Military Review

Oath (epilogue)


That ended KMB! We were given a new form! By height and size! The sergeants at this point were already students of the 3 course. Passed the team to equip ALL the form before lifting! Began to sew and laugh! One asks:

-What are you with? Where are you going to button up? (This is about your overcoat)

Another (Slav) sewed buttonholes on the back of the collar! By 2 hours of the night managed! Sleep, rise, occupation! After dinner, the team, formal dress, like we go to the theater! Everyone started to fever! Still, after the landfill, then! The fact that stomping on foot a couple of kilos is a small thing! I thought many times, recalling this most vivid episode of my life, and if I hadn’t got into the 1 platoon and the 3 branch (left-handed, who doesn’t remember), would they then see me or not? It darkens instantly in Ukraine, especially in October. And here is our 100th march through the checkpoint №1, the foreman goes to my left in 2 steps! At the moment when I crossed the gate of the checkpoint, the foreman gives the command "Sing"! I, like all my fellow soldiers, take a full chest of air and at the beginning of the exhale I hear the painfully familiar voice of my grandmother, "Shuuuurik !!!" For those last few miles during the turn of my head towards the source of the sound, the following thoughts flashed through my brain:

-What grandmother? Go to her 4 of the day! On her retirement in 60 rubles is unreal! (I am an orphan, and my grandmother replaced my parents). He turned his head - she! And my grandfather is smoking nearby! I am shocked, I appeal to the foreman and explain why I can not go to the theater! Everything happens on the move, a hundred keeps away from the meeting place more and more and sings! The foreman says that there is no battalion commander, but he (foreman) will return in 2 hours, i.e. leave me not to see the nearest 2 hours! But then he says, run to your own ones, let us return we will solve the problem! I crash, fall, get up and run to relatives! We hug, I look at their big bags (just thinking, we will devour!), They tell me that in 2 hours they have a train. I grab bags and run through the checkpoint on the territory of the school I hide nishtyaki in the bushes and fly back! There is only one thought in my head: just don't sleep! I come running, they ask me where are we going? We went into a courtyard, sat for half an hour, and they left. And I have only one thought in my head:

-What's in the bags?

For an hour (after the end), the squad of the 111 platoon has jammed the contents of both bags! I'm still not sure what fate the bags themselves had (like containers), because they smelled so delicious! And only when I grew up, I realized what it cost them to go to my 4-ro day, only to see me for 30 minutes, only to see !!! Kingdom of Heaven to you, Maria Mikhailovna and Ivan Grigorievich!
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  1. Old warrant officer
    Old warrant officer April 19 2013 08: 15
    Everything is so familiar, only my mother came to my sister! I still remember with warmth in my heart my parents, who, alas, are no longer alive, and that great army of a great country - the USSR!
  2. late
    late April 19 2013 08: 36
    And Aunt Shura, the stepfather’s sister, came to me — a man of golden souls, it’s a pity she’s no longer with us ... I’ll remember her until the end of my life. My mother went further, but she came once.
  3. UFO
    UFO April 19 2013 08: 43
    And nobody came to me, far away. And I swore an oath to a country that is no longer there, and I don’t remember the text of the oath. And who will remember? So, without peeping, honesty ... request
  4. Akatsubasa
    Akatsubasa April 19 2013 08: 47
    Mentally) Also, memories pop up)
  5. rahmat2000
    rahmat2000 April 19 2013 09: 10
    Bow and respect to your grandfather and grandmother (his kingdom is heaven).
  6. Atlon
    Atlon April 19 2013 09: 51
    My mother, brother and sister came to me. They brought everyone ... In general, I ate sausage, with cookies, mixed with condensed milk, pies, and so on, and so on. And the next day we have 20 km marching morning. And I have drisch (sorry for the details) laughing The platoon runs, and I go into the bushes every 5-10 minutes. The sergeant was left with me, so we and he got half a day. We’ve been running for 10 minutes, I’m in the bushes for 10 minutes ...
    1. Suvorov000
      Suvorov000 April 19 2013 14: 15
      We got such a finish after the oath, the parents and relatives came and brought everything delicious, and the platoon officers say to us: "Do not gorge yourself, tomorrow the march is a throw" who did not listen then greatly regretted)))
  7. Sochi
    Sochi April 19 2013 14: 16
    It’s touching, but no one can come to me, he served in the SGV. But he went to his son in Kamyshin and Volgograd, and the identity drove nishtyaki about to devour.
  8. Captain45
    Captain45 April 21 2013 14: 40
    And my parents sent me an oath in a double postcard 10 rubles, for Mongolian money 40 Tugriks-the monthly salary of a fighter. He also chopped up cookies and tea in thickets. It was just impossible to send money, abroad, but sometimes it took place in double postcards.
  9. Sergei75
    Sergei75 19 March 2014 01: 53
    Take care of your loved ones while they are near you, love your mothers, because you are all that they have