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Geniuses from test tubes

For many hundreds of years, humanity has been concerned with the question of genius, as well as whether it is possible to get a genius by artificial means. In the 20th century, and now in the 21st century, scientists continue to work on this problem. It is good when Albert Einstein level figures appear in the world, but it is quite another thing when the appearance of figures of such a level could be programmed. Delivered to the “production” of geniuses would open up new horizons and opportunities for humanity. But as today's practice shows, genius is a very complex substance, depending on many different factors, many of which are hidden from scientists to this day.

In general, if we talk about the artificial reproduction of geniuses, German programs to create pure-blooded Aryans, a race of superhumans, come to mind. In the Third Reich, great attention was paid to genetics and eugenics. An example of this is the Lebensborn program (with its source of life), which was launched in 1936. This program, according to its creators, was supposed to encourage the eugenic children to constitute the golden gene pool of the German nation. The main task of the organization was to encourage the birth of children in the SS, as well as to care and provide all possible assistance to all mothers and children of "good blood".

At the end of the Second World War, the fate of such children was not the best. Many had to grow in an atmosphere of contempt, from childhood they received the label of "Nazi criminals." The biological or adoptive parents of such children often chose to remain silent about the Lebensborn program. At the same time, the Germans created orphanages "Lebensborn" not only in Germany, but also in the occupied countries of Europe. According to some data, in the framework of the Germanization of Slavs from the territory of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia, from 5 to 50 thousands of children under the age of 3 were exported. Often these were newborns. The absolute majority of them, most likely, have grown this way, considering themselves to be real Germans.
Geniuses from test tubes

However, the Germans did not try to create geniuses, all their efforts were aimed at creating an excellent gene pool. All this is good, but it only affects the physical aspects of such children. It would be a healthy, physically advanced generation, but it has a distant relation to genius.

Not so long ago, the results of the experiment on artificial cultivation of geniuses, which was conducted in the United States since 1980, became known to the general public. American scientists have recognized the complete failure of their experiment. Of the 200 children who were born of Nobel laureates with the help of artificial insemination, only 1 demonstrated outstanding ability. But even this only child drowned them in a fun pastime, alcohol and drugs. According to scientists, the nature of genius turned out to be much more complex than previously thought.

The experience, which began in the USA in 1980, is one of the last major experiments on the creation of a superman. Geneticist Robert Grekhem with the support of a number of his graduate students started a large-scale project. According to scientists, they collected the sperm of prominent people on the planet, the backbone of the assembled bank were Nobel laureates. It is precisely known that the laureate of the prize, mathematician John Forbes Nash, made his “contribution” to the future geniuses. Almost certainly, Jonas Salk, one of the discoverers of the polio vaccine, took part in the experiments.

However, this experiment almost immediately ran into a number of problems. It turned out that American women do not want to give birth to future geniuses. First of all, they dreamed of seeing their children healthy and beautiful, and lastly they dreamed of their career as chemists, physicists or mathematicians. Experiments in this program went to 1999 year. After the death of the founder of the project, the “factory of geniuses” finally closed. In all, more than 200 children came into the world during this time, but they all were no different from their peers; only one boy, Doron Bley, was endowed with excellent data. His IQ was 180, in 2, he already knew how to use a computer, in 5 years he read Hamlet. However, this did not help him; over time, the young man turned into classical fatherlessness, abandoned his studies and began to get involved in the occult sciences.

At present, scientists only have to figure out which genes and how they influence the talent of a person in a particular area. Today, it is more or less clear only what genes are responsible for the talent of a person in the sports field. Here we need genes that control, for example, the growth of blood vessels in the heart or how efficiently glucose is oxidized in muscle cells. This mainly applies to those sports that require a person for a long period of physical exertion: running, swimming, skiing, etc. Theoretically, already nowadays, according to the results of genetic tests, you can tell the parents of a baby who want to give it to the athletics section, whether the child has serious chances for a successful sports career and an Olympic medal. At the same time, with creative and scientific activities everything is much more complicated.

However, genetic scientists, despite the failures of experiments to create a "breed" of geniuses, still do not stop believing in the chance to grow geniuses from a test tube, having guessed the nature of human genius. This chance lies in genetic engineering. However, before the realization of Nietzsche's cherished dream, which at one time was picked up by fascist leaders and then racists of various stripes, very considerable efforts will be required, namely, it is necessary to unravel the genetic code of people's genius, decipher which genes are responsible for human mental abilities, and also analyze millions of combinations. In order to figure it all out, you will most likely need hundreds of years of research. And if they succeed, it is possible that the first geniuses from the test tube will appear. And then the question of ethics will come out on top. The question will be how children, who, before they were born, rummaged in the genetic code, having predetermined their fate, will behave and feel.

