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Army Outsourcing Parties

Keen discussions continue on whether outsourcing in the Russian army justifies itself. It is worth recalling that outsourcing in the Armed Forces refers to the process of attracting civilian specialists to perform various kinds of so-called “non-core” works: cleaning of premises, repair of equipment, and cooking. According to this mechanism, civilian personnel appeared in military units, who are now responsible for the cleanliness of the barracks, headquarters, the quality of cooked soups and washed clothes. Repair of any equipment: from armored vehicles to washing machines in military laundry is also carried out by civilians.

And if such questions as sewage repair or patching roofs of roofs by civilian specialists do not cause any special questions, then the maintenance of military equipment and the preparation of food exclusively by civilian personnel in the army raises questions. What is the problem here? And this problem lies in the fact that even during the exercises, the troops will have to carry with them a whole team of “civilians”, who will have to repair both the military KamAZ and repair the borsch to everyone.

However, representatives of the Ministry of Defense declare that in the course of military exercises, and even more so, in military operations, civilian outsourcing personnel will not be used. In other words, in the military unit, outsourcing will work, but in war already - as in war. But in this connection a not unreasonable question arises: if the soldiers in the military units are used to the fact that outsiders do all the economic work for them, then what will be the quality of this work on their part. After all, even the preparation of the same dinner for several hundred people is a real art, except for the fact that it is hard work that requires some preparation. And where and when these same chefs in the presence of "outsourcers" will be prepared. Today, according to the official representatives of the Ministry of Defense, there were no problems with the training of soldiers in terms of performing “non-core” work during the exercise. But so and full-fledged outsourcing in the army is far from widespread.
In general, the issue of attracting outsourcing companies to work in the military environment requires serious modifications so that, ultimately, the same unprofessional repair of equipment does not affect the combat capability of a separate unit.
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  1. Bashkaus
    Bashkaus April 22 2013 20: 31
    Serdyukov to shoot in 12 bayonets and in a ditch!
    It is precisely that outsourcing is good for the country leading the war against the banana republics and not able to fend for themselves.
    But Russia has this situation, all the time it is necessary to fight for the right to exist.
    Military medicine was destroyed, it is believed that civilian doctors will be able to perform this function.
    I work in a clinic, I do not touch anyone, a soldier will come to me to receive, but under a contract I will serve, etc. in the best possible way, I’ll get an increase in the RFP and I’m happy to go home.
    Well, what if war is tomorrow ?!
    And so they say to me, they say it’s necessary to the forefront.
    I will honor my turnip and the question "Do you have to?"
    Well, let's say the doctors are military obliged, I have a warrior, besides, a sense of patriotism is calling to the front. Seven deaths cannot happen, but one cannot be avoided.
    And here I am at the forefront, a professional practitioner who is skillfully treating the general’s hemorrhoids, and here I’ll be dragged by packs of firearms. What will I do with him if I have not been taught this, or rather taught in brief (supposedly there is this type of injury).
    But my grandmother has a big book, since childhood he loved to read, it was called "Gunshot wounds of the hand" and all with pictures, all different, a thick book, on one page a shot finger, on the other an index, on the third comma, etc. A whole science at a time. (since the Second World War) and the legs and other parts of the bodies do not need to be treated, with this book you would have to cope and remember everything, memorize.
    And military medicine was destroyed.
    It’s good that it’s better to have a field kitchen when a caring Anzur from sunny Tajikistan gives hot fries to a fighter for lunch. And you will drive him to the front line, just call me to look at it, cheat out of curiosity.
    Here’s a construction battalion, the most terrible troops, they didn’t even give shovels, well, of course, Yusuf would dig such a dugout under the bullets, Beautiful, Comfortable, and most importantly Quality-assured and with a guarantee -Mama clEnus!
    I still don't believe in this overseas word "outsourcing"
  2. gauche
    gauche April 23 2013 07: 26
    Quote: Bashkaus
    Serdyukov to shoot in 12 bayonets and in a ditch!

    Hmm, and Radiant Pu to outsource the brain. Now, finally, the army — we will be protected by outsourcing from us — the same Chinese, there are many of them. And they will cook their own food, do not fuss about helping them. And heal themselves.
    There is no "outsourcing" - there is "brainwashing" and simplification of dough cutting - so that the statutes do not interfere. Plus a reservation for the collapse of the army ...
    And you roll a barrel for Tajiks in vain - in which case they will come in handy much more than European friends.
  3. Svatdevostator
    Svatdevostator April 23 2013 13: 42
    Regarding order in the unit, the idea is pretty and not bad, since in the Russian army order is more important to commanders than combat training of personnel, "what if an inspector arrives and we have no order" I hear every day in the service, and this is in the special purpose unit !!!