise such topics in our society .... we have a tolerant society, but it does create a lasting impression that we are better off visiting Russia than the indigenous population.
  9. aviamed90
    aviamed90 April 25 2013 10: 02 New
    And what does the author complain about? Russians in Russia are in the same, if not worse, position.
  10. Chicot 1
    Chicot 1 April 25 2013 10: 04 New
    -Gold heads left for the West. Golden hands left for Russia. What are we going to do, golden teeth? .. (words attributed to Turkmen Bashi (S. Niyazov)

    My very good friends moved from Turkmenistan to Russia in 1996 ... They didn’t move from a good life ...
    Regret it. But they regret not about Turkmenistan, but about that life, which was "then." Those. during the Soviet Union ...

    Regarding this letter ... A dual feeling. And one question - dear, but wasn’t it a pity to move? ..
  11. Vanek
    Vanek April 25 2013 10: 19 New
    And be that as it may, the words from the song (from the letter) you will not erase:

    - In Russia, everything is bad.

    But I don’t want to believe in the history of road accidents. At the car itself, so there the floor of the back turned. Well, Russian caught up with me. But this basically does not change anything. And I really don’t feel like it, I really don’t know why, to believe that the Chechen has returned the loot.

    Now 2013, my family lives well

    I wish you happiness and success.
  12. ovgorskiy
    ovgorskiy April 25 2013 10: 23 New
    Comrade would like to sympathize, but somehow the language does not turn. I know a huge number of people who moved to Russia from their inner circle, but have never heard reproaches in their direction. Basically, of course, indifference, but there has never been outright hostility. Yes, it was not childish for all of them, but they all do not seem to be the earth’s paradise on earth. Yes, Russia's fault in this matter is already far-fetched. In the 90s, it was not just the citizens of “foreign” states that were abandoned; their own survived as best they could. And now Russia is doing what it can, although it may not be much. I suspect that the author himself is somewhat aggressive and not accommodating, hence all his troubles.
  13. krpmlws
    krpmlws April 25 2013 14: 18 New
    Article seems to be custom ... (-)
  14. rereture
    rereture April 25 2013 15: 55 New
    Deremo is not an article, we didn’t leave them, but we turned away and continue to retire. The logic of the author of this article is that I am Russian, which means that upon arrival in Russia, they should kiss me in the ass. Who wanted to move correctly was said.
  15. SanSanych
    SanSanych April 25 2013 17: 58 New
    The author is either very unlucky, or he is disingenuous. Itself moved from Ukraine to Russia in the troubled 90, NOBODY said a word. After me, my father moved, then my mother and sister - not a single evil word addressed to us.
  16. DeerIvanovich
    DeerIvanovich April 25 2013 20: 20 New
    another article from the category create a protest mood
  17. hrych
    hrych April 25 2013 21: 51 New
    Quote: Nikolay S.
    "scuffle on the street, the attacks of all unfamiliar people, the attitude to oneself as well as to the Tajiks, despite the obviously Slavic appearance, passport and registration"

    Apparently the guy forgot to remove the skullcap and the Turkmen quilted robe, I have no other explanation.
  18. saygon66
    saygon66 April 27 2013 22: 36 New
    - Something in the article is wrong ... When I left Uzbekistan in the 90, I wandered all over Russia: from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk - it wasn’t sweet! To nobody! BUT I have never met any enmity about which the author writes ... I can say the same for my relatives and friends. About Kaliningrad - in general, some kind of turbidity ... EVERYTHING has come here! That's why the indigenous people "left" back in 45. Some cool Chechens in 2000's ... Maybe I missed something, because there are Kaliningraders on the site, they won’t let me know ... It seems that the man didn’t decide who he is and where ... We left when we left - we knew: we Russians ... and Russia will not give us away! And with the "warm" places no luck - so it was not fate.