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How we fly: CRM and language aspects of communication in the cockpit of the Western-made sun

Theses of the speech of the member of the AEFT Committee on Flight Safety A.I. Sitnyansky at the 6 conference "Security of the air transport complex" 5 February 2013.
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First, I want to dispel the fallacy that there are not enough pilots in the Russian Federation. This market is able to self-regulate. The shortage of flight personnel at first provoked wage growth, and then there was a market phenomenon such as “finding internal reserves”: someone recovered after the break, someone came from the army, someone returned from abroad. Schools have increased the number of students, and the crisis has corrected the plans of many companies to update the fleet. I reliably know that now in search of work from the company dozens of pilots go to the company who are not needed by anyone (far from thinking that we have a line of applicants in UTair, while Aeroflot and Sibir or "Transaero" they are not).

Perhaps, for the implementation of best practices, it would be worthwhile to invite someone to Russia, but ... ONLY TO INSTRUCTIVE POSITIONS and only from the leading airlines of the world.

Further on the topic. In the 60 of the last century, the number of disasters in terms of the factors "man", "environment", and "car" was approximately the same, roughly in 33%. (I deliberately do not use the SHELL model, which divides errors, called the general term "human factor", into software - programs, manuals, etc. - and lifeware - strictly speaking, the person himself).

With the development of scientific progress, people have learned how to make more advanced and reliable airplanes, predict dangerous weather phenomena, but the person has remained the same. It is known that "the column moves with the speed with which its slowest carriage rides." (the ancients said that "the fortress is only as strong as its weakest wall"). Sadly, man was the weakest link in this chain! Moving from polynomial crews to 2 members, we realized that on Boeing and Airbus, at least 2-3, there are fewer pairs of eyes than on IL-86 or Tu-154.

The man was wrong and will be wrong! Our task is, firstly, to do everything so that the pilot (crew member) makes mistakes as little as possible, and secondly, if this happens, his mistake was promptly detected and localized. The whole organization of flight work is aimed only at this.

Let me remind you that in the 60-ies in the world of technology, a standard was introduced that is called in Japanese as poke-eke or foolproof (protection from stupid actions).

Roughly speaking, clicking on all the buttons on your TV remote at the same time will not break it. Similarly, the system does not allow the pilot to do an unequivocally wrong action, for example, to apply a reverse in the air or sit down with braked wheels on some types of aircraft. However, the incorrect operation of automation can lead to sad consequences. It is worth thinking about the right relationship between man and computer. To insure, but not block, the actions of the pilot, because such a system saves only in case of pilot error (which happens extremely rarely), and it hurts if the automation fails at ANY moment.

Returning to the statistics, we can say that we have found a NARROW PLACE. 80% of all accidents and disasters occur due to the BSF. DO YOU SOMETHING TO DO WITH THIS BAD? Of course yes"!

To be honest, I first heard the mathematical substantiation of the need for the "cross-check" procedure from our Director General and in many respects have to retell his considerations on this matter:

The capabilities of the human body are such that even when performing simple, routine operations, having done approximately 50000 actions, according to statistics, a person makes a mistake at least once. The possibilities of modern technology are several orders of magnitude better. However, if you conscientiously perform the work technology in the cockpit, the probability of error can be reduced by several orders of magnitude, due to the cross-check procedure, because the probability of a SIMULTANEOUS error of two different people is as small as the probability of a simultaneous failure of 2 engines.

If ANY pilot in the cockpit of the aircraft controls ANY action, then the crew’s reliability statistics can be brought to acceptable performance, at about the same level as the aircraft’s reliability.

Aviation Transport today is one of the safest in the world. About 50 people die from donkey kicks a year, 000 on the roads of Russia, and only 35 people a year in commercial aircraft throughout the WORLD. In absolute terms, even Russia looks good, but in relative terms ... we are clearly inferior to many.

How to manage the resources of the crew (and this is now the whole 2 person), how much and what specifically to say - the operator himself decides, although Boeing and Airbus give standard recommendations. Curiously, in the 3's crew member, the crews of the “LH” used the principle of “quiet cockpit”, as if considering that if everything goes according to plan, then it is not necessary to say anything. However, with the transition to the two-member crew of conversations in the cockpit, even they clearly increased.

Most of all "talking shop" in the cockpit of the Armed Forces of the main world low-cost "RYAN AIR". He asked personally about the reasons, the answer was quite logical. "When you have pilots fly from around the world (the instructor used the term rabble), it is more reliable."

The concepts of the “fixed” and “loose” crew also have their advantages and disadvantages; we have already discussed this issue more than once.

So now, theoretically, all the wagons in our column will move at the same speed. On paper, mathematically everything fits, but ... the "reliability of the crew" did not equal the reliability of technology. What prevented? There are factors that our theory cannot take into account.

You certainly heard the term "Buridan donkey". If a computer is always looking for a rational, logical action or a sequence of actions, so it’s easy to calculate, then a person often does not act logically. In Jean Buridan, this is demonstrated by the example of a donkey, in front of which there are two absolutely identical mounds of hay, to which the same distance. To guess what a donkey will approach at first is ABSOLUTELY impossible. If a computer were in its place, it would “overheat”, solving an unsolvable problem: “how to do it more rationally”, but a donkey can do as you please! Also man. Sometimes this is his strength, sometimes - weakness! In addition, there are frankly negative factors:

1) Youth

Amazing statistics was given by one American inspector. He analyzed aviation events that occurred due to the "human factor" in recent years, tens of thousands of aviation events. It turned out that the average indicators for pilots at the age of 65-60, 60-55, 55-50, 50-45, 45-40, 40-35, 35-30 are about the same and average 2,6 events X100000-30 In the case when the captain was from 25-3 for years, this coefficient increases by about 6,1 times, to the value of 100000 aviation event on XNUMX r.

He asked the audience what is the coefficient for captains younger than 25 years? The result was shocking - 60 aviation events (in 23 times worse than for the main category of pilots).

In Afghanistan, the Americans tried to send pilots at the age of 30-35 years. This age was considered optimal for the mission. Younger - the pilots are prone to excessive risk, those who are older - too careful.

I am afraid of young commanders. Knowledge and experience, things are not identical. If you try, then knowledge can be obtained quickly, and only few of completed flights bring us experience. I have such flights that teach something, 1-2 happen for a year, all the rest are just a routine. Ordinary and standard.

The question of shortening the pilot training period is now being widely discussed. Of course, this is worth thinking about, but it is important not to forget about such a characteristic feature of the Russian character as NIGILISM. Russians were often lied to and they used to not trust anyone. Remember that anecdote: "How to make people of different nationalities jump from a bridge? For the Russian there was a phrase:" Comrade, but you can't jump from a bridge! "

If it is enough for an American to write to FCOM "is not recommended", then even the words "BESTLY PROHIBITED" are not valid for OUR pilot. He needs to tell the physical nature of the ban, write 3 formulas from the strength of materials and 2 from aerodynamics, explain why it is impossible to do this and what consequences this may lead to. Colorful, with pictures, up to the funeral ... :)))

2) Poor knowledge of English

I have repeatedly expressed skepticism about the current level of English proficiency in Russian pilots. I do not have a diploma of a rider, so when applying for a job I am not obliged to adhere to any programs and rules. I ask applicants any simple question, for example, how to say "I did not buy anything" ... or "Take me home"? Depending on the delirium that I hear in response, I conclude about an approximate level. The best candidates are sent to the Tyumen Center for Training Program, where the certified teachers will determine the exact level. But once again I draw the attention of the aviation authorities: NO ONE LEADING COMPANY OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION DOES NOT TRUST CERTIFICATES issued by third-party certified organizations. In all, a procedure for the recheck of knowledge.

