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Why go to war fools?

Do not promise

IL-76 was packed to capacity. Boxes, boxes, boxes, and between them - special forces with camouflaged immense bags "dream of the occupier" and the soldiers of the Sofrino brigade. The crowns added GAZ-66 and "UAZ", which loaded into our plane during the landing in Rostov-on-Don.

- What's this! - commented on the situation a contractor from Sofrino, with whom we shared the end of the landing bench. - Last time dogs of the dog service flew with us. As soon as the plane took off the ground, they were crap. So flew to Mozdok, inhaling the aroma.

Military transport Il took off from Chkalovsky 1 airfield in August 1995, and headed for Mozdok. “In Mozdok, I am no longer riders” - this popular saying I said in the fall of 1994, when my three-month trip in the Ossetian-Ingush conflict zone came to an end. But then I forgot a “soap box” camera at the base of the riot policemen who were sitting at roadblocks on the border with Chechnya. Now, according to the sign, I had to go back.

And not to me alone. At the airfield, I and the special forces in the "reed" without insignia for ten minutes looked at each other, until they remembered where they met. In the autumn of 1994, Oleg P. commanded a consolidated company of "red berets" in the village of Dongaron in the Prigorodny district of North Ossetia. “Krapoviki” cleaned the mountain ranges of Ossetia and Ingushetia from militants. I met Oleg in a plain autumn day in Dongaron when I arrived on the 5th anniversary of the company.

The holiday was traditional: awarding the distinguished ones, special forces "window dressing" ... Only one detail distinguished this event from the others. In the morning the guys were supposed to fly to the Dzheirakh gorge in Ingushetia.

The holiday was traditional: awarding the distinguished ones, special forces "window dressing" and a festive table. Only one detail distinguished this event from others. In the morning, the guys were supposed to fly to the Dzheirakh gorge in Ingushetia, which was notorious for the main base of the militants and the main plantation "dope" ...

In August, 1995, Oleg, as the deputy commander of the DOSD of the Department for the Execution of Punishments of the Internal Affairs Directorate of one of the northwestern regions, carried his children to Chechnya.

From Mozdok to Grozny traveled by rail. The building of the Grozny station pleased the eye with fresh whitewash. Nearby is a small market with everything you need. The optimism of the peaceful picture was violated by the gloomy ruins around and the recollection that it was here that the Maikop brigade died.

The platform was crowded with local residents, from whom a mile was carried by Dudayev intelligence. Especially arrogant asked questions in the forehead: from where, where, for how long to these edges? The lack of strict access control at the station, where there was no passenger message, was unpleasantly struck.

An old Russian woman collecting empty bottles on the platform told the last news. At night, the Russians were beaten to death - a forty-year-old man and a twenty-year-old boy who came to woo his daughter. They shoot, but mostly at night - snipers work. A riot policeman was killed on the square in front of the presidential palace: the detachment was about to go home and the soldiers came to take a picture of themselves. The young kid who sat down in the crane's cabin was sniped by snipers from a fitted BTR.

We eat up Mozdok watermelons and discuss the situation: negotiations with Maskhadov, skirmishes at night, reforming the separatist forces and the order "not to respond to provocations." War is not war, but what the hell.

Non-peaceful truce

A detachment of Oleg P. received an order to protect the federal center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Zavodskoy district and ensure the safety of the Russian participants in the negotiations during the trips to the areas of Chechnya. The federal center is located in the building of the former ROVD, which is almost not affected. The windows are broken, there are traces of fire in several rooms and the attic spoiled by bursts is not counted.

Before our arrival there was a detachment from the Urals. Now the guys on the rights of "old men" reserve for themselves only a post on the roof, giving the beginners to the security of the first floor and the checkpoint at the entrance. For the night, signal mines and stretch marks are placed around the building, in the morning they are removed. On the opposite side of the street stretched ruins. It was from there that the neighboring commandant's office No. XXUMX was fired from automatic weapons. The deputy commander who fired back and then rushed into the ruins of the house with the soldiers ran into stretch marks put by Dudayev and died.

