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Legendary L.N. Kartsev, chief designer of Soviet tanks, passed away

Life takes its toll, time cannot be stopped. Those who made the Age, who stood at the origins of the Legends, are leaving us. That was Leonid Nikolaevich Kartsev. His Tanks can be called analogues of the famous Kalash in armored vehicles, where reliability was paramount. unpretentiousness and manufacturability, while not dropping the bar of combat effectiveness.
In spite of the fact that only T-62 created under his guidance “from and to” can be called purely kartsevskiy, but t-54 / 55 and T-72 carry many solutions created by his talent. I think what can be said about the famous and at the moment, one way or another, the only Tagil tank school in the Russian Federation that it is to a large extent “Kartsevskaya”, despite the fact that he left the design office about 40 years ago.
Lived Master 90 years, modestly remaining in the shadows, undeservedly forgotten. But all tankmen, tank builders and tank lovers, I am sure, will remember this great man, who gave our country a duty both on the battlefields of the Great Patriotic War, and in factory workshops and on tank test sites. He will live in the Ural formidable machines of his Spirit and Thought.
13 April is gone. Our condolences to relatives and friends, eternal memory and earth down to Leonid Nikolayevich.

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  1. mark1
    mark1 April 14 2013 08: 19
    Lived a worthy life of a worthy person. Everlasting memory.
    1. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith April 14 2013 12: 38
      Eternal memory to a bright man!
      1. Simon
        Simon April 14 2013 16: 16
        Memory will live in his tanks and technologies.
        1. Ilyukha
          Ilyukha April 16 2013 12: 52
          We will see the development of his design ideas in the tanks of the future. He died only physically, his ideas will be embodied in steel in the 21st century.
  2. Svatdevostator
    Svatdevostator April 14 2013 08: 24
    Today there aren’t enough such people. Eternal memory to him.
    1. Sirocco
      Sirocco April 14 2013 14: 15
      Quote: Svatdevostator
      There are not enough such people now.

      You know, I would like to hope that Leonid Nikolaevich left behind worthy students to whom he passed on invaluable experience. You can say the words of A.S. Pushkin I erected a monument to myself not man-made
      People's path will not grow to it,
      He ascended higher as the head of the unruly
      The Alexandrian Pillar.
  3. Bort radist
    Bort radist April 14 2013 08: 25
    "Monument" he created himself during his lifetime. Every tank shot is a salute in his honor. Condolences to relatives.
    1. densiaophyng
      densiaophyng April 14 2013 12: 37
      Monument to the T-62 tank in Michurinsk (near Tambov.
  4. Yuri11076
    Yuri11076 April 14 2013 08: 44
    Eternal memory, the technique he actually created is a monument to him for all time ...
  5. Nayhas
    Nayhas April 14 2013 08: 53
    He left behind an interesting memoir "Memoirs of the Chief Designer of Tanks". Condolences to relatives.
  6. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets April 14 2013 08: 57
    If everyone left behind such a mark, how much better would life be.
  7. CAMS
    CAMS April 14 2013 09: 03
    I envy such a fate !!!
  8. AK-47
    AK-47 April 14 2013 09: 20
    “I see satisfaction with my life only in the fact that I never bowed to anyone and did not seek out anyone, I did not please those in power, did nothing against my conscience. Never having put up with humiliation, I myself, being vested with administrative power over people, tried to do my best not to offend their human dignity.
    Statement by L. N. Kartseva
    In the year 1964. N. S. Khrushchev, seeing the effective firing of IT-1 tank fighter missiles, concluded that there is no point in tanks if they are so successfully hit by missiles. The designer replied: “This will not happen in battle. In addition, a well trained and perfectly knowledgeable engineer was shooting now. But tanks are still needed! ” This time Nikita Sergeevich said: “We are arguing and not meeting for the last time. We’ll also see which of us is right. History will judge. ”
    An episode from the life of L. N. Kartsev
  9. Konstantm
    Konstantm April 14 2013 09: 25
    Kingdom of heaven !!! Eternal memory and Great Gratitude !!!
  10. bask
    bask April 14 2013 09: 40
    A happy man, was. All my life I was engaged in my FAVORITE CASE !!!!
    Kingdom of Heaven. Such people must be remembered and learned from them !!!!
  11. Warchief
    Warchief April 14 2013 09: 54
    The man is certainly good, sorry for his tanks full of trash.
    1. vilenich
      vilenich April 14 2013 11: 12
      Quote: Warchief
      The man is certainly good, sorry for his tanks full of trash.