I had the impression that today tuition is a necessary and sufficient condition for obtaining the desired certificate of the 4 level. The "semi-pilots", graduates of flight schools, have no other trumps, but these too often turn out to be false.

The teachers “train” the trainees for the correct answers so that they sound on the tape. The list of questions on the exams is obviously small, as a result, I practically don’t meet pilots with whom you can talk in English about their employment, and this is exactly what the certificate on the 4 level implies.

When the AEVT published my opinion on this issue, a lot of insults were heard from officials. Do not be offended, gentlemen. The truth can not be offended. Knowledge of English is a factor affecting flight safety, especially if you are flying foreign cars. Sometimes I hear a question: why not Russian pilots in the cockpit speak Russian? Absurd. Check-lists are often called by the name of the emergency panel that was triggered, all controls in manuals are called as appropriate, and in the event of a crisis there is no time for transfers. In the end, there is global experience, even Asian pilots speak English, and it is much more difficult for them to learn the language. I do not know how in other regions, but as recently as yesterday we received an order from the head of the Tyumen MTU about revoking approximately 50 of falsified certificates issued by one of the training organizations. It's good news.

3) Indiscipline.

But ... if the manager, having heard the words "undisciplined", starts to grab the revolver, using the terms "hot iron", "toughen", "demand" - then he will not succeed. In my opinion, there are only two effective methods of strengthening discipline that can cope with this trouble:

• a) creating a collective atmosphere of intolerance for violations (when the aviation community itself rejects incorrect behavior within itself).
• b) a culture of voluntary communications (that allows the supervisor to adjust the work of the system).
I know for sure that in ANY airlines of the Russian Federation such voluntary reports in 1000 are less than those of our foreign colleagues (somewhere the situation is better, somewhere worse), which means we do not have enough information for early detection of violations (after all, managing the process, not having reliable information about him is impossible!) This question requires the most serious study.

I would like to remind you that in Europe and the USA no one is turning off the screws, does not carry out punitive measures, and the safety of flights there is at exorbitant levels for us.

Separately, I emphasize: “Voluntary messages are a matter of trust of drugs to your MANUAL (this does not apply to potential snitchers and gossips, people are bad rather than useful). This is a matter of trust in the system in which the employee works, it is a question of“ safety culture ”.

Of course, it is assumed that the management will react in any way to the report, because if the employees' attempts to change something for the better remain several times unanswered, the initiative will "stall"

4) Fatigue

We create flight plans and on paper they look perfect, but life makes its own adjustments. Traffic jams in Moscow. Reinsured, pilots sometimes arrive at the airport for 4-5 hours before departure, and not for 1,5 hours, as required by RPP. The time allotted for rest between flights can also be spent in a traffic jam when returning home. Rest conditions at intermediate airports of the Russian Federation are much worse than those of our colleagues in Europe. Young people save money to buy a new apartment and instead of going on vacation to the resort, they are engaged in repairs.

Formal accounting of working time leads to the accumulation of fatigue, which is cumulative. To increase production efficiency, employers are trying to increase the maximum allowable load on the flight personnel to the level of the Irish discount airline "Ryan Air" - 100 hours per month, not realizing that the conditions of life, work and leisure in Europe are completely different. Stress, health, life, "flashers" - when you're in a hurry to take off, etc. I remember that the FAC of the plane crashed in Perm had a small child, it seems, a studio apartment and the third night shift in a row. And yet, our European colleagues come to a fully operational aircraft for 30 minutes before departure, and Russian pilots participate in refueling, loading, checking systems and solving any problematic issues ...

English physiologists argue that driving behind the wheel (flying) drunk is no less dangerous than riding tired. In 2011, ICAO issued the DOC 9966, the most useful document on fatigue management, included in the 6 Appendix with the 8 Appendix.

In some European Airlines, there is a practice: once a year, a bungalow is taken off somewhere in the Maldives for a vacationer and the entire family of the pilot is given free tickets. You can not go to rest, but money for this vacation can not be obtained.

5) Power

Once again, I cannot fail to mention the imperfection of the concept of lawmaking in Russia. The authorities must share responsibility with the pilots for many of the catastrophes that biased investigators attributed to the "human factor". Constantly late for years or even decades, our aviation authorities, remembering themselves, demand that everything be done immediately "here and now." Remember how the BP Management System was introduced into the GA of the Russian Federation. It was ordered to create and implement an SMS for 3 of the month. The condition of people who understood what they were talking about was then rated as “laughter through tears”, because our foreign colleagues spent years on this work. Let me remind you, "the race is won not by the one who runs fast, but by the one who started earlier."

In order to control the BP proactively, you need to know the real situation in the production teams, know the challenges faced by people who perform real work. What happens if you do not communicate with practitioners? Here are some examples:

• We joined the RVSM program LAST on planet Earth, along with such aviation powers as Afghanistan and Mongolia.
• In 2002, the FAA issued the AU - 120 76, which marked the beginning of the introduction of the EFB (electronic flight bag), after 10 years we are just starting to develop this document, while Aeroflot and Volga-Dnepr already fly with EFB one-time permissions.
• We missed the 40-year era of VOR beacons, and when the concept of GNSS & RNP is being introduced all over the world, our colleagues from aeronautical navigation complain that Russian developments, our know-how GBAS (ground based augmentation station), are cheap and effective. it is not necessary and that the VOR lighthouses decommissioned in Europe will be installed in the Moscow air hub. I would like to believe that this is not so, but doubts remain, because according to the requirements of the IAC, it is necessary to install as many as 21 ARCs on new aircraft of the 2st century, despite the fact that for the third year already NDBs are being decommissioned absolutely in all countries of the world, and in In 3, they will remain only in Russia and Africa. Despite the fact that according to the MEL ARC is not needed at all for flight, in the Master MEL opposite the ADF there is a number - 2015. You would also require to carry an astrolabe or a sextant with you!
I happened to distill the aircraft from the first batch of Boeing-737 NG aircraft purchased by UTair in the USA from the Boeing Field (Seattle) airfield. Our American partners complained about the "mysterious Russian soul." They reported that they had received a letter from one of the managers, where he asked to make sure that the Boeing navigation system could receive GLONASS signals. Boeing agreed and offered to send the terms of reference for this work. So, the answer from our side at that time was not about 1,5 years ... The guys were surprised, and they can be understood.

