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Billions from death do not save

About the dead - neither good nor bad. About the dead - honest.

Billions do not save them from death - by learning this banal truth on the fate of their accomplices, the oligarchs stop believing that the dead do not have shame, and therefore they try to work out the technology of remaking robbers, scoundrels, traitors to heroes, devotees, benefactors, saviors of Russia. We tried the whitening technology on Yeltsin, now they are modernizing it on Chernomyrdin, recoding the memory of the people with white marble monuments, bronze plaques, many books, many movies, street names, squares and icebreakers. There were “Lenin” and “Russia”, in a year it will be ice breaking “Viktor Chernomyrdin”. There are hundreds of sculptors with verses, easels, TV and movie cameras ready for good money to add the blinding whiteness of the wings and a shining halo overhead for good money. If you want to see how this is done, look at Sergei Brilev's “Black-Navy” movie, shown on the first TV channel, and see how easy it turns out that the criminal who inflicted damage on the country is worse than the Nazi invasion, making the image of Russia's savior. It turns out that the black dog can be washed to a shining white.

Today there is not a single serious economist left who does not recognize the obvious: the changes in the Russian economy laid by Yeltsin-Gaidar-Chernomyrdin-Chubais are not restructuring, not reforming, not liberalization, it is not even plunder of the country - it is the destruction of the state. Here is a very categorical conclusion of the Auditors of the Accounts Chamber: “The privatization practice did not correspond to the declared ideology (forming an“ effective ”owner, increasing the efficiency of enterprises and creating a socially oriented market economy, attracting foreign investments, etc.) ... Privatization measures were not tied to the objectives of efficiency and increasing production volumes "(" Analysis of the processes of privatization of state property in the Russian Federation for the period XN UMX - 1993 years ", M., 2003). Already in the first years of privatization, the gross domestic product of the country declined by 2004 percent - Russia did not know such a decline in national production during the First World War (28 - 1914), when production fell by 1917 percent, or during the Civil War (25 percent) , or during the Great Patriotic War (by 23 percentage). Let me remind you of the staggering figures of the State Duma Commission, which was investigating the results of privatization: the total losses from the destruction of the country's economy are for only one, one! 21-th year, two and a half times higher than the losses in the Great Patriotic War!

Chernomyrdin, Chubais, Gaidar, who led the grandiose operation developed at Harvard and Chicago under the code name “Privatization of Russia”, contributed to “establishing control by foreigners over the strategically important and economically significant enterprises of the defense complex and associated enterprises of the scientific and technical sphere, machine building , metallurgy, chemical industry ”(ibid.). This was done under the guise of profit, if anything, it is better to go under the court on the article "robbery", rather than - "treason". In fact, the crazy, fantastic enrichment at the expense of grabbing nationwide, state property through the thieves' pockets was not the ultimate goal of privatization organizers. First of all, defense enterprises, factories and institutions that ensured the security of the country and strengthened the power of the state were hit. And no matter how Chernomyrdin, the head of the government, played the first violin here.

The masking was a success, so far most people believe that privatization was carried out for enrichment, and a sharp decline in production volumes, immediately on 45 - 55 percent, stopping enterprises, liquidation of entire industries, are presented as side effects. Wow, by-effects! If according to the State Statistics Committee of the Russian Federation, in 2001, in terms of coal production, we went down to 1957, to the production of cars - to ... 1910, to the production of machine tools - to 1931 , forge and press machines - to 1933, trucks, to 1937, tractor production - to 1931, combine harvesters - to 1933, TV production - to 1958, lumber - to 1930 , building bricks - to 1953-th, fabrics of all kinds - to 1910-th, woolen fabrics - to ... 1880-th, shoes - to 1900-th, solid Noah products - to 1963-moo, butter - to 1956-th year. If in the 1989 year we produced 55,7 million tons of milk, then in the 2001 year - 32,9, which is at the level of 1958 year. The number of cattle from 58,8 million heads in 1989-th year was reduced to 27,1, repeating ... 1885-th year. Twelve years ago, we had 40 million pigs, now - 15,5 (1936 level of the year). The decline of sheep and goats is even more noticeable: from 61,3 million heads (1989) to 15,2 (1750)! These are the real “successes and achievements” of the now celebrated “FWS”.

