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F-22 helmet display has fallen victim to budget savings

The main thing is to get close ... Opponents of F-22 may have chances in a “dog dump”

"Military Parity". Efforts to create a demo sample of the Visionix Scorpion target-based targeting system for pilots of Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor fighters were among the "victims of automatic sequestration" defense expenditures, introduced by the US Congress, writes April 11.

The US Air Force hoped to demonstrate a full-color helmet-mounted display needed to fully unlock the capabilities of the UI Raytheon AIM-9X Sidewinder air combat system, which was to be integrated into the fighter’s weapon system in the 2017 year.

“The system was scheduled for demonstration this summer, but was canceled as a result of budget cuts, there are currently no accelerated plans for its integration into F-22,” the US Air Force said.

The F-22 pilots have long argued that without a helmet-mounted sight and missiles integrated with it, they can be vulnerable to close combat with an enemy equipped with such systems.
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  1. opkozak
    opkozak April 17 2013 06: 43 New
    such devices are the future. example of new glasses corporation google
    Google today revealed the characteristics of its Glass smart glasses. Programmers have been preparing for the sale of these devices for a long time. With their appearance, smartphones and tablets can immediately seem outdated gadgets, and our daily life can change beyond recognition, experts say.

    The technical specifications of Google Glass cannot but impress. In the device, people are offered to wear instead of traditional glasses, a fairly powerful processor, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules, a 16 GB memory drive, a photo and a video camera fit.

    The manufacturer claims that the picture displayed by this mini-computer is equivalent in size to the image on a 25-inch panel, viewed from about 2,4-2,5 meters. There will be no headphones here: sound can be transmitted to the middle ear through the bones of the skull using vibrations. The built-in battery, they promise in Google, should be enough for "a day of normal use."
    1. Retx
      Retx April 17 2013 10: 43 New
      From Apache by Ed Macy
      The helmet has a monocle that looms over the right eye. The monocle plays about the same role as the indication of the windshield: looking through it at the world, along the way, you see the readings of the most important devices - speed, height and much more, including all kinds of sighting marks. The advantage of monocle is that wherever you turn your head, these readings will always be with you. Moreover, in a monocle, you can display a picture from night vision devices.

      It turns out that when the right eye looks into the monocle, and the left eye looks at everything else, a strong conflict begins between them. Each eye wants to prove that it is more important. In practice, this manifests itself in severe headaches that begin with beginners before takeoff. Everyone who retrains for Apache hurts a headache, but do not think to admit it - you will instantly be suspended from further training. We have to endure.

      After several months of such torment, the eyes still adapt to the helmet and the pain disappears. But it’s worth taking a break between flights, and then getting some difficult task — with flying in formation, with poor visibility and with other things in the same spirit as the head again begins to split.

      Finally, after about a FEW YEARS, the pain disappears completely. You have adapted. Congratulations.

      And then, for the sake of interest, you take a camcorder into flight and put it in the cockpit so that it shoots your face.

      So, when viewing the recording it is clearly visible that during the piloting process your eyes twitch independently of each other. The sight is not for the faint of heart. Wiping the cold sweat, you set up another experiment: take two books and try to read them at the same time. It turns out.
    2. Vashestambid
      Vashestambid April 17 2013 14: 12 New
      F-22 helmet display has fallen victim to budget savings

      Now the pilot will not be able to watch his favorite show or TV series while gaining air superiority, and he will not be able to send a message on twitter, like "She guys check out how I knocked out another fighter" laughing

      Attention! You do not have permission to view hidden text.
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 April 17 2013 06: 59 New
    "A spokesman for the US Department of Defense said that the US Army is ready to allocate $ 6,9 billion to modernize F-22 fighters, including avionics. Although the high cost of manufacturing fighters forced the US government to suspend production of Raptors in 2011. At that time, $ 65 billion had already been spent. Initially, the price of one aircraft was not supposed to exceed $ 30 million. However, by 2012, the cost of manufacturing approached $ 200 million. " So, it turns out at the moment the most expensive aircraft of this class.
  3. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim April 17 2013 07: 57 New
    Comrades! Let’s send them Sirdyukov, friends laughing ! The guarantee that in 1 year not only this program will be cut, but also the entire military budget. And a warranty card nado laughing .
    1. Vladimirets
      Vladimirets April 17 2013 08: 08 New
      Quote: tronin.maxim
      my friends are friends

      Nah, I don’t have such friends. request
  4. svp67
    svp67 April 17 2013 07: 58 New
    If this continues, the "new new" American fighter could become a piston tongue ... But seriously, Russia now has a good opportunity to make a fighter, on the PAK-FA topic, much better than the American counterparts
    1. eagle11
      eagle11 April 17 2013 15: 12 New
      We have an opportunity, and they have been flying in the USA for 10 years. And there is no need for "urapatriotic" shouts, what a bad raptor, lightning. Think about 9-12, chained to the ground, about pilots who haven't been in the air for a year. Without going into details, a week ago, during launches at one of the test sites, two "products" failed, which should be as reliable as a Swiss watch. they are the foundation of our security. As one of the commanders said, "there is nothing worse than underestimating the enemy."
  5. svp67
    svp67 April 17 2013 09: 06 New
    Quote: tronin.maxim
    Comrades! Let’s send them Sirdyukov, friends

    No, it's better than Chubais, but for a complete guarantee, you can both of them ... Although it would be more correct for them to organize a "business trip" behind bars
  6. Bashkaus
    Bashkaus April 17 2013 23: 04 New
    I am interested in another:
    1 The F-22 pilots have long argued that without a helmet-mounted sight and missiles integrated with it, they can be vulnerable to close combat with an enemy equipped with such systems.
    This means that the guys adequately understand that no matter how rapper is invisible, he will still have to fight melee with Sukhoi, who, by maneuverability, I would say that they are superior to raptor.

    2 Super duper helmet is certainly good, but do not forget that in a modern airplane a man remains a weak link.
    Psychologically, a person can simultaneously focus on 5-7 objects, individuals (I emphasize the word SEPARATE) to 10, but in an ordinary person, with such a load of the brain, the brain moves away from overloading into a tailspin. Therefore, I have concerns that a miracle helmet with target designations and just a screen with a projection of a picture at 360 degrees may simply not be in the format with the human psyche.
    Even an overload of 9 units is not given to everyone physically and requires individual physiological predispositions, so there are also increased requirements for the properties of attention, where will they take such "monsters of pilots"?