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Geopolitical mosaic: in the West, waiting for "shaking up" the Russian government, and Obama sent ricin twin Elvis

Geopolitical mosaic: in the West, waiting for "shaking up" the Russian government, and Obama sent ricin twin Elvis

Syria does not give up. The Syrian people celebrated the 67 anniversary of independence. In an interview with Al-Ikhbariya TV channel, timed to coincide with this event, President Bashar Assad said that the UAR was subjected to "aggression by the forces of neo-colonialism." According to him, “the Western powers, led by the United States, do not want to see a state that pursues an independent policy,” reports "RT".

Another enemy is also lurking in the Syrian army - takhirist radicals, behind whom is al-Qaeda. “This is not a war of liberation, it is a struggle against terrorism,” comrade Assad said, stressing that “despite all efforts to stir up religious unrest in Syria, there is no threat of a split of the country on religious grounds.” The president added that the West will pay a high price for supporting Al-Qaida in this conflict.

He does not intend to give up: “We have no choice but to win. Because if we lose, then Syria will cease to exist. And I do not think that the Syrian people will take such a step. ”

He also noted that the situation in the country is "better compared to the one at the beginning of the crisis."

From the Jordanian side. About two hundred soldiers will be sent to the Jordanian-Syrian border in order to prevent the spread of civil conflict from Syria to other countries. This became known from the statement by US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, which he made during a speech at a hearing in the Senate of the US Congress on Wednesday, the channel "RT".

Designers, specialists in intelligence, logistics and operations from the First Armored Division will be replaced by troops sent there earlier. It is also planned to place there a commanding officer, who could lead a large number of troops, if they need to be sent in the future. The Pentagon means that a peaceful solution to the conflict in Syria will be optimal, but it also considers it necessary to prevent the possible spread of violence, Chuck Hagel said. According to him, now it is important not to allow Syria to become a haven for extremists.

Conn Hallinan from the Foreign Policy In Focus Research Institute believes that “since the troops will mainly be involved in logistics, it is very likely that they are conducting training similar to the one that was carried out before the attack on Iraq when the troops were sent to Saudi Arabia and preparing there ... It increases tension and gives concern. "

Brisk trade. “Terrorist groups make money on kidnapping thousands of Syrian lira and 10 thousands killed from combat sites for the wounded,” say witnesses in an interview with the Arab press. This tells with reference to

After the escalation of the conflict in the Sheikh Maksoud area (Aleppo), it was reported that armed people quickly took the wounded and were taken to clinical centers. Later it turned out that they were selling the organs of these people on the black market. One of the residents of the area, Maj Hadut, confirmed this information, adding that the militants took a wounded son from one of their neighbors under the pretext of hospitalization. Two days later, the family discovered his mutilated body.

In October last year, there were also cases when the Free Syrian Army, which abducted and killed Syrian citizens and the military, traded their organs.

The correspondent of the Turkish newspaper Yurt recently shed light on the terrible events and details of the organ trade. “Most of those who fall victim to abduction are killed. After this, the liver, kidneys and eyes are taken from the bodies of the dead, ”the Syrian citizen told him. He said that "unknown persons contacted him, offering 300 thousands of Syrian pounds in exchange for the body of his deceased brother, who, being in the hands of terrorists, was brutally murdered."

Baghdad: 27 dead. As transmits ITAR-TASS, as a result of an explosion committed yesterday by a suicide bomber in the Iraqi capital, 27 people died. Dozens of people were injured.

The attack occurred in a cafe in Baghdad, popular with young people.

American guarantee to Israel. Olga Gritsenko ("Sight") said that the US Senate guaranteed Israel full support in the event of a war with Iran. The corresponding resolution was adopted by the American parliamentarians on Israel’s Independence Day.

"If the Jewish state takes military action against Tehran in self-defense, the US government should support Israel and provide it with diplomatic, military and economic assistance to protect its territory and people," stated the resolution number 65, the Cursor agency reported. The document also notes that the United States supports the current international sanctions against Iran.

Earlier, Israel itself has repeatedly made it clear that it is ready to independently strike at Iranian nuclear facilities. “The steps of the West against the nuclear program of the Islamic Republic do not impress Iran, and Israel should prepare for the possibility of attacking Iranian nuclear facilities independently,” Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon said on the eve.

Possessing an iri nuclear weaponsin his opinion, will be a disaster. “This will spur the arms race in the Middle East and lead to the proliferation of nuclear weapons, even to terrorist organizations, it will become a nightmare for the Western world. The world has postponed a response to Iran, Tehran does not see the determination of the Western world in stopping the project, and it can be stopped only by putting Tehran a dilemma: either a nuclear project or a survival regime, ” quotes the Minister.

But what Iran thinks. “A possible Israeli attack on Iran to destroy our nuclear or scientific potential is a real insanity. Its consequences will be devastating and unpredictable. In this case, Iran will not sit idly. This could be the beginning of an escalation of violence that will lead to the Third World War, ”the Press TV channel quotes a warning by Ali Ahani, the Iranian ambassador to France.

According to Olga Gritsenko, observers do not exclude that the conflict may happen this year. "Military confrontation may occur this year if Iran takes the path of accelerating the pace of its nuclear development, above all uranium enrichment," said the former White House coordinator on weapons of mass destruction policy, executive director of the Belfer Center for Science and International Relations Harvard University Gary Samore. He added that Iran itself does not seek confrontation with the United States, soberly assessing the difference in military capabilities, and "again and again demonstrates caution."

Four of the "Islamic Salvation Army." Algerian security services detained four people who were members of the Islamic Salvation Army, reports SANA.

These people are suspected of having links with members of organizations related to terrorist groups in Syria. This organization recruits young Algerians and sends them to the UAR to take part in fights on the side of “Dzhebhat An-Nusra”.

The Algerian newspaper Al-Shuruk, citing responsible sources, reported that among these four people there is one who had previously held a leading position in the Islamic Salvation Army before it was dissolved. The newspaper noted that they are members of an organization that has relations with extremists in Syria, Tunisia and Libya and is recruiting Algerians to be sent to the SAR.

Pervez Musharraf arrested. Pakistani police arrested the former president of the country, General Pervez Musharraf, who escaped from the courtroom yesterday, reports RIA News" with reference to Reuters.

The arrest warrant for Musharraf was issued in the case of the unlawful arrest of judges when a state of emergency was imposed in 2007. Earlier, the court extended Musharraf until April 18 the opportunity to be free, subject to the payment of bail. Yesterday morning, the general arrived in court to get another renewal, but the court refused him and decided to arrest the ex-president. He fled, accompanied by close protection.

1860 years in prison. In Thailand, former police officer Chanthima Petchkhanorm was sentenced to 1860 years of imprisonment for fraud. The term of imprisonment turned out to be so long, as 44-year-old Petchkhanorm committed many crimes related to one article, writes with reference to The Bangkok Post.

The sentences for each case of the same type were summarized and then reduced to 50 years - the maximum prison term allowed by law. In addition, she must pay compensation to victims of her actions.

From October 1994 to June 1998 this woman 372 once forged signatures and illegally received about 395 thousand baht (about 15 thousand dollars). At that time, she worked in the financial police station, which is responsible for paying pensions to government officials.

"Take me right here." In an editorial «Die Welt» (source of abbreviated translation - "Inopressa") tells about the network preferences of the North Korean elite.

An analysis of the files downloaded from the World Wide Web by the North Korean elite suggests that it does not particularly adhere to the official line of the party. The Torrentfreak blog, referring to data from the American service Scaneye, which monitors torrents, reports that the American television series “How I Met Your Mother” and the thriller “Followers” ​​enjoy special love with North Korean users. In addition, the North Korean party bosses are very fond of hard porn movies. The DPRK leadership has quite a few admirers of Japanese porn actress Marika Hase and her American colleague Ellis Frost, and in general films with titles like “Take me right here.”