The main objective of the privatization, carried out by the Government of V. S. Chernomyrdin, was the elimination of all the best and most promising, strengthening Russia, multiplying its power. That is why immediately under the knife of privatization went strategically important for the country, key for the defense industry Smolensky aviation factory, Rybinsk Motor Plant, Rybinsk Design Bureau of Motor Engineering, Samara State Enterprise "Start", Ufa Motor Engineering Production Association, Uralmashzavod, LNPO "Proletarsky Zavod", Production Association "Banner of October", Central Research Institute "Rumb", Baltic Plant, NTK "Soyuz", Engineering Design Bureau "Granite", Moscow Helicopter Plant named after M. L. Milya, Irkutsk Aviation Production Association, Nizhny Novgorod State Enterprise Gidromash, Moscow Engineering Plant Znamya, Taganrog Aviation Production Enterprise, Moscow NPO Vzlet, Tula weapons factory, Tula cartridge factory, NPO Saturn them. A. M. Lyulki, Voronezh Electropribor Plant, Tula Central Research Institute of Control Systems, Krasnogorsk Plant named after S. A. Zvereva, Vyatka-Polyansky engineering plant "Hammer" and a host of other enterprises of the defense industry. The “civilian” enterprises that were included in the list of strategically important ones, such as the Concern Kuzbassrazrezugol, the coal company South Kuzbass, came down for a penny and were not at all privatized at all ...

Auditors of the Accounts Chamber state: “The federal executive authorities did not create an effective system to prevent the transfer of objects of federal property of strategic importance to foreign control. The process of buying up of stakes in strategically and economically important enterprises for Russia through nominees and in the secondary stock market by foreign persons was not controlled. ” Foreigners received blocking stakes in OAO ANTK. Tupolev ", Saratov OJSC" Signal ", in CJSC" Evromil ". A little-known American company "Nic and Si Corporation" through the front company "Capital" acquired a stake in 19 aviation enterprises of the military-industrial complex! And this is also the "fruit of the activity" of Chernomyrdin.

In violation of the law, the shares were sold to foreigners through intermediaries. The winner of the investment tender for the sale of 40 percent of the authorized capital of Tyumen Oil Company, CJSC Novyi Holding, represented the interests of foreign legal entities. The government knew about it, no one opposed. The State Antimonopoly Policy Committee has never rejected applications from foreign or legal entities controlled by them to purchase a controlling stake in enterprises strategically important for Russia. The shares of the OJSC Efremovskiy Glucose Plant, Inc., were purchased by AOZT Dikart, a subsidiary of the American firm Cargill. 35% of Novomoskovskbythim, which produced up to 80% of synthetic detergents in Russia, with the consent of the State Committee on Antimonopoly Policy, was acquired by Procter & Gamble Eastern Europe, which is the main competitor of the Russian manufacturer in the domestic market. After the Americans acquired a controlling stake in the Kursk joint-stock company Kristall, the production of components for the guidance system of the Igla missile system and other special objects for the army was immediately stopped, and the unique technological base was destroyed.

It is completely unthinkable that the superstrategic, fundamental for the country's life activity, the Russian Joint-Stock Company United Energy Systems of Russia, by more than a third (34,45% of shares) were taken over by foreign entities!

In the 90s, when Vladimir S. Chernomyrdin was at the head of the Government, the largest foreign arms manufacturers, according to the Accounts Chamber, carried out unprecedented work to secure exclusive rights to inventions of Russian authors. The claims were transferred to the patent offices of foreign countries, bypassing the Russian patent office. In the USA, Russian developments in the field of electronic, laser, fiber-optic engineering, oil and gas processing technologies, organic chemistry, medical and environmental engineering are patented. According to expert estimates, in the 1992 - 2000 years in the United States alone over a thousand patents for military and dual-use technologies have been registered, authored by Russian inventors, and foreign legal entities and individuals have become owners of patents and, consequently, exclusive rights. At the same time, foreign companies directly in Russia stepped up patenting in their own name the scientific and technical developments of the Russian defense complex that are accessible to them and that do not have a copyright holder, especially in the aviation and rocket and space industries.

Sergey Brilev's film “ChVS” would have been more honest in calling the Italian Godfather “Godfather”, because the author of the film honors a person who really is the godfather of domestic oligarchs who have plundered the country and brought people to poverty and mass extinction. Remember, from what hell the billionaires, oligarchs, the biggest property owners came to Russia. The beginning of everything was laid by the biggest scam of the Government of Russia headed by V. S. Chernomyrdin. Then a consortium of commercial banks from Inkombank, Oneximbank, Imperial Bank, Stolichny Savings Bank, Menatep Bank, Joint-Stock Commercial Bank International Finance Company issued a loan of $ 650 million to the Government of the Russian Federation, receiving a pledge gigantic pieces of national wealth: Yukos, Norilsk Nickel, Sibneft, Lukoil ... Everything seemed decent at first glance: the consortium received from the state a trust management enterprise, the state received a credit from the consortium after a year to pay off the loan and return the company. In fact, it was a criminal conspiracy of the Government of V.S. Chernomyrdin with bankers. Before banks lent 650 millions of dollars to the state, the Ministry of Finance placed practically the same money in these banks, more than 600 millions of so-called “free currency funds from the federal budget”. There was no need for the state to borrow money from anyone! As the auditors of the Accounts Chamber concluded: “Banks actually“ credited ”the state with state money. The Ministry of Finance of Russia tentatively placed in the accounts of banks - participants of the consortium funds in an amount almost equal to the loan, and then this money was transferred to the Government of the Russian Federation as a loan against the security of shares of the most attractive enterprises. ”

