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The beginning of the satanic project, or to what kind of Europe does the pro-Western opposition pull us?

The beginning of the satanic project, or to what kind of Europe does the pro-Western opposition pull us?

If retrospectively look at history European civilization, it is impossible not to notice its deep internal contradictions. Achievements of the human spirit in the form of deep medieval eschatology, which paved the bridge between the philosophy and art of ancient Greece and Rome, and the philosophy of modern times, which lay at the heart of the Renaissance and Enlightenment, and later - the classical philosophy, which led to the development of the "spirit of capitalism" as well as achievements in the field of art, literature, science and technology are beyond doubt and today constitute one of the components of the spiritual heritage of all mankind. We know this part of European history quite well, because this is her facade.

However, there is another side to Europe. The one that brought death to the conquered peoples, ranging from India, China and Africa to Latin and North America. Without going into details (which are beautifully laid out here и here), we can say that deep inside, not at the level of the cultural and historical facade, the history of Europe is exclusively the destruction of dissent, the destruction of indigenous peoples (in this regard, the history of Europe is also integral, no matter who did it - the Portuguese and Spaniards in Latin America or the French and the British in the North), imposing their cultural standards. In this regard, Europe has never been humane and dialogical - it built its relations with other civilizations solely on the basis of their total destruction and assimilation. And in this regard, its colonial history is fundamentally different from the colonial history of the Russian Empire, which did not destroy the people in those territories that were part of it, but included them as its integral part, and the new elites received all the rights of the old. This in the colonial history of the West can not be traced even at the minimum level. But this is so, for reference.

I'm about a friend.

This is how our perception of Europe is arranged, that it is perceived by us as a kind of torch that showed many nations of the world the way in darkness, towards history, progress and true religion. Although, I would like to stress once more, the reverse side of European civilization shows that this is far from the case - the same fascism was solely its offspring - other world civilizations did not produce such a monster.

And today, Europe is trying to create the image of one of the most developed, democratic and freedom-loving parts of the world, where everyone can find their own realization. It is into this world that the Belarusian (like Russian and Ukrainian) pro-Western opposition is trying to impose certain historical complexes on us, starting from Kievan Rus and adopting Orthodoxy.

However, does Europe today correspond to the image and image it is trying to create? An analysis of what is happening shows that this is far from the case.

First, Europe is becoming deeply immoral and anti-Christian. This is evidenced, above all, by the legalization of sodomy. In a Christian religious (I’m talking about the level of not even strict observance of church norms by society, but about the spirit that this society pervades), society cannot simultaneously exist both religious spirit and sodomy. There can only be one of two things. Religious, Christian man will never accept sodomy, because this is contrary to Christian teaching. However, when even the clergy were already allowed to be sodomites, then what kind of Christianity in Europe can we talk about? Sodomy has always been considered a sin in Christianity. A society that normally perceives sodomy ceases to be Christian, and in this regard, Europe, which has always been Christian (in its Catholic or Protestant version), is losing one of its European properties. "Europe" in Europe is becoming less.

Accordingly, this civilization becomes less European than it used to be and moves to the stage of development below, in the pre-Christian period of its development, into the paganism of ancient Greece and Rome, where sodomy was a fairly common, if not to say, ubiquitous phenomenon. Can this be considered social and social progress? Also not, because This entails other processes that decompose the fabric of a harmoniously organized moral society, in which there is a concept of good and evil, respectively, of virtue and sin.

Europe is trying to get away from sin. But destroying sin, Europe destroys the notions of good and virtue. If everything is permitted, then there can be no up and down, good and evil, heaven and hell. But Europe does not stop there.

Allowed sodomites to adopt children. But their someone must conceive and give birth. It means that these children should be taken away from someone, so that “our” perverts do not feel like perverts and damned sodomites who will burn in hell. This (the selection of children from parents from families under any plausible excuse) must somehow be clothed in a kind of social practice. And this “problem” was successfully resolved - juvenile justice was created as a new type of business, the essence of which is to select children from their parents for transferring them, including to sodomites.

Further more. It begins the destruction of the concepts themselves parents, dad and mom, son and daughter. It creates a monster from the depths of the public European unconscious - it is.

Did the disintegration of the core of European civilization stop at this? Destroying those signs of Europe that allowed it to be called that way - European civilization? No, it continued at an increasing rate.

