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Vaccine against "colored" infection

What should the Russian government do to preserve the political system

An analysis of the nature of the “color revolutions” in Georgia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, as well as in the countries of North Africa and the Middle East showed that the main motive force was the protest part of the population, which, under the current political regime, is unable to solve their personal problems, mainly of a material and spiritual character, that is, there were objective reasons for discontent.

To disrupt the “color revolution”, a carefully thought-out set of actions is required, using all possible methods of managing society. In most cases, there is a danger of substitution of concepts, when the current government in any country intentionally identifies the current political regime and the integrity of the historical state. In the case of Russia, this warning is not the main one, since our история showed that too often external enemies, unable to win on the battlefield, are acting in indirect ways.

"Soft power" has recently become one of the main options for the implementation of large-scale foreign policy projects of the West, primarily the United States. In modern Russia, the conditions necessary for inspiring the “color revolution” have largely been formed. This means that attempts by external forces to initiate such a scenario in our country are quite possible. Moreover, the presence of a large nuclear potential actually leaves no other path. Considered proposals are particularly relevant for our country.

Countermeasure methods

The whole variety of options for parrying the “color revolution” can be summarized into five main groups: regulatory, administrative, informational, economic, and forceful. The purpose of their application is to achieve the socio-political superiority of the existing power structures over the forces of the “color revolution”.

In order to achieve this goal, regulatory methods can be used mainly to create conditions that prevent the active political activities of leaders and organizations oriented towards overthrowing the current government, as well as their support, both material and intellectual, from abroad. Regulatory methods can be effectively used to weaken the economic and informational potential of forces ready to support the “color revolution” in Russia (for example, it is reasonable to impose some restrictions on the activities of pro-Western business elites). They can play an important role in improving the socio-political image of the leaders of the current government by adopting laws and other legal acts that help alleviate the socio-political position of the economically vulnerable, but socially active segments of society. A good example is the adoption of a federal law that obliges NGOs involved in political activities in Russia and having the support of foreign sources to register as foreign agents. These methods are most effective in the periods preceding the “color revolution” to eliminate the conditions for its occurrence. With the beginning of the main events, the effectiveness of these methods decreases sharply, sometimes giving the exact opposite effect.

Administrative methods are more responsive than regulatory and allow for solving a wide range of tasks to prevent the “color revolution”, mainly at the stage of its preparation. Most effectively, these methods can be used to achieve the organizational superiority of the forces opposing the “color revolution” over the supporters of the latter. In particular, this is possible by creating patriotic sociopolitical organizations and parties, supporting their activities (mostly secretly), providing an organizational and partly material and information resource combined with organizing various obstacles to the activities of supporters of the “color revolution” in Russia.

Information methods are the most important in solving most of the tasks of countering the considered scenario. They play a key role in almost all stages of the preparation and implementation of the “color revolution”, and the effectiveness of their use largely determines the possibility of preventing it or preventing it from starting. It is the informational superiority of supporters of the victorious “color revolutions” that ensured success. Inefficient use of even the state informational power resource that is superior in potential leads to its decline. The main goals of the use of information methods by supporters of the current government are to attract politically active people to their side, to increase the moral and political potential of their like-minded people, to create and maintain a favorable image abroad, to disorganize the structures of the opposite side, and to repel information aggression from abroad. If these goals are successfully achieved, the possibility of implementing the considered scenario in Russia will be largely neutralized. In modern conditions, the decisive importance in achieving information superiority is played not so much by the disposable potential of traditional media, as by the presence of an attractive idea and influence in the blogosphere and social networks. At the same time, the idea should be worked out in sufficient detail by specialists in various sciences in order to create an equal competition for attractive concepts in specific conditions for the main layers of society. For modern Russia, what is meant is primarily a liberal one, under the banner of which it is mainly the West that organizes opponents of power. Without this, the new idea will not be able to capture the politically active masses of the population.

Vaccine against "colored" infectionEconomic methods are important for undermining the material and resource potential of the forces of the “color revolution”. They are based on technologies that allow paralyzing activities and further ruining domestic economic entities that make up the material base of the “color revolution”, neutralizing the activity of foreign economic structures supporting destructive forces in Russia, blocking the accumulation and movement of material resources and finances. With simultaneous material support (mostly hidden, through independent organizations) of patriotic social organizations and movements, this will allow them to achieve material superiority over the supporters of the “color revolution”. Economic methods matter at all stages of preparation and implementation of the considered scenario. However, they are most significant at the stage of its prevention, when the “revolution” is only in its infancy. In particular, a friendly economic policy towards the most active and economically vulnerable strata of the population during this period will make it possible to significantly reduce social tensions.

