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Nanocellulose: The super material of the future - durable, cheap and organic

Imagine a material that would be strong enough and light enough to make armor for soldiers flexible enough and sensitive enough to turn it into flexible screens of next-generation smartphones, and under special conditions could also be a super-absorbent.

Nanocellulose: The super material of the future - durable, cheap and organic

Now imagine that to create this wonderful material you do not need anything other than water, sunlight and time.

And now attention! What you presented is called nanocellulose, and scientists say that they will soon learn how to produce it - and this material may become the material of the future.

The potential of this super-substance is difficult to overestimate.

Nanocellulose is a plant material that has been split into tiny pieces, cleaned and reconstructed again.

And now scientists have developed a way to produce nanocellulose using the same bacteria that produce vinegar.

The bacterium Acetobacter xylinum was already known to scientists for its ability to synthesize nanocellulose, but until today they have not been able to make the process cheap enough to make the technology commercially available.

The purpose of the new research was the development of a blue-green alga with a bacterium to create an organic nanocellulose "factory". The practical result of the project should be algae, which, in the presence of water, sunlight and time, will produce nanocellulose by itself.

The team behind this development says that this will be a key final step in material production in quantities sufficient to change the world.

Professor Malcolm Brown of the University of Texas reports: “If we can complete the procedure, this will be one of the most important agricultural transformations in the whole history humanity. "

“We will have plants that can produce nanocellulose in huge quantities and at a very low price. It can become the source material for the production of biofuels and many other products. ”

"Also, during the creation of nanocellulose, algae will absorb carbon dioxide - the main greenhouse gas associated with global warming."

Nanocellulose has many uses - for example, since it is an organic vegetable compound, it can be used as a low-calorie food filler, or as a means for dressing wounds. And at the same time, nanocellulose-based materials can be stronger than steel, and stronger than Kevlar.
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  1. opkozak
    opkozak April 17 2013 06: 58 New
    The next step will be the production of nanopowder from nanocellulose at Shvez Zvezda in Shostka.
  2. Vanek
    Vanek April 17 2013 07: 03 New
    The world does not stand still. Newton's apple in my head.
    1. kotdavin4i
      kotdavin4i April 17 2013 08: 11 New
      ... and Archimedes screw in ... (I apologize for the joke) ...
      1. Vanek
        Vanek April 17 2013 08: 14 New
        Quote: kotdavin4i
        (I beg

        Nothing wrong. drinks
  3. valodavoodoo
    valodavoodoo April 17 2013 07: 14 New
    Good morning
    This is where scientists from all countries need to unite, and governments spend billions.
    1. Aleks28
      Aleks28 April 28 2013 12: 02 New
      Quote: valodavoodoo
      This is where scientists from all countries need to unite, and governments spend billions.

      Do not stop Our nano-chubais and without unification will spend all billions, just allocate. laughing
  4. VadimSt
    VadimSt April 17 2013 07: 37 New
    And where is the Russian Nana, from Chubais? Maybe it's time to share the "secrets" or to send Stepashin to him?
  5. CCA
    CCA April 17 2013 07: 37 New
    Quote: valodavoodoo
    This is where scientists from all countries need to unite, and governments spend billions.

    And as soon as possible to remove Chubais from the nano-theme in our country ... It seems that he specifically performs the role of a brake in the development of these processes in our country ...
    1. avdkrd
      avdkrd April 18 2013 00: 56 New
      Chubais must be removed from everything, including from any participation in the government, at least Russia. It’s even better to rent it out in the USA, if not rent it out - GIFT. Let them carry out privatization there, at the same time they’ll drink energy and a silicone valley, damn it, I dream, but for giving it to the owners is not a sin and paying extra.
      1. 4fedor1
        4fedor1 April 28 2013 11: 55 New
        better to remove this goat from life
  6. fenix57
    fenix57 April 17 2013 07: 38 New
    But from the office of "Chubais and K" fresh news is not received request . It is a pity. Indeed, the Yankees of Russia will not "give" nanotechnology. hi
  7. donchepano
    donchepano April 17 2013 07: 54 New
    I didn’t see the author’s last name.
    The meaning of the article is probably: "allocate a little money for the project, preferably several billion"
  8. fenix57
    fenix57 April 17 2013 07: 57 New
    Although, of course, he doesn’t have any "trifles" to do his leisure. He sits at the Bilderberg Club. Decides, what else would harm Russia.
    The fate of Russia will be decided in the Rothschild mansion
    "2012 should be a breakthrough for the world elite in the strategic areas of financial and energy policy. These issues are planned to be discussed at the next meeting of the Bilderberg Club, which this year will be held not in Europe (as is customary) but in Israeli Haifa. It is significant that it will be held in the small Rothschild mansion, capable of accepting only the creme-de-la-creme of the world financial elite.
    " see http: //
  9. bubla5
    bubla5 April 17 2013 08: 08 New
    It will not be stronger than the nano-Chubais, as it began under the drunk and continues, how many generations have been replaced, and the red one is unsinkable
  10. valodavoodoo
    valodavoodoo April 17 2013 09: 24 New
    According to blah blah blah blah, nano technology money for nano nano, money is allocated to ovshory will be transferred and again nano and nano exhaust zilch ur.
  11. Uncle
    Uncle April 17 2013 12: 40 New
    All these are dreams, in the 19th century they thought that there would be no wars and diseases, that everyone would live happily, but no, we look into the past and think we would have your problems ...
  12. igordok
    igordok April 17 2013 14: 57 New
    Another April Fools' "scientific" article. Today they said the same thing about a thermonuclear space ship.