Just the other day in Holland legalized pedophilia. Even before that, the US legalized bestiality. Where to go? Who, after all this, dares to speak of Europe as the torch of world culture? How about a humane civilization? Where are the ideals of Christianity, Renaissance, the Enlightenment and the New Age, freedom, equality, fraternity, on which the European historical and civilizational identity was built? All this is ruined.

There is no longer a spiritual and civilized Europe; it has died. It remained only geographically, on maps and the form of a monstrous European Union, where the attack began on yet another of the fundamental principles of Western society — private property. After the expropriation of deposits in Cyprus, on the concept of the inviolability of private property, you can put a cross. This is evidenced by the latest norms in the banking legislation of Canada and France.

How can you now live in Europe, when your children for the slightest misconduct (of course, according to the juvenile justice version) can be taken from a family and given to sodomites, pedophiles or bestiality for education? How can you live in Europe, when your deposit in a bank can simply be taken away, accusing you, a simple depositor of your earned money, that you, and not bank managers and bank owners, are guilty of a banking crisis?

It would seem that everything has nowhere to fall. However, it turned out there is much.

Recent ones news came again from France. In this country, which has always been considered one of the pillars of European civilization, it suffices to recall the work of great artists, writers, poets, philosophers of the last four centuries, starting with Descartes, Rousseau and Voltaire, and ending with Deleuze, Foucault and Derrida, the next stage of European dehumanization and loss began those properties that allowed it to be considered a European civilization - under the pretext of the lack of worship and funds for the maintenance of historical monuments in France began destroy churches.

Now come. The ban on celebrating Christmas and other Christian holidays was only an easy prelude to what is happening before our eyes. And this is not sodomy. Here we must look deeper. In fact, this is Satanism, which is beginning to destroy the very thin cultural and civilizational layer of modern Europe, which is based on Christianity and the whole of religion, philosophy and culture arising from this. It is no longer simple and separate - sodomy, pedophilia, dehumanization of culture, philosophy, science, education, etc., all that can be described as anti-Christianity. Not. This is Satanism in an open and explicit form..

This project is akin to the Bolshevik in the version that was before Stalin - to make a bonfire from Russia and on the bones of the Russian people to kindle the flames of the world revolution. Who was behind this project is already well known today. Stalin managed to defend the Russian civilization. For that, today it is being defied by historical-cultural and civilizational sodomites and Satanists. They did not work out in Russia, now, after eighty years (what a legacy of Stalin!) They are trying to do what they could not do with Russia - they set about destroying European civilization.

The demolition of the church is a signal. And not just a signal. A bell alarm bell inviting to the coven of witches from around the world.

It is precisely in this anti-Christian, Sodomite, and satanic Europe, which has lost the last thread that connects with the good side of its history, that the pro-Western opposition continues to call on us with perseverance worthy of better use. So there is no more Europe, she died!

All that is - the territory on which the symbols of its ancient, Christian, Renaissance, etc. still stand. character But they are dead. They are devoid of their content. These are already dead forms. The demolition of the church that has occurred is a trial balloon. Although what is there to try already - the euromass swallows everything that is let go of it. There is no doubt that the entire layer of Christian culture in Europe will be gradually swept away and all architectural monuments that spoke and speak of its Christian and humanistic character will be destroyed. All works of art created by the genius da Vinci, Rubens, Dali, etc. will be destroyed. etc. All books of both writers-poets and philosophers will be destroyed. Everything that we know by the name of the European civilization - religion, philosophy, culture - will be swept away and destroyed.

There is a different culture, much more terrible than Bolshevism. Satanism is coming. With new bloody rites and secret initiations. With new religiosity and new "standards" of "philosophy", "culture" and "education". And all this today is unfolding in full swing precisely in Europe. And it is on this holiday of death that our home-grown pro-Western politicians call us. As they say, idiocy rolls over, but the patient does not observe it.

The death of Europe in its present form means the end of a two-thousand-year-old Christian civilization in Europe and the curtailment of the Western civilization project as a whole. If we were still called to the celebration of the birth of something new, spiritual, humanistic and light, then one would have thought. But when we are called to the commemoration and at the same time to the birth of the Beast, this proposal should not be accepted. And since the Beast is not satisfied with a little blood, sooner or later (as before, by the way) it decides to extend its power to the Northern lands (I emphasize - Northern, we are not Eastern, East is far behind us - this is China, India, etc. .), it is necessary to keep the powder dry. And even better, to prevent the spread of fire to our lands, as it was in the twentieth century, crush the reptile in the bud. Maybe we can still save our brothers in faith and cleanse their souls from filth. Although hopes for this, frankly, not enough.