Force methods in all their diversity - from the activities of special services and law enforcement agencies to the use of internal troops and even the Armed Forces - can be used at all stages of the formation and development of the "color revolution" to prevent it. It is advisable to use them to disorganize the structures of the opposing side, suppress riots and maintain order in settlements. The first of these tasks should be mainly solved by the special services and law enforcement agencies by isolating the leaders and organizational centers of opponents. The remaining tasks are assigned to the internal troops (with the involvement of the Armed Forces only to suppress sufficiently large-scale armed uprisings by the "color" opposition). It should be borne in mind that the use of internal troops and the Armed Forces, which is unjustified and not fully secured (mainly by information methods), can lead to the transfer of a part of the military to the side of the "color" opposition. In this regard, the use of these structures is advisable only in the periods of the most acute opposition of the forces of the “color revolution” and the authorities, preferably in conditions when the opposition decided on a local armed confrontation (what can be provoked). In addition to the listed state bodies and structures, Cossack and other patriotic organizations with corresponding power potential can effectively oppose the supporters of the “color revolution”. In cooperation with law enforcement agencies, units of the internal troops and the Armed Forces in the forward echelon, they are able to disorganize the speeches of supporters of the "color" opposition, to assume the main moral and psychological burden associated with the dispersal of such speeches.

Neutralization of the protest

Indignant layers are prone to the manifestation of all forms of expression of discontent and are ready to support any force that will oppose the current government and the elite. In the absence of internal bases for the organization, representatives of these layers very quickly join any able-bodied forces opposing the current government, in a very short period of time increasing their numbers and power to the level when they become capable of overthrowing existing regimes.

As a rule, low ideological and political training of representatives of the majority of the protest population does not give them the opportunity to make the right choice - who should be in the spectrum of the opposition ruling elite of political forces? Therefore, most of them go for those who have a higher organization, more material and information resources, who are more aggressively opposed to the ruling elite.

It is for this reason that the forces of different political orientations in the “color revolutions” win: in Ukraine and in Georgia, these are pro-Western forces, in Kyrgyzstan - representatives of national clans, oriented to cooperation with Russia, in Egypt and Tunisia - Islamist groups.

Therefore, the most important lesson to be learned from past “color revolutions” is that the main condition for the stability of the political system when there is a sufficiently large protest potential among the population is the presence of a political party or movement that is dominant in the protest layer and able to control dissatisfied population and direct its energy in a safe direction for the state. At the same time, this force should be ready to interact with the current power elite in the interests of preventing political forces representing the interests of other states and criminal structures from breaking through to power. There is a need for a political subject headed by reasonable and non-biased foreign or criminal structures by the leaders, who really represent the majority of the protest population with whom a political dialogue could be held.

With whom you can negotiate

The newly created political structure with the participation of the current government must meet a number of requirements, the most important of which are listed below.

Good enough organization. When the situation escalates, the new party is obliged to lead the protest groups of the population, first of all their active part, and prevent mass riots or reduce them to a minimum, and also prevent the criminal structures, extremist organizations and foreign special services from seizing control of the active part of the protest population.

High intelligence, business and moral-psychological qualities of leadership. It must also have sufficient awareness of the situation in order to ensure leadership in these areas, both within the party and among its opponents in the protest stratum.

