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Koreans will turn transport workers into paratroopers

Koreans will turn transport workers into paratroopers

Korea Aerospase Industries is a South Korean company planning to develop a Surion landing assault variant (transport helicopter), the purpose of which is to base on ships of various class. It is reported about the start of negotiations with the DAPA - South Korean Military Procurement Office on the establishment of a helicopter. Delivered new cars will be the Marine Corps, which will receive about forty Surion in the landing version.

The estimated cost of the helicopter development program is 712,9 million US dollars, which in translation into Korean won is eight hundred billion. The creation of the machine, according to preliminary data, begins in July of the current year, and its completion is scheduled for the last months of 2015, providing for subsequent mass production. Equipment landing assault will include special communications equipment, an additional fuel tank and an emergency landing system on the water. Due to the type, this helicopter will require additional certification.

Most likely, as expected, the platform for basing the landing helicopters will be the "Dokdo" - landing ships, which are listed in the arsenal of the South Korean Navy. The abilities of these ships allow them to carry up to fifteen helicopters. The Navy is currently armed with such paratroopers in the amount of two ships, but the military’s long-term plans include an intention to replenish fleet two more “Dokdo” to have a total of four ships.

If we touch upon the beginning of the entry into force of the Surion development program as a transport helicopter, then we should first of all recall that this was for the first time in 2006. The creation of the machine is fully owned by the European consortium Eurocopter and KAI, which conduct joint activities. The ability of the helicopter allows him to carry sixteen fighters in full gear and reach a maximum speed of 240 kilometers per hour. The transporter is also capable of flying over a distance of 480 kilometers. For your information, the first flight of such a helicopter falls on March 2010 of the year. Police and Land Forces of South Korea have already launched hundreds of vehicles.

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  1. Retx
    Retx April 23 2013 11: 01
    Universal landing ships of the "Tokto" type - a series of helicopter carriers of the "LPX" project of the Navy of the Republic of Korea, started July 12, 2005 at the shipyards Hanjin Heavy Industries & Constructions Co. in Busan. Named after the Dokdo Islands, a disputed territory between South Korea and Japan, the lead ship of the series was adopted on July 3, 2007.


    The ship has dimensions: length - 199 meters, width - 31 meters.
    Displacement of 14000 tons (empty), and 18000 tons (full).
    It has a docking chamber for amphibious caterpillar amphibious vehicles (AAV7) and LCAC hovercraft. Under the carrier deck is a hangar.
    Capacity: 720 paratroopers, 400 crew members, 10 tanks, 10 trucks, 7 AAV vehicles, 10 UH-60 helicopters, and two LCAC boats or 4 LCAS boats.
    Self-defense systems: ASMD anti-aircraft missile system (21 launcher), Goalkeeper anti-aircraft artillery system (2 seven-barreled 30 mm installations).
    The possibility of basing F-35B aircraft on Dokdo is under consideration.
    Maximum speed - up to 22 knots, cruising 18 knots. Cruising range of 10 thousand miles. 30,6 MW diesel power plant (4 SEMT Pielstick 16 PC 2,5 units)
    Navigation Radar: AN / SPS-95K
  2. pa_nik
    pa_nik April 23 2013 11: 02
    The whole world is arming / re-arming ... Such grandmas are thrown in! It can be seen that the day is approaching when the command will be given to "beat back" all the invested funds by investors. And then, damn it, you need meat ... a lot of meat. angry
  3. Tambov we ...
    Tambov we ... April 23 2013 12: 32
    It’s a pity, of course, that now the Northern comrades will bombard South Korea, but Jap’s ears stick out - Sonya and Panasonic didn’t hesitate. And then LD, Samsung, Deo ... Let them figure it out now ...
  4. svp67
    svp67 April 23 2013 16: 22
    The Navy is currently armed with such paratroopers in the amount of two ships, however, the military’s long-term plans include the intention to replenish the fleet with two more Dokdo, in order to have four ships in total.

    Four of these ships can "deprive the DPRK of sleep" of sleep for a long time ...