Jihad warriors from Europe. Nikita Sorokin ("Voice of Russia") spoke about the liquidation by the Belgian police of a network of recruiting stations for recruiting for the Syrian rebels.

Police detained over twenty suspects in one day in Antwerp, Vilvoorde and Brussels. Among them is one of the leaders of the Sharia for Belgium group, Fouad Belkasem. This group was engaged in the recruitment and sending to Syria of young Europeans to replenish the ranks of Islamist militants. According to police, on the side of the Syrian opposition are fighting about eighty royal subjects.

European police departments are worried not because their compatriots can harm Bashar Assad. Indigenous Europeans are frightened by the prospect of the return of Islamist mercenaries from the war. What will these “soldiers of fortune” do in Europe? After all, except how to fight the infidels, these mostly young people really did not have time to learn anything. They will not return to universities, but to numerous Muslim communities. And in this environment, a fairly clear structure of extremist cells and groups was formed, expert of crisis situations, a veteran of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation, Colonel Lev Korolkov, explained to the Voice of Russia:

“This is a very well-established network that has worked out over at least the last decade with its recruiting centers located in the concentration areas of the recruiting contingent. What are the giant diasporas of immigrants from Islamic countries, settled in Europe. The main area of ​​their habitat is the Netherlands, Belgium to a greater extent, Sweden to a lesser extent. To a lesser extent, Norway, that is, where the most favorable conditions were created for the so-called refugee sufferers. There exists a category of young people who live precisely on social benefits. There is little work for them, because the overwhelming majority of them are unskilled labor. ”

There is also a material base for recruiting new Islamist militants, adds Comrade Korolkov. The expert is convinced that volunteer recruitment activities are financed mainly by the countries of the Persian Gulf.

Europe has come to a dangerous point, I'm sure Korolkov. When this contingent, frankly hostile to the existing European order, reaches a critical mass, the ethnic catastrophe in Europe will become inevitable.

Maria Efimova (Kommersant) on the Belgian topic writes that in October, Fuad Belkasem announced that his organization had ceased to exist, but according to the police, in recent months, she has been particularly active in recruiting. Belgian law enforcement authorities have confirmed data on 80 Muslims with Belgian passports fighting in Syria against the Assad army. According to experts, among the “Belgian terrorists” there are quite a few Chechens who constitute a significant part of the Muslim diaspora of Belgium (it numbers about 630 thousand, or almost 6% of the country's population).

If you believe the report, released in early April by London Kings College, the situation is much more serious. Of the 600 Muslims with 14 citizenship of European countries fighting in Syria, small Belgium provided the largest number of volunteers (more than 100) - along with the UK and the Netherlands, whose authorities have also sounded the alarm over the recent return of jihadists to their homeland. Considering all this, the Belgian authorities were the first to decide on preventive measures in order to neutralize potential militants at the stage of their recruitment in Belgium, writes Maria Efimova.

Claude Monika, head of the Brussels Center for Strategic Intelligence and Security, told Kommersant that it was possible to make such raids thanks to the specifics of Belgian law. Of all European countries that are facing the threat of Islamic terrorism, so far only Belgium and France have passed laws allowing for the detention and arrest of citizens even before sending them to jihadist training camps. In other states, such operations are possible only in respect of persons who have already returned from the "holy war" in the Middle East or North Africa. The adoption of such laws is a big step forward from a security point of view, the publication’s source is sure, but these measures are not enough: justice has problems with evidence; In addition, the police are not able to coordinate with colleagues from other countries where members of the same extremist networks live.

Are you building terrorist plans? - Go to jail! Four people in the UK were sentenced to lengthy prison terms for using a toy car to transport a bomb, reports "" with reference to BBC News.

Zahid Iqbal, Mohammed Sharfaraz Ahmed, Umar Arshad and Syed Farhan Hussein were found guilty of preparing a terrorist attack on the basis of a territorial army. Iqbal and Ahmed, as the leaders of the group, received 16 years and three months, Arshad six years and nine months, and Hussein received five years and three months.

This four was arrested in April on charges of terrorism. They underwent training in a camp in Pakistan, intended to acquire weapons to arrange a terrorist attack, and tried to find funding for their plans.

The group was watched by the police and military counterintelligence of Great Britain. The basis of the conviction was the recording of a telephone conversation between terrorists, in which Ahmed talks about the plan of attack on a military base. According to him, he drove past one of the bases of the territorial troops and saw in the fence an opening through which a radio-controlled toy car with a bomb fixed on it could pass. Then it was planned to send a toy, for example, to the car at the base and blow it up. In addition, the terrorists discussed how to make explosives at home according to the instructions of an English-language Islamist magazine.

"Puzzle of Europe". Polish publicist Tsiprian Darchevski commented "Voice of Russia" appearance in the sale of shocking children's toys.

Polish television (TVN) reported on its website that the “Puzzle Europe” toy, a jigsaw puzzle, was put on sale, having assembled a map of Europe. In the puzzle of 58 elements, it is intended for children from 6 years. The attached map contains information on stories some places. There was a place for Katyn and Smolensk.

The text reads: “The murder of Polish officers in 1940. The death of President Lech Kaczynski with a possible assassination attempt in 2010.” The inscription evolves! On the map above, we see an “inexplicable catastrophe”, and on a map bought by a Polish journalist, “a possible attempt”. Moreover, in an interview with, the toy manufacturer said that these are the old versions, and in the following drawing, the “possible” may fall away from the “attempt”.

“It looks like we are crossing the next frontier of moral meanness, having lost our way in the clouds of absurdity, like the plane Tu of President Kaczynski in Smolensk fog. With the money of the European Union, we teach children not of a true story, but of someone’s speculation, instilling hate in them from the earliest years. I do not specify to whom, but because if we are talking about an attempt, then someone is behind him? "

According to various studies, the Smolensk assassination believes in 24 to 33% of Poles. The victims of the catastrophe are called “martyrs”, “dead” in the Polish media, the author writes, as if they gave their lives for the faith or fought on Russian soil with arms.

“The ashes of the President of the Republic of Poland Lech Kaczynski, a very weak president, in my opinion, are buried next to the ashes of the Polish kings in the crypts of the Wawel Cathedral. In the media, he becomes a “dead martyr”, a victim of the “Smolensk attempt” or “Smolensk murder”. Children with 6 years begin to inspire the idea of ​​an assassination attempt and that the Russians have killed him. ”

Urgent status canceled. On April 18, the Latvian Saeima abolished the urgent status of the draft law on the complete prohibition of Soviet and Nazi symbols. According to "" with reference to "DELFI", this means that the document will not have time to accept until May 9.

Representatives of the Reform Party, which is part of the ruling coalition, offered to consider the bill in the usual way. Deputies noted that the text of the document is too unclear and vague, and its wording requires revision, and the bill itself does not contain an assessment of compliance with the European Convention for the Protection of Fundamental Freedoms and Human Rights.

As recalled by "Lenta", the bill that tightens the ban on the use of Soviet and Nazi symbols, was introduced to the Seimas in early April by a deputy from the Unity party that is part of the ruling coalition. The urgent status of the document, which was originally assigned to it, suggested its consideration in two, not three readings. Representatives of the Latvian Nationalist Party, in particular, expressed the hope that by May 9 the law would already come into force.

Now Latvian legislation prohibits the use of Soviet and Nazi symbols at public events, but this prohibition does not apply to promotions timed to memorable dates, such as May 9.

Some details from the life of Saakashvili: a translator ... for a cook. The General Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia found out that millions of budget funds were spent on foreign trips and expensive gifts to President Saakashvili, as well as to his family members, friends and guests. This information was announced at a briefing in Kutaisi by a parliamentarian from the ruling coalition, Irina Imerlishvili, quoted by ITAR-TASS.