I hope that something has already changed for the better, I just do not have actual information on this topic. But this is a very important question.

I advocate that the dialogue between practitioners and the aviation administration take place more often and on a wider range of issues. As a communicator, I have long been proposing to the AETT, where not the most important, but the most knowledgeable people in the GA are gathering: flight directors of airlines, heads of UPS, aksakals of Russian aviation. They can talk about the challenges that practitioners face every day. Something has already been done - but much remains to be done ...

I have claims and wishes for the government.

“Problems should not be solved - they should be financed” (Ronald Reagan). It is possible for the average person who is watching the “zombie box” and it seems that the state is doing something to ensure flight safety, but it seems to me that from the cockpit of the plane it is not so.

1) Over the past 20, the number of airfields in the Russian Federation has been reduced from 1400 to 300. Looking through the information on the BP in the world every day, I cannot help but note how often the pilots of European companies decide to stop their flight mission and land at the NEAR aerodrome.

By European standards, the “nearest” airport is the one to which there is less than 100 km, by Russian it is obvious - 500 km? Or, again, to look for some Izhmu?

2) Runways are state property. Their length and condition do not meet the requirements of the 21 century. If desired, it is not difficult to find out at which airfields aircraft of various airlines periodically roll out (for example, Rostov), ​​and pilots are ALWAYS blamed for this. Designers around the world are looking for ways to increase the commercial efficiency of new aircraft. The most common narrow-body Boeing-737 classic was replaced by the Boeing-737 NG, which also has a higher landing weight of 10 tons, plus in order to realize the possibility of leaving an inert, heavier aircraft called CAT III A, from the height of 2 meters, the designers made a fairly large "approach idle" - "small gas for landing". All this makes other demands on the length of the runway, but I know a few instances when work in this direction is underway, and in fact 15% of all aviation events in the world are connected with rolling out aircraft.

3) Navigation equipment and approach systems. If there are no alternate aerodromes for hundreds of kilometers around, the question of the presence of an accurate approach system at the aerodrome - ILS and a low minimum becomes extremely important. Here, without the help of the state is necessary.

4) A fully operational aircraft is also an important factor, especially for a two-member crew. It is necessary to make changes to the Customs Code so that spare parts for foreign aircraft would get on the aircraft in the shortest possible time, according to a simplified procedure. This will dramatically improve the health of the fleet, the regularity of flight, and increase safety. It is possible to encourage our Western colleagues to create warehouses with customs cleared parts in the territory of the Russian Federation. Now, spare parts for a month are in customs warehouses, and airplanes fly with "deferred" defects. First you need to install a serviceable unit on the plane, and then you can draw up your own pieces of paper, as much as you like (of course, if you really care about the power supply). Well what the most bad can happen in this case? - The operator will not pay you the customs duty, but so what? The next time, take revenge on him, but the sun will go on a flight fully operational.

5) Many Airlines continue to send their pilots abroad for training simulators, from which the quality of training suffers. It means that something is wrong with the legislative base in Russia, something is wrong with customs duties on the FFS (full flight simulator).

Again, this may be necessary, but then stop pretending that you are interested in flight safety.

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  1. Fox
    Fox April 21 2013 07: 19
    there are no sea-work pilots. there is no family at the airport. familiar pilots smoke bamboo-THEY DO NOT NEED THEM! airfield support and services are dispersed. the aviation industry is not needed either. Godika. In short, I agree on something, but that the author is trying to look at .. about foreigners (they have everything so advanced, already horror.) This is tupizm. Not everything is gold that glitters.
    1. djon3volta
      djon3volta April 21 2013 09: 06
      Quote: Fox
      There are no sea pilots. There is no worker at the airport. Familiar pilots smoke bamboo - THEY ARE NOT NEEDED TO US!

      and if you think about where to fly and why unnecessarily? just like that, like in a nearby town to go shopping?
    2. djon3volta
      djon3volta April 21 2013 09: 16
      Quote: Fox
      There are no sea pilots. There is no worker at the airport. Familiar pilots smoke bamboo - THEY ARE NOT NEEDED TO US!

      and imagine if people quit smoking and drinking? I specifically sayIn the first quarter of this year, compared with the same period in 2012, Russia reduced vodka production by 25,4%..that can reduce workers belay
      Take for example the German tank "Leopard-2", which according to its tactical and technical data, including fuel consumption, is a kind of "average" tank, convenient for comparison. He spends up to 100 liters of diesel fuel per 530 kilometers. A modern combat aircraft such as, say, the French Mirage burns about 4000 liters of kerosene per hour. Eurofighter - even more, 6000 liters. It is generally better to remain silent about oil consumption at the Navy: modern frigates require no less than petroleum products than the average size of a city.
      and how many tons of kerasin does the plane spend transporting 100 people over a distance of 2000-4000 km? mine is cheaper by train and there’s hundreds of times less fuel economy, I’m completely silent about electric locomotives!

      you can not answer, but stupidly zaminusuyte me, because I am for Putin and waiting for April 25 12:00
      1. Civil
        Civil April 21 2013 09: 39
        who for Putin Zaestee?)))))
        1. djon3volta
          djon3volta April 21 2013 10: 11
          Quote: Civil
          who is for Putin

          The ships of the Russian Pacific Fleet arrived at the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas. The representative of the headquarters of the Pacific Fleet, captain of the first rank, Roman Martov, reports that they will stay there on a guest visit until April 24. A detachment of warships, among which two BDK Admiral Nevelsky and Peresvet and the BPC Admiral Panteleev follow from Vladivostok to the Mediterranean Sea, where the navy of Russia creates a squadron.

          mind you, it’s not Zyuganov and not Navalny who creates such maneuvers, but Putin, whom you hate, who pursues anti-American politics as he can.
          here such news needs to be laid out, positive. and it’s not some opinions that it’s unknown who wrote the article, it would be better to go to the garden and write that he sowed whether it filled the tank with thawed snow, if he tied up a rickety fence with wire, etc.
          1. beech
            beech April 21 2013 18: 57
            yeah, the only question is what to create a squadron from ships 30 years old that have never been repaired? But there was once a huge fleet, but like Vovka and Dimka, they all plundered, sold at the price of scrap metal, China !!!!
            1. mda
              mda April 21 2013 19: 38
              Quote: beech
              but there was once a huge fleet, but the likes of Vovka and Dimka all looted, sold at the price of scrap metal

              Aw, do you have amnesia? ”The fleet was cut back in the 90s and there’s nothing to blame for Putin.
              1. beech
                beech April 22 2013 13: 40
                maybe remember who brought Putin to power
                1. mda
                  mda April 22 2013 15: 47
                  Quote: beech
                  maybe remember who brought Putin to power

                  The fact that the oligarchs brought him to power does not mean that Putin does everything in their interests, because if he did everything in their interests Russia would not exist
          2. Civil
            Civil April 21 2013 21: 31
            Quote: djon3volta
            Quote: Civil
            who is for Putin

            The ships of the Russian Pacific Fleet arrived at the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas. The representative of the headquarters of the Pacific Fleet, captain of the first rank, Roman Martov, reports that they will stay there on a guest visit until April 24. A detachment of warships, among which two BDK Admiral Nevelsky and Peresvet and the BPC Admiral Panteleev follow from Vladivostok to the Mediterranean Sea, where the navy of Russia creates a squadron.

            mind you, it’s not Zyuganov and not Navalny who creates such maneuvers, but Putin, whom you hate, who pursues anti-American politics as he can.
            here such news needs to be laid out, positive. and it’s not some opinions that it’s unknown who wrote the article, it would be better to go to the garden and write that he sowed whether it filled the tank with thawed snow, if he tied up a rickety fence with wire, etc.