At night, all off duty are gathering on the roof - to see how the regiment of the Airborne Forces will celebrate its professional holiday in Khankala. Apparently, the city is also walking. Only everyone does it in their own way.

The sky is colored with garlands of lighting and signaling rockets. Somewhere closer to the center is a fierce firefight. Looks like two of our roadblocks are beating each other. Again, some spirit passed between them and set them aside each in turn. The most witty ones start betting who will run out of ammunition faster or common sense will wake up.

Meanwhile, our attention is shifting to a new show. Walkie-talkie radio at the post works at the reception, and we hear some official message blowing on the air:

Send the 205 Brigade to the posts so as not to open fire. I'm coming from the side of the Old Works.

The answer to this is the roar of cannonade, which comes from the Staropromyslovsky district. Chin on the air material contract brigade. We, in turn, argue that he does it in vain. By chattering on the air, Dudayevites could also calculate it. In the meantime, someone third is connected to the shootout of the roadblock. Tracer flew in our direction. All the excess poured down the ladder - out of harm's way.


Near the “filter” there was a large neglected garden, in the depth of which was a column. Each hike for water looked like a small military operation: in the garden you could come across anyone

A couple of days later, DOS officers from the Far East agreed to take me to the filtration point, which they guard. Our UAZ is passing the residence of federal bodies. A little distance away is the post of Chechen militiamen who have switched to the service of the new government. All of them, without exception, flaunt empty shoulder straps. Under Dudayev, many foremen suddenly became lieutenant colonels, so the feds, after checking, removed their ranks to new certification.

Barely missed the post, as several shots thundered. By sound - "Makarov." We have no desire to determine whether or not we are.

“It was their black shawls that angered us,” the peasants laugh when the car passes a dangerous area.

Grozny "filter" was located on the territory of the former fleet. Along the perimeter it is surrounded by a concrete fence. In the block, located on the outside of the fence and as remote as possible from the others, are the guys from the squad who invited me to visit. At night I leave with them on duty.

Opposite the "path of life", on which people walk in the direction of the block, is a bus cemetery. The landfill is mined; nevertheless, they have a stupid habit of crawling separatist snipers. The unit controls the approaches from the ruins of the taxis. On the eve of the guys noticed through the gap from the tank shell equipped sniper bench. Armed with night-time binoculars, we are waiting for the owner of the sunbed.

A special commando with an SVDU equipped with infrared optics sat down at a nearby embrasure. It takes an hour and a half - the sniper does not appear.

“The spirits have the same weapons,” notes the detachment doctor. He, like everyone, goes on duty. - They could well detect the glare of the sight.
- Well, to hell with him! - The machine gunner Seryoga drove a long line into the breach. - Now this bastard just will not come.

Suddenly there were problems with the return. Observers determined that “guests” had snuck into the landfill. From the post on the roof of the “filter” the dump looks great, so the guys contact him by field telephone. “Vole” was established after the men from the block shouted “roof” to “walkie-toki”:

- Sniper in the third sector! Cover it from AGS!
“Thank you, dear,” they heard on the same wave. - I have already left it.

"Roof" is in no hurry to scald the landfill with fire. And we have to go back: change on the way. There is nothing to do: cursing, we rush to the saving wall. We ran. We were lucky to be the first, and the snipers, apparently, did not expect such impudence from us. True, after a dozen minutes, when the second shift took over duty, they were still marked by shots.

We fall asleep under the cacophony of bursts: the posts water the landfill with lead.

Tactics snipers known: go hunting together, not counting the group cover. One has the usual army SVD, the second - a rifle with a silencer. The first one makes a couple of provoking shots at the posts, the second one starts to hit the lighted firing points. The truce was usually fired by teenagers. The boys trained in shooting, while helping Dudayev propagandists. If such a "free shooter" was covered, the partner took him weapon, and the press demonstrated another example of the "atrocities of the federal troops against civilians."