How to tell the channel "RT", the deputy asked the prosecutor's office data on the costs of the state security service. The magnitude of non-earmarked spending over 2010-2013 years is simply amazing.

Only for the personal cook Saakashvili brought from Spain, the budget spent 303 thousand dollars only for translation services. The President and several of his confidants spent 145 thousand dollars for the New Year in Dubai.

The rest of Saakashvili and the mayor of Tbilisi, Gigi Ugulava, at the expensive resort in Austria were also paid from the special services. Procedures for their weight loss cost the treasury 70 thousand dollars. Also, Saakashvili bought tax money from a taxpayer and bought a gold bracelet and an expensive mobile phone for an unnamed woman deputy.

Finally, the purchase of 42 sheep with a total value of 4,8 thousand dollars, later distributed to citizens, turned out to be a dubious item of expenditure.

MiG on the border. The Ministry of Defense of Belarus rejected accusations of violating Lithuanian airspace, previously made by the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry. Reports about it "" with reference to the RIA "News". According to the Ministry of Defense, the Belarusian fighter MiG-29 flew along the border of Lithuania, not crossing it.

The MiG-29 fighter was lifted into the air on April 18 due to the fact that in 13: 00 local time (14: 00 Moscow) in the Grodno region a violation of the airspace of Belarus was recorded, the Belarusian Defense Ministry reported. But later the object that crossed the border of Belarus was identified as a flock of birds.

18 April, reminds "Lenta", the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry sent a note to Belarus, demanding to explain the violation of the Lithuanian border by the Belarusian fighter. According to the Lithuanian side, the aircraft appeared in Lithuanian airspace over the village of Pogaryanda in the Varensky region in 13: 05 local time (14: 05 in Moscow) and stayed there for about two minutes.

“Elements of Mafia and Gangs” Fired. Minister of Energy of Belarus Alexander Ozerets dismissed from his post. This was reported on the official website of the President of the country, writes "".

The reason for the resignation of Ozerts was the "failures in the management of the energy industry." The first deputy minister, Eduard Tovpenets, and the general director of Belenergo, Aleksey Shirma, also lost their posts.

Resignations followed after Alexander Lukashenko sharply criticized the work of the country's energy industry. According to the president’s friend, the energy sector created “some kind of independent organization with elements of the mafia and gang”. The president’s discontent was also caused by the non-transparent, in his opinion, the formation of electricity tariffs.

"Angry Putin". "InoPressa" made a review on the recent criticism of the Russian president of the government. Western media responded to the video of Putin’s statements, made at a meeting with ministers and governors in Kalmykia, like “not for recording”, but posted later by the Life News portal.

"The Wall Street Journal" gave the following title to the material: "Putin’s rant instills fears that the government will be shaken up." "Another warning that in the near future Medvedev's office may be rotated," said journalist Alexander Kolyandr.

The video appeared just a few hours before the premier’s annual report to parliament, the author stresses. According to Kremlinologists, in a situation where economic growth in Russia has slowed down and public discontent is growing, Medvedev can be made a scapegoat, the article says.

Putin’s displeasure was quickly picked up by the leader of United Russia in the State Duma Vladimir Vasilyev: he expressed the hope that some ministers would resign due to lack of competence.

Ellen Barry from The New York Times informs readers: “An angry Putin is depicted on the video threatening to dismiss officials.” The journalist also notes that the video spurred rumors about the imminent resignation of Medvedev and members of his cabinet.

It is also said that Putin’s press secretary called the video leakage unethical: the president asked his TV cameras to be turned off before his tirade.

“But in Russia, political life takes place among tricks that are multi-layered, like the peel on a bulb. Many analysts concluded that the Kremlin deliberately distributed the video as a “warning volley” to Medvedev, ”the article says.

“Not so much a KGB excerpt: in the latest video, Putin attacked his office,” is the title of the article in the The Christian Science Monitor blog. The author also recalls that Putin recently allowed himself a flash of anger in front of television cameras: he condemned delays and budget overruns while preparing for the Olympics in Sochi, on which his personal prestige depends.

The Russian media, the author notes, almost never mention Putin’s “luxurious lifestyle: he has 20 lush official residences, while the entire British royal family has only eight,” and his habit of being late. "His periodic outbursts of anger, too, were not covered - at least until recently," the publication says.

Putin’s speech with sharp criticism of the government, delivered not for the cameras, testifies to the ongoing war between the teams of the president and the prime minister, believes columnist Le Figaro. Not a month goes by without Dmitry Medvedev becoming the object of attacks, clearly orchestrated at the pinnacle of power, writes journalist Pierre Avril.

"The presidential administration formed a common desire to weaken Medvedev, attributing to him the features of a leader who is unable to help Russian citizens, and at the same time show that only Putin plays the role of public defender," says the French newspaper, the opinion of the deputy director of the Center for Political Technologies (Moscow), Alexei Makarkin. And the director of the St. Petersburg Politics Foundation, Mikhail Vinogradov, says: “Even if the relationship between Putin and Medvedev cannot be called simple, they have not yet reached a critical threshold.” He states that the society is “tired” of power, but he points out: in the conditions of deteriorating economic situation, the prime minister performs the function of a “safety valve”.

On Navalny sew one thing after another. Against Alexei Navalny, another criminal case was opened, according to "Vesti", referring to the Investigative Committee. The well-known blogger and oppositionist are again accused of fraud, which, according to investigators, he committed with the help of his brother Oleg in 2008, when he led one of the divisions of the Post of Russia.

Militiamen believe that the brothers imposed on a private company a contract for the provision of services to a firm under their control. According to the investigation, their company did not perform the work, but almost 4 received a million rubles for it.

Foreigners are interested in Navalny affairs. The US Embassy stated that their representative was on trial as an independent observer, and that this is a common diplomatic practice. And in the diplomatic mission of Sweden confirmed that their employee was at the court meeting on the case of Navalny. The explanation is simple: this is a very high-profile case, and it is being watched both in Russia and in Sweden, so the diplomats considered it important to pay attention to it.

Innovations in dissertation technologies from the Ministry of Education and Science. The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation announced a draft of a new model for the attestation of scientists, according to which the dissertations will be laid out in open access to defense, reports Interfax. The text of the project was published on Thursday on the website of the department, as well as on the website of the public council at the Ministry of Education and Science.

The project was reviewed and supported by the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission; Now anyone can make their comments and suggestions - on the website of the public council and the official page of the Ministry of Education and Science in the LiveJournal.

The key position of the project is the proposal to publish the texts of dissertations with reviews and conclusions about the novelty and volume on the Internet, and up to defense.

It is also planned to strengthen the responsibility of members of dissertation councils and to make the results of their work more transparent, to work out in detail the principles for dealing with cases of incorrect borrowing.

Instead of one hundred percent recalculation - “civil audit”. The National Electoral Council of Venezuela announced last night that there would be no recount of one hundred percent of the votes in the presidential election, reports RIA News".

As the head of the Council Tibisay Lucena, it was decided to conduct a "civil audit" of the results of the elections. The Council decided to “expand the audit and civil verification” of all ballot boxes that were not checked on election day.

According to Venezuelan law, voting is automated, and 54% of ballot boxes with receipts are audited on election day. Now the remaining 46% of ballot boxes will be audited. Lucena stressed that auditing does not mean manual recount.

Kirchner forgave Mujica. Argentine President Cristina Kirchner and Uruguay’s leader José Mujica yesterday, together on the presidential airliner Kirchner, flew to Peru, where the summit of the Union of South American States will be held. According to Argentine media, this indicates that Kirchner forgave the unpleasant words addressed to him two words ago to Muhike correspondent RIA Novosti Oleg Vyazmitinov.

Relations between the leaders of the two countries became complicated after Mujika, in front of one of the press conferences, talking with one of the invited and not noticing working microphones, called Kirchner “an old woman who is even worse” than her late husband, former president Nestor Kirchner. Later, Mujica publicly apologized, explaining his comments with the habit of common expressions left over from the guerrilla struggle and many years spent behind bars.