Headed by V.S. Chernomyrdin Government initially was not going to buy back the most precious pieces of the domestic economic system, the budget of the new year did not include a penny of repayable money. As a result, “banks that“ credited ”the state became the owners of state-owned shares that were in their possession.”

With the criminal hands of Chernomyrdin, we are creating an unprecedented in world practice, when the natural rent goes to the owners and managers of mining companies. They assign up to 85 percent of profit, although in the main oil-producing countries, the opposite is true: the state’s share in oil revenues is at least 60 percent, even up to 90 percent. The result for the country is tragic. While the Soviet Union, in extracting 600 million tons of oil, was selling a maximum of 134 million tons abroad, and the received petrodollars were not only enough for the needs of the gigantic Soviet Union, we fed and armed half the world with this money, but when extracting 453 million tons of oil, we we sell almost twice as much - 240 million tons, and the country is in shameful poverty killing people.

V.S. Chernomyrdin and the Government headed by him cynically and brazenly ruined Russia. In 1993, the closed joint stock company Rospan International received the right to develop two of the most powerful Urengoy fields with a total reserve of gas reservoirs estimated at 42-46 billions of dollars. This is not just gas, it is one of the cleanest and highest quality gas condensates in the world. One of the founders of Rospan, Gazprom, suddenly sells its gigantic share at par, 51’s percentage of shares, to unknown Lanka-promkomplekt and Sti-Sigma. What does it mean? The authorized capital of Rospan is eight thousand rubles. 51 percent - only 4 258 rubles. 4 258 rubles for a company that owns over forty billion dollars' worth of gas condensate! Gazprom is a company with a state controlling stake. A state-owned company donates a piece of natural wealth of at least forty billion dollars to private hands. So V. Chernomyrdin squandered national wealth.

Another scam by V.S. Chernomyrdin, this time with mutual settlements, as a result of which the Russian Ministry of Defense did not receive building materials for 327 million from the industrial and financial corporation United Energy Systems of Ukraine. The participants of this scam are Gazprom head Vyakhirev, his deputy Sheremet, deputy finance minister Vavilov, head of the State Tax Service Artyukhov, a representative of the National Reserve Bank Kudimov ... The signature of Prime Minister Chernomyrdin crowns the signatures on the document.

Sergey Brilev, in the film “Black Sea Fleet,” praised the “Gore-Chernomyrdin Commission” as a masterpiece of international cooperation for the strengthening and development of Russia. In fact, for cooperation with Gore Chernomyrdin, as a traitor to national interests, it was necessary to judge for the fact that the Gore - Chernomyrdin commission reoriented the Intersputnik system from our satellites Horizont, Gals, Express to the LMI satellites -1 of the American firm Lochhead-Martin ...

But no matter what area of ​​activity of V.S. Chernomyrdin, no matter how important it is for vital activity, the defense capability of Russia is the same picture of betrayal, ruin, scorched earth. "Russian diesel", for example.

For almost a century and a half, Russian Diesel, founded in St. Petersburg in 1862, remained a symbol of Russia's power, the flagship of the industry, and the star of world diesel engineering. In 1901, the first domestic diesel engines were created here and then victory after victory. Diesels for surface warships and merchant ships, diesel generators, the main engines of patrol and landing ships of the Naval fleet, high-speed border ships, ships of the USSR Academy of Sciences, diesel generators for the Moscow and Leningrad metro, for air defense installations, in missile defense systems, diesel generators for all power units of the country's nuclear power plants ... The Russky Diesel brand has become the brand of the world leader and the giant was not going to concede its positions. Near the city of Vsevolozhsk in 1991, the first stage of the new unit of the Russian diesel engine, the Leningrad Diesel Plant, was commissioned. About one and a half billion dollars were invested in its construction. With reaching full power, Russky Diesel became unattainable for competitors in the production of medium-speed diesel engines. There was no reason to be delighted by the head of the Government of Russia, who arrived at the plant, Viktor Chernomyrdin, only from that day on did state funding for the completion of the enterprise be cut off.