From the roof you can see the dump of buses, where snipers find shelter at night.


Returning from the “filter”, I am going to Khankala, from where columns of federal troops are leaving in all directions of Chechnya. From the Special Forces base in the Zavodskoy district, which became my base in two weeks in Grozny, I first go to the CSCE mission. There you need to find a certain general who is a member of the negotiating group and who oversees the process of exchanging prisoners.

The process is not shaky or shaky, but the results are still there - the soldiers are returning from captivity. This seems to be the only positive result of the 1995 truce of the year.

A dozen and a half soldiers' mothers crowd around a private brick house, which rents a mission from Chechens. They are waiting for the arrival of the delegation of Maskhadov - what if there is new information about the missing sons?

The delegation arrives in black jeeps, with banners unfolded and in irritated feelings. She was braked at the checkpoint at the entrance to Grozny. Kontraktniki, flustered by the view of the separatists, rolling out the federals with flags on the territory, took up a machine gun. Only the intervention of an escort officer saved from slaughter and imminent complications.

As soon as Maskhadov disappears behind the gates of the mission, his guards play a propaganda performance, designed primarily for journalists. The guards give the master boy ice cream, then they hand him a machine gun, they put a green bandage over his head. The happy guy "serves" for the protection of the mission, and Dudayevites demonstrate "unity with the people."

Our “fighters of the ideological front” obviously lacks the ability to conduct propaganda from scratch in the same way as Dudayev’s people do. Ours have arranged to arrange "window-dressing" with the obligatory breaking of bricks, but they did not bother to change into the decent form of the marines who guarded the mission. Compared to Maskhadovites dressed in NATO camouflage and black jeans, our people just looked like “illegal armed groups”.

Maskhadov brought with him a captive soldier. The transfer takes place on the street. We are transferring it from a Dudayev car to our “UAZ”.

- What are you, man, captured something? The general asks him.

Squeezed in the backseat between the general and the journalist, the soldier confusedly lowers his head. He is ashamed, although he is not guilty of anything.

Young replenishment in DON-100, which stood near Orekhovo, was brought in May. Dembel continued to serve in order to somehow compensate for the lack of personnel, so they did not give out weapons to the young. “The old men will go home, the automata will give you,” they were told. The gunner of the BMP Sannikov, eighteen years old, originally from Novorossiysk, was sent from one position of an infantry fighting vehicle to another with some insignificant task several days after arrival. The path lay through a ravine, where he was met. They pushed the machine gun, moved it under the ribs, put the bag on its head and dragged it in an unknown direction. At first, Sannikov was kept in Shali, forcing to dig trenches. Banged? “At first, some young one was throwing everything with a saber,” the soldier told me. “He was even dragged away.”

Before the storming of the Shali, the soldier was transported further to the mountains, where he lived in the family of an elderly Chechen. There they treated him normally, fed him the same food they had eaten, although the food was more than modest. In the mountain village, the name of which Sannikov never learned, he continued to dig trenches and helped with the housework.
- In Islam did not offer to join? - I asked him.
“They have this business voluntary…” answered the “Caucasian captive” of the twentieth century.

Completely separate tank

- Who did you lose? - the senior lieutenant with a green kerchief around his neck addressed me, dressed in a tanker jacket, despite the warm morning.

A separate tank battalion of the 166 th motorized rifle brigade really stood in a clean field without infantry escort, covering the direction to Shawls

Before that, I had been wandering around the Khankala checkpoint for half an hour, still hoping to meet the convoy to Bamut. The men from the Sofrinsky brigade, who had promised to take me with them, left early in the morning, and now I cursed myself for the love of sleep. Having listened and smoked “Flying” for acquaintance, Starley advised:

- Spit! Come with me to the tank battalion of the Tver Brigade. We stand under the Old Atags. Without any infantry cover, damn it. And tonight he killed a bullet gun. Write about his heroically wounded body. Why do you care?
I waved my hand and climbed onto the BMP.