            1. I support Putin myself.
            2. nevertheless, this is not the property of GDP, but nation-wide, and it would not be pleasant, Navalny and Zyuganov too.
            3. You want to eat, and you will dig the garden on time.
            4. There is still the General Staff, there is a whole military caste ... weak but still remained
        2. mda
          mda April 21 2013 10: 43
          Quote: Civil

      2. GHG
        GHG April 21 2013 11: 50
        And the railway also has a huge infrastructure. At present, the Russian railways, operated by Russian Railways, are divided into 17 branch roads, with a total length of 86,151 thousand kilometers. Now, of course, Russian Railways is leaving the old management scheme and abandoning many auxiliary functions. But all the same, she has a lot on her balance sheet. Look and find a sea of ​​information on Russian Railways.
        The cheapest form of transport is sea-river freight transportation, only pipelines are cheaper. wassat
        Aviation is just speed and it has its own market segment, passengers, mail, etc.
        And if you want to save on your vacation or business trip, do hitchhiking at least. Thank God I don’t go anywhere (on vacation). Although I’m better off traveling more than 1500 km, I’ll pay for the ticket ... then what questions can there be?
        And how much fuel does the frigate spend? Let the Airborne Forces be transplanted into paragliders and bicycles, the Navy into kayaks and pies. Who can save yourself? "
        In short, I did not begin to minus ... I just advise you to think more often, and not write nonsense.
        1. Bean Lol
          Bean Lol April 21 2013 11: 56
          Quote: GES
          Russian Railways

          It's time to close this swamp.
          1. smile
            smile April 21 2013 12: 08
            Bean Lol
            What thoughtful thought .... the azhnik pinched in his eyes ... do you want to suggest that we change to camels? Well, it’s praline - Railways close, dig up the highway, chimneys ... and the mustache will get better right away .... :)))))
            1. Bean Lol
              Bean Lol April 21 2013 12: 12
              I suggest developing a road network. Railway transport in the United States, for example, is for this reason practically dead and railway trains are used exclusively for cargo transportation.
            2. Lord of the Sith
              Lord of the Sith April 21 2013 12: 13
              That you spend time on comments, it's a troll.
              1. Bean Lol
                Bean Lol April 21 2013 12: 15
                And you generally scoop.
        2. djon3volta
          djon3volta April 21 2013 12: 53
          Quote: GES
          I just advise you to think more often and not to write nonsense.

          and I wrote that Fox says that they say the pilots are sitting without work. and they are sitting because few people have become flying. If I don’t drink or smoke, then I bring the profit to the state on the contrary. Let's compare.
          taking into account the prices for kirosin, it is not profitable for private companies to drive there. We do not live in the USSR where everything was state, even if there were losses then they were covered from the state budget. The state was not obliged to sponsor private shops. In 1991, there was nothing to yell for Yeltsin on the square if you want democracy and capitalism - get a break away. Thank you to the protesting Muscovites on May 6, you can hold hamsters and throw Putin off if you are bad, whoever is there, Navalny or who else. Will be against Putin, no one will live better.
          1. S_mirnov
            S_mirnov April 21 2013 13: 41
            "If Putin is bad for you, it doesn't matter who is there, Navalny or who else. If you are against Putin, no one will live better." - why would it not live better? When money stops stealing from you and your state, life improves!
            Just recently, each of us was robbed for about $ 400.
            "Rosneft, a state-owned company, has brought abroad a total of $ 40,21 billion. But since it is a state-owned company, it has taken out state money abroad, which belongs to all Russian citizens. Assuming that we have 100 million voters , then she pulled $ 400 out of each pocket. "

            here is a very interesting article, much more important than the bombings in boston:
            “There is a hunt for the 'swindler' Navalny, and here some financial geniuses and 'law enforcement agencies' bought full oil wells from the state for $ 195 million, pumped oil out and sold it back to the state for $ 40,21 billion ... Putin cannot get enough of it. Even BP paid Friedman 4 billion for full oil wells, emptied them and received 12,48 billion from Putin. Not Fridman, but not bad either.
            Rosneft's expenditure in rubles on the purchase of TNK-BP is about 1,2 trillion rubles, for comparison, the revenue part of the Russian budget for 2013 is about 13 trillion rubles. And in the Duma, quietly, like in a coffin, the main opposition figures Zyug and Zhirik are looking for fascists in the United States (they would have looked in the mirror, perhaps).
            So, the expense is visible, but where is the income ?? "
            1. djon3volta
              djon3volta April 21 2013 17: 41
              S_mirnov I’ve been watching you for a long time and see what kind of comments you earn epaulettes. here authority is earned by epaulets, everyone understands it and inappropriately misleads on this occasion. whoever says that people come here not for the pluses and minuses, then why lower the minus-plus button ??? where is the logic ??? I'm ready to get to the skulls, but by that I will attract attention! It is useless to deny what and how the site is arranged here. I’m not interested in your disclosures, I’m not going to read your hamster-navalnyatsky garbage, it’s for me I don’t need you. I, as opposed to opposing copy-paste, can insert it. For people like you and others like you, all the comments are monotonous in style - count, shoot, put, London, the USA, billions, thieves, living, and so on. Here you have it style, only the words are rearranged, and the meaning is the same. It has long been known that the Internet was flooded with hamsters such as politics, keyboard wrestlers with the regime. It doesn’t matter how old you are 20 or 60, but I’ll tell you a terrible thing - as you want, it won’t !! ! There will be no repetition of 1917 and 1991. then you are so rude to the legitimate authority and water it with slops, don’t expect that you will be treated well, all the gorlopits will sit, everything will look good on your face and no west and the United States will attack you, they didn’t attack those!
              1. S_mirnov
                S_mirnov April 21 2013 18: 31
                "I've been watching you for a long time" - it's good for you!
                "why then press down the minus-plus button ???" - express their opinion on the comments, obviously.
                "I'm ready to reach the skulls" - in general, I had two skulls here on shoulder straps, I did not have any complexes. wink
                "Oh, I'll tell you a terrible thing - as you want, it won't! There will be no repetition of 1917" - it will definitely be, only preferably not 1917, but 1991 - only with the "-" sign. In 1917, the people overthrew the power of the traders through a military revolution, and in 1991 the traders came to power by peaceful means (by deceiving the masses). Ideally, overthrow their power peacefully.
                And it will be so, because the phrase "A thief must go to jail!" - is still relevant for the broad masses.
                "all the bawlers will be in prison," - such as VVP, Zhirinovsky, Zyuganov, and a bunch of oligarchs will surely sit! And people like Kvachkov
                and Yuri Shutov
                will be released!
                1. Kaa
                  Kaa April 21 2013 18: 38
                  Quote: S_mirnov
                  "I've been watching you for a long time" - it's good for you!