At the request of the International Monetary Fund, Russian Diesel was excluded from the list of particularly important defense enterprises and transferred it to the list of enterprises subject to privatization for individual projects. A “separate project” for the privatization of Russian Diesel was carried out by a foreign firm, financial competitive consultant for Cooper and Leibrands. The Russian diesel engine was first managed by the Government to supply Drugov, a former Komsomol worker, an athlete by training, who worked in private financial institutions, then a geologist Gulyaev, associated with the Norwegian firm Sevotin. It was they who staged the “Russian diesel engine” “the last day of Pompeii”. Machines with "meat" tore off the foundations, sold at the price of scrap metal. Just for a penny, the Koreans launched the rarest Wallenberg machine for machining crankshafts, there are only three such machines in the world. There, abroad, and again, for a pittance, unique centers for processing buildings sailed. The test benches just mounted at the Leningrad Diesel Plant were not dismantled - they were simply blown up. “Russian Diesel” hindered someone very much and dealt with it ruthlessly. Under the sign "Russian Diesel" there was one hardware factory belonging to the vodka keeper Sabadash. Where the best in the world were made, rare, reliable, powerful diesel engines, diesel generators, in the newly built Finnish workshops equipped with the latest technology, are now bottled vodka. Neither the strike, nor the appeal of the many thousands of collectives to Chernomyrdin with pleas to save the most powerful defense enterprise yielded no results ...

It is a pity that V. S. Chernomyrdin died early, left the Russian court. But in the official document of the US Congress - the materials of the commission headed by Republican Congress Speaker Dennis Hesterd and California Rep. Christopher Cox - California, the White House ignores and suppresses evidence of “unseemly deeds and failures of figures like Viktor Chernomyrdin and Anatoly Chubais who are personified the policy of the American Administration towards Russia. ” The report says that as early as 1995, the CIA sent secret material to the White House, which reported the facts of Chernomyrdin's corruption, which, during his tenure, transferred billions of dollars to his personal accounts. As a consequence of the “alliance of thieves in the Government with the Mafia,” the US Congress considers the flight of Russian capital abroad, which over the past ten years has “exceeded all imagination limits of the 500 sum of billions of dollars.”
20 September 2000, the US Congress published a report on corruption in Russia.

Republican Christopher Cox compared the work on the document with the procedure of opening the corpse, - the same heavy putrid odor. Albert Gore, Vice President of the Clinton Administration, Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbot and Finance Minister Lawrence Summers, from the Russian side, Anatoly Chubais and Viktor Chernomyrdin, are the main culprits in the heyday of corruption ...
Billionaires are dying, but even after the death of the thieves, their criminal billions continue to faithfully serve their masters, buying for their bleaching and glorification of journalists, writers, sculptors, - indifferently dishonorable for their valor, robbery for disinterestedness, curvature for straightness, falsehood for the truth.
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  1. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 April 22 2013 06: 19
    That's right, there is nothing to add, and what can I say, no words, one anger boils.
    1. Kolya
      Kolya April 22 2013 09: 14
      There is one reliable preventive cure for the irresponsibility of leaders - the generic responsibility of leaders, that is, the family and relatives are responsible for its tricks. After all, the family and relatives are the main beneficiary of the robbery of the people by such a leader. The leaders of the new world order use this, for example, Gaddafi and his relatives were persecuted and exterminated.
      1. S_mirnov
        S_mirnov April 22 2013 09: 24
        As a rule, people with low moral qualities care little about the fate of relatives. It is necessary to punish during life! For others to be discouraged.
        By the way, we all remember who put the EBN monument in white marble for folk money !!!
        1. Kolya
          Kolya April 22 2013 20: 27
          There would be such a form of responsibility, his family would crucify him or surrender to whom it should be and refuse him in order not to suffer themselves. And in your opinion - well, his soul is in hell, but is it better for you? How to compensate the people for their loss? When he was in power, could you do something ??
      2. Col.
        Col. April 22 2013 23: 01
        Quote: Kohl
        There is one reliable preventive cure for the irresponsibility of leaders - the generic responsibility of leaders, that is, the family and relatives are responsible for its tricks.