At the UNASUR summit, its participants will discuss the situation in Venezuela that has developed since the presidential elections last Sunday.

Two in caps. The FBI announced photos of suspected terrorists at the finish of the Boston Marathon, reports correspondent ITAR-TASS Andrey Bekrenev.

Yesterday, at a press conference, Richard Delorye, the FBI spokesman in charge of the investigation, presented photographs of the suspects to journalists: the first of them was a dark man in a black baseball cap, the second was a white man in a white cap, wearing a visor back. According to Delorye, these images were obtained from surveillance cameras installed in the area of ​​the explosions.

A video was made public showing how the suspects follow each other down Boylston Street, where the marathon finished. Both men have backpacks behind their backs. The record shows how a man in a white cap leaves a backpack where an explosion subsequently thundered.

Delorye said the suspects were “armed and extremely dangerous.” “Does anyone know these people as friends, neighbors, colleagues, or relatives. We expect them to share this information with us, ”the FBI representative said.

Palba in Cambridge. Unknown opened on Thursday evening, shooting in the territory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, located in the suburb of Boston Cambridge. Now the police is looking for a criminal, transmits correspondent ITAR-TASS Andrey Bekrenev.

According to preliminary information, a policeman was killed in the accident.

Obama pretended not to be afraid of a gun lobby. On April 17, the Upper House of Congress rejected initiatives aimed at controlling the circulation and use of weapons. None of the bills received the necessary votes for 60. Representatives of the Republican Party opposed these initiatives, as they considered this a violation of the constitutional right of US citizens to self-defense, reports "RT".

Between the first and two other stages of voting, the president made a speech in which he condemned the decision of members of Congress, calling it "shameful." He said that they “gave intimidating themselves to the influential arms lobby,” stressing that he did not intend to stop trying to change the law. "This is only the first round," - said the American president.

Dangerous Una. Texas Attorney General Republican Greg Abbott told his party colleagues that Barack Obama and some Democrats in the state are "much more dangerous" than the North Korean leader. At a meeting of the Republican club, Abbott said that Obama would deprive the nation of the rights stipulated by the second amendment of the Constitution, if he signs an arms trade treaty, adopted at the UN General Assembly and designed to regulate the supply of arms on a global scale, "RT".

“We won the war of independence not for other states to dictate their will to us again,” Abbott quoted the Waco Tribune. “I want to convey to the president that Texas is not going to show tolerance for UN dictatorship.”

"Texas is facing a new threat — much more powerful than Kim Jong-un's words about the use of nuclear weapons ... The source of this threat is Obama and his political machine," said a possible candidate for governor of the state.

Earlier, in a letter to the White House, the Texas Attorney General threatened to sue the federal government if the treaty was ratified by the US administration.

On 70 billion. The volume of exports of weapons and military equipment from the United States amounted to a record 2012 billion dollars in the past 70 year. This was announced at a meeting with foreign journalists by US Assistant Secretary of State for Military-Political Affairs Andrew Shapiro. According to him, 2012 year was for the United States the largest in history in terms of sales of arms abroad. For comparison, Shapiro added that in 2011, the export of American weapons was estimated at about 30 billion dollars, according to "Vesti" with reference to ITAR-TASS.

According to Shapiro, over the past year, the US government issued more than 85 thousands of licenses for direct commercial sales of weapons - "more than ever."

According to the Assistant Secretary of State, in the course of work on the reform of the export control regime, the United States reduced the time for considering requests for issuing licenses to export weapons from 40-60 days to about 17 days.

Hunger strike in Guantanamo. According to authorities, the number of hungry people in prison has increased from 45 to 52. However, lawyers claim that they are much more.

Fifteen prisoners began to give food by force, reports "RT"; this was probably a reaction to the recent clash of prisoners with guards. According to other data, force-feeding is related to the fact that the weight loss of these 15 people reached critical health values.

Guantanamo prisoners, like the canal, went on a hunger strike in February. The reason for the action was the confiscation of personal belongings and the disrespectful attitude of prison staff to the Koran.

Poisonous letters. The American authorities charged 18 on April with the suspect of sending ricin letters to Barack Obama and several members of the Senate. As reported by the US Department of Justice, Paul Kevin Curtis, who was arrested on Wednesday in the framework of the investigation of this case, was charged with, inter alia, the threat of harm to health, reports correspondent ITAR-TASS Dmitry Kirsanov.

If convicted, Curtis faces up to 15 years in prison. Investigators found that the letters were sent to them on April 8 and contained a number of identical phrases with reproaches addressed to President and Senator Roger Wicker. At the end were the words: "My name is K. K., and I approve of this message." The third letter of the accused sent one of the judges in Mississippi.

Vasily Chepelevsky ("") indicates that Paul Kevin Curtis is a singer who has passed the notoriety. He became famous only after he was detained on suspicion of sending poison to Obama. Postal terrorist previously acted in the form of famous musicians, starting with Elvis. During the show Curtis took from five hundred to a thousand dollars. In addition to Presley, in the arsenal of Curtis - Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly. Customer feedback on the Internet is entirely positive: almost all of the five out of five stars have put the “master of reincarnation”.

The motives of the “Elvis double”, which have pushed him to ricin distribution, have not yet been clarified.

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  1. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets April 19 2013 12: 00 New
    "In October last year, there were also cases where the Free Syrian Army, which abducted and killed Syrian citizens and military, traded their organs."

    These are no longer people, this is decaying, fetid garbage. Sooner or later it will have to be cleaned.
    1. SSR
      SSR April 19 2013 12: 30 New
      Quote: Vladimirets
      These are no longer people

      Look more widely .... starting from Yugoslavia ... but it’s not enough to remove organs .. they still need to be urgently transported to the right place .. still it’s not enough to deliver to the right place .. the surgeon must be of appropriate qualification ..
      What did Menachem Schneerson say about what they can remove from any organ ..
      during the war in Yugoslavia, organs "surfaced" in Italy, France, and so on.
      1. Geisenberg
        Geisenberg April 19 2013 16: 19 New
        Quote: SSR
        Look more widely .... starting from Yugoslavia ... but it’s not enough to remove organs .. they still need to be urgently transported to the right place .. still it’s not enough to deliver to the right place .. the surgeon

        Albanians work strictly on order. Apparently somewhere near Damascus there is a mobile laboratory, such as a mobile army hospital, apparently not one. They find people, shoot them, European doctors immediately cut organs into the gyro, respectively, and go, partly to the United States, to exchange something immediately.

        something like
        1. Skiff-2
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          Quote: Geisenberg
          respectively, the bodies go to the gyrope, partly in the USA, something immediately into the business of something for exchange.

          And not through Israel?
    2. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith April 19 2013 12: 39 New
      Yesterday I posted a photo of the terrorist attacks in Boston, there are all of these suspects in identical jackets and military pants and boots. Today, while zadrezheny two of that group a policeman died.

      By the way, American forums are discussing the topic that this is a military conspiracy or revenge of veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.
      1. Papakiko
        Papakiko April 19 2013 13: 24 New
        Quote: Lord of the Sith
        By the way, American forums are discussing the topic that this is a military conspiracy or revenge of veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

        Here is the villain "stoned"!
        This is revenge on the "people" for the unwillingness to disarm from the "Communist Party oval cabinet."
        Many Uriah patriots are “happy” to the “sequel” of the Pentagon’s budget, and then the Vokurat came in hotly-hot news about the AUG’s deployment.
        At sea, they are under the influence of severe financial shocks, SIX AUG!
        CVN№69 "Dunya Izyakhauer" is on duty in the "gulf".
        CVN№74 "Joe SiStan" after "painful service in the gulf" and visiting the district of the exercises of the Chinese Navy, slowly in the middle of quiet Okiyan floats "home".
        LHD№6 “Bonya Richards”, like a week earlier, crawls and is busy doing something near the Zhaponskaya “SasyBO”.
        LHD№3 "Chiarisazha" in the district of the "Horn of Africa" ​​"drifts."
        LHA№5 "Pelille" came in with a "friendly" drive Gon-skong.