And our way is clear, clean and bright. That is what we should carry in our heart -

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  1. Denis
    Denis April 13 2013 07: 09 New
    everyone can find their own implementation
    They only realize themselves through ..., well, in their main textbook on sexual education described. One word geyropa.
    This is Satanism in an open and explicit way.
    No wonder they love Dostoevsky there so much, in The Demons he described all this
    Is Belarus so gloomy too? I thought that people there have more conservative views in the good sense of the word
    So it was shameful for our compatriots when on the day of the execution of terrorists who staged an explosion in the Minsk metro, they carried flowers to the Belarusian embassy. The peak of hysteria is tolerance. There would be a normal person with a sniper there, the world would become cleaner
  2. fenix57
    fenix57 April 13 2013 07: 22 New
    ++++++. "Just the other day, pedophilia was legalized in Holland. Even before that, the United States legalized bestiality"- The United States is the" child "of Europe. She has surpassed her" parent "and is now trying to teach him (the" parent ").
    In the states, the outbreak of civil war is very likely, and a united geyropu will soon collapse and Russia may be pulled to this evil either by a political blind man or a traitor (agent of influence) of his homeland. Personally, I am inclined to the second option.All these Novodvor, bulk, Kasparovs, red and curly dvorkrvichs, late ones, are such. For them, one road is to their masters in the geyropu. RUSSIA and true Russians have a different path - the path of reviving past power, the path to understanding that we are RUSSIAN. And that sounds proudly! hi
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov April 13 2013 07: 32 New
      Quote: fenix57
      All these Novodvor, bulk, Kasparovs, red and curly dvorkrvichs, late ones, are such. For them, one road is to their masters in the geyropu. At

      When a specific outcry begins, they themselves will run to their geirop in order not to get a club along the ridge.
      When God wants to punish people, he deprives them of reason. He deprived Europeans and Amers of 100%, now they don’t even need to fight with them, they will destroy themselves. They will destroy them in the way they did to the USSR! We are better off aside from stand this coven.
      1. Kaa
        Kaa April 13 2013 09: 09 New
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        When God wants to punish people, He robs their minds

        Good day to all! Today, someone snapped on my symbolism. Remember the picture from the mythology "The Rape of Europe"? I look at it and see how, as a result of the Marshall Plan, the United States (a bull with horns), by the way, in later mythology - one of the designations of Lucifer - is taking away the good old Europe, which, by the way, was saved by a Soviet soldier across the Atlantic Ocean. . But how does this correspond to post-war reality! Therefore, as a Russian citizen of Ukraine, I DO NOT WANT TO THIS EUROPE AND OCEAN! And you?
        1. Vladimir_61
          Vladimir_61 April 13 2013 09: 31 New
          Quote: Kaa
          Therefore, as a Russian citizen of Ukraine, I DO NOT WANT TO THIS EUROPE AND OCEAN! And you?

          There was an opportunity to go overseas, but distinctly told himself that he was not crazy. The energy of any country is not an abstraction. Once again, it is appropriate to recall: the West has no future. The saying is not mine, but I completely agree with it. Only a few years remained before the final collapse of those who lost all humanity, which is visible to all sane people. Mental infection is worse than physical.
        2. Denis
          Denis April 13 2013 09: 40 New
          Quote: Kaa
          No, just not that. Everything else is there
          And they won’t accept it, I won’t even take a textbook of sexual (them!) Education, so it’s a wild barbarian
      2. Pushkin
        Pushkin April 13 2013 10: 30 New
        We better stand on the sidelines from this coven.

        They won’t let them stand aside. No longer give. The more terrible the events there, the brighter the star of Russia in the east burns. And it will attract normal people. Just around the corner when yesterday's Europeans went to Russia for permanent residence.
        And religion can be treated differently, but IT SHOULD BE. Religion is the basis of morality. No laws, courts and police can be compared in terms of the effectiveness of a judge in a som himself, in his heart. That’s why they’ll crush Russia by all means, drown in * dem, until they either drown or drown themselves
    2. Denis
      Denis April 13 2013 08: 58 New
      Quote: fenix57
      one road to their masters in a geyropu.
      It is there, isn’t it?
      Even in the days of the USSR, those who seemed to choose freedom at first, while in the media crowed, received something, and then to their place.
      So these monkey-howler monkeys are needed when they are in Russia, so that they shit
    3. 755962
      755962 April 13 2013 10: 31 New
      Quote: fenix57
      All these Novodvor, bulk, Kasparovs, red and curly dvorkrvichs, late ones, are such. For them, one road is to their masters in the geyropu.