        Everything is correct. Now let's remember what was the first decree of Putin as President. This is the decree on a lifetime guarantee of immunity to EBN and his family. Thus, he gave an indulgence to himself: do what you want, and you will get nothing for it! Medieval savagery! One of the greats said: "Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely!" At one time, these figures (Gaidar, Chubais, Burbulis, etc.) have already appeared on the pages of school history textbooks as "outstanding reformers who made a huge contribution to the development of democracy", etc. (I myself read it myself, because my wife is a history teacher, I almost tore up the textbook then!). Recently, VVP gave the command to prepare a new, unified textbook on the history of Russia. I can imagine what kind of "heroes" will appear there ...
    2. Kaa
      Kaa April 22 2013 10: 54
      Quote: vladsolo56
      That's right, there is nothing to add, and what can I say, no words, one anger boils.
      Yes, there is little to add ... from the very redhead. "" ... It is not for the West to judge! The West understands little about this. We did not collect money, but the destruction of communism. These are different tasks, with different prices. Few people in the West understand what communism really is and what price our country paid for it. Few people understand this in the West.
      What is privatization for a normal Western professor, for some Jeffrey Sachs? Which five times has already changed its position on this matter, and has come to the point that it is necessary to abolish privatization and start all over again. For him, according to Western textbooks, this is a classic economic process in which the costs are optimized in order to maximize the efficiency of placing assets transferred by the state to private hands. And we knew that every factory sold was a nail in the lid of the coffin of communism. Is it expensive, cheap, free, with a surcharge - the twentieth question, the twentieth. But the first question is one: each private owner who has appeared in Russia is irreversibility. This is irreversibility. Just like on September 1 [19], the first voucher issued, we literally grabbed from the hands of the Reds the decision to stop privatization in Russia, just like every next step, we moved exactly in the same direction.
      Privatization in Russia until [19] 97 was not an economic process at all. It solved a completely different scale of the problem, which few understood then, and even more so in the West. She solved the main task - to stop communism. We have solved this problem. We solved it completely. We decided it from the moment when, in the [19] 96th year of the election, Zyuganov abandoned the slogan “nationalization of private property”. He refused not because he fell in love with private property, but because he understood that if you want to get power in this country, it’s madness to take back. They will take away from you so that it will not seem a little. By this we made him, regardless of his desire, to play by our rules, exactly what had to be achieved. And for Sachs it was cheap, it could have been more expensive, the procedures had to be changed. We solved another problem, and we solved this problem ”. - Chubais, however, said himself, no one pulled his tongue. Even the Americans swelled from this - "Who is this Jeffrey Sachs? American economist, one of the developers of the “shock therapy” policy in Bolivia, Poland and Russia. From autumn 1991 to January 1994, he was the head of the group of economic advisers to Russian President Boris Yeltsin. And here is what even this monetarist said:
      “The main thing that let us down is the enormous gap between the rhetoric of the reformers and their real actions ... And, it seems to me, the Russian leadership has surpassed the most fantastic ideas of Marxists about capitalism: they considered that the state’s business was to serve a narrow circle of capitalists, pumping their pockets as much money as possible and as soon as possible. This is not shock therapy. This is a malicious, premeditated, well-thought-out action, aimed at the large-scale redistribution of wealth in the interests of a narrow circle of people. "
      Interview with Jeffrey Sachs (Eng.), June 15, 2000http: // So there is no doubt -80s and 90s - a special operation against the USSR and Russia, and not a "moral collapse of communism"
    3. Karabin
      Karabin April 22 2013 12: 59
      Quote: vladsolo56
      That's right, there's nothing to add

      But you can continue. 2002 "EdRo", all so powerful, headed by patriot Putin, adopted a document on the impossibility of revising the results of privatization. Robbery is legalized. For 10 years, de-industrialization has been going on, no one is in power with an ear or a snout. Only in language. Another 10 years have passed and the country is practically without its aircraft, machine tools, industrial equipment, with 75% worn out energy and utilities, dependent on the import of machinery and technology. Agriculture is in a deplorable state with free land and an unemployed population, while the country's internal need for those products that were previously produced in our country is covered by imports. Against this background, EdRo, too, accepts NOT READING, a package of documents on the WTO, presented by Putin's team, and personally approved by him. In less than a year, the country has suffered hundreds of millions of damage, only through customs duties. The damage caused by the losses of domestic enterprises defies precise calculation. New privatization is gaining momentum. The lists of those to be privatized include the most profitable and backbone enterprises. Isn't it a continuation of the policy of the Chernomyrdin, Chubais, Gaidar gang? What will be the fate of these enterprises in the hands of home-grown and Western moneybags? On what "island of tax freedom" will the once people's money and property be squeezed out? Nothing has changed since PMC. Therefore, they bleach such as EBN and ChVS. Then they will bleach Putin and the company, because they are doing the same. And the fight against the "white tape" and non-profit organizations, irrepressible chatter about the statehood, the revival of something by the twentieth year, this wash is designed to help.
      1. Colonel
        Colonel April 22 2013 14: 55
        And I would like to object to you, but there is nothing to object !!!
  2. svp67
    svp67 April 22 2013 06: 27
    From this list
    only the last one survived. But how many people in big positions owe them everything? Many, even very many ... And they perfectly understand that any blow to their, even dead "benefactors", is a blow to them, to their welfare, and they will defend. But I am sure that time will rank its assessments correctly, since, in Russia, in contrast to such "figures" and their "activities", there was also a national memory
    1. S_mirnov
      S_mirnov April 22 2013 09: 27
      "Yeltsin-Gaidar-Chernomyrdin-Chubais" - I do not understand, the author is afraid to continue the list? If anyone has forgotten, then this list has direct receivers, in front of everyone on TV presented!
      1. Kaa
        Kaa April 22 2013 10: 49
        Quote: S_mirnov
        this list has direct receivers