      Yes, you don’t need it, especially to the deceased!
    2. GHG
      GHG April 14 2013 11: 18
      Trash is you ... you are a tramp laughing
    3. Homo
      Homo April 14 2013 12: 10
      However, NATO was so afraid of this "rubbish" that they prepared a project to flood part of Germany to stop them.
    4. aksakal
      aksakal April 14 2013 13: 32
      Quote: Warchief
      The man is certainly good, sorry for his tanks full of trash
      - after that, after such a post, when you are talking with them in a harsh tone, all these warchiffs, they still dare to be offended.
      It’s rubbish itself, but its trash strives to smear everything around.
      Condolences to the family and friends of the great designer, the greatest designer will be rest in peace. Imanda Bolsyn!
    5. wolf1945
      wolf1945 April 14 2013 14: 09
      You have not seen the trash and probably will not see!
    6. Sirocco
      Sirocco April 14 2013 14: 21
      I understand that you have such a job, crap fool But, what have you done in your life so that you would have a memory? Shit in the well from which you drink? I hope you do not get dysentery laughing I hope they will not be at your grave, our descendants will dance the lambada.
    7. Bort radist
      Bort radist April 14 2013 16: 15
      Quote: Warchief
      sorry for his tanks

      Well, one banana worked and calmed down. You, monkey shit, are you eating them right away or what? Sorry, fellow officers, could not stand it.
    8. Krapovy32
      Krapovy32 April 14 2013 20: 44
      Quote: Warchief

      And you boor, this person created the technique that was the shield of our Motherland. You didn’t make a thousandth of this, but he did. Such as he is the pride of our homeland. And do not you dirty his name, sipped NATO.
    9. Russian knight
      Russian knight April 14 2013 20: 46
      Quote: Warchief
      The man is certainly good, sorry for his tanks full of trash.

      Fill your face for such words. You have neither conscience nor honor.
    10. wax
      wax April 14 2013 22: 19
      Spring has come, the thought has come to life.
    11. ramsi
      ramsi April 14 2013 22: 46
      Well, not true! Improvement, of course, much is possible (and necessary!). But in general - I envy
    12. AndreyAB
      AndreyAB April 15 2013 10: 48
      And what did he do well? To fool around is simply how to live with it unless of course there is a conscience.
  12. Andy
    Andy April 14 2013 10: 03
    another REAL MAN left.
  13. v53993
    v53993 April 14 2013 10: 11
    A low bow to him from Russia and eternal memory for what he did.
  14. Navuxonastupil
    Navuxonastupil April 14 2013 12: 00
    Old soldiers do not leave. Just the wind sweeps their tracks ...
  15. b_e_l_y_s_h
    b_e_l_y_s_h April 14 2013 12: 24
    Quote: Warchief
    The man is certainly good, sorry for his tanks full of trash.
    Firstly, he is deceased, and the deceased must be either good or not talked at all. Secondly, why are his tanks trash? If you compare with the samples of tanks of other countries at that time, then these were quite good tanks. By the way, stop trolling here, it’s thick with you.
  16. Sotnik77s
    Sotnik77s April 14 2013 13: 40
  17. soaring
    soaring April 14 2013 13: 43
    People, do not get fooled by provocations of mud-aks, like (Warchief) ... This is not our person.
    Kartsev- it’s a pity that there are so few people like him now !!! To a good man and a great engineer, ETERNAL MEMORY !!!
  18. _KM_
    _KM_ April 14 2013 14: 11
    Sadly, such PEOPLE leave.
  19. indrik
    indrik April 14 2013 14: 49
    is there a decent change?
  20. Skorobogatov_P
    Skorobogatov_P April 14 2013 16: 44
    I do not remember the nickname of the person with the letter "M" who called Kartsev's tanks rubbish. But this "trash" is still at war, and quite successfully. I myself have many complaints about the T-72 tanks (the T-62 is not in competition), and to Kaptsev's manner, to put it mildly, to lower his competitors, and often not less, but more outstanding people (both Morozov and Shomin ). But this is all understandable - he is in tank building like Yakovlev in the history of our aviation (though he was not lucky with his career) - he was a subverter of authorities and a taunting designer. It is no coincidence that many people call Yakovlev's planes "rubbish" too. True, I have never met such people among the pilots who fought on the Yaks. I met a huge number of tankers who had dealings with the T-72, I did not hear such an assessment of the machine from anyone, although they served on both the T-64 and T-80. I don't want to spread - not the place. Blessed memory of an outstanding patriot of the Motherland, a soldier of Russia, a Russian tanker.
    1. Mikhado
      April 14 2013 22: 53
      Quote: Skorobogatov_P
      to the manner of Kaptsev, to put it mildly, to lower his competitors, and for the frequent no less, but more outstanding people (both Morozov and Shomin)