The separate tank battalion of the 166 th motorized rifle brigade did indeed stand in an open field without infantry escort, covering the direction to Shali. T-80 burrowed into the caponiers, deploying trunks almost in a circular defense.

Nearby on the mountainside there is an obelisk. It reminds tank crews of 23 February 1995 of the year. Then the battalion commander Major Kurakov and the company captain Toporkov set off in their vehicles to explore up the mountain slope. Returned back through the position of the 245-th regiment. The contract soldiers, who were sitting in the trench, were not warned about this and took two tanks for the attack of Dudayev. Combat set fire to the first ATGM. Ammunition detonated, so it was not necessary to save anyone from the burning car. Tank Toporkova knocked in a few minutes. The platoon commander of the tank battalion escort jumped out on the “eighty” under his fire, covered the company’s armor, pulled the commander out of the tower, shoved him and only realized that he had saved the dead. The crew died all. And the lieutenant (unfortunately, the notebook did not keep his surname) maneuvered for a long time under the fire of the infantry, until they figured out what was happening.

Desperate 245 th later threw under Vedeno. Among his soldiers it was usual to get out without the permission of the commander somewhere on the trail and "throw down" the spirits in retaliation for the death of a comrade. For desperation, the regiment received the attention of Dudayev, who ordered no prisoner to be taken from this unit. In the gorge Yarysh-Mardy, the order of the late general was executed.

“We are leaving for Shali the other day,” the commander of the first platoon Sidorov, the one who brought me to the battalion, told me. - If you want with us, climb on the tank to master NSVT. We do not need passengers. The battalion lacks thirty percent of the personnel.

In the crew where the starley sent me, there is no commander. However, the gunner learned to do without him.

As soon as Maskhadov disappears behind the gates of the mission, his guards play a propaganda performance, designed primarily for journalists. The guards give the master boy ice cream, then hand him a machine gun, put on a green bandage on his head

“The review, of course, is smaller,” he told me, “than at the commanding position, but still enough.” Especially since we haven't fired any guns for a long time. To unmask the firing point of the spirits or set fire to the car, the NSWT is sufficient.

From the march on Shali most memorable is the bridge over Argun dangling under the tracks. Cars slid it one by one at maximum speed. They prayed for a mechanic, an urgent soldier named Junior. He knew his business tightly: engines roared like animals.
The next day, with a Uralov column for young recruits, I returned to Khankala with a BMP of a reconnaissance company. The road was brightened up by senior columns.

“Somehow an anti-tank mine drags me to the village of Dudaev,” he said, choking with laughter beforehand. - Well, like, wants to put it on the road. The elders of the village approach him and say: “What a fool, you do, we have people here, children play!” And Dudayev’s reply: “It’s safe for people!” And in support of his words he put the mine on a combat platoon, put it on land and let's jump on it!

- What ended? - someone asked.
- exploded! Neither saboteur nor elders. One big funnel.
- Yes ... Listen, why take fools to war?
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  1. Heccrbq
    Heccrbq April 20 2013 08: 34
    Here are a few stories about the war in Chechnya, you need to know, maybe, by the way, will someone post them here?
    1. vadimus
      vadimus April 20 2013 08: 38
      Why are fools taken to war? It’s not smart to die, though. Yes, and grief sipping can grow wiser ....
      1. 755962
        755962 April 20 2013 11: 09
        Fools are lucky ... verified.
  2. fenix57
    fenix57 April 20 2013 09: 47
    Quote: vadimus
    Why go to war fools?

    Dear, they do not take them, they are accepted. However, the difference (without irony). hi
  3. omsbon
    omsbon April 20 2013 09: 52
    - What are you, man, captured something? The general asks him.