A well-developed ideological basis, which includes three main elements - ideological, philosophical, socio-political, geopolitical attitudes. At the same time, a new ideology should be such that in all three aspects it, on the one hand, is shared by the main part of the protest layers, and on the other, implicitly creates an ideological basis for cooperation with the current government and does not bear the negative aspects of the memory of previous ideological systems, implemented in Russia. At the same time, it cannot conflict with those ideological systems that, in the memory of the protest part of the population, are associated with successes in society (these are primarily Orthodox-imperial and communist ideas). The dominance of atheistic sentiments among the protest population in Russia suggests that such an ideology should be created on scientific foundations, and the presence of a significant part of believers makes it necessary for this ideology to lead to the idea of ​​the correctness of their religions or at least consistency with them. The ideology of such a party (movement) needs to be worked out at least in general terms on three levels of representation - theoretical, applied, slogan. The first is the most detailed, focused on a narrow circle of the protest layer of intellectuals. It is intended for strictly logical proof of the ideological consistency of the movement, belief in the correctness of the idea, its ability to lead society out of a difficult situation and to eliminate disastrous contradictions for the country. The second is applied, generalized containing the main provisions of ideology and proof of their correctness, allowing people who are not specialists-ideologists to conduct public ideological disputes - for ideological training of leaders at all levels of the party (movement) and specialists in the field of information confrontation. The third is the slogan, consisting in a certain set of recognizable patterns that create the “ideological face” of the party (movement) for the majority of the population. Designed to form the ideological guidelines of the protest population, playing the role of a kind of “ideological rudder”, contributing to a significant increase in the effectiveness of its management, especially in critical situations.

Charismatic leader. The new party should have a leader dominating in intellectual, organizational and other relations, combining the qualities of an ideologue, analyst, political strategist, practical organizer and leader. It is desirable that such a leader comes from those structures that today enjoy the greatest prestige among the protest groups of the population. According to the results of social polls, today in Russia the Church and the army enjoy the greatest prestige among the active protest layers. The leader of the new party must come from among the representatives of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. If possible, he must have certain experience of working with political structures, be known among the opposition, but not be associated with failures, that is, be free from the negatives of the previous political struggle. In the eyes of the protest layers, he cannot be in any way connected with the activities of the current political elite. At the same time, his official position is intended in the eyes of these layers to form an idea of ​​him as a sufficiently qualified, informed and experienced person who has the skills of organizational and analytical work. These requirements are fully met by a reserve officer with the rank of lieutenant colonel to colonel. The age of the applicant should be such that, on the one hand, he is perceived as a solid, authoritative, independent-minded and acting person, and on the other, he still has enough strength to actively work hard to form and lead the party (movement). This requirement most fully corresponds to the period from 50 to 60 years.

Independence from the government and the ruling elite. Opposition to these structures nevertheless implies interaction with them on the issue of maintaining the integrity of the country and the revival of lost positions. It is advisable for these authorities to not provide significant opposition to the new party and, cooperating with it on certain issues, provide some administrative, informational and organizational resources, promote the safe work of party structures, and not hinder the financing of the party’s activities from independent sources.

For various reasons, today none of the existing domestic parties or any of the political movements meets such requirements. The basis of the new party can serve as the existing small opposition movements. It is necessary above all for the part of our ruling elite that links its future with historical Russia.
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  1. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 April 24 2013 06: 00
    Put a minus. The article offers only measures against those who, in the wake of popular discontent, are trying to crawl into power. Analytically understands how and who should withstand color revolutions. But for some reason there’s no owl about the fact that the government should first of all eradicate the causes of discontent of citizens. I myself believe that the main thing should be the establishment of justice in society. I don’t even want to give examples, simply because everyone knows and sees a lot of them without me. I am surprised by the naivety of many citizens when a pension paid on time is considered a merit of power. it doesn’t matter that the pension is small and you can only exist very modestly, but on time.
    So, under the brand name of the struggle against the ideologists of color revolutions, it is now completely possible to squeeze any dissent, anyone who has a normal constructive platform. Who will say where we have real constructive opposition? maybe it doesn’t exist at all? There is, of course, there is, but such an opposition was humiliated and defamed along with pro-Western liberals. Maybe the authorities consider that the people are a mountain for it, they are mistaken. I see only one thing, people no longer believe anyone and nothing. There is certainly a separate layer of the population of naive believers, they believe everything that they are told. but there are still few of them.
    1. bask
      bask April 24 2013 07: 42
      Vaccine against "colored" infection