        Near Nurfulka on the "post-clothes" of CVN No. 77 "G.Kh.V Widget" and CVN No. 75 "Kharya Trimon"
        Near DiegoSan for airing the premises at sea CVN No. 68 "WellMiss" and CVN No. 70 "Kralya VynSan" ".

        On the face, what is called the traces and marks of crisis and decline. hi

        completely forgot. Now, the AUG near the “gulf” will contain “the Bundesian pelvis” or another “trough” from the Geysoyuz
        1. Kaa
          Kaa April 19 2013 14: 29 New
          Quote: Papakiko
          CVN№69 "Dunya Izyakhauer" on duty in the "bay"

          Waiting for greetings from Iran? The day before yesterday, they were just discussing on a branch - the Persians put into service the ballistic anti-ship missiles, here no Hokai coupled with the SM-3 will help anymore, then what is there to catch the AUG? "Would you go home, Penelope" (in the sense of letting Dunku into the Akiyan Sea, but on f .. g?)
      2. Retx
        Retx April 19 2013 14: 58 New
        Boston, according to the FBI, Caucasians blew up Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his so far unidentified friend
        All two, guys from our yard. Now let at least one in the OSCE say a word about Chechnya and the Russian invaders.
        1. SSR
          SSR April 19 2013 15: 30 New
          Quote: RETX
          Caucasians blew up

          anyway, then Russian Caucasians will write. then immigrants from Russia and then just Russians.
          In general, like that do not do it anyway, you get a weapon. they will still mention Russia.
        2. Geisenberg
          Geisenberg April 19 2013 16: 20 New
          Quote: RETX
          Boston, according to the FBI, Caucasians blew up Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his so far unidentified friend

          They will now be called Russian and hanged in Russia.
        3. Egoza
          Egoza April 19 2013 18: 56 New
          Quote: RETX
          Now let at least one in the OSCE say a word about Chechnya and the occupiers

          On the contrary! They do not speak openly "Chechens". They say it is "Russian" !!!!! angry
        4. SASCHAmIXEEW
          SASCHAmIXEEW April 20 2013 10: 07 New
          They were taken out of RUSSIA by children, they are citizens of Russia!
      3. SSR
        SSR April 19 2013 15: 26 New
        Quote: Lord of the Sith
        By the way, on American forums they discuss the topic that this is a military conspiracy or revenge of veterans

        For some reason, it also occurred to me.
        Only here can there be an option that these are homeless veterans, military ... whom the US government has seen and abandoned.

        and what is remarkable, they are directly at war with the police .... I think the second one also will not surrender alive.
      4. Geisenberg
        Geisenberg April 19 2013 16: 15 New
        Quote: Lord of the Sith
        By the way, American forums are discussing the topic that this is a military conspiracy or revenge of veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

        The version is not wealthy. I would say nonsense. If veterans were doing this, the picture would have been completely different.

        First, the military would take revenge on those who are considered guilty, read to politicians. Secondly, only those guilty would suffer, civilians would not have been touched. Thirdly, if we take the idea of ​​the military as a basis and the picture of the terrorist attack does not line up, the number of victims should be an order of magnitude greater. I think one sapper and one ranger would jump on 200-300 corpses and a man on 1000 wounded, there would be three inactive devices ... and many other things that I would not want to list so that someone would not be inspired by the idea.
        1. SSR
          SSR April 19 2013 16: 44 New
          Quote: Geisenberg
          If veterans were doing this, the picture would have been completely different.

          But this option is quite possible in the foreseeable future ... maybe they will.
          1. Geisenberg
            Geisenberg April 19 2013 17: 15 New
            Quote: SSR
            But this option is quite possible in the foreseeable future ... maybe they will.

            They can, but unlikely. Real Povsatnists (terrorists) are obtained only from those who have been excluded from the action of state propaganda. There are simply gullible fools who can be lured weakly, as they do in the Crimea now, and more often ordinary people come under the influence of experienced agitators. So they would just be indignant and go on working, and when the agitator deliberately hits weak spots, you won’t get away if there is no preparation. The veterans have no psyche, of course, but they want to live like everyone else, and their state zombie zombies, and they still have a picture of what happens to the terrorists, they themselves were shot and bombed, although as a rule they were civilians of other states or government troops other states protecting sovereignty. Someone will go into crime, someone in a cemetery, but most will fall under the influence of a zombie man and will try to live like everyone else ... credit, mortgage, work for bread and water. The veteran would rather agree to continue serving for a penny and go to war again ... under a striped flag, of course, not under green and certainly not under black.

            So no, veterans in terrorists are unlikely.
      5. Good Ukraine
        Good Ukraine April 19 2013 21: 23 New
        Quote: Lord of the Sith
        By the way, American forums are discussing the topic that this is a military conspiracy or revenge of veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

        In the Ukrainian news trumpet about the Russian trace. Although I don’t understand how a native from Central Asia, who lived in Dagestan for some time as a child and received an offer to study in the USA when he arrived in Turkey by nationality, suddenly turned out to be a Russian Chechen? With all this, the young man is 19 years old and the last 10 years he lives in the United States.
        But this is not the main thing.
        Now all over the world media show how this young 19-year-old boy was surrounded by 1000 police officers and hundreds of FBI, CIA, SWAT agents, the whole Boston is surrounded by armored personnel carriers, tanks, F-22s, F16s are raised, they are getting ready to fly as far as squadrons B52 and B2, ready at any time to wipe off a couple of cities from the face of the earth. The Air Force, Navy, Air Defense and Missile Defense of the United States were raised by alarm. good
        Fuh, have I forgotten anyone?
        Yes, the residents of Boston were strongly forbidden to go out. And so for almost a day.
        Shots, grenade explosions, artillery cononade, etc. are heard throughout the city streets.
        I just transmitted what is shown on TV. Well, maybe a little color added?

        So I did not understand - is it that the valiant US troops are chasing that kid? Which they themselves invited to study more than 10 years ago in order to wipe the nose of Russia and show "here they say how to educate the young Chechen population"
        And what will happen when those whom they bring up in the Middle East come to them?
        As I understand it, 10 Tsarnaevs are enough to put the whole USA on their ears.
        "For that fought for it and ran" good
        1. SASCHAmIXEEW
          SASCHAmIXEEW April 20 2013 10: 15 New
          They drove all this armada to intimidate "future" terrorists, that’s what we’ll do with you!
    3. smirnov
      smirnov April 19 2013 12: 52 New
      The Albanians at one time, too, did not disdain to earn extra money on this ...
    4. Kaa
      Kaa April 19 2013 12: 59 New
      Quote: Vladimirets
      The Free Syrian Army, which abducted and killed Syrian citizens and military personnel, traded their organs. "

      As far as I know, Syria has not progressed in transplantation, but Turkey and Israel are famous for this. A reasonable question arises - to which country forced donors are sent, this is an international scandal! Trafficking in people and their organs in the 21st century ...
      1. Vladimirets
        Vladimirets April 19 2013 13: 22 New
        Quote: Kaa
        A reasonable question arises - to which country are forced donors sent

        A reasonable answer arises ...
      2. Geisenberg
        Geisenberg April 19 2013 17: 19 New
        Quote: Kaa
        a reasonable question arises - to which country forced donors are sent, this is an international scandal! Trafficking in people and their organs in the 21st century ...