    It is a pity that many fools are in command, and because of their "smart pearls" guys are dying.
  4. erased
    erased April 20 2013 10: 01
    Yes, become old, already read. And with any memory of those times, one thought appears - all the traitors and scum that surrendered their army and people, remained unpunished. And if then they still did not know about everyone, then why they will not be reached now? Or is it unprofitable for someone? ...
    1. akmoa781
      akmoa781 April 21 2013 17: 12
      Many of those who then betrayed the army and their people and are now in power, if taken and punished, there will now be a big political scandal. This cannot be allowed. But the punishment will not go away from them. There are already examples of this and we all know about them
      1. Garrin
        Garrin April 21 2013 17: 29
        Quote: akmoa781
        Many of those who then betrayed the army and their people and are now in power, if taken and punished, there will now be a big political scandal. This cannot be allowed.

        Why be afraid of scandals if a traitor cannot be called a traitor, a fool is a fool, and a bastard is a bastard? Let's call everything by their proper names. Our government will benefit from this.
        But the punishment will not go away from them. There are already examples of this and we all know about them

        Please bring.
  5. Suhov
    Suhov April 20 2013 10: 07
    Why go to war fools?

    If a "fool" is not afraid to look like a "fool", he can fool anyone.
    And this is an element of tactics ...
  6. Withoutdream
    Withoutdream April 20 2013 10: 08
    Thanks to the author for an interesting story!
  7. Prapor Afonya
    Prapor Afonya April 20 2013 11: 44
    At that time, fools were usually taken not to fight, but to command, by those who are fighting!
  8. knn54
    knn54 April 20 2013 12: 19
    "The more oak trees in the army, the stronger our defense"
  9. Lech from ZATULINKI
    Lech from ZATULINKI April 20 2013 12: 21
    An old Russian woman collecting empty bottles on the platform told the latest news. At night, the Russians were beaten to death - a forty-year-old man and a twenty-year-old man who came to marry his daughter.

    Chechens said something there about the genocide of the Chechen people- THE GENOCIDE WAS BUT ONLY THE RUSSIAN PEOPLE and they killed the Chechens themselves who raped the Russians; the official press prefers to SILENT about it.
    1. smile
      smile April 20 2013 19: 15
      Lech from ZATULINKI
      You see, if you now enlighten the population about what was happening there, people will get furious ... it’s very nauseous to write it, but perhaps it’s true at the moment not to pick one’s wound ...
      But that’s why the Czechs weren’t brought up a complex of guilt, as the Americans did with the Germans - this is a question ... this is a serious jamb of our leadership ... it was necessary to ensure at least several public processes on the most high-profile crimes - massacres, to force them to judge their own fellow tribesmen, in spite of any kindred ties ... to introduce special Peace lessons in schools so that they themselves broadcast about their criminals who had organized Chechen bacchanalia, they had to break their pride through a knee, they don’t understand anything else ... in principle, it’s not too late, although, of course, time is almost lost ... while our influence on this is enough ...
      1. Old_kapitan
        Old_kapitan April 20 2013 23: 29
        had to break their pride through the knee

        What pride, comrade? This is a greyhound. The greyhound of the armed flock.
        And about the pride of the Caucasian people, the pride of the mountaineer, we ourselves came up with. What for?
    2. Eric
      Eric April 21 2013 12: 59
      Fortunately, there are young Russians who are interested and remember ... hi
  10. Daduda
    Daduda April 20 2013 12: 22
    I don’t understand one thing in which media at that time it was printed or shown? This is not the first article that I read recently, about the First Chechen, as a publication of those years. From my feelings and memories of those years, I only remember that everyone was screaming about the poor Chechens and Russian aggressors.
    1. Old_kapitan
      Old_kapitan April 20 2013 23: 31
      I don’t understand one thing in which media at that time it was printed or shown? This is not the first article that I read recently, about the First Chechen, as a publication of those years. From my feelings and memories of those years, I only remember that everyone was screaming about the poor Chechens and Russian aggressors.