      There is only one vaccine .... SOCIAL-ORIENTED STATE !!!
      As long as there is a primitive-corruption oligarchic-court capitalism, the state will only degrade economically and ideologically. The consequences of such stratification and degradation of society can be the most deplorable. The Syrian version is the worst.
      1. alexng
        alexng April 24 2013 08: 23
        Let me disagree with you. The color revolution can be accomplished in any socially developed country. At any! If there are people and money interested in this, plus powerful information support. After all, color (non-traditional) act so that they impose on everyone, moreover, bluntly, that they are categorically right in everything, and opponents, i.e. the authorities, as it were, did not parry, it is always to blame for all possible and not possible sins. This infection must be drowned while it is still small. And the most disgusting and savage situation in these is all kinds of corrupt media and the harm from them and their dishonor is more than from any opposition traitor.
        1. arnulla
          arnulla April 24 2013 09: 44
          Quote: alexneg
          Let me disagree with you. The color revolution can be accomplished in any socially developed country. At any! If there are people and money interested in this, plus powerful information support. After all, color (non-traditional) act so that they impose on everyone, moreover, bluntly, that they are categorically right in everything, and opponents, i.e. the authorities, as it were, did not parry, it is always to blame for all possible and not possible sins. This infection must be drowned while it is still small. And the most disgusting and savage situation in these is all kinds of corrupt media and the harm from them and their dishonor is more than from any opposition traitor.

          I agree with you. Livia is a vivid example of this ...
          1. vladsolo56
            vladsolo56 April 24 2013 13: 47
            Libya is not an example, maybe you are not in the know, but there was an intervention. All power of NATO was brought down on Libya.
        2. shark
          shark April 24 2013 12: 26
          Breeding demagoguery about a socially oriented state means pouring water on the mill of color revolutions. In essence, these conversations are the actions of the fifth column. People talking about how bad everything is with us is a shifter. These are wolves in sheep's clothing. doubt, they only increase the number of protest voters.
          No, of course we have a lot of problems, of course, our government is largely anti-people and criminal. But we need to talk about this through the prism of positive changes in society, and not from the negative side. Promote the active participation of people in public life starting from the lower levels, and not demand immediately transferring the supreme power in the country. This is stupid and useless. Having captured the Kremlin, revolutionaries will be faced with a vacuum of executive power. There will simply be no one to implement their popularly good ideas on the ground. And again, in the offices (after a while) the same petty bureaucracy will sit. in fact, with his stupidity and fear of his superior, unwillingness to take his own decisions, he annoys an individual citizen the most.If you start with the consolidation of the people from the level of the yard, with the cleanliness of the entrance and gradually rise to new levels of government, while relying on already completed, corrected levels. Then the result will be. Only in this way can our country be comfortable for human life. Yes, not fast. But those who promise quickly either fools or enemies. We have already been promised a program of 500 days ..
          In general, the best tool against color revolutions is a couple of squadrons of Cossacks with whips. IMHO.
        3. bask
          bask April 24 2013 12: 28
          Quote: alexneg
          Let me disagree with you. Color revolution can be made in any socially developed country

          In the USSR under I.V. Stalin, it was possible something like that ????????????????????
          And no one had any thoughts. The leader, the country was personally a crystal clear person. Could I have been chasing the country for so many years under the STALIN, remaining unattainable for the court, holding important posts in government structures? And this m did not live for three minutes. R.A.Z ..
          1. Grishka100watt
            Grishka100watt April 24 2013 14: 36
            So after Stalin, they also wanted to ruin the country, until he pulled power over himself. And many years passed before he managed to do it.
        4. washi
          washi April 24 2013 13: 48
          How many years have passed since the October Revolution before the complete establishment of Soviet power in the country? Our country has one plus - long distances. In 1991, we tensed up a bit and waited for the team, but in 1993 we did not notice at all. Recognized only on TV. Well, we will not succeed in a color revolution. The result is a civil war. Rob the loot. If hamsters do not understand this, then I feel sorry for them. They will suffer, first of all. Goodbye apartments and cars. One minus is the occupation to restore the supply of raw materials.
          I don’t know how, but I don’t like occupiers.
      2. Forget
        Forget April 24 2013 09: 46
        Quote: bask
        .... SOCIAL-ORIENTED STATE !!!