        As colleague Vladimirimets said, “a reasonable answer arises”: authorities will go to all countries of the world. In everything, not excluding ours ...
      3. SSR
        SSR April 19 2013 17: 24 New
        Quote: Kaa
        Syria did not advance in transplantation

        Organs cut out by Albanians “surfaced” in Italy, France, the USA, and this is a whole chain of people and firms ... that means there is a powerful patron and not one ..
        and in Kosovo even raised medical records .. to find the right blood type with the right Rhesus factor .....
        SASCHAmIXEEW April 20 2013 10: 19 New
        All the evil in the world is going on under the patronage of the liquid-Zionist top of the rockffellers of the Morgan, Rothschilds and Anglo-Saxons !!!
    5. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov April 19 2013 13: 00 New
      The president added that the West will pay a high price for supporting al-Qaeda in this conflict.
      I really hope so, that I wouldn’t want to grab it!

      Lively trade. “Terrorist groups earn on the abduction of 10 thousand Syrian lire and 100 thousand for the wounded, who were killed from the battlefield,” witnesses said in an interview with the Arab press. This is told by with reference to
      Oleg ... I did not understand what other terrorists are the opposition supported by the USA !!!

      American guarantee to Israel.
      Yes, who would doubt it.

      . In Thailand, former police officer Changhim Petchthanorm was sentenced to 1860 imprisonment for fraud
      I wonder how long Vasilyeva will have lol This is what I understand the fight against corruption. AU Putin V.V. there is no desire to take an example sad

      In addition, North Korean party bonuses are very fond of hardcore porn movies.
      Ay, but the people don’t even know wassat

      In the media, he becomes the "dead martyr", the victim of the "Smolensk assassination attempt" or "Smolensk murder"
      Soon they will have written in the history books about the murder of Kaczynski, not to what nasty people.

      “Elements of Mafia and Gangs” Fired

      Lukoshenko dismisses, and we are promoted or with the transfer to another job ...

      Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
      King of Review hi
      1. Mart
        April 19 2013 14: 31 New
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        King of Review

      2. TUMAN
        TUMAN April 19 2013 15: 32 New
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Yes, who would doubt it.

        “If the Jewish state takes military action against Tehran for self-defense,
        Yes, there is no doubt, but it is said how, purely in Jewish!
      3. Good Ukraine
        Good Ukraine April 19 2013 21: 53 New
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        In Thailand, a former police officer Chanthim Petchthanorm was sentenced to 1860 years of imprisonment for fraud. I wonder how long Vasilyeva will have. This is what I understand the fight against corruption. AU Putin V.V. there is no desire to take an example

        We Tymoshenko planted for corruption. So what? All "Democratic countries" demand to let the thief go. am - Opposition
    6. Joker
      Joker April 19 2013 15: 19 New
      Suspects in the terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon are the Russians. According to a source at the Associated Press, these are residents of the North Caucasus region located near Chechnya, and they have been in the US for no more than a year. One of the suspects was named Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev), he is 19 years old.

      One of the suspects is already dead, the second is wanted by the police. US law enforcement officials believe that the terrorist attack in Boston is related to the murder of a policeman that occurred on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on the eve of April 18.

      How do you like the news? That is why, in order for us to have no questions, it is necessary to forcibly deprive the citizenship of everyone who goes abroad for permanent residence.
      1. Lech from ZATULINKI
        Lech from ZATULINKI April 19 2013 15: 42 New
        FOOT - wait for the development of the situation, something seems like a big provocation.
      2. Kaa
        Kaa April 19 2013 17: 51 New
        Quote: Joker
        The suspects in the terrorist attack at the Boston marathon are Russians
        Is not a fact. "The suspects in the Boston terrorist attacks are Russian citizens who came from the North Caucasus, from Chechnya. The Associated Press was informed by this, referring to its sources in the investigation. According to the publication, both alleged terrorists lived in the United States for more than a year. In turn, NBC News with referring to his sources, he claims that they are brothers, and arrived in the United States from the Chechen Republic. One of them was already killed in a shootout with the police. According to CNN, he was wearing a suicide bomber’s belt at the time of death. The Associated Press also added that the second terrorist who is still being searched for is called Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, he is 19. Meanwhile, CBS News informs that the suspects can be both Russians and Turkish citizens permanently residing in the USA. The police have not yet commented on these allegations. In connection with the intense search for a second suspect in a number of suburbs of Boston, a de facto curfew has been announced. Residents are advised not to take to the streets, not to open doors to strangers, and to exercise maximum vigilance. Educational institutions have stopped working throughout the region, public transport does not go, reports It was later reported that police in a suburb of Boston Watertown detained a man aged about 20 years. The operation followed the killing of a policeman in the neighboring city of Cambridge, where the Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus is located. At the scene of a shootout in Watertown near Boston, sappers found explosives and pressure cookers.http: //
        Near the house of the Tsarnaev brothers, suspected of organizing a terrorist attack in Boston, several people were arrested. Who exactly is detained is still unknown, we are talking about a man and a woman.
        The detention of two people near the house of "Boston terrorists" was reported by an employee of the NBC News channel. The arrest of a man and woman whose identities have not yet been disclosed is reported. The house of the Tsarnaev brothers was surrounded by the police; the detention operation will begin any minute.
        o-chelovek-236720250 # ixzz2QuwBPiDG
  2. krez-74
    krez-74 April 19 2013 12: 20 New
    How this duplicity of the West and the USA got! Chanting about rights and freedoms, they are escalating the situation in the world and regions ... Especially the media are furious, which excitedly sober about the US tragedies, but do not notice, for example, atrocities in SYRIA! When they dug Yugoslavia, they also sold their organs, but they turned a blind eye to it, just like now. You can talk about a lot, but what will change? The fact is, Russia must behave harder, otherwise they will get to it!
    1. Kaa
      Kaa April 19 2013 13: 18 New
      Quote: krez-74
      also sold organs

      It is IMPOSSIBLE to remove organs for transplantation in artisanal (even hospital) conditions. It is necessary to transport the wounded either to Turkey or Israel, supporting vital functions. So either the message is a duck, or some of these countries is participating in such abominations. Well, maybe Jordan ...
      1. krez-74
        krez-74 April 19 2013 13: 30 New
        All these European Commissioners and European Commissions are aware of these facts. But how did they seize these organs there? I think if you want and there is demand, you can organize everything. Naturally, I don’t think that this was done in the field, but this is not to cut hens ...
      2. Rakti-kali
        Rakti-kali April 20 2013 16: 08 New
        Quote: Kaa
        It is IMPOSSIBLE to remove organs for transplantation in artisanal (even hospital) conditions. It is necessary to transport the wounded either to Turkey or Israel, supporting vital functions.

        Nothing is impossible; modern apparatuses for maintaining the viability of a removed organ easily provide a life span, for example, of a heart of 8-12 hours, without losing the qualities of this organ and with a survival period, after using them for a maximum period of 30 days. up to 97%.
        Conclusion: We cut in Syria, by car to Turkey / Lebanon / Jordan, etc., a plane, you want to Italy, you want to France.
  3. Garrin
    Garrin April 19 2013 12: 23 New
    “We have no choice but to win. Because if we lose, then Syria will cease to exist. And I do not think that the Syrian people will take such a step. "

    And I believe him.

    "The assassination of Polish officers in 1940. The death of President Lech Kaczynski with a possible assassination attempt in 2010." The inscription is evolving!

    Logs completely from the "coils fly off."

    The Georgian Prosecutor General’s Office found out that millions of budget funds were spent on foreign trips and expensive gifts to President Saakashvili, as well as to his family members, friends and guests.

    In this regard, ours are not far gone. Although, maybe far, only forward.
    1. Kaa
      Kaa April 19 2013 13: 24 New
      Quote: Garrin
      Logs completely from the "coils fly off."
      They need to add the district of the Ipatiev Monastery (the place of the tour group with the guide Susanin, lost in the 17th century), the Moscow Kremlin (the place of mass cannibalism of brothers in arms in 1612, during the siege) to their toy; concentration camp for Belarusians and Ukrainians Birch Kartusskaya (this is already 20th century), but how many memorable places they left here. Children will immediately be more interested ...
      1. Garrin
        Garrin April 19 2013 18: 37 New
        Quote: Kaa
        .Children will be more immediately interested ...