      Comrade, and you at that time saw the magazine "Brother" in free sale? Me not.
  11. lecturer
    lecturer April 20 2013 12: 43
    I agree with you, (!) And I'm not a strategist! BUT, something similar happened during the last Georgian "porridge". Our division also came to South Ossetia on the same day (?) Maybe - "is this the need to disclose the enemy's full plans?", Where at the same time false misinformation in Mir is revealed. Every day it became TRUE who is who! (Sorry, I'm not a strategist ...)
  12. lecturer
    lecturer April 20 2013 12: 45
    I agree with you, (!) And I'm not a strategist either! BUT, something similar happened during the last Georgian "porridge". Our division also did NOT come to South Ossetia on the same day (?) Maybe - "is it the need to disclose the enemy's full plans?" Every day it became TRUE who is who! (Sorry, I'm not a strategist ...)
  13. 120352
    120352 April 20 2013 13: 38
    I am seventh. Having resigned, he wised up, it seems to me, but maybe vice versa. I began to think more about the meaning of life, the causes and meanings of the war. I will try not to write for a long time. But all my thoughts on this subject come down to the fact that war is a socially unacceptable phenomenon. This is just a means of laundering unjust money with the blood of innocent people who are not involved in this money. None of those who fought and shed blood, both their own and others, found nothing good in these wars.
    There are no winners in wars. Here is my main conclusion. Recall Alexander the Great. Conquered half the world. And where is this world now? What about Napoleon’s campaigns? The consequences are the same. What ended Hitler’s attempt to conquer the world? Yes, we won that war. My family suffered significant losses in it: two of the four dead who fought. Half.
    We reclaimed our territory and brought several states under our influence for a while. But the time of our influence, alas, is over. Our "trophies" have dried up, dissolved.
    The only country in the world that calls our Motherland MOTHER RUSSIA is SERBIA. But for some reason, our rulers really refused to help her in troubled times. Betrayed her. And she: "Mother Russia". Maybe because several hundred Russian peasants voluntarily, violating the laws of "Russia" still remained there, and some - forever. (The word Russia is in quotation marks, because it was no longer quite her). Love is stronger than betrayal ...
    So it turns out that the only "trophy" of any war is the countless number of the dead, the destitute, the disabled, orphans, widows, unborn children. There are no real winners in wars. There are only real victims.
    Unfortunately, mankind has not yet developed mechanisms to prevent nervous breakdowns of people who are capable, by virtue of power, and start a war precisely as a result of nervous breakdowns of various durations. And it is unfortunate that humanity is not able to identify the possibility of such disruptions in advance. Otherwise, such a procedure would become indispensable, necessary on the eve of any election.
    In today's conditions, Russia is not combat-ready. It's not about weapons or personnel. It's about the meaning. I don’t know how, but I wouldn’t let go, and even more so, I wouldn’t send my sons to defend the billions of Abramovich, Potanin, Vekselberg or other oligarch who stole these billions, including from me.
    And they take fools to war because war is a foolish thing!
    1. georg737577
      georg737577 April 20 2013 14: 27
      Dear 120352! Thank you for the wonderful and reasonable comment. Health
      Good luck to you!
    2. MAG
      MAG April 20 2013 15: 39
      At 19 I went to Chechnya because it was "zapadlo" not to go all the guys there and I am here. Now I have two children and I don’t want to fight for someone’s factories and Skolkovo steamers, but I probably won’t, but when I understand that if I don’t go my children will not be! Somehow I wrote messy in advance I apologize
    3. Lech from ZATULINKI
      Lech from ZATULINKI April 20 2013 15: 41
      Serbia surrendered to the West itself.
      Now she has recognized KOSOVO - this is the end of SERBIA as an independent state, she moved into the rank of vassals of BRUSSELS.
    4. djon3volta
      djon3volta April 21 2013 14: 38
      Quote: 120352
      stole those billions, including from me.

      here is a good answer to your comment good
  14. knn54
    knn54 April 20 2013 13: 44
    120352: But fools are taken to war because war is a foolish thing!
    And the fools created it!
    1. smile
      smile April 20 2013 19: 05
      No, unfortunately, I have to admit that they started a war - bastards ... and unnecessarily smart bastards .... fools would not have succeeded ...
      1. Garrin
        Garrin April 20 2013 23: 38
        Quote: smile
        fools wouldn’t succeed ...