        Is it really S_mirnov? Well, what about you, my friend, being so modest all the way ... And, I understand, you are from the same department as Pu? I sincerely admire your professionalism hi
        1. S_mirnov
          S_mirnov April 22 2013 19: 41
          "Is it really S_mirnov himself?" no, EBN didn’t represent me on TV, I don’t understand your mockery at all. Speak easier, it will be easier to understand. hi
          1. Kaa
            Kaa April 22 2013 21: 19
            Quote: S_mirnov
            Speak easier It will be easier to understand.
            Well, it's easier, it's easier. I understand that you have a personal grudge against Pu, apparently. I am not his fan, he is also a puppet, like in the USA Abamka. Offer the best real candidate, and then every day in your posts distrust, hints, reproaches. If Putin hadn’t, there would have been some Fitin-Mitin-Perelitin, the main thing in this matter is to catch the trend. What happens without such a trend - read more about the brothel brothel in Ukraine. No offense, nothing personal, but there is criticism and criticism ... hi
            1. S_mirnov
              S_mirnov April 25 2013 09: 48
              "Suggest the best real candidate," And these candidates are diligently destroyed. For example Ilyukhin.
              This is his dying performance. And you will not hear about such candidates on TV.
              I think this way of development is the most real
    GOLUBENKO April 22 2013 06: 51
    The film by Sergey Brilev

    Yes, he and about Thatcher nearly let a tear. A vivid example of a journalist on a state channel promoting the interests of Anglo-Saxons in Russia.
    And Medvedev (journalist, former press secretary of EBN) on Channel One sings praises to his daddy EBN. And Humpback is his "great politician."
    Such freaks need to be pressed.
  4. riding
    riding April 22 2013 06: 59
    Until all these people are called by their proper names, until all are imprisoned with confiscation of property, there will be a complete gap between the government and the people in the country. And in such a country, the future is hopeless. In the current State Duma, after the income declaration, it turned out that the poorest deputy has an official income of 2 million per year.
    1. irka_65. irina
      irka_65. irina April 22 2013 07: 40
      So also, after all, all these deputies are none other than budget workers. Not weak incomes. Paradox.
  5. smel
    smel April 22 2013 06: 59
    Thanks to the author and great A PLUS. I am glad that the "feats" of the PMC have not been forgotten. A lot is listed, but far, far from everything. The article gives a harsh but fair assessment of the activities of the gang led by the PMC (this was his government). And the main destroyer is EBN after all. I am not happy with the events when the monument to him in Yekateinburg is poured with paint - they don’t fight the dead - but I am also pleased that there are people in my country (and I am sure that there are a majority) who would replace the inscription on it with another sign , namely" This man took the most active part in the collapse of the great country of the USSR. This man brought Russia to its knees. This man was not punished for what he did. "
  6. UFO
    UFO April 22 2013 07: 14
    Is there a god in the world ???? request
    1. vladsolo56
      vladsolo56 April 22 2013 07: 43
      It is clear that there is not, and if there is, then nothing depends on it.
  7. sasha127
    sasha127 April 22 2013 07: 32
    I can’t find words like such people (Yeltsin, Gaidar, Chernomyrdin and Chbais.) And the like, reptiles, cattle or something else. I don’t get how they could do this with their country. See, they were born in Russia, grew up, studied, and got higher education (at that time completely free). And what they wanted, what they achieved. People’s anger and future oblivion.
  8. irka_65. irina
    irka_65. irina April 22 2013 07: 37
    It hurts to tears to read all this. It is even more painful to realize that the destruction of our homeland continues at an alarming rate. How long? HOW to stop all this?
  9. Per se.
    Per se. April 22 2013 07: 51
    This is not necessary for the dead, it is necessary for the living ... The heroization of such figures as Yeltsin, Chernomyrdin, Gaidar, the justification of their comrades-in-arms and "accomplices" who are still alive. That way, and Chubais, you see, a monument will be erected during his lifetime. You can, if you wish, look for excuses for them, that they, in the words of Chernomyrdin, “wanted the best,” but what they did and said was NONE, to the detriment of our country and our people, and this is the main thing.
  10. Best novel
    Best novel April 22 2013 07: 58
    Doubtful heroism is to throw mud at the dead. And where is Chubais now? Slowly spends billions on "nanonism", meets with the first persons. And Serdyuk, with whose connivance and tacit approval of the case, did it? Just do not say "and the tsar did not know" - what kind of The tsar, under whom they steal more than they spend on public needs, every second pokes at the facilities under construction and names the exact numbers of stolen goods, but there are no guilty ones? As in a joke: A man is lying on the couch and stroking his sorry member, saying "Borya, Borya." when he rises, "Well, zaborol, zaborol." Somehow, for some reason, it reminds me of the endless struggle of the current government with corruption, they pet her, and she "zabarivaet" them.
  11. Egoza
    Egoza April 22 2013 08: 28
    Oh no wonder the people of Stalin demand! And even the 37 year!
    It's time to lay out all the cards on the table. Another rewriting of history? Will it hurt? Let it hurt, but honestly. Once and for all, so that then all scum in the "great" is not introduced and praised in textbooks. Otherwise, you will not get out of this swamp!
  12. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee April 22 2013 08: 30
    The ghouls have already eaten ... They tear into three sips, could not get drunk. Crossed over everything human for the sake of profit, trampled upon all moral principles, Betrayed the Motherland !!! Curse them for all time and the aspen stake in the grave! And those who are still alive, let them choke on stolen money and die without forgiveness am And burn them in hell !!!
    1. Uncle lee
      Uncle lee April 22 2013 09: 24
      Some kind of vampire minusanul ... Apparently forgot about the aspen stake wassat
      1. Garrin
        Garrin April 22 2013 09: 32
        Quote: Uncle Lee
        Some kind of ghoul minus ... I guess wassat forgot about the aspen stake