        and this is true, and I would add a state that is committed to development and does everything necessary for this.
      3. Silhouette
        Silhouette April 24 2013 12: 13
        A socially oriented state of Libya, nothing has saved from self-destruction. A socially oriented state of the USSR, too.
        One vaccine - planting, planting distributors of colored plague. Counter-propaganda and the closure of funding sources.
    2. zart_arn
      zart_arn April 24 2013 08: 06
      But for some reason there’s no owl about the fact that the government should first of all eradicate the causes of discontent of citizens.
      I absolutely agree with you, but, unfortunately, in most cases, the authorities themselves create reasons for discontent.
    3. ovgorskiy
      ovgorskiy April 24 2013 08: 15
      The article deals with how to deal with "color" revolutions. You might as well read the article first. And where is the article about what you need to "... to press down any dissenting person, anyone who has a normal constructive platform ...". In my opinion, on the contrary, the author offers a dialogue with all sane people who do not want the destruction of the state.
      PS. It is not possible to build an ideal state; there will always be disgruntled fighters for "poor" pensioners, ecology, religion, gay rights, etc. like vladsolo56 or the like. I think even in Switzerland it is possible to arrange a "color" revolution, it all depends on the amount of money invested in this goal.
    4. Nevsky
      Nevsky April 24 2013 10: 03
      Here is the answer to this article, nothing new is needed:
  2. smel
    smel April 24 2013 06: 03
    "Strong lecture" !!! Why is she? Not a word has been said about the responsibility of the authorities for the state of society. In a healthy society, the protest movement is absent by definition. In a sick society, the protest movement is cultivated from the problem layer. In a dying person, it destroys all vital forces like a cancerous tumor. So where about this ??? And then the name is about the vaccine, and the story about the scalpel
  3. Canep
    Canep April 24 2013 06: 11
    To the authorities of Kazakhstan - on a note, Nazarbayev will not last forever, in the 16th elections, I would not like to see a Nazi come to power who will bring the country to war, or just an American trash, and both options will please our "potential friends".
    1. MilaPhone
      MilaPhone April 24 2013 06: 27
      Quote: Canep
      Nazarbayev is not eternal

      The Uzbeks also thought about Karimov. wink
      1. kostyan77708
        kostyan77708 April 24 2013 06: 43
        Well, yesterday there was an article about this, Karimov seems to be handing over the back!
    2. washi
      washi April 24 2013 13: 50
      You have enough Natsik there.
  4. fenix57
    fenix57 April 24 2013 06: 20
    "This means that attempts by external forces to initiate a similar scenario in our country are quite possible."-so they are already initiated:
    - in the government in any way without the dominance of liberals;
    - Bullet petals, Nemtsov (supposedly the opposition);
    - The media are pro-western.
    Who interferes with the fight ... But something is not visible real action, so "attempts" are more and more ostentatious. And no more..
    1. Kaa
      Kaa April 24 2013 08: 11
      Quote: fenix57
      But something is not visible to the real actions, so, "attempts" are more and more ostentatious
      The charismatic leader, in my opinion, should not send a message to the Federal Assembly, but directly to the people and give an answer to some questions:
      1. Who, why and why the USSR collapsed
      2. Who and how much "grabbed" in the "dashing 90s" and continues to do so now.
      3. What is he going to do with these people.
      4. What is he going to do to overcome dependence on banks and the Fed.
      5. When and in what order to wait for these measures.
      After such an honest conversation, the majority of the population will go not to protest rallies and online, but to such a leader, IMHO.
      1. Garrin
        Garrin April 24 2013 08: 42
        Quote: Kaa
        The charismatic leader, in my opinion, should not send a message to the Federal Assembly, but directly to the people and give an answer to some questions:

        One can only dream about it, because answering questions on points 2 and 3, you have to include yourself in the lists. With all the ensuing consequences in paragraphs. 4 and 5.
        Yes, by the way, today the leader considered the issue of "golden parachutes", and so the heads of state corporations decided not to cut them. Incl. and the head of Rusnano.
      2. Igarr
        Igarr April 24 2013 09: 26
        The snake-boa ...
        you killed me, strangled me with rings, bit me.
        But who would do such a thing - cut the truth-uterus into thin rings?
        And on a silver platter - offer people?
        It is interesting that you, I, the mass of people on the forum will easily and without strain give an answer to all these questions, especially starting from the 3rd.
        But will they let ... become a Leader?
        It is quite possible to become a leader in the letter -P-. Very so ... charismatic.
        Tomorrow is April 25th. Revelation Day.
        We'll see.
  5. Onotollah
    Onotollah April 24 2013 06: 21
    "And then Ostap suffered" laughing
    The role of ideology is not disclosed.
  6. djon3volta
    djon3volta April 24 2013 06: 36
    sometimes komnts of homks come across, they say - that the price of oil will drop to $ 20-30 and Putin’s power will end, or what will Putin do if the price of oil falls? If you like to answer the question with a question, I can do it too! Navalny, Zyuganov (Ivanov, Petrov, Sidorov) will hold out at an oil price of $ 20? Where commies or liberalists will take money to pay salaries and everything else ???
    or here’s an example, hamsters like to say, you need to fingernail oligarchs, or even take everything away. For example, in Russia there are almost 40 million pensioners, every month on average 400 billion rubles (10 billion euros) are spent on pensions, 120 billion euros a year. , and it’s only pensioners, the question is how many oligarchs are needed and where to get them to ensure at least pensioners every month? even if everything is taken from Abramovich ($ 13 billion), then his money will be enough to pay pensions once! whom to milk and take away? the oligarchs will end, where will you take others ??? so tell these tales to those who do not think in their minds and do not keep records. otherwise Zyuganov promised 10 budgets, and where they will take the money for everything he didn’t say promises, but didn’t say because he doesn’t know, and there’s nowhere to take them;
    ps somewhere I saw him .. so this is the promise!