  3. alexdol
    alexdol April 13 2013 07: 24 New
    Everything is correctly written, article PLUS! I especially liked:
    "And even better, to prevent the spread of fire on our lands, as it was in the twentieth century, to crush the reptile in its infancy."
    Maybe the truth is enough with these freaks to agree on something, and it's time to bring them to ZERO ?!
    1. alexdol
      alexdol April 13 2013 07: 49 New
      I remembered that I have a verse about a geyropu, I think it will be appropriate:

      European quality - everywhere and everywhere
      Just heard today about that ...
      This is how they inspire ordinary people -
      There are people, and we are like that - nobody ?!

      We need to be equal to Europe
      Take only an example from her in everything?
      Here is our "lighthouse" our "joy"
      We are savages, such is the refrain ...

      This "song" has long been heard
      Do we really hear her for the first time?
      Again a lot of noise and a lot of cod
      And, of course, a dog howl!

      And they ran there like rats
      All evil spirits and all rabble ...
      Well, let them run, abscesses your souls
      Pus will all go away - healthier People !!!

      And let the abscesses flow to Europe,
      There decomposition reigns for a long time ...
      Here is an adventure on your "Ass"
      We - cleansing, your ass - it hurts!

      Are we savages? But that’s not the point,
      We do not care about these nicknames!
      If only the body was healthy,
      Well, and the Spirit - so to him!

      And who will, we'll see
      Any patience has an edge!
      Everything was in History, remember
      Our Slavic Land will blossom again !!!

    GOLUBENKO April 13 2013 07: 34 New
    Russian Orthodox saints predicted such times. The fact that Russia will become the stronghold of Christianity in the world and high morals and the army of demons will not defeat it.
    The fact that Europe is immersed in a blood bath is no doubt and it is beneficial first of all to the USA that Europe, as in 1918 and 1945, become smaller in population and with outstretched hand to Uncle Sam and he will again be on horseback.
    1. Geisenberg
      Geisenberg April 13 2013 12: 17 New
      It would be difficult not to predict this. It’s just a booze, someone was talking, and the predictor came out.

      I lived in Europe for a long time, I left for 20 years. There were no signs then that geyropization would begin. So-so in Munich there was a very nice gay tuse and only, it was exactly what was cool, but without fanaticism. Party. There they were calmly treated. And all this "Allahakbar" just was not visible. Cretaceous streets, worked in landfills, cleaned toilets, traded in markets. And that’s all.

      What is happening now is the concrete work of someone recently. On the other hand, it will be easier for us when the sodomites begin to steer everyone there - it will not even be necessary to lead the way under the aggression, it will simply be the destruction of the anti-human, sodomite regime. And the main idea will be the liberation of Europe from Satanism.
    2. Vladimir_61
      Vladimir_61 April 13 2013 13: 51 New
      Quote: GOLUBENKO
      The fact that Europe is immersed in a blood bath is no doubt and it is beneficial first of all to the USA that Europe, as in 1918 and 1945, become smaller in population and with outstretched hand to Uncle Sam and he will again be on horseback.

      This "horse" is far from the same and more and more resembles the old gelding. Torn from exorbitant burden. As they rapidly rose due to the misfortunes of others, so did they rapidly collapse. Acceleration was not permissible.
  5. Fox
    Fox April 13 2013 07: 36 New
    Well, for me, there’s never been a geyropa. Well, that's right. I won’t comment anymore ... I’ll go clean my weapons ... prepare equipment.
    1. Denis
      Denis April 13 2013 09: 01 New
      Quote: Fox
      cook outfit
      Relaxed? Must always be ready
      We will be so generous that they will devour us
  6. Bigriver
    Bigriver April 13 2013 07: 44 New
    There is a different culture, much more terrible than Bolshevism. There is satanism.