        Yes, here now the supporters of our "korolki, shirts-guys" VOVAPUTENA and LADY will begin to minus.
      2. pensioner
        pensioner April 22 2013 13: 16
        Quote: Uncle Lee
        Some kind of ghoul minus ...
        Yes Chubais apparently. She knows where it ripens ...
  13. Denis
    Denis April 22 2013 08: 30
    It is a pity that V.S. Chernomyrdin died early and left the Russian court.
    If he is alone, then grief is not enough. Unfortunately, the list will be huge, almost like a Chinese census
    1. Garrin
      Garrin April 22 2013 09: 35
      Quote: Denis
      If he is alone, then grief is not enough. Unfortunately, the list will be huge, almost like a Chinese census

      And with whose tacit support do these creatures thrive now? I have a young friend, so his mother hanged herself in 98m when she was left without work, savings and with a child in her arms. Who will be responsible for this?
      1. Denis
        Denis April 22 2013 10: 20
        Quote: Garrin
        Who will be responsible for this?
        If I, but not necessarily I, at least someone could intelligently answer at least some of the questions ...
        There would be a new religion led by him
    2. atalef
      atalef April 22 2013 19: 36
      Quote: Denis
      It is a pity that V.S. Chernomyrdin died early and left the Russian court.

      "We will miss Viktor Stepanovich very much and we will preserve the memory of him both in our hearts and in our deeds. He will remain for us an example of serving our cause, our country, our people," Putin stressed.

  14. Max_Bauder
    Max_Bauder April 22 2013 08: 36
    The Roman Empire also collapsed from the inside. The internal enemy is much worse than the external, and more insidious.
  15. Garrin
    Garrin April 22 2013 09: 25
    It is a pity that V.S. Chernomyrdin died early and left the Russian court.

    But, Chubys has not died yet, unfortunately. And what's the point - it blooms and smells. He continues to steal and destroy our homeland, with the full connivance of the authorities.
  16. VadimSt
    VadimSt April 22 2013 09: 46
    Why nationalization can be afforded to countries that have taken the path of independence and why is it impossible in the "banana republics"? To what, in this light, does Russia belong?
    Who forbids? Maybe against the people - as the main carrier of sovereignty?
    Simply, there is no political will!
  17. Mhpv
    Mhpv April 22 2013 11: 52
    For the production of NANO TRAINERS, we are again ahead of the rest, and even then managed to screw up - the patent does not belong to us.
    But the FWM and the like only learned to divide and subtract.
    Two articles in a row about traitors and even on Monday .... what
  18. military
    military April 22 2013 11: 58
    Quote: vladsolo56
    That's right, there is nothing to add, and what can I say, no words, one anger boils.