                  Quote: djon3volta
                  S_mirnov, I have been watching you for a long time and see what kind of comments you earn epaulettes

                  Gentlemen, comrades, observe each other as much as you like, but please find out the relationship in PM, otherwise it smells like a flood, nobody needs it hi
              2. stalkerwalker
                stalkerwalker April 21 2013 18: 32
                Quote: djon3volta
                I’ll tell you a terrible thing - as you want, there will not be !!! there will be no repetition of 1917 and 1991 of the year

                John! (I apologize in advance for familiarity)
                I sincerely agree with many of your sayings, especially with THESE.
          2. aviamed90
            aviamed90 April 22 2013 10: 21
            Again the same song! There are many pilots (half-educated people who fly with the help of automation). There are not enough pilots (those who can actually fly in manual mode and know the technique, aerodynamics, and much more). The Concorde disaster in the Atlantic proved it. But this idiot at the helm only had to turn off the automatics and take control. And he was simply NOT SCIENTIFIC !!!
            And people go where they decently pay for their work.
      3. Earthman
        Earthman April 21 2013 12: 17
        Quote: djon3volta
        you can not answer, but stupidly zaminusuyte me, because I am for Putin and waiting for April 25 12:00

        Are you not KOBovets inadvertently?
        1. djon3volta
          djon3volta April 21 2013 12: 57
          Quote: Earthman
          Are you not KOBovets inadvertently?

          not KOBovets. The KOB man, although clever, has succumbed to the sect. I am not so smart that I would think of becoming a sectarian.
          1. Earthman
            Earthman April 21 2013 13: 04
            Quote: djon3volta
            not KOBovets. The KOB man, although clever, has succumbed to the sect. I am not so smart that I would think of becoming a sectarian.

            Yeah. KOB - eo sect, I can’t get my friend out of there, help
      4. redwolf_13
        redwolf_13 April 21 2013 15: 32
        I just can’t understand. Are you planning to save not your oil? Why are these examples about bourgeois tanks and aircraft ?. Speak the train and the train is good. Ask how much one locomotive burns with 1 diesel generators on board per 2 km. Or an electric train eating electric. energy and how much heat leaves the wires that feed the electric. a train. And dear, sit down with an urgent matter or not, and go from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok for about 100 days. From beauty it is. And for Putin you or for someone else is your business and that's all. The main thing is that your choice is for you
      5. sanyabasik
        sanyabasik April 21 2013 21: 23
        Quote: djon3volta
        Cause me because I'm for Putin

        Commandment 2: “Do not make an idol for yourself, and all likeness, a spruce in the heavens of a mountain, and a spruce on the earth below, and a spruce in the waters below the earth: may you not bow to them, nor serve them”
  2. svp67
    svp67 April 21 2013 07: 21
    How scary to live ... crying But it is necessary laughing
  3. FC SKIF
    FC SKIF April 21 2013 07: 24
    One more factor needs to be introduced - VIP passengers. Remember, when the Poles near Smolensk fell, the reason, apparently, was a categorical order for the pilots to land no matter what.
    1. almost demobil
      almost demobil April 21 2013 16: 25
      Quote: FC Skif
      Remember, when the Poles near Smolensk fell, the reason, apparently, was a categorical order for the pilots to land no matter what

      In the USSR, the decision to make a landing / departure was made by the airport dispatcher, having all the info along the way, alternate aerodromes, weather, etc., and now our idolaters have adopted ICAO standards, according to which the crew commander decides on everything, relying on his experience and luck and often forgetting that behind their back sit one and a half hundred people.
      1. aviamed90
        aviamed90 April 22 2013 10: 27
        In Smolensk, as a RP, a military man sat without knowledge of English (officially registered) and without access to it (in the sense of the Department of Internal Affairs in English). Anything could happen! From VIP pressure on the crew to misunderstanding between RP and FAC. And the official version, of course, is good, but not complete. What language was radio broadcast in ??? If in Russian - there are no questions to the RP (questions to the PIC, including knowledge of the Russian language), and if in English - a lot. This moment is missed.
  4. CCA
    CCA April 21 2013 08: 04
    Quote: Fox
    in short, I agree with something, but that the author is trying to peep at .. the foreigners (they have everything so advanced, already terrible.) it’s stupidity. not everything is golden that glitters.
    Absolutely to the point ...
    If it is enough for an American to write to FCOM "is not recommended", then even the words "BESTLY PROHIBITED" are not valid for OUR pilot. He needs to tell the physical nature of the ban, write 3 formulas from the strength of materials and 2 from aerodynamics, explain why it is impossible to do this and what consequences this may lead to. Colorful, with pictures, up to the funeral ... :)))
    But this is precisely the difference ... and as it seems, in our direction ...
    1. Lech from ZATULINKI
      Lech from ZATULINKI April 21 2013 08: 15
      As in the story with SUPERGET - I still do not understand the hell out of our EXPERIENCED pilot to take such risks with the PLANE AND PEOPLE.
      1. gladysheff2010
        gladysheff2010 April 21 2013 13: 03
        About SUPERJET, do not forget, there was poor-quality work of the air traffic controller, this is + (or -?) To the pilot’s mistake!
      2. Executer
        Executer April 21 2013 15: 38
        Why not understand something?
        Ordinary Russian canteen, multiplied by Indonesian = explosive mixture!
  5. Lech from ZATULINKI
    Lech from ZATULINKI April 21 2013 08: 08
    After BEREZOVSKY WANTED at AEROFLOT, this office went down.
    In principle, our civilian fleet does not need the KREMLIN GUIDE - it’s cheaper to hire foreign airlines.
    1. Executer
      Executer April 21 2013 15: 42
      Lech from Zatulinka, do you even know what the "Kremlin leadership" flies on. And think for yourself, will foreign pilots be allowed to transport the first persons? I doubt it ...
      And where does Birch and its relationship with Aeroflot have to do with it? Do we have one airline? And the "Kremlin leadership" does NOT fly by Aeroflot!
      1. Lech from ZATULINKI
        Lech from ZATULINKI April 21 2013 18: 12
        Presidential aircraft out of competition. It has nothing to do with mass air travel.
        As for BEREZOVSKY, this cattle stole not a ruble or two from AEROFLOT, but several orders of magnitude more - and this is salaries to people and funds for servicing and purchasing various equipment.
  6. diesel
    diesel April 21 2013 09: 42
    He flew away for 20 years in military aviation. This environment has always lived mainly according to its unwritten laws, formally, of the Taldych dogma from the NPP. Some acquaintances with English cannot get a job having good experience. Replacing a person with an automatic machine in those modes where the person is actually needed reduces the reliability of the system in the case of a special case. The criterion of flight hours as an assessment of pilot experience turns into profanity. In the case of civilian pilots, you probably need to use the number of landings in manual mode.
    1. Executer
      Executer April 21 2013 15: 45
      Either they look for a dick, or they have the experience of political leaders ...
  7. v53993
    v53993 April 21 2013 09: 49
    ) Poor knowledge of English