        I’m afraid that if the children see this, they will not want to reproduce in the future. Although .... they are already in the geyrop. Let them work on budding.
        1. k220150
          k220150 April 19 2013 20: 04 New
          Chapters !!!
  4. JonnyT
    JonnyT April 19 2013 12: 24 New
    About two hundred troops will be sent to the Jordanian-Syrian border in order to prevent the spread of civil conflict from Syria to other countries
    I read another version - this is the new instructors to train terrorists, the old ones screwed up! Rats do not fight, asadovtsy successfully "urinate" them
    Organ trading is terrible! It must be stopped! In general, I get the impression that Assad is the main world fighter against evil! The evil that the civilized democrats of the West are repairing !!!
  5. Sibiryak
    Sibiryak April 19 2013 12: 25 New
    The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation has unveiled a draft new model for the certification of scientists, according to which dissertations will be laid out in open access until defense

    What’s the goal - to throw those undesirable on the sidelines, through certification or the choice of scientists, too, instruct the people, not by knowledge, but by preference? The farther into the forest, the more firewood! Something is already tired of turning this ministry into a sharaga for making money.
    1. Kaa
      Kaa April 19 2013 13: 12 New
      Quote: Sibiryak
      The goal is what - throw the unwanted to the sidelines, through certification
      Idiocy. In the public domain - you can quickly tear apart the main materials, then until the defense passes, approval - during this time, with the dexterity, a thesis can be defended, who will be accused of plagiarism?
      1. Sibiryak
        Sibiryak April 19 2013 13: 25 New
        To produce mediocrity, how to make pies ... and intentionally ... this is not idiocy, this is called sabotage, after that you will really regret that the shooting article was canceled!
        1. Kaa
          Kaa April 19 2013 14: 15 New
          Quote: Sibiryak
          it's not idiocy it's called sabotage
          Yeah, in the 90s, both in Ukraine and in Russia, they made so much money. Sketch from Kiev - in each metro car the announcement is "candidate, doctoral, on order on any topic with a guarantee of passing through the VAK!" - much further. Reread new dissenters - "Old songs about the main thing." And now, those who slipped into the Soviets, VAK, etc. coming up with more and more complications for beginners. Putting an abstract in open access is logical, someone will see plagiarism, maybe they will have the courage to declare it, but the full material, with calculations, with a digital sign is only help to the offices that suck out dissertations from their fingers in a week and for 3-4 months have time to print the necessary number of articles - the road to a new compilation is open ...
  6. Kaa
    Kaa April 19 2013 12: 34 New
    The Syrian ambassador to the UN, Bashar al-Ja'afari, has accused Israel of helping the Salafis and other Islamic groups in his country to overthrow the current government in Damascus. These accusations were voiced on April 18 at the UN Security Council during the hearings on the Syrian civil war, which has been going on for more than two years and claimed more than 70 thousand lives.

    In his speech at a special open meeting dedicated to resolving humanitarian problems in the war-torn country, Jhaafari said that Israel was providing medical assistance to Salafists and other Islamic rebels and returning them to the battlefield.

    “Israel collaborates with Salafis and terrorist groups, allowing them to cross the dividing line in the occupied Syrian Golan, treat the wounded in Israeli hospitals and return them to Syria through the dividing line,” said Jaafari, among other things. He also accused Western intelligence of complicity with the Syrian rebels, who "carry destruction and sabotage and shed innocent blood."

    The words of Jaafari followed the statement by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who told the Syrian television station on April 17 that the West supported Al Qaeda in its fight against his regime. Meanwhile, the UN Security Council unanimously condemned both sides of the Syrian conflict for the use of violence.

    In turn, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in an interview with the British broadcaster BBC on April 18 refused to confirm or deny whether Israel is helping Syrian rebels.http: //
    1. SSR
      SSR April 19 2013 15: 36 New
      Quote: Kaa
      In turn, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in an interview with the British broadcaster BBC on April 18 refused to confirm or deny whether Israel is helping Syrian rebels

      Hmm .... and some forum users remember here especially zealous with foam at the mouth proved that Israel has nothing to do with it ... now they will say
      - Well, he did not recognize this ....)))
      "white and fluffy"
      1. Kaa
        Kaa April 19 2013 17: 45 New
        Quote: SSR
        some forum users remember especially zealous with foam at the mouth argued that Israel has nothing to do with it

        It would be nice to ask the atalef or professor, at the same time, to ask whether all the cured were returned to the system, or if someone was diagnosed with brain death and disassembled for spare parts. One donor pulls no less than half a lemons, the business is profitable.
  7. andrejwz
    andrejwz April 19 2013 12: 50 New
    Not a month goes by without Dmitry Medvedev becoming the object of attacks, clearly staged at the top of power,

    Well, yes, but Medvedev himself is at the hem, defenseless, like a child.
    1. Lech from ZATULINKI
      Lech from ZATULINKI April 19 2013 16: 06 New
      DIMA himself gives a reason for this - how can you call your protege SERDYUKOV a successful manager and even thank him for his successful work (I just got too fucked up about it)
      1. kontrol
        kontrol April 19 2013 20: 35 New
        oh well. now and lebanon a successful manager. maybe not far from the criminal?
    2. k220150
      k220150 April 19 2013 20: 08 New
      According to the severity of oligophrenia are traditionally divided into:

      debility is the most weakly expressed.
      imbecility - moderate.
      idiocy - extremely pronounced.

  8. Canep
    Canep April 19 2013 13: 39 New
    "If the Jewish state takes military action against Tehran for self-defense, the US government should support Israel and provide him with diplomatic, military and economic assistance to protect its territory and people."

    In fact, the opportunity to decide on the invasion of Iran was given to Israel. Like yourself (the Jews) decide when the American guys die in Iran
  9. Mhpv
    Mhpv April 19 2013 15: 46 New
    "The Russian media, the author notes, almost never mention Putin’s" luxurious lifestyle: .............., as well as his habit of being late. " wassat
    Maybe someone remembers Stalin always came later and everyone had to get up welcoming him. Churchill decided enough, let Stalin now stand in front of him and decided to be late when he (Churchill) entered the hall, Stalin was surprised and did not sit down, but walked slowly around hall, smoking a pipe. lol
    Maybe Putin adheres to the same tactics.
    TRAFFIC April 19 2013 15: 53 New
    The news writes that the Boston terrorists from Russia, one of the murdered in the quail today, Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, he is 19 years old.
    1. fzr1000
      fzr1000 April 19 2013 15: 58 New
      Somewhat wrong.

      The killed terrorist was the 26-year-old brother of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. His name was Tamerlan Tsarnaev. He is identified by a driver’s license. Tamerlan Tsarnaev received a residence permit in the United States in 2007. He was engaged in boxing, talked about his plans to get into the US Olympic team.

      According to the BBC, police discovered a martyr’s belt on the body of a murdered terrorist.
      1. Mhpv
        Mhpv April 19 2013 16: 25 New
        It is strange that in the light of recent events they (the terrorists) did not turn out to be citizens of North Korea or Syria or Iran.
        Amerikosy just quickly find what to cover up with a fifth point so that the population doesn’t scam, and there they are terrorists or they just had a fight (they are hot guys) with the CIA only at hand. You can hang anything on the dead.
        1. xzWhiteWolf
          xzWhiteWolf April 19 2013 17: 02 New
          Quote: mhpv
          It is strange that in the light of recent events they (the terrorists) did not turn out to be citizens of North Korea or Syria or Iran.
          Amerikosy just quickly find what to cover up with a fifth point so that the population doesn’t scam, and there they are terrorists or they just had a fight (they are hot guys) with the CIA only at hand. You can hang anything on the dead.