    TRAITORS ... request
  19. Black
    Black April 22 2013 12: 40
    We are amazing people. We are robbed, and we are surprised ... surprised ... surprised.
  20. ups
    ups April 22 2013 14: 13
    One question remained ... When the first one is Hunchback to answer.
  21. kabizdox
    kabizdox April 22 2013 15: 55
    their time will come, they will answer for everything
  22. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro April 22 2013 17: 08
    <<< Foreigners received blocking stakes in JSC "ANTK im. Tupolev ", Saratov OJSC" Signal ", CJSC" Euromil ". A little-known American company "Nic and Si Corporation" through a shell company "Stolitsa" acquired stakes in 19 aviation enterprises of the military-industrial complex!
    After the Americans acquired a controlling stake in Kursk JSC “Crystal”, the production of components for guidance systems for the Igla missile system and other special items for the army was immediately discontinued, and a unique technological base was destroyed.
    As the auditors of the Accounts Chamber concluded: “The banks actually“ lent ”the state with state money. As a result,“ the banks that “lent” the state became the owners of the pledged blocks of shares of state-owned enterprises. >>>
    These are just some of Chernomyrdin's "fruits of activity." This is what kind of Kholuy meagerness one must have so that after ALL THAT HAS BEEN TURNED over to it ... an ode, who does not know how to say two words in Russian correctly, so as not to become a laughing stock, to dedicate a laudatory film, to call it by the name of the court ... Yes HIM and all his DEPLINS, all this Yeltsin-Gaidar-Chernomyrdin-Chubais shobla should be JUDGED and, if there was a will, according to the laws of wartime and to ..... !!! By ACTS and ACTION!
  23. optimist
    optimist April 22 2013 17: 10
    Until the stupid Russian people learn the formula: Humpback = EBN = CHUBAIS = PUTIN, nothing will change in the country. So we will pi .. chewing and snot chewing ...
  24. uizik
    uizik April 22 2013 18: 51
    From this, a hand reaches for a holster.
  25. darksoul
    darksoul April 22 2013 19: 15
    The worst thing is that they are still trying to whitewash them, on TV, and more specifically on the first channel, there were programs about how we had a strong-willed and loving state, the first president and did everything to restore the country in difficult years, and it turns out that Chernomyrdin did a lot for industry, Gazprom in particular. My opinion: the coffins of these tv .. to throw out of the country away for example to American friends .... wildly, but how much evil these reformers brought to the people and the state, there is no place for them here
  26. mr.Net
    mr.Net April 22 2013 20: 18
    Quote: optimist
    Until the stupid Russian people learn the formula: Humpback = EBN = CHUBAIS = PUTIN, nothing will change in the country. So we will pi .. chewing and snot chewing ...

    I wonder who it is you so minusanul ?? damn stupid damn ..
  27. darksoul
    darksoul April 22 2013 20: 29
    Quote: mr.Net
    I wonder who it is you so minusanul ?? damn stupid damn ..

    I minusanul .... neh ... n run into the people ... if we only have shit in power ... but it’s crawling ... sooner or later it will be washed away all the same ... only with blood ... revolutions ... patient people with us
  28. wostok
    wostok April 22 2013 22: 33
    That's right, they don’t speak badly about the dead ... And what can I say, even if it’s disgusting to remember ...
  29. rennim
    rennim April 23 2013 14: 10
    Gentlemen! All who voted for these "citizens" in the 90s ... and others campaigned ... "bow to you" and my personal contempt.
  30. Captain45
    April 23 2013 19: 59
    One little touch to the characteristics of the PMC, if there is on the site from the Orenburg region, tell me who in the 90s did not hear about the criminal group "Mormons" in the Orenburg region, who "covered" them to say or guess yourself. that these Viktor Stepanych, they pump oil for him. Korzhakov in his memoirs cites the fact that when they collected material on the secretary of the PMC, it seems Petelin his surname was that he pushed 2,5 million dollars of oil bypassing the state to Zapal and Respectively pocketed the proceeds, then the PMC told the head of the department, who collected and presented the material, that the SBP is engaged in nonsense and there is nothing to bother him about such trifles, let the secretary work, he is a good person.
  31. JIaIIoTb
    JIaIIoTb April 25 2013 19: 18
    The day when the redhead throws his hooves should be declared a national holiday.