      I don’t know who Kaptsev is, and why the respected Morozov stood out more, the real Kartsev honestly competed with a very powerful Kharkiv lobby in unequal conditions, give an example of "sinking".
      I understand everything, Kharkiv residents still have a beloved 64TDF torn out of their 5-ki with blood, and the "rough and inelegant" Ural running gear hurts with blood, the apologists of their school reminded us about this pain on this site more than once.
      Do not get personal, leave the stories that left with their conflicts, especially in the epitaph note, have respect.
  21. Explore
    Explore April 14 2013 16: 58
    The Great Man of the once Great Country is gone. Bright memory to him.
    Fortunately, talented followers are still alive and continue to create.
    But then what? They will leave (all leave) and there will remain a generation of managers, traders and lawyers.
    What a pity ...
  22. 120352
    120352 April 14 2013 17: 00
    The life of real people continues after their biological death. The presence of a subject (source of activity) is evidenced by its effect on others. The influence of Kartsev on the design and construction of tanks will continue for decades - this is evidence of the continuation of his life. Bright memory!
  23. Sinbad
    Sinbad April 14 2013 17: 29
    Humble Great Man and Designer! His deeds are great and he left great memory of himself. It is not for us to judge him, but for us to regret his departure.
    It is a pity that there are those who make their judgments about man and his creations in computer games. You can understand what a tank is only by mastering it. And the delight that I experienced behind the levers of this machine did not pass through me even after thirty years.
    1. Ilyukha
      Ilyukha April 16 2013 13: 01
      With whom to compare Kartseva in the history of the country? Perhaps it will be appropriate with Korolev. The technical thought of Korolev is still the basis of our cosmonautics, and Kartsev’s steel machines are the basis of the striking power of the ground forces in many countries.
      And they worked in about the same years.
      Kartsev’s personality will be appreciated in the history of the country later. He was modest during his lifetime. Such contemporaries do not see.
  24. Sochi
    Sochi April 14 2013 17: 36
    Bright memory ... These are people of his generation, and people like him have dedicated their lives to the country, the people and were happy that they had such an honor!
  25. waisson
    waisson April 14 2013 19: 34
  26. Vtel
    Vtel April 14 2013 20: 20
    The armor is strong and our tanks are fast! God bless the soul of your servant Leonid.
  27. razved
    razved April 14 2013 20: 32
    Eternal bright memory to the Great Man who devoted himself to serving the Motherland !!!
  28. cherkas.oe
    cherkas.oe April 14 2013 22: 34
    How few people remain on our land who have done a lot for the Motherland and fought for the present, but in 41 he was only 18 years old, he is three years younger than my mother, and his father is six years old, his father is already no 21 years old, thank God mom is alive. Another four years and there will be no such people at all, there will be no one to ask: - "How did it all really happen"? Glory! a real warrior, worker, and engineer. Eternal memory and respect.
  29. not good
    not good April 14 2013 23: 39
    The old guard is leaving, it’s a pity, God forbid that those who take the shift should be just as professional and selflessly devoted to their homeland!
  30. shultz21070
    shultz21070 April 14 2013 23: 41
    rest in peace...
  31. albatross
    albatross April 15 2013 01: 41
    Yes, the greatness of our country is built by modest people. Kingdom of heaven!
  32. DAGESTAN333
    DAGESTAN333 April 15 2013 08: 55
    Earth rest in peace to him. Condolences to relatives.
  33. AndreyAB
    AndreyAB April 15 2013 10: 48
    Eternal memory and low bow.
  34. Ilyukha
    Ilyukha April 16 2013 12: 35
    Only today I learned about Kartsev’s passing away. For us, the Urals, this is a special person. It was here, in Nizhny Tagil, that his thoughts were embodied in steel. It was the strength of his design thought that brought glory to Russian tanks in numerous wars of the second half of the 20th century .
    Recall T-55, T-62, T-72. These are not examples of some miraculous technology from the exhibition, these are the most massive tanks of the 20th century. We count T-55 about 100 thousand pieces, T-62 about 20 thousand pieces, T-72 about 30 thousand pieces. These are the minimum figures, since the issue was carried out in different countries, and there is no complete data.
    Who else is the "father" of so many combat vehicles?
    There is no such thing in the world.
    What a pity that he is no more ...
  35. Danash I
    Danash I April 16 2013 17: 33
    Quote: Russian Knight
    Quote: Warchief
    The man is certainly good, sorry for his tanks full of trash.

    Fill your face for such words. You have neither conscience nor honor.

    to beat. legs. long. long. long lunch. and beat again. MAN for the homeland
  36. Ilyukha
    Ilyukha April 16 2013 18: 16
    So, designer Leonid Kartsev also left. Only Kalashnikov remained from our great contemporaries.