          Yes, the United States is generally beneficial for North Korea to launch a missile at them, preferably a nuclear one ... Can you imagine how the whole world will forgive the US debt at once. The Americans themselves, for fear of shutting up, will continue to nod their heads to the government, they say we need to pay taxes, ok, we will .. insert chips for us .. insert, let only the missiles not fall ..
          The Americans are striving for this so that someone makes a small shot at them.
        2. pav-pon1972
          pav-pon1972 April 20 2013 11: 40 New
          did not turn out to be citizens of North Korea or Syria or Iran.

          the Western media outraged that they were Russians ... We need to wait for some kind of dirty tricks, like that we cultivate terrorists, or are not able to fight them, etc., etc. And urgently need to send NATO troops to the Caucasus ..... like that ...
    2. Rodriques
      Rodriques April 19 2013 16: 43 New
      Hmm ... do our specialists find a customer and offer an exchange for Zakayev? winked
  11. cool.ya-nikola
    cool.ya-nikola April 19 2013 16: 58 New
    Two in caps.
    Boston terror suspects are citizens of Russiawho came from the North Caucasus region near Chechnya, the Associated Press reported, citing sources in the investigation.

    According to this information, both alleged terrorists have been living in the United States for more than a year. Anonymous NBC News sources claim they are brothers, and came to the United States from Chechnya. One of them was already killed in a shootout with the police. According to CNN, at the time of death, he wore a suicide bomber belt.

    According to The New York Times, the victim was called Tamerlan Tsarnaev 26 years old. His brother, whose search is still ongoing, according to AP, is Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, he is 19 years old.

    Now, it remains to find the connection of the suspects with the Russian power structures, and everything falls into place! The image of the enemy, democratic, peace-loving, all offended by America, can be presented to the whole world! Russia, and only Russia, the culprit of all American troubles and misfortunes! Of course, later, it will be possible to refute the "unverified information" ... but as you know, the first word is more expensive than the second! At least something in the brains of "people", let it remain, and then bread!
  12. xzWhiteWolf
    xzWhiteWolf April 19 2013 16: 59 New
    The Russian media, the author notes, almost never mention the “luxurious lifestyle of Putin: he has 20 magnificent official residences, despite the fact that the entire British royal family has only eight,” as well as his habit of being late. "His periodic outbursts of anger were not covered either, at least until recently," the publication said.

    But nothing that the whole of Great Britain takes places on the earth like that meteorite that fell on Chelyabinsk? So let's compare who has more residences per square kilometer. It seems that the author who wrote this was a complete ignoramus ... Only 8 from the royal family? Perhaps he had only in the UK itself? But what about their residences in Canada, Australia and even in Europe for them whole castles have been built since the Middle Ages. There are already 50+ residences. Do you know whether the country is large and only 20 residences. Surprised that so few. And the journalists can be seen from the street started taking.
  13. family
    family tree April 19 2013 17: 25 New
    The news writes that Boston terrorists from Russia
    Well, here, the Yankees hit again.
    On the page of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in one of the social networks it is reported that he studied at school number 1 in Makhachkala in 1999-2001, and since 2011 in Boston. He indicated “Islam” as his worldview, and “Career and money” as “the main thing in life”. He indicated knowledge of English, Russian and Chechen. Among interest groups are pages about Chechnya. The last time I visited the Vkontakte page on Friday at 5:04 Moscow time from a mobile phone - that is, when the American police could already hunt for suspected terrorist attacks.
    Al Qaeda was fed, received on September 11, supported by Chechens, received Boston, and I won’t be surprised if they get it from the Libyan “opposition”, from the Syrian “opposition”. They, there, sayings, at the expense of feeding the wolves do not know, apparently.
      SASCHAmIXEEW April 20 2013 11: 02 New
      September 11, they themselves arranged that there was a reason to attack Afghanistan!
  14. Black
    Black April 19 2013 19: 11 New
    Quote: perepilka
    Well, here, the Yankees hit again.

    Kadyrov said, what, they say, raised, terpily?

    We are listening now. All dogs to Russia and hang.
  15. Navy7981
    Navy7981 April 19 2013 19: 26 New
    Interesting smile wink smile ... "he has 20 magnificent official residences, despite the fact that the whole British royal family has only eight" "How many English can be placed in OUR territory? Approx. 69 pcs. If you estimate 244 sq. Km. - 000 residences, and for 8 sq. Km. - 17 residences, that is, one for 000 English in my opinion is normal even as it is not enough, modestly for the EMPIRE. smile
  16. Oleg Rosskiyy
    Oleg Rosskiyy April 19 2013 23: 55 New
    It was very interesting to hear a comparison about 20 magnificent Putin residences and about 8 - the English royal family, they would also compare what this royal family did for England itself, except for consuming taxpayer money.
  17. aszzz888
    aszzz888 April 20 2013 01: 01 New
    Two in caps. The FBI released photos of suspected terrorist attack at the finish of the Boston marathon, reports corr. ITAR-TASS Andrey Bekrenev.

    It’s time for the merikatos to come up with another list or a list like "in memory of the victims of Boston", put on the ears all the press with another Russian bullying, shake up diplomats with the expulsion of "non grata" and then on the thumb ...
  18. Old warrant officer
    Old warrant officer April 20 2013 01: 41 New
    "The Wall Street Journal" gave such a title to the material: "Putin’s tirade gives rise to fears that the government will be shaken up." “Another warning that in the near future Medvedev’s cabinet may undergo rotation,” journalist Alexander Kolyander regards the president’s remarks.
    Recently, it has painfully often begun to publish all sorts of ratings about the government. The latter has just been announced: government assessment - 3,2; only three ministers received 4, the rest - 2. Apparently, public opinion is being prepared on the drain of the government! It seems to me that on April 25 at a direct meeting, GDP will say a lot of interesting things. I hope that Taburetkin will not forget, cirrhosis in his liver!
  19. shark
    shark April 20 2013 11: 08 New
    I don’t know, it only seems to me that the collapse of European civilization is a settled issue? I somehow consider this issue as a settled business. Another, as if the subsequent cataclysms didn’t hurt Russia, and if it touched it would bring us minimal damage. It’s unlikely that someone Now he’s thinking about it. But this moment will come. And we need to seriously prepare for it. The reform of the army is certainly good and necessary. But where is our national will, where is our unity? Yesterday I watched a picture, two gopniks stole something in a store, behind them a salesgirl girl ran out. I razgovor.V some point gopota approached the scuffle, was about to strike devushku.Vy know who stood up for her and cooled the hot heads of stupid? Two Chechens ..... And the Russians at that moment were passing by. And there was no shit. Tell us how we will defend our country if most of us are ordinary cowards. Do not you think that such cowardice is normal for Europeans and for cover is called tolerance, personal rights to self-determination? And what did they lead to? It is necessary to raise a new generation, a generation of the 90s and the beginning of the 2000s, we pissed off. If this goes on, we will cease to exist as a people and become asexual objects. I believe that this is the main goal of all our oval hamsters liberals. And they are doubly dangerous and only this is why society should be healed from their presence. Hardly and in all possible directions. Despite the openly destructive activities of the Medvedev government. The same liberals are sitting there as on white-hamster orgies. Think, after all, after the reign of Medvedev and they raised their heads, which seemed to have quieted down under Putin, the Euro-about Licking. Putin needs to get rid of Medvedev, because he is clearly a mishandled Cossack. Military, retired, reserve officers must be put in power at all levels. It’s precisely in our daily life that the front line .And this front is taking place in our heads. It’s the struggle for them now. And we are losing this fight ..
  20. Vasily T.
    Vasily T. April 22 2013 03: 37 New
    There is a clear imbalance in the power duet, either Medvedev wants to set Putin up or Putin is playing his gambit. I assume that the final game of Putin will be for the benefit of RUSSIA.