    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov April 24 2013 06: 51
      Quote: djon3volta
      there are almost 40 million pensioners in Russia, every month on average 400 billion rubles (10 billion euros) are spent on pensions, 120 billion euros a year., and these are only pensioners, the question is how many oligarchs are needed and where to get them every month, at least to provide pensioners?

      Here you have our info patriot ........ and this is only for 2011, and now there are even more of them and they have become even richer, only one problem wink Many of them in United Russia lol

      Although Forbes usually publishes a list of the Russian Golden Hundreds, this year the list has been expanded to 200 names, due to the emergence of such a significant increase in numbers. The general condition of the hundreds of the richest Russians is $ 432 billion - which significantly exceeds the corresponding figure of 297 billion in 2009.

      And how many those who brought their loot to offshore, how many those who have less than one billion dollars. Sit count student laughing
      1. djon3volta
        djon3volta April 24 2013 07: 12
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        432 billion dollars

        it’s almost the annual budget of Russia. The question is: if this money is taken away and lived for a year, where to get new oligarchs? There’s nothing more to take away! and impose Russian democracy? whom to rob then? you all dream of a freebie and like to count other people's money. It makes no difference how much money they have, even if they have squad dollars! Do I have to go out of jealousy or go outside and scream thieves?

        read at your leisure.
        I don’t have time to sharpen my Lyas with you, I’ll go robbing Russia, you have to go to work.
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov April 24 2013 07: 25
          Quote: djon3volta
          all run out of oligarchs and their money, whom to milk then

          Well, yes, better they milk the whole of Russia.
          Quote: djon3volta
          ? Can take an example from the Americans and invade other countries and impose Russian democracy?

          Well, he’s also invading in the forefront and take an example from the USA fool
        2. Garrin
          Garrin April 24 2013 08: 32
          Quote: djon3volta
          where to get new oligarchs? there’s nothing more to take away! everything, the oligarchs and their money will run out, who should be milked then?

          That's where the mess in my head. I am glad from the heart, thanks, for the whole day I charged with positive emotions. laughing
          Quote: djon3volta
          whom do you rob then you dream about freebies and love to count other people's money. It doesn’t matter how much money they have, even though they have squad dollars!

          But such a simple thought did not occur to you that these oligarchs just robbed people of my generation and me specifically. Starting with a banal pocket, zeroing out all our savings, and then capturing deposits, plants and factories, hydroelectric power plants that we built with our own hands and health?
          But didn’t you think that if you take away the assets from the oligarchs, people will continue to work and the money will go directly to the budget, bypassing the gang of snickering thieves?
          1. baltika-18
            baltika-18 April 24 2013 09: 14
            Quote: Garrin
            That's where the mess in my head.

            Zhenya has no porridge in his head.
            He just has a head instead of a bucket. Or pretends to be .... as an option.
            1. Armata
              Armata April 24 2013 10: 09
              Quote: djon3volta
              I don’t have time for me to sharpen my Lyas with you, I’ll go robbing Russia, you have to go to work
              Hello to all. Why they scared him, so much fun with him laughing
        3. Rrv
          Rrv April 24 2013 11: 48
          Quote: djon3volta
          the question is, if this money is taken away and lived for a year, then where to get new oligarchs? There’s nothing more to take away! Everything, the oligarchs and their money will run out, who should be milked then? ... whom to rob then?