    He served in the military aviation for 27 years and never heard any speech in English on the control channels. I hope not to hear. But I'll be glad to hear our guys on their channels: "Hi Tom and goodbye ...
  8. S_mirnov
    S_mirnov April 21 2013 10: 06
    What kind of ... security, if the inspection organizations are thoroughly corrupt, like the entire state apparatus. Hence the malfunctioning cars and tired pilots.
  9. avt
    avt April 21 2013 10: 32
    It's just that you are going to read an article written by a professional, and immediately, well, completely discourages faith in the common sense of what was written. _____ ,, The real market is capable of self-regulation. "--------- WELL HOW MUCH YOU CAN repeat this Gaidar nonsense !!!!! request It seems that he wrote not a pilot with a higher engineering education and work experience, but a liberal coaker from some new newspaper! Well, just ask yourself a question and think calmly for five minutes. Who is he this Market, where he lives and how is he so self-regulatingly so skillfully ??? request Well, is it really not clear that, in contrast to the Soviet times, when the main task was the transportation of people and goods, now the main task is to extract excess profits with MINIMUM costs! ALL ! ______ ,, The United States does not "tighten the screws", does not carry out punitive measures, and flight safety there is at a sky-high level for us. "------- They are tightening, remember how they pressed air dispatchers at one time and even attracted army men, but now they do it as softly as possible, because they understand what they are dealing with and do not shit into the well from which they drink, here, our "hostesses are crazy about easy money, of course, out of competition, what is the one nickname given by birch managers to pilots - carriers All those moments, justly indicated in the article by the author, can be resolved only if the approach to the industry by the state changes dramatically and rises upside down. Namely, the transportation of passengers and cargo and ensuring flight safety will again become the main thing, but only then and this can only be ensured by SPECIFIC executors of state bodies by regulating and FORCING various methods by soft, hard, or subsidies, these are details, for any the state is violence. And the "real market" will only really pull the last money out of the pockets, and not only from passengers and consignees, but also from flight technical personnel. Rest assured, absolutely and truly, clean.
    1. Kaa
      Kaa April 21 2013 11: 04
      Quote: avt
      Namely, the main thing will again be the transportation of passengers and goods and ensuring flight safety, and only then, making profit
      I have nothing to do with aviation, but I see a painfully familiar analogy with Soviet and Western medicine. In the USSR, they taught that they did not treat the disease, but the patient - that is, the final choice - the doctor, there are no two identical patients with the same diagnosis. Now (and in Europe and the USA for a long time) international standards GCP (something like sound clinical practice) are being introduced - to conduct such a study, then to treat ONLY with such a drug, training will be transferred to 3D-modeling ... Remote forecasting does not please. So the analogy is being seen - there can be no two absolutely identical emergency situations on board the aircraft, the pilot should not be an appendage to the airborne systems, but have the understanding that why happened and how to proceed further. Well, and the described subjective factors are exclusively on the conscience of the government and regulatory authorities, the only question is - airlines for passengers, or passengers for airline profits?
      1. avt
        avt April 21 2013 11: 42
        Quote: Kaa
        painfully familiar analogy with the medicine of the Soviet and Western standard. In the USSR they taught that they treat not a disease, but a patient

        One of the indicative processes of "effective self-regulation of the market" is the opening of pharmacy kiosks in retail chains. This is a great achievement of the market! Not to supply the necessary drugs, but to get as much as possible for the sake of increasing sales and, accordingly, profits.
    2. Kaa
      Kaa April 21 2013 11: 16
      Quote: avt
      , now the main task is extraction in excess of profit with a MINIMUM of costs
      And there is no need to say that these are all purely Russian problems. Where there is fierce competition between air carriers, such a mess begins. Here is a fresh example from Israel - there the aviators know in advance what this will lead to: “Representatives of the largest Israeli airlines - El Al, Arkia and Israair announced that on the morning of April 21, a general strike will begin in connection with the government's intention to approve the Open Skies program. According to the Open Skies plan, on the implementation of which, in particular, the Minister of Transport Israel Katz insisted, the airlines of the EU countries will have the right to directly organize flights to Israel from any point on the territory of the states belonging to the European Community ... The implementation of this program, according to its authors, should lead to increased competition in the airline industry, and, consequently, to a significant reduction in the price of airline tickets and improving the quality of passenger service. According to representatives of the aviation trade union, the implementation of the "Open Skies" plan, which is allegedly "discriminatory", will lead to massive layoffs in Israeli airlines and, as a result, to the collapse of the national aviation industry.At the same time, Transport Minister Israel Katz believes that thanks to the "Open Skies" agreement between Israel and the European Union, the number of flights to additional points of the world (flights without restrictions throughout Europe) will significantly increase, as well as the prices for air tickets will significantly decrease.
      Next Sunday, April 21, the government is to approve the Open Skies agreement aimed at liberalizing the air travel market between Israel and the EU. Http://
      1. Kaa
        Kaa April 21 2013 13: 08
        Quote: Kaa
        in the morning of April 21 will begin a general strike
        From the fresh: "Not content with just one strike as a means of pressure on the government, Israeli airlines staged a protest in Jerusalem. Let us recall that airline workers are protesting against the signing of the Open Skies agreement with the European Union," which will dramatically increase competition in the airline market. The demonstration takes place at the government building, where at this meeting this issue should be decided. Democrats are holding posters "People demand social justice!" and shout out the appropriate slogans.
        At the same time, at Ben Gurion Airport, passengers are demonstrating in front of the media arriving there. "We've always been proud of El Al, but now we've lost faith in it," they say. Http://
        German airline Lufthansa has canceled most flights scheduled for Monday, April 22 due to a warning strike by staff, which requires social guarantees and a pay rise of 5,2 percent.
        The carrier’s leadership, which is struggling to compete with Middle Eastern companies with rising fuel prices, rejects union demands. As a result, out of 1650 short-range flights, about 20 will be completed. Only six long-haul flights out of 50 will depart from the Lufthansa base airport in Frankfurt, and only three out of 17 will fly from Munich. At the same time, all three Lufthansa long-haul flights from Düsseldorf will be scheduled. /2013/04/21.html
    3. Nikolai N
      Nikolai N April 21 2013 12: 17
      Totally agree with you. The policy of squeezing money no matter what has left Russia without a civilian and fishing fleet. The sailors laughingly recall the words of the Secretary General about the raising of the fleet. Bubbles are already coming from him am
  10. Was mammoth
    Was mammoth April 21 2013 10: 34
    I read the article with interest. Generally terrible article. I could not get rid of the thought of the well-known phrase about profit and capitalist. It seemed that the author wants cheap, cheerful and at the expense of the state. Specialists know better, but I remember A. Haley's "Airport".
  11. Rus2012
    April 21 2013 10: 41
    my friend, after small aviation, in his declining years - over 40, suddenly decided, life forced me to go to "big aviation". He did it! Flies on a Boeing 737.
    Says everywhere such a tendency - they used to write off after 40, and 65 years fly by.