    It is amazing at what pace it is moving, avalanche-like. And this speaks of the long-standing internal rottenness of Europe, the absence of a moral-ethical-cultural core that holds individuals together.
    Nah. Not a man, not an individual should be at the forefront, but the people.
    The people are a god-bearer. As always in Russia.
  7. fenix57
    fenix57 April 13 2013 08: 41 New
    Quote: Alexander Romanov
    When a specific outcry begins, they themselves will run to their geirop in order not to get a club along the ridge.

    As if I would like to amuse myself with such joy, all of them, yes with a club, yes along the ridge ..
    1. Denis
      Denis April 13 2013 09: 04 New
      But was it not in vain that the phrase was attributed to Dostoevsky?
      Liberasty, for example, were in his time, but the ghost later began to walk around Europe
    2. Vladimir_61
      Vladimir_61 April 13 2013 16: 55 New
      Quote: fenix57
      As if I would like to amuse myself with such joy, all of them, yes with a club, yes along the ridge ..

      The photo suggests what a person should not be.
  8. antiaircrafter
    antiaircrafter April 13 2013 09: 02 New
    It is true that someone noticed, “our ailments are from our sins.” Just don’t fall into the mystical-astral nonsense - look at yourself, at your actions, deeds - maybe you should think about it? Try to change, but not for the sake of those who make a flock of slaves from Rus, who glorify ugliness and inferiority. Try to return to the foundations by which our ancestors lived. And don’t have to invent anything, become yourself! After all, Russian fairy tales are still alive and still accessible to an ever more Americanized consciousness, the memory of the culture that taught us to be grandchildren of the Gods has not yet been completely etched ... We change - the world changes ... (c)
  9. Kazbek
    Kazbek April 13 2013 09: 36 New
    Khan Europe with their kooky, digging their own grave. Already they would have called themselves not the European but the Geyropeysky Union, it would be more correct. laughing
  10. Oleg1986
    Oleg1986 April 13 2013 10: 28 New
    As they say, there are many good people, but bad people are better organized. While we (not those who are on this site, but in general, a society that still shows signs of life in general) have not yet been pumped like Europeans with tolerance to the very worst, we need to come to our senses. Like this: a group of liberals holds all the media in their hands. The fact that they are called "state" is a fiction, although why explain it, and so it is clear. And through this powerful horn, brainwashing is already ending - there are control shots and constant feeding of already brainwashed. What is it that now everyone is looking at us like a wolf at a wolf? Parents gave their children a television, a computer; teachers weren’t up to school to live. So a generation of irresponsible people has grown up, who still do not admit their guilt, a generation of cynics and boors who only know about their rights, but not about responsibility. But it’s not too late for ordinary people to recover. How long will we decompose purely at the household level? Here was recently good material about entropy. So it’s easiest to liquidate such a limp. This is not a cultural monolith, against which even dynamite will not take. And now everyone is for himself. Everyone thinks only of himself. Is corruption surprising flourishing? Many people argue about high matters, but at the same time the dog is walked by a neighbor under the window, and the cat poisons them in revenge. In general, we need to somehow correct ourselves, otherwise European slops will wash us away, while we are alone in our huts sitting on the edge.
    1. crest 57
      crest 57 April 13 2013 12: 20 New
      Yes, you are right in many ways. But you yourself choose what to read, what to watch. You can still find normal programs, films and even TV shows that teach something good. For example, "Matchmakers". It seems to be entertaining, but if you look closely, people of four generations find a common language and keep the FAMILY, despite the fact that each retains its own character. There is much to learn.
      1. Bashkaus
        Bashkaus April 13 2013 16: 42 New
        You see, for example, I read in the school "Fathers and Sons". Is it bad?
        Why reinvent the wheel?
  11. stroporez
    stroporez April 13 2013 10: 50 New
    why our "leaders" do not see this !!!!!!!! ??????????? and continue to play with the West, "pshiyazn" ????? there is a well-founded belief that they "do not Russian ".............
  12. Navy7981
    Navy7981 April 13 2013 11: 11 New
    It is correctly said ".... excessive freedom leads to sin" - It brought!
    It seems that we - Russia remain the last Bastion on the path of Darkness.