        But why? EBN has succeeded. To this day we cough up blood.
  15. Black
    Black April 20 2013 15: 29
    Like Vanka- - an iron cap
    He was going to war for war.
    War is not fault, War is not wife
    Nobody needs war.

    And what about Vanka-fool on his eyelid
    There was no spark, no light
    No warmth, no kindness, no smile in the morning -
    I didn’t tell anyone.

    But in the early times a funny hero
    Went into the field in battle armor,
    In shackles and chains on broken bones
    With an iron head.

    Ah, Vanka- - Iron cap,
    And what do you want that war?
    'Cause she ain't no wife
    Flies - and Khan, and there will be Ivan.

    And Roly-simpleton straight into the river from the bridge
    Shiganul, and funny himself,
    He grabbed one behind Miracle Yuda,
    He saddled and went to war.

    Eh, Vanka the fool has fun jumping,
    He sings robbery songs.
    And towards - War, well fed and drunk,
    Yes, he does not see where he is going.

    - Hey, where are you going? Watch it!

    And Vanka, on a horse, approached the War
    Yes, and stood in front of her wall.
    “Hey, Belena War, why are you walking drunk?”
    And not ashamed of herself?

    And you yourself don’t live, and you don’t give others,
    You only know what you drink and you beat.
    Only grief and revenge are in your way.
    You would go to your kingdom.

    - AND? What? - the war was surprised. - Who is drunk here?

    Yes, soared with a copper bullet -
    Whistling over Ivan's forehead,
    And he is a cap
    And I caught that war as a whole.

    And since that cap doesn’t take off,
    Guards the evil bullet-War.

    And what's in your heart
    He night and day
    Every day every hour
    All prayed for us -
    I didn’t tell anyone.

    Frolova E.
  16. Nikolai N
    Nikolai N April 20 2013 15: 53
    Quote: georg737577
    Dear 120352! Thank you for the wonderful and reasonable comment. Health
    Good luck to you!
    I join the respected georg737577. Long life to you. And more comments to us smile
  17. воронов
    воронов April 20 2013 19: 32
    Quickly getting wiser in the war
    1. runway
      runway April 20 2013 21: 04
      Thanks for the comment.
      It’s a sin to be offended by the author. After all, some like his work, so he tries. But when I relish the sayings about oaks in the army, I can’t keep silent, remembering my comrades - competent, bright and courageous fighters.
  18. Phoenix-D
    Phoenix-D April 20 2013 19: 45
    It was a terrible time, glad that Russia survived. But some did not stop to feed the same medicine. what they cooked for Russia. Who from the LAS countries financed the separatists?
    NOBODY EXCEPT US April 21 2013 01: 00
    Why funded? Why is the past tense? They are still financing
  20. Nicotine 7
    Nicotine 7 April 21 2013 03: 35
    It just so happened that I live far from the MOTHERLAND, but if tomorrow the war ... I defend with honor, there is experience.
  21. MG42
    MG42 April 21 2013 15: 17
    A bullet - a fool, a bayonet - well done, ... fool a fool - sees from afar, therefore, fools will meet sooner or later.
  22. Khamsin
    Khamsin April 21 2013 18: 06
    A war is started to achieve certain goals; as a rule, goals do not justify the victims of the war. It is sad to understand that humanity has not yet learned to solve "problems" with peace. We probably have no right to be called a civilization.
  23. Dmitriy292
    Dmitriy292 April 22 2013 05: 00
    It seems to be so bad, but no, we have to do worse. The authorities do not cease to amaze. This site just recently came across:, where information about each of us has been publicly posted. I don’t know why to do this, but it personally scares me. Nevertheless, I somehow managed to delete my data, though I had to register, but no one could "dig up" anything on me.