          Yeah ... Someone is cabbage soup liquid, but someone lacks oligarchs - business.

          The budget for 2/3 consists of money coming from the resource-extracting and resource-processing complexes (including energy). At the same time, 1/3 of the "earned" is given to the budget. The prime cost of the activities of enterprises (including modernization, geological exploration, salaries of ordinary employees, etc.) is no more than 20% of what is left after taxes.

          Thus, the nationalization of the aforementioned industrial complexes would increase the budget by 2 times, but as the guaranteeing guarantor said nothing, you won’t wait.
  7. Sirocco
    Sirocco April 24 2013 06: 38
    Gentlemen, this is not a conversation. Let's be realistic. Well, in principle, it is impossible to negotiate with these paid charismatic leaders of the opposition. They are already determined to destroy the power and the system against which they were ““ launched. ”So in this case it is too late to come to an agreement hi To take an example from medicine, for example, it is very difficult to fight sarcoma, you will not agree with it, and you will not ask to leave the diseased organ. They cut it out, remove it. So it is in our case. Only removal, and without compromise. I think that each of us will not allow the introduction, in our FAMILY, of opposition-minded neighbors who incite wives to infidelity, children to outrages, and disrespect for parents. For starters, I would explain to the neighbor who is the boss in the house, with a belt for children. But most importantly, if I finished up with this in my family. That’s a dime for me, as the owner and husband of your family. So let's not follow the Trojan horses of Western democracy. They are not worried about us. They would have survived by robbing Russia.
  8. fenix57
    fenix57 April 24 2013 07: 02
    Quote: Sirocco
    Take an example from medicine, for example, it is very difficult to fight sarcoma, you will not agree with it, and you will not be asked to leave the diseased organ. They cut it out, remove it.

    I agree 100 percent, but the authorities are in no hurry to do this. Or is it "a little" profitable for them .. hi
    1. Sirocco
      Sirocco April 24 2013 07: 20
      Quote: fenix57
      Or is it "a little" profitable for them ..

      I don’t know what to think about this. Any sane, beeps the alarm, at the slightest suspicion of a cancerous tumor. Not suicides are in power. request
      1. Igarr
        Igarr April 24 2013 09: 42
        Vladimir, - ".. Suicides are not in power." Neither subtract nor add.
        That's right, not suicidal. They each have a "golden parachute" in store.
        And just - KILLERS.
        Killers of the country, people.
        Just killing on such a scale is just statistics.
        There are many ways to kill.
        You can kill with a knife. You can ecology. You can GMF. You can destroy the verge of poverty. Can lead to suicide by a continuous state of hopelessness.
        But - life can give life - only Nature can.
  9. bunta
    bunta April 24 2013 08: 46
    An attempt to get rid of their own infantilism in government, outright betrayal and patronage of thieves, proclaiming the dissatisfied with the "pro-Western opposition." There is no opposition. There is a thinking part of Russia, which considers the Putin regime to be illegitimate and criminal.
    An attempt to stick the sticker of "pro-Western liberation" on this part of the people is a desire to tarnish it in the eyes of other citizens. And in fact, the unleashing of a quiet internal civil war. And nothing surprising. As there is no competent management in managing the country and its economy, so there is no competent dialogue with that part of the population who thinks and thinks differently. And this part will always be, this is the law.
    The easiest way is to stick a label on everyone, and some to plant for caution. But this is a confrontational model and is pro-Western -Divide and conquer "divide (the people) and rule"! In fact, all state television is based on the Western model. Take Soloviev's "Duels". Two political opponents are busy not looking for the truth, but clowning to collect phone likes. But because to put Navalny and Peskov in prison and say - "here you guys are supporters of opposite views, but the Motherland is one, let's find something in common for which you can give up part of your position" - it's more difficult. And it brings less money.

    Who will decide to become a retribution for the shame of my land?
    There are no such, but only legions, once again climb into the trump cards.

    And we are all silent, but we all can’t understand,
    How did it happen that we were all taken by surprise.
    We knew life, we could play it,
    And now we wander for the flea lord.

    (c) Kinchev.
    1. radio operator
      radio operator April 24 2013 12: 25
      Quote: bunta
      There is a thinking part of Russia that considers the Putin regime not legitimate and criminal.