    "Evil has triumphed!
    And the darkness is getting closer!
    Three hours to break from the lower worlds.
    The world has warped, the fangs of a fang are already visible.
    The order to retreat is given
    The headquarters are burning documents of dreams that have not come true! "
  13. WW3
    WW3 April 13 2013 13: 20 New
    In Germany, Lutheran and Catholic churches are rapidly losing parishioners. And empty churches are becoming a hot commodity in the real estate market. Buildings are not demolished, but redesigned. Appear in the country church restaurants, museums and even banks.
    Doors of German temples are always open. But in recent times, more and more parishioners have not come through these doors, but rather come out of them. Every year, the Lutheran and Catholic Church of Germany loses more than 300 thousand believers. Experts explain that the Germans still believe in God, but not in the institution of the church.
    Hartmut Zinser, an expert at the Free University of Berlin:
    - This trend can be explained by two reasons. First, believers were disappointed by the scandals in the Catholic Church. In addition, many dogmas are not so relevant. For example, the church’s rejection of divorce. After all, every third German family breaks up.
    Parishioners leave, but churches remain. Here are just funds for their maintenance are sorely lacking.
    Tatyana Logunova, correspondent:
    - If the parishioners do not go to church, the church needs to be closed. In the coming years, only by the most rough estimates, 700 churches will be closed in Germany. And here the question arises - what to do with buildings? Demolition is blasphemous and irrational. Therefore, churches in Germany are sold and rented out.
    They used to go to this church in Magdeburg to speak with God. Now for a delicious lunch or dinner. In the building where once was the Lutheran temple is now a trendy restaurant. His mistress, Catherine Riffenberg, in the 90s bought an empty building from the Lutheran community. True, the price of the deal with the church is still a secret.
    Catherine Riffenberg, the owner of the Church restaurant:
    - How many? We could afford it.
    On the place of the altar there is a bar, instead of benches - served tables, the menu contains secular food and cocktails. Of the church attributes, they left only a huge gilded angel, who watches the visitors with reproach. They go to the restaurant willingly, although some drop in just to be outraged.
    Catherine Riffenberg the owner of the restaurant "Church":
    - People who are very religious, of course, our institution is shocking. Like, how can I make a restaurant out of a church? But most of us support us, because we preserve this old and beautiful building.
    At the entrance to this Berlin church, visitors are greeted by colorful bears. The temple is now a children's museum and its guests are taught not the commandments, but drawing, needlework and other earthly occupations. Inside, only a huge organ betrays that there used to be a church.
    Maria Lobeer, director of the Children's Museum:
    - Previously, we were in a small building, and then the church closed and the community was looking for a new owner. We rented the building for 75 years, rebuilt everything inside and constantly look after it.
    Restaurant, museum, as well as supermarkets, banks and gyms. In the buildings of the former temples, anything is opened. The main thing is to warn the parishioners. To go on Sunday service, they suddenly did not get into a cafe or library.
    1. AlNikolaich
      AlNikolaich April 13 2013 21: 56 New
      Quote: WW3
      On the place of the altar there is a bar, instead of benches - served tables, the menu contains secular food and cocktails. Of the church attributes, they left only a huge gilded angel, who watches the visitors with reproach. They go to the restaurant willingly, although some drop in just to be outraged.

      I want to shout: People, change your mind! What are you doing!
      It turns out that everything does not return to normal, and yes, not back, but simply in the ass!!! European citizens are doomed to destruction, in their place come fanatical (but controlled) pseudo-Islamists from the east, future slaves! European culture will disappear, the masters of life settle in mattress, or Australia, or on Borneo somewhere! Hello, New World!
      Only Russia somewhat violated their plans. Instead of decaying and disappearing in the 90 years, for some reason she raises her head and gains strength! And China, planned as a world workshop, also does not want to be only a producer of nishtyaks for the West! And his military and political strength is growing! And no matter how the enemies of Russia and China want to play off, it will not work! The real New World is multipolar! And there will be no Satanism and shit democracy in it, but it will be based on goodness, justice and respect!
      Only now we need to survive Armageddon ...
  14. Svatdevostator
    Svatdevostator April 13 2013 14: 03 New
    We are better off staying away from Europe !!! Fortunately, we have people who are much more pious than there. Russia has always been led by faith in God and its family !!!
  15. Humpty
    Humpty April 13 2013 14: 13 New
    Demons entered the herds of pigs and the whole herd rushed from the steepness into the sea and drowned.
    Again, Dostoevsky.
    I can’t imagine what can stop Europe’s satanic desire for self-destruction.
    1. Bashkaus
      Bashkaus April 13 2013 16: 57 New
      Let’s not forget that Great Lent is underway, and this is a good reason to read the Bible, I think if we do this, we will never begin to ascribe to Dostoevsky the story of demons that have entered the herd of pigs.
      Yet this story is described by Martheus in chapter 8, verse 32 And He said to them: Go. And they went out and went into the herd of pork. And so, the whole herd of pigs rushed from the steepness into the sea and died in the water.
    GOLUBENKO April 13 2013 14: 47 New
    Quote: Humpty
    I can’t imagine what can stop Europe’s satanic desire for self-destruction.

