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Mikhail Leontyev: To the discovery of the “Chechen trace” in the Boston terrorist attack: US policy unfolds

They waited. The Americans suspect two brothers in the Boston terrorist attack - people from the Russian North Caucasus, presumably Chechens or Ingushs.

Some time ago, Mikhail Khazin published a text with us, where he said that the chance that the American special services miss a terrorist is practically insignificant. Which, incidentally, is indirectly confirmed by the absence of terrorist attacks during 11 years after 9 / 11. That is, the Americans proved the ability to arrest spontaneous terror. As for the "non-spontaneous": you can probably doubt Khazin's 100-percent confidence that any terrorist attacks in America with current technical capabilities and effective goal-setting can occur only with the "permission" of the special services. But this case exactly falls into the Khazin logic. Imagine that, with the above-stated goal-setting and capabilities, the American special services did not track the activities of the Chechen-Dagestan brothers of Russian origin - it is almost impossible.

The version promulgated by the Americans at first glance resembles the "incident of Lee Harvey Oswald." And the second one also reminds, and the third one - with the amendment to the prevailing technical capabilities of modern American special services.

The logic of Khazin, which in this case we have no reason not to divide, is that the meaning and direction of American policy can be deciphered by the identity of the terrorist indicated by the Americans. It seems that now everything is more or less cleared up. It seems that the version (or information) of Thierry Maysan about the turn in the Obama policy in relation to Russia, and in relation to the Middle East and radical Islamists is being confirmed. It seems that Mr. Brennan really, as Meisan argued, has a developed plan for the elimination of all this Salafi bastards in Syria. It seems that we still see the sky in diamonds. God forbid.

PS Just in case, I will repeat the thesis expressed by Bashar Asad: “The biggest mistake is to believe the Westerners. It is possible to work with them, it is possible and necessary to enter into transactions, however it is important to follow the hands. ” News, now it is more and more confirmed that it is possible in principle to conclude transactions with the current Obama boys, and that they are really ready to do it. For the first time in the last more than 30 years. Survived.
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  1. Arberes
    Arberes April 20 2013 10: 36 New
    Are you still boiling?
    Then we will come to you with our pressure cooker!
    The policy of double standards gives its shoots!
  2. Vital 33
    Vital 33 April 20 2013 10: 38 New
    Left - Denzel Washington?)))
  3. Rus2012
    Rus2012 April 20 2013 11: 08 New
    “The biggest mistake is to believe the Westerners. You can work with them, you can and should make deals, but it’s important to follow your hands ”(c) Bashar Assad
    Really - "Control and control again!"
    And - "DO NOT trust and verify!" - Almost in Lenin's style ...
  4. Nevsky
    Nevsky April 20 2013 11: 34 New
    How beautifully the Chechens were framed:
  5. Iraclius
    Iraclius April 20 2013 15: 09 New
    Well, another multi-way combination has been completed successfully. We are waiting for where the trail will lead. Caucasus? Transcaucasia? Near East? Russia?
    PS Apparently, things are really bad with the US economy. Something terrible is coming ...
  6. krez-74
    krez-74 April 20 2013 15: 59 New
    US policy does not expand anything! Yes and not worth it. We have a saying - "Do not call out to those who are going to their doom! Maybe they will drag you away."
  7. Cynic
    Cynic April 20 2013 17: 50 New
    It seems that we still see the sky in diamonds. God grant.

    Hmm, but in fact, primordially, verbally this expression has the exact opposite meaning from that used in the article.
    The exact opposite!

    Rather, it is these diamonds in the sky that we can see!
  8. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 April 20 2013 21: 28 New
    Very similar, very. With great reluctance, but a U-turn is taking place - if the US is not appeased, not squeezed by our bandits, who feel like they are in a resort in the United States, do not respect our opinion ... the United States will become much worse, and instantly! And we will only win. So, as Putin works in foreign policy, the last time Ivan the Terrible worked for us, in my opinion. There were no more such virtuosos. Maybe Gorchakov? So he was not the supreme ruler but only the chancellor ... For a long time I did not see the picture nicer.
    1. Cynic
      Cynic April 21 2013 17: 56 New
      Quote: Mikhail3
      Very similar, very. With great reluctance, but a reversal is occurring

      Well said
      US will provide $ 130 million worth of military equipment to Syrian opposition
      US decides to double aid to Syrian opposition
      and the answer did not slow down
      Syrian opposition assures that the weapons it receives do not fall into "bad hands"
      As they say _ There is such a BUTLE, naive called!
      The hunchback will be corrected by the grave (a stubborn club)