    About -
    OUR pilot is not even affected by the words "STRICTLY, STRICTLY PROHIBITED". He needs to tell the physical essence of the prohibition, write 3 formulas from strength materials and 2 from aerodynamics, explain why this should not be done and what consequences it can lead to. Colorfully, with pictures, right up to the funeral ... :)))

    says - "our pilot was taught to understand the" physical essence "or" physical meaning "of what is happening and act on this basis. In the west -" talmut "/" instruction "- to press there, then after 5 seconds - here, and what happens during this - explanations do not require ...
    1. Avenger711
      Avenger711 April 21 2013 19: 15
      This is an American recipe, to memorize the instruction, with nothing but the inability to think with your head, it does not.
      1. aviamed90
        aviamed90 April 22 2013 10: 34
        Do you know how much it costs? Learn about a pilot (not a pilot!) Commercial aviation - about 1 million rubles., And then retrain on a linear pilot - another 300 thousand rubles. Prices are based on training, housing fees, meals, kerosene for training flights. Data from the Krasnokutsk GA Flight School (now a branch of Ulyanovsk).
  12. volan
    volan April 21 2013 12: 22
    Quote: djon3volta
    Quote: Fox
    There are no sea pilots. There is no worker at the airport. Familiar pilots smoke bamboo - THEY ARE NOT NEEDED TO US!

    and imagine if people quit smoking and drinking? I specifically sayIn the first quarter of this year, compared with the same period in 2012, Russia reduced vodka production by 25,4%

    Do not worry! Moonshine is compensated. Not the first time ..
  13. Simple
    Simple April 21 2013 12: 56
    K point 1) Youth:
    At one of the flight shows asked the pilot Extra 260
    (they rolled interested persons for money Kunstflüg on Extra 260)
    Age is 32 years. Of these, 10 professionally on a Boeing747. Kunstflüg is his hobby.

    In Germany, parents allow their children to "float freely" much more often and earlier than in Russia.
    And the fact that young pilots often take with them to work
    their "earthly" problems associated with their inconclusive "arrangement" in life, or their hobbies, takes place not only in Russia.
    So reading from the article "Younger - pilots are prone to unnecessary risk" is quite reasonable.
  14. Simple
    Simple April 21 2013 13: 01
    Quote: Rus2012
    understand the "physical essence" or "physical meaning" of what is happening

    I totally agree.
    "to understand the" physical essence "or" the physical meaning of "what is happening" is a voluntary matter here, but welcomed.
  15. Simple
    Simple April 21 2013 13: 55

    Complete BBP flooring replacement at City Airport Bremen August 2012:
    The last replacement of BBP flooring was about 20 years ago.
    Six days was completely closed City Airport Bremen.
    550 flights were transferred to other airports.
    More than 2000 truck trips were made to take away the old
    and bring in new material.
    28000 t of asphalt was laid.
    At the same time, 1 / 4 parts of the recycled old asphalt were added to the new asphalt.
    5,6 million EUR - the price of work.
  16. Simple
    Simple April 21 2013 14: 07
    "Patching asvalt" in Kundus (by the way, the BPP is still of Soviet construction)

  17. Avenger711
    Avenger711 April 21 2013 14: 21
    Moving from multi-member crews to 2-member crews, we realized that Boeing and Airbus have at least 2-3 pairs of eyes less than Il-86 or Tu-154.

    But does the flight engineer somehow control the control of the aircraft and does not introduce the additional possibility of error due to the human factor?
  18. Simple
    Simple April 21 2013 14: 33
    If the operation of the Airport does not seem possible to interrupt,
    replace GDP in stages during the night shift. At the same time freshly laid out
    asvalt is ready for "work" within an hour.
    1: 55 minute shows a plan for replacing GDP

  19. Simple
    Simple April 21 2013 14: 35
    advertising roller for VÖGELE asphalt pavers.

  20. Vovka levka
    Vovka levka April 21 2013 14: 40
    If it is enough for an American to write to FCOM "is not recommended", then even the words "BESTLY PROHIBITED" are not valid for OUR pilot. He needs to tell the physical nature of the ban, write 3 formulas from the strength of materials and 2 from aerodynamics, explain why it is impossible to do this and what consequences this may lead to. Colorful, with pictures, up to the funeral ... :)))

    What is true is true. If we know that it’s impossible, but really want it, then a little bit is possible.

    The article is normal, respect to the author. Perhaps something is wrong, but by and large right.
  21. stalkerwalker
    stalkerwalker April 21 2013 15: 56
    I go to sea for 27 years.
    And I see from the article that the organizational and administrative problems are the same.
    And in particular.
    1. Youth... The problem of early maturing specialists is relevant in all branches of the industry, including transport. The pursuit of a higher salary, along with the desire to "amuse" one's own self-esteem, leads to the emergence of at least a trained, but UNEXPECTED specialist in the command post, who was entrusted with the lives of passengers. I do not mention the cost of the equipment.
    2. Poor knowledge of English... The same eggs - side view. Slavic languages ​​belong to a different language group. Passing tests is the initial stage of a career. Knowledge of English at the level of How much and What is your name has been pursuing transport institutions operating abroad for many years. Everything here lies on the conscience of a specialist - is it not a shame to "beat and beat", stuttering, during negotiations on the air.
    3. Indiscipline... If in an educational institution the future specialist was not "instilled" in the basics of discipline ON TRANSPORT (railway, auto, air, sea and river - it does not matter), do not wait for a "miracle" at work.
    4. Fatigue. I’ll tell you about fatigue in the workplace.
    Reducing the size of the crew in order to reduce costs is the world's scourge. The choice is only ONE - if you want to safely transport passengers and goods - do not skimp on the number of "pairs of eyes" that ensure this safety.
    5. Power. Here except Matyuk nothing comes to mind. Look at the street, on TV - no comment ...
    Best regards
  22. diesel
    diesel April 21 2013 18: 27
    There are two official languages ​​in ICAO. Why all reduced to ang. Without min av. industry we can’t survive. Managers lining under the Boeing Airb. all fail.
    1. aviamed90
      aviamed90 April 22 2013 09: 19
      You are wrong, dear! ICAO has 4 official languages: Russian, English, French and Spanish.
      About the dominance of English. Since the most "democratic" country in the world is the United States, it dictates its will to the vassals. It's more convenient for them.
  23. Shturmovik
    Shturmovik April 21 2013 19: 43
    I read the article and wept) How hard it is for poor pilots of civil aviation, the poor do not rest because they repair the apartment, they go and are stuck in traffic jams, and they still have to (you just imagine refueling planes and checking systems before the flight !!!). Just some kind of horror. What then to say about the Air Force pilots, in my opinion (based on the article) they should just fall down !!!! They even have to fly after daily shifts and apartments, many simply don’t, and the hostess said in a rented apartment to be freed in a week, and as a rule they have to prepare a plane on the haul itself so as not to wait until the advanced team arrives. Yes there is a plus, not all pilots are stuck in traffic jams simply because many serve in current holes because there simply are no traffic jams !!!!
  24. Avenger711
    Avenger711 April 21 2013 21: 37
    To increase production efficiency, employers are trying to increase the maximum allowable workload on the flight crew to the level of the Irish discounter Ryan Air - 100 hours per month, not realizing that the conditions for living, working and resting in Europe are completely different.