    It is not sad to assume this, but as a rule, all sorts of movers in Geyrop lead to a campaign against Russia.
  17. Goldkonstantin
    Goldkonstantin April 13 2013 14: 51 New
    So what? Everything is cyclical there, Greece, Rome, now here they are. This is their fate. The main thing is that we follow in their footsteps as if we were not lured into this Sodom and Gomoru. The antichrist, as predicted, will come not from Geyropa, but from the USA, so the time has come. All these "values" originate precisely in AI. We need to drive those who glorify the West, because the sun sets there, which means that there is darkness, a trap.
  18. sanych
    sanych April 13 2013 14: 59 New
    greetings to all hi Everything in this world has a beginning and an end. We are witnesses to the end of European (Western) civilization. As said above, events are developing rapidly, like an avalanche. Geyropa will disappear from the face of the planet, as other civilizations - Khmers, Toltecs, Sumerians - disappeared. One name remains. But, if from the ancient monuments and temples remained in the jungles of Asia and America, then the geyropets themselves destroy their memory! Just think - the French are destroying churches ... The nation that built such splendor as Notre Dame Cathedral. YOURSELF! Not alien barbarians! Legalization of drugs and sodomy leads to the degeneration of peoples. How they do not see it! Exactly - they no longer think with their heads, but with J.O.P.O.O. wassat Involuntarily, the idea comes that it is not just that the lands of Europe are populated by Muslims. Nature does not tolerate abomination and populates the place with people with other moral values. No matter how we treat European immigrants from Islamic countries, I can’t imagine that Muslims would legitimize pederasty, zoo and pedophilia. The guys are not "sugar", of course, but in Russia, peoples of different religions have coexisted for centuries - we will find a common language!
  19. cyberdamn
    cyberdamn April 13 2013 16: 36 New
    another “vkid” about “hundred” for intimidation of religious obscurantists?
    and here it is:
    The achievements of the human spirit in the form of deep medieval eschatology, which laid the bridge between the philosophy and art of Ancient Greece and Rome, and the philosophy of the New Age, which lay at the foundation of the Renaissance and Enlightenment, and later the classical philosophy, which led to the development of the "spirit of capitalism" as well as achievements in the field of art, literature, science and technology
    smells like oligophrenia. if not for medieval madness, we would now grow potatoes on Mars
  20. VadimSt
    VadimSt April 13 2013 21: 41 New
    The very concept of "pro-Western opposition" bears signs of treason!
    The epilogue of the article should probably be the ironic question: - God, where does Europe go?
  21. Enot-poloskun
    Enot-poloskun April 13 2013 22: 48 New
    An interesting thought occurred to me here ... Inspired by the article.

    Look - there is a crisis in Europe. And whom did he touch the most? Catholic (Spain, Italy) and Orthodox (Greece, Cyprus) countries.

    Is this an accident caused by the gouging of the Spaniards, Italians and Greeks?

    I think not.

    Look, in France, legalized sodomy - and about a strong crisis is not heard.
  22. RUSSIA75
    RUSSIA75 April 13 2013 22: 57 New
    When I hear geyrops groaning about tolerance, democracy and similar fornication, I want to say only one thing ...
  23. Zomanus
    Zomanus April 14 2013 02: 43 New
    Orthodoxy is of course hurt. But it’s somehow decayed. Moreover, with the current priests ... It is necessary to object to stricter beliefs. Beliefs of those times when every day is like the last. This will be our answer to muslims. And then they will buy our priests. Expensive, but they will buy.
  24. APASUS
    APASUS April 14 2013 16: 02 New
    Margaret Thatcher correctly said that 30 million people would be enough for us to serve oil wells. This is about Russia. But if you look closely, this number of people is not necessary to serve the top of the financial elite.
    The revelry of perverts is the final and last point of human development.
  25. denis90
    denis90 April 15 2013 00: 06 New
    When you recognize the true face of modern Europe, you begin to love your Motherland more.