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  1. Peace war
    Peace war April 12 2013 09: 43 New
    The problem is quite urgent with those "whose genetic code has been delved into before their birth." I don’t understand why the rating of the article is negative.
    1. Svobodny
      Svobodny April 12 2013 11: 15 New
      Quote: Peace War
      why article rating is negative

      But because experiments with human cells are fraught. This is an EXTREMELY DANGEROUS thing!

      A man should not go where he should not. With in vitro fertilization, not everything is as simple and blissful as it seems. Look at the video, Peace war, because you, judging by the cute photo, are the future or current mother.

      1. Peace war
        Peace war April 12 2013 16: 29 New
        This indicates the negativity of the experiments, and not that the article conveys something bad to us. Yes, I am picky and strange, but it seemed to me that they appreciate the presentation of the material, and it is very good.

        And as regards genetics itself - why not, maybe attempts to collect geniuses through such engineering will tell you how to correct dementia genes.
        1. Earthman
          Earthman April 12 2013 20: 07 New
          Quote: Peace War
          And as regards genetics itself - why not, maybe attempts to collect geniuses through such engineering will tell you how to correct dementia genes.

          Well, a serious man thought free, but he bent some patriarch
        2. Mikhail3
          Mikhail3 April 12 2013 21: 38 New
          Alas, they evaluate their attitude to the phenomenon itself. Great articles get a deep minus for describing something that visitors to the site don't like. Locals would leisurely beat up with brooms anyone who would tell them that the weather today is not very good. Alas...
      2. Earthman
        Earthman April 12 2013 20: 06 New
        Quote: Svobodny
        But because experiments with human cells are fraught. This is an EXTREMELY DANGEROUS thing!

        A man should not go where he should not. With in vitro fertilization, not everything is as simple and blissful as it seems. Look at the video, Peace War, because you, judging by the cute photo, are your future or current mother.

        That's because of people like you, it was possible at one time not to create vaccines, vaccinations against various diseases
        1. Svobodny
          Svobodny April 13 2013 10: 03 New
          Quote: Earthman
          it was possible at one time not to create vaccines, vaccinations against various diseases

          Do not confuse God's gift with fried eggs.
  2. Nesvet Nezar
    Nesvet Nezar April 12 2013 09: 46 New
    Genius - to be in time and in the right place. If you have already been prepared for this, then your genius is more surprising, deeper and more useful. Laziness is a killer of genius, but the engine is NTP. Paradox!!!
  3. Alex45
    Alex45 April 12 2013 12: 37 New
    In principle, it is good that the experience did not work out. After all, unfortunately, among the Nobel laureates there are also such "figures" as hump and baracobama and do not want, that with a positive result, some genius would carry away their rotten essence.
  4. igordok
    igordok April 12 2013 13: 02 New
    If the statement "Nature rests on the descendants of geniuses" is true, it is impossible to create geniuses by selection. laughing
  5. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 April 12 2013 21: 53 New
    Man take whatever you want. Just pay the due price ... Of course, you can "create" a genius. It's just that real scientists haven't done it yet (and are unlikely to do it). All these Americans, crowned with prizes and titles, are somehow unconvincing. Since the idea is to give birth to an even greater smart guy from a clever man, the same age as humanity. Eugenics work is done by women (at least it was before the DNA test), trying to create the best offspring for themselves. And this trick doesn't work. Never. A child is smarter than his peers only due to the fact that a clever father is involved in his upbringing.
    Why do I consider this occupation doomed and not for serious scientists? Because it can work out. The unfortunate anacephals who took up this canoe did not even bother to think how a genius differs from a simple person. And he is very different! First, a genius cannot be resisted. If he joined the work, the nuclear missile shield will sit in front of the genius. And secondly ... well, at least they read books, or something, an American dubie! The genius is always, in all years, centuries and millennia DEEPLY UNHAPPY! In this world, a genius is as comfortable as a sinner in a tender frying pan, carefully watered with selected resin! And as soon as he finds out who he, such "funny", muddied in a test tube for his own purposes ... you might not have time to shoot himself! And he will find out. There is no limit to the idiocy of people who think to hide information from such offspring or somehow manipulate them. If it had happened, it is possible that in the place of the American continent there would now be a deep depression ...
  6. Ilya Katasonov
    Ilya Katasonov April 12 2013 23: 57 New
    The brain is a very complicated thing ...
  7. Zomanus
    Zomanus April 13 2013 13: 08 New
    I won’t say anything about the genius, but it would be very nice to remove the hereditary diseases or predispositions.