    This question was answered in 1917.
  25. sanyabasik
    sanyabasik April 21 2013 22: 08
    Quote: djon3volta
    neither Zyuganov nor Navalny creates such maneuvers, but Putin, whom you hate, who pursues anti-American politics as he can.
    here we need to spread such news

    A fanatic is any person who speaks fervently about things that are indifferent to us. (Lawrence Peter)

    A fanatic is a person who cannot change his views and cannot change the subject.
    (Winston Churchill)

    “Do not make yourself an idol,” says the biblical postulate. But few people abide by this reasonable law. Being someone's ardent admirer, you can get a terrible ailment - fanaticism, which leads to terrible psychological disorders.
    fanaticism is considered a deviation from the norm, a mental disorder that must be treated with psychological methods.
    Fanaticism is very dangerous. Therefore, it is better to pay attention to the people with whom we communicate in our real life: loved ones, relatives, relatives, friends. Direct your energy to make it pleasant for them. In response, you will receive only positive emotions, and no mental disorders will not be scary to you!
  26. shurup
    shurup April 21 2013 22: 47
    Minibus drivers have similar problems.
    Technique, roads, traffic jams, lack of rest, greedy hosts and poor knowledge of the language, but Russian. And, as a result, high accident rate.
    Without financial assistance, the budget can’t cope, so that in the Maldives with large families send to rest. After all, everything is there for rubles and inexpensive.
    Even a union can not be created and on strike, as in the West they cannot.
    And the budget and myself, looking at ticket prices, are somehow against it.
    1. Kaa
      Kaa April 22 2013 00: 27
      Quote: shurup
      Minibus drivers have similar problems.
      They have one more problem - due to professional mutations, children began to be born with a third hand, for better adaptation in the generic profession ...
  27. Dmitriy292
    Dmitriy292 April 22 2013 04: 57
    It seems to be so bad, but no, we have to do worse. The authorities do not cease to amaze. This site just recently came across:, where information about each of us has been publicly posted. I don’t know why to do this, but it personally scares me. Nevertheless, I somehow managed to delete my data, though I had to register, but no one could "dig up" anything on me.
  28. usatyi
    usatyi April 22 2013 06: 26
    Thank you Kaa for the info about the "Luftfaff" strike, just the 22nd flight from Caracas to Frankfurt, then to Minsk. I almost "flew" .......
  29. aviamed90
    aviamed90 April 22 2013 09: 53
    In general, the article is a plus. But there are a lot of inaccuracies and ambiguities in it.
    I myself am an aviation dispatcher and have a 4th level of English.
    1. There is no reason to use English everywhere. And there are no such international treaties. And in ICAO there are 4 official languages: English, Russian, Spanish and French. As they say, choose. The Americans have chosen for us.
    2. Youth.
    Who said youth is bad? After all, it is not an 18-year-old pilot who sits down to work. And the captain of the aircraft, as a rule, is over 30 years old. It's not about youth, but about the education system associated with it. Simply put, the pilot (dispatcher) graduated from the school according to the Soviet program or the post-perestroika program. Sympathy is clearly not in favor of the latter. And about the fact that there are enough pilots in GA - nonsense! There are enough dropouts. And you need to understand who we are talking about: pilots or aircraft operators (everything is automatic). And these are different professions !!! This was proven by the Concorde disaster.
    3. English for pilots (controllers) is really not very. But what is being done about this? NOTHING! People are forced to independently learn radio exchange, aviation English, or at their own expense take courses in CA CA. Moreover, I ask you to separate language training and testing.
    I came to the GA from the Air Force. Further, I myself learned everything (expensive and long courses (2,5 months + housing and meals, travel at my own expense in another city) and the company does not return the money). Then he passed a language test (also in a sudden city in the UTs, paid, 2 days + accommodation and meals, travel). Testing (the test process itself) is paid by the company only if you passed on level 4, below - no.
    Of course, graduates from GA schools have a better position. They learn the language in the scope of the program. And what to do like me? And there are many! I studied English at school, military school and military academy, but this is not a specialized language for GA.
    Earlier, about 5 years ago, language internships were practiced in English-speaking countries, but now they do not exist or they do not reach ordinary people. Expensive, it turns out and expensive for the state and airlines! There is a contradiction: we need LETTERS (DISPATCHERS) with English, but nothing is done for this. And nothing comes out of nothing.
    4. Indiscipline.
    There is no comment at all. There can be no undisciplined pilot in nature! And if he can, then he does not live very long.
    5. Fatigue.
    It is precisely because there are not enough people (pilots, technicians, dispatchers) that the entire load falls on the workers. And that's it. Effective managers. At lower cost for people the same result.
    6. Power.
    RVSM separation is absolutely useless for our country. The intensity of flights in our airspace is not so high (for known reasons) to introduce additional echelons. But the transition to feet is generally insanity! It is feet to the crossing level and meters below. And you want people not to be wrong ?! And this was done to please our American "friends". There is no other explanation.

    In general, the conclusions are disappointing, and the GA, as well as throughout the country, continues to collapse and a mess. Fix the problem in a short time will not work. It takes at least 10-15 years.
    1. aviamed90
      aviamed90 April 22 2013 10: 49
      An important addition. Regarding the process of passing to level 4 of English, I talked about initial training and passing on the level. Graduates of GA schools have a different situation. They are already trained at the 4th level when they study at the school, because then they simply will not be hired by an airline or air traffic control center.
  30. aviamed90
    aviamed90 April 22 2013 10: 15
    By the way, about the level of language proficiency (4th worker). There are 6 levels in total. Starting from the 4th, 5th and 6th - workers (that is, having them you have the right to work as a pilot (on international lines) or as a dispatcher (at international airports)). Levels 1 through 3 (inclusive) - not workers. Having them you will work only on internal lines or at workplaces without English (local control tower (TIR) ​​or off-track sector (flights of the State Aviation out of the tracks)).
    When the Americans (and in fact they lock up in ICAO, as elsewhere) proposed the mandatory 4th level, then, for example, the Germans refused. The reason is that the 3rd is enough for them. But they do not intend to tell interesting stories from their lives and on various topics (except for emergency cases and purely specific issues) in the air while conducting radio exchanges. The Chinese responded even more severely. Do you want our dispatchers to know English at level 4? Then let your crews ALSO learn Chinese at level 4. And behind them.
    And our celestials obediently agreed with everything. Mr. Neradko (deputy head of the Federal Air Transport Agency, then director of the FANS) has already erased his language on this topic. Sorry for the pun.