      What are you talking about, dear!
      Putin was elected by popular democratic vote in accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation. The fact that the "thinking" part of Russia does not respect the law, well, sorry. What then to ask from others?
      Quote: bunta
      An attempt to stick a sticker of "pro-Western liberation" on this part of the people is a desire to tarnish it in the eyes of other citizens.

      And what else to call them if they stand for the freedom of parades and actions of the "big four": gays, cattle lovers, pedophiles and necrophiles. I don't need such "freedom".
      1. Slav
        Slav April 25 2013 11: 43
        Quote: radio operator
        stand for the freedom of parades and action of the "big four"

        Let this four sit in their geyrope.
  10. darksoul
    darksoul April 24 2013 08: 46
    The vaccine from color revolutions is not so complicated, you just need to do this:

    1. To raise the level of well-being of their people, to develop industry so that people do not follow these scavengers
    2. Completely ban NGOs
  11. T-130
    T-130 April 24 2013 08: 47
    Best defense is attack! We have already developed the theory of color revolutions, but this weapon can work against them, you just need to do it!
  12. Begemot
    Begemot April 24 2013 10: 18
    Everything is very controversial! I did not begin to minus, as usual, but the impression remained unimportant.
    Just the thesis about the secret preparation by the authorities of a mass movement that will oppose the "polite" is worth something! There are much simpler methods. If water and food were brought to the Maidan, or better beer with a light, but long-lasting laxative effect, the next day there would be only one guano left and the whole "Orange Revolution" would go down in history as a fashioned revolution of the ZasLants. (joke, of course). But seriously: try to carry out a color revolution in Holland, Denmark, Sweden. Where the government is controlled and responsible, where the population has the opportunity to CHOOSE power, no color revolutions are possible.
  13. Anper
    Anper April 24 2013 10: 41
    Quote: vladsolo56
    public justice

    Quote: vladsolo56
    normal construction platform

    Some phrases are common - what is justice in society, everyone understands differently. What is a normal construction platform? For whom is normal? And what is generally considered the norm, from which to build on? And as for the dissatisfaction of the citizens - they will always be like that, take the money away from Chubais, so he will be dissatisfied, will become potential agents of the color revolution. And how many people will be happy that they took the money from him?
  14. radio operator
    radio operator April 24 2013 12: 18
    According to the results of social surveys, today in Russia the Church and the army enjoy the greatest authority among active protest strata.

    Well hello! The rally was supported by the opposition (anti-Putin rally) and their ideologists from Misty Albion. Moreover, those who defend Gelman's exhibitions (cautiously religion) become the same opposition.
  15. shinobi
    shinobi April 24 2013 12: 39
    The main weapon of color revolutions, propaganda and money. The methodology of combating this infection was worked out in the USSR and Germany before the war. Take financial flows, censorship of the media under control. This has already been done. The Internet remains, it’s more difficult to work with. There’s nothing , the impression that the opposition yellow newspaper wrote
  16. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil April 24 2013 13: 16
    We are doing everything right, we must use their main weapon of mass media against the opposition and their overseas masters, put them generally around the embassies of the USA, Great Britain, etc. cameras and every day on the first channel instead of stupid serials to show the reality show "How I attended a reception at the US Embassy", and if they arise, then we have freedom of the media, nothing can be done request I recently saw a video here where the journalists caught some old "human rights" hag at a meeting with one employee of the US Embassy, ​​probably if they catch a couple somewhere at the graduation school, forgive me for the expression of fucking a couple, they will not be as embarrassed as these two, they immediately began to mumble something inappropriate, they say the weather is good, etc., and where did the human rights enthusiasm go? You just need to pour mud from all these NGOs from head to toe, show a couple of films that they are all supposedly pedophiles, bribe maniacs, etc. ..And I am sure that after such tough pressure they all quietly pack their things and crawl back to where they crawled to us.
  17. washi
    washi April 24 2013 13: 56
    In the "arguments of the week" I read the note. It is planned to replace the Duma with the Supreme Council of their two chambers: "republic", "nationality". As it was in the USSR. The deputies meet every six months. More details in AN No. 15, p. 2
  18. Vtel
    Vtel April 24 2013 15: 23
    The best vaccine against color revolutions is the national idea and national ideology, which are not present in Russia. Now the period of liberal anarchy is to plunder Russia before the Russian bear wakes up. And this ideology can only be Orthodoxythanks to which Russia stood, strengthened and reflected the attacks of enemies for 1000 years.